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Stop the mudslinging crap about all companies. If you have a legitimate complaint and - Posted By: Administrator (sm)

can BACK IT UP, then feel free to post, however if all you want to do is consistently mudsling with no real facts, take it somewhere else.

NewTT - Posted By: MTMTMTMT

How long did it take for TT to contact you after applying? I applied Thursday and just wondered how long it would be. Thanks!

TransTech insurance - Posted By: cg

Hi.  Anybody who's ever worked for TransTech--how would you compare the health insurance they offer, versus that offered by other companies, e.g., say, OSi?  Thanks muchly.

Recruiters and their Styles - Posted By: LaughingAboutRecruiters

It seems the more telephone interviews I go through the stranger they become.  You really have to wonder how a lot of so-called MT recruiters ever got hired to recruit.  Where on this planet did these companies dig them up from?!!!  Sometimes you are asked the strangest questions.  It is usually like they don't even have your resume in front of them, never saw your test results, etc.  Ask them questions and try to get straight answers...What a nightmare...Any funny stories to tell???

Looking at Accuscribe in SC --good? bad? - Posted By: EP

Hey All,

I am looking at taking a job with Accuscribe Transcription in SC.  Heard anything good, bad, or indifferent?  It looks like a good solid company with good pay.  But when I mention I am checking it out, I heard the ethics are not up to par and the Supervisors and Mnmgt will have you dismissed just if they don't like you or if you talk to someone they don't like.

Heard they have a big knife and shouldn't turn your back too quick.


Any of this sound true.  I don't see it in their hiring process, but chatter knows best.  Need to know ASAP.  Can't sacrifice morals for money.

Sten-Tel Massachusetts - Posted By: MTinTX

I was wondering if anybody currently works for Sten-Tel out of Massachusetts?

I currently have a job that pays .07 cpl, but I don't get my work until 11 a.m. my time.  Sten-tel is offering a pretty low pay but I need a job where I don't have to be working late.  I do my best work in the morning, because I like to do it and have the rest of the afternoon to spend with my 18-month-old daughter. 

I would just like any current info on Sten-tel and how they are to work for?





Management of supervisors is lacking - Posted By: Long time reasonable MT

There is something wrong when an obvious nut case is a supervisor.  What is a nut case?  A person who lies. 

I formally request that upper management across the board consider reviewing their supervisors by way of anonymous feedback from the MTs under them. 

Scum rises to the top with the cream - regulation keeps the scum from staying in power.  Could we please have some regulations from upper management as the supervisors I am on occasion dealing with show clean signs of not having leadership qualities - I am witness to grown women, grandmothers, professionals who are lying and playing games, and it is not my imagination. 

And this should wake you up because favoritism is taking place and the criteria to be given the best work has nothing to do with an MTs' ability to perform.

Not addressing this will cost you in the end - as the time and energy one utilize when they decide to chose the low road is money lost.  Morale suffers and just like a pyramid, your company will crumble.  India, you say?  Scum is rising to the top there as well.  Comcast has just returned. 

Has everyone in leadership sold out to The Man and The Money?  This is the true sign of decline - When integrity is lacking, word of mouth will wipe you off the map - complacency and true lack of desire to do a good job is the collateral damage when you allow cheaters, liars and thieves to supervisor (lead) us. 

Companies with Escription? - Posted By: meddie

Can any of you suggest companies that use the eScription platform?  I work for a company currently who uses editscript and i love it.  Another company i work for uses beyondtxt which i hate.  i am thinking of looking for another company who uses escription to replace the beyondtxt company.  any suggestions?

Companies hiring dial up - Posted By: Confused

I swore I posted this but cannot find it. Are there any companies hiring for ICs that will let you use dial-up? I would love to work at my inlaws cottage this summer but they can't get high speed access. Thanks.

So, if a company paid by VBC (sm) - Posted By: math deficient

(visible black character) at a 55-character line, would the pretty much equal out to a 65-character line with spaces?

looking for info on Webmedx - Posted By: MT/QA

Can anyone give me any info about Webmedx and how they are to work for?

Rapid Transcripts? - Posted By: Shelley

Does anyone know anything about them?  I read old posts, but would like to see if anyone knows anything more recent.  

ClinicWorkUSA or AllMedType - Posted By: Who is this company really?

Just curious if anyone knows anything about the recent job posting by Karen Miller.  Company is listed now as ClinicWorkUSA, but she posted previously as AllMedType.  What company is this really?

The position sounds perfect, but am uncertain because of the double posting with different names. 


Question about SoftScript. Strict schedule, can you quit when you get your lines? (sm) - Posted By: sm

I saw a posting before that said you were good to go as long as you signed in on time and did your lines.  Is this accurate? 

Also, I have seen they are offering 7 cents per line regardless of experience.  Is this still true? 

Transolutions - Posted By: Jani

I have applied for a job at Transolutions.  Before I go any further in the process I was wondering if you here could supply me some personal experience information, good and bad.  When I tried the archives I couldn't get anything newer than 2004.  Feel free to apply directly to me by email if you prefer.

I am a 20-plus year MT making 11 cpl with Medquist but the changes at Medquist lately, specifically the work pooling issues, are causing me to consider other options.


Any Transolutions MTs who work on Apex? - Posted By: need your opinion

Are there any current Transolutions MTs who work on their Apex system and can tell me what it's like?  Is it a good platform?  Can you be productive on it?  You can email me privately if you'd like.  Thanks very much.

Any info on GIS - Posted By: NCaMT

Looking for current info on Global Information Systems out of Texas?

Hi! Thinking of applying to Keystrokes..... - Posted By: MEOW

Would really appreciate any help/comments/pros/cons of this company. 


Do they outsource?

Have steady work?

Use voice recognition?

Pay competitively?

Health insurance?

Offer part time?

Allow you to choose your own hours?


Thanks in Advance for any replies!!!!     


Info on Execuscribe? - Posted By: CountryMT

I searched the archives and found where questions were being asked on this company, but there were no current follow-ups. Anyone have any info on this company? Easy to work for? Flexible hours? Pay range? TIA!

TransTech Questions - Posted By: curious2

Can anyone tell me how TransTech is?  Good company to work for?  Do they pay well for experienced MTs?  Do they supply the equipment?  Please tell....good, bad....curious.  Thanks!

TJ Transcribing, Inc (FL) and Superior Global Solutions (Texas) - Posted By: zoesnana

I was wondering if anyone has any info regarding the companies I have listed?   Thanks in advance for your help...

So, exactly how much are we talking regarding the sign-on bonus for Softscript? - Posted By: MT6pack

I noticed the ad for SoftScript has changed, especially regarding needing to fill 100 positions rather than 120 called for last week.  The biggest change is that the sign-on bonus is gone.  I have applied, tested, and will be speaking to HR, and I will definitely mention the bonus, because it was there when I applied.  I'm an ex-MQer, and I am stuck in a company without acute care work - I cannot tolerate any more rehab, rectal tubes, PEGs, shunts, catheters, and people who make it out alive transferring to nursing homes, etc. I CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE.  I sure hope SoftScript is a good company.  I have read archives - but not any details to sink my teeth into.  I just wonder how much that bonus is.....

Any info on CMTI or CTech LLC? - Posted By: Thanks


Is someone here working for acetera? - Posted By: need info

how is it working there now?  Thank you

This is January. It is always slow in January. Part of MT. sm - Posted By: FrustratedLTMT

This is the normal situation during the holidays and January and then accounts usually pick back up.  It was that way when I worked in a hospital, that way when I had my own accounts and that way now that I work for a service.  It always picks up.

My husband and son are both in construction for the State of Illinois, working in concrete.  We know that they are always laid off for most of the winter, and we plan around it.  It is part of the job, just like it is in transcription.

Next year,  we're going to be smart about it.  We are both slow at this time of year so we are planning a vacation somewhere warm.  We'll spend on vacation what we'll save on our heating bills, not really but will save something, and on gas in our cars. 

In the next few months, these same people will complain that they have too much work and no time to do anything. 


Any comments on Probity? I know they are hiring..sm - Posted By: cc

Surely some of you have been hired by them and you must be working ...any feedback would be appreciated.

Want Radiology QA work - Posted By: radgal

Looking for part-time radiology QA work.  Anybody know of any companies looking?  Thanks.

Any new information on Medware? - Posted By: NM

Cherry pickers. sm - Posted By: anon

Does anyone work for a company who will not overlook cherry picking?  Thanks.

SPI - Posted By: mt2209

SPI is a horrible, horrible company.  They're liars.  I feel very sorry for anyone who works for them.

QT closing - Posted By: triplethreat

yeah, like they would be kind enough to give anyone advance warning of anything.  They strung along all the MTs and office people with empty promises and lies while they chortle all the way to the bank.  They are NOT nice people and I hope karma bites them in the butt for the way they treated their MTs and office staff. As for severance pay?  Can ya hear me laughing?  From what I hear there were only a handful of MTs left, but agree with other poster, what a horrible time of year to dump your employees, be it MTs or other.  Very grinchy of them

Anyone like their current job? If so..sm - Posted By: Hate my job

I'm in desperate need of a new job.  I hate the place I work now, and it's getting progressively worse.  Instead of asking about particular companies, can anyone just tell me if they like their current company and what it is, please?  I need to change jobs as quick as I can, and I don't want to waste a ton of time taking a lot of lengthy tests only to find out the company is no good (which is what happened to me this last time). 

I know all companies have their pros/cons, but anyone have a job where there are more pros than cons?  I would so appreciate any suggestions anyone can give me as long as it is not Cymed/SPI   because that's where I want to leave.  Any of the pros/cons on your company would be also appreciated.  Thanks again!

keystrokes website - Posted By: JEN

Why can't I find Keystrokes when I google? What is the official website???? Please help.

Independent contractor - Posted By: csalvo

I need some help deciding on whether to take an independent contractor position. I was just offered 0.08/line being an independent contractor. Is this typical pay for an independent contractor position? I currently make that as an employee. How does the paying into Social Security work? Any feedback on employee position versus independent contractor position would be greatly appreciated.The good thing about this job is no set schedule. The paying taxes, getting own insurance, and paying into Social Security is the things that I am worried about. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Does anyone else have problems getting e-mails - Posted By: answered by management? Concerned newbie.nm


Anyone have any info on Sunrise Transcription? sm - Posted By: inquiring

Employee or IC?  Do they have enough work?  Are they decent people? 

CyMed again? - Posted By: 50mt

Well, isn't it just wonderful what they are doing to their MTs?  I also used to work for them, but went on to something else, as an IC - works out better for me, anyway.  Cymed needs to get with the program, and start paying for SPACES, also!!  They are always having meeting all the time - I think they are for trying to come up with ways of cheating the MTs out of their benefits, etc, etc, etc.  Their line counts even seem to be short on every pay, did not get paid for the actual typed characters either - seems THEIR lines were somewhat different than what I actually typed.


What did everyone get for MT week?...I got an updated Quick Look and a notepad - Posted By: Peach

Ascend Radiology & MDI Radiology? - Posted By: sm

Is anyone currently working on or know anything about Ascend radiology or MDI radiology accounts?  What platforms do they use?  Do they have a lot of ESLs or crappy dictators?  Thanks in advance

Anyone know anything about Elite Transcription? sm - Posted By: Long-Time MT

Mostly concerned about the quality of sound, pay scale decent, if the pay is on time, method of line counting fair, etc. 



Looking for info on SM Transcription, LLC - Posted By: Grace


I am wondering who is the recruiter (sm) - Posted By: sm

for TransTech?  I spoke with them about 2 years ago and was wondering if it was the same person.  Thank you. 

J&J Transcribing, Inc. - Posted By: Sodapops

Does anyone know anything about this company?  I haven't applied for a new MT position in a while and something seems off about this company and I can't find any info. on here about them.  I did find online that they are a legitimate company.  I actually never tested for this company and didn't realize that until after the fact, because I had tested for several different companies.  So, the owner of the company called me and told me that they wanted to hire me and explained a bit about the job and she emphasized that QA had to remain 98% or higher, which is pretty standard, so I saw no issue with that.  So, then they sent me the foot pedal/headset FIRST and then I received the information via e-mail about the company.  It is confusing because the information says I will be typing for Webmedx untill my QA is 98%, including the use of their platform and once I get to that point I will be allowed to work for J&J.  It says that if QA does not feel I get to that point then I will not be allowed to work for J&J. 

Another thing concerning is their pay schedule, you work from the 1st through the 31st and you get paid the 25th of the following month.  It states that if during the initial QA process if you don't pass and are allowed to work for J&J then you do not get paid for any of the reports that you typed during that first month, but if you are released to work for J&J then you will get paid for those. 

Also, with the QA once you do get released to work for J&J, it says they do not do quarterly reviews and such, but pretty much daily monitoring of your work and if any time you fall below 98% you are no longer allowed to work with them.  It is concerning because with my experience with QA they tend to help you, but this job seems like it is just a prolonged testing process.  I am not overly concerned about the 98% QA, but I hate to waste my time memorizing a book of information they sent me with account-specific guidelines and doing reports for free in hope that I can be with the company.

Anybody heard of anything like this before?  Thanks so much.

Axolotl - Posted By: 13ghosts

Anyone ever hear of this company?  I am considering and any information appreciated


Any KS on account out of work (sm) - Posted By: mt

Does that happen very often? 

Crack me up - Posted By: sm

Just because you post a response to a question about a company does not mean you are automatically a "cheerleader" for that company.  Sure there are some out there, but some of us actually have nice things to say about our companies.  Is that wrong?  Also, if someone defends their company, it doesn't mean they are management or "gossip control" and not everyone that posts a positive remark about company is reporting directly the the CEO of that company. 

Some MTs are fortunate and lucky enough to like their jobs with their companies.  I applaud them, as most of us know that is hard to find these days.

CyMed/SPI or Precyse Solutions...which is better..sm..? - Posted By: Decisions, decisions

I would like to know your opinions on these two companies where I and thinking of applying with. Who pays better?  Better growth potential?  Better benefits and PTO?  Better platform?  How well do they treat you?  Bonuses?  Lots of questions as you see.  TIA

don't do it! - Posted By: cinco de mayo

Hi all, I would like to reiterate a previous discussion on this board.  For those of you who are looking for other jobs, please do not quit your present employer for the, greener pastures.  I contracted with a companies, but could not start as I hope because my daughter was in a car accident, so I sent a note to the company that I was unable to start as we had planned.  The owner stated she understood and to keep her informed.  I have every step of the way....... Four days later, I have gotten everything squared away with my daughter, (she is still in the hospital, but stable) but the owner apparently has backed out! Unfortunately, I spent about $40 faxing documents to this company.  The owner won't even answer my e-mails!  Thank God I did not quit my other job! But how COLD is that!?

I Know Why No One Can Find Info For Datakey. - Posted By: Amanda

I was hired by DatakeyMT quite a few weeks ago and these people DO NOT keep in touch. 

First, I was hired.  I had to e-mail them the next day and remind them they hired me.  Then, I was sent the software, which I had some trouble with (I won't go into how many critical grammar errors the manual had).  They tried to help and then just stopped e-mailing me after I sent a screen shot of the configurations and told them it still wasn't working.  After 3 hours, I figured it out myself.  They cheered for that.  Then, I was sent 2 test files; 1 was 6 seconds, the other 7.  I told them there was nothing but silence on these files.  That was 3 weeks ago.  No more correspondence whatsoever.

What a waste of time.  Not to mention, the platform seemed VERY time consuming.

Benefits - Posted By: MTing

Anyone willing to share their benefit information? This is such a big part of a job now a days and I would love to see companies that actually have a good package (are there any?) get the recognition.