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Dont kid yourself that people dont know what is going on. Do you honestly think these office people

Posted By: MQ2 on 2005-10-03
In Reply to: She doesn't. That is the beauty of it! - Luthy

dont talk. Maybe you should make sure you know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.

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    Well, I know that MTs from my office have quite MQ and they dont post on here but I dont know how
    many. I think MTs with MQ may be getting second jobs and just working for 2 different places at the same time which is probably the smart thing to do anymore because MQ will continue with this short TAT and as it spreads throughout other  offices people will continually be running out of work especially after going on DQS.
    Most people who sue, dont take into consideration
    So what is the problem with these NE people. No one is happy with the way they run things and I dont
    see it getting any better. I think the NE people better start rethinking their plans because they sure aint working up thar in New York.
    Dont bother. Not enough work to go around. People are quitting.
    I guess at this rate, they may be hiring if everyone ends up quitting due to lack of work. They will come on here and state that we should just call the office and you will get put on another account. That is a joke. We have all tried that and you get ignored.  
    Why dont you "enlighten" us to why people job hop in this business. It couldnt be because we g
    stiffed on our pay, lied to, mislead, underpaid, broken promises. Yes, there is a reason why people change jobs. You can only take so much. Is it a wonder that a lot of MT are burned out. Does anyone want to keep changing jobs?? No, it would be great to actually be able to make a living doing what we love the most at one company that follows through on promises. It does kind of take the wind of your sails when your dished out nothing but ........ all the time. So, that is why I stick up for Msla MT. There are more out there right with her.
    Well, what do they do when people dont meet their required lines due to no work. Most ridiculous
    thing I ever heard of.  Overhire and then I expect MTs are to work 24/7 to get in required lines.  Nothing like making a total fool out of people.  Hardly worth making minimum wage now is it.
    I honestly dont think MQ would pay everyone a base rate of 9.50 even on the new pay plan because
    they hire a lot of new inexperienced people and a lot of people do clinic versus critical care etc etc. People have been making on 8 and 9 cents a line for years and they have refused raises why would they all of a sudden given people a base rate of 9.50. Find that hard to believe unless they are going to throw everything on ASR and then reduce your income by 2 or 3 cents a line. Hard to say.
    Honestly, people some people are lazy...
    plain and simple, sad but true.
    I dont cherry pick, never did. I dont do that to my coworkers on my account.

    What is the new status. I dont understand what it means. I dont need their benefits nor do I want
    I dont know what that means. I am an SE. I dont sit and wait for work I come back in when it is
    there so I never had to deal with Amherst when there was no work because I just stopped working and did other things. My feeling is if this doesnt work there are other jobs out there.
    I just dont want to hit that extra space if I dont get paid for it, ya know. No message.
    If I cant make QA, dont give me work. Dont dock
    I didnt get the packet, do we have to take their insurance if we dont need it. I dont want it. Wish
    I would have gotten the stupid thing to read.
    You obviously have the wrong company. If they dont IM you, then you dont have it on..
    I smell management. Nothing you said makes sense unless there is another Focus out there.
    Sorry if I dont like gutter humor. Also dont like
    I honestly don't think most people care
    Most health care providers don't care who is typing it as long as they can get it cheap. I don't think most people care either as long as it doesn't impact them in a financial sense.

    So let's say you get all the ICs to download the hospital's platform. Fine. Now who is going to QA their work? Who is going to manage the work flow and the staffing so work is done consistently and on time? Hospitals don't want to deal with that. They want the MTSOs to handle it and do it for as cheap as possible.
    they have a couple of people in the office that couldn't tell if you -
    it was day or night or their hand from a foot - real idiots - yet, if you work there, they will be supervising you. Best of luck.
    Ad here in Feb. for coders and supes only. Office people said not to be very
    People in the office then were not computer savvy and there were
    I find it extremely odd how people from the same office seem to have such different stories. How do
    you explain that. I hear many people complaining about work at MQ and Buffalo and having many different accounts so I do think you are damage control. Sorry.
    I'd hate to work in an office with you people. Classic example of why I like ..sm
    working at home by myself. Kids in school, hubby at work, and most of all no hen fights in the office. I don't peruse these boards often, but when I do it never ceases to amaze me that some have so much time on their hands to bicker here.
    Oh, Transtech wouldn't be able to bring all those people into the office

    IF they weren't paying us MT's one-half or more for doing ASR work.  It's P:USH, PUSH, PUSH to do ASR. 

    Why do you think they want so much ASR -- money in their pockets -- definitely not in the MT's pockets.

    We had a ton of people in our office quit because of the low line count on DQS when switched from
    another DOS platform to DQS. Same account, same doctors LESS lines.
    My husband and his brother have a business with a small office that has 12 people in it.
    I do the books for them. The electric bill is over $4000 every month. The lease is $5200. The phones are $3200. The list goes on and on with overhead, not including payroll, totally over $20,000 per month.

    I respect that the company I work for has overhead and am grateful that THEY have to deal with it, not me. Otherwise, I would have started on my own.
    People at TT have been paid! People who haven't well, maybe you did not make count and your check
    after insurance deduction. Maybe your bank is holding it. Maybe anything! But we GOT PAID. This is NO LIE. And I am sick of this board. Nothing but disgruntled exemployees arguing with employees who like their job. Ugggg. I am working. BTW: THERE IS WORK (clears throat) remember that? Work?
    Keystrokes is wonderful!! They are the nicest people and care 150% about their people!!
    Excellent company!!!!
    I worked for SS and some people were very RUDE and I am talking about the editing people in some
    instances.  It ALL depends on the person, as it does with any company.  They paid on time and the lady over me was very nice, but boy the person in QA was mean to EVERYONE!!  Never seen anything like it before.
    Are people trying to scare people or just tell them what is happening. I am not scared just seeing
    that things are changing very rapidly and not for the better for me. If I have no work and need multiple accounts everyone else is in the same boat now arent they that have my accounts. That is how people know what is going on.
    Maybe due to the people that manage Amherst. I think MQ would be a lot better off finding new people
    up there with all the problems you hear about that office. Seems like something is very very wrong there.
    I doubt it. There are more happy people than unhappy people sm
    at Medquist. I've checked out other companies but I liked MQ the best (I kept working at MQ while testing other companies).
    SO right! People who get paid to bring people on-board -sm
    to these companies (few, if any, are 100% honest, it seems), are going to be honest and tell you anything that isn't rosy and sugar-coated. Having a good prospective MT walk because the company isn't so great means less green dollars in their bank account every month. They're not going to tell us anything that DOESN'T make them more money.
    More people will come into VR because the qualifcations to do MT are not the same. Lots of people w
    to work at home. It's all relative to what you are used to. The nationals are counting on this. I think MTs will work cheaper rather than reenter the work force with no other skills than MT. The nationals are counting on this.
    They named people's names. That is not right. People just sm

    need to keep from naming names.  I thought it was an informative bit of information, but when you name names, then posts are way out of line. 

    I would really like to see a truly professional way of talking about a company.  I don't care what board you go to, somehow people just do not want to play nice when it comes to talking about people.  If those people could learn to be a little more professional and stop posting names to their wrath or anger, then that will be the day I can say I am proud to be in this profession.  When I see those types of things, it makes my skin crawl.  If it were me being talked about, I would be livid.  I certainly understand why the posts were deleted. 

    Thank you for saying that. Most people here just love to trash people.
    It is against board rules though.
    Heartland - we take care of our people people
    I meant in quotation marks, not parentheses.
    For people at MDI-MD that say they are out of work, I see they are hiring now. Are people still
    running out of work or did they get more accounts.  I am interested in this company.
    You dont have to tell me..

    I see it quite clearly.  Some of that stuff is just plain crap, and it takes longer to change every other word or heading, etc. than to just type it yourself.  Trust me, I know the game they are running.  I am just trying to prevent others from going through the same thing a lot of us are going through right now.  All of this could have been avoided by just having a little more consideration towards their MTs.  There is ABSOLUTELY no reason why we should have had to work for 12 days and not know what we were making--NO REASON.  I think this really shows just how much they really DON'T care about us as MTs, and that makes me both sad  and angry .


    I dont know why
    WHY what did your lawyer think?
    dont do it
    there are jobs out there that are more dependable.  Dont go there.  Not right now.  Honestly, the system is new and there have been many new changes implemented.  They are still in the process of making changes and it is a mess.  The system has so many bugs in it that it is constantly going down and screwing up.  There are times that it is down for hours and hours.  You cannot depend on getting your line count in.  Also, there is lack of work on many, many accounts way too often.  They are going to editing and you will only get paid about 4 cpl.  It is a mess.  Please look somewhere else.
    Dont do it. Dont take the job. You will

    really regret it.  I was laid off from my hospital job and went to work for a national and it has been the absolute worst experience.  My income has gone down so much that I leave the answering machine on now because the bill collectors are calling me every day.  The security of knowing that you are paid by the hour no matter what makes all of the difference in the world.  When the national has platform problems, computer problems, no work (which happens frequently), etc. you are NOT PAID.  You just have to sit and wait until THEY fix it.  The benefits are nothing like you get working in house and they are so expensive.  I just really think you should consider all of these factors and understand that it is very different from working for a hospital.

    At least it has been for me, they dont TELL you to sit and
    and I dont if I dont want to. If I have otherthings to do, I do them. Places to go, I go. As FT though, I do make up the hours or use PTO (which I hate doing) and really more now since my company took any PTO over 40 hours we had not used as of 12/31.
    I dont know but it

    is a paid ad, so they have to still be in business. They can't be too hard to find on Google or they would damage their business dealings. Sorry, I just saw the banner and knew people were questioning their existence.


    I just dont do it
    I personally do not accept a job that pays low. I can understand if you need the job yesterday; but with forethought and planning, a seasoned Transcriptionist should NOT work for peanuts EVER! I try not to accept less than 10 cpl, period; 9 cpl is really easy account as a subcontractor of course.
    DONT DO IT! nm
    DON'T DO IT...they ARE the same company as in the Phillipines operated by a very nasty CEO that will NOT pay you.  She has been sued so many times for non payment.  Not good people to work for.
    YES they are the same company in Tennessee and the Phillipines.  I use to work in both offices...trust me...DONT DO IT...very nasty owner, short fuse and will NOT pay you!
    Dont ask, dont tell. nm
    please dont tell me ...sm
    They use it on rad accounts. I hope it's Lanier.
    DONT DO IT! nm
    I dont know about everyone else, but my PC
    In the last coupla weeks, it's slowed down about 50%.