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Landmark Transcription...any info on how they pay for radiology...sm - Posted By: Thank you!

By report or by line?  What is starting wage?  Enough work?  Nice company?


Anyone with information on Get Back Jack Productions? nm - Posted By: Thanks.


Chartscript - Posted By: need info please

Can anyone out there give me a comparison of Chartscript as compared to Meditech, Dictaphone Extext, or DocQScribe in terms of productivity? 

I realize this depends on the MT but would really appreciate some input.

Sound Medical Transcription - Posted By: sm

I received an email a while back stating that they were supposed to be getting some new accounts in September and would like to consider me for a position. However, it's been over a month and I haven't heard anything else. So...I was wondering if anyone ever started with them on these new accounts or if someone that currently works for them has any info? Thanks! (Yes, I did email the company, but haven't heard back.)

Tired of companies overstaffing. - Posted By: Oh

Scheduled to work today, so did not make plans, now overstaffed.  This is such a shame.

Neuroradiology/radiology mt - Posted By: Karen

Hi,I have been asked to help new contractor for MT with a lot of neuroradiology reports. Does anyone here have experience with it? It will be a learning curve and I am not sure if it is a permanent position or just to help out in crisis.  If it is short term how much should I charge? All help appreciated. I thought $1.75 per page, not per report in case there are lots of long reports.  Per page on Rad is far better than per line.     Thanks all.

Keystrokes....sm - Posted By: nname

Does anyone know if they give out Christmas gifts, etc.?  I did get a card, but was that it?  I would think they could afford to give their MTs something a little more being as it is such a succesful MT business.....it must be, looking at the size of the home the owner lives in.

DSG folks - is your platform up and - Posted By: MQmt

running?  I saw earlier today on the MQ board where DSG's DQS system was also down.  Ours still isn't working right and just wanted to see if it's just us or are you guys still down, too?

New England Medical Transcription - Posted By: LinK

I just tested for New England MT, and from what I've read on the board it seems like a wonderful place to work.  Can anyone who has applied there before tell me how long it was before you heard back after taking your test.  I took a couple of gets for GT work about three months ago and not one word back so I was curious to see if you heard back one way or the other in a reasonable amount of time.

ANyone tested with Lee Perfect - Posted By: and not heard back yet?

That was a pretty long test, would hate to not hear anything back. 

Looking for a company who hires Monday-Friday days - Posted By: CAT

Does anyone know of a company who hires full time transcriptionists for Monday-Friday?  I have years and years experience and am tired of working the weekends!  Your help will be greatly appreciated!

SoftScript - Posted By: battyfrustrated MT

Any info.  Everything I read is negative.  Does anyone know what they pay and are they going to VR too!??  I haven't applied there yet but it may be next...  Just leary as I don't want to jump into the fire.  I love the company I'm with but work is sooo  slow - I'm afraid I'll be out on my butt soon.

Testing for TransTech, how is the test? - Posted By: sm

I loathe testing for MT jobs... I realize that it is sometimes necessary, but I always dread doing it.

So, how was the testing for TT? How long did it take?

Any Current MedScribe employees? - Posted By: gershwin-girl

Positives on Medscribe?

Sudden change in 1099 status? - Posted By: bandmomMT3

why would a company after YEARS of having IC's suddenly push everyone into an employee status?  Does this have anything to do with trying to make the company less likely to be unionized???  Or is there something else entirely going on that Im missing all the way around?

InHealth Transcription Services - Posted By: Desperately seeking good company

Any information on them? 

Central Transcription Services, any current information?? - Posted By: Anon

Just wondering how they were to work for. Thank you.

Spaces - Posted By: P

Would you stay away from a company that doesn't pay spaces?  I am thinking about applying to a company that does not pay for spaces and just wanted your opinons. 



2 weeks notice - Posted By: anon

I am afraid to give my 2 weeks notice . . . what happens if they say they don't want me to finish out the 2 weeks and I have no income?  Has anyone had this happen?

Med-Scribe from Florida. - Posted By: Me.

How are they?  Do they offer good benefits?  Is the pay on time?  Do they have plenty of work?  TIA

Trans Tech questions - Posted By: Charlene

I have a question about Trans Tech.  Do they provide computers.   If not does anyone know the requirements for your personal computer?  People seem happy with this company.  How is the pay?  The accounts - are they good or primarily ESL?  I am happy where I am but but as an IC I am simply running out of work on a constant basis and need something more stable.  Thanks for any info. 

To any Spheris employees, I quit in August and would like a copy SM - Posted By: ex-Spheris employee

of my YTD earnings. I have called HR but they never return my call. I forgot how to access the online ADP. Can anyone give me a phone number to call, payroll number or something so I can call and get a copy of my earnings? Thanks.

Meridian HCS - Posted By: Wondering About Meridian

How is this company to work for?  Do they have good benefits, pay, dictators?  How is the management and communication?

Question for any current or recent employees of amphion - Posted By: CAT

I am looking for a place to work that I can have full-time without working weekends.  Is this a good company to work for?  Do they have plenty of acute care/hospital work?  How is there platform/type of program?  Is it true you don't have to work weekends or nights? 


MT supervisor salary, how much do you make? nm - Posted By: MT x14


DocQscribe platform - Posted By: jo

Does anyone know of any companies that use the DocQScribe platform?

Transform? - Posted By: MTinTX

Does anybody have any current information about this company?


MedWare?? - Posted By: MTinTX

Does anybody have any current information about MedWare?

Axolotl, Webmedx, Diskriter, Transoutions....sm - Posted By: jobhoppin'

Would like to know what their insurance deductibles are.

Acusis MT's - have you noticed - s/m - Posted By: something odd with QA lately

something odd with your QA'ed work?  like telling you to do it one way one day and then the complete opposite a few days later?  or in some cases, their *correction* is so completely incorrect as to be funny, if it weren't so ignorant?  who are these people?  (all unfamiliar names)  do you think our work might be getting QAed in india? (god forbid ----)

Wondering about . . . - Posted By: (sm)

A to Z Transcription.  Mostly wondering if they pay on time or if anyone has had a particularly bad experience with them.

Thanks all!

confused as to why my question was deleted regarding companies who pay hourly..SM - Posted By: bh

I purposely made my question very general and was only looking for input from any MT or Editor being paid hourly. Was not asking for the pay rate, but rather interested in knowing of companies who pay hourly. Am I mistaken to think this is a resource board for general questions? Sorry if I broke any rules.

Conflict of interest working for 2 nationals - Posted By: kks

Just a question - back in 1998, it was considered a conflict of interest to work for 2 nationals such as Edix and Medquist.  From what I see, it does not appear to be that way now.  Can someone shed some light on this?  For those who work for nationals - do they know you work for their competition?  No flaming please - just curious.

POLL: Which companies are currently using Voice Recognition - Posted By: looking

I am currently looking to change companies, and from the posts I have seen, VR does not seem to be too popular, with a huge cut in cpl, so I want to put those companies at the bottom of my list. 


Could everyone please list their COMPANY NAME and if they are


  Currently using VR

 Planning to switch to VR soon


Any comments about cpl, how long it took to get back up to previous pay, and if you like VR would also be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks for your time.  





SoftScript - Posted By: SusanQA

Hey, anyone out there work for SoftScript, and if so, is it a good company?  I really need to get away from MQ!!!

Transhealth? Do they offer IC or SE status? - Posted By: anon


Question for incentive pay and QA - Posted By: Marci

I work for a company that offers incentive pay for high quality with having your reports sent to QA.  I've been there about 3 months and am beginning to believe this is not achievable.  First of all, they never give feedback on QA and if you ask they make you feel like it's a problem.  How can I increase my QA level if I am not given the opportunity to learn from my mistakes?  Any time I get close to going over my required line count and get close to becoming eligible for higher rate of pay, they start assigning me the worst ESLs I've ever heard.  What is it with these companies?  Glad I was offered a position outside the home and outside of transcription and will be starting part time in another week.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it can turn out full time.


jJust an observation/vent - Posted By: Jest Lil Ole Me

Maybe its me but I work and when I am downloading, I read the various boards  -- I see/read people that the productivity is there 250-300 lines an hour or more but what I am wondering about is bottom line  -- patient care  -- no, we are NOT doctors but how many MTs know how to really research the internet for drugs etc?  I see posts with word expanders  -- they are WONDERFUL tools, but in MHO, if you are a newbie, just starting out, get the disks, the books, and LEARN how to use the internet  -- I did QA for a company for a while, and I had a Transcriptionist (newbie) call me in tears because she was called on the carpet for typing (and I saw the actual report)  -- Kem-7  -- come on, everyone,  You should be researching and looking  -- yes, it IS hard, but I see a lot of the SAME names on this board, spending hours, gabbing and chatting and yet whine when they are not making a decent salary  -- bottom line, I am a single, widowed woman, been in this business for a long time and yes, I have my throw in the towel momemts but I also have a work ethic that is pull one's self up by the boot straps  -- yes, we have to vent about our men who are the southbound end of a northbound horse, but people do not realize that even though we work at home, we are working, spending hours sometimes taking care of the home front with bills etc and not getting paid for it -- Its not the companies, its trying to plan things and go from there  -- If you're married, hubby has to understand that this is NOT a hobby job, as do a few of you that I have seen a lot on this board  -- you do this and that , but yet you are the whiners and complainers when it comes to companies treating you unfairly or no work.

Maybe Wal-Mart for those of you IS  A BETTER alternative  -- for me I make between 40-50K a year, but I am focused on my job as well  -- blood, sweat and tears too.


Do Precyse, Medware, TransHealth and MDI-Fl all - Posted By: require 40 hours a week for FT? nm


My Fellow MT's I need your help! - Posted By: tdt

The small MTSO I work for is out of the Houston, Texas area, also the account I am on is in that area.  As you know several cities have been devastated from hurricane Ike.  I have been out of work since late Thursday, and a little work is trickling in this morning and yesterday, but not nearly enough.  Anyone know of a company hiring PT to supplement my income. I really need something I can pick up fast.  I work on the ExText platform presently, but also have worked on DocQscribe, and Bayscribe, along with proprietary software and Word.  I have 30+ years experience and love operative reports, but can do everything acute care/clinic, all work types and ESL.  I am really in a financial bind right now with the possibility of losing my home. Need a position that pays bi-weekly, can't afford to wait 1 month before getting paid.  Dont' have health insurance as I have a 90-day wait, which will be December 1 before I am insured.  I need to try and get a temporary insurance as am diabetic and have hypertension, but cannot afford it.  Did manage to enroll in Walgreens health program, and get my meds cheaper than what I paid when I was ensured.  I have tried applying with some positions I had tried over the years, but turned down for various reasons, but think I've been black listed.  I guess you can say I'm sort of desperate now though.  Thanks you guys.  .

MTS of Texas - Posted By: Kathy

I don't see very much about MTs of Texas.  If anyone out there is currently working for them or you are familiar with them, I would appreciate it if you share.  Thanks in advance.

Unemployment/COBRA - Posted By: SadHeartlandMama

They said we should apply for unemployment asap but how can we do that if we are still working for them until 7/7?

Also, how much is unemployment usually? I've never been on it. I've heard it is about 66% of your usual pay? Is this correct?

Also... can you apply for Medicaid with unemployment? The COBRA rate is at least $540 for myself and my daughter. :(

Medgarde -- anyone take test? (sm) - Posted By: Yuki

If the sound quality on the test is anything like their work, I can't see how anyone can do the work productively.  Tried 3 different wav players and spent waaaaaay too much time on three dictations of less than 2 minutes.  Left a blank on one and have been kicking self since I figured it out.  Guess I won't be hearing from them.

anyone work for Oracle - do they use Word or a Word-based program - e-mail me nm - Posted By: katydid


Sten-Tel contract, anyone with any info on their contracts? more inside - Posted By: red flag

I received their contract and had my attorney look at it and some red flags came up.  One of the things that is in it is an indemnity clause stating that I an as an IC hold them harmless for ANY liability even if it's THEIR fault.  And there is no guarantee of any certain amount of work or amount of hours in it.  Please help and advise if you can.  I would like to hear from any previous Sten-Tel workers or present ones.  Thanks.

Low work volumes, horrible sound - Posted By: Another Transcender

What is going on with Transcend?

I am about to leave also and I never thought I'd see myself type that!


MDI versus MedScribe versus SoftScript versus Transsolutions versus TransHealth. SM - Posted By: MissouriMT

I'm getting ready to start applying and these are the companies that I'm looking at.  So give me the low-down.  Good, bad, India?

Here are my criteria:

9 cpl or better

Does NOT send work to India

Good accounts with at least 50/50 of ESL versus American dictators

Consistent work flow - no downtime or time spent waiting for work

Upper management should be professional, positive, and encouraging.

Pay for lines WITH spaces.

Is there such a job out there or am I just dreaming?  If there are other companies other than the ones I listed that would fit the bill, please feel free to let me know. I tested with TransHealth and I felt like I tanked.  It was a hard test and I had to use the mouse to stop and start the dictation as it was online test and you couldn't download the voice files.  So that made it a lot more difficult.  One of the dictators was cutting himself off through the report and I had to leave some blanks.  I'm very frustrated with this whole process of looking and testing.  Are all the tests like that?  Or are there companies that allow you download the test files and transcribe them using your pedal and software?  Ugh!  I am just so frustrated and discouraged.

Thanks for any helpf.

Indigo Creations - Posted By: bunny

Anybody worked for Indigo Creations inc in Charlotte NC?

The good and the bad if you have please.


MD-IT ?? - Posted By: aoktyper

If this is a repost, I apologize -- but I checked and don't see it -- new to this board!Any info on MD-IT would be greatly appreciated!  Do they supply computer?  Do they have plentiful work?  What kind of bennies/PTO/holidy do they offer?  How is communication, flexibility, etc.????? Thanks in advance!

Rapid Transcript - Posted By: ChiMT

 A word to the wise...