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You just brought back a lot of memories...

Posted By: curiousMT on 2008-12-23
In Reply to: That's OK! We understand! Thanks for taking - the time to post your thoughts.

I remember that as well, Boxer, that is funny and yet also a little sad that it actually seems to be really happening. who would have thought it possible in this country...

I have seen that most of my years in Medical Transcription since beginning in the hospital how administration would play women against women and just sit back and laugh about it.

AAMT was responsible for taking us out of the 'typing pool' and it is sad and 'sickening' as you mention that we are so far even beneath typing pool it is not funny

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MH? That brings back bad memories...
brings back old memories . . .I certainly don't miss it!!!! nm
Cover letters! Brings back memories!

I remember preparing my very first resume...fancy stock paper with watermark, with the obligatory short-n-sweet cover letter included, even a reference sheet if I was feeling ballsy, all mailed in a manilla envelope the same size as the paper so there were no creases!  Now everything is done electronic and it's SO impersonal!

I'm such an old fart.    

Their new pay plan brought me back to newbie wages since I don't do high volume. And the work loa
Old memories

I must have a few years on you, I started on a manual typewriter....UGH!  Oh yes, those mag cards, weren't they mosters?  Older than dirt, aren't I?

Nope, MT isn't what it used to be, makes me sad.  We aren't a valuable comodity like we used to be.  There used to be a shortage of MTs but no more, there's one on every corner....they come and go...go meaning most were duped when they were promised they could make $30,000 easy the first year while bouncing their baby on their left knee.  HURUMP! I've always told people it usually takes 5 years to be really proficient.  This isn't true with everyone but I've found it to generally be true. 

Ah, memories
We must have taken the same class, Hayseed!   Vas ahora mismo!!
Right on. Ohhhh the memories
I am one of those Transtech MT's who has good memories of the ^old^ TT, and yes it has changed

I agree with everything you posted and could add more.  TT is definitely getting ^top heavy^ in the management dept.  I hated it when this first happened.  We are so micro-managed now that it is really disgusting.  Why in the world does TT need all these leads/sups and whatever else those others in/out of the office do. 

Oh, such sweet memories of 2 years ago at TT.

Thanks for the memories ladies. Now I remember why I loved this business.
Long gone are those happy times.
I just brought this up below but...
If there are contracts in place, what are chances that they could be cancelled prematurely so long as the the terms of the contract are being met and the work is staying within the US?

(In other words, is it a certain amount of job security for US-based MTs as long as those clients stay on board?)
Interesting you brought this up...sm
I recently started helping with QA and have noticed so many blanks that could be avoided with the aid of a word book or dictationary.  For example, _______ regurgitation on an echo (look up regurg and see a list of possibilities).  And the word is fairly clearly pronounced.  Perhaps book research is yet another fading skill in this technology age.  Sigh.
Search the board. This has been brought up before, and
a list was devised.
No, they have just brought several new clients on and are hiring a
bunch of new transcriptionists for them.
I think that the account was not upront with QT. We were brought in sm
after QT had started because QT could not do it all. From the beginning, they told KS that it would be a KS account. We didn't lose 3 IDs last week either; we knew it was coming about the borrowed licenses and had prepared for it. I have been on the account since the beginning and really like it, but I am a big Expander user and pretty fast.

As a fellow radiology MT, my heart goes out to you. I went through that with another company and felt like someone had died. We had a double punch though; the company declared bankrupcy, and we did not get our last two checks. The owners didn't lose anything, they were incorporated. It was a nightmare for me as I was a newly divorced mom of 3 with no child support and had to go to my dad for a loan. It was a scary time.

I have been with KS about 3 years now and love it! They continue to grow, which is a good thing to see!
I was told that it was going to be brought up at their next meeting...
hopefully something like that will be set up because I think it would be beneficial...
Thanks but all it brought up was things from 4-5 years ago.
How do I find some current things? It'd be nice to think that over time, something, anything has changed to a positive way, but I'd be lying if what was going on even that long ago doesn't give me pause for thought.  I want to think that a few years ago people weren't getting paid on time but I could be wrong on which company I am remembering.
I am sooooo glad you brought this up
I posted below. I am very happy working independent whether I work their hours or mine makes absolutely no difference to me. Your post is the first I ever seen that states the fact of what could happen and that is more of a tax burden for the person who blows the whistle on these owners. If a person is that ticked off with the way they are asked/told to work, why not get another JOB?
You skirted the issue I brought up
that is, sure people can type BUT no matter how much information you have on MTing, if you type really slow makes no difference, you have no job in this fast, fast paced job. In order to make a decent salary I have to work as fast as the audio goes and stay up with it, otherwise you would be reading about my making less than minimum which some have complained about on here. Typing 50-60 wpm just does not hack it in this business, unless you perhaps are working for an individual rather than a company and the majority on here I think might work for companies. Some say if they cannot get in their lines per week, no benefits. So back to my basic statement, slow typist-no work- no benefits- no money really.
Funny you brought this up, I just quit today.sm
Love the platform, loved the account, no work at all in over a week and hardly any work before that since Thanksgiving.  I e-mailedEDITED and her exact words were we will continue to hire additional MTS. when I told her I was leaving because there was a lack of communication about available work and the overstaffing issue.  She also stated that there were only 3 MTs that were complaining on this site about lack of work and that she knew who they were, which I find hard to believe.  So, my suggestion is move on especially since she stated the above about continuing to hire more people. 
They are constantly advertising because they are GROWING! They have brought on
two new accounts that I know just since Christmastime and more to come.
A search will show this has been brought up several times, but
As far as I know, the only way you could cherry pick is to sign off after you have brought the job u
Seems like I remember in training being told, If you bring the job up you are expected to type it. and that these things were monitored.

I feel like some days I just have the luck of the damned and other days are great. I don't feel they are cherry picked like I used to get at MQ.

If you really feel this is happening, contact your immediate supervisor and ask.

By the way, welcome aboard.

Questions about payroll, et cetera should be brought up to your leads...
not to the board...If this was strictly a Keystrokes board, then I would understand but it isn't. I have been there for over 2 years...Please don't feel like I am bashing you or anything. I just think it is inappropriate to bring up payroll questions on a public board.
I worked in QA for Transcending back in 2000-2001. They were paying hourly back then. SM

The accounts weren't too horribly bad.  The reason I ended up leaving was because slowly but surely they began to inch closer and closer to paying QA by production.  When I first started, the quota was something like 30 reports a day.   We simply had to make sure that we QA'd all reports that were close to being out of TAT first and then do the rest.  Then, my supervisor left and they hired a new one who immediately called a big teleconference meeting and said we had to up production to 60 reports a day.  Then, they started counting lines.  Which was fine because they were still paying hourly.

Next, there was an MT who used VR software because she was blind - yes blind.  Again, when I first started, I was told we had to edit her entire reports because she used the VR software and we had to make sure that everything was correct and made sense.  Then, we are told only check the blanks.  I wasn't comfortable with that and I continued to completely proof every word.  Then I was called on the carpet not because I wasn't meeting the production quota, but because I was ONLY meeting the production quota.  I told them I was proofing all of the MT's work that used VR, I was told that no one ever told me to proof every word of the VR reports and that I needed to fill in blanks and move on.  When I voiced my concerns, I was told that was my job, to fill in blanks and I should move on and strive to product above the standards.  Next thing you know, rumors abounded about changing the QA staff to being paid on production.  So I left. 

There just seemed to me to be too little concern for quality and more emphasis on quantity and I just didn't want to be part of company who would take money out of my pocket just to line their own and that's what they were doing by putting QA on production.  I also am not comfortable with the job of QA being thought of as a blank filler.  There is much more to the QA profession than just simply filling in blanks. 

I don't know if Transcend ever did start paying QA by production, but I could see that the idea was being floated there.  Maybe there was a enough protest that they didn't change from hourly. 

Good luck to you!

Phoenix Medcom- Another apply a few months back, ask to take a test and never heard back??
I applied a month or two ago, received an email from someone asking if I would take a test and said she was getting ready to go on vacation for a week, so I hurried and immediately and told her I'd love to take the test. I never heard back. I waiting thinking she went on vacation and would contact me when she got back to do the test but nothing...very strange..Just wondered if this happened to anyone else.
Has everyone heard back from Keystrokes yet regarding the email we received a while back?
Just wandering why I haven't heard any response yet.
I sent them an email back in August and never heard back sm
Is this company on Long Island? I checked out their website and even tried calling once. Were you successful in contacting them? All i know is that the company is owned by some doctors.

Hopefully, you will hear back. Unfortunately, I immediately heard back from MD-IT
but somehow with over 16 years of experience, I blew the test.  I was soooo disappoionted and yet pretty stunned.  I am by no means perfect but I haven't flunked a test in years.  I expected it in my early years but not this far down the road. I was so confident and they will not tell you which part you did not pass and why so it really just blew my mind.  I must have been in shock for like two hours after I got the email. Oh well, someone will want me....hopefully.  I was thinking about OSi but I don't think I could take another rejection if I never heard back. 
Since you've brought it up, I've stopped SM

giving the negative info because every time I have in the past I am called a disgruntled ex-employee or told that my experience has no relation to what the company is like today.

I won't repeat the information I've given in the past, anyone can find it on searches.  I've decided to just let the people have their experience with the company and that experience will validate everything I've ever said about those people.

The same people own and run that company--they may have new names doing the management, but it still runs the same way.

I had the same thing happen, went back to MQ, went back to KS and could not be sm

happier.  I am on a different account then the first time and it is as if it is a different company.  I have a great lead who leaves us alone most of the time but is there when I need her.  It showed me that you can have a different experience within the same company.

I have to say that in the few weeks since they have the new office, it is much more organized probably because there are a lot of people there all the time.  I had the pleasure of speaking to the new HR manager who was HR at a hospital, got my questions answered about insurance as I am going to full time and had a live voice pick up the phone.

Not all change is bad.  This is one company that has changed for the better. 

I was reading about the back up help. I would like also to have some back up work.
I am not getting anywhere near 12,000 lines this go around.  My goal is 12,000 lines each pay period.
Back away from the hoops!! Back away!
I worked for them about 6 months - same mess to get hired - FBI check is right! It was unreal. I was so excited, though - they promised me the moon, and I really thought I had found my new home after centuries with that other company who shall not be named.  What a disappointment, to say the least. All around horrible experience, and I would NEVER recommend them. Certainly they were not worth the hoops at all. Total waste of effort.
Back to ya!
Thanks for getting back with me!
Has anyone gone back
to Transcend after receiving letter asking you to come back?  If so, how are things this time around?
I'm not looking for a pat on the back and
I know it is like that everywhere but I'm sick and tired of cleaning up after this person, getting phone calls begging me to fix this or that because they can't count on this other MT; I mean the list goes on and on. I know that in this field flexibility is everything but I'm also not bending over and taking it anymore, I'm flexed out!
They got back to where

Get off of her back!
This was a simple question. If you don't have the answer, don't post. No get in the shower!

Wanna play?
As a Medquist or MQ employee, and I have seen many on this board, we have legitimate complaints about what has been going on.

The REAL FACT here is that many of our offices are closing or have closed, we have been transferred to the Amherst office, we have no work, no one wants to discuss it and many other issues. There are problems and this is a FACT.
RUN and don't look back.
They are BY FAR the worst company to work for.  Pay, even though it is direct deposit, was never on time. Sure, they offered to pay for you overdraft fees, but it took forever to actually get your pay.  And they would never tell you in advance that it was going to be late so you could avoid the problems.  Plus, they had horrible supervisors that did not know what they were doing.  Always were IM you and causing you to lose time while wanting to chit-chat....They had some good accounts but lost them due to being unprofessional and other reasons that I do not know.  Stay away!  Horrible place! 
RUN and don't look back!!!!..sm
I was an employee with them.  I can sum it up.  If you don't mind not knowing when you are going to receive your payday (even though it is direct deposit) then they are a great company.  Honestly, they are horrible.  They are the most unprofessional company I have EVER seen and been employed by.  It was not just one instance of pay arriving late, but I quit at the third time in a row.  And they did not warn you ahead of time....they mentioned it the DAY that you were supposed to be getting your payday, and they did not do that until so many people raised such a stink over it!  Plus, the so-called supervisors are a joke.  They do not know what they are doing and are the most foul-mouthed individuals I have ever seen.  PLUS, they keep IM you ever few minutes to where you cannot get your work done. They had an EXCELLENT account and lost it due to so much unprofessionalism because they could not get their act together.  Please, run and don't look back...otherwise, you will just be looking for your paycheck that doesn't arrive until weeks later....
Well, they can come back now!

This is a message on the main page...

MTStars has been staunchly against the offshoring of American Private Health Information, but realizes that MTStars must evolve with the ever changing views of conducting business in the global economy. The hands of time cannot be turned back on the widespread transfer of information globally and as of January 1, 2006, MTStars opened itself up to include the global environment.

Back up help.

If anyone is interested, I have an oral surgery account that I need back-up help with every once in a while.  This will be p.r.n. Very easy.  0.07/65-character line with spaces.  Will need wave file player and MS Word.

Back-up help
I would be interested in helping you out when you need it? Would you be interested in helping me? I need back up help for a clinic account (2 docs) on occasion also. Do you happen to have a call-in line of some type?

Exactly! We should be the ones doing the back-
ground checks on some of these companies, right? Unbelievable! Just such a total waste of time, $$, and real ego killers some of these outfits. Its a shame...
Would never go back there
Me too, went back into QA.
Unfortunately though many other recruiters are not MTs, makes sense right? LOL
I came back
I thought the grass was greener, but it was not.  I left because I thought a little higher line rate would help my situation.  The work was not steady so the higher line rate meant nothing.  I called my Medware team leader and since I left on good terms they hired me back and I am so thankful.  I like working afternoons so I have the morning to get things done around the house. 
I, unfortunately, had the worst experience of my MT career working for Focus for just over a month. They drove me insane, so I quit after only a few weeks. Someone else said that they only talked to one American person the whole time they worked there, and the same goes for me, and that was someone in HR at their office in Massachusetts. Their tech support, QA and account managers are the worst. You can never understand a word they are saying. I even got yelled at one time by one of the techs in India because I was disturbing his work by asking for help when their software locked up my entire computer and I completely lost a 5 page report and never got it back. They kept telling me that my quality was below par, yet at any other company I have always been between 98 and 100%. In fact, the company that I started working for after I quit Focus (and I am still at) took my off full review a month early because I was doing so well. They will belittle any American MT and make you think that you are the worst they have ever seen.
They got back with me the same day, but
I still wouldn't recommend them.  They represent some of the same companies that post ads here and the $$ is no different, so you basically just end up testing twice, whereas you can contact the company yourself and test only once. 
Yes it was on here and it has been quite a while back