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Nah, my dad was teaching me a lesson. You know one of those types.

Posted By: I guess that is why I am an MT now. on 2009-06-13
In Reply to: OMG, this is really a nasty comment.... - ()

I have learned young how to survive. This may also include having to deal with parents/boss who give you what they think you deserve and in some cases not much. One thing I did learn though in life you may not be able to depend on others, but you need to learn to depend on yourself.

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Lesson learned!!!
Lesson learned
The main thing I learned is that I won't be asking any more questions on this board, that's for sure.
Thanks for the 101 grammar lesson ...sm
  Gee, it looks like none of us MTs would even know how to spell and punctuate if you QAs weren't around to teach us how. The MTs are paying your salary, for the most part, yet most of you act as though we have to answer to you!  We answer to whoever pays our meager salary, and it's not you, baby!  You all say you don't have time to look this up to fill in blanks....well, that's what you're paid to do.  You don't have the time for this, for that... but the MT is supposed to do all this unpaid work while you're above it.  Get off of your high horse!
Thanks for the morning lesson on ethics.
Thanks. I guess I need a search lesson :-)
Consider that a lesson in how they operate and forget them!
Their sound quality is bad much of the time, they are unorganized and so rude much of the time, and it might be easier to get an audience with the Pope himself than get a reply from them on anything you may need to ask! I have heard from plenty of people who are still there about being switched around on accounts to help them out. Pay has been on time and seems fair.
Agreed. I have learned my lesson.

But an increase every few months isn't in the lesson plan.
They have at least 1, maybe 2 teaching
hospitals and you typically get a lot of ESLs with them.  You also get a ton of new dictators every year.   Pay is based on lots of things and many MTs have trouble figuring out their rate.   Many have complained how hard it is to make lines.   They are currently training women in Trinidad in medical transcription so it is a no brainer that the jobs will follow eventually. 
that is why I got out of teaching also. I sm
could not take anymore of the work at home I have a child thing. Folks came in not even knowing what an MT was. The schools put no pre-requisites on the course, wanted the course done in too little time etc. Bottom line is you cannot tell these people anything, they have to find out for themselves. Some will stay in and keep learning, some wont. I just don't want to be their babysitter anymore.
Teaching hospital
I love my teaching hospital account at MDI. Many of the ESLs are better than the English-speaking docs.
teaching in the Phillipines ....

OP - If this is in response to the article about AAMT teaching (or overseeing teaching, I can't remember which off the top of my head) in the Phillipines, the use of the AAMT acronym is NOT our AAMT.  It is used for the name of a company (not, to my knowledge at any rate) affiliated with the AAMT.  You can Google the name of that company and it does have American in its name, but its not American Association of Medical Transcription (I think that's our AAMT's name? Its way to early for me to post, obviously, my brain is still asleep).  However, the point is, AAMT and AAMT are two different organizations.  There's also AAMT (Australian Association of Massage Therapists), and many others.  AAMT is not exclusively associated with our AAMT.


Just food for thought :)

teaching hospital
I don't work for Keystrokes but my account is also a teadching hospital and it is very difficult for me. There are so many ESLs. Some of the dictator are horrible. Is the account you are on the same?
Education. Think that I could get a job teaching and
Or at least partial forgiveness if I don't get a very high paying job at first. A dream of mine and the gov't is encouraging with loans and grants, so I decided to go for it. It will be hard work studying but then again it will help make ends meet and I will have a future, rather than sitting and feeling sorry for myself as an MT like do lately. Thanks for asking.
It depends. If it is a teaching hospital it can be very

difficult.  I had about 15 years' experience when I started a job where I did a teaching hospital and it was very challenging for me, lots of new tests, labs, etc.  New doctors rotated in in July and you got about 100 so you had to start over again with learning new dictators, who might use totally different tests, procedures, and equipment because they came from a different part of the U.S. or world.  I'm not currently working for a teaching hospital, but a large multi-hospital system.   For the most part it isn't that hard, though just like a teaching hospital you get a new batch of dictators every year.

GI procedures are easy and nothing really technical.   Ophthalmology is the same.  You usually only get cataract surgeries and occasionally something else, but most eye surgeries are done in eye centers so you don't get a lot of those. 

Since you have so much experience you probably wouldn't have much trouble, but would have to look up lots of stuff initially. 

Post your resume on the job boards.  There are companies who don't post openings, but will hire from the resumes.

Anyone work for Keystrokes on a teaching
hospital account that started recently?  I've been on the account for about 6 weeks.  I'm struggling on it and I'd just like to talk to another MT on the account. 
My experience, teaching hospitals have a lot of ESL
I'm on a huge teaching hospital with..
eTransPlus. Surprisingly very few ESL dictators. I probably would do better with a smaller hospital but the work is interesting for sure. Good company to work for too, IMO. They do not do VR at all.
LOVE teaching hospitals, makes you a better MT. NM
Had someone tell me they do a teaching hospital with them, if you like large accts. Might want to
Re Diskriter, anyone work for the PA teaching hospital they have? SM
If so, can you post your opinion here?  Or you may email me if you'd like.  Thanks.
I have 18 years experience with very large, well-known teaching hospitals. (sm)
and I went to TT in October with the big hiring push. Yep, there are lots of ESLs on my account, but no more than I've ever had on any previous account I've worked on. Most of the ESLs I'm getting are quite good, in my opinion. I can handle them. The one doc that gives me the most grief is actually EFL. He's just lazy and mush-mouthed. As for the sound quality, I haven't had a single problem with sound quality.
What I like about my current account(s) is that there are rarely any residents dictating! Oh! What a joy that is! Nothing like residents, whether ESL or EFL. Ugh!
Some people can deal with the ESLs, some can't. All you can do is try. We don't all fit into the same work situations.
I worked on a large teaching hospital account and was
frequently out of work.  KS didn't have the entire account.  I don't know if they had in-house MTs or they used more than one company.  You should have a backup account too, though there may be some  lag time between getting you a backup as they figure out where they can plug you in.   They supposedly are getting several new accounts so surely they should be plenty of work. 
I doubt a huge teaching hospital "wants to
If it were a non-issue, they wouldn't even bother with it, as this is a big hospital, with the highest level trauma center, the highest level neonatal ICN, a well known heart facility, etc. etc. etc.  They are consistently named the best employer in the city.  They a well known and highly respected.  And they make sure things are done correctly and on the up and up and yes, there are rules that they follow, and that is one of them.
P.S. Sounds as though they are hiring for large teaching hospitals from the ad. Any info would be
Sorry. That was eTransPlus. TT had the miserable ESLs and teaching hospital that I couldn't
No. Teaching Hospital account, too many dictators = low line count = little $$$. nm
Teaching hospitals are no picnic! Accents up the wazoo, rotating interns every 3 months, won't ge
work types


I had consults, H&P, discharge summary, a few OP notes here and there, basically in all specialities, cardiology, neuro, GI, Ortho, OB/GYN, psych, etc.

One of the things I can tell you for sure that I didn't do was radiology.

HTH, any other questions just let me know!

Not at all. I have 3 different types of software and
all three use a wave pedal. Two of them use USB and the other a 15-pin, and there is no conflict in the programming of each one.
Work types are
discharge summaries, op notes, history and physicals, ER notes, consultations, clinic notes, etc.
Asking these types of questions will not help you
You sound like you have an ask to grind. If I were to ask these questions, I would appear unprofessional and I think we have enough of that in this industry. You should be giving yourself the warning about being careful what you post.
Work Types
Is it just me or does there seem to be a trend of work assigning lately. I type fairly fast and I find myself getting bottom of the barrel scraps lately.
re work types
it is my understanding they have clinic work as well, but i am doing acute care.
I CAN do the other work types. Not much

experience with caths or sleep studies, but can do the basic 4 without any problem.  I can do the worst of the ESLs with rarely any problems, but I sure don't want to do them all day, no matter how much they pay me. 

I'm hoping things settle down.  I don't plan on changing jobs, but didn't plan on changing to this one either but I didn't have a choice.   I'm seriously looking to get out of the MT business, but still be at home. 

Thanks. Are there certain work types that seem to need help and how are the
accounts that they have and the system they use.
Do you do all work types?
Do you do all work types?
Can you request certain job types...sm

Do they let you request certain job types?

My favorite type of job is operative notes and I would be more than happy to take them off everyone's hands. My ideal day would be operative notes (with an occasional psych eval and ER note mixed in). I dream of the days when I could work without a set schedule on the work types that I liked on ONE account. Those were the days.

I'm been with MQ for almost 10 years and right now I'm in the cesspool of 25+ different hospitals; never having the same doctor; I just talked to my supervisor on the phone for the first time ever last week (and she's been my supervisor for 8 months now); haven't had a raise in 5 years despite asking every year. I've stuck it out for the last 3 years being unhappy because I felt fortunate to be able to work from home. I finally got mad enough this past week that I put my resume out and now I have 3 different companies to interview with in 2 days.  

Do you do all work types? sm
I haven't had any problems running out of work. I have heard from others who only do clinic, or who don't do op notes. But everyone I have talked to who do all the work types have had no problem.

As for the ESLs, unfortunately, you can't escape them anywhere. You just have to learn to deal with them. They actually do get easier the more you do them. Not my preference, but hey, I've got a job, an income. I'm happy. :-)
Types of companies

I am fairly new in the MT business, so I don't know a lot about the different types of work situations.

It is my understanding that some companies don't have scheduled shifts but just require a certain amount of lines typed per day.  Is that correct?  If so, does that also mean it does not matter how many hours it takes (so if having a slow day can take 9 hours ... or a fast day can to it in 6)?

That sounds like a good set up, so one could work around other events and such.  If that is correct, are there very many companies who offer this?  


It's easy to get your lines as long as the work is there and you get a halfway decent work type, but if no one can understand the crap that's put out (call it 'work pool' set my managers)--- what difference does it make if they DO have work?  They can have all the work they want - but if you have to put in 18 hours to get 8 hours worth of required lines , well, big deal if they do have work!

I'm so sorry for you all. We've gone through these types
of things at MQ (I've found a glass or 3 of wine helps), but I'm finally quitting to find a better company. These greedy corporations can kiss my..... Good luck to you all, my fellow MTs. Hope you can make enough to survive on or find a better company out there.
Could you do all work types, or were you limited?nm
Not here. You get your work types and accounts first.
I don't do these types of reports for anything under $1.00 per minute.
If QA types they have nothing to gain by cherrypicking
This is true for any company. I used to type as well as do QA. I never skipped -bad- jobs because they would end up in QA anyway because the other MTs couldn't do them. Believe me, QA does not love a bunch of reports in QA because it clogs up the system. So I did them no matter how hard they were. I have never worked for Transtech but speaking from experience I can't imagine why a QA at any company would cherrypick jobs only to be stuck with them later in QA.
New work types are being added to ML
Maybe they are referring to other work types
H&Ps and consults are still H&Ps and consults wherever you go. As you know, each facility will have specs, any differences (should there be any) would be listed there. The company you were talking to might have been referring to OPs, cardio and specialty procedures more so than the basics. Just an idea. I would not let that company get you down. With that much experience, you'll get a job easily enough. Good luck to you. God Bless.
Lots of different work types
Some clients (in ALL types of business) are so bad that