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Nervous Nettie Here...OSi seems 2 B falling apart. - Posted By: (sm) FF

Upper management is acting so skitterish....had a mandatory conference call this morning and it was pretty nasty!  Anyone have a clue as to what is going on?  I'm going to start looking for a new job. 

Deleted Post - Posted By: siren

Either I am blind of a post of mine was deleted from the forum.  It was in regards to psych transcription positions.  Oh where, oh where, did my post go.  I may be blind, but I honestly do not see it.

Transcend/MDI...any experience with? - Posted By: susancarol

How is their earning potential?  Thinking of joining them.  TIA (thanks in advance!)

How long does it usually take Webmedx - Posted By: mt

to get back to you after completing their tests and questionnaire? 

Info required - Posted By: Lauren

Has anyone worked for Integrity, Venice, Timothy Olyphant? How are the accounts and how is the pay? Any info will be appreaciated. Thanks.

Email and IP Address Confidentiality -- ALL READ - Posted By: Moderator

It is important that each reader and poster understand the safety of their information on MTStars: 

Email Addresses

Email addresses should never be typed into a post in any way.  The email address you validate to have posting privileges is never given or sold to any individual, group, company or association. 

You may receive emails to that address from others using the Reply By Email option on one of your posts.  If you receive an email through the MTStars board, it will provide the URL to the post it is referencing.  Your email address is still not exposed at this point.  The person sending an email does not see your email address but has simply filled in an online form to send you the email.  If you choose to reply to the email sent to you, then you have actively chosen to expose your email address to the person emailing you. 

MTStars does not recommend that you respond to any unsolicited email unless you are certain of the validity of the sender.  Anyone can send you an email through the Reply By Email option on any post you make.  It will go to the email address you used to validate that post.

IP Addresses

Your IP address is private and confidential.  It is never given or sold to any individual, group, company or association. 

Depending on the email agent you use, if you respond to an email sent to you (or if you send an email to someone outside of the MTStars board at any time), your IP address may be traceable through your email. 

Can companies or individuals find out your identity? 

Yes.  Not through exposure of your information (email or IP address) but through recognizing situations you describe or other information provided by you when you post.  It is deductive reasoning.  If YOU provide enough information, you may be effectively “signing” your post.  This is true on any board, whether open publicly or not.  Even private boards cannot guarantee who their membership really is. 

Do companies and associations read MTStars?

Yes.  Anyone can read MTStars.  Information posted is searchable on the Internet.  Even a private board can be read by anyone who registers as a member. 

Making claims that MTStars provides, gives, exposes or sells your email address or IP address is a libelous claim and will not be tolerated. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Administrator or Moderator directly.

Transcription - Posted By: KW

Imagine the productivity and work that could be getting done if MR's were not on here complaining....  KW

SPi information - Posted By: Courtney

Hi everyone.  A friend of mine was telling me about the company she was working for, SPi.  I was thinking about applying for a position.  Can anyone that currently works, or  has worked for them be willing to share comments about this company. Thanks.

Doctors training for Speech/Outsourcing - Posted By: Lee

Does anybody get the impression the company they work for is getting dictations from doctors training for speech?  MTs are to let them know how they can improve their system?  All this for an insulting line-per-hour rate.  Once things are running smoothly,  will these jobs be outsourced?  Just my suspicion.  I don't like the way the industry is turning.  I feel exploited.  My equipment, my education, my resources, my internet, my fingers.  Sigh....');>

Anyone get a W2 from OSI yet? (nm) - Posted By: OldMT

Just wondering, I haven't received mine yet.

TRANSTECH - Posted By: curious

Does anyone have any information good or bad on TransTech Medical Solutions? 


DRC, California - Posted By: Searching

Any info. on Digital Records Corp. in California?

How many of you that were complaining - Posted By: justgottaknow

about not getting anything from your company this year for Christmas actually did receive something now that the time has come and gone?

Morning! Can any of you computer-savvy MTs tell me how to - Posted By: check line count....sm

From another program in Word based on 65-character.  I know I saw it on here somewhere.  TIA!

Double Dippers! Wow! - Posted By: Stunned

I just wanted to bring up the thread from below as its getting buried down there. OH MY GOSH!! I had no idea that this was going on, but it sure does explain a LOT of what has been going on and I haven't been able to figure it out. Wow! That's about all I can come up with. I definitely know of at least 1 or 2 QA staff who must be doing that for sure - they are just never there - hammer out the jobs by simply filling in a blank for any question, and churn thru the jobs, paying attention to none. Yet one can never really contact them. They must have rows of computers set up on their desks! Or lots of KVM switches, on top of lots of nerve. Yep, these cheaters are definitely ruining it for the rest of us. Double dipping would never even have crossed my mind, but it sure does explain lots of weird situations.

longtime Webmedx employees-need info - Posted By: deb

I am thinking of changing to Webmedx from my present company and would like to know if I am making the right choice.  I need to talk with someone who has been there for a while that can give me a clear view of the company--the good and the bad.  Please E mail me and let me know.  Thanks!

Webmedx - Posted By: anon

What is going on with this company these days? Is it getting any better? I was going to take a job with them as QA a couple of years ago and had to decline after training due to illness. At the time I was quite impressed with their staff that I interacted with as well as their platform. I have read some very negative things of late about them, just wonder if the dust has settled and things are ok now.

Radiology job on MTJobs paying 75 cents per report... - Posted By: what a joke

Will we be reduced to pennies?  There is no way you can make a living at 75 cents per report.

IC information - Posted By: NewEngland Gal

Hi! I am starting a new position as an IC which I have not done in years. Can anyone suggest how best to plan for Social Security which will not be taken out? Any tips will be appreciated.

Keystrokes - Posted By: Guest

Does anyone know if Keystrokes is currently hiring? Their website doesn't seem to be working.

Blacklist??? - Posted By: zzz

Is there such a thing as an MT blacklist passed around by companies? I have had many months of crappy accounts and at times no account at all. I want to be ethical and not leave on bad terms, but can't afford to waste another two weeks of my life with little to no income. If I leave without giving a full two weeks' notice can I be blacklisted (if there is such a thing)? Any advice appreciated.

Need info on Mediscript. NM - Posted By: ntkn


Spheris - HR Issues - Posted By: YogaMT

I am a new hire with Spheris and can't seem to get ahold of the HR department. Has any other MTs had this issue? Do you know if they are understaffed and thus leaving the MTs hanging?

Transcription Solutions of South Carolina, LLC - Posted By: Karen

Does anyone know how to get in touch w/this company?

Question on MDI-MT full time vs. part time - Posted By: sm

Does anyone know how many lines per week or per pay period are required at MDI-MT to be considered full time?  Thanks.

Please - all posters on Company board read. - Posted By: Moderator

I just wanted to clarify something with everyone in hopes to ensure we all are on the same page.

I have deleted some posts that were correcting grammar/spelling, etc., as those are not allowed.  I usually will place a temporary ban on a poster in order to stop them and tell them in my action reason why I deleted/banned their post/privileges and ask that if they will abide I will remove the ban.  For 99% of posters, this works well as they were not aware that it was a problem or that we are serious about it, at least.  However, there are posters on occasion who resort to calling me names and who rant over the morality of some posts left on the board and try to enforce THEIR views or to allow them to pick/choose which posts should remain or even to excuse them from their unwillingness to abide by guidelines.  Not happening!

We do not moderate any of the boards for niceness, for ethics, for morals, for specific opinions.  We DO moderate for name-calling (troll, liar, or foul names), for posting privileged or private information, for spelling/grammar policing, etc.  All opinions are welcome here.  Stick to posting about topics, etc.

I just wanted you to know that MTStars does protect YOUR right to express your opinions here - regardless of what perspective it comes from - as long as posting guidelines are upheld.  This means that you may well find posts that are offensive to you - just skip them, leave them alone.  Stick to discussing or even debating topics but leave the personal attacks alone.

Thank goodness that we do not moderate by any one person's opinion of what is nice or not, right or not, appropriate or not, moral or not! 

Moderator Cher

is this normal - Posted By: boo

I am in trainingwith a company, learing this account and they audited my reports and count it against me, because I do not meet their standards, but I am in still in training just got hired.  Is this normal to be audited when you are still training?  aren't you suppose to be audited once you get out of training?

infor on spheris - Posted By: iagirl

What info can anyone give me on Spheris, good or bad?

Anyone else having problems collecting from JYT (nm) - Posted By: mk


Focus Infomatics??? - Posted By: Curious

I just received an offer of employment as a QA with Focus Infomatics.  The only information I can find on this company is two years old.  Anyway have any recent comments on them? TIA

Precyse - Posted By: anom

What is going on with them.  I'm always up for helping out, but this is nuts.  Four different accounts in 2 days.  You have to read the master file first (no easy feat) and then transcribe for docs you've never listened to before, and try your best to do a decent job.  A week ago, there was no work.  What is it?   I've only been with them a couple of months and I was told about a primary and secondary accounts, not thirdly and fourthly..  I'll starve to death.

Rotten docs - Posted By: Mari

Dear Doctor:

While I have a great deal of respect for what you do, you aggravate me.

Please, when you are addressing a letter be courteous enough to include the CITY and the STATE, and if you spell something don't spell ROAD for me, because, trust me, I learned how to spell road in the second grade!

Don't make me search for 15 minutes to find something your lazy ### could have read off the chart, because I only made 14 cents to type that letter, and my time and skill is worth more than 60 cents an hour. 

And while I am venting, how about you say pheochromatoma, instead of feo, if that is what you mean.  Don't be so lazy my job is 100 times harder.

Why the Webmedx e-mail? - Posted By: Disgruntled

Ever think that the reason they posted tonight about this conference call when it is not taking place until tomorrow is so they can come here, see our complaints, and get their stories straight for tomorrow's stupid cheerleading event? Never thought they'd follow the Q and screw their employees like this............

Amphion question, ............ - Posted By: rainbow

So, how Long does it take to get the phone call after you have accepted a position? ..................and how much longer after that for the computer to come here!  Been waiting for almost a whoel week already, about ready to give up! Need work........ Any new MTs who work for Amphion care to answer this one, thanks.

Keystrokes and templates question (sm) - Posted By: SP

I see Keystrokes has an ad up on the job board.  I presently work for a company who fills in every possible heading that the doctor MAY dictate throughout the report and calls it their template for each work type.  They do not pay for any of these lines.  In some cases we are expected to delete headings if not dictated.  These deleted headings are now subtracted from the total line counts because they take the total number of lines in the template and subtract that number off the top of the line count.  Any missing lines would actually be subtracted from lines that the MT typed.  It would be so much easier for all involved to just let the MT type what the doctor says, headings and all.  I'm wondering how Keystrokes handles headings and templates?  Do they include them as part of the template or do they just let the MT type as the doctor dictates them?  If they are part of the template already, how are they counted or not counted? 

Also, what platform do they use and is it MT friendly?


Anyone work for Phoenix Medical Trans. - Posted By: Inquiring Mind

I was offered a job months and months ago and for some reason regret not taking it.  Just wondering if anyone works for them and their opinion of the company.  TIA!

anyone work for QmedET? - Posted By: mt

Need lots of info. Platform, pay, IC or employee, hours, staff.  Everything please.

Thanks in advance.

$.08 w/spaces vs. $.09-.10 w/o spaces - Posted By: inquiring

Would you make about the same, i.e., $.08 with spaces versus $09-10 without spaces?  Just wondering.  Thanks.

Company called Transcription Unlimited (sm) - Posted By: Just Checking

There used to be a company by that name in Independence, Missouri that was ran by Linda Hill.  Now I see it is a company that students of a community college in Kansas City do their internships at. 

When I search for information on Transcription Unlimited it comes up with a company from out of state. 

Any info appreciated.

Has Transcend changed its name to - Posted By: Transcend Echo, or is that separate? nm


Any info on ATSI? - Posted By: MTMTMTMT

Any current/former employees care to share on work flow, compensation, incentives, benefits, etc?

Has anyone ever heard of Verbatim Medical? - Posted By: sm

I just got the strangest E-mail offering me a job.  It sounds like they are just starting out and looking for MTs to begin in about 2 weeks.  They are out of NYC.  I'm already with a company that promises to start me in 2 weeks on a new account and so far their practices are questionable.  What is up with these companies?  At this rate I can quit a company a week until I find the right match.    

is eMTS out of Coral Springs for sale? - Posted By: Curious

Forbidden 2nd jobs? - Posted By: wondering

I am told some companies forbid you to work a second job.  Anyone know what companies do this?  Does Keystrokes?

Pathology - Posted By: want to work in pathology

I would like any and all opinions and comments on how to go about getting pathology accounts as an IC working on-site.  How much would you charge?  What are the good markets (city, state, etc).  Would you stay local or go national?  Is this a good specialty to get into, is the work and accounts stable?  Ok, thanks all!

Anyone working for Accurate Transcription out of TX? - Posted By: sze

Thanks for any info

What does it take to become a recruiter?sm - Posted By: amie

Boy some of these recruiters!!! Just what does it require to be a recruiter.Just got an email from one and my goodness at the grammar!!! Hard to believe.

Keystrokes - Posted By: ConfusedMT

I just accepted a position at Keystrokes and will be leaving a larger company due to lack of work.  I'm hoping I made the right choice.  Any and all information about Keystrokes would be greatly appreciated. 

Viva Transcription Company out of California. Does anyone work for this service. If so, - Posted By: curious

would you be willing to share what they pay?

MDI/TRANSCEND BURNOUT - Posted By: tiredtypist

Anyone else as sick of MDI/Transcend as I am?  I am so tired of them talking out of both sides of their mouths.  Run out of work and their response is - "oh here, just move to this account and type".  Then they want to know why the hell the line count went down that day!!  EXCUSE ME???  You just put me on an account located in a different state, different hospitals, different cities, different nursing homes, different rehab centers, and you expect me to be productive?? By the time you research everything, get the information you need so you don't send in the blanks to QA, you are lucky to be typing 100 lines an hour!  I'm tired of being bounced around like a ping pong ball and treated as if I'm a nobody when if it wasn't for the TRANSCRIPTIONISTS who BUST THEIR TAIL ENDS every day, work over time EVERY WEEK, they wouldn't exist!  So how about paying a little extra to the people that have to switch on a daily basis because they over staff and then run out of work!  Or here's another BRILLIANT IDEA - - - try telling the ICs not to work when the work is slow, or move THEM to a different account!  It seems that it's always the hard working dedicated ones that work there that end up getting shit on.  If anyone is considering a position with Transcend and/or MDI - THINK TWICE!  They will promise you the world when they are trying to hire you, but TRUST ME they will take that world right back as soon as you start to feel comfortable.  You might get 1,500 lines in one day, and then 500 the next!  Good luck to you!  I'm ready to throw in the towel.