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AAMT - Posted By: MT

I was just recently hired by All American Medical Transcription.  I have searched for archives on this company but keep getting American Medical Transcription Services.  The one I'm wanting info about is located in Nashville, Tennessee.  Does anyone have any info about this company, whether good or bad.  Thanks!

I need some advice please - Posted By: Need advice on hospital job that is being outsourc

I work in the medical records department of a hospital and our transcription is going to be outsourced to an outside company.  We have been told that our transcriptionists would be taken in by this company but it doesn't look very promising and we would definitely take a pay cut as well as lose a lot of benefits.

We have several options aside from going with the outside service.  Some of us could move to the radiology department but they don't have room for all of us, and it would go by seniority in terms of who they would offer it to.  But I am afraid that the radiology transcription could be outsourced too before too long.  Since I have seniority I would have first choice to move to radiology but then I would lose my seniority because I would have to train from scratch there.  I have never typed radiology before and would take a pay cut.

Also there is a small hospital nearby that still does inhouse transcription but I just think that it will all go out to the national companies before long.

I don't know what to do.  Go with the company and take at least a 30% or 40% pay cut, apply with the small hospital, or start at the bottom in the radiology department that could also be outsourced in the future.

Can anyone give me advice about what to do? 

Thank you for your suggestions.


Did anyone else when they closed have problems with their insurance not being paid - Posted By: Fomer QTer

even though the premiums were deducted from your check.  I found out my policy had not been paid since October 1st and had to catch it up on my own.  Letter and email have gone without response (no surprise there) and phone has been disconnected.  Anyone know what agency would cover this.  Would have to think it is illegal to withdraw premiums and then not pay them.  Seems to me I should be reimbursed for those 3 months.

Any info on ZNF? nm - Posted By: Still hunting


Has anyone used a service called - Posted By: pajama-mama

Transcription Matchmaker? Seems like a good idea but don't have time to waste my time right now. Thanks.

midwest transcription services.... - Posted By: wondering

does anyone know how they count their lines? 

Meditec and MT companies they intern with - Posted By: Marie

Does anyone know how many companies Meditec is connected with for their Jumpstart program?   If so, which ones?  Thanks.

Proficient Transcription - Posted By: mad

Apologize...Your still trying to make your self feel better.  Do you think this is going to go away with just an apology? I don't care if you refund everyone, it was still WRONG!!  Does the bottom of your heart think that too?

NetScript - Posted By: Sarah

Has anyone run into this company; they are located in Arkansas?  They say you are an IC and then they treat you like a statutory employee, naming your hours, giving you your equipment, signing a noncompete clause, constant phone calls back and forth, etc.  They are bad news!  Stay as far away as you can.

A great 'read' - Posted By: RoniKMT

The Initiative site has a LINKS page; do yourselves a favo - go to the site, click on LINKS and read about your rights, and the Social Security backpay a lot of you have coming because you never were truly ICs.

I am sure that this post will disappear soon as 20 others have today that had absolutely nothing against TOS in them.

Anyone with exp w/ PMT in Kentucky? Am considering applying there. Thanks! nm - Posted By: Jewell


Quit MQ in June - still in shock with new job. Plenty of work, OT available. (sm) - Posted By: Feeling lucky

I just can't tell you how fortunate I feel.  The bonus program is good and understandable, you don't have to be a math genius to figure it out.  I have 2  accounts, great supervisor, pleasant office staff.  For those of you still unhappy with your current jobs, keep the faith, there are good companies out there.  Good luck on your search. 

Just wondering what the top 5 companies could be? nm - Posted By: sk


Precyse Solutions benefits? - Posted By: considering offer

Would appreciate any specific information I can get on cost of benefits, especially medical, dental, etc. It would be for me and my husband, no children, but would also like to know costs for just myself as well. Thanks.

I am having a hard time understanding why companies consistently overhire when they run an ad. - Posted By: PAMT

They have to know that people that need a certain amount of income are either going to quit or cut back and get a second job.  What does it gain them.  I would think this constant hiring and hiring and training would get very old and certainly has to impact quality.

Orion - Posted By: Dawn

I was wondering if anyone has worked for Orion and has any experience with them?  TIA

TerraNova - Posted By: nm

I received some testing material this morning from these people, anybody work there have anything to say about them?  Thanks!

Breitner - Posted By: Debbie

Anyone heard of Breitner? They have benefits and supply equipment. Been in the hospital setting so long, don't know much about the companies anymore.

Any new information about Alex-Med? Last post I saw was from 2006. sm - Posted By: curious

That post was not so flattering, painting the owner in a not-so-pretty light.  Anyone work for them currently?  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks.

How upfront is T-C Transcription in Florida? - Posted By: hmmm

Sent resume some time last month.  Was emailed couple days later to fill out attachments containing questions on computer specs, etc, and a written test, which was EASY.  Almost 2 weeks later, was emailed by Susan saying she was gonna be out of the office for a couple of days due to family tragedy. Two days after that email, I saw that she posted on another job board for the same positions.  I checked my written test over and over again, which was EASY.  Wish people would be upfront and say I didn't pass, didn't meet computer specs, etc.  I guess in this company's own way, it did tell me something--they are not upfront.  Anybody else experience this? 

Anybody who has used both ExText and Bayscribe...SM - Posted By: Questions

Which platform seemed to rack up lines more quickly, or was it a toss-up? If you have worked on both and can compare the two, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

SPi - Posted By: Anon

Question regarding SPI:  How hard is it to reach 800 to 1200 lines a day in an 8-hour work shift doing acute-care work? I am trying to learn the Chartnet Program and I find that actually there are more steps logging on and actually doing reports than what I do now with the  current program that I have.  Maybe with time it will become easier, but not right now.   Does anyone make a good paycheck if they work a 40-hour week? Thanks.

Anyone currently working for Comprehensive Healthcare Services? nm - Posted By: cracker


TRS/Transcription Relief Services - Posted By: Kari Smith

Hey all.  I was wondering if anyone has any info on TRS?  I just passed their test, but would like to know what they are like before I accept a position.  Any info on accounts, workload, etc?  Thanks!!!

StatIQ Solutions? - Posted By: Wanda

Anyone heard of this company?  If so what do you know?

qa company - Posted By: kris

Are there any companies that hire flexible shifts not set hours?

Just bringing up from below - Posted By: annuder old MT

Many years ago, when I worked in house for a local clinic, we had a Transcriptionist who had just graduated from a medical transcription course (I believe it was through the local community college since this was back in the early 1990s), and everytime this gal came across something she didn't know, she would ask the other transcriptionist or I how to spell it.  I truly think sometimes one of the BIGGEST problems is the fact that nowadays, people are not taught the proper way to spell or even how to research for that matter; for example not realizing that a spelling with an f sound could be spelled with a ph or Pf et cetra.

One classic example was a few years ago, and I was doing QA for a company and this company hired a friend of mine an older lady, who had decided to go into medical transcription and had completed a course.  Well, the company hired her on my recommendation and she called me one day, very upset and saying that she had received another email from a QA person, whom she felt was picking on her.  I asked her what the error was about and she stated that it was over the word chem as in chem-7 (which as an aside, I have NEVER abbreviated; always spelled it out as chemistry-7)  -- well anyway, my friend had typed it as Kem-7, so while I was on the phone with her I made her do a search, and what she came upon with the first hit was some rock band in a foreign country!!!!  This, is what I and older, more experienced transcriptionists get angry about is the fact that many people if they use the internet to do a search will use the first thing that comes to mind, rather than tryng to spell it several different ways to see if it fits in the PROPER context.  Sorry for this being too long.

Superior Global Solutions - Posted By: info wanted

Does anyone know if they hire IC??  

Companies offshoring to India - Posted By: AmericanMT

Why is it so wrong that human beings in India are doing something to lift their country out of poverty?  We are a developed country, so we can't possibly understand this aspect, but it really should be taken into consideration.  If you can truly say that your company outsourcing to other countries has brought you to extreme poverty, as they experience, then I will completely understand the worries.

I have not suffered at all financially in my 12 years of transcription.  In actuality, my income has increased slightly each year.  I have lived a poor life as a single mother until finally being able to put myself through school and getting into this field.  If there's an Indian mother or father who wants a better future for her family and be able to feed her kids, who am I as an American to say no to him/her?  It's not taking away from our families to the point of poverty that their country has to endure.

I used to be one to sit here and worry, but then I had the revelation of how thankful I am that I don't have to drive to work everyday with the gas prices on the rise, that I don't have to pay a babysitter and leave my children with people who may possibly be harmful to them, that I still can put a little money away each paycheck into my savings account towards retirement, that I'm not suffering hardship because of my pay but only because of the economy.

Yes, I am happy to imagine a mother or father and the joy in her/his eyes at the prospect of a real job to provide for her family in such a struggling country.  I am seeing from Someone else's perspective now.   

Is this a slow time of year or what? - Posted By: Checking In


Now wait. Don't tell me there are - Posted By: companies that only pay for

what you type in, no matter what your Expander plays out.  For instance, if you type copdx and that comes out as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, you should get paid for all the characters/spaces in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, right?  Not just five letters for copdx.  I'm asking because of the post below.

Heck, if I worked for a company that wasn't paying me for stuff the I took the time to put in MY expander to make transcription faster and more profitable for ME, then I'd just throw my expander out and type everything the hard way.

Please tell me there is no company that cheats MTs like that!

How many companies do not require you to fill out a time clock? NM - Posted By: question


Company found way to handle TAT. SM - Posted By: nn

After 5 pm, they are dumping out whatever reports are in editors ques and sending them out to MTs, but just certain MTs who have high ratings and are not allowed to leave any blanks.  Sounds like a great idea, except if one is the MT who gets stuck with all the junk, one right after the other.

This isn't VR either.

The Daily Transcription - Posted By: MTMOM

Does anyone know anything about this company? I am going to be testing with them, but I just wanted some opinions first.


Meridian Healthcare Solutions - Posted By: hldown


I have been offered a position with the above company.  I cannot find anything on them since January of 2005.  Does anyone have any recent experience with them??





Administrative Assistants, LLC - Posted By: nank

Found nothing doing a search, and wondered if anyone here had any experience with this company based in Michigan..thanks!

TransTech the last few days - Posted By: TiredTT

Is it me or is anyone else getting 100% ESLs the last several days.  I am signing on Monday and it looks like it is still this way.  I heard that it was not all ESLs and I am wondering if it is just me. I hope that it isn't but then again, if it is maybe I should worry... my production is going down quickly.

Transcend: Would anyone be willing to answer some questions SM - Posted By: Still looking ...

via email?  I used to work there and am strongly considering going back, and I have a few questions I'd like to ask someone who is there currently or even recently.  I would be applying for an Escription position.  Thanks very much!

Question about editing for Transcend? - Posted By: ME

How easy is the editing for transcend?  Have you edited for other companies?  How does it compare.  Thanks!

Info on Med-Scribe in FL? - Posted By: alh

I just tested with them and I can't seem to find any info on the boards. Any info would be great. Thanks!

Does anyone know the website for Accutran? - Posted By: se


FutureNet - Posted By: just wondering

Anybody working for FutureNet?  Any info, good or bad?

Any information on The Back Suite Corporation? TIA! - Posted By: nm

Anyone know how much Medware work goes to - Posted By: India? Anyone running out lately? nm


Looking for oncology work.....sm - Posted By: looking

Looking for a part-time IC position that consists mainly of hematology/oncology work. No national companies please.  If you have any leads, please leave your email and I will send a resume.  Thanks!

Thinking about going back in-house - Posted By: darwin

We are moving to a new town, and two of the hospitals there have job postings for transcriptionists. I'm trying to decide what to do. I know it would be easier to sit down and do the work without the distractions of home, but I would also lose the flexibility.

Has anyone else out there ever gone back to the hospital medical records department? and what was that like for you?

How much does Medware pay editors? - Posted By: RC

I see their ad, and I did a search, and it looks like they pay hourly plus line incentive, and I'm just wondering what the ballpark figure on that is.  Thanks!

What is the best platform out there? - Posted By: ake

Just wondering what to look for.  I want something efficient and easy to use.  I currently use EXText and not a big fan of it... too much demographic stuff to worry about and I hate their speech program... you can only get about 300 per hour and maybe 350 if you're really good.


Any MT Companies that have only Americans? - Posted By: Kristina

Any companies in the US that hire and keep their American workers and do not outsource to India?  How about Spheris?  Anything?

Any Accu-Stat Employees, need question answered - Posted By: MaryL

Does Accu-Stat supply (rent) you a C-phone or are you responsible to get your own. How much do they cost?  Also, any positives or negatives regarding Accu-Stat would be appreciated.  Thanks in Advance.