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Advanced Transcription Techology? - Posted By: Birdladybi

Anyone know anything about this company.  They are out of New York. Amy McGaffick, is the owner.  Anyone work there?   

Can some TTers e-mail me? I have a bunch of ??? - Posted By: TTMTer2

about time sheets and so on.  TIA. 

Escription questions - Posted By: walk the dog

If you don't mind answering a few questions.

Do you get paid for heaters and footers in both transcription and editing?  Are you pretty much content with the company?  Are they flexible? 

Thank you for your help. 

20% lines on weekends - Posted By: MT

I was interested in a company that I think advertised you just needed to get 20% of your lines done over the weekend.  Unfortunately I lost my favorites folder and cannot remember which company this was.  Maybe started by the people who originally started Medical Records Corporation??  Can anyone refresh my memory on which company this was?  Thanks much.


Medware pay? - Posted By: Anon

Can anyone tell me if Medware pays for headers/footers and spaces. Also wondering if the MTs doing acute care feel they are fairly compensated and if there are any benefits offered for part-time employees. Thanks.

Problems with board or complaints. (SM) - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)

If you experience problems with any operation of the board, or have complaints about the board, etc., please contact us.

You can find the Administrator or Support e-mail addresses by going to the home page and clicking Moderators.  You can e-mail myself through the e-mail option on my posts.  The Contact page also has a forum you can fill out for problems.

Thank you,


Where have all the job postings gone? - Posted By: mt4ever

Still wondering... looked on here, and pretty dismal. Not much on other sites.  Is it spring break everywhere, or MQ people flooding companies with resumes so that the companies are not putting ads?  Anybody got any insight? This MT is curious, because I like to keep track of what is out there (grass/greener etc.). Thanks.

another view - Posted By: original poster

Hi all.  I'm the original poster that caused so much backlash (ss# question).  I am very happy to say that the replies to kitty and at the response I got for my seemingly simple minded question have changed my view.  Just for the record, I understand HIPAA laws and have seen this before, just not as an IC with no background check, etc.  To be honest, I never really paid attention, just did my job and did it well I might add.  I'm one of those lucky ones who has never been without work and has had no trouble getting job offers with a respectable line rate.  I was so happy to have found a place to communicate with others like me and I guess I kind of got knocked off my square a bit with some of the responses.  I'm going to take the advice given and turn the other cheek and stick around.  Those of you who are so helpful, pleasant and kind to one another have changed my mind.  Thanks again to all of you for showing me the positive side of this site. 

If you could pick between OSi and TransTech, which would you choose? nm - Posted By: Holly


Do they pay for spaces - Posted By: Shasta

Looking for info regarding if DeVenture pays for spaces or not.  Couldn't find anything on their website about this.  Thanks.

Anybody else on new TT account (midwest area) - Posted By: Mercy

I received some instruction sheets on the new account, but it's only the second acct I've done, and the demographic instructions are much different and I haven't gotten any feedback yet on all the things I'm probably doing wrong. Have e-mailed and no answers yet. Anybody on this acct and have time to answer questions by e-mail? Am I the only clueless one?

IC status versus employee - Posted By: midrat

I've been offered an IC position.  Any advice you can give would be great!!

First, both companies are offering me the same line rate.  What I'm pretty naive about are the tax portions.  Would I be paying out more in taxes as an IC as compared to a company taking them out as an employee?  If anybody lives in Pennsylvania, could you please let me know how much I would need to take out of each check to be safe at tax time?

Thanks so much! 

Spheris schedule - Posted By: looking

I thought I was told that Spheris allowed a 12-hour window to complete work.  Anyone know if this is still the case?  TIA 

AllType - Posted By: Nissa Landry

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for some feedback on AllType.  Does anyone who has or is still working there recently have any information?  I finished a test with them this weekend, so I am just waiting to see how I did, but before I jump into a boat that might sink would you help me please?     I hope you all have a wonderful day today and I hope to hear from you soon.




Nissa Landry

How about any info on Probity? nm - Posted By: Experienced MT looking for new home


good place to try - Posted By: TMT

DRC in California. Never heard a bad word about them. Pay is decent, not exceptional. Good benefits.


To any Spheris employees, I quit in August and would like a copy SM - Posted By: ex-Spheris employee

of my YTD earnings. I have called HR but they never return my call. I forgot how to access the online ADP. Can anyone give me a phone number to call, payroll number or something so I can call and get a copy of my earnings? Thanks.

Why don't these companies realize that good sound quality is - Posted By: Darn

essential for transcribing.  If the big bosses had to listen to the scratches and static for hours on end, day after day, maybe this wouldn't happen, but most of them don't even know what a foot pedal and headset are.  I find that the sound quality from the internet files are far worse than anything I ever encountered on DVI, C-phone, or Lanier systems telephone systems. 

Only good thing I have heard lately is that a friend of mine, also an MT recently filed for disability based on hearing loss and/or inability to hear the files that she was required to do and won the case for total disability.  She does have some hearing loss, but when she took her computer to the hearing and dialed in and had the adjudicator listen, there was no question that she would never be able to continue in this line of work.  Maybe a few more workman comp cases would wake them up. 


Diskriter, WebMedx, Axolotl: Can vet MTs do - Posted By: 200-250 LPH consistently after training? nm


Do you find you have to flex time too much? - Posted By: hello

I do sometimes. I picked a set schedule with my company for a reason, and I have a life outside of medical transcription. I don't think companies get that sometimes.

Anyone currently or recently working for DSG that can comment on them. I am looking at employment - Posted By: CALIFORNIA GIRL

there and would be interested in hearing any comments you might have.

eTransPlus/Axoltl - Posted By: exMQ

Does anybody have any good/bad to say about either of these companies (current info)? TIA

Transcribing Test File - Posted By: Shelly

I have a test file sent to me on IBackup. When I go to open the file it wants to go to Windows Media Player. Does anyone know how I get it to open in Express Scribe? Thanks in advance! Shelly

Peachtree Transcription, LLD - anybody know of this company? - Posted By: ceci

They are in Atlanta.  Say they pay by the Minute.  Not sure what that means.

Any help would be appreciated. 

Yet another MDI-MD question - Posted By: Kate

I will be doing my training soon and can't figure out how to send my PC ShortHand Expanders to the tech so it can be converted to BayScribe.  This is driving me crazy...I really would hate to have to start all over adding to BayScribe's expander.  Please help, if possible.  Thank you.

Virtues of Softscript in LA? - Posted By: Miriam Bergdorf

I'm on the verge of shaking hands with SoftScript. As with most MTSOs, there are positive and negative pieces of information exchanged about them all. SoftScript certainly has its share of negative comments, read both here and elsewhere. They seem to center around the amount and difficulty level of the ESL physicians a SoftScript MT is responsible for transcribing. Other than that, I haven't heard any bad scuttlebutt about them--the work seems abundant, the pay can be VERY good if you meet production and schedule incentives, and they are not small with many professsional criteria.

But as far as this ESL thing goes, I do have a comment: I don't see how much complaining can go on with SoftScript's ESL factor when many companies have the same situation? True, some companies have horrific ESL doctors, but those are the bottom of the barrel in this industry that certain MTSOs specialize in, such as the ones who outsource to India.

SoftScript, on the other hand, has some very attractive accounts: I can't mention names but there are accounts at acclaimed medical centers in Los Angeles, for instance. I personally do not see how the ESLs at these sorts of accounts could be measurably more rotten than the ones that different MTSOs advertising on this and other boards could have. After all, the ESLs have to work *somewhere*. And also, the ESLs at these better medical centers do have at least marginal expectations from everyone around them to sharpen up on their English as they are dealing with patients who can be more influential (and revenue producing) to the hospitals.

If anyone has any intelligent comments to make about SoftScript I would appreciate it. There are WAY too many slams and flames on this board about SS and any other MTSO for that matter to sincerely and consistently take the whole discussion seriously.


Good account, clunky software - Posted By: SashaFierce

Umph!!!  I found a job with great accounts, but their software is clunky, hard to manuever, and hard to make line count with.  Several times a day, I have to log out and log back in because the software freezes up.  No one in the tech department can do anything or unwilling to do anything.  I love this account, but it is virtually impossible to make any money.  I asked the tech department to at least work with me and my own macros and they never did.  They just told me I could not use my own macros without even trying to convert my IT.   Have anyone else had good accounts with clear dictators, but have the worst software program to work in.  What on earth am I going to do now!!!!! 

Why do my posts on the main board keep getting deleted? - Posted By: Liked their platform, have to leave because of sch

All I asked was if there is a company out there with a platform like Precyse - where you can look up the old reports by doctor, or by patient.  What is so wrong with that? 

Equal opportunity - Posted By: ConfusedMT

I recently applied at a company and was told that my transcription test did not meet the minimum requirements for any of their accounts.  Yet, a friend of mine took the same test and showed it to me in which she had several blanks.  It looked very similar to mine other than the fact she had blanks and I did not.  Has anybody ever had this problem?

for SAD, we do not TYPE - Posted By: sm

for a living sweetie, we transcribe.  Two very different things.  You can drag in a typist off the street to work and he/she will do fine. What we do requires training and years of experience to master. But you must, on the other hand, just be one of those managers who never learned the ropes like those you manage.  Again, pay attention, we are NOT typists. and personally, I am not self-important, but I do take pride in my work and don't appreciate your demeaning attitude. 

Lay offs - Posted By: quiet MT

  Amphion is going to be laying off...word coming down today.

Does anyone know?... - Posted By: Wondering

Does anyone know of smaller companies, who may be hiring, have a decent line rate, are honest and pay on time? I am pretty much over these nationals and those with their new, snazzy, nightmarish, useless platforms where you command+alt yourself to oblivion before you are even able to hit the first key to type, or are calling you on the phone or urgently emailing you every other minute, because you had to make a restroom stop and you are not at your desk slaving away. I have 30 years of experience and have pretty much done it all, acute care, teaching hospital settings, clinics, private office, etc., and have never failed to meet any deadlines or requirements. I know that these small jewel companies are very well kept secrets, but if anyone is willing to share I am all ears.

InterPro present or past employees care to share your experiences - Posted By: mt

I'm to take the test tomorrow.  Thanks in advance

Focus Infomatics - Posted By: Sue

Anyone had any dealings with Focus Infomatics?  If so, how is the compensation?  Thanks.

Transportal in NC - Posted By: Typing Fool

Does anyone actually work for or formerly worked for Transportal who would be willing to give me some information on how they are to work for.  I have seen the posts, but nothing concrete, just a message to avoid them but no reasons given.  I am looking for an IC job, and they sound promising.  If you prefer not to post, just send info to my email. 

ExecuScribe vs TransTech - Posted By: Sandy

I am currently working for ExecuScribe, but have been offered a job with TransTech.  I'm not sure what to do.  One main factor is the Execuscribe has no pain leave whereas Transtech does.  Anyone have any ideas? 

Need employment suggestions from experienced MTs - Posted By: An Old MT

The company that I am currently working for is great in every respect except one--it just doesnít have enough work to keep me busy.


Iíve been with my current company for the past seven years, and after being in this business for 20+ years, I have no desire to start job hopping, so I thought Iíd ask if any of you have any advice as far as which companies might be best for me to contact.


This is basically what I am looking for:


--Number one consideration:  A company that is willing to give top pay for a top transcriptionist


--Preferably full time employee status with good benefits package, but might consider IC if the pay is right


--Lots of work with little to no clinic (I prefer acute care, ER or radiology)


--Easy and personable support staff with good communication


--And hopefully, a company that doesnít micromanage, but will leave me alone so I can get my work done


Anyone have any suggestions?  Please feel free to email me if you donít want to post.  TIA


Anyone ever hear of them or have any business with them?

Task - Posted By: amj

Anyone work for Task in Concord, California?  I have heard good and bad, confused! amj

Transcend/MDI - Posted By: sm

All the posts are too far down.  I can't keep up with all the drama way down there, so I thought we could bring it up here where it's easier to find! 

Has anyone that has posted your resume on here ever gotten any calls out of it or what should I - Posted By: MTPA


Does anyone have info on DonNik? - Posted By: FastRadMT

Would like information on their radiology accounts and their business dealings in general.


Is there any way to tell which companies - Posted By: help

offer jobs as an IC (independent contractor) without having to contact each and every one individually?   I need some ideas on IC companies.


Anybody out there heard of this company??

IDS...Does anyone out there know..... - Posted By: BBL

What the other name for IDS...Intergrated Document Solutions is?  I know they go by another name...something like Advox...? something with an A.  I am trying to research this company but am having a difficult time.  Anyone out there have any info?  THANKS!

How do you tell - Posted By: Miss Willy

How do you tell a person who took a transcription course that getting a job will be difficult.  I am faced with this as my stepdaughter told a friend of hers that I would know how this person who took a course could get a job.  I have been doing transcription for 29 years; I know it's hard for the new people, especially who took courses, to get a job.  Any suggestions on what I could do?  Not only that, this person quit her factory job when she graduated from the course!!!!

Transcription Relief Services - Posted By: mary

Anyone know anything about Transcription Relief Services

Precyse, Medware, Execuscribe - Posted By: Joanne Kolter

any good advice on which to choose?

On-Point Medical Transcription Service - Posted By: MIMT

Does anyone know anything about On-Point Medical Transcription Services out of Kenosha, WI?  I received an e-mail from them about employment.   TIA.

Does DQS track your time for payroll, or do we fill in our own timesheet on-line? nm - Posted By: Switching to DQS and dreading it :(