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MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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Got a job offer from Transcend. - Posted By: Pros & Cons?

I've searched the boards but not found any recent posts. Any MTs presently working for Transcend here?

Allegiant MT - Maybe this will work (sm) - Posted By: Dixiegirl

I don't know why my email would be invalid. I am listing it again but also enclosing my questions here if you want to answer them on the board.  Sorry for the trouble.

Would you kindly answer the following questions as I am seriously considering placing my resume with Allegiant.  I would really appreciate your input. 

What if something happens and you cannot type the required amount per day (sickness, doctor app.,etc.)

Are there many ESLs

On average how many doctors do you transcribe for? 

Do you get to keep the same doctors or are you switched around a lot?

Do you ever run out of work?

Do you find the EMDAT system user friendly?

Are you required to buy any software, etc.?

Is high speed internet required?

Is all work IC with no benefits?

Do they have full time work?

Is the pay dependable and timely?

moving to the country - Posted By: gonna eat me a lot of peaches

I'm moving to the country and will not have broadband or DSL available for who knows how long.  I have not been in this situation before and would like to know if any of you know of any companies that do not require either of these - I will have access to dial-up and possibly some sort of high-speed that is brought in by a radio receiver on the top of my house.  It's a good move - just maybe not a good move for an MT - any help with companies that do not require high-speed with cable or dsl would be appreciated. 

Alpha - Posted By: clk

Any idea why companies want us to pay to work for them.  Instead of getting or using our own equipment, we have to use theirs, even  though it is the same??????


SoftScript - Posted By: Curious

Anyone working for Softscript:

Do you type in Word or another program? How do you like the platform/company? What is the pay starting at?

Any other information would be greatly appreciated.

DeVenture - Posted By: scsc

Anybody out there with any information about DeVenture?   I would really appreciate any input you could give me, good or bad.  Thanks!  

Seeking information regarding KS platform - Posted By: Future Keystroker

I have a few questions regarding the Meditech platform that Keystrokes uses on some accounts. The person who hired me wasn't in today, or I would have asked her. I hate to wait until Monday because I start with them in a week and I just want to make sure I have everything I need.


If anyone could help, please contact me via email so that I don't clog up this board with all the specifics!



Ever heard of Southern IllinoisTran? - Posted By: need to know

Anyone ever heard of Southern Illinois Transcription in Carterville, Illinois?  Do they have a lot of work?  Do they keep you on the same doctors?  What do they pay?  Do they give raises?


Rate this company - Posted By: Jody Gray

Does anyone work for InScribe???

Are there any companies out there that provide equipment - Posted By: Sandy in GA

for their transcriptionists?  I am finally able to get high speed internet services in my area and am anxious to get started working at home. 

Thank you for any information. 

IMT job on job board....sm - Posted By: nn

This is a company based in India.  This Chloe person.


Software - Posted By: Rhonda

Anyone know what software All Type uses?

What ya think of this company? - Posted By: mtttt

I have been at this company since November.  Prior to working here, never had a problem achieving minimum line count of 1200 per day, actually did over.  They email you, call you and leave messages on your answering machine telling you to do as much overtime as you can, but you cannot list this on your timesheet.  The only time I receive communication is when they need you to work overtime.  I have been in this business 30 years, and after 8 hours of working, I am ready to call it quits whether I achieved the 1200 lines or not.  I am beginning to think this job is a curse to me.  I am trying so hard to find something to replace it, have sent resume to several companies that say they are hiring, but do not hear back from them.  For the past 3 months, my income has plummeted to between 600-700 dollars bi weekly.  If something doesn't give, I will have to move in with my daughter and son-in-law soon, who offered me a place to live until I can get back up on my feet.

Latest info on Terra Nova? TIA...nm - Posted By: I need the 411, please


Anyone work for 2 companies at same time? - Posted By: Webmedx'r

I have heard of people doing this, where they are heavy part-time with 2 different companies.  First of all, is it even legal?  Secondly, how does it work... do you just keep up 1 monitor and bounce back and forth between towers?  Finally, does it really help with the lack of work issues or do you tend to be out of work at both places simultaneously.  Thanks for the info.  Please feel free to email me if needed.

MQ Transcriptionists - Posted By: jgl

To the Administrator:

Since MQrs are practically occupying the whole main board,  and it seems this company has the most transcriptionists in the MT business, may I suggest that an MQrs Board be set up for MQ so as not to waste the time of MTs who would like to be informed of other matters on said board.

We, who are not MQrs would like to know more of other MTs' problems with other companies and not only with MQ.



RE Acusis Buy-Out, What About US-Only Clients? - Posted By: anon

Something does not add up here, because many of the bought-out company's current clients vehemently refuse to work with anyone who outsources.  Won't they drop new company outright and have to look for a new MT provider? 

Okay, MTs: I've been reading some very - Posted By: eloquent and heart-wrenching posts here, (sm)

and I hope that more than just a few of you plan to use your gift of the written word for more than just posting on this forum.  I hope you're going to take this latest MT sell-out story to a broader media to get the word out on what is happening.  Yes, most people don't care what's happening in the MT world.  But what's happening here can happen, WILL happen, and already IS happening in other sectors of the American job market.  Are we Americans going to just lie back and let these VAMPIRES bleed us dry, or are we going to take a stand to stop the hemorrhage of American work to foreign shores?  We need to make our voices heard, ladies and gentlemen. 


Chartscript- Just starting a job using this platform. I havent begun training yet but in looking at - Posted By: Old dog no new tricks

the manual, it looks complicated or that you have to open up a lot of thing, I-player or something, a VPN, then the platform etc. Tell me it will be easy to learn and your able to whip through reports. I got spoiled on Escription where you just load the platform and go and then hit on button to upload. No VPN to sign into and load, no player. Just one thing. I think I'm getting to old and set in my ways to learn new systems. It seems like a hassle, so if there are any Chartscripters out there who can give me some positives, I'm all ears. I tried one other job that was the same thing and even got worse when I had to open up a ton of screens just to get demographics etc..and that was before I could even type the thing. I just cant see how that would be productive. You have 10 minutes into it before you even type the job LOL.

Hiring new transcriptionists? - Posted By: mt17

I have a friend who completed a transcription course through a 4 year college and wants to find a company that will allow her to work at home. I can mentor her having 20+ years experience in the field. Does anyone know a company that will hire new grads and allow them to get some experience that way? I have told her about doctors' offices, but we're very rural here and there are not too many doctors around. Any help would be appreciated. I have been searching the job board here and MTJobs also, as has she, but we can't find anything. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Does anyone have any info on... - Posted By: looking again

Digital Transcription, Inc.  I am looking into a part-time job and need to know how this company is to work for.  Thanks.

companies paying by gross line - Posted By: anon

Does anyone know any companies that pay by gross line?  Any info would be appreciated. 

TransHealth: What is the insurance and premiums - Posted By: like? nm


NEMT's platform - Posted By: .

Anyone know what platform NEMT uses? Is it user friendly? Do they have a large number of ESLs?

Also, how long does training take and are you paid for this time?

Any info on K&R Consulting? sm - Posted By: wondering

Their website is down and I can't find anything on here even in the archives. Thanks.

Any personal experiences with Northeast Transcription; good, bad or ugly?nm - Posted By: Inquiring


Ozescribe. - Posted By: Dovie

Is there anyone here that worked/works for Ozescribe?  They sound like a good place to work.  How is the pay there?

Fed up with illegal immigration and outsourcing? - Posted By: teebird

Subject: Victim of Illegal Immigration? Help 9/11 Families for a Secure America

   From:   Anne Manetas, NumbersUSA
Date:   25JAN06     2 p.m.
Victims of Illegal Immigration: 9/11 Families for a Secure America needs your help

NumbersUSA is forwarding this request from the 9/11 Families for a Secure America (9/11 FSA) on to you. This is not a NumbersUSA effort, but do ask that you contact Caroline Espinosa caroline@numbersusa.com on our Hill staff if you would like to us to forward your information on to 9/11FSA.

Please also note that their request that, although they recognize so many Americans have felt the economic impacts of illegal immigration, they are not looking for victims of economic crimes.

We are forwarding this request on to you because we believe it can be yet another tool in the Senate battle this Spring. As you know, the Senate is expected to consider an immigration bill next month or early March and there is great support for some sort of guestworker or amnesty program among many in the Senate. We are exhausting every avenue possible to block any sort of guestworker/amnesty program and ensure a strong, enforcement-only final bill.

-- Anne


Fellow Immigration Reform Activists:


Below is an open letter to Congress which we will distribute at an appropriate moment in the lobbying effort for the Sensenbrenner-Sessions Secure Border Bill. Note from NumbersUSA: This is the bipartisan H.R. 4437 that was passed by the House in December and will eventually go to Conference with a yet-to-be passed Senate immigration bill.

We are interested in obtaining signatures of as many people as possible who have themselves been the victim of any form of crime, or whose relatives have been the victims of crimes, committed by illegal aliens or illegals who have been granted legal status. Included are street crimes, terrorist acts, car accidents, etc.

If you or a family member was the victim of such a crime please consider adding your name.

If you know such victims or their families, please ask if they would add their names.

In order to give this letter the greatest possible impact we do not want to include victims of economic crimes. We recognize the horrible effects of losing one's job or neighborhood to illegal immigration, but we do not have the resources to collect and verify signatures from such a vast number of people.


Peter Gadiel


Although 9/11 FSA is asking for the name, hometown, and phone number of victims, they assure us that hometown and phone number will NOT be released to the public.

If you would like to get in touch with 9/11 FSA or have your name added to the list, please email Caroline Espinosa in our office caroline@numbersusa.com and let her know. We will not share your personal information either.



All those who have signed their names to this letter are victims of, or are relatives of victims of, violent crimes committed by illegal aliens.

The victims and their families have seen their lives ruined by murders, vehicular homicides, terrorist acts, rapes, stabbings, gang related crimes and many other violent acts committed by people who were illegal aliens. Some of these crimes were committed by former illegal aliens who, having been granted amnesty, repaid the generosity of the people of the United States by brutally violating our laws.

For these reasons we wish to make clear to all Members of Congress that:

1. We are opposed to any form of amnesty for illegal aliens and to any guest workerplan. Specifically, we oppose the McCain-Kennedy AND the Kyl-Cornyn amnesty/guest worker plans, and the draft Specter plan.

2. Experience with previous amnesties shows that many American citizens will be the victims of crimes committed by those who have been granted amnesty.

3. If any form of amnesty or any guest workerplan is enacted into law, whenever an American citizens is injured by the actions of any person who has been granted amnesty, we will communicate with the voters of that victims state of residence and Congressional district to remind them which Members of Congress are responsible for allowing the perpetrator to remain in the USA.

4. American victims of violence committed by illegal aliens will no longer tolerate the lies of the US Chamber of Commerce, the ACLU, LA Raza, the Ford Foundation and others who claim that illegal immigration is a crime WITH NO VICTIMS.

There is a direct link between your vote on amnesty or guest worker plans and the security of your constituents. The signers of this letter dedicate themselves to the task of insuring that all Americans understand that link.

This may be a good time for you to make sure that you've let us know all of the areas you are interested in. In order to further customize the type of alerts you receive click here http://www.numbersusa.com/survey?action=longlist

As a NumbersUSA subscriber, you will receive occasional emails about immigration-related opportunities. If you want to increase or reduce the frequency of these emails, click here and choose from Total Activism, Moderate Activism, or Limited Activism at the bottom of your registration form: http://www.numbersusa.com/user

NumbersUSA - relies upon individuals like you to reach its goal of an environmentally sustainable and economically just America.

No virus found in this incoming message.
Checked by AVG Free Edition.
Version: 7.1.375 / Virus Database: 267

Q-Med Transcription Services - Posted By: MT

Has anyone heard of, or worked for Q-Med Transcription Services in Holland, Michigan?  If so, could you please share information on them.  I tested for a job and want to know if they are a good company.  TIA.

So does anyone work on the acct that DiskRiter is hiring for now? It's in Florida - Posted By: so I'm wondering if it's very heavy ESLs. T


Does TransTech provide computers for their MTs? nm - Posted By: T-Cee


Cymed--any information out there on - Posted By: this company? nm


a few questions - Posted By: Future Transtech

I will be starting with TT soon, and I have a couple of questions if anybody is willing to take the time to answer them.


1.  Do they have a time clock you punch or another method of time keeping?

2.  Do they have a system in place for raises?

3.  I know they require Sat or Sun, but if you have something to do, how easy is it to get a Sat or Sun off?

4. How soon after you are hired are you allowed to use PTO?

5. Is their platform easy to learn and use?


Any MTs here work for Proscript, and how is your work load? NM - Posted By: cofffeegirl


Any new information on Proveros, Inc.? sm - Posted By: brighteyes

How they pay, is there enough work, platform, how is management, etc., etc. etc.?


Clear Choice - Posted By: ptmimi

Anyone work for Clear Choice or People Support?  Good, bad, ugly?

Seeking a good company - Posted By: Laurie


Does anyone know of a good company who pays on time and are hiring?  I've been with the same company for almost four years and they jsut took me off of my account that I have had that was excellent with no warning which means a drop in pay.  I'd appreciate any help I could get. 

What type of documentation do you get for taxes? - Posted By: As an IC, at the end of the year...


How about the ad on TV today.... - Posted By: holy cow

make $7000 a month PART-TIME....hmmmmm.....



Cymed or Medscribe in Florida? pls help me decide - Posted By: inquiring

So far these are the two companies that have offered me a job and I have been reading not so nice feedbacks.  Since I have no choice right now and I need a job immediately, I would like to ask anyone if I have to choose between the two? Which one do you think I should choose?  Your inputs will be greatly appreciated

C-section incision s/l Fanstill - Posted By: ??


Do MTSOs run away from experienced MTs? - Posted By: experiencedMT

I have a great MT day job.  I was looking to get a few extra hours a week on another just to fill in my time and to begin IC so someday I can go full time IC and set my own hours. I have a lot of years under my belt.  I just tested with 3 IC firms for part time anytime you want work.  One of them responded and said my test was perfect and they sent me the document compared with their style only corrections.  They said they'd get back to me.  The other 2 companies never did and I know I did well on their tests.

Come to find out, I was speaking to an MTSO owner this week who said really did not plan to hire me because MTs with my experience are hard to control, and it is easier to work with people right out of school, yet she liked my experience and was tempted to work with me.  Really, how is that supposed to make me feel? I have paid my dues, worked for years, done every shift, worked in every situation, including on site hospitals and now that I have a lot of experience people are not calling me? I get lots of calls for full time work, but I already have a job I love.  And they are not afraid of me being demanding.  Because I am not.  We are not all alike.  Just because one person may be a prima donna does not want to follow company regulations, that does not mean that I wouldn't.  If I found out that I were being controlled yes I would leave, but wouldn't anyone?  Then, I realized they also wanted to pay me less per line, a beginning rate.  I did not act insulted. I just did not take the job.

So, to get called back on a p/t position if you have experience, you 1) should not scare them so dumb down your resume. 2) Act very flexible like you will do anything and then proceed to do so 3) do all the above at a lower rate.

Okay, so I got the message. I quit testing for p/t and IC.  I will just work harder and longer hours for the company f/t which does trust me, is not afraid of me, and treats me well.  I am just writing this to say, isn't this some kind of prejudice? What we are supposed to quit in midcareer? Is anyone else out there getting these answers? I learned my lesson. I am not looking anymore, wasting my time doing well on tests, or dumbing down my resume to be paid less. I will probably just sell junk on e bay.


Pay level for 3-4 years experience? - Posted By: me

What would you say a good rate would be for my experience level?  I currently make 7.5 cpl at 1000 lines and 8.0 cpl for 1200 lines at my company.  This does not include any shift differential.  I am mostly clinic and not acute care if that makes a difference.


Orthopedics - Posted By: Sara

I am still trying to find work for Orthopedics. Does anyone have ideas on where to look?  

Is OSI's the cost family coverage fairly reasonable or sky-high? nm - Posted By: MT


Think about the other side - Posted By: The Other Foot

Its nice to say you could never work for an MTSO that only uses US based MTs. But what if that MTSO is told by its large clients that they will use a different service if they don't reduce costs. Would you rather the MTSO drop the cpl you get or would you prefer they use offshore help to reduce the overall price but keep your CLP the same?

Seems to me that the MTSO that works to keep your CPL is looking out for you.

Anyone know of a company that uses a very easy platform with templates... - Posted By: Carpal Tunnel MT - sore wrists

and lots of fill in the blanks? I am trying to find part-time work that doesn't require a whole lot of typing because I have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome. I still have several months of pregnancy left and I still need to work, so my only option is to find work that requires a lot less typing! I am just happy that this CTS is usually only temporary! I do wear wrist splints and take frequent breaks during my shift but this provides little relief. If you know of companies that use easy platforms with templates, fill in the blanks, cut and paste, etc - please let me know! Thanks in Advance!

Still looking for....eMTS - Posted By: Linda

I previously asked for information from MTs working for eMTS regarding your platform. Do you go through Citrex to entry the platform? What about your line count, give me a ballpark figure for a full day. Thanks

Webmedx misuse of money - Posted By: Aubrey Lanes

Have you all heard the latest of Webmedx?  They are flying all STMs round trip to PIttsburgh for nearly a week.  They pay for tickets, hotel rooms for about 5 days, all food, food and drink while in their meetings.  Can you all add up the money here?  I'm thinking around $25,000. There is nothing that cannot be done by the internet or conference calls these days.  It is a gross misuse of company money, money that you and I should receive.  One lady on here said that we don't get to stand around and chat with each other.  If we are not plugging away 100% for 8 hours we don't get paid or don't get a decent paycheck.  Yet, my STM overstressed the fact that we need to do everything we can to keep our accounts in TAT, including working overtime while she is gone.  Transcription companies are just like all of these bankinig companies and every other big company and their company waste and we pay for them having a good time.  If they think I'm working overtime while they are gone and having a good time they can think again. I'm placing this same email on the other MT website so everyone knows how Webmedx misuses the money WE make for them.  This misuse of money has to stop.  This is must my opinion.