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Newport Harbor Transcription - Posted By: aa

Anyone have any info on Newport Harbor Transcription?  Good or bad.


MD-IT Intelligent...Anyone?? - Posted By: IdaMT

Does anyone have any information on this company as far as workload, pay, benefits, etc. I cannot seem to find anything and they have advertised in the past so I just wonder if anyone took a job and how it was going. Any information would be appreciated.

Recent TTS info anyone? (sm) - Posted By: Curious

Wondering if anybody could post updated, recent info on TTS as to how the work load and getting paid on time have been for the past 6 months or so ???  TIA.

Local newspaper ad for Med Trans Inc says it hires it's graduates from an 8 week course (sm) - Posted By: Grrr

called Medical Transcription Made Easy.  Wow, suppose their quality and pay are good?  I find it very insulting and sure as heck wouldn't want to work for a company like that.

Anyone ever heard of this company? 

Medical Transcription, Inc. in NY - Posted By: Poor MT

In researching for jobs, I noticed this company and was wondering if anybody knew anything about it - comments please.....

meridian healthcare? - Posted By: moonchild

any opinions on meridian?


Read here Wedmedx was hiring new grads. What are they paying? - Posted By: any info on that

would love to know.

Flooding of resumes on job posts - Posted By: Anybody else getting this message?

Sent a couple of resumes recently and getting an automatic answer from several companies that due to the influx of so many resumes, it will be impossible to even see them all.  If I have more than 3 years' experience it will be kept in the file for 6 months until they get to it. 

The most recent automatic answer I got was from a company which did not even put an ad out.  It was one where I found great posts on another board after doing a lot of archive searching. 

Is this because of recent MQ paycuts and problems, and because C-bay bought it out.  Perhaps the time has come for the work pool to be flooded with more competition if the giant of MQ is finally seeing a walk-out.  Also, the other biggies like Spheris and Transcend seem to be losing a lot of people.

Anybody have any idea on this? Not only do we have the influx of new graduates, and now the really experienced hospital MTs who have been with MQ for so long, but we also have India too... are the odds growing less that our resumes will even be seen, I wonder...

I just hope that all the MQ people and everyone here in the US finds a good home and soon. We all deserve a good job and I just wonder how we will get through this time.  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated, or just a good we are all in this together post would be appreciated.

Anyone work for MedScribe? How are they to work for...sm - Posted By: Anon

Can you send in QA?  Is their pay reasonable?  Are they flexible?  Alot of downtime?  Reimbursement for internet?  Special equipment? 

do most MTs work more than one job??....sm - Posted By: passing through

I currently have three, but getting down to 1 full and 1 part time job, but was wondering if this was the norm for those of us who are the breadwinners in our family.  I know I am getting awfully tired of no days off, but haven't found a way to make enough money with one job, as you just never know when you are going to run out of work on your accounts.  Thanks and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I know I am working all weekend. 

Keystrokes Radiology - Posted By: Jayne

Wow!  What a web site!  New to me as I have not begun working from home yet.   Hey, Listen .... I am very excited to be taking on a new Radiology Transcription position with Keystrokes in the near future.  I'd love to be prepared for the job and ready to kick out as many reports as possible on my first day of work.  I have received the USB foot control, but am not yet set up to work.  However, if there's anyone out there that could give me some "preparedness pointers"  PRIOR to my first day of work, I'd sure appreciate it.  (Currently still working in a hospital setting).  Thank you kindly!         

To the Union person who got that thread - Posted By: going last week - any news? - sm

How are things going with that?  Any new developments?  How many people have shown interest to date?  Any concerete plans set in motion yet?  I think it's an idea that's time has come, so hope to keep on hearing more about it.


Those of you doing VR, what percentage of the report do you have to correct? - Posted By: jen

How accurate is the VR? Just wondering.

Anyone happy at Focus?....sm - Posted By: anonmt

I've seen all the negative posts about them for a long time now, and I'm asking if there's anyone here who is happy with them and why. I believe I'll be starting with them soon and I also believe that it's just like any other company, some will love it and some will hate it. Any additional current input will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Breitner - Posted By: justme

Avoid them.  I went to work for them and ended up with a lot of problems:  Problems with getting paid correctly.  Then they got rid of me because they said I typed something wrong in 1 report (but they wouldn't show me what the error was--only time in my life that I was told I had ever made a serious error).  Then, when I applied for unemployment, they gave the state false information about what I made in the last quarter --needless to say, it was what I made in 1 paycheck--not 6 (after I was accepted for unemployment).  Then I had to have the IRS go after them because they would not send me my W2 forms.

Line Counts and EXText - Posted By: ColoradoMT

I work for a company that uses Dictaphone EXText.  They deduct 30% off our total line counts for headers and footers, saying they will not pay for it because we do not type it.  Of course, we do type it and the template is very time consuming (looking up referrals, etc).  Do you think the headers and footers are 30% of the documents?  It does not sound right to me. 

MDI merge issue - Posted By: NorCalMT

Has anyone from MDI quit without giving any notice, since the merge announcement?  I'm not sure if I should give notice or just quit right away and start new job.  Thanks


I have been working in-house at a hospital and would like to go home to work, but I am having a hard time finding a company out there that offers decent insurance benefits and PTO.. Any ideas are appreciated..

Bye-Bye Birdie, any luck? nm - Posted By: meame


ATSI - Posted By: omega

I've read old posts, but I was wondering if any recent MTs could fill me in on how they like working for this company.  I tested with them and am mostly curious on how the workload is and the platform.  Do you run out of work consistently, or is it just rarely?  Is the pay on time and how often?  Are you spending a lot of time on demographics?

Any help is greatly appreciated.  I have an interview this next week.

What am I doing wrong? - Posted By: 16-year veteran RAD MT

I have over 17 years of hospital and clinical radiology MT experience. I love radiology!   Fast, reliable, can work flexible schedule, transcribed all modalities of radiology, some cardiology experience.....apply to most USA-based companies hiring USA-only employees,  take the test, great resume, strong credentials and only get terrible offers or the jobs I really would like, I never hear from. There have to be some companies out there who take you seriously and will at least get back to you with your test results.   It's depressing, but I will keep seeking that great company and account! Anyone else have the same problems?

I am a slower but accurate producer, around 1000 sm - Posted By: pokey

lines in 8 hours. Are there any companies out there that would value me as an employee?  Seems like everyone wants 1200 lines or better or you are out the door.

Looking for Lillybelle - Posted By: bye-bye Birdie

Documented a bunch of stuff.  First job contact was bizarre.  Second one was lukewarm with one really offensive aspect.  If you email me I can pass some info to you...it's rather cumbersome for the board. 

thought I would just bring this to the top! - Posted By: 50mt

I don't know who posted this, but I wholeheartedly AGREE!  Tell you one thing, if MY employer ever thinks of short-changing me for my work, they will be in trouble with my bank.

(I think the time has come for these companies to be named. I know there are more than one but seems to me that we owe it to each other to name the companies who do not pay on time or who get the pay wrong each and every pay day. We work for a living and we do it to get paid. Even if we just put the first initial of the company, that is fair warning for others who are looking to make a change to be aware that certain companies are dangerous as far as their paying practices.

Recently I was talking to an
MT who worked for one of these companies and said to me that she hated to quit because the pay was so good. That is just wrong. What pay is so good if you have to pay bank fees and overdraft charges because the money is not there. Something is wrong with that statement and wrong with that picture.

If there are any owners who are reading this that make the practice of paying late or wrong then read away. If you are doing this you don't know how to manage the company anyhow and it is my guess your days are numbered as a business but if you think we are going to sit down and take this treatment any longer without reporting to the proper authorities then you are sadly mistaken. You can throw posts in the faces of the posters all you want but when someone does not get paid for their work ON TIME, they have every right to demand that they be paid). 

Proscript 3.5 cents/line VR sm - Posted By: ..

This is a response I got back from Proscript and my response back.  Here are some figures.  She also had said in earlier email when asked if this position was for VR, she  said, all accounts were going to VR,


Our VR line rate is 0.035 cpl 65 character line including spaces.





Cheryl A. Letner - Recruiting/Training & Development Specialist

1.800.591.3490 x5116



y eamil back to Proscript


Thanks for your response.


I'm really not interested in doing VR, need to listen to it all, much much editing and manipulating  text, getting it correct.  When I worked at Transcend, there were sooooo many changes I felt the NEED to rewind each report to make sure it hung together.  



1000 lines $35 a day.   

2000 lines $70 a day ($8.75 an hour)


3000 lines a day $105

even if  able to listen through that much in a day and edit. 

60,000 lines a month (some months 63,000),

$2100 a month

$13.12 an hour. 


Thanks for your consideration


Can you use an IN-DB9 with TransNet? - Posted By: Cj

Anyone know?

Keystrokes platform? Looking for a change - Posted By: Just curious

and I have applied at Keystrokes, but would like to know how platform they work on as well as if they pay shift or weekend differential. Thanks

Transtech MTs, who long after you get hired does it - Posted By: Whuut

take to get your paper work.  I accepted a position last week and still have not received it.  Just wondering

Anyone here work for Med-Tech in GA? Would love feedback on them. nm - Posted By: MT


Sierra Transcription - Posted By: Scammed?

Does anybody know anything about Sierra Transcription?  They talk a good game.  What's the real story?  Thanks for any info.

Shift differentials - Posted By: Nightshifter

Do companies have to pay shift differentials?

Get over yourself - being an MT is boring - Posted By: Just Me

Glad I don't do it anymore. 

Keystrokes - anyone had to leave because of - Posted By: consistent lack of work? I may have to soon.

Any information such as shift you were working when you left is much appreciated.  You can also email me. 


Anyone know of a good company willing to hire for part-time work?  I'm not familiar with the majority of the companies looking to hire on here.  Thanks !

medscribe question - Posted By: Typingfool

Do they supply equipment?  How is the pay range?  Is this a good company to work for?

Taking a new approach to my job search (IC status) - Posted By: KittyKat

I have been reading the threads on IC status and pretty much agree with what has been said. Being an MT, I do prefer IC status for the flexibility. That being said, there are a lot of ads for IC positions that are limiting that flexibility. My new approach is that when an MTSO contacts me regarding my resume/application, I tell them UP FRONT what I am willing to do...what days I will work and what hours I will complete my work between. I let them know that I will not be held to a strict schedule. If I wanted strict schedule, I would opt for an employee position. If they offer me the job, the terms are clear from the get go. If my terms do not meet their needs, then they are free to move on to another candidate. I really think it is time for us to set the limits and not the other way around. And yes, before anyone jumps on the TAT bandwagon, I do understand TAT has to be met daily. I also understand that there may not be work available when I sign on, but I have come to expect that being an IC working around my own schedule and this is why I have no problem being an IC for more than 1 company at a time if/when necessary.

Let's hear from the MTs that love their companies, their jobs and have a great line count - Posted By: time for something good!

I love where I work, happy with line count, happy with earning potential.  Love being an MT and working at home.  You???

Easy tests versus harder tests... - Posted By: Decisions...

Having passed both and offered jobs at both, which company would you likely go for?  They both have the same basic benefits and line rates.  Would I be assuming that the harder testing will mean that the dictation is more difficult?  Any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated!

AccuStat Wisconsin recruiter replies... - Posted By: Getting Antsy

Hey fellow MTs - I got an immediate response from AccuStat (WI) when I replied to one of their ads.  I did some research on the company before I told them I was interested.  My reply email was 12 hours after they sent me theirs.  Now I haven't heard from them.  I wonder if I waited too long to respond.  I was actually trying to decide between 2 companies and guess I took too long.  Haven't heard back from either one of them.

The job searching and not knowing what's behind door #3 is the almost the worst part of this profession. 

Thank goodness for this board!  I have made many, many a career decision based partly and sometimes entirely on these comments.  TY!

iNSCRIBE - Kentucky - Posted By: Tired MT

I have been contacted by this company...and was hoping for some insight.  Good/bad/disorganized.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.  TIA.

Transtech W2 - Posted By: TTer2

TT changed payroll companies in the middle of the year.  I received the W2 from our current payroll company, but none yet from the former payroll company.  Anybody get both of theirs?

I am only part time but I work for Scan Medical Serv. and another company and I am just asking - Posted By: Waterbaby

if other MTs are seeing their work getting very sparse with this company and if she has lost work or what the problem is. I am thinking of moving on to another job offer if this continues.

Be aware of the open medical - Posted By: transcription positions at a hospital located

in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Be very aware of the supervisor. Not a good place. Three new employees, all three walked within the first six months. Just thought I would put a warning out!!!

Any co. that use Wavescribe? - Posted By: Camille

Does anyone know of any companies with clinic work that use Wavescribe?

Any info - Posted By: Inscribe

Does anyone have any info working on the platform Inscribe?  Any comments on it appreciated in terms of it being mt-friendly and line counts.


Transmed - Posted By: curious

Does anyone know anything about this company in NJ? Thanks.

TCI, Ohio...Please stay away from this company - Posted By: fellowmt

The pay is horrible. The owner degrades you on a daily basis and they promise you tons of work and then CUT you when times get slow. Please from one fellow MT to another...don't waste your time! You deserve much better!

Does Medware hire IC? - Posted By: (nm) Thanks!


Medscribe in NJ - Posted By: Daphne

Is this a good company to work for?  Pros and cons, please.  Enough work?  Good pay?  Good people to work with?  TIA

Does Transtech send work to India? nm - Posted By: hello