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great post...and I agree...

Posted By: MtMommy on 2008-10-11
In Reply to: The way I see it sm - My 2 bits plus inflation costs


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I so agree w/you - Great post....but....n/m

we can only lead a horse to water, we cannot make them drink it....if they choose to be intolerant, it's their choice as sick as it seems.  I choose to go through the life as a loving, compassionate person.  Others choose not to go this route.

Yes, racism and neonazism is, unfortunately, alive and well, in the USA and all over the world.  So, if we raise our children with our awareness and our love and compassion, hopefully the future generation (our kids) will Do The Right Thing!! 

I agree -- great post.

I started in a clinic but quickly moved to a large teaching hospital, and the mentorship and listening parties was very valuable.  Another thing that works that I particularly like is to walk away, go have a cookie, then come back.  Sometimes then you can hear what the doc is saying!  At least as bad as ESL are the docs who have a 15-minute report but by the time they're done uhh-ing and ahh-ing and emm-ing through the report you have about 40 lines. 

I have to agree -- great post. Plus, when you take the job, sm

you are told upfront what the benefits are and what the requirements are, so if they are not to your liking, why take the position?   I am quite happy here at TT, and am thrilled at the news about the 401k.  Of course, I've been doing transcription for over 30 years now, so I guess that puts me in the age bracket where thinking about retirement is a little bit higher on my list than maybe someone 20-something, although I wish I had been smart when I was 20 and started putting away.  Oh well .......

Again, great post ... thanks for sharing. 

Great post. ....sm
Very much appreciated after all the negativity.  
Great post!

I post my opinions on companies when people ask, but always try to remind them that that is just my experience, might not be the same for everyone.


Thank you for posting this. It was well said!

Great post!
They should state this upfront- and not wait to be called. This years' winner in a field of ___ contenders, is ___

Great post. nm
Your post is GREAT
I would only add that perhaps new MTs be allowed to mentor with a seasoned MT. I think it would be difficult for them to get in a hospital or clinic setting.
Great post
My biggest complaint is an MTSO that will attempt to obtain cooperation from bad dictators. Too many companies think that they'll lose an account if they ask for cooperation/consideration, but this work should be viewed as a team effort. Offer your clients a better rate for clean dictation. I'd take a slightly lower rate of pay to keep from pulling my hair out over dictators from _ _ _ _. :)
Great post. . . nm
Great post, thanks!!! nm


Great post! (SM)

I've been trying to take a look at the really big picture lately.  I see almost daily tornadoes ripping our country apart.  Wildfires doing the same thing.  God only knows what we have in store regarding hurricanes this summer, too.

In addition to that, we have, on almost a daily basis, reports of someone at a school, business or courtroom killing innocent people.  We have missing children at an alarming rate.  Crane operators and miners are being killed because there's no longer any push for worker safety, and if anyone tries to sue for negligence over the death of a loved one, THEY become the enemy.  Our bridges are crumbling from beneath us as we attempt to drive across them.  Our children and pets are being poisoned by imported food and toys.  There are more people than ever visiting food banks because they simply can't afford to feed their families any longer.

America today seems to be resembling war-ravaged Iraq more than the healthy, thriving, prospering USA I remember.

I honestly don't blame Indians for wanting a better life for themselves and their families.  Instead, I blame a GOVERNMENT that would permit such personal items as the transcription of medical records to be outsourced to other countries.

A couple years ago, I worked for a company that (thankfully) didn't outsource (to my knowledge, anyway.) 

I began to transcribe the note and started giggling because the patient's name was the same name of a politician whose name was being mentioned at the time as possibly running for President in the 2008 election.  I thought, Wow, this person must be teased a lot, but I KNEW this couldn't be the same person because Washington politicians certainly have the best security the USA has to offer, right?

WRONG!  As I progressed through the note, my heart sank when I realized that this patient, indeed, WAS that politician.

I have to wonder how many members of Congress have had their personal medical notes transcribed by someone living in perhaps a less than friendly country.  If there are any, they probably don't even know, and their physicians, as well, probably don't even know.  All these physicians know is they pick up the phone, dictate the note, hang up, and it magically appears in print a short time later.

I was prepared to send mass emails to EACH member of the House and Senate, warning them of what I had just experienced, without divulging the name name or gender of the politician; however, the way their contact emails were set up, if I didn't live in their district, I simply couldn't communicate with them, so I abandoned the effort.

Just as it's recently been discovered that our ports aren't secure, now (along with our borders), almost seven years after 9/11, I wonder how many other lapses of security are present in the USA today.

Outsourcing is okay for some things.  Private medical records isn't one of those things.

Great post!
You are 100% correct. Very brave post!
Great Post!!

It is refreshing to hear someone look at the positives for once.  I, too, have found a company that I am happy with.  I have been with them for almost 3 years now and I am very happy.  I feel I am extremely lucky to have such a great employer.

I always have work, a make a good line rate and I have excellent benefits.  Do I have to stick to a schedule?  YES!!  Do I have my work audited and have to provide quality work? YES!!!  Do I always agree with everything??  NO!!!  Can I support my family and make a decent wage? YES!!!  Do I have to pay for clothes to go out to work?  NO!!!  Do I have to pay for childcare?  NO!!!  Do I have to pay for gas?  NO!!! Most importantly, do I have to put up with the constant drama of working with a bunch of women?  NO!!!!

I feel sometimes people in this profession want to have their cake and eat it too as they are always complaining about sticking to a schedule, QA being too harsh and people hurting their feelings when they do something wrong, etc.  I think we are lucky to have the opportunity to work at home.  We do not have to deal with gas prices and all of the other things that come with working out in the real world. 

This is just my opinion. 

Great post!

Many companies take the chance to say you're appreciated to their MTs at this time of year.  I work for 2 companies-- One sent a card, one send rather expensive (greater than $50) gift.  It's nice to be thanked for doing a good job.

It's not at all greedy or any other negative adjective unless you're an MT that does little but kvetch, rarely hold up your end, etc.

Keep holding on to the positive and let the negative posters simmer in their own words. 


Great post
It actually helped me calm down a bit from the past couple days since I received the email.  I too have not answered the email to jump in and train on VR, but I do feel it is just a matter of time before they contact me directly as I read it as a direct statement that everyone would have to incorporate this into their daily work...and also I have had next to nothing to type since the day that email appeared....so that is my panic.  Has everything gone to VR at TT all of a sudden???  I do 4 different accounts and am only minutes ahead of the dictation for the past 3 days.  This has NEVER happened before.  I too am single and provide for kids, so I absolutely cannot take a pay cut, but I also do not want to make a move to another company either.  So what to do?  And you speech presidents, do not bother by responding and calling me a baby, suck it in, learn it, etc.  I know that I definitely make more money typing, even though I have not done VR.  I have looked at it, and the reports that came up were God-awful.  I mean it.  The only light I am seeing here is maybe a break in the hands that could ward off carpal tunnel.....but living paycheck to paycheck, I would rather have carpal tunnel release and be off work a couple of days than have no future in earning what I am now!  I also am not willing to work any more hours a day than I do now...I just don't know where I would fit them in and still be a hands-on mom...
Great post nm
Great post. And the reason is . .
that people are generally "not nice" is because it is a lot easier to confront someone via phone or the Internet than in person. I bet at least 80% of MTs who do home transcription would not be so quick to judge or "BI*CH" about these big MT companies if they actually had to see their supervisors, bosses, etc., IN PERSON on a day-to-day basis. Ya think? JMO. Something to think about anyway. Of course, same goes for the upper management working for these large companies. Communication goes BOTH ways.
touche and GREAT post...thanks...nm
GREAT post. I feel the same way. nm
Great post! In the same shoes you are! sm
I'm not worried anymore, though. I made it through my probationary period with lots of ups and downs, a lot of tough dictators, one that I STILL cannot understand and I do this guy EVERY DAY!  But I like the job, like the QA people I have and have finally made it up to line count and I've been there since December. Now, to stay there....  Nice group of people. I like it a lot.  Don't know what account you are on but I logged off just a while ago and the stats were still coming in. LOL 
Great post, steph
Dear Tired: They aren't giving you any choices by your description, so beat em at their own game. You should make *at least* as much at home and possibly much more than you think. Play the game for now; learn how to work at home. This transition is not as difficult as you may think, and it shouldn't take long to learn. If the pay works out with the current employer, you are set with a hospital and doctors you *know.* If not, you will then have the know-how to work for other services as a remote scribe.

Most experienced rad MTs make upwards of $18-25 and even more per hour, depending on bennies, etc. So in a short time, you *might* be seeing this situation as a godsend.

Unless you are the only MT at this hospital, perhaps you can get support and help from the others who have been put in this same (unfair) boat.

Good luck!
You got it! Great post! Odd thing, though, is
I have always been paid on production, but boy you made me remember the joy, absolute joy, of digging around in med book after med book and finally finding that obscure term! Or drug! It was such a tremendous feeling of accomplishment! And nobody knew we did it, right? It was just a personal triumph, and knowledge gained. Knowledge is so wonderful. But somehow that's what I feel seems to be missing these days - so many MTs don't care about knowledge, nor want it. They have no interest in searching for a term or even trying. That's the part that I don't understand. Again, I was on production, at first holding a baby on my lap while balancing my IBM Selectric, lining up all my colors of paper with carbon, and my bottles and bottles of Liquid Paper in matching colors. One typo and you were looking at half hour of whiting out each copy in its particular color - and trying not to let your tears smudge the rest of the job. But boy did we learn, and boy did we produce nice work! And over the months and years, my production grew and grew with my knowledge. Wish more MTs operated the same way and cared about the knowledge first, production later. Nice meeting you, by the way! Another crispy critter here, too!
great post....i think some here get frustrated
with what is out there and being offered to MTs that sometimes it is forgotten that there are really good jobs out there.

Good luck finding your MT for this account. Ophthalmology can be a high-paying field for the right docs.

I wish that you would share your post directly with MTSOs who may not see it here, by anonymous email or some other method.  Actually, I just might send the link to the HR manager of some of these MTSOs, if that's okay.

Recently, my Indian manager was replaced by a female USA manager, who has some of these traits/habits, the worst of which is that we have received emails that indicate her inclination to always assume that 100% of the clients concerns are the fault and responsibility of the MTs, that MTs should be able to read minds, etc., etc.  Her communication style is very condescending.  If you email a question, you don't expect an answer unless she decides that it is important.  You know the type.  I can't wait to find out how it all works out in the months to come.


Great Post! I remember this all now.
rusty! OP was great, but you really explained it very well to those of us who had forgotten.... much to think about.
Great post. Super. Thanks so much!
I couldn't have said it better myself, though I've been trying for days and obviously making more people mad than agreeable. I am just so passionate about this, and just am to the flipping out point at the complacency and reverse logic I see. I so want all newcomers to the field to have a long happy fulfilling and fruitful career to look forward to, not the scenario that it has turned into of late. 
I agree, FN is great!
I agree, FutureNet is a great place to work.  I've been there a little better than 7 months.  I started out as an IC and then changed to an SE so that I could have direct deposit.  No complaints from me!
I agree about the great MTs only. nm
Absolutely great INTELLIGENT post. Thanks! :-)
And the poster going on about starting schools and training of MTs, to ease transition. The poster needs to read up more as this is way old news. Its happening right now.
Great post! Keeps us all grounded on what the MTSo has to put up with.

As an MT, IC for years, I have never had to rely on anyone but myself and am grateful for that.  There will always be a place for me in this field as an IC, as I stick to commitment.  Keeping my word is important to me. 

I have thought about venturing out and hiring a few MT's to help when my workload gets busy, but after trying it once realized I do not have the patience.  Thank goodness for the MTSO who has the patience. 

Good luck with your new hires.



Great post!! Amen!! Bravo!!!!
Great, thoughtful, articulate post. Well said, and
are bashing and snidely judging new MTs at a company where there is no work. Its so sad to have no work, when you're only allowed to transcribe 5 jobs a day. Poster after poster of new hires, with not even 5 jobs a day. And, just like here, some nasty posters are blaming the new MTs - its their fault, some character flaw, they're lazy. Its heart breaking to read this stuff. We're all in the same industry, and not many of us who don't need the money and don't really want to work. Great attitude you have, and I'm sure you're a great MT. Thanks for sharing your experience.
And a great opinion! Good post. nm
thank you for 'stepping up' - great post (no message)
Great post! I have gone through similar situations
But never give up... there is always hope at the end of the storm... just make it through the storm.
TechSupoort, I want to compliment you on your post, your great
insight, your assessment of the situation in the MTing field and your fair judgment. Excellent job, thanks!
Others will post that work for these companies, there are some great
people that post on this board, you just have to overlook a few.  Unfortunately I do not work at any of these companies, otherwise I would be glad to give you any information needed.  Good luck though!
Excellent post with great insight. (NM)
agree great company
Agree. Great Company.
Very flexible in scheduling as long as you get your lines in. Pay is always on time. Owner is extremely nice. Good pay. Easy software.
I don't agree -- some of the smaller great sm

companies find you from your resume.  I recently had an offer and accepted a postion with a very small MTSO who saw my resume.  If she posted an ad, she'd probably be inundated with tons of resumes, if you can believe what everyone says here on the boards about the amount of responses.  Instead, she looks at the qualifications and contacts those who meet her requirements.   I suppose if you are currently in a position and afraid to have your employer know you are looking, it could be a sticky situation, but ...... use a different email addy and/or a different ID of some type until you find out.  

Bottom line ..... I never say never :-)   I feel very fortunate to have fallen into the situation I am in -- a great small MTSO with great accounts,  who cares about helping you achieve whatever you want to achieve. 


Agree - Everyone I have had contact with is great (sm)
very friendly and informative. However, I don't need to know everything they are doing, just that they provide me work, pay me and then an added bonus, I get benefits. My name is not on the company letterhead, I/we are simply parts of the whole process.

I ran out of work a couple of times, and a couple of times I have been unable to work due to construction issues going on at my home. Not their fault and they certainly didn't chastise me over it.

I am more than glad to bend and flex with the company just as they seem to do with us.

I hope they don't allow people to speak out at the meeting today. A few disgruntled ones will monopolize all the time and won't allow the company designated speakers to keep us apprised of any upcoming news or changes they might want to share.

Like I said, I am relatively new, but so far very very happy and would suggest to those who are so very disgruntled that they go out and there try MQ or some of these other companies on for size. It will certainly make you appreciate what you have.

That's a great suggestion, and I agree.
I have been in this a long time, but I would be interested in training for ultrasound tech... I wonder how much that would bring in salary? Does anyone know? We can always transcribe on the side for extra money... even with VR the extra money would be pocket money which is always welcome. If I were younger, I would go into nursing, just can't now... Thanks for your great and positive idea... I hope that other people can add to this.
Amber - great post!! I remember selectrics....sm

And stayed on the Selectric for nearly 10 years pre-word processing computers (pre-Internet).  I remember, we had no self-correcting - we had to use a white tape to remove a letter.  But in those days, I did 2000 lines PER DAY!!!  At 6 CPL. And I worked 5-1/2 days a week in their office.  I had 12 accounts there.  So, I know my value and I know I'm not making my line counts for the BIG national since 1/1/06. 

I agree with you that MTs will always be necessary. I too have been doing VR for about nearly 2 years and it all comes in terribly garbled via VR and we have to make it all nice and professional looking.  I love VR though today, I rarely get any VR reports. Don't know where they have been farmed out to either.

Thanks for your insightful post!!!  I, too, am tired of the moaning and groaning....something I never *indulge* in.  All this complaining is an indulgence in my mind. 

Be well and thanks again for your insightful post!! 

but a great post - my company gets bashed all the time too.
GREAT post. So true. I've been in this business
for 30 years, and never ever had more than an hour or 2 with no work. Not acceptable and doesn't happen to me. I work my behind off, am fantastic at this, and not 1 employer has ever done that to me, and probably never will. Just like you said, if I hit no work, I call and straighten the situation out. Don't ask questions about the account, about what MT can or can't transcribe it, just state that no work is not gonna fly with me, and I am always treated with respect and instantly given work, which I also thank my bosses for. Give and take - it goes both ways. I'm there when they expect me, and I'm there when they need me, and we're all happy. Can you imagine some MTs getting ANGRY at you? Again, another scream or throw up reaction from me. Some of you MTs really need some psychoanalysis, if you know what that is...obviously your income is NOT a necessity, and this is probably a job for you and not a career. You get out of MTing what you give and what you expect, nothing more, nothing less. Expect to be treated like garbage, expect slave wages, expect no work, expect disrespect, and you'll get it, and it seems like many MTs are looking for this! Thus the continual postings asking about companies we all know STINK. There is no other explanation - you want to be kicked to the curb and probably put little effort into your life across the board. Such a shame.
I used Emdat for 9 months and do not agree that it is that great.

It is great for the company and the doctor.  Generally the doctors are not expected to supply the information or even use their designated recorder which causes the Transcriptionist to change and fix the demographics.  The spell checker is the worst and I ALWAYS copied my finished document into MS Word to check for errors.  You CANNOT copy back into Emdat from Word. 

It is slow and boggy.  The F1 function is way over rated.  There are good points if the doctor actually does his part at his end.  Just my opinion.......

I have to agree -- truly a great place to work. sm

There is always a learning curve anywhere, of course, but wiithin just a short time, my production was the same with TT as anywhere else.  The benefits are pretty good, insurance affordable, and as an added bonus, the people there truly care about their employees.   After 30+ years of transcribing, I feel like I finally found my home.

I agree, it's a great company! I have worked
at many places, but Transcend is the best. No company is perfect, but I have been very happy here.