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Well, you can tell it is the last day of the pay period. - Posted By: MTMQ


Where are the posts??? - Posted By: LinK

Can someone tell me why all the threads that had to do with the job posted for the $25 per audio hour Transcriptionist has been deleted?  Makes no sense to me.

Advanced Transcription, Inc - Posted By: MT

Anyone heard of Advanced....how are they to work for?  Do they require weekends?  What is line rate?

Anyone from Breitner getting bonus? - Posted By: Just Wondering

I see on the Jobs board they are advertising a Christmas bonus. 

OSI W2's late as usual this year? - Posted By: anyone? NM


StatIQ - Posted By: anon

Anyone have any info on them.  I tested, did well, offered a job and have yet to hear from them since last week.  Is this the norm for them?  Just curious.   Thanks.

Psychology/Psychiatric work. - Posted By: Wondering.

Does anyone know of any companies with psychology/psychiatric work?  I used to work on this speciality when I worked in house and really miss that type of work. 


ExecuScribe: Archives mixed...sm - Posted By: si

In response to my query on MT Stars, an Execuscribe recruiter contacted me inviting me to take their online test.  I decided to search the archives for info about this company before going through the testing process.  The result was mixed reactions, but mostly positive.  Can anyone out there give me any current info on this company?  For one thing, do they still require you to have a C-phone?  Thanks in advance for your help!

Administrators - What about starting a VR Board - Posted By: mt


Info on Advanced Transcription I - Posted By: hillbillymt

Anyone willing to give any info on this company?  Thanks in advance.

Test taking - Posted By: Oh so tired

I have just taken a test that must be designed to get into medical school with all of the choose the correct, fill in the blank and give the definition, was sooo..long.... and so intense, and why do we have to take 5 voice tests, don't they understand if you can do one or two, you must know what you are doing? Just tired I guess trying to find a good fit after doing this for 20 years.

Webmedx - Not Everyone Is A Happy Camper.... sm - Posted By: just another MT

For the last few days I've been reading a lot of posts about Webmedx; some good, some bad. I work there part time now, as full time was turning out not to be worth my time. And now this morning I received an email about "cherrypicking". And there are a lot of cherrypickers at this company. Believe me I have seen it!!!

I read one post where the MT was oh so happy to be with Webmedx for 8 years; then read a reply by another MT questioning her status within the company. I agree 100% that she is more than likely management or close to management. There are not that many MTs at Webmedx that have 8+ years with the company. Webmedx also made some changes within management, as I got that email the other day. It does seem as though they are more interested in the $$$$$$$$$$$$ than the MTs that work for them.

They also do not answer your emails in a timely manner. Every time I have a question, it is days before I get an answer. And, I'd like to know why some MTs say they have a flexible schedule?? Not true at all! Even being part time I had to submit a schedule of days and times I would be working, and if you're not working within those scheduled hours you get asked 'where are you. Why aren't you working?'

I don't like it when recruiters or employees sugar-coat the company they work for.

I'm only staying with Webmedx because I'm in the process of transitioning to another job with another company; one that I had worked for before. I feel a change is what I need now and I'm hoping that Webmedx gets their act together soon, as they are losing MTs and I know this for a fact because I have 3 friends who are leaving/left during the month of May, and I probably won't be there much past June/July.

Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm - Posted By: kadi


saw they were hiring 40 MTS - Posted By: D and L

for big new account.  Anyone here work there.  How do you like it.  Pluses and minuses welcomed and appreciated.


Any info about ZNF Medical Transcription? .... sm - Posted By: Happy MTer

Pay on time, DD, platform, flexible with schedules, etc?  Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

Any info on ATSI/MT-World please, sm - Posted By: ohsooooohappy

Was just offered a job with ATSI doing radiology.  They pay they offered is more than any company that I have been applying with has offered, even a lot more than the company I am currently working for.  I have been soooo stressed out with my current company lately that I need a better opportunity and I pray this is the deliverance that I have been asking for.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  TIA!!!

Re: Below D&L post - Posted By: tired MT

So I guess as long as they have clients paying them, and Transcriptionist working for nothing, they will be in business.

We might not be able to change the world, but one brick at a time can be removed. There are so many jobs posted - leave D&L - do not give them the opportunity to earn money off your back. I have to say - a line count of 6 or 7 cents a line is better than working for no pay, bounced checks, and aggravation.

Just like with any NEW job - you work up the ladder of rates, and if you do not at a new jib - move on - but n the meantime - why are these transcriptionists working to line their pockets and putting up with this? Have any of them really pressed charges and made complaints - you can do it online.

I get one bounced check, unsigned check, etc - I will file a complaint - especially when in most states you can get back up to 500.00 for a penalty from them. check out the check fraud web sites - the forms are there.

Webmedx-Latest info? - Posted By: SpherisMT

Any recent info on how they are to work for now?  Looking for steady workflow (understand seasonal slumps), is the insurance good/affordable, and what kind of time off do you get?  Any help would be most appreciated.  Thanks!

RapidText - Posted By: Kim

I just had a very bad experience w/ RapidText Inc, of Newport Beach CA.  I'd avoid them like the plague.


Lee Transcription - Posted By: Sparky

Does anybody know anything about Lee Transcription?

MD-IT - Posted By: s plummer

Hi, have done a search on this site for anything related to MD-IT but have found nothing.  Is there anyone who has worked (or works for them)?  Would you please share how you like it there?  seems strange that I can find nothing at all on here about them.  Thanks in advance for any input (have worked PT for them for a very brief time and it was a struggle).

probity? how are they about working with schedules, etc.? nm - Posted By: curious


I'm sure this will be pulled but I need to say that MTSOs are treated a lot worse than MTs someti - Posted By: Ticked off MTSO

WE take the risk to run a company.  WE get accounts to keep people busy.  WE pay more to our MTs than ourselves.  WE have to keep up on transcription, drugs, equipment, grammar rules, individual accounts, individual doctor preferences, business practices, tax laws, employment laws, etc.

WE have to pay for QA for MTs that do not know how to look up a word or phrase.  WE have to pay to hire and then be burned.  WE have to pay bank fees, lawyers, accountants, clerical staff, etc.  WE have to put on a smile for customers who don't deserve it because we don't want to lose an account because then our MTs would not have any work.  WE have to put up with crap from MTs who have every excuse in the book from mysterious illnesses to mysterious DSL/phone/electric outages. 

WE get bashed if someone is let go because their work is not up to par or if an account goes to voice recognition or goes with a company in India to save a buck.

WE get bashed if someone is hired and does not work out.

WE get bashed for requiring people to provide equipment, phones, etc OR we get bashed for providing all that but paying too low.

Take a look in the mirror.  If you have what it takes to get your own accounts, invoice, file all tax/employment/sales paperwork with your state and the federal government, can wait to pay your bills until the account has paid you, discount invoices for TAT that your employees do not meet or quality that is not perfect, deal with customers that nickel and dime you to death, give up time off because no one can cover for you, give up holidays so that your employees can spend time with their families, give up hot meals as someone always seems to drop the ball as the day goes on, negotiate to keep customers as each contract expires in an industry where prices are going down not up, then do it.

If you can do better than us, be my guest. 

Yes, some big wigs at some of the huge companies make a lot of money, but for the most part, most MTSOs make a good living, not great.  If I put my hours end to end, I put in the equivalent of two full time jobs.  If I worked two full time jobs for someone else, I would make more than I do running a service.

Before you b**tch and moan about the company you work for any more, ask yourself this question --- why are you still in this field?  The answers are easy --- it is a good field, MTs make excellent money for working at home, most without master's degrees or doctorates, there is some flexibility, opportunity to advance, ability to learn something every day, satisfaction knowing that an accurately transcribed report can make someone's treatment more effective or save a life (rather than having inaccurate medical records) and much, much more. 

The average teacher starts in the 20s, the average accountant in the 30s, the average computer person in the 30s.  We have potentially unlimited income and start in the 20s and move up rapidly.  Several MTs in our company topped 100k this year.  They would never have that opportunity in a different field.

We need to stop bashing each other.  It is not MTSOs vs MTs.  It should be working together as a team.  Teams that don't play well together do not succeed.

If you start PT at WebmedX, can you ask for FT down the road? - Posted By: Wondering

I am considering employment with WebmedX as my current situation is beginning to fall apart. Not being paid on time, and some other serious issues that suggest the company is floundering. I don't want to just quit however, as I cannot afford to take a major salary cut. I want to be sure that wherever I go I will be able to make enough money.

intellitype - Posted By: denise

Does anyone work for Intellitype?  Please give me the ins and outs of what you think of the company.  Thanks  

medifax - Posted By: kb

Has anyone heard of Medifax and if so what do you think of their pay?

eScription - Posted By: m

Can anyone tell me which companies use eScription?



Does anyone work for ProScript? I'd like to know about the platform, please sm - Posted By: Considering

What Expanders does it support? It is difficult to maneuver in and get lines? I have an offer...

InScribe - company out of KY? - Posted By: raeh

Information regarding InScribe out of Kentucky?  Good, bad, medium?  Organized, pay on time...  Not worried about the work or type of work, just want to know more about the company.  Have not seen a lot on this board regarding that particular company.  Thank you. 

To Keystrokes employees: Has anyone heard anything about when a new, less expensive insurance (sm) - Posted By: Kay

is starting?  I was told by a valid source it was to be February 1 but it apparently didn't happen then.  Has anyone else heard a different date?  TIA.

TSI - Decatur, IL - Posted By: mudcat

I'm looking for anybody who has worked for TSI out of Decatur, Illinois and didn't receive pay or who has a Board of Labor dispute. Please contact me.

Can anyone tell me who a really good SE company is that is solely internet based and are nice to - Posted By: MQMT

work for with decent accounts. Thanks much.

How does MDI pay for Rad, per report or by the line? nm - Posted By: Anon


I wonder what the number or percentage of MTs that need insurance versus those that dont is. Which - Posted By: PAMT

is greater I wonder.

Anyone working for Gulf Coast Transcription of Florida? - Posted By: sze

Any and all info appreciated.  Thanks!

ChartScript through SoftMed....anyone able to do this with a satellite? - Posted By: Toto

And if you can....are you having any luck with the speed issue?  TX!

Anyone worked/work for Beyond Words? - Posted By: I am not able to find information anywhere good/ba

I searched multiple boards and have come up empty. Any information would be helpful.


Bait and switch, but need this job!! - Posted By: SS

I tested for a company and jumped through hoops to take their many tests.  I had to take a 3 hour grammar, spelling, verb, etc test.  Then, I had to take a transcription test and then interview with the owner, manager and team lead.  I got the call yesterday with an employment offer, in which I accepted.  Then, when I received my offer via email this morning, it stated that per our discussion, your account will be all ESLs.  I am mortified.  All ESLs were never discussed and I accepted verbally.  I am scared to death because I really need this job.  Should I keep looking?

Transform - Posted By: Wondering MT

Hello!  I have taken a test for Transform.  Was wondering about their platform, good/bad, good line count, etc.  I have worked on some terrible systems over the last couple of years and am hoping for a great system where I can make some $$ to pay for college expenses.

Good employee on the job seeker's board -- - Posted By: If you're looking

If you're interested in working weekends, I see Jessica Reeves from Amerimed has a job posted.  From my experience, she is very good to work for.


Bringing up my question on ProScript below - Posted By: sm

Didn't get any answers, so don't know if that's good or bad, maybe they're just a pretty small company and don't have many people working?  Anyone know anything about them recently?  Trying to update my notes for companies that may be interesting to check on.  Thanks!

Transcription Relief Services - Posted By: mary

Anyone know anything about Transcription Relief Services

LPH and increase speed - Posted By: Kristy

As I mentioned before, I am struggling with speed.

I am curious what most people start out typing (LPH) and how quickly you increased to your max (many mentioned they are 200-300+) lph.  Anyone who will share on this?

I appreciate it!

What companies acknowledge MT week and, if so, what do you receive? nm - Posted By: Wondering if we will be acknowledged..


what's up with OSI? - Posted By: typergram

I know they outsource so why are they hiring?  They expect you to do 10 reports in training but have no work.  Why can't I find a company that actually has some work to do - I just want to do my job.

Anybody work for JLG - Posted By: I have looked at the archives

Is the pay decent? Do you often run out of work? Are benes affordable for single coverage? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks

DSG? Anything, nothing in archives. What platform? - Posted By: Just Curious


What is a good line rate for editing? nm - Posted By: anon


Supervisor's pets - Posted By: ninja100x

Has anyone else had a supervisor that had pets while riding all the other MT's? Anyone else out there who has had that problem?  If so, I'm sure your stories are just as entertaining as mine have been. 

NetMed Transcription in Michigan - Posted By: curious

Does anyone have any experience with this company?  Thanks!