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if your a slower typist, go for the $15, but.....

Posted By: lilworried on 2006-01-26
In Reply to: Would you choose $15 with no incentives over straight production?? - curious MT

If you have speed and can utilize your normals, definitely take production. There are hours where I make $40 an hour at 9 cents per line. I would never go hourly.

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Yes, that is another reason why I am going slower. Although
I have just made the 11K, and trending upward, I still make the QA bonus every time. I have been in the business a long time, and perhaps that is why I stopped a consistent over 20K a payperiod. Over the years the patient care meant more to me than the extra 100 bucks a payperiod. I know some may think that is ridiculous, but it kicked in when I hit 40 years old. Maybe my conscience, or just wanting to do a quality job and a good line count. Again, Expanders will help with typos but research needs to be done before leaving blanks too and that takes time sometimes. I don't mind researching 4 sources but then I will put a blank if I am not sure because of an accent. So that is correct 2K is no good if it is not a quality 2K. Better make less lines and 99% QA and trend slowly upward, which can be done with your own canned text and their normals. Good luck!
They want typist who works for 9 or 10 cpl? Exactly
I like what someone said about being a keyboardist not a typist sm

or something similar since I noticed that I spelled definitely wrong.    And I should have said the post below and not above.  But regardless, it is a US company that does not have anyone from India or any other country answer their phones.  As a matter of fact, Joy is the woman usually who answers the phone.  Say Hi from me. 

Speed Typist

Well, with the Chartnet platform it is possible to get good line counts.  The problem is there isn't any work at this company.  They have lost a lot of accounts!  There is so little work and so many MTs that you will barely get the minimum line count!!!  

And if your facility is outsourcing to them or you think (or have been told) that you will have a primary account that nobody else will be typing THEY LIE!!!

There are so many MTs that need work that they will be given access to your account!!!!  You will slowly watch your work go away!!!

After leaving this company because of no work I wish you much luck...You are going to need it!!!

I don't think "speedy typist" is the (sm)
determing factor.  Depends on use of expander, work types, dictator quality etc., your experience.  $800 every 2 weeks is definitely doable, but there are too many variables to just look at the job and say this amount of dollars for 40 hours.  Set your goals and work on it from there. 
Well, that's what we do. It's an appropriate term. At least its better than typist. nm


You will. Some people's mail is slower.
Maybe you ought to read my post a little slower
I had several e mails with Keystrokes and was PROMISED a phone call. One thing I neglected to mention in my OP is that they stated late last night that they HAD called me, with no answer. My phone NEVER rang Monday OR Tuesday. I have caller ID, nothing there either. I checked my telephone calls online, nothing there either. They did not call and they do not get a second chance with me.
Bayscribe slower than DocQscribe
Bayscribe is slower than DocQscribe. One thing is you have to chose which report type you want to transcribe next after each report and then wait for the screen to reload whereas in DQS it is already filled in and no waiting. Their doctor roster is not as user friendly as DQS. You do get credit for filling in demographics which amounts to about 1 line per report.
I find it idiotic to even say a slower
person could do better on VR. You CANNOT be slow and go through VR as fast as you need to make a decent salary, just cannot be done. Typing straight I could do over 2000 a day, now with VR I do over 3000 a day but it has nothing to do with being slow norr a newbie, heard that before too. Both things are really laughable.
That is outrageous! I am not a good typist myself so sm

if they had said that to me, I'd know it for the truth.  What I am is extremely good with an expander.  I am not all that fast I don't think (300-325 lph).  If could get through more than 2 lines without having to go in and fix something, I might make more money.  I don't think I have ever gotten through anything other than a very short report without having to back up and fix something!  I have been typing for about 35 years or so and you would think I'd get it, but I don't.

I have only been an MT for 12 years and I'll bet you are very very good in every way (shoo-in aside).  Your typing skills must be top notch and I admire them.  Don't like the hiney holes get to you.

I am not a fast typist & I gave it a 100% try....
When you start VR you are training it. I repeatedly had to change headings, sentences, periods, etc, etc. I started typing on my second job more and came back 2 weeks later and nothing had changed and maybe a little worse. I finally quit. I am not a fast typist but it takes time to make these changes and breaks you rhythm. That is what I found. I couldn't make money and it was so BORING.
I am a slower but accurate producer, around 1000 sm
lines in 8 hours. Are there any companies out there that would value me as an employee?  Seems like everyone wants 1200 lines or better or you are out the door.
I think it's a lot slower. I'm having a hard time getting lines, but I'm
It has been a little slower this week but depends on the account your on.

The escription accounts seem to be really slow. You may need to ask for a backup account if you don't have one so I'd get ahold of your account manager.

Anyone ever worked on Winscribe Internet Typist?
Pro's?  Con's?  Any information would be greatly appreciated!  TIA
That should read ... Has anyone ever used Winscribe Internet Typist?

It has been a VERY long day.  Thanks!

That doesnt sound too slow to me.. I would probably be slower, I am tired and old too.
 Wish it were just my fingers though.
Just a little slower than DQS in bringing jobs up, filling out screen. (sm)
Not a lot really, and the plus side of being able to research other documents by a particular physician or patient pretty much makes up for it.

Just thought I had heard something and was hoping there was an even better system coming about.

No we won't. I said slow, meaning slower than usual, should have clarified.
Eighteen years of typing and fast typist
I speed up the dictation so that it can keep up with me
I had no MT training, not a fast typist, and no experience in tranascription

whatsoever and started out doing Psych transcription.   I moved directly from Psych to acute care transcription without any additional training.  I even started doing some of the most difficult dictators right off the bat and the MTSO couldn't believe that I could do them.  


I actually have always hated to be called a typist. I do not just copy type. sm
I am a transcriptionist. 
The only thing I noticed was counts slower to post - but accurate,I think
Not management, donít know about Transtech, fast typist, American, what have I not covered
Let's see, all the above have been said about me. I have been truthful trying to let others know about VR but the only thing most can do who are opposed accuse you of being too slow to make a decent salary, working as management, working for whatever company they are talking about and so on. I think I have reached my fill because others do not really care to understand. I went through why if VR threw in something wrong how a trained person would know and then someone came back asking if I were an American. If you cannot comprehend something seems like you just throw anything that might stick. I have tried because I have worked on VR now for about 7 years but no one wants to hear but what woes they face.