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Who would you choose, Medware, Golden Isles (GIMT) or Mag Mutual? Weighing options and offers etc.. - Posted By: DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS

IWho do you think would be the best to work for??

Peachtree Transcription, LLD - anyone ever worked there? - Posted By: ceci

Just wondered how it is working there?  Is it a fair place?

I have a friend looking to work from home, and she's new at this.

I'm telling her to really do her homework and not be afraid to ask around how it has been to work for the different companies before she invests a whole lot of $$$.

One co I went with drove me into bankrupcy before I could get out.  OUCH>

The new PT job I have stated today they had others from MQ (sm) - Posted By: Just Me

joining them.  I said sorry, we are all trying to cover our financial bases/asses.  His response was bring em on. 



Are there any companies where you - Posted By: work NO holidays unless you want to?

I am sick of working every holiday.



To other MTs looking to do something about the IC/employee problem - Posted By: please see message

Do you think this is the correct link with form to fill out for reporting companies that are scheduling their ICs as if they are employees?

I think it is....

Opinions needed to be sure I'm using the right avenue in reporting these companies, thanks.

Link is below:

Could someone share what platform for Accu-Script? - Posted By: maybe

n/m   ');>

Toledo Blad - Posted By: OhioMT

Here is what i found on teh web site this morning.



Is it just my imagination - once again - Posted By: mtme

runnin' away with me? Or are the job ad posters starting to react to our outrage over low pay?

Ins and Outs of Phoenix Medcom - Posted By: just curious

Anyone have any info on this company, especially pay rate?   Thanks in advance!

Transcend interview question - Posted By: MickeyButton

I had a phone interview with Transcend and was made an offer.  I am thinking it over, but wanted to know what is the next step if I accept.  Do they send me an official letter or do they get back with me later?  What exactly is the process after you accept verbally with Transcend?  Do you have to wait any length of time or get started once you accept with the recruiter.

Thanks current Transcenders!!!!!!!

Larterch Healthprime - Posted By: Shelly

Anyone have any info on this company? Search the archives but didn't find anything. Thanks in advance!

Anyone here get paid by the dictated minute? - Posted By: They said what

How do you figure that out to know whether you are making decent money?

Does anyone know--Is Sean Carroll at Webmedx.. - Posted By: Curious

the same Sean Carroll who was CEO of  a company by the name of Transquick out of Atlanta about 10 years ago?  Just curious.

Can someone give me information on Precyse Solutions...sm - Posted By: any info would be appreciated.

I would like any and all information regarding Precyse Solutions...I know they are Employee Status.  But could you tell me about their pay, cost of health insurance, etc.  Thanks.


NOT SO MUCH! Why do so many excellent MTs stand for the terrible treatment? Experienced MTs deserve so much more.

Regarding Brenda Streidel on job board - Posted By: Annon

Has anyone made any contact with this person or have worked with her in the past?  I have received some information from her and just wondering if this was legit or not.  Is it a scam or something shaddy?  I am new to this business so just wanted to make sure I am not getting into something I should not.  TIA

Dictation Solutions - Posted By: Tired Fingers

Has anybody worked for this company out of Houston, Texas?

Anyone apply to recent CardioScribes ad and hear anything back? nm - Posted By: anon


Chartscript - Posted By: nm

Anyone know of a company who uses Softmed (Chartscript) as its platform?

Is there way to tell is one's company is being sold? SM - Posted By: Jennyanydots

I know the company I work for is in financial trouble.  How can figure out if a sale is in the offing?  Is cutting payroll a sign?    

I won't mention company name. Besides, so many have already been sold, I figure someone here may have some tips.  


Can anyone give info on OSI? - Posted By: Anon

Are they a good company to work for?  Good benefits?  Enough work?  Any comments would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Spheris Pay Scale - Posted By: anonymous

Anyone know what Spheris current pay scale is standard and SR, and what minimum line requirement is?  Any information would be greartly appreciated.

Transform - Posted By: MEF

Okay!  Thanks for all the feedback on Transtech - it was most helpful!  Now, is there anyone out there who currently works or has recently worked for Transform?  They don't seem to be pushing the VT platform at all or am I wrong?  Did you like it, hate it and most important of all, did you have enough work to make a decent living?  Would appreciate any and all feedback.  Thanks so much!!

Can you use a food pedal with on-line tests, or do - Posted By: you have to control the Real Player manually? nm


Work Types - Posted By: Transtech MT

Is it just me or does there seem to be a trend of work assigning lately. I type fairly fast and I find myself getting bottom of the barrel scraps lately.

WMX question on update this a.m. Little blue box and numbers (sm) - Posted By: sm

in upper right hand, I think the numbers might be line count, what is the other one in the blue box? 


Companies with 24-hour turnaround time - Posted By: Just Wondering

I know it has been has been posted here before, but I can't seem to find it. Is there a list of companies that have a 24-hour turnaround time for getting work back?

Also, a list of companies that use ExText or train on speech recognition? Thanks.

Transcription jobs - Posted By: Lynn

Is anyone familiar with Transcription Maker, or has anyone every worked for them?

ScribeRight- good, bad? sm - Posted By: oncologyMT

The last posts in the archives are from Feb. 2005.  Anything new since then?  TIA.

rapid transcript - Posted By: Mina Parlin

I guess I should say recent experience with them since I just read the old reviews ;(

Any info on RTS? Never heard of them? - Posted By: ??


Any info on SecureMT Source? sm - Posted By: thanks

I cannot find much in the archives.  Any info is appreciated.  Thanks.

Cymed-Any information on them-sm - Posted By: lucy

They are requesting that I test for them...Any information about them, good, bad??? Pay on time, ESLs...

Thanks, Lucy


Diskriter interview takes 1-1/2 hours? sm - Posted By: talal

How can an interview take so long?  Or is this the testing process? Thanks

So discouraged - Posted By: SeasonedMT

Are there no decent paying part-time, IC jobs available anymore?  I have over 25 years experience (acute care, clinic, psych, general).  I am continually sending resumes and either receive no response whatsoever (even with follow up emails and phone calls) or the pay is a totally ridiculous for a seasoned transcriptionist/editor.  Are we expected to give away our skills? Not to mention, starting with a company, spending countless hours training, going through the QA process and then to be told we have no work.  They overstaff and then expect the MTs not to be upset or move on to another company when there is no work?  What is going on with this profession?  I realize there is a tremendous amount of outsourcing, but there are posts every day which say they do not outsource.  What's up?  Am I asking too much?  Am I making sense?  I'm so frustrated, I don't know what to do anymore.  MTSO's, I beg of you, give us a chance to prove ourselves (even if we are part-time).  When you have experienced, dedicated, loyal MTs.....treat them well, pay them well and you will not encounter half the problems you do.  I know I will be flamed for this but sorry, I just needed to vent!    So, flame away!  I'm a big girl, I can take it!


Not happy at all with Amphion lately.....not only are they moving all accounts to VR, they are gonna make MTs start supplying their own computer, their own virus protection, and a very expensive foot pedal to work with the new VR. At 4 cents per line, no way the pay will be the same. Some MTs may do better with editing but not people that already have a decent line count. Seems like the transcription business is so completley going DOWNHILL. I'm tired of the uncertainty and the pay going down instead of up while I'm working more hours. I am so ready to get out of this field but until I can go back to college, nothing I can do and make the same money although with the rate things are going down that might change faster than I think.  Am I the only one who is fed up and unhappy at Amphion?  Seems like their MTs used to be priority but not anymore....

Hopefully the dry spell is over. Seem to have plenty of work right now. (sm) - Posted By: One of the webbies

I don't know if it is because some people have gone to other jobs, new accounts finally came on, or the hospitals are just sending out more right now.  I don't know and right now I am just happy to have the work and hope the rest of you are finding it plentiful also.  I haven't been seeing negative posts so I am assuming we all are.

Let's hope it continues.  Kids are in school and my bank account was drained after getting that ordeal taken care of. 

While I am not a "suit" - I do know this...sm - Posted By: southernMT

It seems to me that many people who have posted this week think that any difference between what the MT is paid and the MTSO charges the clients is pure profit. 

MTSOs have to pay for a huge amount of overhead including insurance benefits, building leases/rent/mortgages, utilities, facility maintenance, computer equipment, servers, phone and teleconferencing systems, office supplies, IT staffing, HR staffing...the list goes on and on.

There is a much much bigger picture out there.


Any info on ATSI? - Posted By: MTMTMTMT

Any current/former employees care to share on work flow, compensation, incentives, benefits, etc?

Any feedback on Silent Type? - Posted By: working hard

Does anyone have any current information on Silent Type out of New Jersey? I know that you have to go to NJ to train. Does anyone have any other feedback on pay, company, work, etc?


Keystroke Questions - Posted By: Diane

Have been an MT at MQ for 9 years, thinking of applying at KS where the MTs seem to be much happier.  MQ provides all equipment so I am wondering just what I would need.  I make 9 cpl now, would their pay be comparable?  Would I need to purchase an expander?  Do they pay less for editing? Any help is appreciated.

Questions about SPi's? Can anyone help? - Posted By: Needing info

Are they decent to work for?  Do they do speech recognition?  Are they loaded with ESLs?  Do they have a decent line rate, i.e., at least 8 cents/65 characters? 

Thank you for your help. 

Spheris - Posted By: Liz

I was curious to know if anyone on this forum had ever worked for Spheris.  I am an employed MT who is currently not working - due to lack of work on my account, so sitting back watching the world go by wondering if they will ever call me back to work.  I decided to look into other companies but there is so much negativity about MT jobs on this forum and other message boards.  This company is interested in an interview and they have a very poor rating.  Of course, a lot of people post on the Internet who are frustrated and upset about their individual situation and in all fairness I would like to give them the benefit of doubt.  So speak up if you have any first hand experience with this company in say the recent past.  thanks!

Ccompanies that pay weekly? - Posted By: AKAMT

Can anyone give info on companies that pay weekly?  Leaving mine and kind of used to that in the ole budget now;-)  Just got a call from one company that paid well but MTs were paid from the 1-15th on the 30th - and certainly would not work here. 

The Right Type - Posted By: Stefanie

Has anyone heard of this company? I'm having trouble finding any information on it. Thanks.

Sharphearing - Posted By: thelma

How these companies in India manage with 6 cpl is beyond me.
Any more info on www.sharpheringtec.com

Any info on WriteNow Transcription? Did a search, but no results. - Posted By: Laurie G.

Thanks so much.

Has anyone who tested with - Posted By: Digital Transcription, Inc. heard back?

Just curious......  11 cpl was sounding pretty good.  Oh well.... 

For people looking for work - Posted By: gd

Anybody thinking of going to work for LM in PA, run for your life, not a good place to work, bad communication, or none at all, and a bunch of backstabbers.

Need advice on changing jobs too! - Posted By: mtmtm

I've been working for this company since November and have not gotten up to speed yet to meet 1200 lpd.  Normally, when I start a new job it only takes a week if that to be meeting production.  The software ExText, I was already familiar with.  However, I was placed on an Hem/Onc Childrens Hospital account, the terminology of which I am not experienced.  The benefits for this company are good, i.e. health, PTO, and such, but it pays only 8.5 cpl.  In discussing my dilema with them, they have offered to place me on a regular acute care hospital account, M-F day shift.  However, I have been offered an IC position for 10 cpl with another company.  What would you guys do.  I do need the health ins from the employee position.