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PMT/Kentucky/Sherry - Posted By: Still looking

The announcement on the job seekers board seems like a pretty good deal for IC, has anyone had any experience with them?  I tried an archive search but didn't come up with anything.  Thanks in advance for any info you have. 

Has anyone downloaded Service Pack 3 and if so.... sm msg - Posted By: Lynn

did you have any problems or are you having any problems?  Thanks.

Lower Health Insurance Premiums - Posted By: Ins. Shopper

Can anyone provide your average monthly cost for individual and/or family health insurance premiums?  I'm looking to change employers and most companies will not provide this information until after an applicant has gone through all the testing.  Who wants to bother with all that if the monthly health insurance premiums are outrageous?  The company I am with now has a very reasonable plan, and I need to find something comparable. I would greatly appreciate any information you can give.  Thanks so much for your time!!

Any current TransTech MTs out there that can offer any info - Posted By: MI-MT

regarding pay, platform, etc.  Any info appreciated.  Did archive search and only came up with 2 posts.  TIA!

T-C Transcription in Florida - platform? - Posted By: Curious and considering

Does anyone know what the platform is that T-C transcription is using now? If you don't know the name of it, is it easy and quick to use to get you into MS Word quickly?

Good news...for a change :) - Posted By: DJ

If any of you have had to make the decision not to accept a position with a company you really liked because of high insurance premiums, I have found that I can actually pay less getting it on my own rather than getting it through the company.  I recently accepted a position I really wanted, but their insurance was way too high for family coverage.  Through Aetna, I can get 80/20 coverage, a bit of a high deductible, but we keep that set aside in our savings. It's only $263 a month for my spouse and I plus our two children AND my husband smokes.  I went to ehealthinsurance.com and compared plans, which are all rated.  We're all pretty healthy.  It will be a bit higher if you have preexisting conditions, so getting it through your employer with an affordable premium (group coverage) would work better for you in that instance.

Just wanted to share with my fellow MTs.   

TransTech Transcription - Posted By: Carol

Could anyone tell me if they have ever worked for this company and your thoughts concerning them?  I did a search and came up with nothing on the site, so would like some additional information.

Thank you.

Any long-time QTers here? Do they have enough work to go around? Thx. nm - Posted By: Stray cat


PDQ Transcription - Posted By: mtmom23

Does anyone have any info on this company?  According to its website, it is a company owned by MTs who absolutely DO NOT offshore?  Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has worked for this company -- good or bad.   TIA

Being Exploited Continued - Posted By: Totally fed up

To MT/Biller: I also have tried cutting back on the garbage, but then I end up just hurting myself because I lose money. Either way I lose: Struggle through the lousy assigned jobs and make some money (but not what I should be making or was making before), or don't do the lousy assigned jobs and lose even more money. Either way they get what they want and I don't. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Brinker Transcription - Posted By: LinK

Has anyone ever heard of them.  I saw an add posted on another MT Board and I was thinking of applying, but I tried to Google the name and came up with nothing.  They're out of Minnesota.



Has anyone heard of SribeRight and is it a reputable company that will pay on time and have a lot of - Posted By: Sandi

work with benefits

Transolutions feedback please? - Posted By: RadMT

Any and all detailed feedback welcomed.  TIA.

Anyone truly happy at Focus? sm - Posted By: mt

trying to make a decision

Hey everyone, - Posted By: countrygirl

All of you need to check this out.



Davis Transcription -- Any input??? -nm - Posted By: Looking 4 Job

I have been offered a job there, but haven't been able to get any info?

MTS Transcription??? - Posted By: Sarah

anyone hear anything about this company? Please let me know!

Keystrokes occupational health account. - Posted By: anon

Anybody currently working on this account? Care to share your thoughts... Are there lots of ESLs? Any other comments are appreciated.

Good companies for IC or SE? (sm) - Posted By: Looking - Again!!

I am looking for a company that will let me work to my best potential - that being working on the same account(s) with the same dictators (say less than 30) so that when I spend months creating macros and finally get up to making $25+ an hour, I don't get yanked from that account just to start the process all over. I can produce up to 400 lph and send almost nothing to QA when I am allowed to get familiar with an account(s)/dictators and then stay on that account. I have been with 5 companies in the last 6 years; same thing every time. No matter how good the company, I can't and won't work this way. I am very good at what i do, I just need to find my place. Six years experience in mostly multispecialty clinic with a couple years of acute care (no ops, but all other work types), QA scores above 99% (on familiar accounts), need a flexible schedule, and when I meet my line counts for the day, I want the option of deciding whethere I continue to work for the other 3-4 hours that day. Any ideas??? TIA

How about the Memphis Medical position for 7 cents/line.. - Posted By: What a joke! sm

IC position, Dictaphone and unlimited long distance required!!

If anyone is independently wealthy and doesn't need to make money at this job, please apply immediately! 

How long does it take to hear from OSI mentor program. - Posted By: OSI

I applied August 2nd and have not heard anything.  Is this a bad sign?



MedQuist - Posted By: IC-MT looking for part-time employee status

I can't post on their board, and yes I've read what's up lately.

I just wanted to know if any current employees who are fairly happy could reply to answer a few questions.

Can you use your own computer?

Do they offer part-time in that you can work just certain days of the week?  This would include one weekend day. 


Is 8.5 cpl w/spaces a good rate? - Posted By: msme

What about 10 without spaces

Would someone please share - Posted By: Mattie

info regarding p.r.n. Transcription and Phoenix Medcom, please.  They both have ads on job board and would like to apply, but first would like to know a bit about these companies.  I have done a search, but haven't come up with anything that is very recent.  Thanks for your help.

Anyone else at DSG finding a lack of work there lately. What - Posted By: Georgia Peach

happened to it.

Dental Transcription - Posted By: MC

Hello does anyone know of any at home dental transcription companies?

Approximately how big is Transcend now? I am guessing (sm) - Posted By: sm

MQ, Spheris and now Transcend, but as I said this is only a guess.  Anyone else?

Focusinfomatics - Posted By: vtr

Anyone know anything about Focusinfomatics?

If you had a choice..Diskriter, Medscribe, or Wedmedx, as far as benefits, pay etc.. - Posted By: Okay.. I know there are a lot of different opinion

Just trying to sort out some options. Thanks

If you are on dial-up with TT... - Posted By: questions

and willing to answer a couple of questions, could you e-mail me?? thanks!

Is there consistent work at MDI-Fl, Precyse, or - Posted By: TransHealth for a very experienced MT? nm


About mttest.com. I have never used it but - Posted By: I have an idea

Why isn't there a site like that where MTs can go and take the test and then their score/test/information is there on file for MT companies to look at?  Maybe there could be a way to just assign each MT a number or something if privacy would be an issue.  But the MT companies could go through and select who they want to offer a job based on what they see on the tests.

I am happy with the company I'm with now but if I could have my test on file and companies could access it and offer me jobs based on what they see on my test, I would always be open to listening to what they have to offer me if they price is right. 

I know there is Transcription Matchmaker, but this would have the testing already done.  Obviously it wouldn't make sense for MTs to be able to go back and redo the test repeatedly but maybe they could retest once a year and the test could be changed once a year, and that way if someone's skills have improved their test on file reflects that?

Just an idea.

MQ notice policy - Posted By: Quitter

I am leaving MQ (Columbus office), have accepted another position. Does anyone know MQ's policy on termination. I would like to be nice and give them 2 weeks, but if I do, are they just going to tell me goodbye and no more work? I'm an SE, so I could just wait until I start my new position, then fulfill my SE lines at night for 2 weeks.

Any input appreciated.


Does Phoenix ever run out of work? - Posted By: sm

Does Phoenix ever run out of work because the company that I work for right now, (not Phoenix) never has work in the mornings and that is when the kids are still asleep and the house is silent!  I am considering switching

When you hire on and run out of work -- - Posted By: Here's what I did to prompt some action!

I hired on as a part-time MT for 2 different places.  After my training, the first few days went okay.  Then, I hit a snag.  The first place I signed onto had no work - or at least started sending the e-mails about flexing our hours due to light workload, blah, blah.

I replied with my resignation stating that I simply could not afford to wait around while they tried to find work - they knew when I agreed to work and I expected to have it  - I already had another part-time position and thank you very much.

Amazingly enough, I had a phone call and work within about 15 minutes and hadn' thad a problem since. 

It's a gamble, true.  Could backfire, true.  I was, however, as prepared as I said I was and felt that if I tolerated even one day of the low/no work without letting them know how serious I was, it would just feed a lax attitude from the company toward keeping me supplied with work.

Anywho, just thought some of you may benefit from my experience.

What action can I take for nonpayment on a company in NJ - sm - Posted By: Anon

As of this Friday the first invoice will be 6 weeks past due, the 2nd 4 weeks.  She has been saying for weeks she has mailed these two checks.  Today she said she sent them priority (told me yesterday she would mail them priority).  I know she is just biding time because there is no money to cover them which is my next problem.  If and when I get these who knows how long it will be before I can cash them.  I would like to tell her that if I don't have checks in the mail by Friday (that I can take to the bank and get cash for) that I am going to take action against her.  I am just tired of her crap and lies.  Obviously I no longer work for her either so she has no real incentive to pay me.  She stopped sending me work because she knows I won't type if I don't get paid.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.   

Does Webmedx has a strict schedule or a window to get work done? - Posted By: Want some flexibility.

I tried searching boards, but too many entries came up. Thanks

Question for those using Vscript platform - Posted By: Cj

Do demographics need to searched for on all accounts with this program or am I just lucky enough to be on an account where I have to look up all the demos on each and every dictation? I have an easy account, but the time I waste having to pull up demos for every dictation, plus the time for everything to load in and out each dictation is quite time consuming and I am getting irritated. I have yet to make my daily line rate goal. It has only been a week, but I usually hit 1000-1200 a day within a couple of days and so far the closest I have come is 900. Very disappointed.

AssistMed? - Posted By: Danae

Can anyone share any info about Assist Med?  Type of platform?  Clinic or acute care?  Starting pay?  Enough work available?  Any information would be appreciated!

DIT - Posted By: sportsmom91

Does anyone know anything about DIT Transcription?

J&J Transcribing, Inc. - Posted By: Sodapops

Does anyone know anything about this company?  I haven't applied for a new MT position in a while and something seems off about this company and I can't find any info. on here about them.  I did find online that they are a legitimate company.  I actually never tested for this company and didn't realize that until after the fact, because I had tested for several different companies.  So, the owner of the company called me and told me that they wanted to hire me and explained a bit about the job and she emphasized that QA had to remain 98% or higher, which is pretty standard, so I saw no issue with that.  So, then they sent me the foot pedal/headset FIRST and then I received the information via e-mail about the company.  It is confusing because the information says I will be typing for Webmedx untill my QA is 98%, including the use of their platform and once I get to that point I will be allowed to work for J&J.  It says that if QA does not feel I get to that point then I will not be allowed to work for J&J. 

Another thing concerning is their pay schedule, you work from the 1st through the 31st and you get paid the 25th of the following month.  It states that if during the initial QA process if you don't pass and are allowed to work for J&J then you do not get paid for any of the reports that you typed during that first month, but if you are released to work for J&J then you will get paid for those. 

Also, with the QA once you do get released to work for J&J, it says they do not do quarterly reviews and such, but pretty much daily monitoring of your work and if any time you fall below 98% you are no longer allowed to work with them.  It is concerning because with my experience with QA they tend to help you, but this job seems like it is just a prolonged testing process.  I am not overly concerned about the 98% QA, but I hate to waste my time memorizing a book of information they sent me with account-specific guidelines and doing reports for free in hope that I can be with the company.

Anybody heard of anything like this before?  Thanks so much.

Who are the companies that do... - Posted By: VR or SR Editing???

I'm curious about this type of technology...does anyone like it?  Is it profitable??


MRC Medical Records Corp? sm - Posted By: janie

Anyone have any information on this company in Florida? Thanks.

Can someone tell me about Transhealth's insurance - Posted By: coverage and premium for single, plz? nm


Any info on Oracle Transcription, Inc. - Posted By: good, bad and ugly - sm

They have a Radiology position listed and would like to know from anyone who works for them how it is. TIA

TransTech equipment supplied? - Posted By: Katie J

Have searched archives but am unclear about whether TT furnishes/rents you the equipment or if you can use your own PC.  Thanks for any help.

Workers' Comp, IC @ MQ - Posted By: MQMT

Have any IC's ever filed a WC claim against MQ? If so, what was the course and/or outcome?

DSG QA pay??? - Posted By: ??

Can someone please email me with additional information on the pay range for QA at DSG?


Medical Transcription Corp - Posted By: Mina Parlin

Just tested for them and they are making an offer. Anyone heard of them (or work for them).

question for veteran MDI people. - Posted By: sm

Have you ever been given a new primary account that you did not want?

Have you ever been denied another backup account?