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SOAP transcription - Posted By: interested

Does anyone have any information on this company regarding pay, type of work, etc.  Thanks

Can anyone comment on the software that Chronicle in Calif. uses and the ESL ratio? nm - Posted By: Thanks. nm


Anyone have experiences with Diskriter or Med-Scribe out of Fl that they could share. - Posted By: Anon

Good to work for, good accounts, platforms and so forth. Anything that would help me make an informed decision. Nothing is worse than taking a job only to find out it is a nightmare. Been there and done that. Any help would be appreciated.

Editing at extremely low line rates. - Posted By: Administrator sm

What are the standard rates for Quality Assurance Editing these days? Well, that depends on what you are editing. If you are editing TRAINED Voice Recognition files expect to make less per line, maybe a couple of cents per line. For UNTRAINED Voice Recognition files, you should be earning at least 3 cpl or better. Editing relatively clean reports that require very little change should earn you up to about 4 cpl. Editing transcribed reports by new grad MTs or offshore MTs should earn you 5 to 6 cpl. I really don't think I'm far off base here, but I am certain that if you take a job editing transcribed reports done by offshore MTs, you should not accept anything less than 5 cpl, otherwise you are doing yourself a disservice even if you are trying to break into Editing. Feel free to respond.

Question about company computers - Posted By: me123

Does anyone know if a company like Diskriter sends out a computer, do the company monitor this at all times?  In other words, can they see what you are doing, where you are surfing, etc?


Anyone ever hear of Global Info. in Texas and have any comments. nm - Posted By: PAMT


anyone familiar with NorthEast Transcription? - Posted By: XanaX

took their huge, lengthy, tedious, silly test...are they worth it?

What platform does - sm - Posted By: micki

TransHealth use?

Friendly note to HR people: - Posted By: sm

I have 20 years of experience. It used to be relatively pain-free to switch jobs in this industry before everyone had Human Resources personnel... The job I just accepted did not call me for endless ridiculous interviews, all of the questions which were answered on my resume and application already. The test didn't take 6 hours. I didn't have to fill out the exact same info over and over again. When I asked a simple question via email, I received a quick simple response via email rather than having an HR person calling on the phone yet again to tie me up for another hour. I was job-shopping and comparing, so I don't have time to sit on the phone with every single one of them when all I need to know is do you hire employee status or IC, for example. You should also know that many of us have been working at home so long and are used to communicating via email & IM that we aren't really phone people anymore anyway. In short, one of the main reasons I went with this company is because the hiring process was pain-free, much like it used to be in the 'old days', so keep that in mind when you're wondering why you can't snag any new hires. Just something to think about....

No job-wanted ads, please. SM - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

Please use are free resume bank or see the ads on Job Seekers board.

Ask about specific companies or specific issues (i.e., the poster below asking which companies have an HMO plan).

If you need help, e-mail me.



Chasing work from company to company - Have any of you ever watched (sm) - Posted By: sm

5 year olds learning to play soccer?  The ball is in play and no matter what the coahes say ALL the kids go running for the ball.  Maybe we are like that, masses of us going from company to company in search of work.  This company has a new account BOOM here we go.  Now it is out.  Let's go here. 

Yep, I think it is a big game someone is playing with us.  Not a particularly funny one either. 

Does anyone know what Chronicle - Posted By: sm

transcripts starts their MTs at paywise?  TIA

Seeking info on Navesys - Posted By: sm

Anybody currently working for Navesys? Is this a good company? Is pay on time? Direct deposit? Any info is appreciated.

Focus Infomatics, Inc. - Posted By: jd

Any info on Focus Infomatics, Inc. in MA would be greatly appreciated.


Considering applying at DSG, any comments from MTs - Posted By: Snowbird

working there right now about how you like it. 

prn medical transcription - Posted By: wileo

Does anybody have any info. on prn medical transcription in Florida? Thank you!  

The podiatry job on board... sm - Posted By: curious

Does anyone know... is that MnD Scriberz? 

Who pays the best for VR work? - Posted By: Need $$$$$

Which companies pay the best for VR work?  What schedules do they require you to work?  Do they have benefits?  I have 2 children to support so I need to have a dependable work also.  Thanks in advance


Looking4aNewHome - Posted By: Catnip9

Please e-mail me. I think I can help, but I want to respect moderator's request not to post websites here. If you will e-mail me I will tell you about a great company that does not offshore.

Golden Isles Medical Transcription, any info appreciated, TIA!!nm - Posted By: MI-MT


Pentacle Transcription - Posted By: whiskersmom

Does anyone have input on Pentacle Transcription Company? 

Webmedx - Posted By: Shot Down

Has anyone recently tried applying with Webmedx?  I passed the initial screening and testing and talked to a recruiter and then she sent 5 clips with a download to be able to use my foot pedal which did not work.  I had to do the test using the manual buttons via MediaPlayer.  This made it impossible to slow down the dictation.  I left blanks for words I could not which was only about three blanks and two were left for physician names that were used in the dictation but felt I had the rest correct. I have been a transcirptionist for 19 years working in a multispeciality clinic and found out today I did not pass.  I wish I could see the results because I am not sure what I was marked off...would it be blanks, style, etc. but they did not give any instructions on what to do.  Just want some feedback as this was quite a surprise. Are they a good company?

just asking - Posted By: lily

did anyone ever feel that they hated to leave their present job as they loved their main account but for other reasons knew it would be a good choice?  have a good day

MDI-MD MTs - Posted By: mtmtmtmt

Anybody else running out of work regularly for the last week? I'm beginning to get a little worried.

How are the DRC/Acusis MTs holding up? Are you - Posted By: all still there? NM Wondering


Does anyone know anything about a company called Chart Notes out of Illinois - sm - Posted By: kelly

Do they offshore?  They claim to have transcriptionists with 10-12 years experience.  Any info on this company or experience anyone has had with this company would really help us out.

Happy New Year. May we all have happy home lives (sm) - Posted By: sm

and do whatever it takes to make our work lives work for us too. 

Vitaltype, LLC anyone??? - Posted By: JoJo

Anyone ever work for this company, any info you can give me?

RE: SCribedoc - Posted By: mommaklown2

Has anyone heard of Scribedoc out of Virginia? 

Anyone else running out of work at TT? - Posted By: getting disgusted

This is absolutely ridiculous. Not much longer and I am out of there. They tell you on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to work extra for your lines and just barely made my lines today. What a crock. Not everyone is able to jump at their beck and call and I refuse to be a puppet for 4 cents a line for VR.  


sorta new here.....need some info on DTS and Medscribe - Posted By: faith

I'm fairly new and would like some opinions on DTS and Medscribe.  Any info would be beneficial.  Thnx

Davis Transcription - out of PA - Posted By: nygal

Any recent news on this company?  Any current employees.


Companies who transcribe wave files? - Posted By: DKM

Hi.  I am looking for a good company who will transcribe medical wave files and return them completed in 24 hours via the internet.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?   Thanks.

Hospital at home now. - Posted By: TiredoldMT

Please forgive me but I really need to vent.  I think  I am at my lowest now.  I have worked in local Hospital Radiology dept. for 10 years and was told I must work at home, or no job.  I must provide high speed internet and pay for it, I provide space in my home and desk and chair, must show proof that my homeowner's policy will cover their computer equipment, and must show picture of area in my home showing a door for HIPAA compliance, they say.  I get 9 cents per line, only what I type, one line each for headers and footers.  They won't tell me how they determine a line, they won't say if macros and normals are included. I went to personnel and they say my department head determines what and how she pays and they won't interfere.  I have a one year old mortgage so can't say no, and my pay is down to 8-9 dollars an hour, and that is before I deduct what I have to pay to work at home.  When I told my supervisor that the new program they put in is not Transcriptionist friendly, she said, no it's not, it is mainly designed for Voice Recognition.  I can't check my lines, they give me a paper with total lines for the last two weeks on it with my paycheck.  I feel abandoned and abused.  I called local labor board and they said if I was getting minimum wage and overtime pay as required by law, then I should be thankful I have a job!

I am about to default on my mortgage, and have three kids to worry about too.  Can it get any worse than this?

TC - Posted By: callie

i just applied with a company in florida, TC Transcription, any info?

SoftScript? - Posted By: frogmommie

Anyone have any solid advice on this company, good points vs bad points?  Need to make a decision soon.  Appreciate the assistance. 

Anyone know any NJ hospitals who hire MTs from home? nm - Posted By: Looking


Heartland - Domestic Team No More? - Posted By: Worried HIS MT

Heartland's only recruiter announced last week that she would be leaving. I wonder if she knows what the outcome of Heartland being sold is? No domestic team?


I know I will miss her greatly!



Does anyone know anything about Fish Memorial Hospital who is - Posted By: advertising right now? nm


Transcenders - we get your work, do you get ours? - Posted By: MDI2

I've heard in the conference calls both from MDI people and Transcend people that we get to cross-train to take Transcend work if we get low.  Has Transcend been telling their MTs that they get to take MDI work if they get low?  Curious if they've been saying it both ways.

Anyone who has worked for Milner in the past, SM - Posted By: GaMT

would you please email me?  I am sending in my resume but would like some information beforehand.  Thanks. 

They all post below, but not yet one of them will say what company they recruit for. What is sm - Posted By: so many recruiters

up with that?  Does anyone wonder?  LOL.  I sure do.

I love the company I work for and I just wanted to share - Posted By: Michigan MT

that with you all so that if you are not happy, realize there is hope out there.  I worked for Healthscribe/Spheris for over 2 years until I found this position.  I am a SE for MDI out of Maryland and I make 10 cents per 65 character line including spaces.  This is a great smaller company that does not offshore.  I am left alone to do my work but I have somebody there if I need any questions answered, etc.  QA is wonderful too.  They didn't dump me into an account full time, they let you ease into your account over a 2 week period doing 5 reports a day so you can work your other job until you are taken off of QA.  I was off QA in a week.  My account is great, the platform is great (Bayscribe), production Expander is user friendly.  For all you unhappy MTs, there is hope out there. 

Diskwriter - Posted By: cathyc

I am considering Diskwriter and was wondering if anyone would like to give me any input on how they are to work for, what they pay, etc. You can email me if want. Your advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

EMDAT pedal? - Posted By: MslaMT

What pedal do you use for EMDAT?  Where did you order it from?  I see the one on Stop/Start for $98.  It looks just like my Infinity pedal, only USB.  Thanks!

TSI - Posted By: DD

Does anyone know if TSI out of Houston, Texas is still around?   I have been trying to get in touch with them and have been searching for their phone # but cannot find any info on them. I tried their website but it is not available anymore.   If anyone has any info about them, I would really appreciate it.


ATSI - Posted By: DONNA


Question for anyone currently with DSG. Do you find it is difficult to get good lines there. - Posted By: Californiagirl

I started recently and seem to find it rather difficult to get a good line count for some reason.  Help appreciated.

Looking for e-mail address for ScribeRight - sm - Posted By: Susan

Can anyone post it for me if you have it?



Does anyone know of any current openings sm - Posted By: job hunting

for account manager/supervisor working from home?  Thanks!