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I have just been offered a position with them.  When I searched this site, there were several negatives posted on 4/18/2008.  Are there any transcriptionists with a positive response today?

Geez, just saw that TransHealth wants Sat AND - Posted By: SUN to get 10 cpl on all ESLs. sm

That seems pretty rigorous.  Are Sat and Sun schedules requested a lot out there? I'm thinking more and more that I need to leave this career.

FutureNet - Posted By: anon

How are things going with the new accounts at FutureNet?  Is there really a lot of work?

Precyse - Posted By: de

Does Precyse provide the computer?  At their web site it says full computer set up. 

Sten-Tel - Posted By: MariaD

Anyone else having problems getting paid by Sten-Tel?

Anyone working for NewLine Transcription.... - Posted By: sze

that posted job ad on job seeker's board?

Anyone with BIG Enterprises out of Maryland? No reply to 2 resumes in October. nm - Posted By: Alice in MT Land


Keystrokes or Transolutions? - Posted By: Any advice? NM


Any info on Phoenix Medical Transcrioption out of NY? nm - Posted By: SPMT

Did Keystrokes ever get the new health insurance? NM - Posted By: Mondaybrain

Just wondering.

Speech recognition, an oversell - Posted By: Lee

Speech recognition is an oversell!  The qualified Transcriptionist simply cannot be replaced by a machine that cannot understand the dictator. I heard the word presbyacusis clearly stated, and the Speech thingy typed: Please be a Q-tip  For Social Director a pocket rectum.  The best of my week was the when the dictator said the patient liked to play tennis for exercise.  The Speech thingy had its mind elsewhere and transcribed play penis for exercise.  My goodness, Lord help us all!  I really find it more efficient to do straight transcription than correct every 3 to 4 words in a document.  Am I alone out here? 

Is Axolotl hiring? Can you give me the pos and neg of this co? Email if you want. Thanks - Posted By: cobbie


Anyone have information on Lee Perfect Transcribing? nm - Posted By: Information please!


Hands-On Transcription in PA - Posted By: wondering

Anyone have information on Hands-On Transcription in Yardley, PA?  Thanks!

Just curious...Anyone have any experience with Zylomed? - Posted By: OrthoMT2

They are hiring for Ortho but I wondered how they were as far as benefits, pay, and accounts go, and if they have a lot of ESL. Thanks. Any information would be great.

Did you guys hear about the stolen records at Grady Hospital - Posted By: sm

Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. The news is reporting that patient info was stolen by some transcription employees who worked for an outsourced company who again outsourced some of the work. Anybody know which company does transcription for Grady..I'm just curious. Please email me if you know.

Here is the article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

The FBI is investigating the theft of medical records of patients at Grady Memorial Hospital, officials said Friday.

Grady spokeswoman Denise Simpson provided few details on the thefts that were discovered late Thursday. She said it remains unknown how many patient records were stolen, which patients were affected or how the records were stolen.

The records pertained to recorded physician comments that Grady sent to a vendor to transcribe into medical notes. The records were stolen from a subcontractor employed by the vendor. The missing records were kept on computer files.

Grady officials do not at this point believe the records contained patients' Social Security numbers or financial information such as credit card numbers, but Simpson emphasized that investigators are only starting their inquiry.

Simpson did not identify either the vendor or subcontractor.

We sincerely regret the occurrence of this breach of confidentiality of patient records in the hands of one of our vendors, Simpson said in a prepared statement, and we are hopeful that our quick response to this theft will significantly reduce any negative consequences for our patients and the physicians who care for them.

She said Grady would notify the patients as soon as possible.

It is unclear who might have stolen the records or for what purpose, she said.

Just took a test today for a company and I am amazed how rusty I am after not testing for years and - Posted By: PAMT

years.  I had to really think about things again.  I guess after you test enough you get used to it.  That is the first one I took in about 13 years.  I just more or less did it to see how it was.  Should be interesting to see how it went because I really dont want to work for the company I just wanted to take the test.  A lot of tricky questions in it.

Could someone tell me how the TT production bonus...sm - Posted By: passing through

works?  Where are the breaks and how much per level?  Thanks. 

Anyone working for Focus Infomatics sm - Posted By: BJ

I have been contacted about a QA position and it will be VR.  The pay per line seems fine and the benefits seem to be extremely affordable.  Any comments from anyone on this company?  TIA

Who would you use as a - Posted By: Just sayin

professional reference if you have been at the same employer for 12 years, and your previous employer is out of business and you don't keep contact with any previous co-workers from there?  I don't personally know any MTs at my current company as the company likes it that way and blocks out any E-mail addresses of other co-workers. I have many friends and family who are professionals, but I don't think that's what they're looking for. 

TSLLC of North Carolina?? - Posted By: Paula

Anyone know anything about this company?  Looking for good, bad, or otherwise.  Willing to share.  Considering them.  Looking for posts from former or current workers, please.  Cannot find anything on here.

IC information - Posted By: NewEngland Gal

Hi! I am starting a new position as an IC which I have not done in years. Can anyone suggest how best to plan for Social Security which will not be taken out? Any tips will be appreciated.

EchoScribe - Posted By: Suzette

does anyone here know about EchoScribe? I got a call offering a job and wanted some feedback on them. I posted this on another forum and I got 2 responses however when I went to view them, they were erased. Thank u so much.

So what is the suggestion if all nationals are going to VR for these reduced rates. I suppose a lot - Posted By: MT2

of people will just stop coming into this profession as I expect they already have and others will train for other jobs. No sure what the future holds thats for sure. Seems like no money so that will move a lot of people out of this. Who needs all the aggravation that we are given for no money.

Is there a reason DSG is always hiring lately. nm - Posted By: PAMT


Cost of DeVenture's health insurance for families, anyone?? - Posted By: WorkaholicMT

Considering applying, but in the past, the cost was just too high. TIA

Scribe platform line count - Posted By: Justlooking

What are your line counts with the Scribe platform?  I'm only getting half of what I did with DocQscribe.

InHealth - Posted By: Pauline

Anyone currently working for this company.  I would appreciate any information. What their platform user friendly, plenty of work and benefits if FT.  Thanks.

FutureNet--Do they pay for spaces? TIA nm - Posted By: Anon


TELETRAK in Bangalore s/m - Posted By: radmt

If you are thinking of applying at TELETRAK please look at


topic - Posted By: it is to wonder

why do some people on this board think their opinion is the only right one?  what is the purpose of this board if not to share information?

Out of Work at TT - Posted By: crystal salvo

Hey MTs at TransTech, anyone besides me out of work this week?  I know that I have posted this before and there didn't seem to be anyone but me.  If you want you can email me.  I have 3 accounts and they are all out of work.  Not gonna be able to make the mortgage payment at this rate.  If you do have plenty of work, what account are you on if you don't mind me asking. 

what platform does Amphion use? nm - Posted By: mom x4


Transolutions - Posted By: questions

Anything new on Transolutions? Everything I looked up in archives is old. Happy or unhappy? Decent pay? PT or FT? Any and all information would be appreciated. TIA

Great working at Keystrokes. - Posted By: Suzanne Oxford

I would like to hear from anyone with Keystrokes.  I have been here for 7 months now and really love this company.  The only thing I might complain about is their system for keeping line counts.  Has anyone experienced any trouble as far as line counts go???   I would like some input on this.   Thank you very much. 

To all of you who have complained about QA and it has fallen on my deaf ears...sm - Posted By: Spitting nails


I have had the mother of all run ins with QA today. This is a new job for me, I have not been happy, but it is a job, you know?

I can't imagine I have made that many stupid mistakes! I don't as a rule. I have had a tough week, it is true. I have been sick, had some family problems, etc. but this takes the cake.

I had the doctor say: Scratch that, use... QA corrected to include the scratch that sentence. Counted me off. Lovely.

We have BOS specifics, company style guide and account specifics. Apparently, the QA person didn't read any of these and corrected my work to reflect BOS 1 style, when we were told to use BOS 2. Okay...

She corrected properly placed commas.

She added words that the doctor didn't say to make it sound better. We can't do that, it is V-E-R-B-A-T-I-M verbatim. She corrected for past tense on a doctor that never uses that and is an ESL, so his language usage is not what we would call correct, exactly, but he makes sense in a round about way. Gotta type what he says, right?

EVERY SINGLE STUPID REPORT was overly corrected, incorrectly corrected, had things that are incorrect in the BOS, the company guide AND the account specifics...

I have not had this much of a run in with QA in about 10 years and I am livid. I know I have typos here and I am not making sense, but I am so angry, I have tears in my eyes.

I had a friend, a former MT, tell me that what I have here is a situation where someone of inferior intelligence, less experience than I have who is vastly over-correcting my work because she is on a power trip!

Any suggestions?

MediType - Posted By: Out of work

Looking for info on MediType but didn't find much.  Has anybody worked for them recently that could comment? 

anyone know of overflow or vacation work available? - Posted By: longtime MT

I work 2 jobs that I love, but both of them are 2-3 times a month and average 100 minutes of dictation at a time.  I rather like the nature of this work as it is given to and I usually have 2-3 days to complete it.  I have lots of experience--ER, other hospital (except ops), psychiatric hospitals and offices (which I loved!), specialty clinics of all types--it's just that I really don't want to give up the 2 jobs that I already have and love, so I would like more of the same kind of thing.  I thought overflow or filling in for vacations would be a good option, if I could find it.  Anyone know of anything like this?  I am considered an excellent Transcriptionist by all whom I've worked for. 

A paycheck - Posted By: Monica Lewsky

I thought I wanted a career in medical transcription... now it turns out I just wanted a paycheck. 

MT hourly rate jobs...sm - Posted By: passing thru

Are there any companies that pay hourly for straight transcription?

What would you do???? - Posted By: MTmom

I have two job offers....one with Meridian doing acute care making 9 cpl on 65-character line.  The other is with Medict, acute care, making 8 cpl on gross physical character line.  Any information regarding these companies would be greatly appreciated before I make the jump.  Also, they both say they are flexible, but want to make sure they truly are.  Thanks in advance for any help.

Help w/ EditScript and deleting MS Works! - Posted By: stephanie lockwood

I have done everything I can think of to get MS Works off my computer. It has been uninstalled, registries have been cleared and I ran a search to see if anything was left. Nothing left. But everytime I try to download EditScript it says it is still detecting it! Where could it be? Where is it finding it! I am so frustrated. If you have ANY idea of what to do please let me know!

Editing - Posted By: AnnieB

Not sure if original message came through, so may be duplicate ... Does anyone have any information on the software/company EditScript?  I am wondering if they can determine how much you produce/edit, manipulate your line count, line length, character type, count, etc..   When I first trained, I was doing fabulous, and now after a couple of years, I am getting really low averages and I am not changing anything I do regarding pace/consistency.  The company I work for may be trying to edge out some people so was wondering if this is a capability that ES has?  Thanks to anyone that can assist!

Keystrokes - Posted By: MemphisMT

1.  What is the URL for this company?
2.  What is the current line rate for 10+ years of acute care experience, if known?
3.  Do they accept part time or just full time?
4.  How is the work accessed? (i.e. C-phone, Lanier, *wav file)

Can you reply via email, as I may have more questions.

Keystroke radiology - flexible shift or strict? - Posted By: newtothisscene

I have tried searching the archives and found conflicting information.  A few posts say you must work an assigned shift but other posts say work when you want.  Which is it, or is it both depending on the account? 

Do you believe this - the company I work for - Posted By: Tired of this!!

sent a mailnote to their transcriptionists stating that the office will be closed Thursday (Thanksgiving) and Friday, although there may be some overflow of work.  Any help would be appreciated!  They didn't even say Happy Thanksgiving.  - Talk to the butt!!

Spheris line count question - Posted By: Snoopy

I am a newbie at Spheris and the health care package was offered last month.  I am not making the line count.  My line count is around 250-300 a day, full time, but my QA scores are 100%.  I know some would argue that with such a low production, my QA scores should be 100%,but I was told accuracy comes first.  Can someone shed some light on how long I can hang in at my low production,and will I keep my benefits if I do not make the line count soon.  I have been struggling on since August.



Does Superior Global direct deposit? - Posted By: jay

Thinking of applying, but don't have car to go back and forth to bank to deposit paychecks and was wondering if this company had direct deposit and, if so, do they also direct deposit pay if the payday falls on a weekend?  I've been doing all my banking online and find that convenient.  Thank you in advance.

Keystrokes - Posted By: Suze

I was hired by Keystrokes for clinic work back at the first of June, worked 1 week, and then the account was lost--no real explanation for the reason.  I've been trying unsuccessfully to find out when or if I'll be put on another account since then (over a month now).  Has anyone else had this experience? 

I went with Keystrokes because of the mostly positive comments from this board and others.  I don't want to badmouth anyone, but these actions seem to uncharacteristic of them, and the lack of communication is really taking its toll on me--why wouldn't they let me know something?!! I understand most of their accounts are radiology, and there may be problems placing me on another clinic account, but I need to know something! 

Thanks for any insight--


What companies pay for downtime? sm - Posted By: LuvMaroc

As in, you are an employee (not IC) and you run out of work.