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We had a ton of people in our office quit because of the low line count on DQS when switched from

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-08-21
In Reply to: I feel the same way. SM - Fox

another DOS platform to DQS. Same account, same doctors LESS lines.

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The people who can double their line count
on editing are the ones who have a low line count to begin with because they don't utilize shortcuts and self-made templates, etc. I too can do 2000+ lines a day and have tried editing and my line count went wayyyyy DOWN.
To some people the line count is VERY important. Used to work with (sm)
a girl who would scan the system for normals and special assign them to herself. The boss had us print out a daily log of what we had typed, she would only do this every 2 days, making it look like she had a productive day, when in fact she had been outside smoking or in the bathroom taking 40 winks most of the day.
They definitely rip you off with your line count. Figured this out long ago and quit long ago
Nice people, but I was switched from
account to account because they ran out work. I also agree with Regina about the non-stop e-mails, etc.--too much distraction during the work day. They pay on time as agreed, but not too much. I'd say keep looking.
WMX - line count. Was working along and noted line count accumulation (sm)

signed off the report I was typing.  Those lines didn't add immediately, but sometimes they do that.  What concerns me is that when I signed that job off and the next one came up, not only were the other lines not added in but they were LESS than they were before I signed off previous job.

I thought I noticed this happening the other day, but figured I just wasn't paying attention.  Today I definitely noticed it.  For some reason it changed it's mind and took 8 lines off my line count.  What the heck? 

Am not really ecstatic with the way things are going anyway  and then this confuses me. 

Please, someone have a realistic explanation so I don't feel paranoid and cheated here. 

Then company should set line count per day with incentives for above that. If get line count done
People at TT have been paid! People who haven't well, maybe you did not make count and your check
after insurance deduction. Maybe your bank is holding it. Maybe anything! But we GOT PAID. This is NO LIE. And I am sick of this board. Nothing but disgruntled exemployees arguing with employees who like their job. Ugggg. I am working. BTW: THERE IS WORK (clears throat) remember that? Work?
Line counts - the lower the line count requirements
the harder the account and problems with trying to get production off the platform the company uses.
Yes, that's including headings. I use Open Office which gives me a char count.
What it doesn't include is anything in the ADT screen, just what we type in the report.
IMO, so many people have quit, they leave
the names on there to pretend everyone is still with them! Either that or they are so disorganized no one knows who actually works there and who doesn't.
It can be done for limited people. And they quit allowing
Yes, I'm sure, not for YOUR account.

I do believe $50,000 may be possible for many at MQ, but not for Spheris and if Spheris finds out they are paying more than a few MTs $50,000, they will no doubt lower rate of pay again.
NEVER believe the company line. Do line count for yourself.
I wouldnt go there. No communication. People getting ready to quit
Unless, your desperate for a job, I'd stay away.  You can do better with a honest company who treats their MTs fairly. JMO. I currently know of three people who are quitting and it wont be long I am sure before others follow suit.
I got 9 and 5/7 averaged out 6.7 line I quit
they have a couple of people in the office that couldn't tell if you -
it was day or night or their hand from a foot - real idiots - yet, if you work there, they will be supervising you. Best of luck.
Ad here in Feb. for coders and supes only. Office people said not to be very
People in the office then were not computer savvy and there were
Quit jumping on people who make that statement. Doubt she is
eTransPlus will let you quit when you hit your line counts. nm
I find it extremely odd how people from the same office seem to have such different stories. How do
you explain that. I hear many people complaining about work at MQ and Buffalo and having many different accounts so I do think you are damage control. Sorry.
I'd hate to work in an office with you people. Classic example of why I like ..sm
working at home by myself. Kids in school, hubby at work, and most of all no hen fights in the office. I don't peruse these boards often, but when I do it never ceases to amaze me that some have so much time on their hands to bicker here.
Oh, Transtech wouldn't be able to bring all those people into the office

IF they weren't paying us MT's one-half or more for doing ASR work.  It's P:USH, PUSH, PUSH to do ASR. 

Why do you think they want so much ASR -- money in their pockets -- definitely not in the MT's pockets.

Yep tRoux-en-Y made 6.7 line combo before I quit
Transcend paid 5.7 VR and I think 8.5 or 9 I think it was.  Had no idea I was being offered position for  VR.  It is a combo VR & MTing coming in on same platform Beyond Text and very very little regular MTing.  So it averaged out I made 6.7 a line.  I tried it 2 weeks, ran the numbers and quit and told them why -- 6.7 a line. Terrible way to work, never ever again. 
My husband and his brother have a business with a small office that has 12 people in it.
I do the books for them. The electric bill is over $4000 every month. The lease is $5200. The phones are $3200. The list goes on and on with overhead, not including payroll, totally over $20,000 per month.

I respect that the company I work for has overhead and am grateful that THEY have to deal with it, not me. Otherwise, I would have started on my own.
They count people in the street
Nothing is going to change until Americans put down the remote and put on their walking shoes.

It's the only thing that really gets their attention: Peaceful people in the street.
Dont kid yourself that people dont know what is going on. Do you honestly think these office people
dont talk. Maybe you should make sure you know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.
LIne count

I have had the same accounts for up to 15 years.  On my surgeons with even charging 12 cents a line I can often make $50 to $60 an hour with their consults.  I think it is fair.  They pay within 48 hours, never a bounced check, got $500 Christmas bonus.  I can do them in my sleep.    They never question my line counts.  It is 60 characters to a line and gross lines, not character count.  On a consult for breast cancer, that is 3 to 4 pages,  probably type 50 lines as the physical is so standard.  If I charged more I would feel like I was ripping them off.  I make a decent living and so  pass it onto them.   I gross over 11,000 lines per month with them and work 5 to 6 hours per week.   They like the smaller amount per line.   My other is a clinic that I have a lot of auto corrects set up and still make $35 an hour and so why charge them an arm and leg when I am making decent money.  My sub's make close to $25 an hour as they aren't quite as fast as I am and don't use as many quick corrects but at 8 to 9 cents they average 250 to 350 (psych reports) per hour.   So we are all happy.     Half way through the year I myself  have made $26,500.   And that is with a slow June. 



line count
I have always understood that gross line pay is better than character counted. This could be false, however, depending on font used and size of font, as well as the format of the report. Sorry, don't know info specific to Meditech's system, but have read "To convert Gross Lines to Net Lines multiply Gross Lines by .70." This obviously reduces gross lines by 30% to a net line count, but it does not make sense that this formula would be accurate all the time considering all the variables involved (those mentioned above as well as the fact that character counted net lines are not a standard 65, and could be whatever number the client has agreed to pay on).
line count
How can you get an exact count by Word? Even the different Word programs vary.
My line count
Some say that if you are not a high producer, you may actually do well with VR?  How true is that? Due to the summer, my line count is only in the 6 or 7000 range per pay period.  However, in the beginning of Sept, the kids will go  back to school and I will start working full time.  Given that there is full time work available to me, could I stand to actually make more money doing VR?
MQ line count
I've been on DQS for way over a year.  My line count has never improved and I am one the same account every day.  Join the class action and hopefully we will get our money eventually. 
OSi line count - sm
When I started there it was 198 lph...they have lowered it since I left. And why are they allowed to post jobs here? They outsource overseas!!! What happened to MTSTARS policy of not posting jobs from outsourcing companies?
Line Count
Sharon, I've been with TT for over a year and have never had a line count problem (and know it is correct because I know what I can transcribe per hour/day, and have been doing it consistently for years before coming to TT and since being with TT).  Are you new at TT?  If you are having a problem you should email Debbie about it, as she will be able to answer any questions you may have. 
Line Count
This may not be much help but I've worked for 2 years for TT and never had a problem.  Guess before TT I'd worked on just about every platform there is and been paid every way anyone could think of to pay; hourly, by the line, by the minute, per word, per 1000 words, by the page and maybe some others I've forgotten. Thus, I know what I produce forward and backward, don't need to check it, I KNOW when it's right and I'd KNOW if it was wrong.  Once before TT I was complaining to my husband that I absolutely was NOT making ANY money despite the fact that I was working 8 hours a day and that certainly my lines were not being recorded accurately.  Being the helpful person that he is, he suggested that I keep a log for a week of every minute I spent typing and every minute I was out of the chair and then take my log to administration.  To my horror, at the end of the first day, I found I had spent EXACTLY 2.5 hours of the 8 hours I was signed on actually working.  No wonder I wasn't making any money. (Not implying at all that this is the problem with your line count but it certainly was MY problem). Thereafter I parked my butt in the chair and it was amazing how my line count got accurate.
Line Count

I currently work for an oncologist and I do not get paid by the line, but rather a straight salary every month. Can some one tell me about how much typing is involved if expected to type 1800 lines per day??



Line Count
Thank you very much for the information
And how about the line count that you

see not really being the 1 that you get? 

yes that is right line count
transtech only pays for lines typed excluding header, signature, and timestamps.  I have compared the line count from MS word highlighting only what counts and it is equal to Dictaphone line counts. 
dqs line count
My line count went way down, but if it is because of way lines or characters are counted then why do line counts seem to check out in word?  I simply cannot figure out the problem, but hate DQS.
Line count for MDI-MD
You tell them how many lines you will do on a given day.  They just expect you to do what you say you will.
line count
what is the average daily line count on a 65 and 72 character line?  Thanks
Line count
No, not eMTS- this was ChartScript with another company. I do not know the count with eMTS but would like to know what some MTs think who work for them.
Then you need to get your line count up

Then you need to be doing more than  1000 to 1500 lines per day.  So work on getting you line count up.    If you want to make the big bucks, gotta put in the time and effort.  Or like you say get your own accounts but it takes time, dedication and hard work to have your own accounts like the poster below says.  Good and bad to both but bottom line is get your line count up -- if you can. If you can't you need to go somewhere else where you can.   



Line count
Just wondering if any of you currently working there find it difficult to make the daily line count?  I'm looking at applying.  Thank you!     
I use my own line count

I figure my own line count, I am an IC.  I use gross line count now, so the 65-character line count is a new thing for me.  I know they divide the characters by total lines and just wanted to make sure that was the correct procedure to figure -

thanks for the help too!!!

line count
Any problem getting enough lines on their systems and are they accurate?
line count
they use EXText, and it seems to be very accurate
Line count down
Noticed the same thing myself.
TT line count
Me, too. 
line count
It is TTS. Did you have a bad experience with that company? I haven't had any problems, seem very friendly and helpful there.