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you borrowed money from someone who breaks legs?

Posted By: mt2 on 2009-06-13
In Reply to: I have a nice one too, but qualified for it 4 years ago when I did well as an MT at a hospital. - Now I struggle to make payments

I know you're probably kidding about the breaking legs. If you've been paying payments for 4 years, shouldn't you have that thing about paid off?

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do your legs feel longer

I am absolutely sure they have been pulled. There is no place that would pay that much above market rates. You are being diddled.


Was the poster below pulling our legs about aprons for MT week? (sm)
I went to the mail box today hoping to have received it, was a bit disappointed and then it dawned on me that someone was making a funny in reference to the Xmas cookbook.  Duh to me.
How it breaks down...... sm
I stated earlier that I had almost 20 years in the business; I have 17 to be exact with 10 years as an independent contractor with my own accounts and 7 years working for various national and smaller companies. I started out with Edix and HealthScribe, so I have been through the acquisitions and merger thing as well. I have been with Webmedx for less than a year, and no, I am NOT in management. I have been in management at 2 other companies in the past, however.

I still see technology as the driving force of this industry because it is what brings about the changes we are all seeing right now. The MT, in my opinion, is the backbone of the industry, but that backbone has to be flexible enough to accommodate the changes as they occur. ASR is a major change in our industry right now, and yes, it does put out some garbage. It will never be perfected to the point that there is no need for it to be cleaned up by good, knowledgable MTs who are willing to accept the challenge of learning new things. I don't like it any more than anyone else because it has cut into my earnings because of the lower pay rate, but I realize that I must accept that challenge if I want to continue in this business. No one of us can make ASR go away, unless of course one has one's own accounts and can call most of the shots. I love medical transcription and realize that I must make changes within myself to meet the ongoing changes within the field or I will find myself out of a job. Like I said before, I may have to eat my words one day, but until that day, I will strive to make myself as marketable in this industry as possible.
You take lots of breaks!
Sorry but the tax breaks have been there for years. (nm)
Breaks & Line Count

The company I work for lets us take our breaks, but our line count is still based on 8 hours.  They deduct the 1/2 hour for lunch (shift is 8.5 hours) but don't consider our break time, so isn't that basically like we really aren't getting breaks since we are penalized for it paywise?

Apprectiate any thoughts on this and if it is standard.


Link inside to Fed DOL on breaks/lunch
interesting reading, don't know if this varies by state as overtime laws do, but anyway...
I know about the tax breaks, but what about taxes for overseas, .... I know companies don't pay t
I know companies don't pay taxes for them. So, is it also an advantage to overseas jobs for companies not to have to pay insurance, taxes, social security? Do you know how many American jobs are overseas with not one of them paying Social Security? I am also not for illegal immigrants per se but my heart goes out to people in a strange land who can't find anything but menial work trying to get out of a desperate situation in Mexico (it must be desperate to go to the extremes to get over here), and of course can't get a Social Security card, driver's license. Surely it is humanitarian to care for these people.

The thing is, even voting for the one who says they will stop it (and it is not Hillary Clinton, she has even gone overseas to promote jobs to countries), the businesses have the money for lobbying and big business is not going to go down without a HUGE fight.
No one is changed to desk or have to post potty breaks. Probably better than ever,
Maybe they mean sign in and out for breaks etc to keep track of the 8 hours that you are to work. nm
Actually, companies get BIG tax breaks if they do offshore thanks to Prez Bush; who we all know supp
Talk to a tax guy. There are plenty of tax breaks, supplies, mortgage, electric,
I still feel like a team player of Spheris, as the shackle scars are still on my legs! Spheris was

Micromanaged to the microsecond, or ms!  Horrible. And part of a team?  Total opposite - part of a team as in prison.

Amherst so we make less money and they get more money for MQ and bigger bonuses. Our guidelines came
from Amherst.
The company takes the money out of your salary, before they cut the check. It is your earned money,
It's about "money, money, money, mmmoonnney. Singing The Apprentice song.
yep, gotta spend money to make money. NM
So does yours. Perhaps you need a basic money class to learn to keep money. sm
I am off today and appalled at reading the posts on here.

Are you always this bitter? Do you have a family and friends who are safe and healthy? Count your blessings instead of being so angry and you might see that this is not a bad field to be in. It has kept food on my table for 27 years and will continue to do so. Is it harder now? You bet, but it is not impossible to make a good living of $50,000. You just have to work hard, give it your all and appreciate the good companies that are out there.

If I were an MTSO, I would find out who all these people posting such bitter posts are and find replacements for them a.s.a.p. Negativity spreads like poison, and with the world in the state it is, we should bond together not make it worse.
Money is not the root of all evil, the LOVE of money is. nm
you might be right on the money
If you think about it, they're sleazy and undermining enough to do something like that, cover their behinds.  They better hurry up and drop the bomb, with the lack of work people are leaving.  Come on MQ, screw us over already and get it done with.
I only made 7.6 cpl and that was clinic transcription (with 6 years experience at that). I was told there were no raises per se, but would be eligible for bonuses ($100) a time or two per year. That was earlier this year. I didn't stay with them long because more money came along.
If $184 for self only, that is a LOT of money.
Really, they just won't say where your money is at all? nm
More Money?
I thought I posted this a couple of days ago, but now that I'm looking for it, I don't see it.  Anyway, I'd like opinions please.  I've been working for a small MTSO for almost a year.  I love the company and the work.  When I first started working for them, they told me up front that they will only pay so much per line because they are a smaller company.  I said that was fine.  It was not a bad starting rate.  Now that I've been with them for a little while, I feel like I would like to ask for an increased line rate.  Is that wrong of me to do since they told me up front they will only pay so much?
No money
I've seen them put me on 7 different accounts Sat and today and put on bad dictators that just keep on coming.  That is definitely cherrypicking.  Just not making it with this company and have spent 6 months trying.  Need to move on.
Not enough money
No kidding..it is really sad, seems that the faster I go, the less lines I have!  I can' believe it. It is totally unsatisfactory to work so hard, sit for so long, to make peanuts.
Yep, right on the money
Did you ever get your money from her?
I hope so.
Way too low...more money in MT - nm
Do you have your money though? That's SM
the question.  If you do, great.  If you've been told it's coming, then I guess I wouldn't consider the matter resolved until I had the money.
More money
I think I make more money working at home. I have never seen an on-site MT position that paid more than $18/hour and I make way beyond that. You probably have some stability working on site, but I wouldn't trade my flexibility for anything!!
NEVER put out money to get a job.
Yes she is, and for my money,
she's great!
How to get your money sm
Call the IRS on her and tell her you are really an employee. She will have to pay your SS for however long you worked there.... also for money owed, get a judgment against her and put a lien on what she owns.

They do not pay. They still owe me money! nm


Not only did they take your money
for better conventions, they took (or helped facilitate to go) much of our work right out of the country to India and the Philippines.
Not a lot of money for me yet
I've not been lucky enough to find a great company to work for yet and I am now three years in and have had steady work. I make $12,000, mostly via VR. I would like to make double that and I think that would be enough.

I have tried testing for other companies and don't seem to test well enough on their computerized transcription tests. I do wish companies would give a few directions as to what they want on those tests because I am probably stuck in the mode of the specs my current company wants. I think that might be, at least in part, why I don't test as well.

I was recently hospitalized and am starting to get some serious copays to pay. Not being AIG, a car maker or banker, there certainly will not be a bailout or stimulus package for me. Maybe I should start trying to win the pot of gold from the powerball thing.

Whatever happened to just good honest decent employment opportunities in exchange for a good honest day's work? That's what I'd like to find.

I am glad many of you do well in MT. When I find the right place, I believe I will too and am looking forward to that day because I actually do need a job where I can work from home for a number of reasons.

Good luck to all.
of course it is about money

none for US MTs though.

Hey, it is their money and if they want
to use it to bring management in, that is their choice.
MONEY! (And the more of it, the better.)

2 gigs, one 4 hours a day, one 3 hours a day, total - $1000 week.
Is the money really better...

If you work in a hospital rather than at home? My income here at home just isn't cutting it and I work my butt off to type over full-time and receive no incentive to do so..

Has anyone worked in a hospital and got paid significantly more/liked it better than working at home?

Sure, you can make lots of money if the right things come into play. You have to stay with that company FOREVER and they can never change much. The doctors have to stay put too. Of course that's not reality. People change jobs, life happens. Up until I left CA, I was making around $50,000 annually (still don't know why I felt I needed a change) from home with no sweat but that was after being with the same company and working with the same doctors for over 15 years. Now, I'm lucky if I break the $30,000 mark.

The funny thing is, I could always tell when someone new was working or we had a new back-up service because the doctors would start spelling EVERYTHING. They get to know their Transcriptionist and their capabilities.

I even had a doctor call me once to dictate reports to me over the phone because he left the state and had forgotten to do them. This was of course before things were automated and we were still using tapes. Talk about nerve racking.
More money
Spoken like a true cherry picker! Funny I don't recall posting anything about the lack of money I make. But while we're on the subject, I'd also make more if I cherry picked, eh? Something I'm sure you know all about. Snooping? What an odd choice of words. I have every right to know what pathetic so-called MTs are too lazy to spend their time suffering through a miserable ESL, choosing instead to clock out, eat a doughnut and then clock back in to avoid doing a tough dictation. In any event, no more snooping from anybody, so back to your cherrypicking with no fear. Unless maybe management has something in the works for you, especially during this time of low work. No need for MTs who can only do the easy stuff.
Wish I had the money
for text pay that I have had to add to VR reports at edit pay over the years.  This just ain't right and never has been.  If I do text, pay me text, if I do VR at least pay me for the experience and knowledge I need to make an accurate report out of crap.  MTSO GREED and more GREED.  Anybody get it yet, doubt very many MTSOs care about the good MTs anymore. 
Less money for us

It seems with each change they implement the more money they make off of us. It seems like they have forgotten about us.


money money money...
Leadfeather, you are right on the money SM

I could have written your post myself, especially about standing alone.  I worked for Medifax when they started cutting pay.  Being the outspoken person I am, everyone wanted me to stand up and speak for all of us.  Wanta know what happened?  Yep, you guessed it.  The powers that be weren't stupid, they gave token raises to the lower producers and there went the ballgame.  Those MTs suddenly were "happy" THEY got a raise.  I told Medifax to shove their job and moved on to MRC.  Wanta know what happened?  A few months later these "happy" MTs were calling me asking, "what are we going to DO?"  (Medifux had taken back their raises and some more to go along with it.) My answer, "Beats me."  Most of them ended up at MRC.

I was with MQ when they joined Philips too (bought out along with ddi), and I sure saw the handwriting on the wall.  Some MTs think they are so good they can never be replaced.  Wrong.  I'd wager that in a few years MT, by whatever name it's called, will go back where it came from...to minimum wage jobs.  I know of one very excellent MT who was trained by doing editing.  I didn't train her but I know who did.  She simply listened to the reports that had already been transcribed and looked up the terminology.  They'll simply have maybe 1 lead person to oversee the work of 40?  200? "medical language specialists."  MTs.....gone.

Show me the money
All their information is available on their website, www.PhoenixMedCom.com, including their cpl. For me, I'm making more money than I did at the large nationals without all the stress!
Show me the money
it's there for the taking.  Help yourself.