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Their ad has been removed.

Posted By: nm on 2007-08-31
In Reply to: Jax probably got 100s of resumes. Did even 1 MT get a reply - or an invite to test? nm


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If 10 people vote to have post removed it is removed
automatically.  Look near the bottom of this post and click on the blue vote/moderate and go from there.  I've already voted, so need 9 more.  This person does need to be banned though and as they represent themselves as being SS management, then SS should also be banned. 
Ad has been removed. Thank you.
Why where they removed? nm

The CLK job has been removed as we do not allow

job posts advertising pay of less than .05 cpl.  Even for a new MT, anything less than .05 cpl is entirely too low even as a learning wage.  We welcomed the company to repost offering .05 cpl as a learning wage of pay.

Removed. NM
It's been removed. Thanks!!!!! nm
No, it isn't. It's been removed. ---nm

I would like to know why it was removed also. nm
These have been removed.
You can always email one of the moderators with the URL for something like this.


It has been removed. nm
I removed the job ad. SM
I don't believe it is legitimate for several reasons including the fact it mentions benefits for ICs (ICs do not receive insurance benefits or any benefits) and they ask for money up front for background checks. You should not have to pay to interview or work for any company advertising here.


It was removed by the moderator almost as
Looks like administrator removed the ad
That's because most of the posts were removed
Since the post was removed,
I think those posts were removed

and the MQ board has a post from Goldbird stating that there is no proof of such.

If it is true, it wouldn't be the first time. Secondly, it wouldn't be much of a surprise since it's been all over the business news that Philips (the majority stockholder) announced it wants to sell.

As a current employee of MQ, I certainly don't think things can get much worse at MQ, so maybe a new owner would be a good thing. Fortunately, I have a backup plan and can just sit back and watch this one play out.

No. Message has been removed. nm

Names were removed. (sm)
We try to edit if at all possible.

No, it's not. A thread was removed.
As is alluded to here; however, the context is missing. That is why the person is asking for a private e-mail.
The thread that was removed had nothing to do with
Landmark, it had to do with someone complaining about people complaining on this board. 
The posts were removed because names were used. That cannot
be done.  KS is just the target right now.
Two posts removed -- same poster. (SM)
Two replies have been removed. One was by BDTD and it was followed up by KS Team Leader. They are one in the same.

Deleted for inappropriate content and continual violation of posting policies.
All the negative posts were removed.

I would have to assume it is because Davis supports mtstars although Davis has never advertised for employment here.  They use the 'other' MT job site.

Pay has never been on a timely schedule and comes late no matter what is said differently.  There have been many instances of bounced checks.  Because of that and problems being able to have work every day, I left there.  The pay scale was just re-vamped so I don't know what kind of money can be made.  That'll have to be answered by someone else.  Maybe with the new payscale payment will be able to be made on a regular, timely schedule. 

Things are always changing so who knows?  Maybe it would be a good fit. Good luck.


Reply removed -- please see message.
Please do not post other websites on MTStars.

Thank you,

I removed it; please do not discuss other websites here. (NM)
Posts removed -- please see message.
Please do not name employees, period. It is clear in the posting guidelines at the top of the page.

I see that my post was removed - i didn't say anything bad

but it was removed.  Glad I got the chance to vent and that 11 people got to read it.


I had a post removed too and all I asked was about
companies that hire for Radiology.
the post was removed and my response
I worked for them, if you do clinic, ask about demographics, as you need to find the schedule, then find the name and MRN, go back, fill in all demo screens, takes a lot of time, for a 2 minute note, is a waste, you won't get a lot of lines that way. My QA was good, supervisor was not. University accounts have a lot of different dictators. They pay on time.
I posted it yesterday and it was removed - Sorry!! nm
Proveros posts removed from below...sm

Posts below regarding Proveros have been removed due to report coming in:

REASON: is Defamatory
COMMENTS: If you could please review this thread and remove it it would be greatly appreciated. It is untrue and paints Proveros in a light that has already proven to be extremely damaging to our reputation, business and recruiting efforts. Therefore I again formally that you remove this thread as soon as possible. Should you wish clairification or further information to substantiate our assertions please let me know.

Please be assured we are not taking sides here, however, if it is potentially damaging we cannot allow untrue defamatory comments be posted.  If you have verifiable proof, you may contact admin and request to post this information, but for the time being I am removing the posts. 

Thanks for understanding. 

I voted to have your post removed - sm
Rather than addressing the issue in a civil way, you personally attacked the OP.
OSI's posts removed - very damaging info
Recruiter thread removed; please read. (SM)

I removed the thread about the recruiter as it was too identifying.  Some even used initials.

I want to point out two things: 

1.  Everyone is allowed to post their opinions.  If you disagree, say so, but do so without the name-calling.  It doesn't matter if you are supporting or disagreeing, stop the name-calling.

2.  If you post your name or list any moniker at all, do not be surprised when someone uses it.  This is a public open forum.  Anything you post is open to reply.  If you don't want your information used by others replying to you, then just don't put it out there.

If you have any questions, please let me know. 



Was my Keystrokes question removed? Was something wrong? NM
and posts like these are why good threads are removed. Why does everything have to sm
turn so nasty all the time? Grow up. Some of us want real answers.
I removed MDI-Transcend post. ALL READ - SM

I removed the MDI-Transcend post because the original poster as well as replies contained language and names.  Do not post employee names.  Do not use foul language or reference it at all.  Just leave it out.


Ad has been removed & poster can repost including co. name.
I'm not sure...I've never voted to have anyone's post removed
But I'll try to figure it out so we can get your real name off of the board. I'm not sure if there's a link to email the moderators directly or not, but if there is, email them and explain the situation to them and ask that your post be taken down.

Maybe other posts will read this and vote the post down as well and we can get it off one way or the other.
Yesterday there was a job post and now it has been removed. Anyone know why that would happen?

There was a job post for Data Entry and Coding yesterday from telerecruiting@sbcglobal.net and today it's not there. Why? Also, has anyone EVER heard of Excalibur Remote Workforce Job services?

Apparently the moderator has removed the thread
that the poster is referring to.  To sum it up in nicer terms, it was just someone complaining about people complaining on this board, lol.
Only removed when names are used. Again, get your facts straight. There were two recent HR sm

people.  First was Lee's SIL and that was Sheri.  She was let go.  Not sure why.  Next was Karen.  She was NOT Lee's SIL.  Another Karyn is a Keystrokes manager, and mine, and she is Lee's SIL on the other side.

What difference does it make if someone is related to someone or not?  There have been three HR people since I worked there.  One was great but went to help her own husband with his business.  How do I know this?  She was at the Christmas party in December and told me.  She is still on good terms with everyone.

Sheri was obviously in her position as a family favor.  Karen was just the wrong person to be in there.  I heard from Lee that she is a great transcriber but the position was not a good fit.  I know that she and Lee parted ways but I know that Lee has no ill feelings towards her. 

As I said before and will say again:  Get your facts straight.

Take OSI discussion to email. Posts will be removed until certain posters


Then send them 15 rude e-mails a day asking to be removed, ROFL!
Taste of their own medicine. Let their mail box fill up with endless dribble on updates or urges to work.
I'm sure it will get removed. You not allowed to job seek anyway, much less using an email addres
that stands for Global Mail Exchange Something about the word global always has India written all over it.
No forms of foul language are allowed, that's what got your post removed.
I removed the posts after speaking directly to the owner of the company. If
you have questions or concerns you need to take it up with her.  There is one specific person causing most of this grief.  I have CHOSEN to remove the posts, I was not forced to. 
It was there for couple of hours until I removed it. See full details inside.

The situation is this.  I emailed Ms. Axelrod and asked her to contact me.  Rather than email me, she posted a long explanation about her company.  The problem is that the address given cannot be verified as Jax having an office at that location.  As well, the phone number given is residential, not business.  I called and left a message on her answering machine, but received no return call.  In the meantime, I removed all ads and responses Ms. Axelrod had posted. 

At about 7 PM last night, I received an email from Ms. Axelrod asking us to remove all references of Jax Transcription from this website, because our site was too damaging to their reputation and that people are posting that they are offended when they get a voicemail when calling the number given.  Ms. Axelrod said that she is located in an office building under the same name as her partners.

In response, I emailed Ms. Axelrod suggesting that likely the questions and concerns wouldn't have been an issue if she had posted full information in her ads to begin with.  I suggested that rather than have me removed all posts about her company, why not work with MTStars by providing full details so that their reputation is sound and that in doing so they would prove that their business is legitmate and the suspicion would cease.  I am awaiting a response.

You've just removed all doubt. I hope everyone reads your above post!
I knew you'd eventually hang yourself and remove all doubts.

Now everyone will know that this entire thread has been one lie after another.

There isn't an MT on this board that is paid salary from an MTSO and that includes Landmark.

Nice try. Now get some help.
Post removed, you can re-post.