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Anyone working for Breitner ? - Posted By: shannon long

Any idea what is going on with the Workers Comp Insurance issue all of a sudden?  In my state, it is not required to carry WC ins on yourself if you are an IC and have no employees, which I don't, so Im totally confused.  any help or insight?

Anyone use the Merit platform with MW? Good, bad, average? nm - Posted By: Thanks. NM


Need to personally speak with - Posted By: es

Anyone out there who works for Accu-Script located in Lake Orion, Michigan?


Does anyone have any information on this company.  What kind of system do they use.  What kind of accounts and are there a lot of ESL doctors. Thanks

Anyone know of a company that needs about 10 hours a week... - Posted By: Kat

I'm looking for part-time work, about 10 hours a week.  I've got 13 years full-time acute care experience and just need a few hours, Mon-Fri, morning or night!

Meridian Healthcare--Beware - Posted By: daniadair

For anyone thinking of taking a job with Meridian, you might want to think twice.  Their server or the hospital server seems to go down nearly all the time, and they don't credit you downtime when this happens for hours on end.  It is very frustrating.  They are also now telling those of us with newer versions of Word 2002 or 2003, and Windows Vista that we need to downgrade our computer software to Word 2000 at our own expense, and if we have any issues, we are basically on our own.  So we have to cross our fingers that everything configures okay if we do this.  Not sure that will solve their issues with the servers constantly going down.  How's that for taking care of your employees?!! I personally am seeking employment elsewhere after putting up with these server issues for over a year. 

What should I do - Posted By: Me Again

I have been working as an IC for quite a long time for the same company.  Lately, however, the supervisor has been telling IC's that they must request time off instead of stating when they will be off.  Also, they are telling IC's that if they miss any work hours, they must be made up in the same day or pay period (even if the time off was requested).  I don't really know how to handle this situation.  I feel I must say something since I am paying self-employment tax and do not get paid for time off.  Also, sometimes there is not enough work to get me through my normal shift, and I am certainly not going to make up those hours later on.  When I work over my normal hours, no one calls me and tells me I need to take those hours off later on.  Should I just be happy to have an income right now and keep my mouth shut, or do you think I should say something?

Companies that use Emdat? - Posted By: hcmt

Does anyone know of any companies that use Emdat Inscribe that are hiring?  Mostly clinic work, please. 

IC and benefits - Posted By: SGSer

I saw a post on this board a while back from somewhat who works for Superior Global Solutions as an IC AND is able to get benefits.  I really would like to talk to that person, but I cannot find the post.  Is there anyone else out there who works for SGS as an IC?  I work as an employee and get benefits but would like to know if I read that right about being an IC and getting benefits.  Thanks so much. 

Has anyone ever heard of AC Medical Records Management out of Oregon? TIA nm - Posted By: Mary

What do you like about this new MQ plan? - Posted By: not so happy

I would just love to know what people like about this new plan because the way I see it they are not paying for your internet service anymore which is essential to getting this job done and they are not offering any kind of weekend incentives which is when they are always begging people to work and also, the part that really is laughable is even if you are part time and say work 15 hours a week and want to work 20 instead one week you have to get that approved.  Now, they are always begging people to work so why do we have to get approval to work extra.  I can understand over 40 hours but if you are part time what is the big deal.  As long as you put your hours in that you are supposed to, why do we have to go through the trouble of calling our supervisors and asking to work an extra hour or so. 

I don't see much of any kind of incentives in this new plan.  I mean if you type over 1200 - you get a small increase.  Say you type 1500 well you would make an extra $1.50 that day.  What kind of incentive is that?

I just don't get it.  Maybe I am missing something and people can explain to me what they like about it.  I would LOVE to hear it. 



Giving half of my money to the nationals.  Thank goodness - I will be out of it soon.  LOL  Going to where they want a real medical transcriptionist!!!  I hope I live to see the day that these nationals go out of business and hospitals and clinics realize the importance of having normal, regular transcriptionists doing their work!

Current Webmedx people who came from MQ. Looking for comparisons. sm - Posted By: SM

Like how do their line counts compare to MQ?

How is their time keeping method compared to E-time?

How steady is the work compared to MQ? Interested in Acute work on this.

E-mail if you wish.  Thanks.

Transtech Medical - Posted By: Bess

I'm looking for someone who works (or has worked) for this company.  Any information would be helpful. 

Keystrokes: Why should I come work for you? - Posted By: verygoodradmt

I'm interested in working for you guys, but from what I've heard you don't furnish a computer, do not pay for long distance, do not pay for health insurance. Do you KS employees not mind all that? Is the money you make worth not having the above-mentioned items? Thanks for any input as I am very intrigued by this company but wondering about what is NOT provided.

KVM switch and Spheris........... - Posted By: rookiemt

Are you allowed to use a KVM switch with Spheris?  I really don't want to set up 2 desks, but I will.  I know using the router is okay, but I don't see anything in the manual about using a KVM switch. 

Thanks for any info.

Anyone work for Focus Infomatics? - Posted By: AnotherOldTimerMT

Good afternoon all you hardworking finger flyers!

Does anyone have any information, good or bad, about Focus Infomatics?  With what's all going on in transcription and the flurry of mergers, etc., it's hard to know what anyone's name is anymore! 

Thanks for passing anything on you might be aware of, you know the usual, pay on time, SR, QA, upper management, etc.

American Transcription Solutions - Posted By: worth a shot?

Any feedback on this company?


Woke up to no work early this a.m. - Posted By: Last paycheck before Christmas

So, it's slow already, and this is the last payperiod before Christmas.  How are you doing on this payperiod with your company?

I woke up at 1 a.m. and stayed until 7 a.m. to find 2 reports for me. Not a good way to start off the week.  Wondering what your company will do for you and your family this Christmas paycheck. 

BTW: When this MT worked inhouse at a hospital eons ago, there was always a holiday bonus for the Christmas paycheck, and it was never less than 1,000.00.  Paid for Christmas and more.  Now that they have outsourced, guess what this MT is getting? 40.00 until the end of the week for food money for a family of 5.

Ho ho ho. Happy Holidays. Hope you will fare better!


Does Medware hire IC? - Posted By: (nm) Thanks!


any info on Intellitype would be helpful nm - Posted By: just curious



Is JLG still in business or have they gone under, too? nm - Posted By: Still Searching


OTI - Posted By: LM

anyone with info?  Do they run out of work often?

Does anybody know how to get in touch with CIT - Posted By: Charts in Time (they don't have a website)

I have heard nothing but good about Charts in Time, but they don't have a website.  I would like more information about CIT.

Diskriter...info please...sm - Posted By: passing through

I am trying to decide whether to take a job with this Diskriter.  They have great benefits that I am looking for.  I have read both bad and good about them, but was looking for recent info on them.  If you could email me personally if you do not want to reply here I would greatly appreciate it.  I just want to know what I am getting into.  I know all companies have good and bad, but it is nice to know what to look out for and what questions to ask up front.  Thanks and hope everyone is having a wonderful day. 

Med-Scribe, any info??? - Posted By: N.M


Why in the world do companies -sm - Posted By: anon

Keep on hiring MTs when there isn't enough work for the ones they already have?  I am disappointed to learn that a company I tested for, and accepted a position with, apparently does not have enough work to go around.  I used to love medical transcription.  Now I'm just downright discouraged and depressed.   

BCBS customer service number sm - Posted By: Webmedx girl

Can someone email me with the BCBS customer service number for health insurance through Webmedx? I am thinking of signing on with them but want to ask them a question about coverage first.


DSG...sm - Posted By: Wondering

Hi all-

Does anyone have any info, good or bad, about a possible QA position with DSG?  Pay, bennies, etc---any and all info appreciated!!


ColumbusMQ Closing - Posted By: SAD

Have you been told where you are being transferred??? I hope not to Amherst---your accts will be overstaffed and you will be out of work in no time. It seems like everyone who is tranferred there with their accts is out of work shortly there after. It happened with all our accts when were transferred to Foxboro and Amherst. Has anyone had any contact from the Foxboro office lately?? I wonder if that office will be closing soon if all their accts are going up on DQS all the MT's would be transferred to Amherst

intermountain transcription - Posted By: larc442

Does anyone know anything about Intermountain Transcription Solutions out of UTAH?  Would appreciate any information.

Diskriter info - Posted By: MaryAnn

Any Diskriter transcriptionists out there who work on the hem/onc account they are advertising on the job board?  Please e-mail with the following information:  How difficult is the account in regard to ESL dictators?  What is their starting rate for a very experienced hem/onc person?  What platform do they use?  Is it a good one or bad one?

I would appreciate any info you may have regarding these questions.  Thanks.

Any tips on handling recruiters who may not be honest? - Posted By: MT

I am just getting a weird feeling from a recruiter.  The recruiter told me three different starting rates of pay and asked me to tell her what she quoted two days ago.  I asked what percentage of MTs stay with them for a year.  She avoided the question.  The recruiter also could not explain the pay scale. Are recruiters required to be honest?  I find it hard to believe that she was being dishonest.  Maybe I am paranoid.  Do they generally care about the company they work for, or their job is done once they hire the MT?

MDI-FL RADIOLOGY - sm - Posted By: Dumbfounded

MDI-FL advertizing for radiology positions  - what a farce. We sit here and wait for work every day with not enough to go around.  What will new employees type????? I'm absolutely dumbfounded over those ads...can't believe it.  Come join us and babysit your PC ...just like they do at Transcend!!!

Anyone hear of Cornerstone in New Jersey? - Posted By: Butterfingers

They have a job listing on MTJobs that sounded pretty good.  I need information from someone who has dealt with them before, though.


Any "long-timers" with Focus Infomatic? - Posted By: LookinMT

I am thinking about applying to FI and I was wondering if there is anybody out there who has worked for them at least a little while.  I checked some of the archives about Focus but is there anyone who likes working for them? 

Line counting messes - Posted By: happymt

I have a positive post but I am not revealing the company - yet... Don't want to jump out there and say what a great company this is like I had done in the past only to find out I was so dead wrong. I am working on the Dictaphone Extext platform. The session statistics ARE enabled within the program. I was told right up front that headers and footers were not counted ---so this is not a good excuse for any company to disable this feature. I find my line counts so far to be fair and accurate and what I would expect. I am glad to finally find a company that is on the up and up and does not give me the run around or the just trust me answer when it comes to verifying line counts. I have been pleasantly surprised. Just hope it continues and I will be happy to post their name here, just don't want to do it too prematurely.

Does anyone know of a transcription company - Posted By: Malya Walkenfeld

that you can do training through and also work for?

If you are on dial-up with TT... - Posted By: questions

and willing to answer a couple of questions, could you e-mail me?? thanks!

Acusis/DRC Teleconference - Posted By: out of a job?

Did anyone attend?  I could not due to illness in family.  Please e-mail me if you wish privately to let me know the bottom line.  Verycurious if the loss of their big account was mentioned.  Thanks.

who can you recommend that hires prn status? - Posted By: nm


Does it seem that work has decreased in many areas since - Posted By: just to have plenty of work

MQ did their not-so-smart illegal billing? This probably should be on the MQ Board but I feel what they did may be affecting a lot of us. Hospitals and other accounts used to have so much work we didn't know what to do with it. Now, it seems more work is being done on site or in-house. I can't help but wonder if the trust is all but gone due to what happened with MQ. I may be wrong, but it sure seems that way.

Need PT Flex with 401K Matching - Posted By: Crazy4MT

Does anyone know about any companies out there where I can still work PT and get matching or 1/2 matching contributions to a 401K?  I have 10 years before official SS retirement. 

Does Focus infomatics always supply - Posted By: pn

computers to MTs who work for them?  I ask because I'd rather use my own computer.  I'm a little leary of hooking up someone else's computer to mine even with a router.  I don't want the risk of any viruses or company Spyware or anything like that affecting my own personal computer.  Can anyone shed some good light on this matter?  Thanks in advance for your help.  God Bless.

Soap Transcription Service - Posted By: KJB

Does anybody work for this company or know anything about them?  Thank you.

Is Emdat word-based? - Posted By: Can you use Dragon Naturally Speaking?


I need an email/contact of someone..sm - Posted By: MTann

Does anyone know the email address of an Edna Palmer with Cymed, Virginia?  I can't get my emails or calls returned, thanks.  I left my email address if you know this and want to email me privately.  TIA!!!


I've been offered a job with both Precyse Solutions and Transtech.  Just wondering if I could get some recent feedback on which company would be the best to work for from people who have actually worked for these two companies.  I have read the past posts - just would appreciate any recent info anyone would care to contribute.  THX!

If anyone has either resigned or been terminated from Amphion, - Posted By: Weighing my options

I would appreciate knowing how the process went.  Thanks.

Avoid Lee Perfect - nm - Posted By: Anon

Run as if you're running from the plague!