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Transcend acquires TRS... - Posted By: MT

I know this was discussed below.  I came across this link posted on another site.


DIT Positives Please - Posted By: I know there are a few

I would like to hear some positive things about DIT.  I know that someone has had a positive experience with them so please email me about it.  Thanks in advance

Do Precyse, Medware, TransHealth and MDI-Fl all - Posted By: require 40 hours a week for FT? nm


Phoenix Medcom - Posted By: need to know

Is anyone out there currently working for Phoenix Medcom? Is your experience with the company good? I know they don't pay for spaces, but do the headers and footers REALLY make up for it not being paid for spaces? What type of platform do they use? Is it user friendly? Thanks so much!

Has anyone ever heard of Terra Nova Transcription or work there. - Posted By: PAMT


Technologies - Posted By: SMALL MT CO

I am a small MT company that has been blessed with a fabulous MT and QA team.  Recently I sat down and looked at every paycheck sent out from our payroll vendor.  I was really shocked at what I found.  I think a more appropriate term would be embarrassed.  This team works harder than any group I have ever seen and manages to push more than a million lines a month.  Can anyone suggest any technologies that would help increase volume without any additional effort on their part?  I have been looking into Dragon Speak as a way to increase volume assuming they would be primarily editing not transcribing and the accuracy states close to 99%.  Any comments?

DSG QA - Posted By: Looking for a change

DSG has an ad for editors. Anybody have any exp with them? How are they to work for? What do they pay?

Low work situation again this a.m. Due to what Holiday? n/m - Posted By: Transtech overhire again ?


Honest is the best policy!! - Posted By: Tired

I have been going through company after another that continue to hide the truth about their accounts.  For example, ATSI is posting again for a large hospital account.  Guess what!!  The recruiter did not tell the truth.  They hired MTs and guess what, when the MTs got a taste of that large hospital account, they all quit and ATSI is posting again for the same hospital.  ATSI is paying 8 cpl for this horrid, horrid hospital account.  Plenty of gastly ESLs with samples emailed to you.  You cannot pull any prior reports.  Why not tell MTs the truth, offer them more money to work on these accounts and allow them all the time in the world to get to know them. Why keep posting advertisements and MTs take the bait, when they find out the truth they quit.  Honesty is the best policy, why not give it a try.

Transcend VR - Posted By: KM

I have been approached by Transcend for a position.  The rate for VR is better than some, less than others.  I am told that some people are doing 10,000 lines per week, but that doesn't come out to much biweekly when insurance costs are figured in.  I am also told the account is mainly ESLs.  Is there anyone on here actually working for this company who can tell me what actual line counts you are making per week on average, if the new and improved platform is really that, how your workload is, etc.?  

TSSC, LLC - Posted By: needachange

Does anyone know if TSSC, LLC provides equipment to transcriptionists?  Any other info would be great.  I'm not finding much on the boards about them.

Is anyone able to reveal... - Posted By: TIA

How much Keystrokes pays for radiology?  Old archives state that they require about 1200 lines per day for full time. Also, what medical do they offer?  TIA

Any math wizards out there that can help..Based on a 65 character line, - Posted By: luvmting

if you were not paid for spaces, what would 11 cpl (w/o) equal? It sounded good, but when I did the math it was lower than 8 cpl with spaces? I hope I'm not right.

Sorry I know people have asked this before but I couldnt remember answer.


Any information on The Back Suite Corporation? TIA! - Posted By: nm

BEWARE D&L TYPING!!!! - Posted By: Shelley Maki


Axolotl insurance questions - Posted By: tylermt

Can somebody tell me if you go to work for Axolotl, how soon the insurance kicks in?  Is it good insurance?  Also curious if anybody willing to tell ballpark pay scale for Rad.

TransTech Employees - Posted By: Applying and need to know

What platform do you use?  What Expanders do you use?  Can you use Shorthand?  Thanks.

Looking for decent company - Posted By: Steph

I'm looking for a decent national company. It's really important that they provide the computer since mine is ancient and they accept satellite internet because I live in rural Maine and that's all available here. I support a 4-person household and really need a company that's dependable. I was looking in Webmedx, Transcript USA, and Transcription Relief Services. Anyone know anything about any of those. Not interested in Diskriter, Transcend, JLG, Spheris, or Precyse. Oh also, are all the companies going to ASR now? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

People Support, Inc. - Posted By: Miss Willy

Are they an off shore company? 

Beware of Transolutions. sm - Posted By: lanesmom

I recently tested with Transolutions and they called me yesterday offering a job.  When I questioned them about what pay they were offering me, she said that the first 2 weeks were 12.00 an hour and then after that it was based on my speed and accuracy.  So, they could tell me I'm making 5 cpl?  I don't know if they are legit or not, but it sounds kind of fishy to me.  Sounds like a bait and switch type of deal.  Just wanted to let you all know in case some were considering this company like I was.  Just make sure you get in writing what your pay will be BEFORE you accept a job!

Golden Isles Medical Transcription, any info appreciated, TIA!!nm - Posted By: MI-MT


Does TransTech give bonuses or anything?? - Posted By: MT4eight

I got a strange deposit in my bank account and I can't figure out where it came from. My paycheck from them is in there and then there is a separate deposit from somewhere. Just maybe fantasizing that it might be a bonus? Anyone know? Or am I just dreaming.

JUST FOR KICKS - Who here would support - Posted By: scribbles

and/or participate in UNIONizing?

Serious replies appreciated - on board and/or privately via email.

All MQ posts belong on MQ board. (NM) - Posted By: Moderator


Medquist or Probity - Posted By: Dinosaur

Hi All,

I have reviewed the archives, but I would appreciate your time in sharing which company to consider Medquist or Probity.  Thanks!

Focus Infomatics - Posted By: Pat

I was thinking about applying to Focus Infomatics.  Do any of you know if they provide all the computer and equipment?

any info on Amphion please - Posted By: typergram

thinking about going with them at this time but need some positive insight if I can get it.

Anybody know anything about Serviss Transctiption? - Posted By: Workaholic

I can't seem to find anything in the archives. Thanks in advance.

What are hrs/lines req for PT - Posted By: Diskriter? Thanks. nm

IME reports - Posted By: dinnydoo

If I am getting paid by the gross line for these reports, do you think the line count should also include the templates? I have never done these before and some say it should, and yet that may seem unfair??

Anyone has recent experience with Med-Scribe out of FL that could share, good, bad, or indifferent?? - Posted By: Seeking information

Thanks. I want to make an informed decision if I proceed with them. As everyone, you get tired of wasting your time on companies that are not worth it so I'm doing a little research on this one. Can anyone help??

I'm looking for PT Ops-only position. - Posted By: m

Anyone hiring for ops only.

manta.com - check out your company - Posted By: no message


Does anyone know if Amphion has Radiology accounts? sm - Posted By: ???

I heard there was a clinic side... does that mean specialty accounts?

Benefits - Posted By: MTing

Anyone willing to share their benefit information? This is such a big part of a job now a days and I would love to see companies that actually have a good package (are there any?) get the recognition.

does Diskriter do ASR? nm - Posted By: quitting Q


Keystrokes question - Posted By: tylermt

Can anybody tell me what platform Keystrokes uses for their radiology accounts?  and what cpl range they pay?  Thanks for the info!

MQ - Keystrokes (sm) - Posted By: mt

Has anyone moved from MQ to Keystrokes?  Were you able to save your normals/expansions?  will be using Meditech....I sure hope I don't have to start all over with them - have years worth saved!  Thanks for the help!!

pay raise - Posted By: frustrated

I posted a message last night on the main board and it got deleted, so I'm posting here.  I have been in transcription for 10 years.  I have been working the past 2 years with a certain company.  I asked for a raise and went from .085 to .0875.  I felt like I got slapped in the face.  I work my scheduled hours without taking a lot of time off, meet and exceed the minimum line requirements, had a 98% on QA, work extra when asked, and after 2 YEARS all I get is a .0025 raise???!!!!  I'm thankful that I got a raise at all, but this is ridiculous.  It's offensive actually.  It makes me feel like I'm not valued at all.  I was hoping to at least get .09.  Am I overreacting? Should I jump ship and try to find something better?  I'm afraid to gripe about it to the company as I'm a single mom of 2 and don't want to lose my job.  Any advice?

Advanced Medical Transcription - Posted By: Paula

Has anyone heard of Advanced Medical Trnscription out of NJ?  I would love to hear from present or past employees.

Focus Infomatics ? affiliates - Posted By: Confused

Can anyone tell me the other MT companies that are associated with Focus Infomatics? I found out Accustat-Carolinas is one. Anyone know of any others?

Good and Bad - some gifts bought/missed WMX benefits call (sm) - Posted By: Can't believe I did this

Of course I procrastinated to attend the call on my day off, then off I went with my daughter shopping. 

Did I miss anything much other than explanation of health plans?  Is there a web site they referred to you?  Should I call HR and admit I am a moron? 


8 center per gross line...as good as 9/65 cpl? - Posted By: me


OT? - Posted By: mom2huskies

The other day I received an E-mail stating they wanted us to work OT so we could avoid mandatory OT. And, to top it off there are time when I have to struggle to make my 40 because there isn't enough work.  What are they thinking?

OSI not hiring in certain states - Posted By: Curious

Has anyone else ever had OSi contact them back to say they are not hiring MTs from their state?  Does this seem like discrimination?  Isn't that kind of like we aren't hiring Caucasians at this time?

eMedDox - Posted By: Judy

What about eMedDox?  Are they honest?

I notice that Transtech is continually hiring. Are they growing that fast or are they - Posted By: MT in TN

overhiring?  Should I be concerned by this or apply?  How are they to work for?  Any input is greatly appreciated.

I've been trying to test for a new job - Posted By: monica

and I'm finding that I'm unable to fill in questionnaires.  I don't have Microsoft Word on my computer.  Is this something I need to buy?  I'm not very technically minded.  Could someone help me?  Thanks for any replies. 

ScribeRight - Posted By: MTMOMOF2

Can anyone tell me anything about this company?  Do you like it there?  What platform do they use?  Do they pay on time? 

Transtech (sm) - Posted By: mt

I saw on Transtech web site, they ask you to paste your resume.  I have never done this before.  My resume is in My Documents.  Could someone kindly explain how I do this?  Thank you so much!  I'm clueless when it comes to things like this! ha!  Thank you!