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Yes, I am talking about the fact that our accounts are being transferred to the NE Region. Are you

Posted By: MT on 2005-07-28
In Reply to: Warminster - *

not aware of that. It is happening on Monday morning.

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Not yet but our office is being transferred there I think with out accounts. Doesnt sound good. Why
did you transfer from Foxboro. I wont stay there if they take me off my accounts. How is the quality with putting people on all these accounts. It is my understanding all the NE offices will be working out of Amherst fairly soon. What a fiasco that sounds like it will be. How long do you think this will last until all the good MTs move on if that office contines to do that.
Dont count on it. We got transferred to Amherst and all of a sudden tons of backups on the accounts
and no work.
what I am talking about is the fact sm
that I have had a couple different experiences. I was hired by a company, sent in all my paper work, but they never got me started. They have access to all my banking information because I sent it to them for direct deposit but never got going. It all just makes me nervous to know there are couple companies that I was suppose to start with and through no fault of my own, something happened and it didn't happen. I just don't like to have all that info floating around out there.

I guess though it wouldn't be any different if you started with a job or you didn't actually start with the job. Same information floating around out there.
what I am talking about is the fact sm
that I have had a couple different experiences. I was hired by a company, sent in all my paper work, but they never got me started. They have access to all my banking information because I sent it to them for direct deposit but never got going. It all just makes me nervous to know there are couple companies that I was suppose to start with and through no fault of my own, something happened and it didn't happen. I just don't like to have all that info floating around out there.

I guess though it wouldn't be any different if you started with a job or you didn't actually start with the job. Same information floating around out there.
Yes, you left out the fact that you don't know what you're talking about. sm
Keystrokes pays unemployment in every state that we have employees in (38 at this point).

Supply reference books? Supply fax machine? Yes. If someone cannot get something that will help them, the owner of Keystrokes always helps out.

My husband is a tradesman. He is an employee and is union. He has had to pay for his own tools, his own vehicle to and from work, his own clothes that are destroyed constantly, his own gas. Why should transcription be any different?

I have worked for Keystrokes for 5 years. I transcribe when needed, as many as 15,000 lines per pay period. I have had slow periods like everyone else.

Yes, I get paid a salary I earn in. If you want to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, filling in when transcriptionists call in or don't start their shift on time, giving up hot meals and nights out because a Transcriptionist cannot work their shift, then become management.

I have heard every excuse in the book. I have proofed work from experienced transcriptionists that look like a novice transcribed it. I have worked schedules around everyone's personal lives.

Think management is all fun and games? Think again. I make a good dollar because I earn it.
Yes. The other thing that is upsetting is the fact we are QA'd on all these accounts we as you sa
flip around on a report in one and a report in another and are monitored for blanks yet besides. I think this is totally unreasonable to expect this of a person. Odd but I think whoever thought all this up must not be looking at the whole picture for sure and not to mention if you dont do the ASR you get the other dictators which I find to be more difficult. So what can you say.
Exactly! Talking about 1 or 2 accounts. Most have way more DI info.
I don't understand why everyone keeps talking about the "nasty" VA accounts.
I personally LOVE the VA accounts, but if you don't like them, all you have to do is express your dislikes about the account and they will give you something else. They are pretty flexible.
You obviously haven't a clue what you are talking about. TT has NOT lost any accounts. TT is NO
having financial troubles. Dictaphone does NOT control the money or the accounts. I would strongly suggest you refrain from posting that erroneous information here or face the consequences.
I just transferred SH files there
I just started there this week and was able to transfer my old SH files from my last job into their SH, no problem.

If you work on the RadNet program and dial in with the VPN dialer, your email is disabled until you get off the VPN.  I have to call people with any questions instead of emailing them as long as I'm on that VPN.
I don't know that it can be transferred to Word SM
auto-correct. You can, however, transfer your user file over to a 3rd party Expander like ShortHand (which is what I use) and, I believe, also Instant Text.

You can download a 30-day free trial of SH. The tech people at SH were able to help me with transferring my expansions over to SH. Well worth the money IMO.

I know what you mean about not wanting to start from scratch.
Can the MQ glossary be transferred to the platforms
Can MQs expander be transferred to Diskriter,
No C-phone - wav files transferred from an FTP site. nm

Depends on the region I think
Former co-workers of mine still work for SPi and I'm not hearing really bad stories yet. I find myself wondering about the variety of experiences I'm hearing, wondering if it's due to the regional managers or what.

If you don't have a lot to risk, it might be worth a shot, but I'd have a backup plan in case they make you crazy.
Transcenders what region
You girls with no work, what regions do you work in?  I work on 2 different platforms, BeyondTxt being one and in both my regions work is plentiful.  I have 5 backup accounts in case things slow down but they haven't on my primary and they are always asking for help on my secondaries.  Not saying you aren't telling the truth, just wondering what region it is.  Do you do more than one worktype?  I know where are some girls in my region who only will do one worktype and won't try anything else.  That makes for a smaller paycheck, I'm thinking.  Just curious so don't flame me.
Can you tell me about the Amherst office as I just got transferred there and alrady seeing my work
disappear. Where does it go.
never heard of the Mountain Region....
maybe the Denver region? If that's it, I have no experience with them.
Pronounciation depends on what region
of the country you are in a lot of the time. I am from the south. Our doctors pronounce syncope as syn-co-pe - Up north they say syn-cope. Just 1 example.
Any info on MD-IT Dallas Region?

North region here and tons of work....nm
Any Warminster MTs have any thoughts on the email about getting switched to the NE region. Just
wonder what you think about the whole thing.
Need opinions. I am part of the Northeast region of MQ or New York and we have been told that they

want to keep all the accounts so I assume that means all the NE Region within one hour of being out of work and out of work every night or caught up. Now I ask you where does this leave the MTs. I am speaking of acute care accounts with TAT of 12, 24 and 48 hours. Our offifce accounts are already complaining of poor quality work coming back to them because of just everyone being thrown into them to get the work done so I guess to accomplish this ridiculous obssessive 1 hour complete work situtation they will lose accounts and quite obviously MTs as running that close to complete in my option will run us continuously out of work into backups and of course then we are watched for how much of our work goes to QA etc. Does this seem like a no win situation. ASR has picked over all the accounts already also on DQS. I can see looking around very soon depending on how this situation plays out. Is this idea crazy or is it normal.



Anyone else finding their work drying up in the NE region. Are you sticking around or moving out. I
am not sure what to do yet.
This is a fact and you might as well accept it for what it is -- FACT !
It would be a sevice that uses ExText, such as Keystrokes, and I don't know who else uses it.  I would think that Keystrokes is as big or bigger than TT now, however, wouldn't you?
The Warminster office is now part of the NE Region. Unsure if Warminster will be
staying open. All the accounts have been switched to Amherst, NY. Hard to know who to deal with since the office manager has not been replaced so not the best.
How does MD-IT work...do you work for the region in which you live?
If I live in the MidWest Region do I work for the Midwest Office in Mpls/St. Paul? Seems like the benefits are great. Anyone currently work for MD-IT and could tell me a bit about the company! Appreciate it!
Not talking about lines. Talking about what you actually
Are they losing accounts. Do most of their accounts stay for long period of time. I have
heard pros and cons about the quality of their work.  I guess it is much cheaper than other companies can offer.
Because the girls that monitor the accounts in the office were told the accounts either go on DQS or
move on. All accounts to be with MQ must be on DQS and no more different platforms. ONE ONLY DQS. They can send more work overseas then.
MDI-FL but not all accounts. Only the internet-based ones. C-phone accounts are fine.

So, yes, let me clarify before everyone gets in an uproar.. There is work IF you want to use a C-phone. IF you signed up for an account that is internet-based, you will be disappointed. Not enough work to go around. Just my personal preference.. I have no desire to do a dial-up C-phone account using my long distance.

Some do and have good accounts and fully loaded ESL accounts
Take a look at what is happening in India. For the first time, workers there have money to get themselves into debt by buying high priced items (cars for example). They now protest lower castes being allowed into universities at almost double the previous allowance. Wait until they are highly in debt, begin to feel entitled to a wage equal to that paid inthe US and then, try to form unions, get tossed out into the street and sit back with some Ben and Jerry ice cream and watch the economy collapse and all that dictation come back across the ocean. Timing is everything.
Find out which accounts they are hiring for. They have some ESL accounts that are extremely
difficult to do.  I dont know how many accounts they have altogether but as I say, a few are very difficult and I actually dont have a problem with ESLs but these accounts are almost totally ESL.  I dont do them anymore.
Well it sounds like no work happens a lot at DSG. How are the accounts as far as decent accounts
and their QA. 
Very serious in fact.

They are advertising a nationwide position and then selectively weeding out geographical areas.  They need full disclosure or maybe they need a big fat lawsuit.  Either way, I'm not kidding.

I know for a fact that MQ wants my SM
hospital's transcription (I'm a hospital employee), but they won't take overflow only.  They want it ALL and won't take the account unless they get rid of the hospital employees.
I know it can be done - but not at MDI-MD. This I know for a fact.
it can be just because of the fact sm
that the work has to be done. BUT, it only turns into that if you let it.

What I have found after working for years and years as an IC that if you are an employee who puts out a high quality finished product and do your best that the companies (maybe not all of them) will usually go out of their way to make you happy.

There was a time when MQ before it was MQ and still Transcriptions Limited was such a company. This all makes me so sad that this company has been allowed to be destroyed like it has. I know there are folks who are still happy with it and I am glad, but for the ones who are not and especially those of us who were around for years and saw the other side of the company, it is very sad.

As far as IC status, its kind of a trade off really. You are giving up benefits etc to be able to be an IC and not have to have set hours. But you have to work those hours out for yourself. If you have to be an employee because of benefits then the trade off is not having much flexibility. Either way though you do have control in how you let folks treat you.
Well, I know for a fact that..........
they offshore A LOT of the work because I used to work for them for 2 years, and was always running out of work for a huge, huge account which they lost? More like they gave it to those overseas to do totally. When I did work for them, you could tell that most of that account was being typed overseas because when you had to access a former document in the Chartnet on a particular patient, it would bring it up, and actually seemed to be typed like the person did not know anything about English, let alone medical terminology which was atrocious!!

I have since moved on because I actually need to work!!
No I just know for a fact that
TTS treats their employees very poorly, does not pay on time, if ever. Will warn anyone I can to stay away from there. Not trying to jab at anyone, just trying to protect someone else from falling into that. Take a look at all the posts on this board, we can't all be wrong can we?
No it isn't; its fact
Some of us have no problem with facts.
I know for a fact that this happens...
one of the MTs I know who also does QA said she sees this all the time, that some QA people will just take out words or put in words to send the report through...so it does happen and I am sure this isn't the only company that this happens with.
what's a fact? nm
fact is
Management can't let you know anything because they don't know themselves yet. They have to have work to survive first for themselves and then will give out the work to those who are still waiting for it. It you quit, you quit, just more work for them and when it picks back up they'll hire more if need be. What don't you get, happens with every company. They'll throw you a job here and there to keep you hoping and it's up to you to stay or go.
I believe it's also due to the fact that
some people (a lot of them on this board) will look for any reason to badmouth and complain. I don't come here often for that reason either. It gets really old and discouraging to see nothing but negativity and bashing each time I come here.
I am in fact an MT. Do you not know
what benefits your company offers? 
This is very true. I know this for a fact.
They change that divisor however they want. It's true. I know it for a fact. I hope to see them go under!
Fact or fiction?

Fact:  It was posted on this forum that Karen, the ex-HR person, was let go on terms that were less than good.

Fact:  It was posted on this forum that Karen, the ex-HR person, in fact stole HR files of new hires/possible new hires when she was let go.  This was the reason/excuse why so many MTs who applied at KS during this time period were never contacted about their possible hiring/training.

Fact: I know this is fact because it happend to me while I was in the process of trying to "get hired."

Fact:  In the last 3 years, there have been 2 pay decreases across the board at KS.  This is also posted in the archives on this forum. 

Fact:  Last summer when the second pay decrease was implemented, it was brought out that there had been a first pay decrease before and Lee and other management people posted on this forum that this was not true.  Well, we know that was a lie as the archives tell different.

Fact:  We know that many, many people cannot get past the initial interview and actually work for KS because no one contacts them.  This is also posted on this forum again and again.

Fact:  We know that any time some MT tries to post an honest response about their unfortunate experience with KS, all KS management including the owner get on here and call the MTs liars and bash them, blaming them for being a bad MT.

What other facts should I get straight?

Fact or fiction?

Only thing you left out is the FACT that this entire thread will probably be deleted after your last stated fact has taken place.

Thank you!!!
Fact or fiction? Please sm
I have to add one thing. You can all take it or leave it at your own discretion. It is true, as Lee knows, and as does the moderator of this board.

Lee personally handed over my personal home phone number....yes.....complete, total lack of confidentiality in its utmost form as I know it to be......to the moderator of this board.

You may call it what you like. Perhaps they felt it was for the "good" or in my "best interest". The FACT remains that this was an unlawful, immoral, and blatantly disrespectful act on Lee's part. If Lee was so concerned, she should have called me herself rather than handing over my personal info to someone else.

Disagree if you will. I have no problems with disagreeing. I do, however, have a problem with anyone who hands over my information so quickly and willingly when she is by law instructed not to do so.

I rest my case. And, I'm sure this will be deleted, also. Sigh.......at least I finally got it out of my system!