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Anyone familiar with EZ-Scribe? (sm) - Posted By: Curious

Any comments welcome!

Correction to list below of Companies that do not off shore - Posted By: Unhappy MDI-MT, too

Optiscript in State College,Pa DOES off shore. I was offered a job with them until I heard from a very reliable source that they even have offices out of the country. Stay away!

Any current Spheris employees here? - Posted By: Please SM for some questions!

1.  Does Spheris have speech-recognition or editing work? 

2.  Can you do just SR or is it a mix of MT and SR? 

3.  Do they pay flat rates for SR (what range, please) or a percentage of your MT?


Help! Looking for good benefits, especially medical. - Posted By: weary job seeker

Spent the past couple of weeks applying for a few job openings and got offers from each company. For a variety of reasons, I am still looking but without exception, I found the benefits package insulting. I'm not that picky. Just want medical insurance that I can actually afford to take advantage of...reasonable deductible, at least fair to good coverage and premiums that won't break the bank. Any ideas?

Does anyone have any info on Scryptions International in Nevada? SM - Posted By: Thank you!!!

Archived but have found nothing.  Thank you!!!

United Transcription - Posted By: Wondering

Saw an ad for United Transcription on another website..wondering if anyone has any info on them?  TIA

Knowledge is power! - Posted By: Tina

I just wanted to thank you all for sharing.  Every opinion and every point of view are valuable.  The truth really will set us free --eventually.

Confused, Anxious, Frenzied, & Disgusted....no, this is not a new legal team, see message! - Posted By: CindiRI

I have been trying to muddle all this out on my own and am really suffering from a nervous breakdown.  I really need to work, bennies are not a point of contention, and I am thinking of switching from MQ, where I can bet super pay and schedule, but go crazy with anxiety from all the mess, to either Softscript, Integrity Systems, Transolutions, Advantec, or New England Transcriptions....the offers are similar, but I have been at this SO many years, need to work at home now versus hospital (have done both), and just want to find a home, work hard with pride, make a decent pay, be treated as a human with dignity......PLEASE, any and all input, either here or by e-mail, would be soooo appreciated, I am really under the gun to make a decision, and sooooo sick of regrets!!  Thanks so very much!

Current Deventure MTs - Posted By: sm

Thinking about applying...can current acute care MTs (not VR) comment on the ease of the platform and the dictators.

Are there lots of ESLs?
Do you have trouble meeting required line count?
Can you stop working once you meet the daily goal or do they require you work the entire 8 hours?
Do you have to clock in and out?
How soon does insurance start?
Is the insurance good and affordable?
Is vision and dental included?

ADVICE PLEASE: Anybody heard of Transcription, Technology &Support - Posted By: looking

They are in New Hampshire.  Does anyone have any information on this company?  Would appreciate your advice!

Anyone work for Accuscript? E-mail me. nm - Posted By: GRITS!


MDI-MD IC or SE? Thanks! - nm - Posted By: pt


Grammar - Posted By: nitpicked to death.

All I can say is .

I have been transcribing now for 3 years and have never heard a thing about my grammar. I have gotten reports back the past couple of days this week stating:  There should be a comma here.. there should be a semicolon there.. you shouldn't have put a period, but a semicolon.. or when I put something as far as a comma where I was told to.. I would get it back stating that it was unnecessary, HUH?  Not only that, but I would have a passage from a grammar website pasted on the report that was sent back in e-mail. LOL.

I give credit where credit is due, but seriously...

Now instead of being paranoid about any kind of medical errors-- I am worried about if a comma is in the right place. Nice, huh?  Everything that I was corrected on was trivial. 

So, while I was sitting there feeling kicked in the gut waiting for my next grammar correction, I found myself looking through samples and reports transcribed by other people and found that the commas that I had on my reports were on other peoples transcriptions, too! 

No medical errors, miskakes, misplaced words, missing words, format issues, and I get grilled about a comma.

 I felt like I was back in highschool.  

Seriously, is this normal?? I am thinking about leaving this place. I have never felt so insulted.  A comma should be the last thing on their mind..especially when seeing the horrendous mistakes that were sent to clients by other transcriptionists in the database.


Just needed to vent.  Am I wrong to be so irritated about this?

Should I ask for an increase or just be glad I have a job? sm - Posted By: Desperate

I know with the economy the way it is, I should probably just keep quiet and be thankful I have an income.  I realize there are many here that are without jobs and my heart goes out to you.

I have 18+ years of experience working in this field.  Six months ago I was hired by a national to cover a cardiology clinic account at .08 cpl.  I'd say at least 70% to 75% of the dictators are either ESL or mumbling/speedy Americans on a good day.  Today I have 100% ESLs!.  There are probably only two or three decent dictators in the whole lot if you can find one in the queue.  Turnover on this particular account has been so bad that cherry picking is actually permitted!

I've already applied for a other accounts within the company (that were advertized on various job boards) and haven't had any luck yet.  I probably won't get the opportunity to move because they can't keep this account covered.

With that being said, would it be unreasonable to ask for an increase to at least .09 to stay on this account?  The only other way I have a chance of making any money is to type for 10 hours a day.

Sorry I couldn't give you the short version! TIA!

Info on D&L Typing or Molave Enterprise? - Posted By: TIA - NM


A Question for TransTech transcriptionists! - Posted By: MT2

TransTech has a job posting and lists an array of benefits, and at the end it says "much, much, more."  I'd like to know what the "much, much, more is."  How is the starting pay?  Is there a low-premium major medical health insurance that covers any state in the US?    Thanks yall.  (From the South)

Central Transcription Service - Posted By: Just wondering

Anyone have anything good or bad on this company? Thanks!

Best company for radiology MTs to work. - Posted By: Wandering MT

I'm looking for a company that hires radiology MTs. Thanks.

Viva Transcription Company out of California. Does anyone work for this service. If so, - Posted By: curious

would you be willing to share what they pay?

Any companies out there who assign a specific group of - Posted By: L@@KING

dictators instead of accounts with hundreds of dictators?  TIA. 

This is a new post on Sten-Tel....please read - Posted By: need to know

I got one very good reedback on this company.  But the other posts were very strange indeed.  What in the world is a tranny company?  What is meant by own by different people and run differently?  So far, these are nothing more than insults to this company.  This does not explain who they are nor how they operate.  It doesn't even really say if they are a good or bad company to work for.  And besides, what is a tranny?????  Anyway, I just want to know if they are professional, what the pay is like, what the platform is like, etc etc etc......

I really would like more than just one response than the positive one I got, which by the way, was very reassuring.  Take care.

FLSA Engaged to Wait labor law - Posted By: Mike

Below I see there are a few posts in response to my followup of no work. Hopefully the point that was made of turning in MTSOs who do not comply with the engaged to wait law was not lost. 

While it is true you can collect unemployment for no work being availabe, the point was if the MTSOs are regularly turned in for requiring MTs to check back for work during their work schedule without pay, the MTSOs may finally get the idea that they are not above the federal FLSA laws.

If you look at numbers 3 and 4 on the website below, I think it will give more explanation of what the law is.  Mainly, if you can only check for work or complete what work comes in from your home computer, that is the same as being restricted to the company's premises, so you are engaged to wait.  The time spent waiting is to be compensated.  You can also contact the Department of Labor in your state and they will explain it to you.

If the MTSOs don't get away with constantly fooling the MTs into thinking they have the right to make the MTs check back for work, then maybe they will quit this practice of overhiring to get the ultra quick TATs they all seem to want now, which is ultimately at the MTs expense.


Precysers, do you like Web Correct? Can high producers - Posted By: do well at your company? nm


Does anyone have any current info on Shapin? - Posted By: sm

I check past posts, but they are from like a year ago. I was wondering if things have changed for the better. Thank you.

First Choice Transcription - Posted By: CMT

Does anyone work for them? any feedback?

Resource Providers, Inc (RPI)....Does anyone actually work for them? sm - Posted By: Curious

Would like to hear from current or former employees with info on this company. You can email me if you would rather not post here. Thanks.

Pace Transcription - Posted By: wileo

Does anybody have any information on this company?  Thank you!   

Does Transcription, Technology, & Support send work to India? Thinking of applying if not. - Posted By: Just Curious

Does anybody know. 

Anybody hiring part time ER? sm - Posted By: eScription #1 Fan

Does anybody know of any hospitals or transcription companies who are hiring for part-time ER work on eScription?  I have been doing eS for 5 years and have my Advanced certification in EditScript and am looking for an additional account.  It needs to be a flexible position because I have another commitment.  If anyone has any leads with decent pay, please feel free to send me a confidential email. Thanks!

Good and Bad - some gifts bought/missed WMX benefits call (sm) - Posted By: Can't believe I did this

Of course I procrastinated to attend the call on my day off, then off I went with my daughter shopping. 

Did I miss anything much other than explanation of health plans?  Is there a web site they referred to you?  Should I call HR and admit I am a moron? 


Needing advice - Posted By: pward

I am a rather new MT.  I only have about 1 year of experience and I have gotten back into the business recently.  I have been getting job offers, but none of them really turn out to be very good.  Can someone tell me some of the better well-known companies that hire someone with such little experience.  Any advice would help greatly.

why would a recruiter give me - Posted By: Just another MT

a non-toll free number to call them back?  Should this be a warning sign to me? Any opinions welcome. 

what is the going rate per report pay for rad? thanks in adv. - Posted By: Do you know?

Looking for info on Scroggins Information Services out of OH.. - Posted By: sze


Has anyone been contacted back sm - Posted By: wondering....

by Lee Pefect after passing test since recent ad?


Thanks so much!

I am pretty sure this subject has been addressed before, but don't think it got many responses, s - Posted By: mt

I'm asking again.  If you work for an employer/company that do not require you to work 30-40 hours per week, but require you to meet the minimum line requirement within a certain time-frame or window, would you please give the name.



Call me ignorant with the MT business lately as I do not get on here very often but I am shocked about the topic on here yesterday and the day before about a company who in the past year has little to no work unless you get on at 2 am or whatever.  I have also read about other companies who also over hire.  I am under the impression that these are large companies right?  I always knew that most of the larger companies scam you on income but did not know that they are now making you sit by the computer 24 hours a day competing with one another for work!!  I donít know anymore with these huge corporations.  It sounds like from what I am reading on here it has gotten a lot worse.


You guys, we as MTs cannot allow these companies to get away with this for crying out loud or it will stay this way!  I have never settled for lack of work and never will.  I have always worked 6-7 hours on the same schedule I need for me and expect there to be work when I start my day, no exceptions.  I would be a wreck not knowing what my income was going to be each month.  I need to know obviously to pay the bills but also so my husband and I can plan financial goals, trips, or whatever ya know? 


I did have one experience with this slow to no work crap but this was different because she was small and just starting up her company plus she was very disorganized so I lost confidence in her.  I really wanted to work for her because I was interested in the kind of account she had.  She also paid me 10 cents gross so I wanted to test the waters and see if I liked the account.  I was scared though because I had only been an MT for about a year and a half or so at the time; this was about the 2000/2001 timeframe and I was not sure what to expect as I had only worked for one company at that point.  Thank God I did not leave my first job before seeing what this one would be like!!  Plus I loved it too, mainly ERs.  I miss doing ERs.  Anyway, the very first day that I started I got on at my usual time of 7 am and there was no work, I mean nada!!  I called her and was told it would be picking up in 2 weeks or so but she also said that it did not usually pick up anyway until 8:30 or so.  My heart sunk.  At that point I realized it was not going to work for me and was mad that she did not tell me this beforehand because I told her the hours I was working.  The present company I was working for wanted the work back by 2:30 in the afternoon which was perfect for me because I wanted to be done by then anyway and rested up before my daughter came home from school.  I told myself I would give her the 2 weeks.  Well they went by and still no different so I called her again and at that point my patience was gone.  I said I could not work for her.  She got irate with me!!  I was in shock.  I did not understand why and felt confused.  I politely told her that I could not talk to her if she was going to communicate that way.  She did not calm down so I said that I needed to get off the phone now and that was the end of that.  I was not sure if she was even going to pay me but thankfully she did even though it was a small amount, haha.


How can you work for a company that does not give you the peace of mind of knowing that you make a good living and are financially secure?  I mean can you imagine our society commuting to work everyday only to be told that part of the 8 hours you are there for will be unpaid since there is not enough work to fill up the day?  Isnít that the same thing as getting up for work at home and there being no work or only enough to make a horrible line count??  Not to mention having to sit there waiting for a report to trickle in or getting on several times in a 24 hour period??  Other types of jobs that pay only on production and not hours donít do that to their employees.  They need them!!  They donít have their employees just sitting around doing nothing for 8 hours or maybe give them only a half daysí work.  I mean can you imagine how long a person would stay there??  Not long!!  Our economy would come to a screeching halt if all companies operated the way some of these large MTSOs do.  So why do some MTs accept this and then say that we who expect more and wonít settle for less either somehow we donít exist and that we are lying, or we are cherry pickers, or lazy not to work the more difficult accounts, or our attitudes are bad, etc.  I suspect the people who respond negatively to MTs like me are the ones who do not make good money in this profession or who settle for a work environment not conducive to making a good line count, and so frankly I feel you are the ones who are lazy and the ones with the wrong attitude because to me it is based on a negative self-defeating way of thinking to settle.  You are settling to being a typing slave for 8 full hours and letting the big companies suck up your line rate.  You do not put the time and energy into finding a better job so these companies have people like you who will work for them.  So they will continue to exist because of it and drive the line rates down or make them stagnant like they have been for the past 10 years.  I am not saying this to criticize but it is the truth and the truth may hurt sometimes but that is how we grow.  I look at people who do better than me as someone to learn from, not criticize.  I would not grow if I was not open to new ideas and had a negative attitude.


First off I know of no 100% perfect account.  I do not think they exist.  I do ESLs just like everybody else but not 80%, nothing near that!!  I did an account with at least 50% ESLs and still did the same amount of lines per hour by getting used to the accent and fixing their grammar in a timely manner.  It was a small to medium-sized hospital as well so you could actually learn them!!  I will admit that these were Asians, not usually the Indian dialects.  For whatever reason I have never mastered the difficult Indian dialects.  I just donít have the ear for it.  Some people can and I am glad there are people out there who have that ability because I sure as heck donít.  It took me a couple of months to master the Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese dialects, etc. because they are the worst when it comes to grammar.  You practically have to retype the whole line all over again; that actually happened quite often, haha.  On top of that this account was a 75 character line!!  I was paid gross lines by this company but yet my account could not take advantage of that and was also in paragraph format so I literally lost 10 characters per line.  I still made 365-385 lines an hour on it because it feels just like any other account because once you get used to them it is no big deal.  You fly through them and you do it practically in your sleep after awhile.  My mind always wanders off thinking about other things until that moment when you screech the brakes on and your wandering mind instantly comes back to trained ear mode, backing up, slowing it down if need be, you know the drill.  That still is my average no matter where I go except for 2 companies I tried and they lasted 1 to 2 days.  This was before I started a list to go over with each interview.  Most of the platforms I keep hearing are awful and impossible to get good lines with.


These companies and the way they operate just sound illegal to me.  I mean how can it be legal to hire someone for a FT position for a certain shift and then not give them the work on a continual basis, not on and off scraps.  I just donít understand how they can get away with it legally.


The companies I have worked for want to keep their MTs busy so they as owners get their piece of the pie too!  I have always worked from 7 am to 2 or 3 PM, did my 2000 lines for the day, and then had a life.  I also will never work the one weekend day per week deal that I see these companies expecting in their ads.  I did however work every other weekend once but when they advertised they said the position was every weekend.  I told them I cannot work every weekend and they obliged.  That was the second company I worked for.  I don't waste my time bouncing from company to company hoping it will work out either.  You can find all that out in your interview.  I made a Word file when I decided to leave the every other weekend company because I wanted my full weekends back.  I listed the questions I needed to know and if they were unwilling to accommodate my needs I moved on.  There are plenty of companies out there to choose from who still respect their MTs.  How can you ever leave town for a regular weekend or 3 day weekend if you are stuck working?  Donít settle for every weekend.  At least tell them every other.  I donít know.  Obviously it is up to you and everyone is different.  I just can't imagine living that way.


I guess if I had no choice but to work one weekend day every week, I would have to take my laptop with me and sit half of my (I repeat my) weekend in the hotel room and try and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and waves crashing down on the beach from afar. 


I am not an IC either by the way although I was for the first company and loved it because of how much you can write off, like half of your 1099!!  There are advantages to both depending on your life situation at the time.  I however took the second job because at that point I needed medical insurance and the place I am at now as well.....


Anyone editing for Sten-Tel? - Posted By: mtfromhome

Looking at their editing job, they say sometimes editors have to transcribe, and when they do transcribe they get 6 cpl. Is that true?

If it's true, how often do the editors have to transcribe?

can anyone for KS tell me if they - Posted By: type-it

automatically received a raise in 90 days, and benefits info, etc?  My 90 are up, and haven't heard anything, but haven't asked, either.  I do wanna do the 401K, but no info yet.  Just curious... 

Chronicle - Posted By: victoriasylviecat

Can anyone give up to date information on this company?

Keystrokers do you find it difficult to make lines? Almost - Posted By: looking

a year ago I was offered a position with KS.  There were lots of rumors going around about my company so I started looking, but I fell for the lies my MTSO told and stayed put.  The rumors became fact and I had to find another job.  I just cannot make decent lines with new company.   I went from gross line to 65 characters, which by itself can make 100+ lines a day difference.  The platform is boggy and I prefer to do Ops only, but doing everything but due to my scheduled work time and the tight TAT of Ops and I'm just not happy.

I  was hired for an acute care account doing Ops at KS, but I can't remember any of the other details (other than of course pay).   I'm thinking about calling them to see what they may have to offer (they said call if I changed my mind), but don't want to have to start all over again only to find myself in the same situation I'm currently in with no able to make lines.

Also, what kind of Expander can you use.   New job uses SH and I really don't like it. 



good pay rate per minute transcription? - Posted By: cloud9

does anyone know what a decent pay rate would be when working for paid by the minute transcription?  Also when you are paid per the minute does it just include voice or are all of the minutes included whether voice or just silence.  Thanks so much!.

Any info on InScribe, LLC? Thanks. NM - Posted By: Looking


Any recent info on ZyloMed? Thanks! - Posted By: curious

Is there a decent IC job anywhere - Posted By: other than MDI-MD please

Cannot find 1 IC job that pays decently with 24 hour turn around, and only 1 day on the weekend required. Scoured the ads left and right.  Any ideas? Not MDI-MD please (BTDT), anywhere else would be appreciated.  TIA 

Got Doped BIG TIME!!! - Posted By: LITTLE MT

I know i cant name the company here... i am so mad. They never even gave me a penny for the month's work. I never knew that in my age i get doped by a company, I should done the checking procedures. They approached me an told me that they needed help and i fell for it. I have no alternative here. Cant break the HIPAA, cant sue the jerks that got my transcription work, and now i find out they are not even in the States, they just have dummy office in Syracuse NY and its a PO box....  I got hoaxed by a Offshore Medical Transcription company the bitter sadness.... ... SO i hope. They sent me a contract and it  useless cause my lawyer told me it wasnt in PDF format.

How to avoid a scamming medical transcription company:

1. Always check where are based. Check if they have an address in the U.S. a PO box is a RED FLAG.

2. Explore their website check for anything out of the ordinary. NO WEBSITE is a RED FLAG 

3. All contracts documents must be in PDF format.... Always. if not this is a RED FLAG.

4. Always talk about how to get your payment on the first conversation or negociations. Avoiding the payment topic is a RED FLAG 

Always get the opinions of other MT people about the company you are going to work for. It is better to work with poeple you know, cause you know they will pay. I have lost over 2000.00 dollars on that account and was a refresher that better look to your right and to your left all the time. Thank you and God Bless.


Non-compete clauses in contracts. Has anyone refused to sign this and still got the job? nm - Posted By: Need to work for more than 1 co. nm


KeyStrokes - Posted By: tired MT

Does anybody work on a platform that you can get decent lines and its not an overflow account where they throw out all the scraps.  I really like this company and don't want to leave but I can't make much money like this.  I know they have several platforms and would just like an opinion on a good one.  Thanks!

Ever get a job w/an on-line placement agency? They all seem to be in- - Posted By: house positions. Thx. nm


Is it easy to get line counts on Precyse radiology accounts?? sm - Posted By: MTmom

anyone using dial up with radiology accts, are you getting good line counts?  i've done a search on archives and reading info about the company.  anyone else radiology-wise care to share their experience?