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Anyone work for LMT TRANS? - Posted By: Karen

I am going to be starting with them today and I was just wondering what anyone can tell me about their experiences with LMT TRANS?  I had to leave my other company because started sending work overseas and left me with next to nothing to type or QA.  I am hoping that this company can keep me busy. 


Transtech ESL - Posted By: enquirer

For those of you working for Transtech, about what per cent of your work is ESL?

OSi - what's the skinny? - Posted By: Offered Rad Job


No work @ SoftScript? - Posted By: Bored

There has been a shortage of work (at least for me) at SS.  Now, I see that they are hiring!?!?!?!  Is this the norm there?  Anyone else work at SS and have the same problem? 

National Transcription Providers - Posted By: Barry Watts

I've only worked for hospitals, except for a brief run with Medquist when I was still green. MedQuist happened to have a local office and that's where I went to be tested and interviewed. I can't imagine the smaller MTSOs having all those local offices, so how do they interview?  Hospitals may pay better and have better benefits, but you have to put up with their corporate culture and lots of mandatory meetings and seminars that have nothing to do with medical transcription. I'm thinking it would be great to be free of all that crap, but mostly I'm wondering if smaller MTSOs interview you by phone or if you actually have to travel to one of their offices. Thanks. 

MVTS - Posted By: Ashley

Does anyone know anything about Medical Voice Technology Services?  I did a search but could not find much. Any current information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

it's friday free-for-all! Hoo-ha! nm - Posted By: Emperor of Tunisa



Davis Medical Transcription - Posted By: Searching MT

Anyone have any current info on Davis Transcription?  I searched the archives and only found info from 2004 and it was not good.  I'm thinking of applying.  Thanks.

Happy at Transcend! - Posted By: HAPPY MT

I hate to say this for lack of spoiling a good thing, but I am really, really happy at Transcend.  They have been great so far.  A little disorganized at times, but I can say I am 99% happy with this place.  Does anyone else have good things to say about this company, I would love to hear them!!!

Hope everyone finds happiness in the land of MT.

Who hires minimum of 10cpl for Rad? - Posted By: Frustrated

Any info on SmartMed vs Keystrokes? - Posted By: RADt

If anyone has any information on SmartMed I would appreciate it, (having enough work, pay, etc).  Trying to decide between SmartMed and Keystrokes for radiology accounts.  Thanks!

TT New Benefits - Posted By: Gloria Brown

Does anyone at TT feel that the new benefits package is to their advantage? 

Dallas question - Posted By: Lizard King

I was wondering if any one works or has worked for the Dallas branch? They seem to be nice but when I went up to test the guys outnumber the girls and thats odd to me. Just wondering if anyone knows anything or has an opinion

If your company hasn't paid you come payday and - Posted By: how bout this

promises it will either be overnighted to your or in your account by the end of the day and it isn't, and the next day the money isn't there and they wait until the end of the day to tell you they don't know when you'll get paid doesn't that sound very fishy?  I think the CEO should have issued a statement and outlined exactly what the issue is.  If it isn't a matter of money (like they don't have it) then why not say what the problem is. 

Someone mentioned this situation yesterday or the day before and got reamed, but I think this is now a MAJOR issue.  Fortunately for me I got a big tax return and I haven't paid all the bills yet so I'm not hurting, but I can imagine there are more than a few who NEED their checks NOW.  

MediVoxx - Posted By: Nissa Landry

Does anyone have any new info on MediVoxx?  I recieved an application from them, but I am not sure if I want to do it or not.  Please if anyone has some recent info let me know!  Thank you!






Webmedx is hiring - Posted By: I cannot believe it

This blows my mind.  Webmedx is posting job openings when I'm barely getting 30 hours a week, last week 25.  I ask for a third account and am told to ask again later.  How can these people sleep at night?  I don't know about you other Webmedx MTs, but we are really struggling here, and this is not helping.  Why don't they offer these accounts that need the help to those of us already there?  Why do they feel the need to hire more MTs when the ones they already have aren't getting enough?  Why aren't they keeping their commitment of full-time work to the employees already there?  This just doesn't make sense to me!!  WE CAN'T PAY OUR BILLS ON 25 HOURS A WEEK, PEOPLE!!  QUIT HIRING!! TAKE CARE OF THE GREAT EMPLOYEES YOU ALREADY HAVE!!

Transnet/Exttext - Posted By: Wen

Does anyone use this software on a laptop; if so, have you experienced any problems with it?  Thanks! 

Kedron Corporation? - Posted By: IC MT

Anyone ever heard of this company?  I saw an ad for them at mtjobs.com and haven't been able to find any info about them.  They have a website but doesn't help much.  Any info would be appreciated.


SPI platform - Posted By: typingforpennies

I am thinking about testing with SPI for onocology work.  Does anyone know what platform they use?  Is it Word based?  Do you run out of work there?  Are you happy with the company?  Thanks!!!!

MxSecure. Anybody know about this company? - Posted By: MTLooking

Saw a job listing elsewhere and wondering about this company.  Have looked through archives, and usually when this company is brought up nothing really is said pro or con.  Would appreciate any information other than what the ad says on the job listing, that is would like to hear from past and present ICs who worked with them to see if they are worth sending a resume to and considering.  Thanks so much.

any new info - Posted By: ortho mt

Any new info out there on DocuMed.  I saw they have an ortho position open.  Info on how the work is, staff, pay works, etc.  TIA

Please do not post job wanted ads. (NM) - Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator)


Anyone have recent info on Cymed in Virginia? Oldest posts are from 09/2005- TIA - Posted By: can-do

What happened to my post with an inquiry for companies that have clinic work available in the - Posted By: looking for work

mornings (not in the afternoons or evenings)?  I did not think there was anything inappropriate in my message and thought it was on the correct board.  Thanks.

CyMed - Posted By: MT Starlite

Any current info on this company would be appreciated.  Specifically would like to know if they allow a flexible schedule, what their pay range is, what type of software they use, and how the staff is to work with.  Any info is much appreciated.


I was offered a job at Accusis but - Posted By: Leaving MDI

from what I see in the archives they are Indian-Owned or at least send work offshore. If this is true, I will not accept the job. Can anyone verify this? TIA!

CBay-any new info? - Posted By: Happy Hippo

A hospital where I work has started sending dictation to CBay.  I looked through the archives but there was not a lot of new info.  Anybody know if they outsource?

Hepworth Transcription - Posted By: cat123

Did anyone else apply for the psych/nursing home Transcriptionist from the job seeker's board and actually hear anything back?  Sent in my resume and a follow-up email about three weeks ago and haven't heard anything since.

Does anyone know of companies who will higher newbies? - Posted By: Sandy

Most of my students will be graduating soon with associate's degrees with major in medical transcription.  Are there any companies hiring new graduates?

Insurance Question - Posted By: Shelly

I am looking at a quote for health insurance. If it says 20% coinsurance does that mean you pay 20% or the company pays 20%? Thanks!

THANK YOU - Posted By: siren

I would like to thank all the national transcription companies that do not offshore!  I for one greatly appreciate the fact that you honor the skills, knowledge, and quality of  transcription produced by the US MTs!

Does SoftScript use EMDAT? - Posted By: Island Girl

I thought I already posted this, but now I can't find my question!  In any case, do you know if SoftScript uses EMDAT?  If not, does anyone know what they use and do you find it to be efficient?

Also, do you know what they pay per line?

Thank you.

Freedom Type - Posted By: anon

Does anyone work here or know anything about it? Archives are old. Please respond or email. They have no info on their website, only application. Thanks!

MT mentoring programs (employment) - Posted By: brenda robinson


Can someone tell me if or what they know about MT mentoring programs? I'm being considered for a couple through well-known companies that were actually referred to me. Then I heard from someone else that you have to be cautious because someone they knew wasn’t paid. I've been looking for a job a long time now and I was almost hired. It fell through because they couldn't hire after all. Like I said, I'm waiting on some feedback from a couple of mentoring programs but it will be in January. The last few weeks I've had to put MT employment searching on hold because of the upcoming holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. I would appreciate any feedback on this thanks.

Brenda R.

United Transcription - Posted By: Wondering

Saw an ad for United Transcription on another website..wondering if anyone has any info on them?  TIA

USA Medical Transcription - Posted By: anony

Does anyone have any information on USA Medical Transcription? They have an ad at the top of the Job Seeker's Board that is always there, and I was wondering if anyone had anything to say about them, good or bad. Do they pay on time? Do they pay for spaces?

I am wondering if OSI is a good company. Has anyone ever worked for them? - Posted By: Dana

Any info would be appreciated

Apparently, HR has made their decisions sm - Posted By: Editors needed

Wanted to thank each and every one of you who responded to me.  We will be adding accounts (mainly ortho) by the end of the month and will need more editors at that time.  I will be holding each resume and email I received and will be contacting some of you to see if you are still interested. 

THANK YOU AGAIN for writing.

IC labor laws - Posted By: Need information

HAPPY THANSGIVING...  Could somebody point me in the direction I am needing to get the independent contractor labor laws.  And can an employer tell you that you can submit your work in an e-mail if you cannot get into your system.  Doesn't that break confidentialty laws?  Anyway I am needing to know how IC work, works.  Can I set my own hours?  If I am too sick to work for a day and I tell my employer can they charge me a penalty fee?

I would appreciate any help I can get.

DeVenture - Posted By: Tired

Does anyone have any solid and reliable info on DeVenture.  Would appreciate pros and cons.  Thanks. 

Editing rate - Posted By: dry

Is 2-2.5 cpl for editing an MT low?

Did you guys hear about the stolen records at Grady Hospital - Posted By: sm

Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. The news is reporting that patient info was stolen by some transcription employees who worked for an outsourced company who again outsourced some of the work. Anybody know which company does transcription for Grady..I'm just curious. Please email me if you know.

Here is the article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

The FBI is investigating the theft of medical records of patients at Grady Memorial Hospital, officials said Friday.

Grady spokeswoman Denise Simpson provided few details on the thefts that were discovered late Thursday. She said it remains unknown how many patient records were stolen, which patients were affected or how the records were stolen.

The records pertained to recorded physician comments that Grady sent to a vendor to transcribe into medical notes. The records were stolen from a subcontractor employed by the vendor. The missing records were kept on computer files.

Grady officials do not at this point believe the records contained patients' Social Security numbers or financial information such as credit card numbers, but Simpson emphasized that investigators are only starting their inquiry.

Simpson did not identify either the vendor or subcontractor.

We sincerely regret the occurrence of this breach of confidentiality of patient records in the hands of one of our vendors, Simpson said in a prepared statement, and we are hopeful that our quick response to this theft will significantly reduce any negative consequences for our patients and the physicians who care for them.

She said Grady would notify the patients as soon as possible.

It is unclear who might have stolen the records or for what purpose, she said.

MT Tech - Posted By: Working 925

 Why do they have a flashing "now hiring" sign?  Everytime I call in for work the pool is dry!

AssistMed Transcription-looking for info please! - Posted By: Thanks!

I am going to test with AssistMed (second part of their test).  If anyone has had experience with this company I would like to hear about it.

Looking for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Thank you!

Has anyone who rented a computer ever asked to keep it SM - Posted By: just curious

in exchange for the deposit? Thanks for your reply.

TransTech part-time? - Posted By: TransTech MT

I currently work for Transtech and am very happy there. My only problem is I'm finding it hard to balance taking care of my kids and myself (I've had heart issues since having my baby last year) and was wondering if TransTech even offers part time work.

Like I said, I'm very happy there and want to continue my employment, and going partim time would make things here much easier.


What is the LLC after company names - Posted By: Wondering

I see several companies on the job boards that use the initials LLC after the name. Are these companies related?


Can you use your own expander with MedWare's software or must you use theirs? Thx. nm - Posted By: passing thru


Do you really get paid for headers and footers with - Posted By: Transhealth?

About how many headers and footers are per report?

Take what you read here with a grain of salt - Posted By: Happy Camper

I work for one of the most bashed companies on this board, and let me tell you, I have no plans to leave. Why? Well, I rarely run out of work, have great accounts, make a good line rate with differential for weekend work, have 8 paid holidays a year (whether I work or not), 5 paid sick days and 15 days of paid vacation. In return, they expect me to work my shift and make minimum line count. Not a hard thing to do.

Look closely at what some of these companies have to offer and ignore some of the sour grapes posters on here. Judge for yourself. It seems like the most vocal posters on this board are the negative ones, and we rarely hear the positives of some of these companies.