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QT question. - Posted By: Patterson

Why does everyone have to put in weekend work when there is no work during the week? I'm just sayin'

Did you read in the MQ packet where it said... - Posted By: sick of working holidays

Based on 39 hour 7 day work week? Or 24 hour 7 day work week? But doesn't explain what that means in detail. Also the part about OT being only after 40 hour scheduled work week? And how about if the HOLIDAY falls on your SCHEDULED WORK DAY you will now be REQUIRED TO WORK IT, but we'll give you 1.5 times holiday pay. and you have to have 150 per hour over 8 hours on a regular work day for employee status, or 100 for the new status. My God, a little more money but much more restriction,big brothering, too much you have to do this and you have to do that. I want it back to the way it was. I don't want holiday pay and I'll be damned if I am gonna work 8 hours on Christmas for it. Some things you can't pay enough for. This is exactly why I left my old company 5 years ago to go home to Medquist. I will be looking around now ASAP.

Data Entry Specialist Listing - Posted By: Chauntel

I was wondering if anyone had heard back from this job listing yet?  I got an email today from Stanford Executive Recruitment today with the same information as the job listing and so am assuming that is them.  They want a $14.00 registration fee so I am smelling SCAM.  Just wondering what you all thought or have experienced with this one.



Employee Positions - Posted By: Loves to Type

I am looking for a full-time employee position as I need benefits. It seems everything is IC. Does anyone know of companies that are hiring full-time employees? Thanks in advance!

TRX - Posted By: Need Answers Fast

Anybody have any current experience with TRX out of Oregon, owned by a Lori Boone?


Amphion Work Load/QA - Posted By: very_lucky

I have never been on these chats before but in checking all of them out I am in quite disbelief.  I see people complaining about having to do OT and QA issues if you have a bad QA.  Are you seriously kidding?  You have a job at home, a computer given to you, and you are there if your kids need you, are sick, etc.  You don't pay for gas, don't have to worry about the weather, or OT at an actual office.  Most people out there are looking for a good company and now people are complaining about having too much work.  This is a first for me because in my situation I always have bills, things cropping up for school and X-mas coming up as do most people  I know.  Remember what do you have and how good you do have it.

Anyone doing OP notes and want to share info - Posted By: about your company? nm


why the hard knocks on TTS? - Posted By: by

I've been reading these boards for awhile now and I have noticed some very, very bad stuff being said about TTS.  I am just wondering why.  I have worked for them now for a couple of months and have had nothing but a great experience.  When I was talking with the recruiter before being hired she did saw that the did pretty much do an overall so that things would run more smoothly.  Well I think they did a great job!  I don't get nagged by IMs, at the beginning they would check in with me via IM to see how I was doing and if I needed help with anything.  Linda has always been very prompt with any tech issues I might have (which were really just in the beginning with set-up).  I think the pay is fair, not it's not the 14 cents per line I was making on my own personal accounts but then again they went to electronic med. records and no longer needed my services so I think my pay now is better than 0 cpl.  Anyhow, I was just wondering why all the negativity.  Have a great day!

I know this question is asked a million times but who is good to work for - Posted By: c my message

anymore?  I have 13 years experience and I work at a hospital part time but I know I can make more on production plus I need the flexibility because I have osteo in my back and other health problems that require me to kind of break it up if you know what I mean.  I'd only like to work 4 to 6 hours a day, make a decent line rate, and have flexibility of having a span of time within which to get my lines done.  I don't need benefits but do not like IC status; I prefer statutory.  Any ideas?

Platforms - Posted By: Poppy

Are there platforms that consistently:

1)  record a line count that matches what you show your line count to be


2)  function with minimal technical issues.

Anyone willing to provide specific and honest input on SoftScript's platform?

Any RAD MT at MDI-MD using Meditech and Cphone? - Posted By: Rad MT wanting info on MDI

I use a c-phone on current hospital account - no problems with it and make good money using it.  I have never used Meditech platform and would love to hear from any MDI-MD rad MT who has used this combination (Meditech with Cphone)  on the pros and cons.  They offered me a good per report rate so I am considering employment. Thanks.

How do you proofread as you type? - Posted By: Alexa Hoover

I believe one of the reasons my productivity is substandard is because I go back through every dictation, re-read it, and sometimes have to return to the dictation.  I want to produce as close to 100% accuracy as I can.  However, my supervisor tells me to PROOF WHILE I TYPE?  Huh?  How do you DO that?  and type with any kind of speed?  Thanks for any advice!

Anyone know of any companies that let you work within a 24 hour time window? sm - Posted By: Is there one out there?

I am wondering if there are any companies that let you work anytime you want as long as you get your daily or weekly line count in?  Thanks....

I have many, many years experienced and was just told a little while back, even though I am an IC, that I have to have a set schedule...And I am struggling to follow the set schedule due to family illness....

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Line Counts - Posted By: tricky typist

Not too long ago there were numerous posts regarding Transtech and the line count situation.  I was just wondering if any TransTech employees are still experiencing discrepancies with their line counts.


SGS require 2400 daily lines? - Posted By: ll

Does anyone know if it is true that Superior Global Solutions out of Texas requires 2400 daily lines to qualify for full time and receive benefits?  If so, is there enough work to actually make that many daily lines?  Are they a good company to work for?  Thanks in advance, all responses appreciated.

From what I am seeing on - Posted By: me

these posts, it looks like the bigger the company, the worse you are treated. 

Is the DVI platform still around or has... - Posted By: Picky platformer

Dictaphone been eating them for breakfast?

ATS - Posted By: Charla

Does anyone know anything about ATS (American Transcription Solutions) of Clearwater, FL?  Specifically, does anyone know who owns or manages?  Thanks a lot.

I will probably get laughed at for - Posted By: suzie

even asking, but I am an MT with 30 years experience with a lot of operative report experience, looking for someone who will hire me with benefits, to include paid time off, health insurance, reasonable acceptable line rate with incentives and in return will get a very dependable, conscientious, fair high producing Transcriptionist (right now about 2300/65 character  lines per day).  If by chance there is such a place, please e-mail me.

Med-Scribe, Florida - Posted By: Stargazer

Does anyone have any information regarding Med-Scribe out of Florida.  Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

USAMedTranHR..anbody know anything about them? - Posted By: LM


Thomas Transcription - Posted By: looking

I'm thinking of applying with them.  Can anyone give me any pros/cons?  Pay?  Platform?  TIA!

Wish me luck.... - Posted By: *Fingers Crossed*

I'm starting a new account tonight as an IC and just got the necessary equipment.  I've got the manual at my side and QA on standby, but I've never used this platform.

Cross your fingers for this fellow MT, please!!!  


Does this seem weird to anyone? - Posted By: tttttttt

I was hired by a company and work daily, however, I NEVER hear from them, not 1 email or anything.  Is this normal that you are left alone like this and should count it a blessing?  Usually there is some sort of communication to feel like you are still in the loop.  Feels weird to me.  What do you think???

Looking for info on - Posted By: eScription?


Line counting change under your noses - Posted By: disgusted

Yep, I have been with a certain company for several years and have always used the same formula using my own calculator to make sure I match their line counting method to make sure I make the $ I want each day.  This formula has worked WITHOUT FAIL for several years.  Two weeks ago it changed.  And not for the better either.  Not a huge difference, but yep, it has definitely changed.  Probably why nobody has noticed, but I definitely do.  This all comes with the upgrade of a certain program.  Not only is there the stress of low/no work, but now the line counting is changing too, suddenly, with the upgrade I assume, or at least pretty suspicious as to the timing of it.  Must have something to do with VR, no doubt.  Double the production!  Then you will never notice the small, teensy eensy drop in your count!  You VR cheerleaders, smarten up!  You are slowly stamping out the true MT who has given the blood, sweat and tears of learning this profession (and knowing what we are worth, and STILL not getting it) with your tireless pep rallies.  You jumped on the band wagon because you think it is the new sweep of the future.  You were too afraid to stay with what you truly believe.  The saying goes, what goes around comes around..you say this is the new technology?  Well geez, what happens next?  I can't wait to see in future years how YOUR job is stamped out only by yet another new technology.  Now I am paranoid that I need to obtain copies of my medical records because it will be like a credit report...make your corrections immediately!  Lol.  To think that anyone would work for half wage of a traditional MT, and please realize you truly do not make any more, if you do you are truly delusional, it makes me realize just how bad the economy really is.  But in the proces, it is going to stamp out a truly wonderful group of people who have a vast knowledge of MT and who have depended on this knowledge for God knows how many years.  Yes, it is truly a sorry situation.  I am spending every free minute of each day (and no that is not hardly anything since I am spending most of my free minutes waiting on a job) looking at other professions.  The MT profession is dead, and don't be fooled that VR is a profession, you in years to come will be history too....technology!  Remember?  Yeah....  Geez I feel better now.  Oh, and forget your hateful replies to me.  It won't change a thing. 

What happened to post earlier today regarding MD-IT? - Posted By: inquiring mind


Anyone else who left MQ/ line count question. (sm) - Posted By: Just Me

Working on Dictaphone ExText now and only averaging 100-135 lines per hour whereas on MQ DQS was able to do easy 150.  (Before the cesspool, of course).  Feel I need to be more patient.   Had worked MQ so long forget how long it takes to build up speed and ease with another program.

Anyone else have input?

New England Transcription - Posted By: leda

Has anybody worked for them? If so, can you give me the poop on them. I'm asking for a friend.



Where are the posts??? - Posted By: LinK

Can someone tell me why all the threads that had to do with the job posted for the $25 per audio hour Transcriptionist has been deleted?  Makes no sense to me.

looking for Old Bridge Medquist address - Posted By: tugger

Does anyone have the address and phone number for the Old Bridge, NJ office of Medquist?

DeVenture..how is this company? - Posted By: wondering

I had started to apply for this company but never did the testing.  I got a call from a recruiter who left me a message stating they were hiring and invited me to complete the testing.  How is this company?  I have not really heard much about them so anyone who has any info about this company please let me know.  I would really appreciate it.  Thank you very much.

So what happens after accept offer? sm - Posted By: keystrokes prospective new hire

I have accepted a position with Keystrokes but haven't heard back after leaving message for recruiter. Just wondering what next step is. Should I expect paperwork via snail mail or E-mail, etc? Thanks! 

Question for the MTSOs who are around tonight - Posted By: sm

How do you feel about divulging line rates or hourly rates?  I was taught that this was confidential information and it is something that can be one of the biggest troublemakers in a company when one MT or QA tells another how much they make.  Do you the MTSO feel that telling someone on a public board is breach of a confidentiality agreement (I consider this a sensitive issue)?  It is one thing if that MTSO posts a line rate range.  Even then sometimes an MTSO makes exceptions and if someone comes on a board and posts a rate or someone asks someone to email them what they make, do you feel that this is divulging confidential information?  Being there is someone below who feels that they can tell whoever they choose and that this is not confidential information, I would like to see what an MTSO thinks.  What is an MTSO way of thinking. 

Unionized Transcriptionist? - Posted By: tiredof it

Is this just so overwhelming to think about.  Plummers, carpenters, auto workers, healthcare workers, nurses, teachers, etc. have managed to unionize and demand fair pay and treatment.  Am I the only person who has ever had this thought?  Why do so many MTs resign themselves to less than fair wages and benefits for a skill that is in such high demand?  Tell me what you think.  Just curious. 

How many of us are looking for a new job in the new year? ...sigh...nm - Posted By: Me


Any one happy with VR - Posted By: Hidden

I have been interviewing with companies that are willing to hire me in and in three months switch to VR.  I want to know if anyone doing VR can honestly make a living.  I was told that I would make  7.5 cpl doing transcription and in 3 months switch to VR at 3.5 cpl, but that I should be able to maintain my speed or go faster once I am familar with the account.  I do not know much about VR and would like to know if this is possible and will I maintain my line count with VR. I would like to hear from MTs that do VR and how productive they are.


Protype in Pennsylvania - Posted By: Anna

Looking for information regarding this company.  Pros and cons please.  E-mail me if you do not want to post here.  Thanks.

Do you guys know of anyone hiring for - Posted By: a psych account.

If I could find a psych account I would be in heaven.

Need current info on ETransPlus i.e. work load, line rate (ballpark), cost of benefits, SM - Posted By: GaMT

and overall treatment of their MTs.  I found archived opinions but all old.  Is anyone there now that can comment?  Thanks!!

Can someone tell me the difference between IC and employee and what hours are you expected to work - Posted By: MTIOWA

as an IC. Are your hours flexible as an IC.

New at Keystrokes? - Posted By: contemplating KS or TT

For the new Keystrokes MTs, I know you are busy and all with the new job, but I was wondering how you are doing? Do you like your account?

There seems to be a hiring blitz going on there. Did they get a bunch of new accounts? Thoughts?

Which companies accept satellite internet? - Posted By: Steph

Just moved to rural Maine and found out the company I work for currently doesn't accept satellite, so I'm looking for one that does. Anyone know of any?

who hires statutory employees - - Posted By: mtj

This has probably been addressed before, but after reading a thread on the main board about IC tax hassles, I am just wondering if anyone hires statutory employees, so I can avoid the extra SE tax. Thanks in advance.

Just curious why Focus Infomatics is being allowed to advertise here. Totally Indian-ran. - Posted By: What???

TM Transcription - Posted By: me

Anyone heard of this company?

DIT Transcription - Posted By: MTToday

Anyone work for them/heard of them?

Other than unsubstantiated bashing - Posted By: any comments on OSI and

how are they to work for, the platform, compensation, etc.

MT paid by the hour????? - Posted By: Kim

Does anyone know of any Transcription companies that pay by the hour instead of by the line.  Please let me know of any.

SoftScript - Posted By: Curious

Anyone working for Softscript:

Do you type in Word or another program? How do you like the platform/company? What is the pay starting at?

Any other information would be greatly appreciated.