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Search the board. This has been brought up before, and

Posted By: U.S. MT on 2006-01-12
In Reply to: I do not want to work for a company - who offshores. Please tell me

a list was devised.

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A search will show this has been brought up several times, but
Company Board, MTStar Search Box, (located below Google Search Box)
Company Board Search For box (not Google search box)
search on Company Board Search For box (not Google).
do a search for them on this board
just to the right of Post a New Message.  About the only negative post was that they run low on work, but that could be said about almost every company.  Good luck.
to search the board: How much would that be? nm
Do a thorough search of this board....
bad, bad, bad, bad, bad!!!!!
I'd so a search on them on the board
and see how they treated their previous loyal employees. They can turn on you at anytime. Tread carefully. They seem wonderful and terrific on the outside, but.....

In all fairness, their pay is always on time and correct.
You should do a search of this board...

JLG has had a lot of trouble of late.  They discontinued direct deposit and then have been late paying their MTs.  Recently, they just fired their entire SR team without offering them MT positions, saying they didn't have anything to offer and yet they are advertising for MTs and you are considering them.  So why not fill openings with people already on board?

Where there's smoke, there's fire.  Too many red flags in the last two months or so.  I would pass JLG up if I were you.

Do a search of the board. I was going
after reading the negatives.  I didn't find anything negative about pay but there are consistent negative posts about QA issues and disorganization that go back quite a while if you do a search. 
Search this board and MT Stars
some posts about them not long ago.  Don't remember it being good, but then don't remember much any more.
search the job seek board
seems kind of obvious to me
Looks like mostly 'con' from a board search. nm
Quickest way to do a board search here. sm

It will bring up the most current stuff first.  Copy and paste this in your address bar.


search on the Main Board
do a search on Company Board
Go to company board, search ...
webmedx, there are quite a few recent remarks.
If you do a search of this board there is a lot of information available.
Run a search on the company board...
lots of recent info on Webmedx and MD-IT.  Not sure about Hoffman.  I've heard a lot of great feedback on Webmedx on this board.  Good luck! 
my goodness, did you try a search on this board? sm
you'll find them all - as well as the Medquist board in the list of forums.

Search for the posts on this board
about Chronicle.  My own experience was:  I HATED the platform (Apex).  It's an antiquated piece of junk that is slower than molasses in January and I couldn't make any money.  QA can be moody and the rules on the account change often - hard to keep up with all the formatting junk.  The owner is nice.  The office staff is nice.  Tech support is so-so as far as helpfulness.  I did not like that I had to stop all Java updates and go back to an older version of Java, which really slowed my system down.  Pay was on time and direct deposit.  The account was okay, it was clinic and good cents per line, but there were a lot of cherrypickers who would scoop out the good reports and leave the junk for other people.  I think Chronicle may have another platform besides Apex, but I am not familiar with it - you can always ask them.
Do a search on this board. It has been mentioned many times. nm.
Search this board! DRC mentioned last week... NM
Search the board here. Lots of comments! nm
Company Board, search not in Google box, but box below it
did you try Search For box (not Google) on Company Board
try Search function, top of the board, to left of Topics
Search the Job Seeker board and post your resume. (SM)
Then evaluate the results for yourself.
Do a search of this board for Shapin and see how many negative posts there are. nm
Search Transcription Connection in Google Box at the top of board.
do a search on this board - I remember this being talked about in depth in the
not so distant past. You have options.

Good luck, hope it turns your way and she is blackballed.
Search on the company board. Lots of posts.
Do a search of this board. Type in "focus infomatics."
You will find details of my experiences with Focus, as well as many many more details from many other MTs/QA people who had similar experiences.
just typed Focus in search for box on Company board
Lots of posts recently, look down the board, search
the archives.
Company Board, go down to Mtstar Search Box (not Google)
Search the board...Lots of info, not too good..nm
There's tons of info here if you do a board search. They get discussed all the time. :) nm
Search company board. Lots of posts recently, all
bad. Each and every one.
At the top of the company board page, do a google search for MTStars.
Start reading. This is an Indian based company. There were recent posts over the past few days about this company.
I think someone on the Main Board had this problem a short time ago. Maybe a search there will show
I guess you live in a vacuum! Search this board, for crying outloud! SM

A couple of weeks ago there were several former JLG employees posting how they were fired from doing SR and were not even offered MT positions!  I'm not trying to hide anything and I don't appreciate you insinuating I'm a liar! 

You want to know who I am, email me!  My information is from firsthand experience!

A search of the Main Board will show salaries discussed svl times over. Majority of us are paid
I just brought this up below but...
If there are contracts in place, what are chances that they could be cancelled prematurely so long as the the terms of the contract are being met and the work is staying within the US?

(In other words, is it a certain amount of job security for US-based MTs as long as those clients stay on board?)
Interesting you brought this up...sm
I recently started helping with QA and have noticed so many blanks that could be avoided with the aid of a word book or dictationary.  For example, _______ regurgitation on an echo (look up regurg and see a list of possibilities).  And the word is fairly clearly pronounced.  Perhaps book research is yet another fading skill in this technology age.  Sigh.
No, they have just brought several new clients on and are hiring a
bunch of new transcriptionists for them.
I think that the account was not upront with QT. We were brought in sm
after QT had started because QT could not do it all. From the beginning, they told KS that it would be a KS account. We didn't lose 3 IDs last week either; we knew it was coming about the borrowed licenses and had prepared for it. I have been on the account since the beginning and really like it, but I am a big Expander user and pretty fast.

As a fellow radiology MT, my heart goes out to you. I went through that with another company and felt like someone had died. We had a double punch though; the company declared bankrupcy, and we did not get our last two checks. The owners didn't lose anything, they were incorporated. It was a nightmare for me as I was a newly divorced mom of 3 with no child support and had to go to my dad for a loan. It was a scary time.

I have been with KS about 3 years now and love it! They continue to grow, which is a good thing to see!
I was told that it was going to be brought up at their next meeting...
hopefully something like that will be set up because I think it would be beneficial...
You just brought back a lot of memories...
I remember that as well, Boxer, that is funny and yet also a little sad that it actually seems to be really happening. who would have thought it possible in this country...

I have seen that most of my years in Medical Transcription since beginning in the hospital how administration would play women against women and just sit back and laugh about it.

AAMT was responsible for taking us out of the 'typing pool' and it is sad and 'sickening' as you mention that we are so far even beneath typing pool it is not funny
Thanks but all it brought up was things from 4-5 years ago.
How do I find some current things? It'd be nice to think that over time, something, anything has changed to a positive way, but I'd be lying if what was going on even that long ago doesn't give me pause for thought.  I want to think that a few years ago people weren't getting paid on time but I could be wrong on which company I am remembering.
I am sooooo glad you brought this up
I posted below. I am very happy working independent whether I work their hours or mine makes absolutely no difference to me. Your post is the first I ever seen that states the fact of what could happen and that is more of a tax burden for the person who blows the whistle on these owners. If a person is that ticked off with the way they are asked/told to work, why not get another JOB?