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Larry Gerdes CEO of Transcend is aging just like the rest of us!

Posted By: kate on 2009-01-05
In Reply to: That "aging population" excuse is sure a load of - c__p, isn't it? For a job that can be


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Larry just said that Transcend does offshore.
Well, what you going to do when you have aging population and
not enough people here in the US to take care of the amount of work they have- sure you outsource to India, right? I was not on this site when this article came out back last year in the paper- I so wished I could have posted then.
You have never heard that our population is aging?
Have you ever heard of baby boomers?

It's amazing how people will read something and take it so out of context. Aging population or workforce means in general - not just MTs.
Tired of being called an old lady or aging!
I am in this over 26 years. call me old! I am young at heart, about 21. I am also in biological age just 47! How dare you assume. Some of us started working our way through college! I have 3 small children yet, and plan to work for many years to come in this industry. Also don't talk to me like a dutch uncle telling me how I complain this, etc. You don't know me (the above poster) and don't presume you do! I am at once apalled, and insulted someone would come here and talk to me, the one reading this, that way. If you had to put your user name on a regular basis, you would never speak this way. One thing about this board is allowing people to post names on this board begets nastiness. There, now. I have said my old lady, lazy, bad-quality, MTness piece!
Why would they? Larry isn't going to come here...
...to make company policy public, nor would anyone who cares about their future in management. This board is here for rumor, suggetion, help, support, and conjecture.

However, you might have some luck researching on the internet for an announcement, as they are a publically traded company (try TRCR, as that is their stock moniker). However, I was told quite a while ago what was happening pretty much from the horse's mouth, so it's true.

Another bell tolls for the demise of an all-American company.
Larry King? - LOL - let's think of more -
Larry? Sue? Liz? Dorothy? Is that you? nm
You should send your note to Larry...

I would copy it and send it for you. I have only been working for Transcend for 1-1/2 months. The management seems great as well as the non-VR platform, it's easy to use, works very well. Man, why change a good thing? I've been trained on the new platform but have not started on it yet. VERY scared. I hope it works out as I don't want to have to look for a new job right away. I'm also working for a local clinic as an IC, part-time and have another opportunity for the clinic I just left to be a back-up person, probably IC as well. BUT, that won't be enough to pay the bills either.

I think part of the problem with these national companies is that they do look at their MTs as machines. They don't see faces behind the names, just numbers, $$ signs and the like. It is a very strange thing, having this cyber job and not meeting anyone face to face. Maybe if we all emailed Larry with our picture, pictures of our families, he would get the clue to let well-enough alone.

ya, dat daer Larry is sumptin else..
Position with Larry and Eileen
Yes, I was having trouble.  The directions are not clear as to which files to click to complete the test, etc.  I called and had it explained to me.  But the pay is $1.00 per page, which won't work for me.  Good luck.  Let me know how it turns out.
Has anyone applied for the chiropractic position with Larry and Eileen?
It says listen to the instructions carefully, but I'm having a hard time finding those instructions?  Anyone else having this problem?
Larry doesn't know if he's coming or going! One day a mass email to employees begging them to
even though no work, and the next day mass email begging people to hire anybody they can scrape up and now accounts out of TAT, etc.  Different story every day of the week, and I don't wanna hear about the company perils!  Just let me type! No thanks. 
No, some of the rest of us can do that too.
But if she types 2,400 in 8 hours, to be full time she will have to type 26,400 in an average pay period and I think that is requiring to much as a minimum just because she is fast. And expecting her to slow down just to spread it into 40 hours a week is silly.
They are just like all the rest: Pay so so,
tech support okay, accounts okay, people okay, not great and can be rude. Do not dare get cancer is all I can say.
Do you know something the rest of
If you do, please share it.  Otherwise, please, we have enough to worry about.  Why should I get out now.  Nothing has changed.  If it does change, then I will act accordingly, but acting in a blind panic right now is wasted energy. If and when it does change, then I will find another company or get my own accounts.  Otherwise, I am not going to freak out. 
DSG is just like the rest of them

They only answer what they feel like answering.



Here we go. Let it rest, will ya? Please?
With sugar on top! Everything you said was valid and great. But please just let this thread chill out.
Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but.sm
she was very good to me and for that I am thankful.
And who exactly is the rest?
Are you referring to the rest of us who refuse to work for unethical companies who ignore the labor laws?
Why don't you tell the rest of us who have no work
which account you are working on so I'll know which account to request to be moved to. I am constantly without work and nobody seems to give a crap. Everytime I tell my lead I'm having a problem, either with the system locking up or no work, she lies and says she has the same problem so I'll shut up about it. This is really aggravating.
Well you should share with the rest of us then.
his employer and we pay over $600 a month out of his check for it and his employer pays part of it too.  When I worked in a hospital I had great insurance for a little of nothing.  I have kept in touch with my friends from the hospital who still work there and they tell me that is no longer the case.  They pay a lot now for insurance that is not very good. 
Oh give it a rest -
I posted just for KICKS for the record, because I sort of EXPECTED the (mostly) ridiculous posts received so far...

Just for kicks, I wanted to see if the COMPLAINERS on the board all the time would step up - or if they just wanted to continue to whine.
Please share with the rest of us!

I see the same stuff as the rest of you sm
I do have an MT who has a tenuous grasp on plain English grammar and punctuation. If I see 2-days time rather than 2 days' time one MORE TIME I think I will scream! I have sent loads of feedback and on about every thing else, she has seemed to listen, but this one thing...

Then you have the really good MTs whose work is outstanding, but they are the kind who won't show up every day.

I am still MTing quite a bit and have a reputation as being very fast and very accurate, but I doubt myself on both those things. I don't read my work all the time and I still have raves on audits. I attribute that to skill and to the fact that I CARE about my work. Why are there so few of us?

QA has taught me many things about the level of my skills and for that, I grateful. I wish I could be a better teacher as a QA person and help others get to where I am.
Give it a rest. (sm)
All opinions are welcome here. Just because you don't share the same opinion doesn't mean you can make it personal.

They need to give it a rest already...sm
Just goes to show, they are not getting inudated with resumes.  That place is a pain in the patottie and will always be, who cares about Nuance.....
Give it a rest OK?
I was hired for Radiology, but by the time they fixed the bugs in the platform (about a week) the client decided to do their own VR. Guess what? I got transferred to work I had less experience with and left to the mercy of merciless QAs...

Gradually the patience and extra effort I made to make this relationship work waned as did the we really appreciate your patience and effort rah rah's from management.

YOU may love your job and have no problems, but please don't lecture those of us who had a much different experience despite OUR best efforts.
Oh...okay..then...with your case at rest...

we won't have to read any more of such ridiculous babble.

Give it a rest...
why not enjoy the day off? You are constantly complaining about TT so please leave already! I for one always look forward to a little extra time off when work is slow..no big deal if you are prepared for it. Work always tends to be slow at this time of the year anyway. Enough with acting like a child...obviously this company isn't for you. Call **** and let her know how you feel, stop coming here.
At least now this thread can be put to rest. sm
I knew from the first post that something didn't add up. I just hope everyone who followed it, finally realizes how bogus it all was and that LM is still the same reputable company it's always been.

This is one sad/sorry thread.
Don't know where the rest of my post went but...
I would post your question on another site. Too much bitterness and hate towards pregnant MTs here.
Well, if you are on the DEP you are running out of work also just like the rest of us do.

oh boy.. no clue where the rest of my post is.. sm
maybe I'll have time to rewrte it then... hmmm
Have been with the rest and now with the best, Keystrokes! Without a doubt!
MT is not any different from the rest of the working world
The first time I raised my children, I ran my own day care. I was there with them as they grew up and if they needed to be at home, I had the flexibility of staying home with them. In order to stay in business and compete with other DCs in the area, I had to became a not-for-profit business. After owning it for 5 years, I actually started earning a salary, not just gas money. When they were older and I sold the business, all assets were - by law - transferred to another non-profit business. I never had the type of benefits or earned as great a salary then as I do now, and I worked twice as hard.

Now I am raising my grandchild while working at home as an MT. No matter what company where I work, I will not work unless things are in place that encourages my success. If I am not making $20-$30/hr, I am at the wrong company. Because I am an IC, everything is a tax write off. The total amount I owed in federal taxes last year was less than $300, and for state was $400.

I can certainly relate to AnnieM! and the points she raises. It is up to each of us individually to make our own way, but it is that way whether we work as MTs or as a pharmacy tech or on the assembly line putting together cars. Companies make profits off of our work -- and I have yet to see a non-profit MTSO, pharmacy, car company, etc. My car is 10 years old. I don't have new furniture or carpet (and I won't until little bit is older), and I have one credit card that pays my bills for the rewards that is paid off each month. I don't know of any other profession where at least a bachelor's degree is required that would allow me to stay home to work and provide better pay and benefits/flexibility. If we all got BS degrees, then maybe we could expect and get more...but then we wouldn't be MTs anymore, would we?
I LOVE the platform, the rest is what I do not like
I second that!!
Give it a rest please - sounds like
racism. They need a job just like you do for the very same reasons. Place the blame where it belongs: Greedy capitalists who will exploit where and when they need to in order to make more $ for the suits.
Glad YOU can pay bills. The rest of us..SM
are struggling big time.  You are weighing the fact that you don't have to pay for daycare and can go on field trips against everything else that's exploitative about this busines (I won't even go into outsourcing, although that's a major problem).  Would you advise your children to become an MT? 
You really should give it a rest already. As another poster said, get another job. sm

You have been harping about the same points over and over again.  I used to work for TT, and I thought it was a good company.  You obviously do not feel that way, so do yourself (and them) a favor and find a place that meets your needs.   Life is too short to work at some place that makes you as miserable as you seem to be.

Good luck -- hope 2009 brings you great things.


The rest of us get it! We know you didn't post the
OMG - give it a rest. Some people have to
complain about EVERYTHING even when there is nothing anyone can do about it. The LAW says they have until Feb. 2nd so stop complaining.
A bird in the hand, well you know the rest
probably. A place would never want to hear let me work a little while longer but as soon as I find something that fits I will dump you. I would have worked another job in some way, at least on a part-time basis, while getting out of the VR business. Good luck.
Then stay. Rest of us will leave.

The rest of the quote was that we have to do multiple...sm
specialties. It is entirely reasonable to think a multispecialty MT of 30 years would have a broader base of knowledge than a doctor fresh out of medical school.

An LPN and an RN cannot do surgery, either, yet for some reason you put them above a medical transcriptionist. As for a doctor, unless you are actually performing a surgery, your skill lies in your interpretation of signs, symptoms, lab tests, etc.

A medical Transcriptionist has to use this same thought process every day. How many times to look at the past medical history to figure out a medication or look at a lab value to differentiate a diagnosis?

I am afraid you sell MTs very short.
QT Medical! They are WAY better than the rest!!! They're hiring!
Another one of the pets talking here. The rest of us starve.
I rest my case. Once again OSi shows how dishonest they are.
This makes me ashamed that I once worked for them, but also makes me glad that I work for a decent, honest company now and do not have to be a part of their BS!!
Goodnight Lee and have a great rest of the weekend :) nm
The Ops could be staying in-house with the rest of the work being done by MW. nm
$14 hr for pt team lead rest production
and yes all we do is assign jobs when coordinator is off, easy money though
RadMT was trying to help. The descision to fire did not rest