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Mr./Ms. Moderator pleeeeeeze!!! - Posted By: full moon madness???

Have you gone on vacation or just thrown up your hands and given up on trying to keep this crap off here????!!!!  Looks like things have gotten waaaaay out of control.  Guess it's obvious you can't get through to the people determined to act like idiots on here, so why try? 

Has everyone heard back from Keystrokes yet regarding the email we received a while back? - Posted By: kd

Just wandering why I haven't heard any response yet.

Medical Records Company - Posted By: sstbl123

Anyone heard of Medical Records Company.  Ive never seen them on here before, but just looking for info.  Thanks

How long do new hires usually sm - Posted By: mlstoo

stay on 100% QA with TransHealth?  TIA!

3 cents a line for VR - Posted By: steady eddie

In order to make $20.00 an hour, which is what I make most days, I would need to edit 666 lines an hour.  Is that even possible? 

Hmm.... 666.....hmmm


Does anybody know how JLG sent - Posted By: out the checks yesterday??

Hopefully it was through the airport...

HAs anyone heard about Valentine Transcription...??? - Posted By: JMD

Just wondering...has anyone heard anything about Valentine transcription. Would love to hear from you.  JMD  

SPI; what is going on? - Posted By: Looking for a home

What is going on with this company? It looks like it is falling apart?  Help me to understand...I am waiting on word back from the hiring exam!!!!!!!!  I should run I'm thinking.

Do Diskriter MTs have to use a company machine or will they load yours? Thx. nm - Posted By: lub-dub


Has anyone heard of Millennium Business Services out of NC? nm - Posted By: Just Curious


CMT CORP - Posted By: OhioMT

Has anyone work for CMT CORP or is working for them. I am going to be testing with them and would love some info on them the good, the bad, and the ugly. lol...What ever i can find out is great

Diskriter ASR - Posted By: C-C

Is anyone working on Diskriter's new ASR platform and if so what kind of pay is there and what is the work like?

Thanks in advance.

Pay for acute care versus ER/progress notes - Posted By: dtmt

My company has been out of work quite a lot lately and their only explanation is you know how it is during the off-season but the off-season now has been pretty much all of this year. My question is are MTs now all paid the same way for notes as opposed to reports. I distinctly remember that MTs who did progress notes and ER notes were generally paid differently because the notes were so short it was next to impossible to get an adequate line count. I feel like I am getting shafted because I am reduced to doing progress notes on a daily basis and I am generally spending 10 hours a day just to make my 1100 lines. Keep in mind that these are still ESL doctors who either don't know or don't care about putting in demographics so that too still has to be looked up and in the end I may get 5 lines per report. I understand that things do change but if its gotten to this point then maybe I need to be the one to make the change.

MT worth - Posted By: cj

I see a lot of people say pay me what I am worth, so I would like to know - what do we think MT is worth and how did you come to that figure? What do you do to make yourself worth that? Do you proofread? Do you follow the BOS or whatever the client preference is? Do you know proper grammar, punctuation, etc? I am really curious as to what the consensus is on what an MT is worth and why? I am starting my own business, lining up several accounts, and looking to work with only the best. What things do you look for from a company? What is most important to you? What would make you want to work with someone or not work with them?

Calling on MTs that do part-time for Focus.. - Posted By: MT with a heartbeat

Do they just expect you to tell them which days you'll work?  I'm looking for positive feedback on this company although any replies would be nice. 

E-mail if need be, but I'd like to know what the part-time consists of before applying.  I am assuming platform depends on account.  I have 20+ years of experience and am wondering if the pay would be better than where I am currently which is 8 cpl without a raise ever and it is IC status. 

Thanks in advance.

Why are we allowed to discuss MQ's - Posted By: sm

pending lawsuits but not KS's?   

Are employers required to offer Cobra? - Posted By: nm


How is it possible that I could land a job..sm - Posted By: MTinTX

right after finishing my MT school, but now that I have more experience and have worked in-house, I can't?  I am getting so frustrated right now.  If I don't land a job soon, we will go into foreclosure on our house.  I have applied to over 25 companies, and I am still applying and testing.

Okay, I just needed to vent for a minute.

Does anyone know how to find out what the nationals are getting paid from the docs? (sm) - Posted By: mtmtmtmtmtmtmtmt

I would LOVE to be able to find out what the doctors are paying these national companies for their work.  I have heard so many times, that the transcriptionists have to take a pay cut because of the economy and because of outsourcing.  And personally, I do not see how any of us can work for less than what we are getting now. 

Is there a way to actually verify what these nationals are charging the docs, maybe calling around and getting quotes is the only thing I can think of.  Does anyone have a better idea.  I would LOVE to get ACTUAL QUOTES and see how it compares to what we are getting.  Any ideas? 

Survey: Don't give co name, but do you all have - Posted By: enough work to do to get good lines? Thanks.


MedEDocs - Posted By: Lyn

MedEDocs - anybody know anything about them?

why is OSI allowed to post jobs on this site??? SM - Posted By: ??

It is on their website that they have an offshore office in the Phillipines. 

Heather on Job Board - Posted By: Yellow Rose

Does anyone know anything about her or her company?  TIA

Sten-Tel - Posted By: mjj

Does ANYONE know anything about Sten-Tel? Please?


Honest is the best policy!! - Posted By: Tired

I have been going through company after another that continue to hide the truth about their accounts.  For example, ATSI is posting again for a large hospital account.  Guess what!!  The recruiter did not tell the truth.  They hired MTs and guess what, when the MTs got a taste of that large hospital account, they all quit and ATSI is posting again for the same hospital.  ATSI is paying 8 cpl for this horrid, horrid hospital account.  Plenty of gastly ESLs with samples emailed to you.  You cannot pull any prior reports.  Why not tell MTs the truth, offer them more money to work on these accounts and allow them all the time in the world to get to know them. Why keep posting advertisements and MTs take the bait, when they find out the truth they quit.  Honesty is the best policy, why not give it a try.

AccuStat in Wisconsin. What's going on with them lately? I worked for them last year, am thinki - Posted By: MT

of contacting them again.  Is anyone on this board still working there? How is the work flow now?  Any comments? 

IRS Question about IC - Posted By: LaWanda Brown

What are all the things I can file on my taxes if I am an IC?

forced to sign could = unemployment benefits - Posted By: SPI next chapter

If you're being coerced into signing such as agreement in your current/ongoing job, you can file for unemployment in some states.  Only if you are asked to sign at the beginning of new employment is it OK and the employer explains that these documents will be an annual part of paperwork updates.  That's why they want us to reapply for the jobs we've had for quite a while--to get around the fact that we are not newbies but need to look on paper as if we are.  However, we haven't been formally dismissed from jobs we have now, in order to reapply to keep same job.  You also have to agree to a criminal background check and give them access to your credit bureau file, which is now for them.  Best of luck to all SPI, ex-SPI, and future SPI MTs.

What platform is Keystrokes ER account? - Posted By: Chartscript, Extext or???? nm


Should you get paid for headers and footers. - Posted By: AMT

I was called in to test for a company who do not pay for headers or foots and starting pay is 7 cpl.  They do not pay for bolding, underlining, nothing.  Is this still a good deal?  Should I waste my time testing?



People Support... - Posted By: TM

Does anybody have any information on People Support?  I see they have several job offers available and I have never heard of them.  Any info would be greatly aprpeciated--good or bad.


Does anyone have any info on Scryptions International in Nevada? SM - Posted By: Thank you!!!

Archived but have found nothing.  Thank you!!!

Spi/Cymed - Posted By: Jen

What's the general consensus of SPi/Cymed these days?  thanks.  J

Insight to the other side - Posted By: EmmaMT


Does anyone still use MSWord and a transfer program - Posted By: I saw earlier post, but those are

either nonexistant companies or have gone to platforms.

Medgarde info? - Posted By: Lacey

Hi! I'm just wondering if there is anybody who works or has worked with Medgarde. I have an interview with them on Thursday and am trying to find out more about them, but I'm not having much luck.

If anyone has any info I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Applied and tested with Precyse - how long - Posted By: Curious MT

I tested with Precyse on Wednesday. How long should I wait until I hear from them. If I don't hear from them, how long should I wait before contacting them and inquiring about my scores.


speech recognition - Posted By: Susan

i am new in this business and I was wondering why doesnt anyone use speech recognition to get a better line count?  Is this just wishful thinking on my part. I just heard about this product called Naturally speaking today and it seems like a dream come true for any MT, though obviously unethical?  Any opinions or experiences?

Medical Transcription Associates of Virginia anyone? - Posted By: just asking

I have not been successful in finding out any info on this company.  Can anyone help?  TIA!!!

Somebody has the wrong idea about being an IC. “You should hit the - Posted By: An IC

 ground running.”  Sorry, these smug remarks have to come from those who are employee status and don’t even know what it is like to be an IC today.  We face the same problems of no work after signing a contract, most of us are not “businesses” other than we take off our business expenses when we pay our huge tax bills (if we are lucky enough to make enough money these days), and we don’t work on recognized platforms like ExText, Chartmatrix, or any number of others the big MTSOs have today.  No, we work on “platforms” someone has created in a small MTSO that in no way are production oriented, created by someone’s husband, cousin, or whoever.  We have to deal with psychopathic owners who want to screw you, not pay you, and “account specs” is a foreign term to them.  If you cannot hit the ground running as an employee, why do you think an IC must?


ICs are ICs because of the flexibility it affords them.  They are MTs just like the rest of you.  If you need your hands held as an employee when newly hired, what makes you think an IC doesn’t need direction at the beginning?  Has nothing to do with incompetence or not being computer savvy but has everything to do with getting the proper information, just like an employee, in order to do the job. 


I was really sorry to see the posts to Jennifer below in response to her concerns.  Clueless in Seattle is too kind an idiom for most of you.  It is laughable the remark that you “market yourself as a business.”  You market nothing, you sign on as an independent contractor after replying to job postings that are IC status, a status that is appealing to companies who do not want employees because they want to pay no benefits, collect no taxes, and do not have to conform to Labor Department laws for the most part. Someone is confusing being an IC with being an owner of a company.  ICs today work for others, they are not company owners because they do not want the headaches of owning a company.


It’s a big risk being an IC today, not what it was like when I started in this business over 20 years ago when someone’s word meant something.  ICs deserve as much respect as an MT who is employee status, a respect in the thread below that is sorely lacking and has many misconceptions displayed in the responses.   Until you have walked in their shoes, please don’t try to be an expert and offer such platitudes as, “you should hit the ground running.”  I could only hope that some of you would offer an apology for your comments.



I would like to hear MQMTs opinion of the QA point plan that Amherst has decided we should all be - Posted By: MQSE

doing. I find the things they deduct for petty and ridiculous but I guess that is to make sure no one gets any bonus. Most of what they pick about is really not correct anyway. I wonder who came up with that idea. I think they had better go back to the drawing board.

LPH and increase speed - Posted By: Kristy

As I mentioned before, I am struggling with speed.

I am curious what most people start out typing (LPH) and how quickly you increased to your max (many mentioned they are 200-300+) lph.  Anyone who will share on this?

I appreciate it!

softscript - Posted By: anonymous

whazzup with softscript??? cant seem to get my line count up they keep changing my accounts when i do and give me Dr. asplkgabppsdkgiapdofnb every time.  evidently this is not uncommon.  glad to accept a new position today!!!!!!

HILS Transcription - Posted By: Izzie

Anybody have experience with this company?

I got an email from this company last week. Responded that I was interested in discussing further.  No word since.  Pay is low - 7.5.  They're in Dothan, AL. 

Wondering what type of accounts they have?


Asking about dialup, work, jobs, etc. (SM) - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

If you are looking for a job, please read the job ads on the Job Seeker's board. The ads are very descriptive and have contact information for your convenience.

Otherwise, the Company board is for asking about a specific company (or companies).


ExText with Dictaphone - Posted By: Elizabeth

question - Many times after entering a document using ExText, I realized I had to leave the computer for a few minutes. I closed out of the ExText document and usually even exit out of VPN Client. Even if it's 30 minutes later, when I return to work, that same document is still sitting there. I process it then and that's fine for me, but it makes me wonder why the documents don't rotate. It seems that it slows time down that they are processed because they just sit there for a long time.

Anyone have any idea why the specific jobs sits there? Does that mean no one else is working so it stays at my computer, or does it mean the document is stuck? How to unstick it? Has that happened to any of you? Your thoughts please. Seems to really slow down turnaround time for the client.

TN companies I'd like info on... - Posted By: Please see message

If you'd take the time to give me any info you have (good or bad) about the following, I would greatly appreciate it!

eTrans Plus, Hand Sten-Tel, Medical Linguistics Transcription and Consulting, Med-Type LLC, ProScribe, TransHealth, and TransPAT & Associates.

If you know of any other companies in mid-TN region, please let me know.

Thanks much!

Focus Infomatics - Posted By: Wondering

I was just wondering if anyone else that was recently hired with Focus has had problems getting trained.  I've been waiting for a couple of days now and still nothing.  I have everything ready to go but no idea what to do with it...lol.

T-C Transcription...anyone working there?...sm - Posted By: anonmt

Is there anyone here currently working for T-C Transcription out of Florida, or has worked for them in the past, with anything to share about how they are to work with, etc.?

Webmedx MTs, 30% increase with ASR? - Posted By: MT

I keep hearing this is the productivity percentage an MT will see with ASR at Webmedx. What has your experience been?

Please share:

How long you've worked at Webmedx

How long you've been on ASR at Webmedx

If and how your production has changed (numbers/percentages if you have them)

I'd like to know how much of this promise of increased earnings is truth.

Thank you.