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MTStars.com initially began its journey through cyberspace on December 8, 2001, offering Medical Transcriptionists a place to network. MTStars has experienced amazing growth over the past 9 years to over 20,000 members and 3 million visits per month!

MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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radnet expander - Posted By: radgirl

Does anyone know how to add words/phases to Radnet?  I know how to retrieve using F9, but no one seems to know how to add.  Thanks. 

I see so many negatives about KS acute care...sm - Posted By: wonder if I should try

what about the RAD accounts?  I read before that they had good RAD accounts, but do they actually train you or do you just jump right in and make your production?  I am waiting for my interview from the recruiter who came back from a trip a couple of days ago.  Any info appreciated!

TRS - Posted By: out of here

Any information on Transcription Relief Services would be appreciated, good, bad,or otherwise.  Thank you. 

Has anyone tested with DRC and is it a difficult test? Thanks nm - Posted By: kadi


Looking for any info on ScribeRight out of WA. - Posted By: NEMT


Anyone else apply at ATS for an orthopedic MT position and get this bizarre, - Posted By: OrthoMT

obviously form letter that you did not have enough experience, even though you have over 15 years of MT experience, with over 10 of that doing orthopedics. I think it is pretty lame to send out an inappropriate form letter that is way off the mark. Tell me you've filled the position or just not interested but do NOT bother telling me that I do not have enough experience.  Of course, I had to ask them, Just how much experience were you looking for, 10 years is not enough? Sometimes, this business scares me.  I was just curious as to whether anyone else got this bizarre form letter when they applied. 

Why Credit Check for MT job? - Posted By: job seeker

Does anyone know why an MT service would want to do a Consumer Report on applicants?  I can understand a background check, but why do they need to do a credit check?  I've never had this come up before. 

Can someone tell me if the MQ offices are still running out of work all the time or what is - Posted By: Question

happening with that please.

Just to get an indication of production on VR, (sm) - Posted By: PLEASE be honest.

Please state your average production on VR, your average production on straight typing, and the platforms used for both.  Companies too, if you wish to share.  You don't have to give your line compensation rate (unless you want to).  I'd rather compare the production on different platforms.

I haven't started VR and there are so many different variables.  I'm really curious if I stand a chance or not since I can type about 200 lines per hour straight typing. 

Precyse Solutions - Posted By: Michele Larson

Does anyone have any information on this company? I am considering submitting my resume, but want to know more first and I can't find them on the BBB website. Thanks!

OSI--Anyone happy working there? If so, can I ask you a few questions? - Posted By: Curious

I am thinking of applying as they have a good sign-on bonus and the benefits look really good. Could you tell me what their platform is, easy to make money, cost of insurance, and are they flexible or do you have set schedule and they freak if your not working at that very moment. Thanks for any help.

To Admnistrator - Do you know who Liz is - Posted By: on Job Board?



Yesterday there were some quite interesting posts concerning the trouble some of us seem to be having meeting/exceeding our line counts.  After giving this some thought today, having a need and a strong desire to earn more, I have formulated the following:


In order to deliver the best quality reports that I possibly can, I promise to: 

1.  Verify all demographic data. 

2.  Accurately transcribe all medications and dosages, spending a reasonable amount of time utilizing the resources available to me including my electronic drug book and the internet.  If uncertain, I will leave a blank.

3.  Verify the spellings of any unfamiliar words using my electronic medical dictionary and the internet, and again, if uncertain, I will leave a blank. 

4.  Spend a reasonable amount of time searching reference materials and the internet for names of surgical instruments, procedures, acronyms, etc., and if uncertain, I will leave a blank. 

5.  Quickly review lab values to ensure accuracy. 

6.  Do my very best to decipher what is being mumbled, partially pronounced, or mispronounced, and if uncertain, I will leave a blank. 

7.  Spell check and quickly review the report in its entirety, checking the formatting of the report and looking for any obvious errors on preview, prior to submitting. 

8.  Make an honest effort to locate on-staff physicians' name in the physician lists provided.

9.  Transcribe the reports in the order they are received, no matter what they are. 

10.  Submit the report only after it has earned my seal of approval. 

HOWEVER, there are limitations to the extent to which I will go from this point forward.  I will no longer: 

1.  Edit my own reports.  I get paid the MT wages, not the MT and Editor wages.  After spending a reasonable amount of time locating missing information, any blanks left in the report will REMAIN in the report and it will go to editing.  I will no longer rewind to the beginning and spending additinal time doing someone else's job. 

2.  Search for off-staff physicians.  For example, Dr. Smith in New York City.

3. Work overtime without incentive to do so. 

My line count has been so much higher today because I refuse to spend any unpaid time searching for elusive information. 

SPI red tape - Posted By: Jazz1

Finally got that packet today and, of course, they want it back by Friday.  They gave an e-mail address for questions and I sent my questions and e-mail came back as undeliverable.  I tried 3 times and still no luck.  Have left 2 messages because you can never reach a real person, but no reply yet.  Has anyone successfully used that e-mail they gave in the packet?  I just renewed all my paperwork in May, except that packet did not include the arbitration agreement.  Thanks for listening.

Has anyone gotten paid by D&L yet? - Posted By: CuriousMT

just wondering, I have not gotten paid yet!!

DTS in Tennessee??? - Posted By: MTinTX

I am looking for any current information on this company.  I have an interview this afternoon and was wondering how they are to work for.  I checked the archives but I keep getting some weird message.


CTS (Central Transcription Service) - Posted By: elkomt

Again, and thankfully the last time I'll have to deal with this, I was not paid on-time (hopefully I will get paid considering I quit) I am awaiting my final paycheck from CTS which should have been, according to the payroll department, direct deposited on Friday the 31st.  After complaining because my direct deposit was not posted I was told it was becaused I resigned, that they mailed the check yesterday at 12:00 p.m.  Of the 3 months that I worked for them I was paid late all but 2 pay periods.  If you want to be paid definitely do not consider working for them.  Promises are made and not kept, yet they continued to ask for extra help when they were behind.  I guess they don't get that most of us work for income, not because we are philanthropists and are working out of the goodness of our hearts. 

Precyse - Posted By: nm

Anyone know what platform Precyse Solutions use?

Line by Line Transcription....anyone have any info? - Posted By: sara


New England Transcription - Posted By: workerbee

Has anyone every worked for New England Transcription as an IC?

Question on Focus - do they pay for every line? I heard that they only pay for so many... see msg - Posted By: Poster

lines on a page.  Is this true?  Thanks!

TTD and hocus FOCUS - Posted By: Just wondering

why are they allowed to crowd the job board with so many repetitive ads and cheesy slogans?

Keystroke Questions - Posted By: Diane

Have been an MT at MQ for 9 years, thinking of applying at KS where the MTs seem to be much happier.  MQ provides all equipment so I am wondering just what I would need.  I make 9 cpl now, would their pay be comparable?  Would I need to purchase an expander?  Do they pay less for editing? Any help is appreciated.

Inscribe LLC, anyone working there right now. nm - Posted By: PAMT


Focus - Posted By: kris

I did my training for focus the other day.  I am supposed to start today.  I really dont want to.  I dont like the platform and they did not tell me the right info.

They sent me software.  If I do not take the job will they charge me for it

What platforms give you access to old reports? - Posted By: Besides Extext and Chartscript? NM


Just Frustrated and down in the dumps.... - Posted By: Jo

I work for a National, everyone told me I would love this company, I am trying so hard and cannot seem to get the daily line count they want or that I want.  I am using word Expander for the first time with this company and love it but sometimes, to me, it is a hinderence in getting your typing rhythm down, and sometimes it expands things that I did not want, so I pause, hesitate, delete, find what I am looking for etc. then go on, but again, my line count isn't what I thought it would be.  I work Sun-Thu and on Sun and Mon I meet the line count but then they switch me over to doctors I've never had on Tue, Wed, and Thu and then my line count goes way down, trying to find reports, trying to understand the doc, and end up leaving blanks.  I love being an MT, I just want to be able to pay my bills AND have some extra money to save....I guess I just wanted to vent....I know there are many excellent MTs out there, and Ill be replaced without hesitation, I just wanted to make this work.  I've been doing it for 2 years and this is the first time I've had this problem.  I don't do laundry while I work, I have a private room for my office and rarely leave the chair.  I have not taken any time off and even worked holidays.  Any ideas to increase my line count?

Anyone work for Philbrick Transcription in Connecticut. nm - Posted By: FLAMT


Keystrokes Forum - Posted By: New KS

Is there a forum or board for Keystrokes employees?  Just wondering.  I am starting in a few days.


Anyone with info on Diskriter, Inc.? sm - Posted By: MT-Fossil

Anyone know what platform they use?  Easy or difficult to learn?  Do they pay on time, etc?  Any info much appreciated.

Transtech Medical question - Posted By: ex-MQer

Can someone tell me about this company. I know they're based in Houston. I kinda need to know what platform I'd be working on, basic pay scale for someone with 10 yrs exp, do they use c-phone, percentage of ESL work, just stuff like that. Please email me if you'd prefer not to advertise your answers.

Thanks so much !

Asking about dialup, work, jobs, etc. (SM) - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

If you are looking for a job, please read the job ads on the Job Seeker's board. The ads are very descriptive and have contact information for your convenience.

Otherwise, the Company board is for asking about a specific company (or companies).


Allstate Transcription - Posted By: anon

Anyone have any info on Allstate Transcription.  What is their pay for standard typing as well as VR/SR, how is communication, software, etc.  TIA!!

Companies that allow you to take vacation - Posted By: flabbergasted MT

I work for a company that has paid time off, thing is they don't like you to take it. If you want to take off more than 1 week a year, they won't let you even if you don't care if you are paid for it. Does anyone work as an employee where you can actually take vacation without being without a job when you come back, the work is steady and the pay is good?

How do you quit gracefully? - Posted By: Quitter with grace

 I would like to quit my current position. I do not want to leave a bad impression, but I have to move on to a job that might be a better fit for me.  Being a newbie, I know feel that nationals are not for me.  I prefer to work for a small MTSO.  How do I give notice without sounding bitter, bad, or just dumb. I just really don't like it. I just don't want anything bad to go into my file.



Spheris --sending out recruitment post cards? - Posted By: mg

Any one else get these things?  Don't they offshore?  I could have swore I saw some things on here about them running out of work. 

Just wondering

TSLLC of North Carolina?? - Posted By: Paula

Anyone know anything about this company?  Looking for good, bad, or otherwise.  Willing to share.  Considering them.  Looking for posts from former or current workers, please.  Cannot find anything on here.

Landmark-Philly - Posted By: LookingMT

Does anyone have any current information on this company? Did they ever get anymore accounts to make up for all the lost work last spring and this summer? I know they use both Bayscribe and ExText platforms.

I did learn that although the owners are formerly associated with MQ and include SecrePhone in discussing their history, they do not actually go back enough years to have actually worked for the original SecrePhone. One account manager may have, but not the owners.

Thanks for any pertinent information.

Transhealth - Posted By: Radtrans

So here's my question.  How many Radiology people know the definition of abduction versus adduction off the top of their head without looking them up? 


Any good companies out there? - Posted By: nm


editing rate - Posted By: mtgirl

Is 3cpl for editing a good rate with editing people, not VR?

Any companies out there who assign a specific group of - Posted By: L@@KING

dictators instead of accounts with hundreds of dictators?  TIA. 

What's up with AllType? - Posted By: disenchanged

Is there anyone else who was pretty much forced out by the new policies at AllType? The hourly people are being put on production at 3.5 cpl unless you can make 2500-3000 lines per day editing, listening to offshore op notes and all that (about 95% offshore work). Everything just changed overnight. It went from bonuses and talk of growth and stability to now I hear the HR department was downsized and the experienced people who made a decent wage are hitting the door. Does anybody know what REALLY happened with this company? I was a lead QA person and I had to train new employees, do reviews and all that, and then was notified that in addition to this I would have to maintain the ridiculously high line count. I just don't get it.

OSI - Posted By: j

Looking for current information on this company. Good/bad? Anyone currently working for them? Opinions and comments appreciated. Thank you.

Can anyone tell me about C-quence or Chart Script? - Posted By: Are they good platforms? nm


Global Info Systems ring a bell - Posted By: frogmommie.com

with anyone? I don't see any other posts on it and have been offered a job. (The name is not Superior Global) I would sure like to know as much about them before rather than later. Thanks.

Anyone currently working Webmedx/Transhealth radiology would care to share info on them - sm - Posted By: newtothisscene

Are all of the dictators ESL as in the test on the website?  If you sign on as a radiology MT are you still allowed a 12-hour window.  Has workload been fairly consistent? Any info would be greatly appreciated.  I took the test and would like some info before I am contacted.  TIA. 

Anybody know anything about MDI? - Posted By: grannyMT

Good company or bad??

PRN Transcription in St. Louis... - Posted By: Angie

Anyone here have experience working with or know anything about them?

To Fingers - Posted By: MT dinosaur

I am sooo happy you found an old-time MT company!!  Been doing this for 22 years and am very discouraged and depressed.  Didn't think there were any left like it used to be.  That was when transcription was fun!!  I would love to find a small company where I could just work the same 2 or 3 docs for a decent wage. Congratulations!