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You are still wrong, I'm sorry; that manual is from 2005 sm

Posted By: WebHead on 2009-02-09
In Reply to: It is true - I looked at my manual - not looking good

All the managers sent out information saying it was at their discretion. Instead of posting here, why don't you just ask your manager if it is true?

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WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! We turn down work because so many hospitals are sm
calling wanting a company that keeps work in the USA. The trend was stronger a few years ago before it all came to light about poor quality, the woman in Pakistan who threatened to post medical records on the web, 911, etc. There are hospitals who look for US-only and they are the MAJORITY not the minority. Definitely seeing the tide turn on offshore from an MTSO perspective, both MTs and customers!!!!!
Why don't you ask for a VR manual &
Learn something new every day!
Great manual! One should never say never, about anything......nm
Great manual! ......nm
What does manual typewriters have to do
I was 15 on a manual in high school....sm

And that was in 1964 - learned to type real well in that class on a manual......but I began MT'g with tapes and privately I still pick up tapes from 4 surgeons twice weekly, but I transcribe those tapes on the computer *lol*....

Good thing about the web is that most of us now find all we need to know today online and rarely reference our books anymore......I like that!!  Saves some time....time is money!! 

No, it is a manual time sheet (sm)

Bonus is paid on total for pay period, not hourly bonus. I never put potty breaks on it, just my lunch break, cause that's longer.

Found Answer in the Manual
Should've looked there first, but love the forum here.

I hope I live to see the day that our industry turns completely back to the way it should be - without somebody else making money off of our skills, training, and experience.
Keystrokes manual says 32-1/2 for "adjusted FT" (sm)
which looks like it qualifies for insurance. I think in acutal practice they go by the lines, though, as we don't clock in. It looks like that level is 10,000 lines per period and full time 15,000 (which is odd, I was told 12,000. I may need to ask about that!)
It is true - I looked at my manual

Manual states PTO hours are to be used for vacation, illness, family or personal matters, periods of low work volume and computer downtime.  Employees are required to use these PTO hours to ensure a good personal balance between leisure-time, periods of low work volume, and those unexpected absences that affect everyone from time to time.

So yeah, they DO expect us to take PTO for OOW, per the manual.

In the manual it says we're expected
Its not a matter of can we use it, its we must use it.  The company expects and demands it, which I think its utterly unfair since they deliberately overhire.  They won't let us have the option of taking it unpaid - my supervisor recently reminded us of that.  Therefore, if you have a vacation scheduled for next month, and you can't get your time in this month, kiss your vacation plans goodbye - you just spent your vacation chained to your desk hoping for work!
Webmedx's new policy manual?


Is there an ExText manual available online?
No, I was referring to the Webmedx Policy Manual. sm
Check the back where it lists privacy rules regarding the platform. I think what you posted crossed the line. Just a tip. You know, the bosses read these boards, too.
I have been with MDI-MD since the end of 2005 - and I
totally agree with the comments by anon. I enjoy working for them. Fantastic, caring people to work for. Communication is excellent and far above what I have experienced in the past. Replies are practically instantaneous via email with any questions, problems, etc., you might have to the liaison of your account - same with telephone help via technical support. Have normal slow-downs in work over the Holidays, but I'm kept extremely busy on a daily basis on the account that I'm on - usually doing more than my commitment, though not required to do so. Should there ever be a lack of work on my account and I wanted an additional account, all I would need to do is ask. Please note -- I am on ONE ACCOUNT -- not 5, 10, or more !! Since being hired, I can honestly say that I now love being a medical Transcriptionist again - something I had lost during my prior 12 years with another company :o)
MDI-FL Any 2005 MDI-FL MTs still around who can

Transcend took over MDI-FL in January of 2005.  Is there anyone who transferred to Transcend from MDI-FL in 2005 that is still working for Transcend or can remember back then, and could shed some light on how the transition went and answer some of the questions like:

1.  Did your cpl change?  Higher?  Lower?

2.  Did you have to go to a set schedule?

3.  Did you get to stay on the same accounts that you had at MDI-FL?

Any other information you could share would sure be great.

Thank you. 

Dictaphone C-phone model 0422 manual sm
Does anyone have this user's guide/manual in pdf format they are willing to share?  I went to the Nuance site, but I just do not have the Moolah to buy a manual right now as I am just starting a new job after being without a job for 4 months.  Thanks
They last had an ad here in 2005 for 8 cpl. No other info. nm
still only get posts from 2005

I must be mentally insufficient to utilize these new-fangled gizmos.


Their last ad here was from 2005. They may have folded or
Sorry. It has to be me. I did exactly what you said and all it has is 2004 and 2005.
Thanks anyway.  Maybe someone will still enlighten me, but obviously it is not looking too positive so I probably won't waste my time with them.
Worked for an MT service that had a mistake on the cover of Employee Manual (sm)
That is bad. 
you fill out a manual report and email to payroll at end of pay period.
Pick a relatively short report and do a manual count of characters

including spaces if your company counts them.  Then divide the total by 65 or whatever your lines are defined as. If there is a discrepancy between your manual count and their systematic count, you have a problem. 

I did this recenty on ExText and find I am getting shorted about 1-2 lines per report. 

Don't know, but the posts from 2005 about them are quite negative. nm
In 2005, starting pay was 6 cpl for experience. Don't
I cannot answer for February of 2005.

I was not employed there then.  I have been there a little over 2 years.  I can say when I started at Axolotl there were maybe 10 to 15 acute care MTs.  We have more than doubled in size since then.  I do know that if we had work outsourced to other companies, we would not have the amount of work to transcribe that is always here.

Axolotl is also an EMR provider and if you go to their website you can read all about that area of their business. 

In my 15 years of being a trancriptionist, I have never found a better company to work for and this is why:

1.  They treat their MTs like they should be treated. 

2.  They compensate MTs the way they should be compensated. 

3.  The platform is great. 

4.  We do not run out of work and they do not overhire. 

5.  They offer great benefits.

6.  Great management and editors.

After reading so many horror stories on this site about some of the nightmares other MTs have gone through with other companies, plus the fact I have had a few myself, I am BLESSED to find such a great company.

Are you kidding and hoping htagt MTing will go back to manual typewriters again?...nm
2005 MW Social Security Statement

Thank you very much for alerting us to this. 

I am ex-MW employee.  I too am going to report MW as my 2005 SS statement was not reported.  I hope they are FULLY investigated.

I am going to call SS in the morning.  Who should I notify in the Department of Labor?

I also did not have my state taxes taken out by MW, but I was required to pay my state taxes as if I were an IC in my state, even though I was an employee in this company. 

I have a note from 2005 saying Emdat software, low pay, &
In 2005, they were offering 8 cpl up to 1400 lines a day. Over that,
I didn't work there way back in 2005, so
I can't comment on your personal experience, but for me in 2008:

1. If you run out of work, you are paid downtime. You can do backup acounts also. Not sure about the written consent but there are a lot of us who work on other accounts.

2. Sample reports: The program allows you to bring up previously typed reports by experienced MTs by doctor, patient, report type, etc., so the MT has endless samples.

3. Supervisor currently, from what I can tell anyhow, has a lot of contact with hosital including informing them of problem dictators and other issues that directly impact the MT's production, etc.

4. I think they changed the insurance to cover out-of-area employees, but don't quote me on that.

Personally I've had a very good experience with the FL account. Nothing is perfect, but I'm very satisfied.
Pay was low back in 2005 unless you worked the entire weekend. nm
Sounds like me, I got it today and I haven't worked there since 2005
No flyer, but in 2005, they were only paying 8 cpl until you hit 1400 lpd. Any mention of
Like I said, this was when I interviewed in 2005. REpeated errors got your pay docked, not
Posts from 2005 said it was a very "unstable" place to work for
I was in Fort Wayne so I dont think we know each other. I stuck it out until 2005, SM
pay went down, down, down.
Comments on this board from 12/2005 said staff was overwhelmed and had no time to help their MTs.
In 2005, it was posted you had to buy their software and they didn't pay for spaces. Haven't s
Anyone have recent info on Cymed in Virginia? Oldest posts are from 09/2005- TIA

QT Medical. Last ad I can find is from May 2005. Recent contact said they haven't hired in over a
In late 2005, they offered 7.4-7.7 for clinic, 8 for hpl, 10 for an entire weekend, 1200 lpd, and
Did search on Futurenet and got mostly 2004 and 2005 stuff. Anybody with newer info? nm
Post from 2005 said you needed a Cphone and you HAD to buy Workman's Comp insurance to work
You are wrong! Here is the ad. I got it too. There are no words spelled wrong and the caps are pa
This is pasted from the bottom of the email blast.

Why are you trying to stir up trouble? Keystrokes does not send ANYTHING offshore.

Here is the email blast from ILHIMA. The KS logo is at the top but does not paste here:

Rapid Turnaround, Guaranteed Accuracy, Measurable Cost Savings, U.S.A. Only, & Personal Service. These are our Five Stars of Excellence Promise. Find out what they can mean for you today. Email Pam.Gingrich@KeystrokesMT.com today!


You are so wrong in your assumption!  Although she is not with us anymore, the records need to be set straight.  Shannon has over 10 years of medical transcription experience and typed on every account we have at MDI.  You may have thought she didn't transcribe but that was because she was too busy typing on other accounts and doing the job she was hired to do which was to manage ALL of the accounts.  So before you begin to drag Shannon into the line of fire, please do your research.  She was hired to do a job which she did very well and she will be sorely missed.

Wrong, just someone who has to SM
work with people like you and is really tired of listening to the persecution complex.  I'll bet you have the same problems with the job you have now, right?
Wrong again
Actually, it's y'all - for you all.

Ya'll is for you will.

The contraction divides the words.
Before you start cutting people down, why don't you do a little bit of research on your own? Flossie is not QA DIRECTOR. BS is QA Director. Flossie is QA MANAGER. There IS a difference. And she's a DAMN GOOD ONE at that!!!!
Wrong !!!
She is out of town.