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TransTech sent an Amex gift cheque and a lovely card signed by all the office staff.

Posted By: TTMT3 on 2006-12-21
In Reply to: Anyone get any Christmas gifts from your MTSO this year? If so, what? - Juliana

Very thoughtful and a nice surprise. I love these people.

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I love TransTech. Thanks for the MT Week Amex gift cheque.
Got mine from Transtech this morning. Amex gift cheque. LOVE THEM!
A card and $25 gift check from TransTech. It was
It tooks what looks like over 2 weeks to get there. It could have been shipped to a third world country is that much time. Shame on USPS. I guess you get what you pay for..even at 41 cents.Yikes. Sorry to my employer.
Transcend always sends a nice handwritten card and a gift card
I just got my card today, and it is still five days before Christmas.

You really cannot please all the people all of the time, even when it comes to gift giving. I am so surprised at some of these comments.

Merry Christmas to all!
Our gift card and Christmas card were appreciated.. Check this out......

I have only worked for MDI a few months, but I can tell you they appreciate their MTs. Compared to the doctor I have worked for 9 years for and whom USED to give me a $1000 bonus, but this year.. NOTHING.. I had been working both jobs, but that made me decide to tell the doctor to take a hike and devote all my time to MDI.. where I'm appreciated...

I received a Christmas card and a gift card 2
I appreciated the Christmas card and gift card..
I don't feel that the MDI/Transcend plays favorites at Christmas.  I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the signed Christmas card and gift card.  Also, I work the holidays when someone on my team wants the day off. This is a good company to work for.  I agree with the above posts--if you're not happy, there are other companies who may suit you better.  Happy Holidays to all! 
I got a card and a gift card They are always very good
to us. Transcend has nothing to do with it.

Got a card but no bonus or gift card.
I think a gift card (sm)
Wal*Mart, Amazon.com, something like that.  It's the thought that counts.  It's nice to feel appreciated!
I get $100 gift card from my doc plus
a wonderful card thanking me for all the hard work I do all year round, and my company sends a $25 gift check.
Gift card
Hey, maybe for someone an extra $25 would come in handy. We do not know each others situations. The one thing I do know is the amount of income lost this year as compared with the past.

No, the poster was saying that it would be nice to be recognized, that we are not computers placing words into computers, that there is actually someone somewhere making sure that the work is accurate, on time, and profitable. None of us have our collective hands out..
I got a card and a gift.. as did everyone I spoke to
You may want to wait a few days and take that back.
Did you send her a card or a gift? nm
I got a gift card from Transcend!
I am very happy about thank and thankful for a great job!
Transcend gift card
I got my gift card from Transcend today too.  Its not a ton of money but every year they send us one.  It is nice to be remembered. 
TransTech MT week gift??? OR just low work gift??

Have any of  you rec'd anything from TT for MT week gift yet?

We usually get a gift card for Walmart.. Last year,
I donated mine to a single mom whose 10-year-old was not going to get a Christmas because mom couldn't afford it. I've been a single mom so my heart went out to her and I got a bunch of people to donate items i.e. tree, ornaments etc.. food, gifts etc. I felt good about it and I know my employer would have felt good about me donating it to a family in need.
Gift card from Trans Tech nm
Did you ever get anything? I'm perplexed why some people got just cards, some got card and gift c
and some of us nothing.  I can't imagine they forgot some people but it's starting to look that way. Oh well, at least we have work.
American Express gift card from Axolotl. nm
I was sent a gift card by mistake- addressed to my supervisor
I emailed my supervisor and she said sh ewas expecting a gift card in the mail and to mail it to her. I called the company... they said it was a mistake.. So, I am wondering, did only management get giftcards, or did all employees but me get a gift card. I happily mailed the card to my supervisor. I also sent my notice of resignation to Probity.
Who is expecting a bonus/card/gift from employer this year or (sm)

 plans to send card/gift/etc.  to their employer? 

I thought a card to my supervisor (if she is still there) from MQ would be appropriate.  Actually that is the only person I have contact with anymore.  For all the years I have worked at MQ, someone, either supervisor/area manager, etc. has sent a card.  Hope it continues.  Miss the personal touch of working in an office sometimes. 

My second job I don't know exactly how many are in the office, but thought sending a group food type gift if shipping alone isn't a killer.  Haven't been with them long, but they are so sweet, I bet they also send out cards and bet they are personally signed and not just printed. 

Geez... the "merger" was three years ago and I still got my gift card (today!)
Thank you Transcend - I love working there.

On another note though,isn't it amazing how people can come here and complain about a gift?? Wow.

Nothing from Transcend, although I heard others got gift cards or at least a card. I've worked th
several years so if it was just a case of being forgotten that is still pretty pathetic. How do you forget your employees, especially when you get junk bulk mail from there regarding nothing that involves you..but at Christmas you were forgotten. Oh well, I have work and for that I am grateful so I'll be nice...
Office Staff TT
I think they are more aware than ever with the new accts. that more office and management staff is needed. Lately they've promoted a couple from within the company to act as lead transcriptionists to take some of the burden off of the acct. manager and others in the supervisory position to give them more time to answer other questions. There is Eyvonne, who I think is the actual supervisor and Diana, Donna, Nancy and another one I do not know the name of that are doing jobs that once only one person was doing. I think it's super they did this. It helps out a lot having someone always there to ask questions if you need an answer. Eyvonne is always responsive and Donna and Diana are simply fabulous. They are so kind and try to answer your questions quick. The other night I had a question and emailed the lead MT address and even though Donna did not know the answer, her answer was I don't know but I'll find out for you and she DID. How many times do you hear of someone saying that and really doing it? Not often. They needed to do this a long time ago. I've only been with TT for almost a year but I really like it here and they seem to really be conscious that we are what makes this company work. Agree with you too, I love all the work recently.
Worked for them for years. First time not even a card, email, gift certificate, acknowledgment of s
any kind.  The new management is so cheap.  Hope they aren't counting on the accolades of employee of the year this year.  They certainly are not that, and not even in the top ratings.  Everything changed this year.  And not for the better.
I worked for them also and the greatest office staff. .. nm
It was stated the leak came from office staff.

There was also the issue of an MT getting a QA file that wasn't hers, the lended more fuel to the fire.    I know a few more things that I can't say without pointing the finger at myself that also has me concerned. 

I guess until someone gets up the nerve to ask the MTSO we'll never know.  

My MTSO only gives bonus to office staff. MTs do
their QA is rude. The office staff will slap you right in the head. don't think about it.
they are all nicey nice until you don't sniff the right way, then WHAMMO
Great office staff, okay pay, horrible ESL's, no bennies....NM
Great office staff, okay pay, horrible ESL's on all accounts. NM
Are the office staff male or female? The reason I ask is

that in India women are generally second class citizens.   I'm sure they are becoming westernized, but when people marry in India the wife becomes a possession.

I wondered if the office staff were male and the reason for their lack of social graces is more because of culture than anything.  Regardless not pleasant and doesn't matter why. 

Great office staff, okay pay, no benefits, horrible ESL all accounts...NM
LOVE IT! Been here 2 weeks and am already up to my past production. The office staff are
wonderful, I love my account and am so glad I made this move.
in addition, while the office staff are partying, visiting with each, breaking whenever they want to
with pay, we are struggling to pound those cold keys with our cold fingers with our break drinks, meals at our desk . . . no time to take off due to no pay for any time taking off for a break or lunch.   We are grabbing all the work we can get now before another MT gets it, as our paychecks continue to dwindle due to VR/ASR and leads and others taking the easier dictators from us (those who have ever transcribed a word in their life) and passing all the other down to the piecemeal worker, the MT.
MTSO gift to their at-home MT's who make their living for them and all the office staffs' livi

Why is it so hard to share their profits with the at-home MT's? ? ?   Give me MONEY for Christmas because so much has been taken throughout the year -- I won't it back -- or at least some of it !  I will buy my own gift or pay my light bill or buy my children/grandchildren a gift with it.

In general, the top echelon is getting so greedy at most MTSO's!   They would have nothing w/o the MT's constantly tapping those keyboards . . . and I mean it gets more and more difficult for us MT's as with each passing year to make a decent living . . . I dare say a living of any sort.  Only those MT's who have husbands to support them are happy with whatever few cents they are offered, because it is only play money for them anyway.  Hubby pays all the bills.   I guarantee you that if a poll were taken of the Happy MT's with their at-home job, it would either be hubby making living for them OR mommy not having to pay a babysitter to work outside the home.  Those in HR/management, with a little research, can easily see how our paychecks are dwindling month by month due to lower wages because ASR/VR is taking away the decent dictators and leaving only the horrible dictators (who take lots of time to transcribe a quality report), lack of cost-of-living raises, rising electricity bills at home that the MT has to pay, high-speed internet/phone bills higher and higher and loaded with taxes, rent/mortages/taxes/insurance continuously rising. 

The office staff don't have to think about those at-home costs, as theirs are paid by the MTSO during their working hours/shift, nor do they have to worry about the lack of raises, etc, because in-house employees get raises automatically with tenure or with a 6-month or annual review or at the discretion of management at any time.

Personally, my line count continues to decrease; I don't know what the reason is because in the past many years, I could transcribe 200-400 lines per hour, and I do good to transcribe 100 or 150 an hour with the horrible dictators sifted out by the VR machine Dictaphone ExText.  

Please don't yell at me -- because I am thankful for a paycheck -- but why is the burden put on my fingers to WORK HARDER AND HARDER to earn that paycheck.  Don't say try ASR/VR because it will double your income, because I have tried that and know better and have proven that theory to be wrong -- at least on Dictatphone ExSpeech you can't !

The other thief of a good line count/wage for the U.S. MT's is the majority of our work going offshore because it can get done CHEAPER !  Who is all that extra money saved by offshoring our work going to ??  Not the at-home MT.  That is exactly why I request MONEY for my Christmas gift from my employer, rather than some promo gift that is handed out to any and everyone.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL US MT's in the good 'ole USA !  ! !

Got a card and $50 bonus from Transtech last year.

YOG - Lots of work, great office staff, great money. NM
Surely had hoped for Christmas gift from TransTech again this year, but . . .

not.  Has any other TT'er (MT) gotten a Christmas gift of any kind yet from their employee -- Transtech ?

I guess I shouldn't have expected one, but I did . . . . 

The staff and the attitudes of the staff. Very helpful, cheerful. (sm)
They seem to work extremely hard to balance everything out, enough work, enough MTs and always making sure they let the MTs know they are a valuable asset to the company. That means a lot. Not to mention the bennies are pretty good, too.
Oh, Transtech wouldn't be able to bring all those people into the office

IF they weren't paying us MT's one-half or more for doing ASR work.  It's P:USH, PUSH, PUSH to do ASR. 

Why do you think they want so much ASR -- money in their pockets -- definitely not in the MT's pockets.

Christmas gift appreciated, but turns out not to be a gift if there is no work the day after

Christmas Day.  Yes, it was $25.00 (twenty-five).  I lost that much this morning when there was NO WORK.  I had so hoped to have a good paycheck this pay period, and was working very hard to have one -- as I need the money SO BAD.

I was appreciative of the $25, rather than some kind of novelty advertising token with company logo on it, like some MTSO's would give to a prospective client, etc.  Oh, yes, I made very good use of the $25.  I took it and paid my high-speed internet bill, a necessary tool for working my job --  which the $25 was very much short of paying that phone charge.

THANK YOU TT for the $25. 

With Transtech insurance, do you have to meet deductible before office visits are covered? nm
Wow .. TT used to give $25 Amex cheques, but then again that was before sm
their push to cut wages with the VR cra*.  It was bad enough when I worked there, constantly running out of work, having to work every day all hours in order to get my lines in, and then the condescending sweetie and you rock, like that was going to feed my family.
I have heard they are sending $25 AmEx checks to all of us sm
It is a rumor, I don't have one. I don't actually care if I get one either. I have a job, benefits and nice situation with TT. I have had plenty to eat all year, clothes on my back and my bills paid. It has been a wonderful year and I don't need a bonus. I have had bonus with having such a good life for once.
She must not want to retain any good MTs and have massive turnover.
What a lovely thing to say.
how lovely to diagnose me, since