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Anyone have info on Transcription Relief Services? - Posted By: MTx6

Just wondering if there is anyone out there that used to work for TRS or is currently working for them.  I would like to know the good and the bad.

mt group - Posted By: denise

Does anyone have any info on the MT group?  Thanks  

Any companies that pay more than 4cpl - Posted By: TiredMT

for VR?  Transcend pays 4 cpl and I will never make what I did doing straight typing.  Surely SOMEONE pays half way decent for VR?  I use Escription which isn't bad but even with the shortcuts, you can't make the money and still have quality without putting in a LOT of hours, not just 8 a day.

Webmedx insurance question? - Posted By: liz

How long must one be employed by Webmedx before they are eligible for the health insurance? Also, what insurance company do they get their health ins. through?

Thanks for any replies!

Virginia Professional Transcription Services - Posted By: MT

Has anyone hear of this company?  If so, could you please share info on them?  TIA.

Any info on ANP out there? - Posted By: just offered a position...

I know they've been in business for several years... just wondering if anyone has any experience with them and would like to share...

Any one use DOS-based Meditech...sm - Posted By: passing through

I just started with a company that still uses this program and am wondering if you can actually get your line count up or if this old program is just a pain. I am a mouse person and this is driving me up the wall, but if I can get good production maybe I need to stick it out. Thanks.

Dependable Transcription - Posted By: b

Does anyone have any info on Dependable Transcription in Boca Raton FL?

MedScribe Information Systems in FL.... - Posted By: Need info

Does anyone work there as an IC??  I see on their web page that they hire ICs but most of the ads say employee status.  Any information would be great! 

Also, apparently there is a company called MedScribe Services.  This one is in Ohio.  Anyone know the website for this one? 

RE: Help - Posted By: klownmom

I am job hunting and need help with these companies. I have a few like JLG, Keystrokes, MDI-FL, Med-Tech, Transend, Transcription Solutions. I want part time about 35 hours a week with ER, Clinic Notes, Discharges. Easy stuff. I am retired and have had the rat race, just want something good.

Dare I ask? Any happy Keystrokes Rad MTs? (sm) - Posted By: RadGurl

How is the MANTIS platform?  They state pay is by report..what is the amount?  Nice people or ogres?  Any input greatly appreciated.  Tired of wasting time with revolving doors of empty promises. 

WebMedx - Posted By: medword

Would like to hear from someone who has worked for WebMedx.  I've heard their benefits are good, 35 hours per week for full time.  Anything else?

$900 = full time? - Posted By: flubbergasted

Can anyone explain how $900 equals full-time?  Does everyone have the same line rate so that it takes everyone the same amount of time and sweat to get to the $900?.  Thanks.


is Breitner paying on time (or at all!) yet? archives are old answers. thx. - Posted By: kwerstions


What type of documentation do you get for taxes? - Posted By: As an IC, at the end of the year...


A question for all of you...... - Posted By: Mommyof2

Hey Everyone:

I was just wondering how many of you MTs out there work with little ones at home and if so, do you feel that you manage?  Just curious and a new topic to discuss.

Have a great day!

Central Transcription Services - Posted By: Me

Does anybody have any experience with this company - good or bad?


JLG - Posted By: bspen

Anyone work for JLG?

What would you do? - Posted By: MH

I am thinking of switching companies, but not sure whether to take the risk or not. do.  Am I stupid for staying with my current MTSO?  Here's why I ask...  I never know what my workload will be from day to day.  I may get up to 1500-2000 lines or I may get absolutely nothing.  I just never know.  I download directly from the client.  If they don't send something first thing, they may send later, but I just never know when or how much.  It's really driving me crazy.  The good part is that I don't work weekends or holidays.  The other thing is that my MTSO is does not follow the BOS, which also drives me crazy.  She send out directives to her MTs that are almost opposite to what it says in the BOS.  I feel like my quality will suffer if I start doing things her way (she gets a little hostile when I question her) and I might forget the right way of doing things.  Other than that, she is very good to me.  I think the new company I applied to sounds fine, except that they pay 1 cpl less, and really you just never know what you are getting into.  Does anybody have a comment?




Does anyone have any experience in working for Focus through a vendor?  If so, would you be willing to share your experience?  Also, does anyone know if Focus (not through a vendor but the company itself) pays once or twice monthly? 

Thank you in advance!

Any recent info on JLG? I couldn't seem to find anything. TIA - Posted By: LTMT

Adept Word Management - Posted By: justwondering

I was just wondering if anyone currently works for Adept, and how much they like/dislike the company.  They seem like a wonderful company, and I have been offered a position with them.


ROI (Rapid Outsource Imaging) anyone? - Posted By: Thinking about it.

Would like to know what the word is on the street regarding this company. 

Thank you, comrades.

line counts - Posted By: BL

anyone working for TTS having trouble with their line counts?

MDI -MD MT - Posted By: Too Soon To Judge?

My account requires that I type a great deal of identifying info in each report.  That, combined with the dial-in technology itself, makes it hard to get the decent line count I am used to.  I'm lucky to break 1000 but routinely did 1500-2000 lines per shift in the past.  Does it get easier with time?  Also, does anyone have knowledge of cherrypicking going on with these accounts?  It seems like I get one horrible dictator after another...after another...after another...etc.  I am hoping the answers to my questions are yes and no respectively, but I am beginning to question whether I'll ever be able to survive there.  Thanks for your insight.

Anyone else having trouble getting into Enterprise for Webmedx today? - Posted By: WX

Called Solution Center and they say it's a router issue, wait it out? Just wondering if others are having this problem. Thanks!

looking for transcription co that needs at-home part-timers and provides equip/software - Posted By: Leslie Ringley

Does anyone know of a transcription company that needs part-time at-home transcriptionists and provides equipment and/or software?  Thanks!



THE 6 H's from Webmedx (sm) - Posted By: HA

Character Core
The Webmedx Six H's

Hungry - we believe a hungry MT is a more productive MT.
Haggard - we believe that unless you look this way, you aren't working hard enough for us.
Heart attack - we know when we announce our latest round of cuts, many of you will have these.
Hijab - we make decisions about your income that make going to Saudi Arabia to work look inviting.
Hiring - we'll be doing a lot of this starting next week.
Humble - .the MT must be kept in her place always.

I just took the MedGarde test...all I can say SM - Posted By: Just Me

is, Oh my word! That was a doozy!  I'm pretty sure I didn't pass that test.  Oh well, back to the drawing board! 

Just Me

New QA guidelines for Transolutions? - Posted By: woodbird

Does anyone work for Transolutions who has had their pay affected by the new tougher QA guidelines and on-hold percentage??  Wondering if anybody else is having a really hard time with this.

WedMedx - Posted By: Chimeralld

Hi -- Is anyone familiar with WedMedx Company? Are they good to work for?

Thanks.   LLD                  

2 weeks notice - Posted By: anon

I am afraid to give my 2 weeks notice . . . what happens if they say they don't want me to finish out the 2 weeks and I have no income?  Has anyone had this happen?

Equal opportunity - Posted By: ConfusedMT

I recently applied at a company and was told that my transcription test did not meet the minimum requirements for any of their accounts.  Yet, a friend of mine took the same test and showed it to me in which she had several blanks.  It looked very similar to mine other than the fact she had blanks and I did not.  Has anybody ever had this problem?

Anonymous report to IRS (sm) - Posted By: MTSO Owner

I just posted a reply to an IC who is tired of being burned.

I want to add - and not to out of spite to fellow MTSOs - if you want to stop the trend of requiring ICs to follow set/ employee schedules, you can make an anonymous report to the IRS. No company, and no one wants an IRS inquiry/audit.

That said, I strongly suggest that, so as not to arouse suspicion that you are the anonymous reporter, you not complain about your hours/set time while you make this IRS report. You want to rectify the situation, but you do not want compromise your earnings.

Youch, MQers, how do you handle DQS timesheets if you're a regular employee with no set schedule? - Posted By: I'm up and down all day.


Anyone working for Transform, how's their health ins? - Posted By: SM

What is the employee's cost for single and/or family coverage? TIA

Does Webmedx has a strict schedule or a window to get work done? - Posted By: Want some flexibility.

I tried searching boards, but too many entries came up. Thanks

Cymed's Platform - Posted By: Paula

Everyone seems to love Cymed's platform.  What type of platform do they have and how user friendly is it?  I'm thinking of applying with them.   Also, since I know they don't pay for spaces, do they pay a higher line rate to compensate for that?

Transolutions - Posted By: Inquiring MT

I see Transolutions is hiring, and their ad says their pay structure has changed.  Does anyone know how it has changed?  My guess is that it has something to do with the Apex format, but judging by past posts I've read, you still only make peanuts per report on that system.

RadpidText - Posted By: LS

Anyone have any info on Rapidtext, good or bad?

Anyone working for Probity. Would like to hear from you. - Posted By: cmt

Feel free to e-mail

Ascend info - Posted By: radmt

I need to the real specifics on this company before I accept their offer.  The pay they are stating is within reason.  Does their accounts consist of ESL doctors?  Does any of their paychecks bounce?  Please help, thanks.  Good bless the hurricane victims.

WPU - Anyone having problems getting paid? - Posted By: Mary

I've sent my invoice 3 times and have been told 3 times that the check is in the mail.  The person in charge will not answer my emails and will not talk to me on the phone, only tells me the check is in the mail through her assistant. However, she cannot supply me with a check number or a date on when it was mailed.  Anyone else experiencing this type of situation with this company?

Need some help from independent contractors, please. - Posted By: wondering

I am going from an employee status to an independent contractor.  Exactly how much more of my taxes will I be paying instead of my employer.  I am looking at my paystub from my employee status and I see FICA and Medicare being withheld.  Does the employer pay a portion of the both the FICA and the Medicare or just the FICA.  Is the percent like 7% or 8% or something else.  I am just trying to figure out how much of my line rate this is going to eat up.

NY MTSOs....sm - Posted By: nn

I am speechless, why so rude???? Geez, I am not saying all people from New York are that way, but I have worked for 2 services out of New York in my MT life and they take the cake for being so nasty.

Need company with Lots of OPs - Posted By: Beachbum

Looking for a company with lots of OPs available (that can support 300-400 lph x8 hours a day).  Need full time employee status with benefits.  What companies allow you to do exclusively Ops?  Thanks.  

Is it just my imagination - once again - Posted By: mtme

runnin' away with me? Or are the job ad posters starting to react to our outrage over low pay?

Rapid Transcript - Posted By: ChiMT

 A word to the wise...

Bayscribe or ExText - Posted By: mt

Has anybody used both? I have always used ExText but also hear good things about Bayscribe. My company uses both and I am wondering which gives more production as I am being offered a backup account with Bayscribe. I love ExText except for the speed control needing to be opened up. Thanks!

Voice Systems (this is a company) - Posted By: information, anyone? NM