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If you had a choice..Diskriter, Medscribe, or Wedmedx, as far as benefits, pay etc.. - Posted By: Okay.. I know there are a lot of different opinion

Just trying to sort out some options. Thanks

To anyone who does radiology for Keystrokes (sm) - Posted By: Wondering

Do they pay by report or line for rad?  Are there steady rad accounts where you don't run out of work often?  If you don't want to reply here, please e-mail me, and if anyone responds by e-mailing me, please let me know that you did send me an e-mail.  For some reason, the last 2 replies I got from posters on here, I didn't receive the e-mail so I'm trying a different e-mail address to see if I get replies at that address.  TIA.

Does TransTech provide computers for their MTs? nm - Posted By: T-Cee


Anyone currently work for Accutran - please e-mail me! nm - Posted By: Snoopy


Is there good money to be made at Transtech? nm - Posted By: money hungry


Probity - Posted By: NorCalMT

Checked archives and could not find a recent post.  Is Probity a decent company to work for?  Thanks 


Isn't life a joy!  Thought I was going through menopause and it turns out I'm pregnant!  I've been with my current employer for 6 years, they have the worst insurance I've ever seen in my life.  Does anyone know of any companies that are currently hiring with half way decent health insurance, maybe a deductible that won't bankrupt me!??

Fast Chart - Posted By: me

Can anyone give me any information on Fast Chart, good or bad? Paydays, sound quality, do they have direct direct deposit and enough work?

webmedx question - Posted By: AubreyLanes

Do they really check your work as frequently and harshly as it sounds in their new employee manual?  I'm so afraid I won't measure up.

so let me get this straight because I am truly - see note - Posted By: XX

confused on this - REALLY I AM!! Companies that offshore can now post jobs on the job seeker board??  I looked around for the posting that said that companies can do this, but I cannot find it. 

Please do not delete my post.  I am serious about my question and I am not being sarcastic. 

Anyone here work for Silent Type - Posted By: EXMQER

Any good/bad info, besides the travel to NJ for training? There isn't too much in the archives about them.


Transcend/SOAP - Posted By: Undecided

I received offers from both of them and would like to know pros/cons.  Salary appears to be about the same.  Does Transcend allow for OT?  How are they to work for?  Feel free to PM me if you would like.  How are the benefits (medical,etc) at Transcend?  Are they costly for a family?  Are there production incentives at either company?  TIA!!

Can anyone recommend a company who allows you to type on just 1-2 docs M-F? SM - Posted By: No Name

Pays every other week or twice a month, on time.  At least paying 8 cpl and with an MT-friendly platform.

Thanks guys!

U.S. Transcription, Inc. - Posted By: MTinTX

Does anybody have any current information on this company (i.e. work load, pay, schedule, IC or employee, etc)?


Anyone ever heard of Quicktate.... - Posted By: MT

......I got an email with account specifics and not sure why.  Maybe I applied somwhere along the way, but now can't find anything on this company.  Thanks.

Anyone able to compare Webmedx to Keystrokes? sm - Posted By: did a search, but would like more info

Does anyone have experience with both Webmedx and Keystrokes?  Is either better than the other?  Looking for part-time position, specifically radiology.  Thanks for any info.

Landmark Transcription...any info on how they pay for radiology...sm - Posted By: Thank you!

By report or by line?  What is starting wage?  Enough work?  Nice company?


Where are the posts??? - Posted By: LinK

Can someone tell me why all the threads that had to do with the job posted for the $25 per audio hour Transcriptionist has been deleted?  Makes no sense to me.

VR versus MT, looking for honest answers - Posted By: NightOwl

Those of you who purport to absolutely adore VR, I have a few questions.

1) When you're editing a report, do you correct every mistake you see - punctuation, medical words, homonyms, grammar, formatting - the whole shebang? Or do you just clean it up a bit and move on, perhaps just fixing medical words, taking out patient names from the body of the report, etc?

2) Does your VR program do anywhere close to a 98% QA standard before editing? If I were to do a QA review on a VR report, honestly, the VR program I'm using would score in the 70% range, if that. The VR program would certainly never be hired by any reputable company I know of!!!!

I should point out that I was very optimistic about VR before I was trained on it. Even after I was trained on it, I kept an open mind that sometime during the first 30 days of training pay on it that *it* would somehow *click* and I would be able to produce 150% or more of the lines that I would have produced doing straight transcription. My straight transcription rate is usually around 200 LPH, so I would need to edit around 335 LPH to break even. NOT A CHANCE! I can't bring myself to put out slop, and it just takes too much time to edit VR's crap. If I can't make a living doing it, I will find something else to do!

Medware and Allstate hiring - no jobs available either place! - Posted By: unbelievable

why do they do that?

any work for JLG - Posted By: bspen

Just checking to see if there are any MTs that work for JLG or have worked for JLG?

Is ER work clinic rate? - Posted By: Lee

I was hired to do clinic wotk but over half my work is ER with ESL doctors and interns.  Shouldn't this be paid at a higher rate, or am I dreaming.

Transcend hiring? - Posted By: Curious

I never see any ads for Transcend any more.  Are they 100% offshore now and so Americans have no chance? 

Question To Those With New Jobs - Posted By: Love2bTyping

Where did you go to look for the jobs you have gotten?  I have looked at what I consider the obvious places, but wonder if I am missing a great place to look.  I only question this when I see some of the jobs folks have gotten with smaller, US based companies.  Is there a perfect clearinghouse to check on a regular basis for MT jobs?

Former Cymeders, did you get your SPi packet? - Posted By: me

What are your thoughts?  That whole arbitration agreement has me a little concerned.  I am taking the whole packet to my attorney before I do anything.

Transtech (sm) - Posted By: mt

I saw on Transtech web site, they ask you to paste your resume.  I have never done this before.  My resume is in My Documents.  Could someone kindly explain how I do this?  Thank you so much!  I'm clueless when it comes to things like this! ha!  Thank you!

Any KS's tell me what report I am supposed - Posted By: Anon

to send at end of every shift?  ');>



Yes or No... sm - Posted By: ???

Good radiology account with easy doctors and backup accounts (don't know if they'll be easy).  IC position.

Would you accept an offered for about 7-8 cpl w/o spaces AND headers as long as the the doctors are easy and there's loads of work (supposedly)?

Does MQ in Monrovia pay for spaces - do you have this ans in writing? - Posted By: ?


PMT Kentucky - Posted By: SpherisMT

Looking for any information on PMT Kentucky. I am currently working for Spheris and need to make a change for the better. How is the work volume,supervisors, ESLs, etc.


Cliniscribe? - Posted By: Richelle

Any info. on Cliniscribe? Pretty sure I'm getting a job offer but can't find anything on the boards about this company.


Spaces or Templates/Pay or No Pay - Posted By: Moneyhurtingmt

Interested in learning what companies out there do not pay for spaces and/or what companies charge per report regardless of line length for use/nonuse of their crappy template?  For those of you who have worked for a company that charges for templates, was that information disclosed to you by the recruiter and/or contained in your contract? Any info (and opinions) in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks.  

MD-IT info needed PLEASE - Posted By: Julie

I am curious if anyone works for MD-IT and if they have anything good, bad or otherwise to say about it?  I REALLY need some info, as I have been burned by companies in the past in this business. I have received a generous offer through MD-IT and wanted to know what I am getting myself into.  THANK YOU!!! 

I remember hearing the words "for the foreseeable future"... sm - Posted By: change comes later

when the company I worked for was bought by Transcend.  I also remember hearing how nothing would change.  Until they can figure out how to integrate the accounts to their platforms there is not much change.  Then they get them onto their platform.  If you are into quality more than quantity you will lose your benefits.  This is my opinion and what happened to me.  I suppose if you are a quick typist and don't double check things you might do better.  If you do a search on this board and type in BeyondTXT you will see more opinions on that platform.

Cquence platform - Posted By: interested

Can anyone tell me if the Cquence platform is easy to work with and get lines relatively easy.  Thanks


insurance for part time - Posted By: Mina Parlin

Does anyone offer health insurance for part timers?  I'm working for Zylomed (radiology) and am happy there, but will be going off of Cobra soon and need benefits and they only offer them to full timers (and that's just becoming available).

any QT workers - Posted By: hookedonphonics

frequent this board. How is pay, benefits, work load. Still owned by Tampa couple?


regarding a "want ad" post by TTD, Inc. - Posted By: Snow Bunny

>>>As an IC, your hours are flexible. (skip to) Need to hire ASAP! Pay is 3.5 cpl.

You need to learn the IRS laws. The IC sets the rate, not you.

Cymed or Precyse - Posted By: Kathy

What are your thoughts about these two companies.  Any infor appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

I need a little help. When indicating your past work experience on a resume, should you - sm - Posted By: looking for a new job

include the month/year range you held the position?  If you changed jobs a few times within a year, won't they wonder why you possibly only stayed at a job for a few months?  Any help appreciated.  Thanks! 

re so many MQ offices - Posted By: sm

when a MQ emp encourages you to apply, they should give their name & office location to put on your application (under referral).  Then they MIGHT be eligible for a ref bonus and you would be hired into that office, hence, would be with a good office.  Unhappy people and all those 'why's mentioned are definitely hard to figure.

p.s. i tried to respond under appropriate post but system wouldn't let me.

Could anyone recommend a company that is fair and doesn't show favoritism? - Posted By: DD

thank you in advance

To annabananna below(sm) - Posted By: mt

I just came back here and saw you had answered by question below about the function keys for Meditech.....I just wanted to THANK YOU!!  I appreciate the kindness and help of this board so much...THANK YOU AGAIN....Happy New Year!  Sincerely, MT

Has anybody ever worked in WinScribe? Is is user friendly and productive? nm - Posted By: MT


iChart platform??? - Posted By: MTinTX

I am about to start working for Focus, and I was wondering if anybody can give me input on how iChart is to work on.  Is it very MT friendly?


There is so much talk on offshoring that I ... sm - Posted By: Out there

Decided to go and do some research on my own, something that I have always tried to avoid because I knew it was going to make me depressed.  Well, here is something that I found on an Indian MT forum, very much like MTchat. 

Accuracy range 85% to 90% 90% to 94.9% 95% to 97.9% above 98%
Production line per day Rupees Rupees Rupees Rupees
1 to 275 0.50 0.60 0.75 0.90
276 to 500 0.55 0.65 0.80 0.95
501 to 625 - 0.70 0.80 1.00
626 to 750 - - 0.85 1.05
751+ - - 0.90 1.15

Calculation of the potential payment given:
Total no. of days per month : 26.

Accuracy range 85% to 90% 90% to 94.9% 95% to 97.9% above 98%
Production line per day Rupees Rupees Rupees Rupees
275 3375 4290 5362.5 6435
500 7150 8450 10400 12350
625 - 11375 13000 16250
750 - - 16575 20475
800 - - 20800 23920

In short, the 23920 Rupees for working 12 hour days for 26 days and is the equivalent of earning $496.99.  I have always been told of the Indian Transcriptionist earning 0.01 cpl but in some cases it does not even come out to that.  It is just amazing to me.  And what is even more amazing is, if you go to this site, the spelling throughout this forum (in a lot of cases) is a joke, as well as the English.  Also, a few of the Indian MTSOs that I saw advertising were only looking for 85% accuracy and yet we are expected to perform at 98-100% all of the time. 

I do not really know where I am going here with this, most of you out there are probably already well aware of this information.  I have been a medical transcriptionist for 23 years but have only worked for 2 services so a lot of this is really surprising to me.  Anyway, the information is here in case anyone else wants to see it and wants to vent about it.  Below is a copy of the link for the Indian MT Forum as well.



Scribe platform, how to see line counts? sm - Posted By: LMT

Does anyone know how to get individual report line counts in Scribe platform?  I can see the lump sum, but I want to see individual report counts.

Testing process - Posted By: None

Just wondering if anyone else thinks that taking an actual transcription test that consists of a total of 6 different voice files is a bit too much.   Three maybe, but six (6)?!!!  IMO they should be able to tell if you are any good at just giving 3 different ones.  Any opinions on this matter?  M

Any suggestions for a good place to work? - Posted By: Grumpy

Does anyone have any suggestions concerning a good place to work for a Transcriptionist with 13 years of experience?  This is my 4th day out of work this week - my company is now outsourcing to India, and USA-based transcriptionists are apparently being forced out by attrition.  Any suggestions appreciated - thanks in advance.

company - Posted By: someone

Any info on California Transcription Unlimited, Inc.?  Thanks!