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MTStars.com initially began its journey through cyberspace on December 8, 2001, offering Medical Transcriptionists a place to network. MTStars has experienced amazing growth over the past 9 years to over 20,000 members and 3 million visits per month!

MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

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What are the Top 5 Companies to work for that keep all work in the USA? - Posted By: Curious

Someone asked me and I don't even know.

Thanks for your opinions!

Any hold outs on the PC check at A?nm - Posted By: anonymoose


Slow at OSi too. Grrrrr. I will be poor at the start of nm - Posted By: DJ

Diskriter - Posted By: MI MT

Has anyone worked for Diskriter, or have any information on them?  Thanks!

Stat Trans San Jose, CA - Posted By: sandy

Am looking for website of this company, TIA

Any info on Cymed - Posted By: looking

I haven't been able to find any recent info on them? Any good, bad or indifferent opionons would be appreciated?!

Anyone work at Diskriter, who can tell me how it's like, pay, work load, supes, etc. Thanks - Posted By: Mr. Cotton


With recent economic conditions which company or companies - Posted By: WantingtoknowMT

would you say,(for those of you who are happy out there), has/have proven themselves a reliable place to work for MTs? This may include any type of position: IC, SE, or employee, does not matter.  This MT is wondering how you are all doing out there during this crunch, and which companies have stuck by you during this time, and especially now that the holidays are coming. 

My vote is for MDI-MD. I have had slow times, but never had to get up from the computer once from lack of work, and they have been more than accommodating about cross-training.  As well, I am flexible with helping out when I am not scheduled or on the weekend. In this job market, I would rather work extra and make sure the patient care is there, than take a chance on losing my job or have to go somewhere and do VR.

Would love to hear some of your stories.  Thanks!

Excaliber Data entry - Posted By: Carol

So Excaliber Data Entry was a scam?  I wondered why it disappeared and they got me for the $55.  LIVE AND LEARN.  Just was trying to get something part-time as DTS, America has been out of work since I started in March....If I have work I can make the line requirement and I have 1 primary and 3 backup accounts. :(

Could someone answer a few ??s about GIMT? Thank you! sm - Posted By: Thank you

What are their requirements for PT?  Lines or hours?  How many? 

Clinic or hospital?  Switched a lot or given a primary and allowed to stick with it? 

I've read they send a foot pedal.  What software do they send? 

Thank you! 

Any IC's who are single parents- How do you manage financially? - Posted By: mt

I want to try IC'ing but afraid to take the plunge!

Cymed STINKS....sm - Posted By: mt

If you are considering working for this company, they pay 7 cpl for employee status, they do NOT pay for spaces and the lady that does the training is so rude it ain't funny....either she is overworked or she is just a wicked cow!

PLUS, they do outsource and some of the offices lie to you and say they pay for spaces, they don't. 

R there any decent companies - Posted By: hiring for Radiology - sm

I don't want to hear from anyone with Keystrokes. Any other companies? TIA

Moretti Transolutions - Posted By: kasmt

Just wondering if anyone has worked at this company and if so what do you think about them. Positive or negative. Thanks

Cardioscribes or FutureNet? Pros and cons NM - Posted By: decisions, decisions


Escription - Posted By: ncmt

Do any of you use this platform?  Do you like it?  Is is productive?  Can you give a time frame for the learning curve?  Any replys greatly appreciated.......thanks.

Any info on Fast Chart? - Posted By: Thanks!

Thinking of applying but want to make sure there's work and good platform.


Quick question about Keystrokes platform - Posted By: J

I have just accepted a full-time position with Keystrokes for an ER account.  I was very pleasantly surprised with the pay rate and schedule that they offered me.  I see that they use Transnet for their software.  Is this an easy, stable platform to use?  Are you able to look up old reports for references. Do you have to spend a ton of time on patient demographics?  Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Applied at Transcend but they do not allow Word 2007 - Posted By: now what

and Microsoft quit selling Word 2003 in June of this year, which means they will quit supporting it soon, too.  I hate to pay $187.00 for an outdated piece of software for working.  I have a new computer and specifically requested Windows XP but did not think about Office 2007 not being usable.


Any one happy with VR - Posted By: Hidden

I have been interviewing with companies that are willing to hire me in and in three months switch to VR.  I want to know if anyone doing VR can honestly make a living.  I was told that I would make  7.5 cpl doing transcription and in 3 months switch to VR at 3.5 cpl, but that I should be able to maintain my speed or go faster once I am familar with the account.  I do not know much about VR and would like to know if this is possible and will I maintain my line count with VR. I would like to hear from MTs that do VR and how productive they are.


What is the word on Encompass out there? - Posted By: interested party nm



Has anyone heard back from All American Transcription - Posted By: regarding their ER position? nm


GIMT or Golden Isles question...sm - Posted By: LMCR

Does anyone work for GIMT or Golden Isles Medical Transcription?  Are they a good company to work for?  How is the pay?  Are the QA staff friendly and easy to get along with?  Just curious...thinking about accepting a position with them and any input would be greatly appreciated.



ADVICE ON EDITING - Posted By: becky

I am considering doing some editing. I have over eight years' MT experience.

What is an average number of lines you can edit per hour? Pros/cons/any additional info would be appreciated.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Bayscribe lines - Posted By: newMDI

I seen to be having a hard time getting line count up. Anybody else find it slow going? Barely breaking 100 lines an hour after a month. I am on a lanier account so not sure if that is part of the problem too as sound quality is not that great and just dealing with the lanier takes time.

Has anyone from MDI-MD visited the discussion forum at the new web site? sm - Posted By: LTMT

I checked it out awhile ago, but I guess it is still too new as there are no real discussions.  I do not think that D or any of the liaisons monitor the MT Stars boards, but surely they will look at their own.  Maybe if all of the unhappy people post their concerns there, the issue will be addressed in a manner more satisfactory to everyone.  Just a thought ........

OSI. No luck finding recent info in archives. - Posted By: see message

Answer to any or all of the 9 following questions would be much appreciated:

1.  What platform do they use?  User Friendly? 

2.  Benefits.  Which health insurance carrier?  PPO?  HMO? 

3.  What is the deductible amount (employee coverage, no family). 

4.  Accounts:  High ESL?  Enough work?  Back up accounts?   

5.  QA:  Too much?  Too little?  Constructive or too critical? 

6.  Email communication timely? 

7.  Is hiring process drawn out?

8.  Equipment arrive in timely fashion?

9.  Pay on time? 


TTS - Posted By: Lisa

Does anyone have any information on Transcription, Technology, and Support, LLC?  Thanks so much.

has anyone used the Keystrone online application? - Posted By: sm

I tried submitting it but it only brings me to a blank browser page.

Can someone explain the "paid per hour" shifts sm - Posted By: hmmm

at Transcend?  Would like a little insight before applying.  TIA

Hourly Positions paying $12-$15/hr are: Full-time 3rd shift Acute Care MTs and Full-time 3rd shift Medical Text Editors for a voice recognition platform (100% text editing)

Anybody know of companies hiring that aren't advertising? nm - Posted By: Anybody?


Anyone know of any small companies in Michigan or hospitals that hire MTs that you may be familiar - Posted By: OMT

with the type of work.

Oracle Transcription (OTI) regarding lines in Bayscribe - Posted By: Oracle payday and lines

Hi, I was curious if you had to turn in your line count in addition to what Bayscribe already shows for you.  I think that is redundant to turn in your lines when Bayscribe already counts the lines and they go by that anyway.  I currently work on Bayscribe with two other companies and they do not require me to turn in a line count separately by email, which the recruiter says that is the practice at Oracle. 

My question is if you don't turn in your line count by email, do you still get paid with Oracle with what they calcuate on Bayscribe?    I was thinking about getting a job at Oracle with their new account coming on board and was just curious about the line counting system and payday.


Vacation for SEs - Posted By: newMQer

Anyone know what is the procedure for taking vacation(s) as a MQ SE? How far in advance do you let them know, do they have a problem with it, etc.? Is there a limited amount of days you are allowed per year?

Meridian Healthcare Solutions - Posted By: Tara

Current information sought regarding this company.  Pros and cons please.  Thank you.

Considering position with Keystrokes.... - Posted By: zzz

I was offered a position on an account that uses word...I assume this means they do not have a platform.  Also, I will be using a C-phone which I have not used in years.

I have transcribed for a company or two that did not have a platform, and felt like I was not able to get up to full speed. 

Anyone out there working for Keystrokes typing in Word and using a C-phone, transcribing over 400 lines per hour?  I saw some posts below, but not sure if that is with a platform such as DocQScribe or Extext.

Thanks for any input.

Dictaphone Extext - Posted By: companies (sm)

I have this list.  Are there any others?  I need something A.S.A.P.

Amphion, Charts In Time (CIT), DeVenture, Focus, eTransPlus, Keystrokes, Landmark, Medware (FL), New England Medical Transcription (NEMT), Opti-Script (PA), OSi (GA), Probity, Professional Transcriptions (FL), Rapid, Superior Global, Transcriptions South (FL), Transcription Systems (IL), Transcend, TransTech, and TTS (NH).


Can anyone tell me about Oracle? - Posted By: curious


Best companies to contact for a QA/editor position? (sm) - Posted By: QA for 6 yrs

Now working for MW and starting to look for a new home.  Anyone have any ideas about who the best companies are who are in need of QA/editors?   

10 reports per hour for QA workers??? - Posted By: Is this reasonable?

Is it reasonable for an MTSO to expect QA to QA 10 reports per hour....when working on several acute care accounts? For the most part it is blanks only, but sometimes there are also full listens.

Brown & Myers and ZYLOMED - Posted By: Sam needs info good and bad on


Opti-Script, OSi, TTS sm - Posted By: bizzyfingers

Does anyone have any RECENT information about these companies? Please e-mail if you would like. Thanks so much!

Anyone know of any companies that let you work within a 24 hour time window? sm - Posted By: Is there one out there?

I am wondering if there are any companies that let you work anytime you want as long as you get your daily or weekly line count in?  Thanks....

I have many, many years experienced and was just told a little while back, even though I am an IC, that I have to have a set schedule...And I am struggling to follow the set schedule due to family illness....

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

who knows about Spheris - in-law says they are GREAT - Posted By: bamagirl

but I have seen a few negative remarks. I work for the Q and am looking for a change. Any views on this?

amphion layoff info anyone? - Posted By: amphionmt2

that is what inquiring minds want to know - specifics

Is Dolbey STAT Transcription Platform user friendly? - Posted By: nm

Question on Ethics on this Company - Posted By: Forum re: MTSOs. This is a true

sincere question, not busting or kidding here. Is it legal for an MTSO to come on here and either start a thread praising their company, but pretending they are just an MT, or, is it legal for an MTSO or upper management to come on here and reply to posts asking questions of a company, again pretending they are just the MTs and giving their -- honest -- praises for a company. I ask this because I know for a fact that there is a current thread on here where this is happening, and I suspect it happens more than we all could guess.  The problem I have with it is that this particular company keeps getting painted as a dream place to work, and NOT by the MTs, when it is a true nightmare in reality.  So victim after victim after victim, including me, fall for these lies, which is truly what they are.  I know this is not ethical, but not much we can do with MTSOs and ethics these days. I know MTs can be threatened by MTSOs never to post something negative on here, for fear of repercussions, libel, slander, etc. But what about the shoe on the other foot?  If we know that a company is on here posing as an MT and lying right thru their teeth, or keys, can they get in trouble for it? Because I for sure would love to pursue this on at least the company where I know for a fact this is standard protocol.  Is there any monitoring agency or licensing agency or anyone who we could formally complain to about these practices, as to me its true fraud.  Any ideas? The MTs need all the help we can get making informed HONEST decisions, and this  lying garbage has got to stop. 

eTransPlus, anyone ever work there?nm - Posted By: MTtypingaway


My rate of pay was changed, should I move on? - Posted By: MTnobody

I was offered a level 3 position with a higher rate of pay from a recruiter.  I signed the forms and quit my other job.  The recruiter told me on Friday that he had a meeting with the boss and was told because I did not have exactly 3 years experience, my pay would have to go down to a level 2.  The rate at this company is already pretty low and you do not get an extra 0.0050 cents if you do not obtain 98% accuracy.  Because I already quit my other job, I somewhat reluctantly said okay.  However, today my old supervisor told me she wanted me back.  I do not want the new job I accepted because of the change in pay before I started.  I start training for the new job on Tuesday. How do I inform the new job I decline the job?



info on Teletrak? - Posted By: just me

does anyone have any info on teletrak they can share with me.  i can't seem to find anything other than testing was kind of a pain.  Info on how they are to work for, ease of platform, is pay on time?  Thank you so much in advance.