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Why is it hard to produce quality work?

Posted By: Tired of excuses on 2009-01-05
In Reply to: Hard to do, when the per-line pay is so low. Give us - a better wage, & you'll see better work.

You are either good at your job or not. If not, then find another line of work. If you don't think you are paid enough to take the time to produce quality work, then find another company to work for.

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Agree, lines are hard to get. I also think the sound quality doesnt help things. nm
I experienced the no-reply thing AND the sound quality for me was crap. Had to redo my whole hard
18 PTO. ha ha ha ha ha ha and you think you can produce

Do they happen to talk about how lines are attained NOW?

Remember we are into an area of counting lines we haven't been in before...EDITING.

They have us totally in a fog.  And you think we can even keep up with what they are doing, much less double check them?

MQ will never offer anything that will do anything but make you carry all the risk and they will make all the profit.  And when you drop by the wayside because you are broke, they will kick you to the curb and hire another body to EDIT.  Whatever that heck that is supposed to be in their world.

Quality and quantity of work is always there
with the exception of the first couple of hours after a holiday. Pay is like clock work. Never late. Direct deposit. Still on my 90 days probation with them and got production bonus already. Highly recommend. Very nice people, great communication, easy platform to learn.
NO, NO - if your work is whatever % quality - can't remember the %
Your work stands for your quality. If your
work is fine, you have nothing to worry about. If your work is below 98, you have something to worry about. You cannot score below 98% because of commas. Sounds like you are in a bit of denial. Your work is your proof. If QA is out to get you, then your errors are not errors, and that is all the proof you need. Only major critical errors bring scores down that low. You might be under the eye of QA, but I doubt its a vendetta. QA's job is to assure quality. Don't take it personally, take it professionally and aim to improve - for the patient's sake.
I did, but it has been awhile. The quality of the work was

horrendous and it would have been easier to retype reports than to correct them.  The MTs kept making the same mistakes over and over again.  They also had some accounts that ESL didn't come close to describing them.  I am very good with ESL and routinely transcribe 85-90% ESLs, but these were some of the worst I've every come across, plus the sound quality was pitiful. 

If you open your original post and towards the bottom click on related posts you'll find lots of info about SS as a company, that would be enough to help you decide if you want to work there at all.


Sound quality and now, no work
I just love it when I get up early to work my required sch'd hours and see 0 reports on all my accounts. The DQS system had horrible sound quality even when I worked at MedQuist, so I don't believe it's much to do with any given company but more due to the platform of choice.
I know that when my company has MTs who produce
poor quality work that they usually don't get much work or told that work is slow.  They do this instead of firing the MTs in most cases.   I have seen the work of the MTs who say what good quality work they produce, but it is horrible, not even spellchecked.   I know this may not be the case in every situation though.  I see people who also work for my company (not TT) complaining about lack of work or not enough work, but I have always had all I could handle and there was always more if I wanted it.    My MTSO says it is very hard to balance the work.  If she hires more MTs when work is plentiful, then when it gets slow she either has to spread it thin all around or someone has to go without.   If she doesn't hire when there is extra work then we get out of TAT and we are asked to work more in order to stay in TAT.   I personally wouldn't want to have to deal with those issues because it is a no win situation. 
Yes, experience does not always equal quality work!
Yep, all the work is in India now. I bet the quality is great! sm
They'll get theirs in the end. They should be ashamed of themselves. What a crappy way to tell us too. The supervisors didn't even have the balls to tell us, they made HR do it. We should file a lawsuit.
When the quality/quantity of work digresses
then the company should get rid of the Editor - they should hire them on probationary terms to begin with if this has been a problem in the past.   I stupidly agreed to 3 cpl and another time 4 cpl and could work a straight 8 hour shift and be lucky to do 300 lines.  The quality of the dictation/work/system was so poor.  I'm sure we have all had experiences good and bad.
The quality of the Indian work is so poor, sm
that the company will eventually lose the accounts, thereby the US MTs lose even more work!!

As soon as a company offshores, it creates its own doom. (A chink in the armor, so to speak.) It will eventually come back and bite the company where it hurts--unfortunately, it's the US MTs who get hurt the most.

Offshoring is putting US MTs out of work, plain and simple.

When you've been around this business a little longer, you'll understand.

if your take home is $6.50/hour and your doing quality MT work...sm
sweetness, it's time for you to find another profession. You can go flip burgers with bennies for that pay. This is an example of why our pay scale is so low. There are those MTs who are willing to work for peanuts. One should never make this low wage in this profession. You must either have to do a lot of researching because you lack medical terminology knowledge, or the company you are working for is putting the screws to you. I truly feel sorry that you find are willing to do this. Good luck to you.
I work for DSG now and the sound quality is just fine sm
now that they are not doing MQ subcontracting.

However, I'm wondering why they are hiring. Of course all companies want their reports back in the right TAT but why do they always have to over hire? I am sure they want weekend and night coverage. That's a problem I think with any company. Even at MQ we are being asked to change our working hours to afternoon, evenings and weekends.
And if you produce an odd # of lines do they cheat
you out of that 0.5 cents or do they round it up and give you a bonus of 0.5 cents?
I produce around 1000 lines per day...
I have seen my production increase quite a lot in the last four months. When I first started I could only get about 500 lines a day...so I get a little more every day. :-)
Does anyone know of a company that is looking for an IC to produce at least 500 lines/day . . . sm
and I can work on my OWN SCHEDULE, just as long as it's back in 24 hours, and who pays at least 8cents/line per 65-characters with spaces??? I keep applying to places that seem to fit this, but then they want me to work certain hours, that's not what being an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR entails. Thanks you guys!
They offshore, sound quality not great, quality
of work coming back from India is bad and they don't pay enough for editing it. 
you spelled quality qualitily maybe that is why you have quality issues.
Sorry, but even spell check misses stuff. You have to at least be able to spell to do this job. Well, you don't have to know English if you are Indian, but us Americans have to spell!
Can anyone comment on the sound quality and JLG and work availability? nm
DRC if you're capable of high quality work.
DRC (Digital Records Corp.) is a top-of-the line company to work for, if you are capable of doing top-of-the-line work. 
Thank you Jennifer - in turn - I think you get better quality work - less blanks! nm
Does anyone have actual experience in the quality of off-shore work?
A physical therapist in my area said they kept a file of the funniest errors they received from the off-shore work. I do believe that most of the hospital staff that get the work back care diddly-squat about quality -- it's probably not read, only filed.
I am sure they work extremely hard, lol.
They are used to that from setting up their dirt houses and what not. They are used to working hard trying to fight for food scraps.
Employees that work hard
I am sure that this may be the case in some instances, but to lump sum all MTs/editors/employees is not fair and accurate.  I am a very hard working employee.  I work 7 days/nights/weekends every week.  I work and volunteer for ALL holidays even when not scheduled and I worked WHENEVER I was asked to work extra to cover for vacations or sickness.  I have not complained, I have always been SO thankful to have my job.  What did that result in?  Well, let me tell you.  I am now one of the Heartland Information Services laid off employees!!!!  It did not matter in the end how many hours/days/nights/weekends/holidays that I worked, I am no longer employed by the company I had planned to retire from!!  My loyality was betrayed and I am just supposed to keep going on and being loyal again?  Think about that one!  Respect and loyalty is a two way street.  Treat the employees how they want to be treated and you will be treated with respect and loyalty as well.  It cannot be low pay, minimal benefits and lay offs at a drop of a hat and in return expect absolute loyalty from employees.  We have to work together in the end. 
M-TEC and Andrews produce MTs that are the cream of the crop.
M-TEC's course usually takes anywhere from 9-18 months to complete. I'm not sure about Andrews.

I have hired MTs from both those schools as well as other lesser-known schools, and the M-TEC and Andrews grads are the only ones that were worth keeping onboard.

Andrew graduates produce like pros.
I wonder what the quality of the work is like adding all those people to accounts. I agree. They
will lose accounts this way and MTs will move on. No one is going to sit around and make no money and then have QA breathing down your neck when you are thrown into all these accounts. So no one listens in New York. What is the problem with them.
Is it hard to get lines at Precyse? Does work run
I work very hard, usually 7 days a week.
I work any hours needed. What is my reward? I get stuck on the garbage accounts, the ones who bellyache get the easy accounts and get put on steady accounts. I think I have learned 8 new accounts in the last 2 months, and none of them were decent accounts. My line count is good, but would be wonderful if I ever had an account I could get used to. These companies beat you up and then throw you to the dogs.

The scum that plays kiss-$$$ get paid more, take off when they want, and get choice of days off, holidays, so they can be with their ill-behaved brats whenever they want to be.

Don't tell me about ethics, tell the MTSOs they need to improve their ethics and then then they could have decent employees.
TT is a great place to work for. It is not that hard to
reach and maintain a decent line count. Incentives are fair and not to hard to reach. ExText is the best platform, at least in my 18 year experience. Great people, tons of work and the ESL percentage is about 20-25%.
I make that much $ too but i work very hard. Its possible, not easy.
Because you keep thinking things will get better with hard work, not always.
You'll work twice as hard to get half as much, it seems
Hard to get work, but feedback really great.
Wish there was so much work I could be off DQA in time, and pay the bills, it would be so wonderful! How are you doing.. Hope you are hanging in! :)
when you say "for those that work hard," what precisely do you mean? sm
Please elaborate. I'm assuming at the very least, 8 hrs/d, or more like 10 hr/d? 12 days? ??!! Ridiculous.
Or perhaps, 72 hrs/pp?
NO~thing has changed since this past
Inline Attachment i.e. Please Sir. May I please have more work. LMAOOO. Nice post crazyMT. STILL, to this very day, gives me chuckles. The only constant in this business..||\

Anyone? Seen her? My good buddy, Xanax? javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
btw: does/do the spelling police frequent this Community???
Peace. Thanks All You Very Hard-working MTs et al. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
To be honest I would not like my health insurance riding on MQ with having to produce this and that
as they do have a nack of running people out of works and onto multiple accounts. I feel much safer carrying my own health insurance as an SE and not having to worry about MQ coming up with some other quirk in the future and you have to scramble for health insurance.
I guess it does not matter how nice someone is, if you can't produce due to disorganization, huh?

I am just really nervous.  The company I have been with for over a year does not offer benefits and it is really scary to go switching jobs for benefits.  I do have a family and need benefits.  But I would rather be certain in my accounts and my company that I am work then to take a huge leap of faith, get a job where you cannot meet production due to whatever reasons and then be out of money, job, etc.  This is a scary field to switch jobs in.  Thanks for all info!  I appreciate it!  You may have just saved me from making a huge mistake. 

Anybody know about the quality of the work CBay out of Annapolis puts out with their totally Indian
based company. Just curious who does the proofing for them.
I find it very hard to believe that all work types are on a 1-hour TAT(sm)
Are you talking about stats or everything?  Do you have this 1-hour TAT in writing?  I've never even heard of hospitals being on that tight a TAT.
Life is about choices. Nobody forces her to work so hard and
put in so many hours that she's hiring people and ignoring them.  I don't agree with that, no matter what the excuse is.  We're all busy people.  We all have lives.  That doesn't mean you have the right to mess with people's income and careers.  Employees or ICs aren't just disposable commodities that you toss aside on a whim.  It's called RESPECT for your fellow humans.
When there is a lot of work, do you find it hard to make 1100?
cause I sure do.
lol You'll be hard pressed to find work with
Not a good company. Their pay is low and software hard to work with sm
although now they say DocQScribe which means they have picked up MQ accounts like other companies.  I would stay away. 
If the off-shores produce "client-ready reports" why do you need THREE tiers of QA? nm
True. bottom line - our job is to produce accurate, legal - sm
medical documents in the ENGLISH language. No one is ever quite as proficient in a second language as they are their native one. We spend our whole lives continuing to learn the nuances of our own language. If my medical record affects my care, or a possible court case, and ESPECIALLY my ability to receive & retain health insurance, you better believe I want it typed by a person for whom English is their #1 language, and by someone who is paid enough to actually care about the quality of the job they are doing.
Let's see...lousy sound quality, dictators with no skill, unavailable QA, running out of work.nm
Why is pay rate confidential? It is YOUR money that YOU made with YOUR hard work. You should be
Very nice but hard to get line count due to lack of work...nm
Just marry a guy who has a great income, that was my solution, who wants to work that hard!!