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I can't believe anyone would fall for this. Didn't your mother (sm)

Posted By: Quacks like a duck on 2007-08-31
In Reply to: Jax probably got 100s of resumes. Did even 1 MT get a reply - or an invite to test? nm

tell you if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?

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I'll bet you'd be in a snit if you didn't get a Mother's Day card, though, amirite?
Same principle...

Would you feel slighted if your children didn't give you a mother's day card? How about a birthday card? Anniversary card? I mean, after all, you shouldn't NEED a mother's day card to feel appreciated, right?

I mean, if you're going to cast your self-righteous stones at those of us who DO appreciate being acknowledged ONCE A YEAR, then please remember this the next time someone fails to acknowledge YOU on YOUR *special day*.

I'm so tired of you judgmental people who can't just NOT post but instead squeal with delight at putting others down. Must suck to be you....

/end rant
I am a divorced mother. I thought that was a single mother.
and I unfortunately always pay my own way. From the time I was a kid I paid rent in my parent's house, and no man ever gave me anything. Does that count?
I was never a single mother but a divorced mother
Does that count? Oh, forgot, single mothers are the ones who apparently want others to give to them because they are single mothers. When divorced mother, I not only had 1 job but had several and I bought my own home, bought my own cars, took nice vacations to exotic places, paid my bills so your situation probably falling under the category of I cant work outside the home, I have a child. Well, now what? Seems like you donít have much of a job if no work there. Do you continue to wait or do you try to provide for the child or just sit at home waiting?
I am a mother and I want my
face lift paid by insurance. That is for my mental well being. Surely the insurance should cover me, right?
Not your mother
We are not your mother...if you can't feed your family it is your responsibility to find a job that will help you support your family, not whine about it.  After you got off work at 7 a.m. did you try to find a job or did you just feel sorry for yourself?  There are better jobs out there but you have to look for them.
Maybe she is a single mother.......
I agree...I would go part time with someone...that's what I plan on doing just to supplement. BTW....anyone who has a problem with that...I have a disabled child,although he does not drink formula....everything else is expensive and most of his treatments not covered by insurance.  Maybe this person is in a similar boat..............geez.............I say work as much as you want and make as much as you can doing it......
Usually the week after Mother's Day. Don't know for sure. nm
Are you really mother to 6 children?
Oh, good grief, where is your mother? lol
Grow up. Must be terribly frustrating, being so infantile.

I have no more empathy with a single mother
than I would anyone else. I feel if you have children, then you should be able to afford to take care of them. I had a husband, disabled, and I worked and supported everyone so I just think saying oh, single mom, is a pure cop-out. I think entirely overplayed.
My mother used to say oh for heaven sakes....
Even though a company does not offshore does not mean they won't tomorrow, so applying to another company will not solve this dilemma (if you want to call it that).  I don't think everyone should quit DRC or whatever the new name is now.  I think you all should be just fine!  This is not the end of the world.  Who knows?  This could mean better benefits.  I wish you all the best, but I wouldn't jump ship if I were you unless things start to go downhill.  If you like the company and know your accounts, why should you?  The glass is half full, not half empty, that's what I always try to say!       Stay strong.....   
They went to that great mother board in the sky.
No, but have a sup who acts like a neurotic mother.
The games that are played by this person are so obvious. Especially the silent treatment. Then comes the drop in income as she punishes us because of some unknown offense.
If you equate the importance of being a mother
with the importance of being an MT, your priorities are really skewed. No use trying to explaining it. It's like the old saying, never try to teach a pig to sing; you'll never succeed and it only annoys the pig.
i agree, isn't it said that a mother can care for
10 children, but 10 children cannot care for 1 mother. And, if one relies on others, one is already deserted.
I'm afraid its a plan only a mother could love.

Hasn't your mother taught you any manners?
What is wrong with you to judge? Do you think every MT has to be just like you. Every business has the high achievers and the ones who struggle, possibly to find they have chosen the wrong field, or the wrong company, specialty expander.

Your ladies who toss off your smart a$$ comments at every chance are part of the reason MTs are considered difficult.

If you are like this 24 hours a day, I have a feeling you spend a good deal of time MTing because there is no one else in the house with you. Who'd want to spend time with a person who could cough up a post such as yours? A masochist possibly.

Find yourself a sense of humor and until then, cease posting in representation of medical transcriptions. We have more class than that where I am in this business.

On the old typewriters, my mother could type over 100 WPM with 100% accuracy -
She was always very proud of the fact that she never had to use correction fluid or paper or ribbon or whatever they used back then. She had been typing so long and was such a perfectionist. I am not quite as accurate since I have the computer to do so much correcting for me, but I am still pretty darn fast, and then my daughter won every speed/accuracy keyboard competition the whole time she was in middle school.

It definitely can be done...
And fall out of TAT?
I always have had something to fall back on too.
I have a full time job as hospital employee, plus an IC subcontractor position for a few hours a day.  I will say though, the only thing that saved me the last two weeks was the fact that I get paid downtime for full time job.  It's an hourly wage, which is not nearly what I average on production (about half), but at least it is something.  I had work with my IC position, but things were slow, plus the facility was closed a couple days for the holidays.  I myself am not complaining though,  it was nice to have some time off.     
Ah but see, you DO NOT fall in the category I was

referring too.  You do produce and I would almost bet very accurate work. YOUR kind of work is highly appreciated. Does not matter whether you need to take a break after 4 hours, 2 hours, whatever.  That works for you and I think that is great.  If you read my post, I am referring to the people that think they should get paid more to work less.  Yes MT is a production position no matter how you look at it.  As long as you are happy with your production and your company is happy with your production, then double happiness for both of you. This was aimed at the people that are griping at offshoring, constantly wanting higher wages etc that DO NOT produce accurate work and in fact instead, more and more of their work has to go to an editor.

I think any MTSO would be nuts not to work with an experienced MT over a less experienced one, even if that means we need to take a few more breaks, etc.  I am no spring chicken myself. 

As far your statement of ME getting back to work....... Nah,  I only work Mon through Fri roughly 8-4 or 8-5, so at night I get lazy  

was it last fall?, or maybe longer, whenever...
I worked for them for a while last fall, they never
I tell ya, when it all hits you the fall sm
is going to be much harder! I only hope folks won't be as unfeeling to you as you have been.

Folks do what they have to do to stretch a dollar my dear. It just hasn't hit you yet but it could and it a much bigger way.
You are the one who is incorrect. The owner of Zylomed would sell his mother for a dollar if he
They most certainly DO outsource offshore.  Perhaps you're not as IN THE KNOW as you thought!
If you fall below 98.9% accuracy twice within a year, sm
they dock you 1 cpl.   It is on page 10 of the information I received from the recruiter.
How'd you fall of the couch if u were in bed sleeping? Lol nm
I worked for them last fall for a few weeks, pay was
9.5 cpl, but always ran out of work and still after 6 weeks they never got around to giving me a second account, even though they said they would. Left after that.
I'm in CA, too...I hope it doesn't fall off, LOL (sm)
Hey fatcat...My primary is very high ESL as well, but it's one of the Lanier accounts. Apparently, the account is phasing out the Lanier system and going to Inova, which is an Escription platform. Perhaps your account just isn't going to affected by it.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email. In the meantime, I'm gonna get some coffee and check to see if my lifeboat is ready to go in case CA does break off into the water, lol!!!
Sometimes the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Lots of these big MTSO co's are in bed with AHDI, and I have a hunch the whole kit-n-kaboodle of 'em are ridin' for a fall. Or a public hangin'.
Don't fall for the sweet talk.
The recruiter is the sweetest person in the world when trying to sucker you in, but will bite you in the back like a viper after a while.  The honeymoon phase was wonderful, but then they started changing all the terms that I had agreed to one by one, including a cut in pay.  She got really mean and nasty towards then end and I just quit.  I didn't need to be treated like that. 
Yeah, I was dumb enough to fall for that one!
Can anyone tell me the insurance cost for Amphion per month or pay period? I am a single mother
with 2 children under age 10.  I know you can't give me the exact amount, but anything you can tell me would be great!  I have asked the recruiter but have not heard back as of yet and weighing my options.  TIA!!
I can't wait until you fall on your face. The nerve of you sm
to think you are better than someone else. You are pathetic. Nothing will come good out of that statment mark my word.
Tired excuse... what about fall and after the first of the year...
You constantly hear... work is slower around September through early November because kids are back in school and more moms are typing full days. Or Jan-April is slow because no one is taking any vacation during these months?? There is always some type of excuse for there being lack of work!
Most companies fall short on their promises

either in the interview or in the first few weeks of employment.  Just like any small business, things are more likely to go sour in the beginning and not the end (usually).  I have been through bait and switch with work and expectations in regards to scheduled time worked because I am an IC.  This is my biggest pet peeve. 

I've been doing this for 19+ years. 

My first SE job:  Dangled a job at a time and IM'd me literally to death.  I had to give it up.  My nerves were frazzled. 

My first employee job:  Was wonderful, but I had a death in the family and had to give it up during the training phase - couldn't commit.  I was executor and decision maker.  When I went back a few weeks later to begin training, the company had changed my days to work - so I couldn't commit.  So whose fault is that?

My online job I've had for over a year now and is wonderful.  They know the true meaning of IC.

I have my own accounts that I've had for 10+ years and one new account that was a physician from an on-site job that I had and liked my work.  He's an ESL and begged me even when I really didn't want to have to pick-up tapes.

Another company I have been in contact with through a friend's recommendation is now on the job board needing help, but told me they were only looking for acute care, so..........  Do I go there yet once more?  This would be an IC job. 

Your post is long, but I can tell you this:  You will have a hard time finding companies that pay, are willing to give you a steady stream of work, and come through on what is promised.

As far as the company providing HR and equipment, they should.  I test for free, I train for free, and I study and learn new accounts for free until I've built up production.  No one is that productive on a new dictator from day one especially mixing that with learning a new platform. 

So, yes job-hoppers are there, but what can we call MTSOs that advertise and then not come through in the end for us MTs?  I guess there are no names for that.........  What do we call an MTSO that treats us like employees, but pay us low wages as an IC? 

I love my job! 

Most national holidays fall on Monday.
when you rock that boat, you may fall overboard
Unionizing is not the answer. all that does is make the union richer instead not the MTSO. It doesn't make the employee any richer, for sure. My union experience in the past has hurt me more than helped me, and I would never want to be part of any union again. Union bargaining hat costs thousands of thousands of jobs in this country. But the union goes on, just the working people are out of a job.
Of course lets not forget all our little offshore MTs that they can fall back on if a lot of SEs
leave. They waited until they had all this in place before they dumped on us dont worry. Why do you think they hired a lot of new corporate people that work with overseas companies. Go figure.
If you are such a dishonest person, maybe they saw through that and let you fall to the wayside inte
You should be ashamed of yourself. This is called FRAUD. It is ILLEGAL and can give you prison time. You deserve it. You give MTs a bad name and I hope no company EVER has to deal with you that they have a way to talk to KS or any other company you have ever done this to.

I also hope they catch you and prosecute you.
new hires, since last fall; new hire incentive plan is different, which
No affiliation with Transend, but that was a DAMN good post and fall under
all companies, all posts. These same "cheerleaders" have posted negative on other companies IM SURE, but yet when they find their place they think it okay to bash others who have not. Very annoying. There is nothing wrong with giving neg/pos on companies, but it should NOT lead to an argument, bashing, etc. When making a decision a pro/con list is very affective and those looking for a new company or doing just that by reading this information. I have turned jobs down solely for the "attitudes" of the cheerleaders. I figure if they have people that snotty and high and mighty working for them, I don't want to be in that category or atmosphere!!
Well, I fall above the average I guess. Would rather not post as not to make others feel bad or thin
Charts in Time, Florida, us ExText and dialup. Said they're going to the net in the fall. Had 1 o
Charts in Time, Florida, uses dial up and ExText. Said they would go internet in the fall. Had an
Looks American but isnt. All MT work done in India. Hosps in IL dont know. Bound to fall.

Archieved info from Futurenet is kinda old (fall of 2008) and was wondering how things are now? sm
Got an offer... they admitted to lots of ESLs which is nothing new to me.   Being an IC is nothing new to me either.  The recruiter was a doll.  I like to work independently, don't mind running out of work once in a while as that's the way things go at certain times of the year in this biz, but want pretty steady work most of the time.  I don't mind being asked to work extra.  I don't mind working one weekend day.  I don't need a ton of flexibility all the time, but don't want to be called if I am half an hour late one day and hope to be trusted to make it up myself. I don't want or need to be babysat.  Will I be happy, I ask the 8 ball?   
The main office was in Bolingbrook but they built an office in Yorkville last fall. SM
I think that the owners live in Yorkville, so it was built close to their house. Nice office, just pretty far out.
I didn't say I didn't care, I just don't understand
why the sudden outrage over HL offshoring.  
She didn't say they didn't offshore at all s/m
What she did say is that if the work needs to be done here, it stays here (paraphrased a bit, I think).

That is not lying and saying that they don't offshore work, as was stated by another poster above, but saying that if the client wants the work to stay in the US, they will keep it here. Sheesh.
She didn't say she didn't have a family. A family isn't just kids. sm

She also said she didn't have kids. Why do you think you're so much better  BECAUSE you have kids?  I am so sick of that attitude.  I don't have kids, never wanted them, but have been discriminated against in jobs because of it.  Everyone figured since I had no kids I could work all the time.  I said NO!  Just because I don't have kids doesn't mean I don't have a life or that my life is not important.   

BTW I work part time too.