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Thank you Medquist people - Posted By: Miss Willy

To typing to long, I was not getting snotty with you.  I had my reservations about working for MQ after reading the MQ page.  I have decided NOT to take a job with them.  I have been doing transcription for 28 years and dealing with these national companies since 2001, and there doesn't seem to be a good one to be found.  I thank you all for responding and stopping me from making yet another mistake with one of these companies.  I already has an inteview with another company today. 

MedTransofAmerica,Inc. - Posted By: Jean Flynn

Be careful - late checks and bad checks!

Transtech part-timers schedule question - Posted By: Inquiring

I know TT requires their FT employees to either rotate full weekends or work a schedule that includes either a Saturday or Sunday.  Does anyone know if they require this of the PT people?


Medical Transcription Services, Inc - Posted By: rainbow

out of Green Bay, WI.  Has anyone taken their written testing yet?  If so, how do you think you did?  Hoping I did okay.  Really would like that position. 

Transhealth production question - Posted By: anon

Probably going to work for them.  Their FT minimum production per pay period is 12,500 lines.  Is this tough with the platform they use or relatively easy to do (for a very experienced transcriptionist)?  Up to now, I have been part time with another company.  Also this is going to be a very low ESL account.  I've talked to a lot of companies and I'm very excited about this one!  I'm not sure how their pay periods run and plan on asking that, or if anyone can say, feel free!


Do MTSOs run away from experienced MTs? - Posted By: experiencedMT

I have a great MT day job.  I was looking to get a few extra hours a week on another just to fill in my time and to begin IC so someday I can go full time IC and set my own hours. I have a lot of years under my belt.  I just tested with 3 IC firms for part time anytime you want work.  One of them responded and said my test was perfect and they sent me the document compared with their style only corrections.  They said they'd get back to me.  The other 2 companies never did and I know I did well on their tests.

Come to find out, I was speaking to an MTSO owner this week who said really did not plan to hire me because MTs with my experience are hard to control, and it is easier to work with people right out of school, yet she liked my experience and was tempted to work with me.  Really, how is that supposed to make me feel? I have paid my dues, worked for years, done every shift, worked in every situation, including on site hospitals and now that I have a lot of experience people are not calling me? I get lots of calls for full time work, but I already have a job I love.  And they are not afraid of me being demanding.  Because I am not.  We are not all alike.  Just because one person may be a prima donna does not want to follow company regulations, that does not mean that I wouldn't.  If I found out that I were being controlled yes I would leave, but wouldn't anyone?  Then, I realized they also wanted to pay me less per line, a beginning rate.  I did not act insulted. I just did not take the job.

So, to get called back on a p/t position if you have experience, you 1) should not scare them so dumb down your resume. 2) Act very flexible like you will do anything and then proceed to do so 3) do all the above at a lower rate.

Okay, so I got the message. I quit testing for p/t and IC.  I will just work harder and longer hours for the company f/t which does trust me, is not afraid of me, and treats me well.  I am just writing this to say, isn't this some kind of prejudice? What we are supposed to quit in midcareer? Is anyone else out there getting these answers? I learned my lesson. I am not looking anymore, wasting my time doing well on tests, or dumbing down my resume to be paid less. I will probably just sell junk on e bay.


Anyone else finding their work drying up in the NE region. Are you sticking around or moving out. I - Posted By: MQNE

am not sure what to do yet.

Iridium Services - Posted By: Donna

Has anyone ever heard of a company called Iridium Services based in Florida?  They actually contacted me asking for my services -- said "a physician" gave them my phone #.  I have an unlisted # and the accounts I work on don't have my #.  Just wanted to know if it was a legit company or are they an outsourcing company.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

DiskriterTransriter platform - Posted By: me

Can anybody tell me about this platform, is it productive?  Can you see your line counts?  What kind of expander?  I am on CTS now and have been told my account may change to this platform.  Thanks for any info.  



MedTrans Unltd current info? sm - Posted By: Out of Texas

Looking for info on this co. Considering cardiology position. Is the platform difficult to learn or use? Also wondering about invoicing and pay. I read past posts here indicating the invoicing was cumbersome. Can anyone elaborate? Also, I saw where it takes 2-3 wks to get paid and one saying it took only one week. I know there are a couple places with similar names, so not sure if some are mixed up and referring to other places. If anyone cares to share their experience, I'd appreciate any info on MedTrans Unlimited in Texas (you can email me if you'd rather not post here). Thanks!

One more question about systems - Posted By: Curious

Sorry guys, but I have one more question to ask.  I have worked in PACS, InScribe and some ExText.  I spoke with someone today that has two accounts and she named the systems working from and I asked twice but very poor phone connection and really did not want to ask again.  I was trying to search more information on them but I cannot find anything.  It sounded like the person said Med Check and Aschute or something like that.  Anyone have any idea?

Thanks in advance.

How is JLG to work for part time ? - Posted By: quietmoods

I may be going with them and would like any input, good or bad, on how the company is to work for.  I'll only be part time but it's important that I have enough work so I can pay the wonderful creditors that I owe my life to.  TIA 

Nothing very new about DTS. Opinions, please? - Posted By: Inquiring minds wanna know


Shapin - Posted By: Laurie

Does anyone know if Shapin Medical Transcription still exists?

TRX - Posted By: mt

Anyone know about this company?

Lower Health Insurance Premiums - Posted By: Ins. Shopper

Can anyone provide your average monthly cost for individual and/or family health insurance premiums?  I'm looking to change employers and most companies will not provide this information until after an applicant has gone through all the testing.  Who wants to bother with all that if the monthly health insurance premiums are outrageous?  The company I am with now has a very reasonable plan, and I need to find something comparable. I would greatly appreciate any information you can give.  Thanks so much for your time!!

Medware and BEWARE - Posted By: Anonymouse

No response for about 2-3 weeks after submitting my resume and ANOTHER 2 weeks of mismanagement and their set up  -- NO training manuals, etc or anything else after promises that sent it by mail when I received equipment, the box was damaged and damp and here in the Southwest, we dont have rain.

I was hired by them for a potential management position  FIRST offer letter was for a Transcriptionist at 8.5 with 20+ years experience - their second offer letter was for an Editor - hourly -- this was AFTER talking to the recruiter for a QA position  -- I then received a call the next day, to be a shift leader/QA person -- etc., which NEVER came to be -  I had a set schedule, but with problems with set up with software etc, it took yet another week  - my QA was cleared in 2 days and in this WONDERFUL position, being paid an hourly salary  -- all I did was transcribe  -- when I told my supervisor that I wanted a percentage breakdown between transcribing and supervisory duties  -- this person could not break it down  -- I called my recruiter and was told if you are so unhappy, quit  -- nice to be treated that way  -- I am not the only person who has been in this position and there is a a certain supervisor who has her own company, who works for Medware, but is hiring employees for her company and they are doing Medware accounts  -- the ONLY positive is even though I have NOT returned the foot pedal etc, they still sent a check

AssistMed--please see message. - Posted By: Anyone heard of them?

Has anyone heard of AssistMed?  I did a search and only came up with three things, none of which said anything about the company.  I tested with them and passed the first portion.  Now they want me to take another objective test and a transcription test.  I don't mind doing that, but I was wondering what experiences other people have had with them--especially since I've already been offered a job elsewhere.  (But it never hurts to keep testing and talking!)  If they're a decent company, I'll take the test.  (You never know!)  If not, I'll stick with the offer I've got.  Thanks a lot for your help! 

Speed - Posted By: Curious

Reading this board, I am being disabused of the notion that I am any good at MT at all.  Been at it about 15 years and I'm a part-timer; always have been.  I came to it when I was over 45, as a retirement job.  

I don't get to use a lot of templates or normals, so this is not a factor.  On a good day, with really 'clean' dictations (good sound quality, clear dictator who is not constantly correcting himself) not having to spend a lot of time looking stuff up and with the wind at my back, I can produce maybe 250 lph for 2-3 hours.  I always thought this was pretty good.  Then I get fatigued and drop to 200 or so.  With really bad dictators/sound/subject matter, I get as low as 150.  I believe my knowledge and accuracy are good, but obviously my speed sucks. 

On this board I am seeing claims of sustained speeds of 300-400 lph or more.  So I'm thinking that maybe VR could actually IMPROVE my production. And as my company seems to be phasing this in ,account by account, I will soon have the opportunity to see for myself.   

I would like to take an informal survey of speeds and VR vs straight transcription.  Anybody willing to weigh in on this subject?

Diskriter hem/onc account - Posted By: Donna

Anyone who works for Diskriter on this account, would you please post what platform is used for this account and if you like the account or not.  Also, are there a great deal of ESLs?  Anything else you would like to share would be appreciated.  How do you like working for Diskriter? Thank you so much for your input.

I'm sure this will be pulled but I need to say that MTSOs are treated a lot worse than MTs someti - Posted By: Ticked off MTSO

WE take the risk to run a company.  WE get accounts to keep people busy.  WE pay more to our MTs than ourselves.  WE have to keep up on transcription, drugs, equipment, grammar rules, individual accounts, individual doctor preferences, business practices, tax laws, employment laws, etc.

WE have to pay for QA for MTs that do not know how to look up a word or phrase.  WE have to pay to hire and then be burned.  WE have to pay bank fees, lawyers, accountants, clerical staff, etc.  WE have to put on a smile for customers who don't deserve it because we don't want to lose an account because then our MTs would not have any work.  WE have to put up with crap from MTs who have every excuse in the book from mysterious illnesses to mysterious DSL/phone/electric outages. 

WE get bashed if someone is let go because their work is not up to par or if an account goes to voice recognition or goes with a company in India to save a buck.

WE get bashed if someone is hired and does not work out.

WE get bashed for requiring people to provide equipment, phones, etc OR we get bashed for providing all that but paying too low.

Take a look in the mirror.  If you have what it takes to get your own accounts, invoice, file all tax/employment/sales paperwork with your state and the federal government, can wait to pay your bills until the account has paid you, discount invoices for TAT that your employees do not meet or quality that is not perfect, deal with customers that nickel and dime you to death, give up time off because no one can cover for you, give up holidays so that your employees can spend time with their families, give up hot meals as someone always seems to drop the ball as the day goes on, negotiate to keep customers as each contract expires in an industry where prices are going down not up, then do it.

If you can do better than us, be my guest. 

Yes, some big wigs at some of the huge companies make a lot of money, but for the most part, most MTSOs make a good living, not great.  If I put my hours end to end, I put in the equivalent of two full time jobs.  If I worked two full time jobs for someone else, I would make more than I do running a service.

Before you b**tch and moan about the company you work for any more, ask yourself this question --- why are you still in this field?  The answers are easy --- it is a good field, MTs make excellent money for working at home, most without master's degrees or doctorates, there is some flexibility, opportunity to advance, ability to learn something every day, satisfaction knowing that an accurately transcribed report can make someone's treatment more effective or save a life (rather than having inaccurate medical records) and much, much more. 

The average teacher starts in the 20s, the average accountant in the 30s, the average computer person in the 30s.  We have potentially unlimited income and start in the 20s and move up rapidly.  Several MTs in our company topped 100k this year.  They would never have that opportunity in a different field.

We need to stop bashing each other.  It is not MTSOs vs MTs.  It should be working together as a team.  Teams that don't play well together do not succeed.

MT Solutions, LLC site? - Posted By: J

Is there a site for MT Solutions, LLC? I would like to know something about a company prior to applying. Thank you.

Any MDI-FL employees that can give me some info? (sm) - Posted By: marymary

Flexibility with schedules, insurance?? I know they have benefits and insurance but wondered if insurance was good. Just overall opinions on satisfaction or dissatisfaction would be appreciated.  TIA.

MT Companies that accept satellite internet - Posted By: Scooby's friend

'Kay, Im taking a chance here by asking this, I hope no one yells at me...I recently saw a post, but I can't remember what board I saw it on, it was a post about companies that will accept satellite internet and they had the companies listed.....Can someone PLEASE tell me who the companies are????  I am going satellite soon and would like to know who they are!  TIF

webmedx - Posted By: cupid

is webmedx employees or IC? thanks!

Amphion, OSI, Diskriter sm - Posted By: trying to decide

Any current info or recommendations on any of these companies??? TIA!

Who are the companies who use Ex-Text? TIA - Posted By: Moving on


Anyone working for or worked for Hoffman Transcription? Looking for feedback - Posted By: and archives are a dead end.


COMPANY NOT PAYING - Posted By: you know who

I am posting as a follow up from earlier about PJ's transcription out of Iowa CIty, Iowa.  I am one who never recieved pay for my work for her.  My check was in the mail, then must of gotten lost according to the owner.  Then I recieved a 1099 showing that I had recieved pay from her.  After reporting to IRS and contacting her to have a new one by February 15, I did receive a corrected one today which is 2 days late, after recontacting IRS because she missed her deadline.  However, it is funny that my pay got lost in the mail, but this did not, as I still have never seen money for my work.  Oh well, at least she can not claim the money as a payout on her taxes!!!!!!!!!! 

Okay first it was MDI-FL, Transcend, MQ, SS - Posted By: concerned. Sm

and now KS! The post below me is starting it now with Spheris. What is up with all of this? We all know that each and every company has their issues. We get it already. People are bashed on here if they say something good about a company, because they must be management, or if they say something bad, because they must be disgruntled. We all will not have the same experiences. Different strokes for different folks! I have worked for 4 of the companies listed above and have had a different experience with all of them. A few I would not go back to at all and 1 I have; however, just because Joe Blow had a better experience than I did doesn't mean I get on here to bash that person and INSIST they must be lying about their experience.

Can we all just agree to disagree on certain issues?

What is the word on Spheris? Are they good to work for? sm - Posted By: seems like they are always hiring..

Would like to know pay range for experienced MT, monthly deductions for insurance, etc...run out of work?

Is there anyone else struggling to get the lines needed at Transcend for medical insurance? sm - Posted By: cw

Or is it just me??  TIA

This job is making me nutty (sm) - Posted By: crazyMQmt

Okay, I just finished my shift and barely made my line count for the week because of the horrible dictators that I had to deal with.  First of all, I was mostly in the cesspool (although I would like to give it another name which I shall keep to myself), I had to keep looking at client profiles, then I had small reports (63 seconds) with wrong ADT information that I had to look for and one that I could not find a match at all.  Well, the list of negatives could go on and on.  The small reports with all the ADT fixes took me a lot longer and of course we don't get paid for ADT. 

Okay, I feel a bit better after venting.  Just had to get it off my chest. 


Any information on Excel transcription? - Posted By: sm

Pay is very low but no weekend work and not married to the computer for hours at a time, does anyone know anything about this company?

Does Keystrokes pay hourly for QA? - Posted By: .

and...do they only promote from within for QA?

I need your help and advice please... - Posted By: SuziQ

I have almost 20 years' experience with acute care and multispeciality clinic transcription and have been with the same company the past four years.  Unfortunately, work flow has been slow the last six months or so, and I am having to check other options.  I have taken several tests for various companies and have heard back from a few and have heard nothing from others.  These tests were completed three weeks ago!  The one offer I did get was 6 cents per line!!!  I was shocked to say the least.  I was told my testing was excellent, so what's with the rate?  Of course I told them I couldn't possibly accept that position.  Anyway, I guess my question to all of you wise transcriptionists is whether there are companies who are willing to pay for experience and quality?  I have been working as an employee, but am not able to do the line count (1500 lines per day) to acquire benefits.  I'm wondering if I would be better off being IC status.  If so, what is a reasonable line rate for my experience?  I'm sorry this is such a long post, I'm just terribly frustrated and needed to get some input.  Thanks for listening.   

MAG Mutual--Earlier posts state 8 cpl but does anyone have any information to share?? - Posted By: Seeking more information

Such as quality of work i.e. many ESLs, work load as I am tired of running out of work with my present company. I am seeking more stability than work today.. gone tomorrow scenario, every other day. You can also email me if you do not wish to post on the board.

FMLA for the birth of a child - Posted By: kennamt

I work for Spheris and am questioning their FMLA policy. They are telling me that while I'm eligible for UP TO 12 weeks of FMLA, they are only approving 6 weeks after the birth of my child. According to what I read and understand about FMLA, for the birth of a child you are entitled to the full 12 weeks but HR is telling me that it's up to them to decide what I am able to take off and right now they feel I only need 6 weeks unless they have a doctor's note to extend it (which my doctor will not provide as there is no medical reason at this time). Everyone else I know gets the full 12 weeks and has never had a problem with their employers so I'm wondering who is right.

MDI-MD..I read on their website that they pay for...sm - Posted By: sounds great...

spaces and punctuation!   This sounds great!  Most places don't pay that do they?  What is the norm when places say 65-character line...does that include spaces and punctuation?

Has anyone taken a test using - Posted By: CScribe? I notice a lot of them

on MT Test are using Cscribe.  I think it stinks, but maybe a foot pedal would help.  Thanks.

DIT transcription - Posted By: Beth

Any thoughts on DIT transcription?

Any new info on GIMT (Golden Isles Medical Transcription)? - Posted By: MTAL

Just wondering if they are a good company to work for, how is QA, do they have enough work, are team leaders easy to work with, etc.  Thanks.

Does anybody still use MS Word - Posted By: Sarah

I have started with two companies in the past six months (as an IC) using MS Word on my own computer, and no sooner did I get up to speed than they switched over to a platform.  I can learn the platforms ok but just want to type and get paid; no BS.  The platforms I've worked on all created more problems than they solved, especially with word expanders.  And the line counts are no longer under your control, you have to accept whatever they tell you.  Am I the only one who feels this way?  The people I'm with now tell me to have patience and they'll work out the bugs in the system, but tell that to my mortgage company!

How flexible is Keystrokes as far as schedules...sm - Posted By: looking to leave Q

I currently transcribe radiology for MQ full-time and after doing some research, I'm thinking about applying elsewhere full-time specifically Keystrokes because I hear they do a lot of radiology work.

How flexible is the work schedule there at Keystrokes.  Do you have to punch in and out like at MQ?  Really getting tired of punching in and out.

Recent info would be appreciated...looked at archives already.

Anyone with information on Nicholas Transcription in NH? Thank you! (NM) - Posted By: looking


Does anybody work for SmartMed/TSI? When do they send out pay checks? TIA. nm - Posted By: Jill


Chase Transcription - sm - Posted By: lucy

Does anyone have any information on Chase transcription? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Lucy

Spheris Financial Statement...sm - Posted By: TechSupport

Moderator: This might belong on the Company Board. 

I had occasion to look at the 10-K form that Spheris files with the government and noticed that the company has reported net losses every year since 2004, starting with $3 million that year and accelerating to $19+ million in 2008 for a total of $57 million.  In other words, it would appear that the company wouldn't have paid any US federal income taxes since it was formed. 

At the same time, the company employs 4500 transcriptionists, of whom 2000 are in India.  Last I heard, transcription companies in India receive very favorable financing and tax treatment from that government. 

At the moment I'm not exactly sure how or why, but it's interesting to consider these two facts together.   You can read the 10-K yourself at the link below.


Pay - Posted By: Inco

uh huh

VR pay scales - Posted By: Terry

I am an Editscript MT, i cannot find a job paying more than 0.425 and .084 out there, what is wrong with this picture, do they want us to work for free??.  and now they dont pay for spaces?? not worth it...If someone out there pays more than that, please let me know as i am floundering and i edit more than 500 lines an hour..Help