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TT gives you primary and secondary, how do they do work pools? sm - Posted By: Curious

Do you get primary one work type (BORING) or do you get a fairly good mix or how do they set it up?  TIA

Need advice on job - Posted By: MTinTX

I got a phone call yesterday from a staffing agency.  They want me to come in for an interview for a Transcriptionist position at the hospital on the Air Force base.  If I don't need their medical benefits my pay will be $17 an hour.  I don't know too many details because my interview is not until Monday.

Anyways, the schedule is from 5 p.m. until around 1 or 2 a.m.  The reason I went into the MT field is so I can stay home with my special needs daughter and not have to put her in daycare.  If I work the shift that was offered, we still will not have to pay for daycare, because my husband works days.

The problem is it is either Tuesday through Saturday or Wednesday through Sunday.  In all reality, it would actually give me more time to spend with my daughter playing.  I will sleep when I get home from work, wake up with her in the morning, and then maybe lay down for a nap with her in the afternoon.

I know this may sound weird that I am asking for advice, but I would just like to know what other MTs think.


Superior Global - urgent sm - Posted By: passing through

Does anybody like Superior Global?  I did a search in the archives and saw nothing but negative comments.  I'm considering working for them to supplement my income.  There are negative comments about every company so I just wanted to get another side - if there is one.


Should I avoid this company or is it not all that bad? I'm a little nervous about it. 


Thank you! 

Amphion - Posted By: tekgirl1

I have been seriously considering this company.  I have called them and done research online about them and they seem pretty good.  They are listed with AAMT.  Of course that doesn't give the whole picture.  Does anyone know anything about them or work/ed for them? 

D&L Typing Service Inc. - Posted By: UsedToBeAHappyMT

Any info on this company? 

Reference check question? - Posted By: MTtomcat

I accepted a position about 2 weeks ago at a company that apparently hire people before checking their references.  My references that I listed are calling me stating that they are just receiving reference calls today.  Is this the standard practice of getting hired.  I was hired two weeks ago.  How come they did not check my reference then!   I just think this is backwards, but I have good references anyway.

This makes me worried about this company because so many MTs on this board have negative things to say about this company.  I hope this is not the beginning of bad things to come with this company.

A friendly reminder, please do not mention MTSO clients by name or initial. sm - Posted By: BuckeyeLil (Moderator)

Please see posting rules for guidelines.  Thank you!

GIMT - finally, somewhere that I can call home! - Posted By: gimtNewMT

thank you Mary and John, Katie, Cindy, Lana.  You all are so great, and I love it!   

Bet you know who this is.  No?  Take a guess, then.


Fighting low wages: Has anyone ever considered trying to (sm) - Posted By: Soon to be food-stamp-bound

organize MTs throughout the country?  It seems like, judging by what I read in MR forums, that part of the problem is that when people first come into the business, they have no idea of what their hard work is worth.  Regardless of the fact that hospitals want to pay the lowest possible price for transcription, the only people who should be settling for less than 10, 12 or more cents/line are ESLs in India, etc.  American workers should be standing up for American wages.  Yes, there are some companies who will say, Fine, I'll contract with India.  Believe me, you wouldn't want those companies as employers, or to work for hospitals or clinics that operate that way.  Heck... I sure wouldn't put my care in the hands of a doc that uses offshore transcription services, that's for sure! 

SO, what I'm saying is, there must be some way to bring MTs from all areas, and of all experience levels together (OUTSIDE of AAMT, which has been in large part responsible for alot of the problem!), and organize for a decent living wage and health benefits.  If all of us were to stop working for 3 days, 1 week max, do you think that work would all suddenly be sent offshore?  I don't think so.  Some might, but then again, it's a good way to week out the undesirable clients & employers. 

I think we our often our own worst enemy when it comes to wages.  If we continue to accept less than what we're worth, then that's all we can expect to earn.

Also, I'm surprised that some entrepreneuring MT company hasn't cashed in on all the newbies and in-school MTs out there who just want experience and a chance.  Imagine if one of the larger, more respected services were to open an MT SCHOOL as well.  They would receive an income from instruction fees.  MTs could gradually cross over from student to trainee.  MTs could earn extra money as teachers.  (And should be paid well for it, too.)  The company training the MTs would have first pick of the best and brightest for work in their own company.  Beyond that, there would be more money to be made when it comes to referrals. 

The healthcare industry needs to be more educated in the fact that transcription is a vital part of their work, and how well their reports are done is a direct reflection of their competency.  If you look at how much money is wasted in these establishments on FLUFF -- excess management, inept management, some community programs, and in some cases excess in building glitz and glamour, one has to wonder why they feel transcription is a less-valuable service than those provided by their janitors, groundskeepers, or food service personnel.

One way to fight the low-wage problem is to continue to lobby for an end to offshoring of personal information, not only in the healthcare industry, but in ALL American industry.  NO personal data: phone numbers, credit card numbers, etc. should EVER leave American soil without the express written consent of the owner of that data.

Another way to fight low wages is to do as much research as possible on prospective employers.  Remember, they are not just interviewing you, you are also interviewing THEM!  Go with the best-paying company you can find.  If you are new to the field, that will be harder, but in your case finding the best learning environment is your best bet, and then work hard at getting proficient enough to be able to LEAVE a low-paying employer ASAP for a better-paying one. 

In terms of being an IC, I know it's difficult to deal with people undercutting you.  But once again, don't forget that when someone turns down high-quality transcription and goes with the lower-quality provider, simply because of a couple-cent-per-line difference in cost, the way to look at that client is Good Riddance!  I used to have my own, non-MT, service-related business.  I had two ways of weeding out the undesireables: 

One was a waiver of liability.  If they squawked about signing it, or started picking it apart like they were big legal experts, then I knew right away they were a future legal liability.  (Of course, that is less of an issue with MT... I don't know of MTs that make clients sign waivers!  It's just a 'fer instance.)  But the best way to weed out the cheapskates and nit-pickers was to charge a slightly HIGHER fee than my competitors.  I offered a higher-quality, more personalized service than my competitors.  So I stood firm on my prices.  And you know what?  There are clients who will actually LOOK for the higher fee, knowing that if you can command and get a higher fee, you are probably a better service provider. 

Also, steer clear of new clients who want a special deal or discount right off the bat.  They will NEVER be satisfied; give them an inch and they'll take a mile.  I believe that discounted rates are EARNED, not given out on demand.  A long-time client who is honest, pays on time, tips, is slightly flexible, etc., who gives you steady, reliable work that is easier to do, should be rewarded with a deal.  But that deal should only be between you and them, and not broadcast to other clients.

Some of my BEST business clients turned out to be people who at first pooh-poohed my fees, and went with the cheaper provider.  Quite a few of them came crawling back on their hands and knees later; sadder but wiser, and more than willing to pay what I charged.  And often they had such a big mess that needed to be straightened out (usually caused by the cheaper provider) that I initially had to charge EXTRA, on top of my normal fees, to straighten it all out!  These people often came to be my biggest TIPPERS, as well! 

 I think we have all been conditioned to believe we are lucky to have a job at all, and we need to start rethinking that.  MT's need to stick together, network, lobby against offshoring and unfair pay, UNIONIZE if at all possible or beneficial, and be far more VOCAL.  The normally quiet nature of most MTs and their behind-the-scenes work usually works against them when it comes to fair labor practices!  Those of us with many years of experience & skill need to TURN DOWN job offers that are insultingly low. 

Anyway, that's my take on the el-cheapo employers & clients, and the low pay they think we'll get down on our knees and thank them for!   

Happy 2007!  

Voice Systems, LLC - Posted By: frustrated

Hi anyone and everyone.  Please give me any info on Voice Systems, LLC.  Searched but did not get much.  I can't afford to type and not get paid in this economy.  To all the ladies and gents out there who type and know what I mean, please school me on this company, supposed to start this weekend.  Thanks

Count On Me Bookkeeping & Transcription - Posted By: ever heard of them?

Has anyone heard of a company called Count On Me Bookkeeping and Transcription?  If so, give me the good, bad, and ugly on them please.  What platform do they use? 

Thanks in advance

New England Medical Transcription...sm - Posted By: Paradise

Does anyone know if they pay weekly?

Also, could anyone please share any experience you may have with them?  I'm interested in applying and would like some feedback.  Do they use FTP?  Is there a lot of search for demographic information or is that built in to their platform -- i.e. information is supplied by client? (Not sure how to word that question.)

Thanks so much!

Sudden change in 1099 status? - Posted By: bandmomMT3

why would a company after YEARS of having IC's suddenly push everyone into an employee status?  Does this have anything to do with trying to make the company less likely to be unionized???  Or is there something else entirely going on that Im missing all the way around?

Anyone work for Keystrokes (Clinic).... - Posted By: TIA.....MT looking

Can anyone tell me anything about this company?  How is the pay (on time???).   Is there plenty of work?  I was told I would be assigned to one doctor.... what happens if a doc does not dictate one day, can I get a second doc?  Any other help would be appreciated. 



Anybody have any info on Oracle (OTI) Good or bad? - Posted By: TJ


did any other HISers see this article? sm - Posted By: ExHeartlander


Focus Infomatics - Posted By: notplaytim

Does anyone have any info about Focus Infomatics?

Advantec - Posted By: just asking

Does anybody out there have any information regarding a company called Advantec?  Is this a legitimate company?  Has anybody worked for them and can you tell me anything good or bad?  I'd really appreciate it; thanks!

FutureNet - Posted By: just wondering

Anybody working for FutureNet?  Any info, good or bad?

Does Keystrokes offer holiday pay/incentives? - Posted By: Just wondering

I'm an in-house hospital/Radiology MT who is considering working at home full time; just exploring my options. 


Has anyone started at Chronicle Transcripts - Posted By: recently? Opinions?


I took a test for a company and my foot pedal would work with the test and I had keep going back - Posted By: PAMT

over the dictation time and again to get all the words because I couldnt stop and start it by the foot pedal.  What can I do about this.

Anyone get a W2 from OSI yet? (nm) - Posted By: OldMT

Just wondering, I haven't received mine yet.

So what happens after accept offer? sm - Posted By: keystrokes prospective new hire

I have accepted a position with Keystrokes but haven't heard back after leaving message for recruiter. Just wondering what next step is. Should I expect paperwork via snail mail or E-mail, etc? Thanks! 

Company Search - Posted By: darlene

Anyone know of any MT company who does not send work to India?  

Questions about MDI Maryland - Posted By: islandwaif

I'm a part-time MT with a national company, and I have tentatively accepted a Transcriptionist position with MDI Maryland. Would love to hear from MDI-Maryland transcriptionists, editors, regarding their experiences with the company. 

JLG - Posted By: bspen

Anyone work for them or heard anything about them?

company info - Posted By: angie

Has anyone heard of TTS company in New Hampshire.  If so, how are they at paying and work load??



Editscript hiring anyone? - Posted By: CC

Can someone tell me please someplace that might be hiring for Editscript work (other than the evil focus monster I try to escape). I've worked for a few and they have all been horrible. I've been an ES QC Lead for some time but if I have to MT I'll do it to get the foot in the proverbial door.

Please let me know anyone. And if a company happens to come on here and they need a good QC who can do full reads on 4000+ lines per shift give me a buzz too.

What is up with webmedx - Posted By: elliottgoodfellow

and their point system.  I've only been there a few weeks and they nitpick my work.  I've been doing this a while and never had anyone do this.  I follow the guidelines, but if there is an an or a or anything like that out of place, they send me error reports.

ScribeRight info - Posted By: Shelly

Does anyone have any information on what it is like to be an Editor at ScribeRight? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Escription doesn't seem secure - Posted By: mtme

You can go into different hospital systems using the same install if you have the correct user name and password. That doesn't seem very secure to me. Anybody can hack into it.

Orion Transcription - Posted By: wondering

...anyone work for Orion?  If so, are they a good company?

Medscribe in Florida - Posted By: sam

I am looking for information from employees who have worked for or currently work for Medscribe in Florida.  Good, bad?  Do they monitor your work or leave you pretty much alone to do what you have to?  Also, are they flexible with their schedules?  I've read some of the archived info, but would like something a little more current.  Any information would be greatly appreciated!


And the Webmedx pay cut is 37.5% reduction from base rate. - Posted By: Sick to my stomach

***** Your base transcription rate x 0.625.

Holiday Bonus? - Posted By: newwebber

I'm pretty new to Webmedx and am wondering if there is any holiday bonus.  I'm probably crazy just having such thoughts but still hoping......anyone have any info?

Would a current employee of Axolotl please...sm - Posted By: On the road again.....

give me some specific information by email? Thanks in advance!

T-C Transcription - Posted By: Arkansas MT

Hi All:  I'm looking for information about T-C Transcription; rate of pay, platform, QA, whatever info you can provide.  Thanx.

Any companies allow as little as 16 hrs a week? nm - Posted By: Becky


MedQuist newby frustration - Posted By: Lisalinda

I have been with Medquist for appx 4 mos now and can't get to the line count they want me to have, which only is $6.55 an hour. I cannot live on this hourly wage.  I came from a larger hospital in my area and did very well with line count with using text inserts for our benefit and made double this and more.  I believe I am utilizing everything that I have here to be faster but don't know why it isn't happening. I am very frustrated when I look at other companies and feel that it will be the same thing if I took a new job.  I enjoy working at home and have been here for almost 4 years.   Am I just wasting my time in this field? I feel inadequate and feel as I have wasted time and money to go to school for this. Can someone give me some advice?

Anyone work for MAG Mutual now? I saw several past - Posted By: posts but nothing from MTs who work

there now.  I do not think 8 cpl is bad.  Am I crazy?

I am thinking of accepting a position with them so any help would be great!

TIA for your replies!

Anyone worked for FastChart and no longer need your 9-pin footpedal. - Posted By: mt

What will you sell it for?

CALLING ALL NEW MQ MTs - Posted By: Old Mq'er

What incentives were you hired at? If you are an SE, were you told you get quarterly bonuses?  PLEASE REPLY!

What companies pay at least $17/hr for QA? - Posted By: Not interested in hearing about MQ

Transcription Relief Services??? - Posted By: Jan Hamrick

Has any ever worked for Transcription Relief Services?  I am thinking about changing jobs and from their ad they sound like a fairly good company to work for.  Just wondering if anyone knows anything about them?

Medware - Posted By: Grace

Would appreciate any info regarding this company versus Phoenix Medcom

Advanced Transcription - any info would be appreciated. sm - Posted By: needtoknow

I checked the archives and couldn't find anything.  

Which Proscript? (sm) - Posted By: Yuki

I applied to a company called Proscript months ago, and was told they would love to have me on-board in March, which was great for me as who wants to start new work during the holidays.  Now that it's almsot April, I thought I'd check back, but I'm confused:  I can't find the web site that had the phone number, only the one linked below.  Do they off-shore?  I thought the recruiter I spoke to said they definitely did not, but I also found this: 



May 1998-2002  PROSCRIPT DOCUMENTATION SERVICES   Sarasota, FLPrincipal owner. Start up Internet medical documentation and transcription company. National exposure.  High tech and customer oriented. Outsourced labor to India via internet. Evolved into www.copytalk.com.

Anybody ever hear of a company called Specialized Information Management? - Posted By: Me

Do they hire at home ICs?

can anyone for KS tell me if they - Posted By: type-it

automatically received a raise in 90 days, and benefits info, etc?  My 90 are up, and haven't heard anything, but haven't asked, either.  I do wanna do the 401K, but no info yet.  Just curious...