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Medgarde (sm) - Posted By: Exp'd MT

Is the voice quality for their work better than that for the exam?

Tried to help a person out there like me - Posted By: You just never know

I had a fellow Transcriptionist contact me because she had been put on 100% QA even though she had been with this particular company for, I think she said 14 years. The company has just been bought out by another and I told her after all these years seems like they might be wanting to get rid of her (in a round about way). I felt sorry for this person and even contacted my employer to see what steps to go through to help her out with a job. I did not know this person but felt if she had that many years behind her, would see if she would fit with where I work. She said she was only able to do like 5 jobs a day now for about $30.00 per day. I really felt sorry for her as she had children at home. I sent her email about 2 days ago (she had emailed me several times prior to that time) and asked if I could call her or would she call me (if she had free long distance like I have). The person did not respond after this. You never know who you are talking with on here, for sure, but I had some extra money on me and was even planning on helping her out with her bills that she said she owes and was even getting evicted. I am not by any means patting myself on the back but what I want others to know is sometimes there are people who want and can assist and try to, but now is too late. She probably will read this and now try to contact but I waited and nothing. I was once on the losing end of financial picture but now a little bit more secure and I do try to help out my fellow MTers.

Can anyone confirm if Execuscribe is a (sm) - Posted By: nm

subsidiary of Corporate Transcriptionist's?

So much to take to DC - thank you for all of your emails and samples - Posted By: MT4MTs

The USMLSU folks want to thank you all for emailing your suggestions, ideas, experiences, as well as samples of the horrific reports that are returned from India to US QA editors to correct - the before product; this is exactly what we needed to take with us to DC.  So many of you have responded and are already helping out, that we've proven that a group of skilled professionals do not have to go on strike to make a difference in their financial future.

The fair pay vote results will be listed shortly.   


amphion - Posted By: THINKING

I am considering leaving a hospital after 5 years. I make 30,000 at 32 hours a week. Is that even possible with a national company such as Amphion. I did work for MQ years ago and couldn't make squat. Is this really the case with most of them. I would not even be considering leaving my position but VR will be taking over in June. UGH!

Is anyone happier with OSI now? - Posted By: Are things changing for the better?

Be honest and give me some feedback.  I just tested for them. 

Will Shorthand 9.02 work with Editscript?sm - Posted By: expander question

I read where ShortHand 8 will, but not sure about 9.2.  Instant Text sure doesn't. 


Information regarding Accuscribe Transcription in South Carolina.  I worked  parttime for Accuscribe for almost three years, first in transcription and then QA.  I found Accuscribe to be a great place to work without all the drama and backstabbing that exist in other companies.  The supervisors, employees, and CEO were wonderful people, supportive, friendly, and caring.  The work flow, for the most part, was very steady...mainly slow just during holidays.  They have a very creative training intranet site which makes it very easy to learn their platform (which is DocQScribe).  They are very accommodating and will work with you to accommodate your needs if necessary.  There is mutual respect ....if you give them your all, they are there for you.  They have fulltime as well as parttime IC and employee positions, benefits available for fulltime, and pay every two weeks.  They do, however, require Errors and Omissions Insurance for the IC transcriptionists.

I only left employment with Accuscribe due strictly to a misunderstanding.  I wanted to work a fulltime hourly position with benefits and I was lead to believe that all positions were based on production. (A misunderstanding based on a lack of communication with e-mails on my part as well as theirs.)  I would highly recommend this company to anyone, MT or QA, seeking a place to call home.

How is the pay at Transform? Any info - Posted By: of any kind available from anyone? TIA nm


Accustat Carolinas - Posted By: lakelady

Does anyone out there work for Accustat Carolinas?  Are they legit?  How is the pay and dictators?

Anyone heard of QED Transcription? - Posted By: Tara

(of Arizona) ... any feedback? thx

Hepworth Transcription - Posted By: cat123

Did anyone else apply for the psych/nursing home Transcriptionist from the job seeker's board and actually hear anything back?  Sent in my resume and a follow-up email about three weeks ago and haven't heard anything since.

Pay range, per line, MDI - Posted By: Checking

Can anyone out there share this information?  What determines there line; 65 with or without spaces and the pay range for this.  Is there platform productive?  Thanks.

Shorthand - Posted By: sally

Hi, I asked this question on the equipment board, but I haven't received any messages from anyone there, so I hope you don't mind my posting it here: 

I've just started using the Shorthand expander and I love it, but I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me how to get it to capitalize the first letter of new sentences in a word document platform.  It expands better than any program I've ever used, but it doesn't cap the first letter in the sentence and it would be So helpful if it did.

If anyone can share how to do that with me, I'd really appreciate it!! Or,if it can't be done please let me know that also:)  Thanks in advance!!

Sad - Posted By: MDI/Transcend

It's sad that they have chosen to give our overseas partners (as they call them) our work. Apparently, they like all the money they are saving by giving them our work. Nothing like waking up to find out our Indian counterparts have worked all night while were sleeping and we wake up to no work. Enough is enough. I'm done with this. I know there are companies that do not give our work away to off-shoring so that is where I am. Bunch of #%$#$%$%$

What companies cut you off at 40 hrs if you're a FT employee? Any places let you do as much as - Posted By: you want? nm Wanderer


Payroll Question - Posted By: Jen

Out of curiosity, I am asking for input.  At Focus/Nuance MTs are ORDERED to show up for their shift or they are fired.  Many show up for work every day, no work is available.  The manager won't give them additional work/more lines so they sit for 4-8 hours with MAYBE 300 lines a day.  Is it legal to do that without paying some kind of hourly wage?  Other companies I know will pay $10 an hour as "compensation" for the time you wasted since there were no lines available.  Is it legal to ORDER someone to go to work and then not pay them?  If it is illegal, where can MTs go to report this?

I'm newly hired at EtransPlus. Everything sounds great - Posted By: but I'm worried, pls sm

I am SO ready and willing to sit and work my hours and get in my lines, because I've been looking for a good, dependable MT job now for quite a while. I have an IC job, but the work isn't there all the time & I've fallen behind in all my bills, including rent - so it's a relief that I found something at this point.

What I'm worried about is if my employ at eTransPlus will end up just like all the other companies I've worked for in the past, lately the past few years, where the work dries up and I'm left looking for MORE work again. I'm SO TIRED of this! I just want to sit and work but can't find reliable, steady work for some reason.

I'm stressed out, poorer than I ever was, and really getting too old for all this.

I guess I'm just venting because I'm so worried that this is my last shot at some kind of steady work, and if it doesn't work out as far as work flow, I'm really up the creek, seriously. Too stressed out.

To ex eTransPlus employees, what made you quit? Did you have enough work?

AmeriMed Data Services - Posted By: inquiring mind

Does anyone know whether this company pays on time or is she habitually late?  I would like to hear from anyone that is currently working for her or anyone who has recently worked for her.  Thanks!

Robin Hall/Four Seasons - Whereabouts??? sm - Posted By: BrokeMT

Wondering if anybody knows what happened to Robin and/or Four Season Transcription??  Her website is down and email bounces back.  I just received a 1099 from her for 2008 and I haven't worked for her since 2007.  She didn't pay me what she owed me in 2007, much less anything in 2008.  Has anybody been in contact with her lately???  Thanks!!!

Webmedx Lines - Posted By: current Webmedx-er

Has anyone else who works or worked for Webmedx had trouble getting a good line count in?  I have been with them over a year and find the system is extremely slow going from page to page, and I can do power hours and still not get a good line count??  Is it just me or has this happened to other folks?  I'm seriously thinking about applying elsewhere as this has dropped my income in half dramatically!!!  Thank you.

East coast MT/MEs? Saw Futurenet's ad (sm) - Posted By: nn

and was just curious as to why they have to live on the east coast.  Client preference?  Time zones? 

Does any facility hire MT directly as IC or employee for eScription? sm - Posted By: eScription lover

I do not want to work through a service again.  I am tired of running out of work. If anybody knows of any leads, even if they aren't hiring right now, please e-mail me privately.  All responses will be confidential.  I am looking for something for myself, not to be posted to others.

Thank you in advance.

Health Information Partners - Posted By: lp

Does anyone have any feedback on Health Information Partners (HIP)--good or bad?


Which is the most transcription friendly- iTYPE or ExText? - Posted By: CMT


QT Medical - Posted By: Patterson

 Anything new on the status of QT. It is so very quiet and little communication about anything...so different from a few years ago. Feels like BIG changes coming down the pike. Anyone know anything? Thanks.

Can't bring up anything on MD-IT. Does anyone work there or have information - Posted By: DWMT

regarding this company? I am thinking of applying.

Did anyone respond to the ad for operative report? - Posted By: fgamt29

If so, what type of response did you get?  Do you think it is a safe company to try?


DeVenture - Posted By: Martha

Is there anyone who has recently been hired by DVHD for the new account(s), who would be willing to share how their experience with this company is going?  Also, what do you think of the SHINE platform?  Thank you.

CHS anyone know of this company? - Posted By: Just me

Just curious if anyone has worked for them or knows anything about them.

for SAD, we do not TYPE - Posted By: sm

for a living sweetie, we transcribe.  Two very different things.  You can drag in a typist off the street to work and he/she will do fine. What we do requires training and years of experience to master. But you must, on the other hand, just be one of those managers who never learned the ropes like those you manage.  Again, pay attention, we are NOT typists. and personally, I am not self-important, but I do take pride in my work and don't appreciate your demeaning attitude. 

Question re pay dates for Webmedx. sm - Posted By: just started

I have the list that says nonexempt and exempt.  Nonexempt is employee, correct?  or do I have that backwards? 

Also, as an example, it says this pay period for nonexempt runs 03/27 to 04/09, with pay date on 04/17.  Pay days are really Monday?  Are the ever there early, maybe Friday or Saturday? 


Pay by the page - Posted By: Arkansas MT

Is this good or bad? Does anyone have any experience with this type of pay?

Etrans plus sound? sm - Posted By: MT

How is the sound quality for eTrans?  I took the test last night and sound was very scratchy, static, muffled.  Is the normal dictation like this or is it just the test? 

Medware - Posted By: MTKittyTN

Does anyone have any comments on working for Medware?  Thanks!

OSI - Posted By: Anon

Anyone have any info on this company and if they pay for spaces for acute-care. Thanks

Article in local paper about Spheris and outsourcing to India - Posted By: presley

Franklin-based Spheris Near Top of Medical Transcription Business

In today’s world of Palm Pilots and voice-recognition software, you might think the need for medical transcriptionists is waning. You would be wrong. Franklin-based Spheris employs more than 5,000 medical transcriptionists worldwide and is looking to hire more as its service to more than 200,000 physicians at health systems, hospitals and doctor groups continues to grow.

The world is changing because the demand for electronic medical records … is very high. Certainly there are some technologies being tried and adopted, such as speech-recognition technology or systems where the physician is required to key in his or her own information. Those are still in their infancy and hold some promise in the distant future. But for right now the work-flow habits of physicians and hospitals and the need to see many more patients and process them more efficiently is driving the demand for what we do to its highest levels, explains Harry Shaw, Spheris investor relations.

In July, Spheris was named No. 7 among the nation’s fastest-growing healthcare information technology companies. The designation was by the publication Healthcare Informatics, which also ranked Spheris 28th for total revenue. The company is the second largest in the medical transcription industry.

Spheris’ growth is in no small measure due to its December 2004 acquisition of HealthScribe (also known briefly as Avicis), which was No. 3 in the field. While terms of the deal were not disclosed, Spheris gained a workforce of more than 1,800 transcriptionists. About 1,500 of those employees work at a centralized facility in Bangalore, India. Thus, says Shaw, the transaction gave Spheris a much-needed global perspective.

To service this increased demand that’s out there, having enough medical transcriptionists to do the work is a real challenge to the industry in general. One way to tackle that increased demand is to tap the resources that are available globally, he says. One of the neat things about having an operation based in India is that a lot of dictation is done at the end of the day after hours. So we get a lot of volume that comes in late in the evening, and if you follow the sun, that’s the morning time for India. They’re just starting their business day, so we can route a lot of volume that we get late in the day to India when transcriptionists are just coming to work.

Shaw says the fact that Spheris owns its international facility and employs its workers rather than subcontracting differentiates the company from similar businesses. In addition, all Spheris’ medical transcriptionists in the United States are either full-time or part-time employees of the company.

With more than 3,500 employees and additional sites in St. Petersburg, Fla., and Sterling, Va., Spheris depends on high-tech global systems to quickly turnaround client transcription. Here’s how the technology works: Spheris provides clients with a server and whatever voice-capture system the client prefers. That might be a hand-held device or it might be a phone number the client calls. Shaw says fulfillment shops ensure that the client — as well as transcriptionists — have the hardware and software necessary to do the job. Following a patient encounter, physicians and other healthcare providers dictate details such as patient history, diagnosis and medications prescribed. The voice files are sent to a data center in either Franklin, St. Petersburg or Sterling, then passed out to transcriptionists.

The technology play is critical for a company of our size, and it’s one of the advantages that we offer in terms of cost savings, he says. He acknowledges, however, the continued existence of sneaker net, with some physicians continuing to speak into a tape recorder; then tapes are picked up at the office for delivery to Spheris.

Most of Spheris’ U.S. transcriptionists work out of their homes, where they usually receive digitized voice files over the Internet. Spheris offers the client a variety of templates, or the client may have its own format. Turnaround time is 12 to 24 hours, Shaw says, although stat service is available.

As it is known today, Spheris is the result of a small Franklin company called Total eMed, which purchased the much larger EDiX from IDX Systems in June 2003. The resulting company was branded as Spheris. In November 2004, the company completed a recapitalization in which two private equity investors, Warburg Pincus and Soros Private Equity (now known as TowerBrook Capital Partners), acquired ownership. The management team, led by President and CEO Steven E. Simpson, also invested and continues to lead company operations.

Asked if an IPO is in Spheris’ future, Shaw says the company will take a cautious approach to that. We want to make sure that we stay disciplined around the acquisition of HealthScribe, making sure that we’re fully integrating all aspects of that. … We do have a growth strategy in mind, and that certainly is an option down the road.

Transolutions - Posted By: questions

Anything new on Transolutions? Everything I looked up in archives is old. Happy or unhappy? Decent pay? PT or FT? Any and all information would be appreciated. TIA

Isn't that job post from doctor recruiting work and not MTs? nm - Posted By: deni


RIDICULOUS!! - Posted By: Diane Bennett

OMG $10 per hour for QA with 5 years experience.  IC, acute care.  Are you kidding me???

Anybody recommend Eight Crossings - Posted By: out of California?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your help.

Does Axolotl use hot keys or a foot pedal? sm - Posted By: keep on learning

If they use hot keys, are they hard to learn if you've only ever used a foot pedal before?

Thanks for the info!

problems posting - a test.... - Posted By: MT6pack


which IC positions use 1 space after periods? - Posted By: looking

My FT job requires 1 space after periods, which took me a long time to adjust to. Now I would like to get a 2nd job as well but I don't want to mess up my typing trying to go back and forth between 1 and 2 spaces at jobs?  TIA

To Melissa about TransTech - Posted By: Happy TT'er

In addition to the base rate, you have shift differentials for evening and night, weekend differential, QA bonus if you send fewer than 10% (I believe) to QA, also line differentials up to 1 cpl, starting at .0025, then .005, .0075, then .01, and all these go all the way back to line 1.  They also reimburse $40 of your ISP after 90 days.

We were recently notified of a rate hike on insurance, but because TT actually cares about their MTs, they have just increased their contribution so it won't make much of a difference if at all to the MTs.

QA department is the best I have ever seen.  Each one of them takes the time to explain instead of being condescending and rude.

You will be left alone to do your job.  You can work as much as you want.  They are flexible if something comes up and you need to be away from your desk.

I have never felt so welcomed at any company, anywhere.  Niceness does pay off, and they give you $$ reasons to want to work as hard as you can. 


Isn't life a joy!  Thought I was going through menopause and it turns out I'm pregnant!  I've been with my current employer for 6 years, they have the worst insurance I've ever seen in my life.  Does anyone know of any companies that are currently hiring with half way decent health insurance, maybe a deductible that won't bankrupt me!??

cascas: what national is offering 11 CPL? - Posted By: me


What to charge for clinic work... - Posted By: Lynne

I was just called by a local clinic and asked to do some overflow clinic work - they are behind and are looking to hire - I'm not interested in leaving my acute care for a national, but wouldn't mind helping them out. I was asked how much to charge and I haven't any idea. Is anyone willing to share what they charge for doing clinic work? I would work at home using my own equipment.

TT Speech - Posted By: TTertoo

Has anybody who started speech with TT in the last 2 weeks seen any increase in their speed/line count.  Just getting my bill ready to send tonight, and it is not pretty.  I did start to get faster as the days went on, but don't think I am going to get a heck of a lot faster, but I guess the workload hasn't helped much either.

Ever hear of TransAm? - Posted By: Sherri

I am just starting out in the MT field and am thinking of working for this company - TransAm.  Their website is transamassociates.com

Has anyone heard of them or have any feedback?

Thanks in advance