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If you people with little/no work need PT work

Posted By: Try OSI on 2007-11-05
In Reply to:

I have worked PT for OSi for years.  I do hate their QA inconsistencies, numerous emails that don't apply to me, threatening emails, IM monitoring, phone calls asking you to work, and the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, in other words a very badly run company, HOWEVER there is always work.  If you can keep your sanity and keep them on ignore and refuse to work when they pressure call you unless you want to work then you will never run out of work. 

The reason is that most good MTs won't put up with a company like this so they are ALWAYS out of turn on most of their accounts big time.  They are so desperate for MTs that you could probably go to work immediately without much hassle.

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As a whole.. nice people to work for, decent benefits but the get off/on the system, work/no work,
is maddening. I couldnt pay my bills or even work the schedule I was assigned. They would ask us not to work until work built up in the evenings and I specifically wanted to work days as I have kids etc. It just didnt work out for me but to each his own. It just seems there has to be a better balance in this business that what is happening.
Who said people who work for KS aren't happy for people who work for (sm)
other companies?  I'm happy for people who are happy with their jobs, no matter what company they work for. 
I did some overflow work for Landmark.. they are wonderful to work for.. very nice people.. pay was
There is NO work at Transtech. Maybe they just choose special people to send work to
Great people to work for, but I had to leave due to lack of work. Hopefully that has changed. SM
Most of us who do not live in California had to go IC. When I was there, they did not have statutory status, although they told me they did when they hired me. Their pay for VR is VERY low, not a living wage. Many of the folks in the office are ex-YOG and great to work for/with. Good luck.
I know two people who work 3rd shift for Keystrokes on radiology and have a lot of work. Maybe you
on an account that has enough work. I hate to hear that someone doesn't have enough work or that they have a problem because I know that Keystrokes works to find the right account for every person. They do a lot for us but you have to talk to them until you find the right account or volume or hours for you.

I think that a lot of companies are that way but there is a lot of job-hopping in transcription. Everyone is looking for the perfect job but the grass is not always greener on the other side. There are a few MTSO's really are not good but for the most part, the others don't intentionally drive people away. That would not make sense. They need us to work as much as we need them to have the work there for us.

I used to work there and know people who still do...they have no work on clinic account but if you
are acute care or have experience in acute care you will be fine...
For people at MDI-MD that say they are out of work, I see they are hiring now. Are people still
running out of work or did they get more accounts.  I am interested in this company.
Do you MDI-MD people have enough work? sm
I saw an ad on one of the other boards and thought I had seen someone mention there wasn't enough work there.  Just wanted to find out the current situation before I pursue anything with them.  TIA!
For people looking for work

Anybody thinking of going to work for LM in PA, run for your life, not a good place to work, bad communication, or none at all, and a bunch of backstabbers.

I work for these people
Its as bad, as it sounds.
Worse even.

is all IC transcription like this?
who do you people work for? NM


I don't even work at TT but come on people....
today would be considered a holiday, there will be low work at ALL companies. I really don't see any reason to panic or complain. All I can say is WOW!
Nice people to work for.
Pay is higher than other MTSO.  QA is very helpful and always encouraging.  I never heard anything negative, even when I did make a mistake.  The only reason I left is because I was offered a local account with a surgery center.  I would go back in a heartbeat if I needed work. 
The people are great to work with
and the pay is good and on time. I do find the work isn't as steady as I'd like though, but hey, that's the MT business, right?
let the people who want to work weekends do it
Some people want those shifts but i do not
??? some people do work weekends and some don't
why so rude and grouchy?
Research & ask people who work there
The rate may be lower but if the account is better with fewer bad dictators and impossible ESL's and the freedom to do your work instead of countless conference calls and useless emails - you end up making more bang for your buck. That sure is true in my case.
Any KS people running out of work? (sm)
Just curious.....
Yep, plenty of people will work for that.
Recently a bunch of new MTs posted that they are working for a company making 4 cpl for transcription and 1.25 cpl for editing. I about died. As long as people keep accepting these wages, they are only going to keep going down. What need is there to pay 8 or 9 cpl when they can get MTs to work for 4 or 5?
Too many people out of work these days - the more...sm
interested you let them know you are in the job, the better your chances. On top of that, when a job is advertised, I've been told over and over about the total mountains of resumes they get, so nudging their memory will only serve as a positive thing for you! Good luck!!!
Actually, no. Most people would get paid at work!
go to India and work with those people sm
you support so well.
Why is OSi hiring new people when I have been out of work for 6 weeks?

I am statutory (or IC, whatever they are calling it now).  I have a main account and 2 -- count them 2 -- back up accounts.  I have been out/short of work for over 6 weeks.

Unless you are a full time employee, you get no benefits, no hourly, NOTHING.  I am amazed that they are hiring when they have people already trained and begging for work!!!

Don't they realize that it costs a WHOLE lot more in turnover to train a new employee than to keep an already-trained one happy?

I'm looking at other nationals now.  I've never been one to job hop, but I just can't take the time off any more!!!

Some good people used to work for MQ including
But that is why she has people who work for her, to take care of other things when she has


They will try anything to get people to work for them.....WOW..what a bait trap!

If HL people know they are going to be losing their jobs, why are they still doing work for them?
I work for Allegiant too - great people and a
I do. Very nice people. I have plenty of work sm
Pay is on time. Nobody bothers me. I have a great account and wonderful software that is Word based,but they have several accounts a couple of different platforms, so not sure what the others are like.
Any other TransTech people out of work this morning? sm
After the big hiring blitz, I am afraid that maybe my account is getting saturated.  I guess that is the way with all good things ... it doesn't last.
Good! Great people to work for!
then just work when you can - people moan and groan when there is
not enough work and when there is too much. If you're not happy, leave.
Some people who work in offices have that benefit, but no MT
Explain to me how the work goes to the people who have been there longer?? sm
I've been at TT less than 3 months, have not run out of work for more than an hour, and have never had a problem meeting and surpassing the required line count.
KS people who work on accounts with lag time (sm)
I have been having the phone line go dead and sometimes I can call right back and get my report and sometimes I lose it.  I have had my cable people out here several days in a row, and they can find nothing wrong.  I was wondering if this happens to others - and maybe it is a problem with the hospital line we use - not actually the line in my home.  I appreciate any input.  (I am new on this account so do not have enough history to know.) 
Future-Net as IC, although work can be low. Nice people. nm
I don't work there anymore, but I know people who do, and she did not leave. pls r/o
That person has not left the company, and she is still wreaking havoc.  LOL 
It just seems redundant to keep asking about the low work and 15 people answer, that's all.
Lots of people work PT on the weekends
as a second job, so no, all full time people don't have to work weekends.
New people hired are last to receive work.
Yep, hiring again. Are people quitting or what? There never seems to be a lot of work to me. nm
Jennifer.... How are you telling people where to work

when down below you were asking questions about where to work, how to get a job, you seem to know an awful lot for someone asking questions.  What is up with that?? 

Where did I make people that work weekends
feel they are not being Christian or family-oriented? I certainly did not make those direct statements. Please correct me if I am wrong, but where did I post that or what did I say to make you feel that way? That was not my intention. and remember anyone can post as OP. Many of these comments that say OP are not mine. Just clarifying.
I agree, plus this affects people who don't work for
the state of the transcription industry. 
You say giving work to poor people in America is a
To some people the line count is VERY important. Used to work with (sm)
a girl who would scan the system for normals and special assign them to herself. The boss had us print out a daily log of what we had typed, she would only do this every 2 days, making it look like she had a productive day, when in fact she had been outside smoking or in the bathroom taking 40 winks most of the day.
So, I just accepted a position with MDI-FI. Are there really people running out of work?
I need to know. I turned down a job at a hospital to accept this job at MDI because the pay was better, but if you do not have work, then there is no money so I might have been better off taking the hospital job...
Yep. Me too. Nice people, great place to work!
I have seen many companies who want to hire OP people to work from home!
in case you were not aware, some people will not work for a company who
outsources overseas. precyse does this quite heavily.

even though this board has 'flip-flopped' and now agrees with this practice, it is still driving our rates way down and has damaged our trust.

I have done two reports on individuals working with homeland security just this past week...hmmm, I wonder if they realize how vulnerable they would be having their 'vital information' shipped overseas for ANYONE to see. bet if they have a choice, their work is done here, and WHY WOULD THAT BE? Why would these people be more important than we are?