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Yeah, have to admit..my "dream fairy" is pretty much snuffed out. I bet there are not many dre

Posted By: WanderingMT on 2007-08-31
In Reply to: Ability to dream - Jazzer

left out there. We are now skeptical and bitter. Time to retire and travel LOL

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Yeah, it was pretty nuts.
Yeah, we little mushrooms are pretty noisy.
The american "dream"
The american dream has now turned in to hoping you have the winning lotto numbers because you can't rely on anything anymore. Jobs are leaving and have left the US for places where employees make far less money. I just wonder how many more companies will follow and what will happen the the citizens of the US can no longer afford to buy any of the products made by these companies due to jobs being offshored. I honestly feel bad for those who have lost their jobs due to companies offshoring. Several family and friends of mine lost jobs when Maytag moved out. Unfortunately, most of them have jobs that pay so low they cannot afford to purchase Maytag products. I think the American Dream has pretty much disappeared. Some may still have some luck attaining it, but others will never have the chance. I think it's only a matter of time before more MT work is offshored to the point where the majority of us will have to find another line of work. Unfortunately, that work is going to be far less pay and not so great benefits. I'm sorry to all those at Heartland who have been laid off. I hope you all find something soon. I know down the road there will be many more of us in that situation as well.
Snuffed out? More like had mask ripped off
Right. And you're the the tooth fairy.
What plane of fantasy are you living on?  Prove your information.  Find even one at-home MT who is making that kind of salary AND the benefits you mentioned. 

giving you halfway decent work.  Most, though, are not as lucky with dictations fm --ll.  On my account, for example, I RARELY IF EVER get the same dictator twice, and quality of the dictation also varies (bad to badder) depending on which Lead is working at the particular time. 

Oh to live in that nice little fairy land :)
Yep, that is why I got into this business. I have my days (like when I started this whole mess the other night) when I feel so down about how hard this business is, but I obviously have it in my bones because I've tried going outside the home a few times over the years and always end up coming back. It definitely has major ups and downs, but all in all, there really isn't a better way to work and be there for your children (at least somewhat). Praise the Lord they aren't coming home to an empty house every afternoon or being alone all summer. Most days I'm able to appreciate my life and be thankful for this job/line of work - but there are days I just want to scream. I do think this industry takes major advantage of us and find it getting worse and worse each year, but I am grateful for not having to deal with traffic; getting to wear comfy clothes to work; and have the flexibity to take my kids to school, pick them up, and go to their school functions.

:) Happy typing!
ok, admit it though . . .
You used to have nice normal-sized fingers and now they're worn down to little stubs, aren't they? I made $58 1 year, but it was a great account and I rarely took a day off. Just didn't find it worth it, but 20 yrs. ago would have been able to pull it off with no problem. Congrats to you, though!
I must admit.....
That's cute!!
Here we go again! You have to admit,
Oh c'mon! Admit it.........sm
it's the nasty, "go for the jugular" posts that keep these boards entertaining.  If we all posted polite little messages, I'd be bored to death.
Oh my goodness! I have to admit that I
honestly am flabbergasted at all the praises TT gets. Its actually so wonderful, yet I admit that I have had my doubts in the past as well, as it is just so completely unheard of in our industry anymore to have a company that is great to work for. I admit, I'm jealous. Though hopefully I can turn my jealousy into a positive and actually push myself to apply for a position with TT. I have thought this over the last few weeks, and then talk myself out of it because I figure its too late - all the positions must be filled. See what spending a lifetime working for a cold huge national can do to one's self-esteem? I need to make changes in 2007, and applying at TT is on the very top of the list! I think I would burst into a river of tears if I even got a card, let alone a gift - anything. I have devoted nearly 20 years to one company, and expect nothing, absolutely nothing. Its sad, isn't it?
The MQ'ers just don't like to admit that (sm)
they are working for a company who abuses them, and they stay there and put up with it, kind of like an abused wife.  I for one believe you, cause my company is also hiring a lot of MQ'ers.  There really ARE companies who values good MT's.  It's really sad they can't believe this, but I guess it makes them feel better for putting up with the abuse.  Who knows.  Congrats on your new job.  BTW, I have never worked for MQ - came close, but didn't.    Thank the Lord.
Hate to admit this
I applied for it. But you have to have Docshuttle, which is I think around $100, and from what I hear it wouldn't be worth it even if were only $10. I'm desperate enough that I'd have taken it and hoped for a good raise after the 6 cents. Oh, well...guess I better get back to filling out my Hy-Vee application.
You are 1 of those who will never admit being wrong,
even if it is proved to them that they are wrong. Not only refusing to admit that they were wrong, even starting foul language against the 1 who is right.

And they behave the same when it comes to their private life, to interhuman relationships, friends, family etc, not being able to admit their mistakes and aplogize, not being able to say, 'I am sorry,' our of their stubbornness.

YOU should NOT be an MT.

I'll admit . This is the only thing I don't - sm
like about MDI. The staff is wonderful, I love the flexibility and my accounts are great, but I don't like paying for LD and having to use a C-phone. Supposedly, all of their accounts are to go wave eventually, but who knows when?
I'm sure they will admit it and state that 100% of their Indian MTs
I'm 1st to admit I am no expert but I have worked
you have obviously formed an opinion of me without REALLY knowing me.  C'e LA vie.
Make everyone admit offshore is a fact. sm
Maybe, if we MTs and MTSOs put it so out there that this is happening, even if the facilities/doctors would prefer to turn their backs and ignore it, they will have to admit it goes on and either contiue using offshore, or pay higher for US MTs.  This seems to be the elephant in the room and we need to annouce to everyone there is a pacyderm in the doctor's office. 
so, you admit to starting a thread to antagonize?
Transcend does. If you look, they advertise on the Jobs board but they admit that
they send work overseas.
I have to admit my line count has improved since reading the board
I see how everyone else is doing, and then I can set goals for me, though I am too shy to be on the goal board yet. I have to thank the board for that. It teaches me what is possible, and also that we can only do our best. I have to agree totally about how it has been a godsend.
lmao!! yeah maybe I'm the recruiter...suggesting that my co-worker is the problem. yeah that make
Yeah, yeah, I spelled health wrong -
I am very angry right now and my fingers are taking it out on the keyboard.
Yeah, yeah, AND enjoy!

Must be pretty far SM
I've worked for them for 2 years and never a problem.
Pretty Bad
I have no interest in working for Keystrokes, but had to check out their new and improved benefit package. It is pretty bad unless you are unlucky enough to have a couple of deaths in the family.
You could say that about pretty much every co.
You know what they say about opinions...I have seen just about every major national company being asked about on these boards at one time or another and there are always people who will have negative things to say about them.  On the other hand, there are always people who will say positive things as well.  The only thing you can do is educate yourself about each company by going to their website and contacting the company directly to get answers.  Otherwise, it's all a lot of hearsay. JMO
I appreciate that!! I am pretty used to getting
flamed for not-so-positive comments so you are a breath of fresh air!! I hope they work out for you, I really do. I was one who loved Spheris until, well, I guess I should not say, but I hated MQ, so I guess we have both BTDT. Good luck to you, too:) I really think I have found mine with this company that just hired me. Sure hope so:)
That's pretty bad...
most editors I know make way more than that.
Most of them do, I am pretty sure.
They pretty much
change things to suit themselves....  not the mt
Pretty sure they do, I have seen their
banner across a board....
Pretty much par for this course, it seems. nm
Pretty much
It is very difficult to go after foreign entities due to cost and resources. I won't work for one ever. This is why many con artists in different countries get away with it. There is not much we can do.
Pretty sure
for some reasons with all the new accounts for administrative reasons they felt easier to catagorize that way.  It is all one company and everything is the same.  Only the accounts are designated 1 and 2. 
Thanks, that's pretty much what
I am getting from everyone I ask.  I just thought with them being as big as they are maybe they would have better benefits and a better rep.  Thanks!
I'm pretty new
at TT myself. I've only been there a few months, but I'm very happy working for them. Have any of you asked to be taken off an account and given a different one? There are times when I really struggle with my account, and I wonder what would happen if I asked for a different one? I'm a little nervous though...what if the newer account is more of a struggle? I would be anxious about learning a new account too. Sigh. Any thoughts? Thanks!
i think that is pretty low
look elsewhere. did you try looking for jobs on mtdaily.com  they have many legitimate firms looking for workers.
Pretty please.
I am pretty sure you do
need a USB.
I think I pretty much said it all, but if you have
specific questions you can e-mail me. 
Im pretty sure this is it. SM
Seems pretty low to me. NM

SE and IC are pretty much the same - sm
The only difference is with SE you get part of the tax paid, whereas IC you pay it all.  You have no benefits with an SE status except being able to set when you want to work, that's it.  You do get to have the same tax deductions with the SE as an IC would have too.
It has been pretty low for at least the last 3
months at my company.  Some accounts will dump a bunch of work on Saturday and then we have OT for 2 days, and then not enough work during the week.  We do get paid for downtime though, so it isn't as bad as most have it. 
I think I have everything pretty
well summed up. I did basically what just my opinion has done, summed up all the points that everyone had given me. I found a couple of more stats on how many more MT's are going to be added in India at a couple of different companies in the next 18 months.

I do have to mention when I first started talking to this reporter he knew already about the lawsuit with the Q infact he brought it up.

So stand-by I think we have it summed up. I will post a link to the story so everyone can read it.

Thanks for all your help, I couldn't have done it without the group effort.
All companies are pretty much the same, unfortunately. sm
Some are better in different areas and worse in others and vice versa! Just gotta go with the company you can make money with and forget about the rest of the nonsense!
has been pretty much on time for me
I've been with SoftScript for over a year and have only had my check deposited late a couple of times. It was deposited early an equal amount of times. Apparently if all timesheets would have been done on time, checks would have been sent out and deposited today.
I was told I had to have pretty much a

Giving hours when I would be working and all.  Then again, I was 'interviewed' by a clerical type who didn't even know what the BOS is. 

Pretty sure Medware still does. xx