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MTStars.com initially began its journey through cyberspace on December 8, 2001, offering Medical Transcriptionists a place to network. MTStars has experienced amazing growth over the past 9 years to over 20,000 members and 3 million visits per month!

MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

MTStars offers a wealth of information for medical transcription industry in the form of many discussion forums (an archive of 1.5 million messages), Medical Transcription Jobs, Resume Bank and much more.

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Has anybody worked for SmartMed, LP? - Posted By: FLMT

This company is based out of Houston, Texas?  Any advice you can share with me?

HAs anyone heard about Valentine Transcription...??? - Posted By: JMD

Just wondering...has anyone heard anything about Valentine transcription. Would love to hear from you.  JMD  

TOS???? - Posted By: kann

Who are these people???    7/cpl ????   No wonder so many of us have to work 2 jobs.

Does it exist - Posted By: CB

I am wondering if there is really a company out there that will train or test if someoe has not had any MT classes.  I learned how to be an mt long before classes were ever required to do the job.  I have experience transcribing and with medical terminology.  Have done live transcribing for some doctors offices.  If there isn't anything like this does anyone know how to get a job doing standard transcription?? Please help, need a job working at home.  The sooner the better.  I am tired of scams, I don't have the time to waste.


I had 14 reports from the worst dictator ever, would have made more money working for Burger King!  Now, I have the second worse - really!  Love it!  The new company figured out I can do any dictation - and I get all the crap!  I'm going to go running down the street with my underwear over my head, a foot pedal tied to each ankle and a big dictionary stuck up my rear, screaming for mercy! 

One more company (sigh) ScribeRight? - Posted By: Jody

Well, I have been looking and looking.  I have interviews scheduled with Transcend and also Softscript.  I did research here on the boards about Softscript, and didn't like much of what I heard. 

I also had a very nice woman from the boards here contact me and offer to refer me on to her company, and gave me numbers for contacts there.

So...today I was contacted by Scriberight.  They seemed very nice and the testing was quite easy. 


Anyone know anything about them?  I'm sorry to keep posting these, but I have had to change jobs twice in the past two years due to lack of work, unstable companies, bad pay, etc....I would just like to stay put for a while and I value your opinions.



Any current ASCEND employees? - Posted By: inquiringmind

I would like to hear from any current Ascend employee.  How is the work and are they truly paying on time?  Do they have direct deposit?  Thanks!

TT DictExt question. Is there a way to pull a doctor's name into text? (sm) - Posted By: Sherry

Currently if it is name I don't know how to spell correctly, I hit ControlA  and search then type it into document.   Just hoping there was another way and thought some of you that have used this longer would know. 

What is the going rate per minute? - Posted By: CO wanting to pay by the minute

I have no idea what to even charge!  Can someone help?  Thanks!!!!!!!!

Milner Transcription SM - Posted By: Anon

Any info on Milner VR pay?  You can e-mail me if you like. 

Keystrokers - Posted By: Shasta

Would someone who works for KS on the new occ. health account(s), please tell me what platform will be used for the new occ. health accounts, and how difficult this dictation is.  I have never done this type of dictation before.

Also, anyone who is working the new hem/onc account, please let me know either via e-mail or post here how you like this account and platform.

Thanks for your help.

Any comments on StenTel?? nm - Posted By: MT


Companies that work off of FTP - Posted By: ksm

Is there any companies working off of simple programs where I dont have to go through all the who ha to download? What ever happened to FTP sites and simple things. IF anyone can recommend a company that has easy platforms to start I would appreciatte the help.

TIA again,


US Transcription, Inc - Posted By: lookingforwork

Not much at all in archives.  Anyone with current information on this company in Iowa?  Also, are they doing any hiring?  Thank you.

Webmedx pay - Posted By: MT

Well, Webmedx employees, now it makes sense why we got that mandatory rah-rah call about ISR. They were conditioning us for the news to come, IMO. When was your last pay raise? Do they ever seek to find ways to pay us MORE? Ever? I'm talking before this whole economy was a good excuse not to give pay raises.

Chartmatrix MTs, are you really doing that well over on CM that your pay can be cut? Please tell us. I really find it hard to believe that new technology is going to make MTs so much more productive that Webmedx can cut a line rate without it impacting MT income.

Any information out there on Hils Transcription? - Posted By: NEMT

How is the pay rate?  Is pay on time?  What type of platform?  Lot's of ESL? 

~I already search Archives and found nothing recent.  ;)


Any of the newest hires with First Choice having sound quality trouble? nm - Posted By: Wondering


Who from management of OSI keeps writing in to pump themselves up to look great? - Posted By: Curious

Did OSi hire somewhat to sit and post on MTStars all day good things so that people would apply there?   This company kills me! 

If a company has shift hours specified ..... - Posted By: Happy MT Robin

that are non negotiable, doesn't that make you an employee, rather than an IC?

Posting on the job board is curiously worded.

Anyone have any... - Posted By: Curious MT

Anyone have any comments about Spheris, good, bad, or other?

Is there a good site to get DQS questions answered quickly? nm - Posted By: The manual is very confusing.


Anyone hear of CBS Transcription? - Posted By: ME

Just curious.

LARTECH Healthprime - Posted By: Any info on them?

Would be greatly appreciated

What companies pay for training? TIA :) nm - Posted By: CS

Axolotl platform(s)? - Posted By: justme

Can someone tell me if Axolotl has different platforms for different accounts, or a propietary platform, or - ?  I'd love to hear anyone's experience with any platforms they are using there.  TIA!

Keystrokes (sm) - Posted By: mt

Has anyone found them slow to respond to resumes sent?  If so, did you keep sending them or what is best way to handle this?  I'm experienced and really want to work for them, but have heard nothing back...Thanks for the advise!!

Who is the company TOS? - Posted By: Neick

Any comments would be appreciated.

Focus Infomatics??? - Posted By: Curious

I just received an offer of employment as a QA with Focus Infomatics.  The only information I can find on this company is two years old.  Anyway have any recent comments on them? TIA

Anyone currently with DSG who can give any input. I am - Posted By: Snowbird

thinking of going there. 

Does anyone know how long it takes before you qualify for insurance at Keystrokes? nm - Posted By: Looking


Professional Dictation Associates - Posted By: dry

I was just wondering if anyone has any input on the company good or bad TIA.

Spheris MTs, do we get paid for preprogrammed headings SM - Posted By: seminewbie

in the platforms. I am on TWS 3.8.  TIA

all OSI info is old in archives. Anything recent good/bad? - Posted By: A

mostly -- are the lines an absolute bear to get; i.e., will I have to work 12 hours a day to get 1000 lines?  Or do they seem fairly fair won?



Acusis/Part-time questions - Posted By: MT

How many hours/lines does Acusis consider part time?  Do they provide any equipment?  Are part-time employees given any benefits.  Received info to test with them, but I just want to pick up a few hours and wondered what the minimum you can work is.  THANKS!

You know, I never actually counted my lines myself, I just always figured my company's line count - Posted By: was correct...

Boy was I wrong!  I just went through and totaled all of my lines, then compared them to the line counter, and guess what!  It's wrong!  Can you guess who I work for?  SOFTSCRIPT!!! 

Medware - Posted By: MTKittyTN

Does anyone have any comments on working for Medware?  Thanks!

Silent Type Inc - Posted By: Esme

Has anyone had any experience with this company? Good, bad, indifferent? Dependable? Is there work? Do they treat their people right????


Are there companies out there that have clinic work? Tired of acute care.. - Posted By: Tired and need a change

I have both hospital and clinic experience, but I am tired of working for large hospitals where you cannot get familiar with the accounts or the dictators.  I work part-time for an orthopedic surgeon and I love doing it as I can breeze through it because I have learned his style, voice etc.. It is getting so frustrating every day doing different doctors who either cannot speak English or choose to speed talk and ramble on so fast.  Do they think we are miracle workers?? I guess you could say I want an easy account, which by now, I have figured out, does not exist OR does it?? HELP.. any ideas besides getting out of this profession




Resume and cover letter question. sm - Posted By: Gotta Love It

This may be a dumb question, but the last time I applied for a job and sent a resume was 10 years ago, before everything was done online.  (I remember the test tape being mailed to me, and I had to mail it back within... 48 hours, I think it was.  Seems so archaic now!  LOL)

My question is, when you are asked to cut and paste your resume, do you *just* put in your resume, or do you put a cover letter *and* your resume? 

Also, do you worry about the formatting of your resume if the formatting looks messed up after it's been pasted in? 

Thank you!

Can you use Instant Text with Transhealth's - Posted By: software? TIA nm


DSG sound quality - Posted By: Pulling my hair out

Is anyone else getting tired of the horrible sound quality with this company???  If it's not some nightmare ESL dictator, then it's a doc with the microphone pushed up to his lips so hard that it's nothing but static or slurring his words so badly that it sounds like he's half drunk!!!  Aggghhh!!!  Just had to vent. 

CURRENT Diskriter MT's; can give you me any pros - Posted By: and cons? E-mail me if you like. TIA. nm


AAMT--where's the American in it? - Posted By: mighty

This is in reference to their teaching in the Phillipines.


I myself do NOT feel comfortable having my information sent overseas, including my name, DOB, and often SSN listed in the demographics screen of each note. I have heard stories of prosecution (or lack there of) by identity theft from people in other countries. Maybe Americans should start boycotting or protesting the healthcare industries that outsource overseas!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Any Zylomed Employees/ICs? - Posted By: radmt4u

Hi I seen all the archives on Zylomed from last year, just wondering have they improved any with paying on time and treating the employees better?

Does Happy OSI'er ever work? She is too busy posting on MTStars! - Posted By: Curious

Does Keystrokes give line raises. If so, when and how much. - Posted By: Very interested in this company.

Very interested

Any MDI-MD employees use Instant Text? nm - Posted By: Wondering


Current JLG employee, please answer. - Posted By: Want to know

How is work loaded to your system, dialed 1 report at a time or downloaded in chunks?  Also, what is considered part time, or is there a requirement?  I can't find anything in the job ad.  Thanks so much.

Ascend Company - Posted By: kelly

Has anyone worked for the Ascend Company or know anything about them?