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Ability to dream

Posted By: Jazzer on 2007-08-31
In Reply to: I guess the real test will be if the adminstrator removes the ad as a scam. They are very good at - WanderingMT

Haven't lost it yet but getting really close :)

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Age has nothing to do with technical ability.
or lack of technical ability.
Their lack of ability to think outside the box & actually

No company appreciates your ability to

    makes lots of money by high production.  What they do appreciate is knowing they have a high producer and moving that MT wherever they have the need.  I thought I was the cat's meow being able to transcribe an average of 2000 quality lines per shift.   Yeah, right.   Three companies later and it is painfully clear that the only concern the companies have is what I can do for them. If I lose sleep, suffer financial loss, etc., it's my problem.  And before you wonder, 2 of these including the current are highly-rated companies on this site. This is what the last 23 years of dedication to this profession has earned me.  It is possible to be too good and too fast.   The only lesson learned is use them as they use you.

       You are stating $15 - I assume you are arriving at this figure because they quoted a reduction in line rate or something else specific?    Do you have an IC contract?   I can't advise what you should do, but I'll tell you what I'm about to do.  I am so sick, broke and distressed over this treatment that I'm going to simply stop the loyalty and divide and conquer.   I am going to use my speed to juggle multiple jobs (I have before).  If the company goal is to get more for less, they will find they get less for less from me.   I read a recent post where an MTSO was discussing how distressed he/she was because the quality of MTs was so poor overall.  To that I say there are awesome MTs out here who really need consistent work and fair treatment and who will bend over backwards to do a great job for your company.   Say what you mean, keep your promises, and stop treating us like pieces of meat to be graded on a production scale.  

    As for that wine, I'd like to toast you even though it's 10 a.m. EST - you are not alone!

Ability to survive - the BIG issue too is sm
the line rate, the line production requirement not JUST whether there is work at night, which shift etc. It is the LINE RATE OFFERED. Does not matter if you even have plenty of work on whatever shift if it pays pennies a line.

1000 lines a day, 125 lines an hour, say 4 cents that is $40 bucks a day,
5 cents a line $50 bucks a day ($6.25 an hour)
They are going to require much more, if not, get a letter, plus lose insurance.

They will want more like 2250 lines a day at 4 cents a line, at $90 a day x 5 days equal $450 a week ($900 per pay period)

I cannot image that on Beyond TXT platform (or any other). I'm WORTH much more.
Agree to point, but people need samples and also ability
And the ability to hold mandatory meetings and not say a darn thing! nm
Looking for more opinions on Voice SYstems in Georgia. Anyone know about ability to make a living
here etc. Have already been told disorganized but would like more info.
Who said it was a dream job?
I'm one who freely criticizes MTSOs when they deserve it and the downside(s) of the job. MY ORIGINAL post was merely to state what I realized one day when I had to actually GO OUT into the real world and deal with some of the things most people have to deal with EVERY day...

It made me stop and think: Ok, you better start being more grateful for YOUR job... (because I'd go completely bonkers if I had to work at most any job outside the house now).

Dream on

My dream has always been to
sell shells for a gift shop on the beach. Actually, if you move to Nassau in the Bahamas, you will probably make tons selling stuff to tourists from the cruise ships. I know we threw a lot of cash (mostly my whole paycheck MTing that week, so you know how low I make these days) for beaded hair for my daughter, a necklace for her, and 2 shark tooth necklaces for my sons. Man o man. To retire to the islands and make a mint. Though, the grass (or sand) is always greener (or tan) on the other side, however it may be. LOL.
Dream on
My dream job....sm
I would like see an MT left with the work/account they are comfortable with. Currently work on 4 different accounts, which actually equals out to about 7 or 8 different facilities and all have different acct specs and then can't seem to get anywhere with a line count because I have to check acct specs every stinking report to see how they do things. I also agree with the VBC. Spaces should be paid, period. We have to put them in, they should be paid. I do also refer employee over IC. Also, agree with differential for working weekends. I, personally, am sick to death of working weekends (but still do it), but if extra pay was offered, there may not need to be such a dire need for all MTs to have to work them. Even rotating weekends would be better than every weekend. I also think the platform should be productive, nothing with 15 different screens/windows to jump back and forth on. Consistent QA; i.e. one QA says do this and then another QA says that's wrong, do it this way. That is so frustrating!!! About pay, I think it should depend on the account, i.e. all clinic notes, all easy dictators, then 7.5 or 8 cents would be fine, but if you're doing all ESLs and doing difficult reports in a difficult field, i.e. transplant, or hematology/oncology, then I think pay should be higher. Well that's my 2 cents. Keep the board updated. There are plenty of MTs looking for jobs, I'm sure you would have no problem filling positions.
MT dream....
Fair pay, but like GP, would be willing to take 8 cpl or even 7 cpl to help a decent MTSO get started. Consistent dictators. Too many times we get lumped into accounts where we don't get the same doctors but maybe once every other month and it's hard to get them down pat that way. Again, like a previous poster, matching us up with our strong suits. Mine are clinic and psych. I prefer those over OP notes. I actually hate doing OP yet get stuck with them all the time. Actually, all the points that GP posted are all ones I'd agree with. At this stage in the game though, I think that communication is key. I'm fortunate to have a great Team Lead where I work, but I've had jobs where you never hear back to a question or a request. I wish y'all luck and let us know how it goes. I bet you'll get a lot of people wanting to sign up! Oh, if you make testing a requirement...don't use MTTest, it's horrible. And remember too that a lot of great MTs don't test well. I've found that out before and even I am guilty of freezing on testing. Consider a probationary period in lieu of testing.
Dream job
Small business is the driving force for all economic recoveries. Good luck with your endeavor.

I would like a flexible schedule with lines to be done in a specific time frame no set schedule. Extra pay for weekends, holidays, second and third shift, rotating weekends, the extra difficult dictators.

Make part time available, I am unable to work full time any more but part time work is doable and willing to work a rotating weekend.

Quit rewarding the cherry pickers and the work hogs. Platform easy to learn, do not be a slave to BOS, do not turn down people without experience in large facilities. Small facilities have strict requirements also even though the variety of specialities is limited.

Dictators need to be trained on dictating system used by faciliites and must have decent sound quality.

Support staff willing to help with all problems. QA be helpful and explain why something is incorrect. Dictation testing must have good sound quality.

Would like to be contacted if you get your dream up and running.
Are you kidding? This is my dream job!
And yes, I could be doing something else. I have a bachelor's degree and a number of year of management experience in health care and business. I've been an MT for 2 years now and LOVE it. I am NOT struggling, and my company has treated me very well, thank you. This is the best job I've ever had, actually - a perfect fit for me, and I love working at home. If I had to make 50K + to support my family, I would go do something else, but I make a reasonably good income, have benefits, have all the pluses of working at home, and love what I do. Nothing personal, but working for the government would be my idea of a nightmare. Just goes to show, to each his own!
I found my dream job after being with MQ for 12
years. No weekends, no phone calls, plus we have holiday pay. It is a smaller MTSO but I am much happier. Money is about the same, but no ASR and I can pretty well work my own schedule, no set hours.
There is no such thing as a dream job

We all have to take responsibility for ourselves and determine what our needs are and find the company that can meet those needs.  Companies change all the time, not just in the MT world, and so do MTs' needs change.  Sometimes, you have to decide whether to stick with something and make it work or find something that suits your current needs better.  

I know there is no dream job...but I was just looking over the posts (sm)
and was referring to one down below from another ex-MQer who said they found their dream job.  I realize I'm looking for something that doesn't really exist.
Sad to start a new dream job only to
be starting your second week and there's no work available.  They told me the account they were putting me had a lack of MTs and they were only hiring two of us to help catch up.  I guess the two of us were really, really good (or something) because the account is completely caught up and now I've got nothing to do.  
Sad to start dream job
Does this company start with a W by any chance?
dream on! Seriously if a company sm
did that, they would never have any openings anyway!
Let's dream and dialogue about this
I think this is possible... and exciting. This is an awesome bunch of highly skilled and loyal MTs, as we all know (and were told so often). So. I don't know where to go with it, but I'm willing to be a focal point to get a dialogue going. Contact me off board when you have time. Worst case? We dream of something much better than what just happened these last few days as we all pick up the pieces and determine what is the best course for each of us.
You sound like a dream boss!
I'd be very interested in applying for employment with your company.  Please advise how I might do that. 
Christmas Past - dream on
.... Just wanted to share what was done at a hospital I worked at in the good old days when I was a young one ..
Hospital gave each employee $300.00 to $500.00 dollars each as a bonus. You got a turkey for your family. AND, the grandest catered Christmas party at a local exclusive private club with dancing all night!!! Can you believe that?!?
Yes, you are living in a dream world, but you might get 11 cpl
You're in a dream world, hon.
MT companies, on the whole, do not cheat MTs. There are a few who do not deal ethically and a few who are transcting business illegally but on the whole, MT companies do not cheat MTs.

That is as ridiculous of a statement as it is to say all MTs are cheaters and poor quality risks and they should just fire all of them and go completely to voice recognition and offshore! Not true, right?!

If an MT cannot produce enough work to make minimum wage (or even less than $10 hourly in my opinion), chances are this isn't the most productive work for that person.

However, with this being the free US of A, you are free to sit here and make nothing if ya want! So, go ahead.

Please stop with the let's band together fantasy. It really sounds like a spoiled child trying to bully the whole neighborhood into submission of their personal vendetta.

Where did all the ex-MQers get their dream jobs? (sm)
I left the Q after many years to go to a highly praised company on this board and I'm in the same boat I was at MQ...no work.  Things were okay for about a year but now the honeymoon is over.  I've been in the biz over 20 years and thought I would work for MQ until I retired.  Now I find myself in the position of having to look yet again for another company and believe them when they promise me steady work on my accounts.  I'm beginning to believe such a place doesn't exist anymore.
I can only dream of using a DOS-based system
again. Loved WP51 and had great production. I hate the mouse. Anything that takes your hands off the keyboard slows you down.
I agree. Big companies are killing the American dream
New technology and 1/2 the pay .. you're the stuff MTSOs dream about. nm
Agree on the dream world. Here's a short list of places that have

A Better Type - new company? Out of Washington, has an ad on the other jobs board.  Alphabest - up to 11, must use Bytescribe or a specific foot pedal.  Ascend - on whatever account used MediTech Direct.  B-I-G Enterprises - possible 9 to 11. Digital Transcription - Arkansas, Olympus software only. (People are testing here now and saying the test is atrocious.)  First Choice - 10 to 11 on weekends, use FTP and Word, no software.  Get Back Jack - need own LD and Cphone.  Paladin Retrieval - 10 to 11 on weekends, need own LD and Lanier. Superior Global (not Global out of Texas) - 9 to 11 cpl on weekends. WebMedX - possible 10 to 11 on weekends or nights or maybe a combination? Don't know if this is situational based on experience or across the board.............NM

So SE lose their SE bonus, lose the ability to work as much or little as they want and just
basically lose all around with no gain that I can see. Well, good for MQ. I am sure a lot of people will be moving on.