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Last word here - People here need to read a post correctly

Posted By: SuzieQ on 2009-06-03
In Reply to: the OP knew what she was doing and sm - former MQ MT

I never told HER to suck it up. Why donít you read postings correctly. Can you not make a distinction between me saying I JUST SUCKED IT UP as telling about my vacation and you saying something entirely different? What is the matter with the posters here? I am outta here for the afternoon. Everyone have a good time.

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I wish people read these posts correctly.
I am amazed that people here do not read the postings correctly and assume and go on and on about something that was not said in the first place. NEVER was the person posting about her father dying told to suck it up, NEVER. Arent we all transcriptionists and we have to listen and transcribe correctly what is heard? I am totally amazed myself that this just went on and on and it was NEVER said to the person whose father died.
As of now, 275 people have read the post!
Yes, you read it correctly - sm
The platform is fairly basic.

They have made some huge improvements in it since I started editing on it but there is still some room to improve.

As with any other program, you can expect a learning curve so it's really about finding a way to make it work for you.

I have been seeing some improvement in my production (baby steps) but it would be really nice if I was at least making what I was before with just transcribing. I'm not, in case that wasn't clear.

Not to put the entire blame on the platform, I need to readjust my thinking and approach to getting my work done. It's different.

I have been very happy with Transcend for a long time. They are listening, even if sometimes they don't appear to be. It just takes a little time for them to figure out what needs to be changed in order for us (MLSs) to get our jobs done faster and easier.

Like I said, I'm trying to be patient because the last platform switch (when we went to VoiceScribe) was kind of a mess for about a year before it was really working smoothly but it turned out pretty darn good too. I still have hope for editing on this BT platform.
If you had bothered to read correctly- it said
Some years ago working inhouse and my having seniority and supposedly had first choice at vacation, the time I chose was a time another person with less seniority needed for a trip overseas. She had put in for the time I wanted and I was told like it or lump it and I did not have a choice in that week. Being as I was making good money, I just sucked it up and stayed there. HOW DO YOU GET SHE TOLD SOMEONE ELSE TO SUCK IT UP????? SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT HERSELF. READ CORRECTLY NEXT TIME.
You do not read posts correctly
I said I was starting work around 12 and was late. No one contacted me about my not being signed in. I never sent an email and did not say I did. Maybe that is why you donít work for them anymore, reading something into things not there.
if you would read the posts correctly...sm
the *broom closet* statement was posted in the one above mine. I was just responding to hers, and I was trying to be funny about the mailorder bride thing. apparently you don't have a sense of humor either, on top of being rude.
Folks really need to read the posts correctly....
Guess some are coming out from underneath that rock again. I asked others if they had to work for Christmas. Please get things right. I work the hours I want and AM NOT WORKING CHRISTMAS by choice. Hello... do you comprehend what you read???
Oh, I read correctly. Apparently you're sm
not seeing the point - you accepted .075 cpl.  YES, I understand clinic notes.  You don't place much value on your skill apparently. 
When nm guessed correctly, the moderator pulled that post too.
She guessed with a line from Romeo and Juliet without giving a name and that post was pulled too.
See last post; I didn't explain hours correctly

Re: The post asking if MTStars mods are MTSOs, Goldbird answered correctly.

I own the MTStars website and I have a team of 7 moderators and none of them are owners of transcription services, nor are they management of any transcription service.  We have never had moderators in any transription ownership or management position since we went live many years ago.  If anyone has any questions about this, you can email me directly at admin@mtstars.com.  I have removed any posts other than the post Goldbird made responding to the original poster below so everyone is clear. Thank you.

Read Spherson's post below, who admits, in the post, they do pay it.
I don't remember using the word "glued" maybe you should unglue your eyes and read again
Where in my post is the word (sm)
liar? You've gotta be a novice at this gamble; cause that's exactly what it is....sometimes you win, but more often times NOT!

Give it a few weeks...then tell me you're not running out of work. They ALL operate the same. You just don't get it. WE are the peons. We don't pay WebMX hefty amounts of money for promised 24-hour TATS. We just get the crumbs that they occasionally care to leave over so we and our families don't starve.
I was careful to word my post

so as to show it was not a done deal. Used the word sniffing to indicate interest.  I have no absolute proof but thought the MTs deserved a heads up. The practice of ambushing workers with mergers and takeovers is just another show of absolute disrepect for us.

seriously - how did you get the word illegal out of that? post does not say tha anywhere;
what is that comma doing after the word it in your post?
dag you people can't read
Don't you people read well?
The *original* poster was complaining about a last minute notice of DOUBLE PREMIUMS.

She ALSO complained about the pay dates.

The RESPONDER chose to *only* comment on the pay dates, *not the main point* which was the double premium.

I poste you conveniently ignored the MAIN point, because that person DID NOT address the double premium issue.

YOU POSTED that that she did not (ignore the main point...)

She clearly did - and what is so clear by this thread is that you at KS stand by the handbook after the fact when all you had to do was REMIND people in advance of the extra deduction.

Yes, things may be in the handbook - but people HARDLY MEMORIZE THEM!! In this economy, it would have been the *considerate* thing to do!

Just so happy I don't work for the snarks at KS!
I just stated with them. Nice people, work out of Word, and pay increases with production. nm
Every word of your eloquent post should be published
Unfortunately, most of America doesn't even know medical transcription even EXISTS, or what it is, let alone read MT Stars or other similar websites or blogs. If this letter (or something similar) were to be published in the Opinions section of a major newspaper like the NY Times, LA Times, etc., maybe it would help to begin a discussion in this country that it's time to end the practice of REWARDING big companies for taking American livelihoods away.
Just means over 200 people have read it....
Oh my goodness...why can't people read
what is written? I know that you are part of the management team of the company, but for goodness sake, can you please get it right? I said I FINALLY received payment of the first check when the answer to why I was not paid was I just didn't do it, etc. The second payment is still not here. I think what speaks volumes are people like you - who told me that you come here and post and bad mouth those people that you feel are bad mouthing you - and think that no one will notice. I have another job with a company that pays their bills and pays their people and do not hire people simply to get their backlog down and then screw them. I have said nothing that cannot be backed up by voice mails, emails, instant messages,etc. from either management or a management representative. Also - you can accuse me of tact not being a virtue that I possess, but honesty is far from what you displayed. The fact that there were others who never were paid as well speaks volumes.
I read your post. What do you want me to re-read?
and it seems those are your posts, too, so things just didn't add up and seemed inconsistent. If a place dropped me down to p.r.n. at 7 cpl or whatever and I already had another job where I could get 1000-1500 lines, I wouldn't give the first place a second thought so just couldn't figure out why anyone else would.
When I use the word "you" in my post, I am not referring to you specifically but
all the posters on this board.

This board is not to attack people by name. Please read about Keystrokes. sm

attack people by name.  In Lee's defense, she has over 200 people working for Keystrokes now and accounts in a lot of different states.  As managers, we have started taking on more of the day-to-day and HR and the clerical staff take care of the transcriptionists.  It is a hard thing to learn as an entrepreneur but delegating is very important.  We are finally seeing her do this, and things are much smoother.  One person simply cannot do it all in a company of this size.  I wouldn't want to own my own company for that reason.  The hours she works would kill me and I would be divorced.  The constant travel of this year would cause most people to take days off after each trip, but I have talked to her hours after she got in from a one-day trip for a meeting to sign a contract and while tired, she is still out there making sure that our jobs are secure.

No one was out to get you or to mess up your life.  I am sure that there is more to the story than you are saying but I find it hard to believe that you were ignored.  I personally talk to each person hired for one of my accounts and make sure that they have all that they need. 

If you came during a hectic time and felt you were not treated fairly, on behalf of the company, I apologize.  However, and this is not an excuse, with the growth that Keystrokes has experienced, there are bound to be hectic times and bound to be changes.  I, for one, am glad that the changes make Keystrokes a better place to work.  I hope that someday Keystrokes replaces MQ and Spheris at the top of the national companies and know that if they do not, it is because they refuse to compromise and hurt the transcriptionists. 

Life is about choices.  Mine has worked well for me.  We should all help each other rather than carry around so much negativity. 

OMG PEOPLE... it wasn't the hearing.. you have to read the thread
It was the looking into medical records to see if you would be costing them too much insurance.

DUH, read my post again

It has not happened to me, nope.  Also, I don't know of anyone that it has happened to.  We have a forum that we can post on and no one has said anything of the sort on it.  Why is that?  Why would you come on here and post instead of on our forum if there is a problem?  I have seen other issues brought up on the forum and have not ever seen them called emotional. 

Also, if I was an MT that has been there for years and found that I wasn't getting paid what a newbie was with the same experience or less, and I knew I had been making my line count and been a good employee, I would say something.  I would demand a raise.  If I didn't get what I was worth, I would find a new job that would pay me what I was worth.  As a matter of fact, this is exactly what I did.  I have plenty of experience and was not getting paid well.  So, I asked for raise and was told they couldn't give me one.  So, I left and found a better paying job.  I didn't stick around to become a complainer.  I mean, who else is going to take care of you if you don't?  Whose responsibility is it to make sure you are getting paid well or treated well? 

Did you even really read my post? sm

Gosh oh gee.  I said, nurses are making more money not less, like MTs.  That is ALL I said. How in the WORLD you got all that out of my short post I will never know but it is sure being blown out of proportion. I have the greatest respect for nurses.  Stop trying to put words in my mouth, please.

Thanks, I did read Not Me's post....s/m

and I responded there too.....with a different name is all...

it takes great minds to think alike....and we cannot convince the entire world.....but we can make change in our own little groups in our families and friends and hopefully everyone will pass around the good stuff!  The love and compassion....

I think you need to re-read my post.

I think you need to re-read my post.  I said they were TRIVIAL.  I didn't say that I did not CARE.  I didn't say that I sent out terrible reports to make my work go to India.  How do you suppose when there is more than one way to do something you chose the right way depending on what person is checking work?

I have read your post and all the
others down the page and I agree with you completely. I left a company last year because the QA person just would not let anything I did alone when it came to punctuation. You are correct when you say that punctuation is a style issue and except in cases where it would change the meaning of a sentence, it should be left up to the MT to use as she thinks/knows is correct. I am now with a company who uses this policy. When I was on direct QA for a new account, my QA person did sometimes change punctuation, but this only reflected her own style preference. She made sure to tell me that this did not count against me and that my style was also correct. If I were you and they keep this up, I would look elsewhere to preserve my sanity.
No, not in QA (if you would read my post below)
the one that begins, no, no, what I meant was if your work is accurate and doesn't require much QA.  I don't know the percentage of accuracy; I don't remember, but it is a bonus for the MT's, not the QA people.  I have no idea if they get bonuses, nor do I care.
I don't think you read that in a post
Why would they mess up a good thing? I think you are mistaken.
Read the post
Read the post on the main board, I think it was a couple days ago, labeled the downward spiral of the medical transcriptionist, again this proves everything written is true and happening on a daily basis.
I should have read your post first sm
because I said almost the same thing in mine.  Sorry!
What post did you read?
She asked where the good dictators went, and the reply was that off-shore MTs were sent the good dictators.

What a way to punish the good dictators. Now they get crap back for no reason, unless some poor American is assigned to clean up the mess.
maybe you should read my post again...
I have 2 (two) IC jobs and they do me just fine--I mean $4000 take home fine. CHEERS!
I read your post and just for fun,
sent a mexican rice recipe to that address that you send the sample dictation. I got that same job offer e-mail afterwards. It's all automated, all a scam. I went on live chat and pointed this out, and they disconnected the chat after a short while. Oh well, I feel good knowing the time they wasted on me they weren't taking anyone's money (mine or someone else's).
Did you clearly read my post?
There IS another company involved even though you are told there isn't and i just found this out recently after working for FN for a few years
Well, since this is the first post I have read
including the archives with that information I am just going to continue to look forward to the position. If there is not enough work, I will go back to the recruiter and work with her. THey are hiring from what I understand because they are growing, not for turnaround, so I am not goign to assume there is no work. I will not worry, and I suggest that you do not worry until after there is no work, and after the supervisor cannot give answers. We should know pretty soon which is true. For me, I heard the place is a good one, and I have more reason to believe that at this time.
Read my post, it says- over 20
and no I am not that person you speak of- my pay is less than that - but with my speed it is possible to make OVER 20 an hour and I do not have to work full so my salary very satisfactory to me.
Read the OP's post on p.2. How can sm
you say they're not up to something?  What they are doing is farming out the work to this J & J transcription company and really who knows if there are other companies they send work to. 
I had to read my post again to see
what I wrote as no one who posted a reply even addressed my query.

I sure didn't need any reinforcement as to how crummy this line of work is.
did you not read her post.? She said sm
we need people who are willing to do what it takes to get the work done when it needs to be done. this is what the profession is and always has been. Its just been the last 10 or so years that the real primadonnas the ones without years of experience coming out of these limited schools are demanding all these bankers hours, greater pay than warrants for their experience, etc. etc. It has run this business into the ground.

I am repeating myself for the umpteenth time, but those who have been doing this for years know what it takes to be in this business and it is willingness to work when needed. This is not and never will be a 9-5 job only, a day job only, etc. etc. If you can find a job like that I hope you do but you will get limited experience. The ones that are working all these shifts and willing to do what it takes are getting the experience and they will have jobs. Its not a hopeful situation for alot of us who are willing to work where and when the work is there.
Read my post again
I realize you want to defend them and they may have many positives but in *my* case, I was specifically called back to fill a position, immediately finished and passed all tests. Then the *position* mysteriously vanished.

They didn't even seem to realize how this looked to me (the candidate)... which was suspicious at worst and careless at best
BEST post I have ever read on here!
I am SO tired of seeing the managers tell day people to just flex to evening and nights,... So those of us on nights end up working ALL f#cking night to try and get in our hours. I gave up and I work into the DAY now, so I have their work stolen from THEM before THEY start their day. The managers and their JUST FLEX EVERYBODY policy is retarded. It's chaos!!! Now we're ALL running out of work, all of us have had our salaries slashed due to ISR our health benefits have doubled in cost... It's just rediculous. While they have conferences to tell us how well THEY are doing and what companies/ schools they purchased, while the rest of us are broke an dout of our minds from lack of time AWAY from the computer/work. Evil.
I would re-read your OWN post
if you want to see what a childish tantrum reads like...

NONE of the posters said they wouldn't work weekends; they are objecting to an EVERY weekend requirement.
Read my post ... SM
Again, for the millionth time: ALL OPINIONS ARE WELCOME ON THIS BOARD.

You WILL find opinions you do not agree with. If you see a particular poster, using the same moniker, that you do not share views with, be an adult and skip their posts. You will have to grow a thicker skin, be a little more proactive on what you read and don't, or simply just allow everyone to have their own perspectives.

You do NOT want me to moderate this board for niceness - trust me.

If you have a problem with a post, report it. I will review it to see if needs action. However, complaining on the board like this is not appropriate. Complaining about other posters' opinions will not necessary get you any where.

ALL OPINIONS ARE WELCOME. Having the few posting guidelines that we do, we strive to keep this as open for free expression as possible.


If you read my post, the explanation is all there!
If you bothered to read my post--
there were other problems as well. There were problems in all of their depts, not just QA. Let's just say that communication is not one of OSi's strong points. The company's overall attitude played a big part in my decision to leave. I also stated that there are some people who work there that are wonderful and I have no clue why they have not left yet.

I would like to know how you know what my attitude is? I am stating my experiences, you are the angry one. How would you "know" how I take my feedback, whether I blame people, etc, unless you are in the QA Dept? What's my opinion to you, anyway? What makes you such an "expert" of knowing people's attitudes over the years? So, what reason do you have for your panties in a twist? What's YOUR problem and why are you defending OSi so vigorously? You sure are taking this rather personally for someone who is not "involved".

I am not the only person who has had problems with OSi. Apparently there are a lot more out there after reading some of the other posts. We can't ALL be wrong about this company. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if there is smoke, there is fire.