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MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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Synthescribe has taken to another board to recruit - Posted By: wow

One of their employees is all over another board recruiting and getting 100 bucks per referral.  Thats just pitiful.

Medware - Posted By: Typing fool

Looking for opinions on Medware from current employees. Can anyone tell me how many transcriptionists they have, are they flexible at all, do they offer part-time, positives and negatives? Most importantly, are you making any money with them? Thanks.

Anyone else who left MQ/ line count question. (sm) - Posted By: Just Me

Working on Dictaphone ExText now and only averaging 100-135 lines per hour whereas on MQ DQS was able to do easy 150.  (Before the cesspool, of course).  Feel I need to be more patient.   Had worked MQ so long forget how long it takes to build up speed and ease with another program.

Anyone else have input?

any work for JLG - Posted By: bspen

Just checking to see if there are any MTs that work for JLG or have worked for JLG?

All-Type information?? - Posted By: mmd

Is there anyone who could give me information about All-Type?  I am interested in the work environment, pay, platform, et cetera.  I really appreciate any insight.  Thank you.

Any information about TransPortal - Posted By: misslion21

I have a phone interview with transportal today and I was wondering if anyone knows of that company or works for them. I would appreciate any information.


Thank you Medquist people - Posted By: Miss Willy

To typing to long, I was not getting snotty with you.  I had my reservations about working for MQ after reading the MQ page.  I have decided NOT to take a job with them.  I have been doing transcription for 28 years and dealing with these national companies since 2001, and there doesn't seem to be a good one to be found.  I thank you all for responding and stopping me from making yet another mistake with one of these companies.  I already has an inteview with another company today. 

Precyse looks like they have excellent benefits. (sm) - Posted By: Is it just me?

I see they are only hiring for 2nd and 3rd shifts, but it sure sounds good.  In the past I saw posts about them over-hiring, but that seems to be the norm with most companies now.  Any other recent input on them?  Do they allow split shifts? 

Webmedx eliminating positions - Posted By: Not me

Who's next to go?

ASR pay rate - Posted By: EH

What companies are currently transitioning to ASR and, if so, what line rate are they paying for this? 

SmartMed - Posted By: Terri

Hello ~ Anyone have any info on SmartMed? I'm debating on taking a new position with them (transcription) but have some doubts. They're based out of Houston (I'm from Wisconsin)and was told there are quite a few ESL's which I'm not too experienced with. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Has anyone had experience with - Posted By: SpeechQ being adopted in their radiology tx dept ?

The doctors really like it for the most part and are all gung ho about the front-end editing capability.  For the moment we are doing back-end editing and proofing the ones that are front-end edited.  But when everything is running really smoothly I'm wondering how many of us will still have jobs.  Has anyone had their dept. adopt SpeechQ lately and if so what happened to the transcriptionists ?

Does anyone know if SoftScript provides computers for their employees? s/m - Posted By: Kiki

Also, what kind of incentive program (if any) do they have? 


Thanks in Advance!!!!! 

A duh question about - Posted By: unlimited long distance

I have a chance to interview for a great company but they require unlimited long distance. We are out in the boonies and have only a small independent telephone company which doesn't offer it. I have been googling this and it looks like I could get an adapter and pay a monthly fee. Could someone recommend a good company for this - I have heard mixed reviews about Vonage - or tell me the pros and cons about it.


Transcend and testing... - Posted By: JoAnn

Just wondering how long after testing with Transcend it takes to hear from them.  I hate to be left hanging for days on end never knowing if I passed their test or not.  Any help at all would be appreciated. 

Anyone heard back from TransHealth? I've applied - Posted By: twice but never hear from them. sm

I have 25 years of acute care experience and great references.  Maybe it's my breath? LOL.

Keystrokes - Posted By: Siren

I am trying to fill out the on-line application on the Keystrokes website.  I filled the application out but I do not see a tab to send it  Anyone else run into this problem?  TIA

What is considered - Posted By: wundering

an average salary at today's rates for someone with 20+ years of experience who can do all types of medical reports but prefers to do op notes? 

Anyone know what the single premium is for - Posted By: Spheris, and how much PTO they offer? nm


email address TRS... - Posted By: Amy

Does anyone know the email address for human resources at Transcription Relief Services? 

Company typing pools - Posted By: omega

The company I currently work has auto pooling and typing pools.  This is the first time I have come across this term.  Would somebody please let me know what this entails?  It sounds like a bad thing.  :(

Have any of you noticed that Futurenet has an ad for MTs right now? And I have been without work fo - Posted By: What a crock!

I was looking for some part-time work because my main job has had NO work hardly at all, not even to make $150 every two weeks and come to find out FUTURENET has an ad for transcriptionists!  What is going on with that?  How can they be hiring when there is no work now?  Maybe that is the problem - they are overhiring so much.  This is ridiculous!  I am outta here.  I have waited and waited and waited and waited for some work to come in - nada!  Anyone else having the same problem with them?  I am a very loyal, well-seasoned Transcriptionist and I have been giving them the benefit of the doubt, waiting for some work while me and my family are almost, literally, starving because of it.  I feel like I have been robbed!

Charge by the word instead of line? - Posted By: amylou

Does anyone know what the going rate is on charging per word instead of by line? I don't know of any place that pays that way so I would appreciate any input!! Thanks.

eTrans, Precyse, Medquist; which is better? - Posted By: neese


Looking for updated experiences with Transcription Matchmaker - Posted By: So Very Tired

I've scanned the archives and seen old posts where people gave their experiences with Transcription Matchmaker.  Any current reports?  Any folks who've had a positive placement experience with them?


Anyone have any info on this company in CT?  Thanks!!

Spheris radiology word expanders - Posted By: grannyMT

Does anybody know what word Expanders Spheris uses for Meditech radiology?

Anyone tested and heard back from DTS America. How long was your wait? nm - Posted By: wondering


ANP - Posted By: kb

What is up with ANP transcriptions? That looks like Russian to me. It does not make any sense!

Problems with board or complaints. (SM) - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

If you experience problems with any operation of the board, or have complaints about the board, etc., please contact us.

You can find the Administrator or Support e-mail addresses by going to the home page and clicking Moderators.  You can e-mail myself through the e-mail option on my posts.  The Contact page also has a forum you can fill out for problems.

Thank you,


Fast Chart - Posted By: flyaway

I asked about any info on Fast Chart.  I do not know why my message was deleted.

for Regroup - Posted By: x

Thanks for clearing things up or better pointing them out.


The problem is that the subtracting MTSO discloses only after having gone through all their testing that they are a subcontracting MTSO and if we accept the contract a lot of restricting policies also regarding our future are included.  And the line pay is really, really low and if disputes with the staff arise, the STAFF is ALWAYS RIGHT and the MT is always WRONG, even if it is the other way around.


So, even the whole thing is to our very big disadvantagem, we accept, because we need a job and little pay is better than no pay.





EMR Medical Transcriptionist? - Posted By: mtme

Ok, just as we thought our jobs were being replaced with EMR, VR, offshore, etc, I found this on Craigs list with the headline Medical Transcriptionist -

1. Transcribe medical dictation into CareTracker Electronic Medical Record Template.
2. Data entry of patient medication & allergy history into EMR.
3. Review of patient history from chart and enter into EMR.
4. Capture charges from dictation and enter into CareTracker.
5. Work with EMR implementation team with suggestions or changes.

1. Compile electronic health record from paper charts.
2. Transcribe medical dictation into electronic health record template.
3. Manual entry of patientís medication and allergies from the paper chart into the electronic health record.
4. Get physician approval of medications entered.
5. Follow up with doctor with incomplete dictation.
6. Cross training of new staff assigned.
7. Performing other duties as assigned.

This certainly doesn't sound like EMR is all it is cracked up to be if this is what it takes to get the record on the chart.

Out of curiosity...... - Posted By: MTProfessional

Since the acquisition of Cymed, how many MTs at SPi have lost their jobs or had their workload lightened?   

I have heard already from at least eight MTs who have had all of their work taken from them.   Just curious.   

I also have heard from three editors who have lost their jobs completely.

Apology - Posted By: gourdpainter

I would like to clarify that I said in my previous posts that MT Stars had nothing whatsoever to do with the curious emails I received.  I will reiterate....I DO NOT THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THAT MT STARS HAS ANY SORT OF COLLUSION WITH ANY MTSOs NOR DO I THINK THEY GIVE OUT OR SELL ANY EMAIL ADDRESSES.  Apparently the moderators think I am making some of you suspicious of MT Stars and that is the fartherest thing from my intent and I apologize for any misunderstanding.

I'm gone.

Is OSI still offshoring? - Posted By: Their recruiter says NO


Warminster PA MQ office sm - Posted By: ann

Can anyone tell me anything about this office? I am still debating on whether to turn in paperwork or not.

Superior Global Solutions..anyone have anything good or bad to say?? - Posted By: Curious

Please respond if you can tell us anything about this company...pay rate?  pay on time?  platform?  Thanks

TOTH - Posted By: Kathy

I am trying to help anyone out there who has considered working for TOTH.  I have had friends working there and none of them have been paid.  They apparently are using people to do the work but are not paying them.  This has been confirmed through many.  We are not sure if it is some type of scam they are running or what, but the best solution is to stay away from them and report to the BBB or anyone you think that can help.

Any info on X-press Transcription ? Anyone? TIA - nm - Posted By: wondering


I start Focus Infomatics next month - Posted By: gg

Can anyone who works there share with me the real good, bad and ugly?  I keep hearing so many different and conflicting things.  I have searched.  As I understand, some MTs love it, while others don't.  I know they have Indian interests.  Feel free to email me privately if you want.  Thank you in advance for  any words of wisdom.

?MT companies - Posted By: dar

Has anyone ever checked their line counts via other programs or do you just accept what the companies tell you.  I have found a huge discrepancy against my word count and what the company claims is my line count and it is significantly lower of course.  What programs are good? 

Info on Medical Transcription Services, Inc. in Green Bay, WI? - Posted By: Need to move on

They have an ad on the Jobs Board and I can't access their website.  I can't get anything on Google, and I hate to jump from the fat to the fire.

Someone said Transtech sent out mass Email - Posted By: to all applicants...

saying which shifts and days they are hiring for.  Care to share what they said so I will know whether to bug them.  If it is not allowed here on this board no problem and I will apply anyway.  Thank you.

Does anyone know which platform Aero Transcription Inc. uses? - Posted By: Considering

Mucho gracias!

How is Transolutions, Inc. out of Illinois to work for? - Posted By: Need info good or bad

Would like to know about platforms, pay days how often, and any other pertinent info you all might have regarding this company, specifically for radiology work.  TIA

Is your MTSO ready for Windows 7 when it comes - Posted By: out in a couple of weeks? nm


Any information on Transcend? - Posted By: Looking for a New Job

How is the workflow?  The line rate?  Any information would be helpful!

Keystrokes - Posted By: Guest

Keystrokes has some open positions using a C-phone and the Meditech platform with 35% ESL. Are these good accounts?

oops on spelling - Posted By: Katie J

OK, so I meant great, not gret.  Sorry 'bout that.