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Anyone know what company OSI's health insurance is through? - Posted By: Anna Banana


Transcend part-time status - Posted By: MTmom

Can any current Transcend employees please tell me how their part-time status works?  Minimum requirements/hours? 


Thanks so much.

hiGoldberg - can a company delete posts here? - Posted By: no message


Archivus or Transtech? - Posted By: ash

Which is the better of the two?  Also, are there two Transtechs, looks like one in Texas and one in Iowa.  Are these the same company, does anybody know?

TransTech vs. MDI - Posted By: saguaropat

I've read more positive than negative posts about these two companies.  Any more opinions about which one might be superior to the other?

Has anyone who received the mass - Posted By: sm

emailing from Keystrokes received the promised phone call yet?  I have not and am just wondering

Why would a co. stay in the dark - Posted By: Classact

ages of C-phones and land-lines - when the internet is in full-swing.  Even for one account - that makes no sense to me, but that's just me.  As a Transcriptionist - I don't remember the last time I used a C-phone - and I don't care to use one again - things are so much better with the internet formats. 

Can anyone tell me if Transtech provides computer? - Posted By: Dazed

Also, any good and bad points to consider about working for TransTech.  TIA!

Stentel - Posted By: cpl

What does Sten-tel pay for voice recognition lately?

All I can find in archives about Mediscript is sm - Posted By: Need some real info please and thank you

"Bad news!" and nothing else.  That doesn't tell me or anyone else anything useful.  I don't care if someone says "bad news!" but could they please back it up with some real info?  Preferably first-hand experiences would be nice, thank you.

Does anyone out there have any info about Mediscript?  I know they pay by the gross line, but how much?  Do they offer direct deposit?  When are the pay days?  How's the platform?  Any info appreciated.  I'd like to gather some information first before I take any tests or talk to them so I can determine if it's worth going through all that for a job that might not be a fit for me.

Any info on Focus Infomatics? - Posted By: Wondering

Are there any editors currently at Focus Infomatics that can let me know how the work conditions are?  I've heard there are positions for the SWAT team, but I'd like to know what I'm walking into before I take the plunge.

Thanks in advance.

Input on K & R Consulting - Posted By: PM

anybody know this company - good, bad, or indifferent???  thanx

Heard Keystrokes was getting better benefits, medical insurance etc.. Anyone care to elaborate? I - Posted By: Want to know

ready for a change.

Considering applying at DSG, any comments from MTs - Posted By: Snowbird

working there right now about how you like it. 

VR on EXText versus Escription - Posted By: Just wondering

I work for TT.  Has anyone worked on both of these platforms doing VR?  I have heard through the grapevine that Escription is much better.  I work on EXText which really is just not that great ... actually with some dictators it is great, but the majority not so great. 

Can anyone comment on your Acusis conference call today? Hoping you're all still gainfully - Posted By: employed. nm Wondering


Transcend info needed - Posted By: MTAL

I have been offered a job with Transcend.  Can anyone give me some additional information regarding making line counts, also any information on how user-friendly the platform is, is there plenty of work?   Thanks in advance!!

Riddle me this... - Posted By: Me

Please read carefully...

For all those who are adamant not to work for a company who offshores I have a simple question: Do you shop at Walmart? Go to Disney World?

Because if you answer yes to either question, whether you realize it or not you ARE supporting offshoring.

Now before you flame me - realize that I am on your side, per se, I don't like to see jobs from the US go elsewhere when we need them here.

That said, there ARE legitimate reasons why a company might have no choice but to offshore at least some of their work. They are under legal contracts to provide service 24/7 and IF they find, for example, that they can't staff third shift domestically, they may look at offshoring in order to meet their legal requirements. More importantly, THAT means keeping their clients - who provide YOUR jobs.

Do you mind buying products from Walmart, which are often manufactured by the same cheap slave labor that supplies Disney Land shops with so much of their merchandise?

Seriously, these are just two examples. The sad fact is the U.S. is NOT an island - the global economy has been here a long time and is here to stay.

The way to fight back about lost jobs and wages is through Congress. But I will bet dollars to donuts the majority of the responses to this post will be more clueless responses.

I am not saying Congress is just waiting for your call to change course, but if there is ONE thing that gets their collective attention it is A UNITED EFFORT. If you think you can't make a difference as an individual, you have forgotten the many brave individuals who stepped out ALONE to make a difference for something they were passionate about. They didn't stay alone for long.

So whether you give this or any company that offshores a chance, go elsewhere for a job because of principles, or make an effort to actually make a difference, the CHOICE is yours. We can't point fingers in EVERY direction without taking some of the heat ourselves.

Wow! VR for a whopping 2.5 cpl at SM - Posted By: woutwork

ZyDoc out of NY.  Is this the new trend in our profession.  So glad I turned down that offer at Acusis.

Any one have any info on The Right Type? - Posted By: Job seeker

I did a Google search and searched this forum, but am coming up with nothing.  Anyone know anything about this company? 



Spheris interview, not jumping up and down - Posted By: I am defeated

Just had an interview with Spheris. I currently work for MQ, so am naturally looking at what other options are out there currently. I've read some of the posts on Spheris and I have to say a few things stike me a little funny. I guess you know a recruiter is good at her job if she is good at working her way around the questions instead of answering the questions! I asked about work flow and running out of work. She basically didn't say the work flow runs low but it's not that it NEVER happens and that there is no downtime pay for lack of work. Sort of evasive if posts stating running out of work is a problem anymore. I wanted to know the line rates, high/low anything, and she said she could not give me that information!! Ok, you want me to consider you as an employer without all the info but you want me to fess up anything? Why is this a big secret? The wage that low that they have to try to sucker you in before they will tell you it sucks? If you think you might try to start me at 6 cents/line let me know, we can save a lot of time! She wants to start me on a clinic account because I havn't done operative reports. So lets waste all your other acute care experience? I'd rather hoped to be moving forward in my experience base than moving backward. On top of that, you can't even be considered for any changes for 6 months! If you hire on part time, you can't go full time for 6 months either. Many downfalls it would seem.

I've had a couple other interviews in the past few weeks. The outlook just doesn't seem very appealing.Why is it there is no medical Transcriptionist labor union and/or why one can't be started? I would think it would help stop a lot of mistreatment and outsourcing and protect our interests as we need someone to help out in this department since we are all home, alone.

Good Luck Keeping Your Job at Heartland!! - Posted By: SickOfHIS

I think I have had enough! Yes, I admit, I currently work for Heartland and truly thought they wanted a domestic team. I didn't think much of the managment changes and truly thought we (domestic MT team) would be okay even if HIS was sold, well think AGAIN!

We are being fed a load of crap from the new President (Dennis Paulik)!! The below was sent to me annoynomously. I think that all US-based MTs for HIS should up and leave! Why wait, obviously, he has "other" intentions that don't include us - the USA TEAM!!!!!!

Heartland Information Services, Toledo, Ohio, which employs 1,400 to 1,500 foreign transcriptionists in three cities of India, may help explain why. Dennis Paulik, Heartland's vice president of sales and marketing, says that HIPAA standards are applied to all transactions, including anything outsourced. The company leases private, transoceanic lines, so all transactions are encrypted from the time the information leaves the hospital, to the moment it is dispatched from Heartland's U.S. offices to a transcription center in India, until processing is complete and the medical transcript goes back to the hospital.

Paulik says he hears time and again that there aren't enough U.S. transcriptionists, and that those who do still work here are an aging population--the average trained American transcriptionist's age, he says, is about 59 years. It's one reason his company was formed, he says.

"You're going to have a growing need, and fewer transcriptionists," Paulik says. "It reinforces that point that people have just got to go overseas."

Any new information? - Posted By: Wondering about Transcend

I'm at MQ now and Transcend showed big interest in my posted resume, offering me a position?  Is there anyone out there who went from MQ to Transcend or just any current information about them, good or bad?  What's their system like?  Do they accept Vista?

TransTech - Posted By: USMT

Does Transtech use Microsoft Word for transcribing or a different platform?

Amphion or Webmedx - Posted By: debbie

Just curious which of these two companies would be preferred?  Just finished testing .....Or are they both not so hot??     Ideally would like something that pays well, has good benefits, easier dictators and a little flexibility.   Dream on, right!!   

I don't think a perfect job like this exists!!

Spheris - Posted By: sm

Any info on Spheris? Good or Bad

What companies offer internship programs? - Posted By: Newbie

Please post.  TIA

Documed - Posted By: goldengirl

Does anyone here work for Documed?  If so, any feedback?

Precyse Solutions - Posted By: Delia

If you know anything about working for this company, please share your experience.  Pros and cons please.  Thanks.

Has anyone ever heard of this company? - Posted By: Kim

I just got a pretty generic looking e-mail from a Ctu, Inc.  Has anyone ever heard of this company?  They were looking for IC's, but you could only have "high speed, but not DSL" which I thought was the same....but anyway....anyone heard of these people?

radiology sign on bonus - Posted By: something new

Just recently saw Spheris ad for $500 sign on bonus for radiology. First time I have seen bonus offered for radiology. Am almost tempted, but have good accounts and steady work with current company. Any thoughts on this?

DSG work has dried up! - Posted By: mtlady

Been with them for over a year now and very happy until the past few weeks.  Work was very plentiful until recently, when it has become the norm to wait an hour between jobs and then never really get enough work to meet their quota.  Is anyone else tired of receiving endless e-mails giving us *updates* on dried up or overstaffed accounts?  Can they just not provide enough work or what?  I want to work and am a high, accurate producer, but cannot make lines materalize out of nothing! 

Are the part-timers quitting DeVenture? - Posted By: Part-timer

It's been about a month now with very little if any work for part-timers.  Anyone else quitting?

A to Z Transcription - Posted By: MT Girl

Does anyone have any information on A to Z Transcription Services?  I can't seem to find anything.  Thanks.

Hospital MT - Posted By: anonyMT

Hey.  Does anyone work for a hospital, but work at home?

Any new info on SOAP transcription? - Posted By: mtmt


Meridian - Posted By: nm

Has anyone worked for Meridian and did you like the company?

Any thoughts on Interpro? Line count, spell checker, platform, management, pay rate? nm - Posted By: Wondering


Could I please get a quick reply to quick hiring???....sm - Posted By: Lost&Found

I cannot find anything here or in archives about Integrity Transcription Service LLC; I was rapidly recruited and offered employment w/o testing, and wonder if there are any MTs here who work/have worked there?  Could you please share here or at my e-mail?  Soooo much appreciated, trying to weed things out!

Sten -Tel ASP Platform - Posted By: MT24/7

Anyone have info on Sten-Tel ASP Platform?  TIA

are Med-Scribe Transcription Svcs Inc of Teaneck NJ & MedScribe Info Systems Inc of Jacksonville FL - Posted By: the same? - nm - TIA - stl


OSI - Posted By: SusieQ

Any current comments on OSI???

FYI: Voice Transcription - Posted By: My experience with them

I keep seeing people post about this horrific company and I thought I would share my experience with them:

1.  I still haven't received payment for work that I completed in November!! The owner (initials J.L.) keeps giving me different excuses of why she hasn't paid me. The one check I did receive from them was a month late.

2.  After one of my many emails about the money owed to me and how much exactly is past due, she sent me an email saying the amount wasn't right and that we had agreed on a lower rate for one of the clients!! Absolutely NOT true!! So, after I completed this work, she apparently decided that I would be paid 0.045 and not the 0.06/line as promised (VR editing acct.).

3.  I actually ended up quitting because J.L. went off on a rant saying that I had made an unacceptable mistake in one of the reports. Later, after I proved that I was right, she apologized and said that she had a temper because of a three day migraine.

Now, I only worked for this company for two months (thank goodness it wasn't longer). If you're okay with being treated like this and not getting paid for work that you complete and her changing your rate, then go for it, but I would highly advise against it!! For those of you below that stated you had not been contacted after testing, just thank your lucky stars that you aren't working for her and hopefully you'll take my advice and never work for her.

Anybody here working for Navesys? - Posted By: sm

Any info is appreciated. Direct deposit? Work volume?

Are there any (sm) - Posted By: eScriptionist

companies using eScription that do not run out of work?  You can e-mail your answer.  I need money.

Tough economic times - Posted By: Seeking new info on OSi

I worked for OSi in Douglasville, Georgia, a few years ago but quit because of grossly incompetent and arrogant QA department. 

If that is no longer the case I need a part time job in addition to my current job.  What is the scoop these days?  It would be the last place I want to work but I don't know where else to start and I must get a second job. 

Any information about other good companies who offer part time?  


Diskriter - Posted By: minime

Any one out there work for diskriter, how are they to work for?

Did Shannon have a job to post on the job seekers' board - Posted By: MTIAM

or did she just want MTs to apply with no details given???  Any info on this one? 

work pools - Posted By: C.J.

When are companies going to wake up and realize that placing their MTs in pools and giving them a different doc each only cuts down on their productivity and increases their errors?  I have been trying to find work for over a month now and I have had plenty of offers but they all want to stick me in a pool and they say when you log in you get who you get to transcribe.  How in the world do you get good or fast at typing for someone when you have someone different each day.  I think this is the dumbest way to run things and I am hanging on until I find a company that will assign me my own 2-3 docs.  Anyone know of a place like that?  And another thing, are there any companies out there anymore who actually do doctor's office notes instead of clinics or acute care?

AAMT - Posted By: MT

I was just recently hired by All American Medical Transcription.  I have searched for archives on this company but keep getting American Medical Transcription Services.  The one I'm wanting info about is located in Nashville, Tennessee.  Does anyone have any info about this company, whether good or bad.  Thanks!