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We band together and start our own company offering our services to the hospitals we've been work - Posted By: An MDIer's dream

on already and take our accounts back from Transcend.  I haven't signed any noncompete contract with Transcend.  Would the MDI one be null and void? If my pay rate is null and void, so must my noncompete.  They can't have it both ways.

Now wait. Don't tell me there are - Posted By: companies that only pay for

what you type in, no matter what your Expander plays out.  For instance, if you type copdx and that comes out as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, you should get paid for all the characters/spaces in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, right?  Not just five letters for copdx.  I'm asking because of the post below.

Heck, if I worked for a company that wasn't paying me for stuff the I took the time to put in MY expander to make transcription faster and more profitable for ME, then I'd just throw my expander out and type everything the hard way.

Please tell me there is no company that cheats MTs like that!

any Van-Belkum employees wanting - Posted By: notknown

if they are happy there and if they are making their lines?  ');>

CareTech Solutions - Posted By: Kim

I have recently come across the company CareTech Solutions (friend of a friend works there) and I was curious as to any input anybody had on the company.  I'm especially interested in line rate, if they provide a computer, and what kind of contact/feedback they have with their MTs.

Thank you!

Advanced Transcription - Posted By: anon

Does anyone have any current information about Advanced Transcription? 

Any info on ASAP Transcription in TN? - Posted By: (nm)


Anycurrent employees for OTI working on Bayscribe - Posted By: Just wondering

Just wanted to hear from current employees who work on Bayscribe.  How is your production on clinic accounts.  Is the ADT and demographics such as physician names and cc set up, or do you fill that in manually.    I understand they are hiring for a new account but would like to hear from those who are already working on an established account and if demographcs working properly for wav accounts.  Do you like working for Oracle. 


Thanks for any info ! 

monthly pay - Posted By: Jackie

Is the average pay around $1000.00 month and is this good pay for a MT.

Gearplayer on E-bay with one hour to go and only $2.50!! SM for listing # - Posted By: Ebayer

For those that may not know, Gearplayer is a program that plays voicefiles. The I just bought my Gearplayer in August and it was $90.00. Mine is the newer version 3.3.4. The one listed is a 2.6 version, but you can install the upgrades off the computer. It's in perfect condition. The listing number is below. Good luck!


Transcriptionist in a chiropractor's office - Posted By: MTseje

Does anyone know what a transcriptionist's salary range would be in a chiropractor's office?

What is considered good pay $500.00 weekly and up or can I make more once I become more - Posted By: Dana


ATTN: OSi employees wanting to leave - Posted By: 3 companies hiring NOW

Opti-Script, Keystrokes, WEBMEDX.  I went to work for one of these companies, and they are still hiring.  Good luck.  Much, much better than OSi. 

Leeperfect Co. SM - Posted By: Anonymous

Does anyone know anything about Leeperfect Transcription Co - going to take a test with them and wondering if anyone has worked for them before?  Would appreciate your input - thank you.

Transcend and Escription - Posted By: sm

For those who currently work on this platform...are you also required to do lots of typing, or is it mostly editing. How much do they pay per line? Are you able to earn a decent salary on this platform with them?

I have an offer from Focus, but don't think it is going to work out because they only pay for 15 lines on reports where there are blanks only.

Voice Recognition question. Anyone with experience on Dictaphone Speech system - Posted By: tdt

Is it relatively easy to maneuver through.  Is it easy to double or triple your line count.  Any all comments/suggestions welcomed.

Info on Professional Dictation Associates- (PDA) sm - Posted By: typinaltime

Does anyone have any info on Professional Dictation Associates (PDA)?  Please advise if you do. tx

Anybody here currently working for Accuscribe? - Posted By: cindyoh

The one in South Carolina?  Don't see much recent info, curious about the E and O insurance, pay, etc.  Thanks much.

webmedx - Posted By: cupid

is webmedx employees or IC? thanks!

How do you tell - Posted By: Miss Willy

How do you tell a person who took a transcription course that getting a job will be difficult.  I am faced with this as my stepdaughter told a friend of hers that I would know how this person who took a course could get a job.  I have been doing transcription for 29 years; I know it's hard for the new people, especially who took courses, to get a job.  Any suggestions on what I could do?  Not only that, this person quit her factory job when she graduated from the course!!!!

documed line counting - Posted By: nn

Is there anyone out there who works for Documed? Do you know how they count lines? I would appreciate any information anyone has. Thanks very much.

Anyone have any info on USA Medical Transcription? sm - Posted By: searching

They are posting their editing job again, but their website looks like a training course for beginners.  Does anyone know what is being edited?  TIA.

How to apply at MDI-MD - Posted By: JLO

Can anyone tell me how I go about submitting an application/resume with MDI-MD? They don't seem to have a link on their website, unless I have the wrong one! Thanks very much.

Have any of you noticed that Futurenet has an ad for MTs right now? And I have been without work fo - Posted By: What a crock!

I was looking for some part-time work because my main job has had NO work hardly at all, not even to make $150 every two weeks and come to find out FUTURENET has an ad for transcriptionists!  What is going on with that?  How can they be hiring when there is no work now?  Maybe that is the problem - they are overhiring so much.  This is ridiculous!  I am outta here.  I have waited and waited and waited and waited for some work to come in - nada!  Anyone else having the same problem with them?  I am a very loyal, well-seasoned Transcriptionist and I have been giving them the benefit of the doubt, waiting for some work while me and my family are almost, literally, starving because of it.  I feel like I have been robbed!

Would anybody care to comment about this company - Posted By: MDI-Trans info

Steady work, paychecks on time, benefits, etc.  Thanks much.

Newsflash QA and quality - Posted By: gourdpainter

Yesterday the local news was interviewing EXPERIENCED nurses who had been fired by the local hospitals to make room for new graduate nurses at lesser wages.  They were carrying signs that said things like patient care counts.  One interviewed nurse said she had nothing against new nurses but they need to spend time under the supervision of experienced nurses before being turned loose on their own. .  If this is what they think of hands-on medical care personnel, why would you think they care about the quality of a medical record?  MTSOs don't care, they hire Q.A. to make the hospital think they care and the hospital requires  it to make the MTSO think they care.  The only one who may care about quality is the idgit overseeing transcription who fancies herself to be more important than she is.  

There is no such thing as professional  medical transcriptioninsts anymore, we are medical typists, or to quote a well-known MTSO, typing monkeys.  Can't blame them for not caring about quality when they have to fight for work 24/7 in the hopes they can feed their families and pay their bills.

Glad I'm out of it.

Keystrokes Ortho pay - Posted By: AB

I was just wondering if anyone who works on ortho for KS would be willing to share what their average pay/production is.  I just got hired and am very excited but also worried because the line rate is a lot lower than what I'm used to.  I've been doing acute care with high ESL for the last 11 years, so I'm hoping that the ease of the clinic work will make up for the low line rate.  I'm, going to be working in ExText.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

What companies offer internship programs? - Posted By: Newbie

Please post.  TIA

Transolutions pay rate? - Posted By: Sunny

Can anyone tell me what they tend to start experienced MTs at.  Do you like this company?  Got work?


Question for the MTSOs who are around tonight - Posted By: sm

How do you feel about divulging line rates or hourly rates?  I was taught that this was confidential information and it is something that can be one of the biggest troublemakers in a company when one MT or QA tells another how much they make.  Do you the MTSO feel that telling someone on a public board is breach of a confidentiality agreement (I consider this a sensitive issue)?  It is one thing if that MTSO posts a line rate range.  Even then sometimes an MTSO makes exceptions and if someone comes on a board and posts a rate or someone asks someone to email them what they make, do you feel that this is divulging confidential information?  Being there is someone below who feels that they can tell whoever they choose and that this is not confidential information, I would like to see what an MTSO thinks.  What is an MTSO way of thinking. 

Looking for a company - Posted By: OP Queen

Anyone know of a good company to work PT doing OP notes?  TIA

Dictaphone Transnet extremely slow. - Posted By: LMO

I've been doing QA work using this Dictaphone Transnet system, and it has got to be the slowest software I've ever worked on.  I'm sure it's probably OK for typing since it downloads 2 jobs at a time, but for QA, it's really slow.  I spend more time waiting for the job to open than anything. 

Benson Transcription Technologies, Inc. - Posted By: ?

Has anyone heard of Benson Transcription Technologies, Inc. out of Washington?


Any info good or bad on Medscribe out of FL.... - Posted By: passing through

I found some older posts on them, mostly about pay rate, but wanted to know how their software was, is it easy to get lines, are you happy, etc.  Thanks. 

company does not answer e-mails or phone calls - Posted By: dmm

Hi guys,

Just wondering if any of you have experienced this.  I use to work for this company full-time.  I went to part-time because we were running out of work and I decided to go back to school (because I am tired of this game with having work and then running out).............

Anyway when I dropped to part-time, my insurance was cancelled (which I know happens) but the premiums are still being taken out of my check.  I have 2 checks now with those premiunms being taken out.............I have called payroll and left e-mails (this lady never responds)............now I am thinking this illegal...........

Feedback please.  I would like to stay on with this company part-time but...........

Cymed management - Posted By: MTing

Now that it has been a few years since the SPI takeover, I am wondering if anyone knows if any of the original Cymed managers/team ended up working together anywhere else or starting up another company? 

DocQScribe questions - Posted By: mto

I recently started working on a account that uses DocQScribe.  I found it very easy to learn but after a couple of weeks my production has not picked up at all.  In fact, compared to my other account which uses ChartScript, I am down about 100 lines per hour (275-300 lph on CS and 165-170 lph on Doc).  Any secrets I should know about? 

where did the old Acusis/DRCers go? nm - Posted By: melting icicle


Re: A few asking about DocuMed in NJ - Posted By: 2teens

I am sorry.  I seen a few asking about DocuMed in NJ but by the time I had a chance to come back I could not find your questions as I was going to answer you.  I do currently work for them.  I have been with them a few years now.  If you have any questions regarding them you are welcome to e-mail me and I will tell what I do know and my experience with them.  I know they are looking for a couple more people. 

Any experience with On-call Transcription Service? - Posted By: sm

Web site address?  How are they to work for?  Demanding/easygoing?  Line rate?  Pay on time?  Platform?


Needing info on - Posted By: Jane


are they paying good?



FutureNet ??? - Posted By: Mary

How are things at FN now?  Do they still run out of work a lot?  I see they have an ad on the other MT board and was thinking of applying.  The ad states they are getting a new account in July.  Do they hire people now or do you have to wait until the account starts before going to work for them?  Would appreciate up-to-date info before doing so. Thank you.

New England Medical Transcription company - info?? - Posted By: Alexandra

Anyone have any info on this company?  Anyone ever work for them?  Thank you!

Davis Transcription - Posted By: wondering

Anyone have any current information on Davis Transcription? I searched the archives but there was nothing past 2004. Anyone work there now and getting paid on time?

established company - Posted By: Anne

I've been a medical Transcriptionist for 25 years with a few different companies -- the last 11 years with Signal and then Medquist took over....I am ready to quit.  Medquist has gotten too big with too many changes, and more yet to come, doing away with statutory employees.......help I have been out of the circuit, what are some GREAT  companies to work for as a home-based business, reliable, established.....thanks!

etranscription - Posted By: GA girl

does anyonehave any experience on etranscription platform?  For example, is it fast? can you make a good line count? Do you have to go into word to get your line count?  any info greatly appeciated!

Keystrokes - Posted By: Breeziee

I'm seriously thinking about applying with them.  What's their testing like?

questions - Posted By: linda stevens

Does anyone know anything about JLG transcription?????

Current info on Medware - Posted By: Annon

Does anyone have any current information on working for Medware Florida. How are they to work for.  Is it pretty easy to make lines and is the pay average or low.  Also what about benefits. 

Do Precyse or TransHealth have message boards? - Posted By: E-mail me to give any info on both, plz. Thanks! n


Webmedx - Posted By: Karen Morris

I have recently completed M-EC's Premier course and am anxiously awaiting my final exam grade. I have a question about Webmedx for anyone who knows.  Do they offer a good pay rate for newbies?  I wouldn't require medical insurance benefits from them, and I wonder if they would compensate in payrate? I am getting ready to do a 5- day Webmedx trial that M-Tec has just sent me, so that I can familiarize with their platform.

As of 10/15/08, MTEC and Webmedx will be working side-by-side, and  I feel I will be graduating at a most opportune time to consider Webmedx as my first employer.  I'd love to hear any feedback at all about Webmedx.

Thanks so much.