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MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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anything about JLG - Posted By: bspen

If anyone has any info, please let me know.

Accusat in Massachusetts - Posted By: Mari

Hi..has anyone heard of Accustat working for UMass in Worcester?

SCP...anyone know what that stands for? - Posted By: August

In an ad for iMedX, for method of sending/receiving dictation they have SCP...what does this mean?

Any information on ELL TX Inc? nm - Posted By: kadi


Amphion - Posted By: L@@KING

Can anyone tell me anything about Amphion (good, bad or indifferent)?  Do they have health benefits?  How is the platform?  How flexible are they?  Do they have an incentive/bonus structure? 

Thanks for opinions.

Is it possible to make $$$ working - Posted By: for TransHealth since they pay by line

and not report?

Anyone waiting for UPS to deliver their pay check?! - Posted By: IrishMom

My check from FutureNet was sent UPS overnight delivery on Thursday and it still hasn't arrived!!! Nothing like not getting paid at Christmas time!

Having trouble finding info about - Posted By: (sm)

Transcription At Its Best, and just wondering if anyone here knows anything about them.  I tried searching the archives, but I think their name precludes the ability to narrow down the search enough.  Any information at all would be much appreciated.

TIA!  and happy Friday everyone!!!

Meridian - Posted By: nm

Has anyone worked for Meridian and did you like the company?

No work @ SoftScript? - Posted By: Bored

There has been a shortage of work (at least for me) at SS.  Now, I see that they are hiring!?!?!?!  Is this the norm there?  Anyone else work at SS and have the same problem? 

Cymed or Medscribe in Florida? pls help me decide - Posted By: inquiring

So far these are the two companies that have offered me a job and I have been reading not so nice feedbacks.  Since I have no choice right now and I need a job immediately, I would like to ask anyone if I have to choose between the two? Which one do you think I should choose?  Your inputs will be greatly appreciated

When you hire on and run out of work -- - Posted By: Here's what I did to prompt some action!

I hired on as a part-time MT for 2 different places.  After my training, the first few days went okay.  Then, I hit a snag.  The first place I signed onto had no work - or at least started sending the e-mails about flexing our hours due to light workload, blah, blah.

I replied with my resignation stating that I simply could not afford to wait around while they tried to find work - they knew when I agreed to work and I expected to have it  - I already had another part-time position and thank you very much.

Amazingly enough, I had a phone call and work within about 15 minutes and hadn' thad a problem since. 

It's a gamble, true.  Could backfire, true.  I was, however, as prepared as I said I was and felt that if I tolerated even one day of the low/no work without letting them know how serious I was, it would just feed a lax attitude from the company toward keeping me supplied with work.

Anywho, just thought some of you may benefit from my experience.

Tomorrow I have an Interview for a - Posted By: Possible New Radiology Job

Interview is with local BIG hospital, but will work at home. I am looking for questions to ask at the interview. It will be with 3 people. Head MT, HR person, and MR manager. NEED input, questions to ask, what constitutes good pay, etc. I have done radiology before in-house, but no idea where to begin with off-site pay scale.

Thanks for your help!

Has anyone started on KS Hem/Onc account yet? - Posted By: How is your line count?

Good dictators? Platform, how do you like it? Anything else you can tell me. Have to make a decision over the weekend.

Any word on MDI Maryland? - Posted By: doris

I was looking into it but have very little info.

If your company has a graded QA what is their - Posted By: curious

lowest allowed score - don't need to name company.

Hiring MTs with entry level exp - Posted By: limeytypist

I have just graduated from a MT program and am looking for work.  I am willing to work the hours no one else wants.  Can anyone suggest companies that hire MTs with entry level experience.  My husband is working in Iraq and I would like to supplement his income so he can come home.

Anyone who works PT for Spheris, can you tell me what your experience has been like, esp if you also - Posted By: work for someone else? Thanks! nm


Cymed management - Posted By: MTing

Now that it has been a few years since the SPI takeover, I am wondering if anyone knows if any of the original Cymed managers/team ended up working together anywhere else or starting up another company? 

Winscribe - Posted By: Tristen

Can anyone tell me about this platform, opinion of its friendliness or not.

Is TT email down this a.m.? - Posted By: nm


making line count with TransTech?sm - Posted By: cc

I notice they require 11,000 minimum..that's about double what I normally do. Is it easy enough to get to that minimum in 60 days' time?

Any MDI-MD MTs received W2's? - Posted By: mdi'er

I had mine by this time last year, just wondering if anyone else has rec'd theirs yet, and if I should check into it...

Benefits - Posted By: artsykathy

Are there any companies that offer benefits that aren't a joke.  I have talked to a few offering insurance but the premiums are ridiculous, I could get just as cheap on my own.....

Type Right? - Posted By: Msla MT

Has anyone heard of a company called Type Right?

Cardioscribes - I see they are - Posted By: hiring again - Anyone with - sm

current information on them?  I applied the last time they were doing a big hiring but never heard back from them.  Any current MTs working there that can share their experience?  I see some posts regarding irregular pay dates - is this still going on or was it just a one time thing?  How is the work load, do they have a lot of work?  What kind of platform? 

Has anyone had any experience with DocuMed? - Posted By: Should I bother?

They posted on MTJobs Board a week ago and just sent me their voice test - just wondering if it's worth my time.  Any info greatly appreciated.


OSI - State College, PA - Posted By: Yaffle Daffle!

Does anyone have any information about this company?  Do they have VR?  What is supervisor like?  What type of platform they use, etc.? Haven't heard much about them on this board but very curious to see if anyone has any info to offer. 



Any companies hire parttime for dialup -nm - Posted By: lamt


Anyone QA for SoftScript? Any info? nmsg - Posted By: Lynn


MD-IT - Posted By: s plummer

Hi, have done a search on this site for anything related to MD-IT but have found nothing.  Is there anyone who has worked (or works for them)?  Would you please share how you like it there?  seems strange that I can find nothing at all on here about them.  Thanks in advance for any input (have worked PT for them for a very brief time and it was a struggle).

Diskritter - Posted By: JB

I have recently gotten a call from Diskritter. Does anyone know anything about them. If they have had problems or if they are a good company? Thanks in advance.

Medware - how many lines average? - Posted By: Lisa

Can anyone who works for Medware tell me what your average line counts are?  Can you get good line counts with them?



Save invoices for taxes? - Posted By: Jane

I have a question I hope some of you experienced MTs can help me with.  I have been working from home and converted a bedroom in my home as a home office after my children left and have been saving monthly utility  statements and expenses to itemize and deduct what percentage my accountant tells me I can at the end of the year.  My question is this:  Do I really need to keep all those monthly statements (lights, water, sewer, etc.) indefinately?  They are really piling up.  I was wondering what others in the same position do.  Thanks in advance for your advice.

God Bless.

TransAm - Posted By: Marsha Drake

My dentist called today and says his daughter is getting information about TransAm.  I know there was a company a few years ago by this name that was a scam.  She has no transcription experience at all, and they are saying they can train her and get her a job.  Anyone hear of this company lately.

Rewards - Posted By: EyeNsane

laughing, ahhhh, yeah right...

Any info about Techscript? - Posted By: IC

company out of Bakersfield California . . . anybody know if they are a good company to work for? Any info would be appreciated - thanks

How long does it usually take to get started once you fill out paperwork for MDI-FL? sm. - Posted By: Wondering when I will start.

I filled out my paperwork about a week ago and have not heard from anyone.  Does anyone know how long it usually takes to start with MDI-FL?  Or has anyone had any problems hearing back from there once they said You are hired?

Transcend and Precyse jobs - Posted By: Ziggy

Pay offered to prospective employees for VR accounts for these companies is very very low.  Is anyone accepting positions at this rate?  I am wondering how they are finding ANYONE to fill these positions, and if they are finding folks to work for pennies per line it may further undercut MT wages for VR.

PLEASE if anyone works for either of these companies doing VR would like to hear your comments. 

Any p.r.n. Transcription MTs here? (the company name is p.r.n.) - Posted By: Would like to know how you like it there

Specifics also, the pay, the QA, the platform, hours, etc.

Anyone have anything good to say about RI Unlimited? - Posted By: Just wondering

Any feedback would be appreciated.

TTS, Inc - New Hampshire - any recent opinions appreciated, not much in archives. Thanks nm - Posted By: Dru


.DCT files for Keystrokes position - Posted By: NJ MT

I am trying to test for a position at Keystrokes and I cannot open up a .DCT file on my wave player.  Can any MT who works for Keystrokes help me with these types of files? Thanks!

MDI/FL/Transcend Rad Holiday - Posted By: RadTransCA

Does the MDI/FL/Transcend holiday bonus apply to radiology accounts as well?  If so, since pay is per report, how is the bonus calculated?

Read in the archives that Mediscript (FL) is "bad news" Why? - Posted By: Just accepted a job there, getting worried.


Any one use DOS-based Meditech...sm - Posted By: passing through

I just started with a company that still uses this program and am wondering if you can actually get your line count up or if this old program is just a pain. I am a mouse person and this is driving me up the wall, but if I can get good production maybe I need to stick it out. Thanks.

hate MEDSCRIBE - Posted By: borgontia

aNYONE else here despise Medscribe and their corny contests and their rude way of putting their MTs down verbally in emails and on the phone.  It's like an old fashioned factory.  UGH.  Let me outta here.


They are biatches.


Best co's for speech recognition/editing new hire?? - Posted By: TIA NM


Is Etransplus worth taking a test which last 1 1/2hrs - Posted By: Tested out

Hello,  I am currently working with a company but need to change due to lack of benefits.  Etrans has sent me a couple of emails about joining them, but I wanted to know if anyone works there, is it worth it to take that test for 1 1/2 hours, when I could be transcribing.  Also, what type of accounts do they have and do they have anything that is entirely online and does not need a phone line to dial into a system, would love to drop my $40.00 a month bill for unlimited long distance.

Thank you so much in advance for any info!!

Did Webmedx honor your 2-week notice? sm - Posted By: LuckyCharms

I'm on good terms with Webmedx and think it's a great company. I have an opportunity that I'm probably going to take, and I would give a 2-week notice to Webmedx, of course.

My concern is that when you give a notice some companies don't honor that themselves and instead tell you to go ahead and leave early. Has this ever happened to you with Webmedx?

Please respond only if you left on good terms with the company when they gave Webmedx a 2-week notice. The question doesn't apply to those who resigned without a 2-week notice to avoid getting fired or were terminated.

I'm thinking Webmedx is an honorable company and would let me work my 2 weeks, but with the state of the economy, I am naturally concerned about the possibility of being without 2 weeks of pay.

Thanks in advance!