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OhBrother sounds like a real piece of work,huh?

Posted By: I'm talkin' HAG CITY. on 2008-07-24
In Reply to: Thank you Anon for speaking up!! - Sickandtired

Oy vey...........

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You are a piece of work. Real pro. Any company would be proud
to have you.
So problem is with the MT, not the company? You are a real piece of work.
Sounds like real estate to me nm
1 month's training sounds like no real skill
involved to me. Sure, at that wage, I might consider it still, but I do take pride in the fact you cannot bring someone off the street and train them to do what I do in one month's time. A high wage at low skill doesn't sound realistic. I'd sure be skeptical of same.
Piece work
Lots of professions are paid by *production* meaning you get paid for what you produce and turn in.

The problem is MTs accepting LESS THAN what they are worth, not the way with which we are paid.
What a sorry piece of work you are and

I can't imagine a piece of work like you
your company is doomed.
I work on Winscribe for Spheris. Its a piece of cake. sm
It shouldn't take no more than 5 minutes to learn.
TransTech gets work from Dictaphone/Nuance; not the piece of equipment, but the co.

TT uses Dictaphone's WordClient and ExSpeech platforms. 

Dictaphone (the company) contracts with MTSO's to use their equipment and they (Dictaphone/Nuance) *divide* out the work each MTSO gets.  That is one of the reasons for OUR VERY LOW WORKLOAD anymore !!!!  We would be better off if we worked for a company who is not Dictaphone/Nuance-dependent for work. 

The very few accounts Transtech has -- mostly  overflow accounts -- are Dictaphone/Nuance accounts.  We TransTech MT's wait for Dictaphone/Nuance to throw a few jobs our way, which is NOT happening.  All of TransTech MT's are making LESS than ever day-by-day, paycheck-by-paycheck.  Heads up ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The above post is the most inconsiderate, cold-hearted, not to mention ignorant piece of work I'
Do you even have a clue as to how much one cycle of IVF costs? Try 15K to 20K and it takes on average three cycles to achieve conception...if at all. How many people do you know wait until they have $20,000.00 saved before starting a family? Get real.

Not that it's any of your business, having a child was not a mental issue for me. I initially didn't feel that it would be necessary to share the details of what led up to our infertility because I didn't see the relevance. Infertility is what it is. However, if sharing the details will prevent you or anyone else from drawing conclusions and posting abrasive half-truths, then here goes:

My husband, against my wishes, had a vasectomy when our only daughter was 3. Coming from a big family, I always wanted at least two children. Long story short: We went to Texas for the first reversal and Arizona for the 2nd (5 years ago). We spent our entire savings, which was close to 20k and both surgeries failed. My daughter prayed for a baby brother or sister every night. I had this tremendous burden of guilt because our infertility was self-inflicted. I knew she would never be a big sister or even an aunt because of our selfishness.

Infertility in and of itself is traumatic enough, but when it's self-inflicted, the guilt can be overwhelming. At least it was for me.

There, now you have the facts. However, if you find it more entertaining to post over-the-top fabrications about my complete lack of control and severe mental issues, as you called it, knock yourself out.

I have been pretty honest about my personal life and would appreciate it if you could just answer 2 simple questions.

(1) Dou have any children?

(2) In your opinion, do you feel that insurance companies should cover the cost of elective abortions?

You can just answer yes or no. I'm not posting anymore on this thread so you won't get any arguments from me.
I'll bet this one's a real joy to work for.....
I'm sure because the work is coming back a real mess..sm
These companies think they can breeze by with their overseas MTs, and sure they can if they have enough back up by seasoned US MTs and editors. Once the proportion becomes unbalanced, and they have more overseas MTs and less US MTs, the mess will start to pile up. It really does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. In time, it will come back to kick these companies in the rear. That's why I always say an experienced MT makes a much better transcription service owner because they would never put themselves in this situation; clearly able to decipher fantasy from reality and not just the big $ signs. I am not referring to this company, but any MT company in general.
dunno but heard they are some real witches to work for
somebody that was with them before they dropped part time positions.
At least she gave you a real reason and not just "seasonal" low work. n.m
I actually have two real jobs with real benefits. sm
One is SoftScript at 10.5 cents a line, taxes taken out and PTO, insurance, the whole ball of wax.  The other is a hospital work at home job, same scenario.  They are out there. 
Yep, eyetype is quite a piece of

just one piece of advice...sm
typing speed is the least of your skills needed.  Medical language is that in itself...a whole other language! It takes time to learn the terms, medicines, etc. It's not just a field you can jump into! As for which course is the best, I don't know, I went to a local tech school to learn! Good luck!
It's a piece of cake :) sm
They'll even send you instructions on how to program one (good thing, cuz I lost my instructions ages ago & hadn't used mine in a long time...it was sitting in a box in the basement).  It IS connected to your phone line, though.  I have caller ID, so if a call comes in when I'm working I get the call waiting beep & when I get the chance I check my voice mail if needed.  Don't be nervous at all about using one...personally, I like my C-phone
Piece of cake - sm
With the machine off, hit *99. Chose a button NOT already programmed, and enter 7040 then your complete telephone number followed by enter. That's it.
perhaps they both could have a piece of this board like MQ. nm
Platform is a piece of cake. sm

The platform is easy to navigate/use.  Workload is good.  You're given a primary and probably eventually a secondary.  If you don't have work for some odd reason, ASK!  The supervisors are more than willing to help you out. 

Good luck!   I know many happy employees there. 

yes, and the ones i have area piece of crap..sm
i spend MOST of my time  resetting the receiver thingy...same goes for my cordless keyboard....uggg, that is frustrating.  I think I am going back to corded.
and if you can be satisfied with being treated like a piece of crap
Tested this week. Piece of cake. As someone else
said just take a deep breath.   I am a good transcriptionist, but testing terrifies me, but I passed with flying colors and it wasn't near as hard as I feared it to be.   I've had some very difficult ones before.   I don't know if they have different tests for different types of work - acute care versus clinic, but it was still very easy.  
That is like asking how long is a piece of string. No text

You still looked didn't you. 

Hmmm..everyone got different tests huh..Mine were over 5 minutes a piece. I didn't do them. I thi
someone is trying to get free work.
nothing but repetative phrases, piece of cake. just be easy lines.
and tons of just use my normal templates.

Ever think of that?
Sounds like you work for MDI - MD
Gee, sounds like someone I want to work for (NOT)
Sounds like we may work for the same co. Do ask..
I finally did and it is being checked on. I'm not that proud to ask LOL
Where do you work now? Sounds like
That sounds like a lot of work to me. I have a
FT job, 12 hour window also, and then work as an IC as second job. For that, I pick when I work (if they have it). I have no line or hour requirements with them. That way, if I don't feel like working extra that day or weekend, I am not required to.
Boy, sounds like where I used to work.
The company doesn't start with a T does it. This QA person was extremely rude to me over something, and when the supervisor found out, she was reprimanded and then that is when my nightmare began. I could not do anything right and I could not take the constant nitpicking so I just ended up quitting. In my opinion, once you have crossed someone with that power it just ends up being a head game. I tried the going to the head cheese thing but it just got worse. Do whatever your instinct tells you though. In the end, it is a lot of pressure knowing someone is just waiting for you to fail and I'm so sorry this happened to you also.
sounds like you work at -
MT, it sounds like you work for a sm
wonderful MTSO, and I wish you knew me!!! I've had more than 25 years of continuous MT experience and have a 100% QA rating (have proof). I prefer transcribing OPs but will do whatever comes in my queue, and I'm not afraid of ESLs.
Sounds like the one I work for that just can't seem to get it in there on time for DD. sm
Always an excuse.
I work on an account that sounds just like the one being described. sm
The difference is that I stayed with it and make excellent money. There has been a lot of MTs removed and moved, but it is a challenging account in terms of difficulty level. I love it now. The funny thing is that you are all arguing a point that you know nothing about. No one can know what an account is like in a day or a week. Several of us have been on it since KS get it over a year ago and it has grown from a 2-person account to a 10-person account and I heard it will be growing again. This is because KS is willing to only put their best MTs on there and will remove those that cannot handle it. This is NOT a bash at anyone's skills, just a fact that this is a hard operative notes account. I might be good at it, but it is my personal specialty.

It also IS internet, not c-phone.
Sounds like you want to work PT, but get the benefits of FT!

There are minimum requirements so that the employee must work in order to get health insurance, PTO, etc.  Why on earth would an employer offer someone a FT employee status, but then not put any kind of line requirement on them?  That's just absurd.

As a manager of a transcription department at a hospital that pays their MTs hourly plus incentive, if I didn't have minimum production standards in place, I'd have a bunch of hourly employees taking a million breaks and surfing the internet all shift long!  And still walking out with a nice paycheck and benefits to boot!  And my minutes would be through the roof with doctors screaming at me every minute of every day!

I feel sorry for the company that gives you a job.  You're looking to get off easy!

Sounds like you work at my company.
They never respond to calls or e-mails and, when they do, it shows they never understood the question or problem. LOL.
Well sounds like nothing has changed. I work there now and it is exactly as you say.
Not sure how long I will stay.  I wonder what kind of turnover they have with the lack of work, poor sound, etc.  You would think they would get sick and tired of training new people.  Their accounts arent what I would call easy accounts to learn.  I guess it works for them or they would change their ways.  With all the complaining these hospitals they have do about things you would think they would try to keep good MTs.  I have never worked for a place with so much complaining about crazy stuff as they people do.  
Sounds like we work for the same place...sm
Same thing is happening to me.  I have worked 50 hours a week for the past 2 months just to get my lines in.  When I turn in my time sheet, I put down that I worked 100 hours in 2 weeks.  I got an e-mail from my company stating to please only put 80 hours down.  Now, this seems totally illegal to me!!!  They should not get away with this but what can I do?  I need to pay my bills.
I can see a lot of problems in this way of doing things. That sounds to me like everyone's work i
up for grabs so that would push those MTs that have their acccounts grabbed up go onto other accounts. If you think this doesnt affect quality I think you are totally crazy. There are a lot of people that simply cannot do a good job on accounts this way and they are very good MTs. Very bad way to do business. I am sure quality is hughly compromised. It is always always best for quality and line counts to keep people with what they know. Even the hospitals can see who is in there and they know there are a lot of unknown MTs in their accounts and if the quality goes down or a lot of work is tied up in QA those hospitals are gone to another company.
Sounds like TTS - Most companies using eScription run out of work often. nm
Sounds like you work for the company/account

I do FT.   I'm 17 hours short this week.  Fortunately there is plenty of work today, my day off.  I won't be able to get any overtime but hopefully I'll be able to make up most of those 17 hours. 

Wow...sounds like a good place to work.
Sounds like they made it worthwhile.
So I guess if you are experienced and work for nothing there are job. Sounds bad. nm
It sounds like a good place to work..
which is why they are at the top of my very short list.  I also am a long-time MQer and the thought of leaving is a little depressing, but it has gotten to the point where I have no choice.  p.s.  Glad to hear you were treated well, and that everyone is doing okay.  : )
Sounds like the company I work for now. Horrible
it.  The company in general is also very, very strict on QA, so there's never a relaxed minute as the newbie on the block, and the cliques! Its cruel. I feel like I'm in school again, getting left out and laughed at and even set up for failure.  There is always someone calling out sick, etc., as you describe, and I am told I always have to be the one to cover due to seniority, or my lack of it.  Its so upsetting that I'm just about to throw in the towel myself.  I'm sorry I can't recommend anyone other than MQ QA, but I heard they are no longer hiring QA staff.  They used to pay really, really well and the conditions were fine.  Best of luck to you.
Sounds like you work at a great place
That seems like a much more reasonable line rate for VR, 0.065 - correct.  A lot better than the 0.03 0 0.045 that most offer.  Would it be okay to ask who you work for? 
Sounds like the woman I used to work for. She is not located in -sm
NJ by chance. If so, things will not improve. Start looking for another job ASAP. I know it sucks for you right now but I found another job and I am making more $$ and I have a lot less stress. I too, hated the thought of going through finding another job, liked the accounts I typed and so forth. Good luck to you. I hope you ended up better off down the road.
Sounds like the place I used to work for. The one with crappy program?