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Webmedex - Posted By: Wannabe


Looking for any information Webmedx please. I was thinking of applying but I am hesitant to take test etc if too many negatives.


Complete medical transcription - Posted By: gracek

has anyone ever heard of the co Complete Medical Transcription?  I was offered a job, ic status, but when she called the caller id came up as mynameisjoanna, WI no number.  Also her email just says joanna.  do you think this is an overseas co.  any thoughts??

Escription time consuming - Posted By: mtme

Is anyone else having an issue with the amount of time we must spend on technical issues with escription/editscript? It seems that just being highly trained in MT is not good enough anymore Now we must be format technicians and spend most of our time doing that and not getting paid.

Did anyone apply for the job (sm) - Posted By: need a change FAST!!!

Did anyone apply for the job that was on the job seeker's board with CLK transcription, the nonmedical transcriptionist?  If so, just wondering if anyone has heard back from them.  I sent my resume in, but have not heard anything yet. 

thanks in advance!

Transcription Matchmaker - Posted By: Job hunting........

Any updated information on Transcription Matchmaker?  I have sent them a resume twice, once about five months ago and again lately, but I never hear anything from them - maybe one email the first time I sent them my resume but that was after hounding them a few times.  Anything good lately?    I can only find old posts.

Keystrokes employees, could I ask some questions? sm - Posted By: NEMT

I got an offer from Keystrokes and had some questions for others employed there. 

How is the family health insurance?  Expensive?

I will be working on the account that is 80% ESL, easy to meet line requirements?

When the recruiter talks about your 'liscense' please what does that mean?  I'm not entirely clear on that one.

I should be getting my paperwork in a couple days then getting started.  I'm looking forward to working with you all. 

Diskriter info - Posted By: Jeannal

Thanks for all the information, but I didn't mean to get anyone upset.  I have made my decision anyway and I am starting soon with Diskriter soon.  I guess I figure things out with them as I good.  Thanks again.

Is it possible to use a DocQscribe expander on - Posted By: Anon

a different platform like Meditech?  Or would I have to download something like shorthand? 



Is there anyone that can give any info on DSG. I am looking at applying there and would like some - Posted By: Youngster

info. Thanks.

Would like to chat with anyone - Posted By: Cindy

who has worked (or does work) for Opti-Script out of State College, PA.  I am considering getting another PT job.  Any information would be helpful.  Feel free to email me or respond here.  Thanks!

TT'ers, how can I put -yo right after a number - Posted By: to make an ESP expansion for year-old? nm


Advance Transcription - Posted By: Patterson

Who are these people? I did a search and got nothing. TIA.

I don't work for KS but was wondering (sm) - Posted By: mt

in the post below, why did no one tell the MT in the hiring process that they could not use ATT but had to have a digital phone service?  Not trying to bash them, but have heard so many wonderful things, was just curious - has this happened before, or did this MT just fall through the cracks....Thank you.


JLG - Posted By: bspen

Anyone work for JLG?

Keystrokes - good news! - Posted By: jm

I was so excited and wanted to share my good news.  I've read many helpful posts on this board about Keystrokes and what a good company it is, so I decided to apply.  I tested with them over the weekend and heard back from her in a matter of hours, asking to set up a phone interview with me about a job offer.  Yay! 

Extra Work! - Posted By: Angie

Does anyone know of any MTSOs that use MTs p.r.n. or on our own time? 

DTS in Tennessee??? - Posted By: MTinTX

I am looking for any current information on this company.  I have an interview this afternoon and was wondering how they are to work for.  I checked the archives but I keep getting some weird message.


MRC of Maryland or Florida info - Posted By: sweaty palms

Please give experiences with this company good/bad ASAP!!


Have any of your company managers or owners (sm) - Posted By: irritating

Have any of your company owners or the managers sent out politically-charged emails company-wide? I was just curious as to whether this is a common thing, since my company owner has sent several out. It's bothersome, to say the least. Work is the one place where I feel I should be completely safe from the political circus.

Good companies.....without...sm - Posted By: Cindy

Okay guys call me an idiot for not knowing that Medware has an India division!  Now, I'll risk the flaming yet again.....Can you recommend companies who offer employee status without outsourcing to India?

Good health insurance coverage at a reasonable rate for single person, nice organized people to deal with, paid on time, and the sooner they could put me to work, the better!

Please feel free to email me privately.  My address should be somewhere on this page!


Any companies offer bennies for - Posted By: parttimers less than 40 hours a week? nm


info on Administrative Assistants - sm - Posted By: pt

I know they are IC and use DocQcribe. I am wondering about ballpark pay scales, work flow, any other information about this company.

Thanks in advance!

My rate of pay was changed, should I move on? - Posted By: MTnobody

I was offered a level 3 position with a higher rate of pay from a recruiter.  I signed the forms and quit my other job.  The recruiter told me on Friday that he had a meeting with the boss and was told because I did not have exactly 3 years experience, my pay would have to go down to a level 2.  The rate at this company is already pretty low and you do not get an extra 0.0050 cents if you do not obtain 98% accuracy.  Because I already quit my other job, I somewhat reluctantly said okay.  However, today my old supervisor told me she wanted me back.  I do not want the new job I accepted because of the change in pay before I started.  I start training for the new job on Tuesday. How do I inform the new job I decline the job?



Dictation Services Group - Posted By: paulineine

If there any information about this company that anyone would want to share that actually works for them.  Is there enough work to make a decent paycheck or you guys that work for them sit and wait on work a lot?    Their platform which I hear is not hard to learn.  Thanks ahead of time. 

DeVenture - Posted By: Kati

Would like to hear from people who work or have worked for DeVenture, pros and cons, please.  Also, how is their platform called Shine?  Thank you.

Just curious to know what health insurance DeVenture has - just want to know the name of it..nm - Posted By: LuvDAS


A Stat Transcription - Posted By: Doug

I am a new MT about to take a job with A Stat Transcription.

They seem great (they're sending me a footpedal and spellchecker and giving me a good line rate) and going to work with me to get my career started.

I was just wondering if anyone out there works for them or knows about them who could share some information about the company to me.

Anything you can post will be a big help.


What's the word on editing at Alltype? - Posted By: me

Need your advise - Posted By: Unknown

Is it easy to make good Line count working on OP notes? I have been offered a position to work on OP notes. I have some experience with OP notes. So, just wanted to know if I can make a decent Line count with it? Appreciate any help.

Please define - Posted By: EmmaMT

what an MT is/does.

Hey Guys, tell me if I got "dooped." - Posted By: MT'ing 30 yearsT

I just recently started a new job and was offered 8.5 cpl and and accepted it, now I am feeling I should have at least held out for 9 cpl.  This is going on the second week and I am only up  to 7000 lines on my 8th day.  Is this about the norm.  I have worked for some companies where my production is up after about the 2nd day.  The company offers BC/BS with low premium, dental ins, 401K no match, life insurance, short term disability, holiday pay, personal day pay, sick pay, vacation pay, incentive of 1.5 cpl for any lines over 12,000 lines per pay period, every 2 weeks.  The account is a huge one with all kinds of work types, but not a lot of ESL, and I also have an excellent backup account that is not as large with a few ESLs.  Do you think it would be wise to ask for a raise in 6 months or maybe 9 or 12.  Thanks for the input.

Owner's email - Posted By: MDI-MD MT

I am hoping that all MTs for MDI got the email sent out this morning by MDI's owner. She is trying to keep us all informed and reassured. I have read posts over the past few weeks that MTs are out of work or really low in work. I, too, have experienced the same thing. Ask for more work in another account or specialty, even if it means going back on QA to cross train into something new. She says the work is abundant so we have to find out where. She also is going to hire 40-50 more MTs for new accounts starting in 30-60 days. Jump in early and see if perhaps you could share in some of these new accounts. I plan to do just that. She says her door is open for emails, so let's email her personally and skip your TL, as they may not know all the details yet. Good luck everyone and hang in there!

Returning to work after disability? - Posted By: NEED ADVICE PLEASE!

About 2-1/2 years ago I had to take employer-paid disability for an illness that was affecting my attendance at the hospital where I had been employed for several years as an MT.  I loved my job, but had no choice at the time and have spent the last two years trying to do my best to return to health and return to work at the same hospital.  During those two years, the hospital had a shortage of qualified MTs and was aggressively hiring; when I checked lately, however, there are no openings.  I called the department a month ago inquiring about the possibility of returning to work and the department head never returned my call.  Although I had exemplary reviews and years of extensive MT experience at this hospital, I know that my attendance the last year or so left a bad impression on my department head.  Also, during the time I was quite ill and still working, my production temporarily suffered, worsening the situation (yet my last review was still exemplary, noting only attendance issues and need to pull up production, otherwise just outstanding). I do believe she got the message the day I called, but chose not to return the call.  I made the call during a time they were actively recruiting and having some difficulty in finding qualified MTs.  Now I see no such ads anywhere.

There are other non-MT positions at the hospital, but I'm really not qualified for most of them and my pay as an MT was outstanding and I absolutely adored my job until I became too ill to work.  I'm afraid I ruined my reputation in my department when I became ill and she perhaps has decided not to re-hire me.  Although I could speak with people above her, she ultimately has the final say in determining whether she would take me back into the department.

If my MT department head is unwilling to hire me, what do you think my chances are applying at national companies with a 2-1/2 year lapse in working and transcribing?  I'm sure my doctors will gladly back me up that my attendance issues were solely due to my illness and I have copies of my superior reviews, even my last review the month before I left to take disability. 

Although I believe I haven't lost my MT skill, I have been out of the loop in terms of new drugs, etc. for over two years.  Yet, I do have many years transcribing for a prominent multi-specialty hospital.  What would YOU DO if you were me?  Would you more aggresively pursue the position with my current employer or try to move on?  I don't want to move on, but may have no choice.  Thanks for the advice!

Does anyone know of an MT sm - Posted By: long time MT.......28 years

company who still hires ICs, part-time, is an established company, pays on time etc and would like someone who loves and would prefer to do OPs all the time?  Am looking to leave current job and go back to IC status part-time.  Not so worried about the money because I don't want that many hours but am not working for slave wages either!

Phoenix MedCom - sm - Posted By: Jill

I believe they do NOT pay for spaces.  Is this still true?  They say competitive line rates but 9-10 cents without being paid for spaces is NOT really good pay. 

Anyone know anything about them, recently?

Any info on Teletrak? sm - Posted By: ctmt

I know pay and line requirements but was wondering about their platform. Any info, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated!! TIA

Pay for acute care versus ER/progress notes - Posted By: dtmt

My company has been out of work quite a lot lately and their only explanation is you know how it is during the off-season but the off-season now has been pretty much all of this year. My question is are MTs now all paid the same way for notes as opposed to reports. I distinctly remember that MTs who did progress notes and ER notes were generally paid differently because the notes were so short it was next to impossible to get an adequate line count. I feel like I am getting shafted because I am reduced to doing progress notes on a daily basis and I am generally spending 10 hours a day just to make my 1100 lines. Keep in mind that these are still ESL doctors who either don't know or don't care about putting in demographics so that too still has to be looked up and in the end I may get 5 lines per report. I understand that things do change but if its gotten to this point then maybe I need to be the one to make the change.

This is unbelievable- Anyone experience this from a company - Posted By: ICMT

I am an IC with this company working 4 hours in the evenings.  True enough, I had to agree to set hours; however within those 4 hours I transcribe a full-time line amount 1000 to 1100 lines.  Yesterday,I sent co-owner of the company (supervisor) note saying I needed to stop at 2 p.m instead of 3 p.m. because I needed to see a doctor for my knee and that if I didn't make that appointment I would have to suffer through the weekend with a painful knee.  Since this was a spur of the moment appointment and they worked me in, I did not want to miss it.  I also informed her that when I returned, I would make up the 1 hour.  Well she sent me a message back saying you have stay on line until 3 o'clock, take an ibuprofen and you'll be fine.  This dialogue between the 2 of us went on for I know about 10 minutes or more.  Then she told me, you still have time to go to a doctor after 3 p.m.  You have to stick to your schedule.  Now, I had already done 1500 lines at that point, because on Fridays I work 7 to 3 p.m. She went on to say, you agreed to a schedule and you must stick to it.  I asked her what about when people have emergencies or things come up you cannot control.  She did not want to hear it.  I have an in-hospital MT job (for 3 months now) and she said she didn't think my employer would allow me to take off like that.  I informed her that my employer would be more than willing to allow me to take off for a medical problem, because they know my health is more important than the job, because if I am not well, I cannot work anyways.  Now there are times she ask me to work as much as you can, any day you can, all day if you can.  So at those times, I guess  it doesn't matter that I don't stick to my schedule. I reminded her that I was a contractor and not one of her employees.  My full-time job at the hospital is ran though the County, and there has been mismanagement of the money and they have reduced our hours to 32 a week, which is why I took on the IC position.   If I didn't really need this part-time job, you know what I would have told her to do with it. Plus the pay is 10 cpl and it is real easy to get your lines. Oh well, just needed to vent to my fellow MTs.

insurance in under 90 days? - Posted By: cootiekid

any companies out there starting health benefits for FTEs earlier than 90 days? i know some were 30 a while back, but can't recall now. thanks in advance!

Archivus questions - Posted By: MTMAMA

I was wondering how often Archivus pays and if they have Direct Deposit.  I have been contacted by Archivus and am being considered for a position but was looking for a quick answer to these questions.


Any tips on handling recruiters who may not be honest? - Posted By: MT

I am just getting a weird feeling from a recruiter.  The recruiter told me three different starting rates of pay and asked me to tell her what she quoted two days ago.  I asked what percentage of MTs stay with them for a year.  She avoided the question.  The recruiter also could not explain the pay scale. Are recruiters required to be honest?  I find it hard to believe that she was being dishonest.  Maybe I am paranoid.  Do they generally care about the company they work for, or their job is done once they hire the MT?

What's up with Cardioscribes? - Posted By: Lots of mgmt postings on board

Are they reorganizing or was there a massive walk-out? I heard mixed postings here about this company, but thought that for the most part people were happy there. Suddenly all of these top positons even the admin asst is posted. Too bad you can't do one of these jobs remotely, it would be great to get a position like one of those but they are all on site.  Anybody heard what's going on over there? Just wondering. TIA.

Would you work two jobs if the first - Posted By: mt

says you cannot work for anyone else as long as you work for them and that all your transcription time must be for them only?  This includes above a 40-hour week.  Do you think they'd find out if I did?  I am thinking of it because of the account I'm on and cannot make any money with.

My account is very complicated and they are always asking for extra help on it and it does not pay well.  The account specs and headers are very intricate.  You are supposed to know when dictators want stuff that they don't even ask for and the specs are constantly changed and updatead.  The company does not pay for spaces or headers.  I made 5.39 cents yesterday for two hours work.  That's nuts.  I've got two years experience and am not toally new, but can't make any money on this account and the company can't hardly keep anyone on it either.  They don't seem to understand why they can't anyone and keep saying is it such a nice account.  Duh!


Could someone give me the history - Posted By: on L&H that everyone is talking about?

It must have been a great company or something.  Fill us all in, please.  Are they in business now under another name? Have a need to know.

Radiology job on MTJobs paying 75 cents per report... - Posted By: what a joke

Will we be reduced to pennies?  There is no way you can make a living at 75 cents per report.

Message to all companies - Posted By: dea

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  There is a new MT below, Christina, (might be on page 2 by now) who needs an online externship to complete her course in medical transcription.  I know a lot of the companies read this board, so would one of you please step up and do a wonderful thing by responding to Christina with an externship?  I know what it's like to be new, and I am so appreciative of the facility that stepped up to the plate for me almost 12 years ago with just a certificate of completion in my hands and no experience.

I don't know Christina, but my heart goes out to her, my reason for posting this.

Have a wonderful day!  I'm praying for you Christina.  This is a wonderful, challenging career to get into with big demand.  Let us know how you make out.

Can you guys believe this!!! - Posted By: Notstupid

I am sick and tired of taking these so-called top notch transcription tests with the most difficult grammar questions, BOS-style like questions, abbreviations, what is a plural,etc, and only having an hour to complete the test.  I just recently jumped through hoops for a compnay I shall not name.   The VP told me I had exactly one hour to complete the all most impossible task.   Well, I passed her fricking test.  Then, she told me to gear up I had exactly until the end of the day to complete her 4 wave files.  I completed them.  After all this, she had the nerve to offer me a full-time IC position at 7 cpl.  The wave files I heard require more than 7 cpl and why on god's green earth would I take an IC job doing acute care for 7cpl, I would be losing money.  Then, she had the nerve to set a schedule for me Monday-Friday starting from 9 am to 5 pm.  No thank you.  I will keep right on looking.  I do not need this stress.  I am going in-house.  I simply outdone. 

Thanks for letting me vent.

TA+ - Posted By: me

Any info on TA+ Platform - Arrendale ?

Bayscribe command question. PLEASE HELP! sm - Posted By: Bayscribe Newbie

Can anyone please tell me what command I need to use to simply maximize the player???  TIA!

Chase Transcription - Posted By: Cheryl

Has anyone heard of them?  And what are your thoughts and opinions?