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MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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job inquiry - Posted By: wanttowork

Anyone familiar with MVTS?

TransTech - Posted By: cleosmom

How is Trans Tech to work for these days?

Allstate Transciption - Posted By: Mary

Would like to hear from anyone who has completed the internship program offered by Allstate.....    good or bad

Diskriter ASR - Posted By: C-C

Is anyone working on Diskriter's new ASR platform and if so what kind of pay is there and what is the work like?

Thanks in advance.

Does anyone happen to have the number to call Amherst MQ office. Thanks much. - Posted By: MT


Does Happy OSI'er ever work? She is too busy posting on MTStars! - Posted By: Curious

any companies out there - Posted By: emtt

using Chartnet besides SPi, I mean?  I like that platform, need to know who else uses it.  Thank you! 

If/when you run out of work at Webmedx how are you allowed to make up? (nm) - Posted By: Just asking - don't shoot


Can someone give me the contact - Posted By: info for Transform? (nm)


Testing with New England Medical Transcription - Posted By: Just Passing Through

Has anyone else had problems getting test files from them with IE7 and Word 2003?

Does TransTech give bonuses or anything?? - Posted By: MT4eight

I got a strange deposit in my bank account and I can't figure out where it came from. My paycheck from them is in there and then there is a separate deposit from somewhere. Just maybe fantasizing that it might be a bonus? Anyone know? Or am I just dreaming.

Should I or Shouldn't I? - Posted By: cmt

Went on interview with a hospital for transcription position.  I've been a MT 29 years now, last 10 years working for various transcription companies.  This particular hospital is very small, maybe 200 beds, but have merged with a larger hospital organization.  At present the transcriptionists are paid only hourly, but director says an incentive plan is on the table but not finalized yet.  The benefits are excellent.  Toward the end of the year, the transcriptionists will have the option to work from home, all equipment and everything provided by hospital.  There are only 2 shifts, day and evening, of which I will work evenings. The transcription also includes radiology.  When I asked about a minimum of maximum line requirement, Director says transcriptionists are not on production per se but minutes typed, anywhere from 60 to 100 minutes a day, and that would depend on the difficulty of the dictator, as she would not expect the maximum if the dictator was difficult to transcribe.   I will be getting a phone call tomorrow as to an offer, as the pay rates have changed since the merger, but  the old pay schedule was a base of $10.80 hourly and  max $18.80 hourly.    There will be probably a 20 to 25 mile commute one way.  What would you consider an acceptable offer.   I know the bottom line is what is affordable for me, but just want to get you guys input on the whole take.
Thanks in advance!

TransTech - Posted By: msmt

So many positive posts, and they are now hiring. Do they have many ESLs.


Advanced Transcription Techology? - Posted By: Birdladybi

Anyone know anything about this company.  They are out of New York. Amy McGaffick, is the owner.  Anyone work there?   

Starting with Chronicle Transcripts. Any - Posted By: HappyMT

advice?  I really weighed the decision against posts I read here and my gut feeling after interviewing.  I'm hoping I made a good decision.  Has anyone started there recently and find it is a good fit for them?

Any companies offer health insurance for part time? - Posted By: MTMI

Very strange question - Posted By: anon for now

I recently started working for a company and so far, so good' however, i am assigned different accounts that pop up at any given time and have one doc who is really HEAVY ESL  -- when I have asked for samples, even with patient information blacked out, they are saying 'against HIPPA regulations, etc.  I have worked in other platforms for other companies and if I couldn't understand a medication or whatever, could sometimes go into a patient's chart to see the formatting, meds etc.  This is the FIRST time I have heard of anything like this.  Thanks

AccuSTAT Wisconsin - Posted By: What type of format do they use? nm


Northeast Transcription - Posted By: upstateMT

Anyone have any info on this company, pay, flexibility, benefits, etc?  Anything would be helpful.

Has anyone taken the verbal mini-test - Posted By: for Transhealth? sm

Is it very difficult?  I don't do well with these types of tests.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you. 

Any current feedback on TransHealth? They've been - Posted By: advertising a lot. Growth or turnover? nm


All American Transcription - Posted By: RAD-CHICK

Does anyone know anything about this company? I got a call from them and wanted to check them out. I don't want to waste their time or mine. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

question about MDI-FL - Posted By: Ab

Does anyone get hired under or work under the MDI-FL name still, or have they phased out the name and is it all just Transcend now?

SERVICE OWNER RATES POSTED - Posted By: InitiativeVolunteer

in post (below) that states that there is no money involved to be a part of this.  Please read in its entirety - it is a long post but very informative.

Keystrokes - Posted By: Carrie Fuller

Hello. I have been hired at Keystrokes and wonder if there are any Keystrokes employees who can give me any pointers that a new employee should know.  I've heard nothing but good about this company which is much of the reason that I chose the job.

Nobody has answered my JLG inquiry... - Posted By: FLMT

Please somebody tell me.  Good to their MTs, flexible, how is pay, what platform, how is QA? 


looking for ophthalmic transcription work - Posted By: KW

I am a soon to be graduate of Career Step and prior to this worked 11 years for an ophthalmologist. I am looking to do ophthalmic transcription. Is there a company that specializes in ophthalmic transcription?

Companies that provide Equipment? - Posted By: blubird

I am wondering if there are still any companies that provide equipment.  I have almost 20 years of experience, have a pentium processor and Windows XP, but I do not have a foot pedal... Does anyone know off hand?

Just got an offer from Transhealth - Posted By: ...wondering

Decisions, decisions.  Should I go or should I stay?  Anybody have opinions on TransHealth?

p.r.n. Medical Transcription Services - Posted By: hi

Any info on this company? Do they pay on time? What platform? How are the dictators?

ExtextWord - Posted By: wanda

What companies or hospitals use the dictaphone Transnet/ExtWord software?

Transcend-MDI FL - sm - Posted By: Lucy

Anyone know how it is going with MDI-FL now that Transcend has bought them? I am thinking of applying, but not sure about either of these companies? Any info would be appreciated...

Any info on CTS: Cardiology Transcription Services out of NY? - Posted By: sze


Is there plenty of work these days - Posted By: at Medware?

Checking before I apply, looks like some are running out of work.

Anyone else getting unsolicited e-mails from any MT companies? - Posted By: Got one from Keystrokes. I just deleted it. (NM)


Have questions about Focus Infomatics - Posted By: Beth

Can anyone, besides the one post below this one, tell me the good and/or bad about being a QA for Focus Infomatics?  I think this is an employee position but there don't seem to be any benefits listed, so am not sure.  I'm wondering about the pay.  Is 4 cpl good for QA of voice recog?  Is it possible to make a decent living there without working 50 to 70 hours a week, 7 days a week?   Please email me with any responses if you don't feel comfortable posting.  Plus I could be more specific with questions.   crazyformt@hotmail.com

Spheris called but... - Posted By: Me

They haven't gotten back in touch with me.  Should I wait or call them back?  The lady who interviewed me told me that she would have someone get in touch with me.  That was a week ago now.  

I am not going to wait around for a phone call though.  I have been putting in other applications, but I really wanted to work with them.

Does Transcend offer PTO? It doesn't say in their ad. - Posted By: How much pay cut for being an ME? nm


Transcription House - Posted By: Searching

Any info. on Transcription House in Arizona?

FutureNet - Posted By: anon

Do the new accounts at FutureNet still have plenty of work?  Are they still hiring?

To old_MT - Posted By: anon

the answer to your question is KS.

Does Dictaphone ExText come with a built-in medical spellcheck? SM - Posted By: PSMT

More specifically, does TransTech's platform have a medical spellcheck?  TIA

Anyone know if SofScript is any good - Posted By: Time for a change


Oracle? - Posted By: Would anyone happen to know what type of

platform they use?  I am also wondering if anyone works for them part-time just doing clinic or is it a mix of acute care and clinic?  Thanks so much in advance.

Why are they begging for MTs for VR? - Posted By: mtme

I am seeing so many job ads for Escription VR MTs and editors which sound really desperate. They don't want newbies but they are only paying 3 cpl for experienced MTs to edit. Even though they say they will pay 8 cpl for straight transcription, that is a small percentage of the reports. Maybe 10%. I have worked on several Escription accounts and they take so much time to check demographics and cc's and then you must conform your style to theirs and clean up the formatting that it just isn't worth the brain drain.  Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

ZYLOMED ANY INFO nm - Posted By: curious me


Twelve-hour window companies (sm) - Posted By: starting to look (again)

I know this has probably been asked before, but I'd like to know of some companies alow 8 hours of work within a 10- to 12-hour window?  I don't mind punching in and out, I just can't sit for 8 hours nonstop and produce like I need to.  I know other factors are important, but I think that's where I'm going to start this time.   BTW, no need to offer up MQ.  I work for them PT, just need a good FT right now.  Thanks!

To GaPeach; did you find out anything (sm) - Posted By: Inquiring

about your line count on Chart Script with e-MTS?  Is it still not adding up?  Just wondering.  I was offered a position and wanted to find out what you thought.  Thank you.

Focus - Posted By: typist

How is FocusInfomatics to work for?

Does anyone like it at Precyse? New employees? old employees? nm - Posted By: jane