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This is For Nervous MT2, please read - Posted By: Megan

I feel so badly for you, after reading your horrible experiences with testing. I know as I have been there recently, too. Even with 25 years' experience, I was turned down twice. However, if you want to work as an IC, there is a company who seems to be very fair about things. They are Freedom Type. I tested for them and unfortunately, the sound quality for the dictation was not the best. Instead of dismissing me for the errors, they offered me a second chance, making sure that this time I got a report that was perfectly dictated, but full of good terms (to test your knowledge as a MT and not your interpreting ability, which will get better as you learn any new account). I passed it with flying colors and was offered a job immediately. However, I had to turn it down because I need employee status and did not realize that this was an IC position.
If you are interested, just go in and type in Freedom Type in your search and it should bring up the home page. Then you can take the online vocabulary test and submit it. If they like the looks of that, someone will contact you and set you up for the dictation test. It is a voice file but I just downloaded Express Scribe and it worked fine. They even helped me with that part of it. Like I said, they seem really nice and its a shame I could not go with them. Perhaps you can consider this. Hope this helps. Hang in there and the best of luck!

Wondering if... - Posted By: Mary

anyone who was hired by FutureNet has started working yet.  I know the new account doesn't start until July, but I was curious if anyone has begun workinI how they like the platform, company, etc.  I have been offered a position, but have not decided yet whether I am going to take it.  Thanks for any info you would care to share.

I see that CardioScribes is now advertising as a "Kentucky-based" company. sm - Posted By: News to me

Since when is India in Kentucky?  Having the Indian owner own a house in Kentucky does NOT make the company KY-based!  I hate deception such as this. 

Good, bad or ugly about Webmedx??? NM - Posted By: Thinking about Webmedx


SmartMed - Posted By: Terri

Hello ~ Anyone have any info on SmartMed? I'm debating on taking a new position with them (transcription) but have some doubts. They're based out of Houston (I'm from Wisconsin)and was told there are quite a few ESL's which I'm not too experienced with. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

IInfo on Amphion - Posted By: txmt


Raiss with nationals - Posted By: Cr

Anybody ever get a raise with a national company?.....seems like .08 cents forever

What can i expect for (newbie) QA pay per line? Tks. nm - Posted By: Cynthia


Transcription equipment - Posted By: EH

Has anybody had experience with Transcribe Solutions, Inc. in Hewett, TX? They advertise refurbished equipment on the internet. I have never bought anything from them and would like to know if anybody has heard of them, if they made purchases, and if the company is legit.

SoftScript - Posted By: Lee

Any recent information on this company?  What platform do they use.  Are they nitpicky?  Are they flexible, professional?  Pay on time?  Etc.

Webmedx benefits - Posted By: LookinMT

Does anyone know if webmedx have a good benefits package (401k) and steady work?  How about vacation time?  Even if there are pros and cons, I would appreciate the info.

TransPortal - Posted By: MT33

Did anyone apply and hear back from TransPortal?  I was contacted for an interview and never heard back.  I was just wondering if anyone else may have had luck with them.


Anybody know any good, bad or ugly about Lee Perfect Transcription? - Posted By: TJ


Keystrokes - Posted By: Curious

Does Keystrokes have any line incentive if you go over a certain number of lines? I was offered a position but told by the recruiter that they do not; but she seemed unsure about a lot of things so thought I would ask people who work there. Also, when I asked about overtime, I was told that occasionally you might get asked to work overtime and then they would pay OT but normally not. If you work beyond your eight hours you just get the regular pay per line (not time-and-a-half) and that they don't really want you to do this, but rather stick to your eight hours. I do not understand how people say they can make so much money at Keystrokes with no incentives, no OT, raises???

Any recent information on Transcript USA? -sm - Posted By: Thanks

I noticed in past posts they said they hound you when you're not working. But they're advertising a flexible schedule right now.  Is that something new?

Any problems with getting paid?  Is the pay decent?

Do they have decent accounts or are they for the most part extremely difficult?

Is their system efficient?  I'm so tired of wasting so much time keeping logs of everything and having to type patients' names and data that I don't get paid for. 

Is the sound quality good?

Is it really all American?

IC versus SE - Posted By: MI MT

I know the SS differences between the 2 but can anyone tell me is there any real advantage of being an SE versus an IC?  Why did MQ do away with SE?  Do you think this will be growing trend with companies?

Any input on this company? - Posted By: MayBgoing2Transtech

Good, bad, ugly - I can take it - just wanted to know if anyone has any input on them.

TransTech or Opti-Script? - Posted By: choice A or choice B?

Choice between Transtech and Opti-Script:  any advice?

MDI-MD - Posted By: Crazed MT

Has MDI switched more of their accounts on to the Bayscribe platform? Interested in them, but don't want to take a step back in time with a C-phone. Would love any input, good or bad. Thanks.

Transcription Connections - Posted By: TiredMT

Does anyone know anything about this company out of Lynchburg, Ohio?  I can't find it even by googling.  The owner seems very pleasant, but the lack of info makes me kind of nervous...Thanks!


I am very interested to see the list.  Thank you.

Does anyone know if you can move DQS expanders into another platform. nm - Posted By: PAMT


VR and MedRite - Posted By: Really Nervous!!!

We currently use an upgraded version of MedRite for transcription and just learned that some accounts in my company are going to VR. Does anyone know if MedRite has its own VR, or does this mean that my company purchased a VR platform that is compatible with MedRite? If anyone know anything about MedRite and VR I'd really appreciate hearing about it. I use Instant Text with MedRite and currently do about 300+ lines per hour straight typing. I'm really nervous about VR since most of what I hear is negative. My husband lost his job and so I can't afford a paycut, but want to be prepared. Any good/bad concerning Medrite and VR would be greatly appreciated.

Focus Infomatics--Anyone have any experience with their insurance benefits, good rate, etc.. - Posted By: Escriptionist2

Yes, I know all there is to know about them in the negative form but people respond only if you know about their insurance plan. Thanks

MAG - Posted By: anon

What is up with MAG Mutual?  Heard they sold out - what happened?  I heard they had let many MTs go, but ?????


For nice people only no bashers - Posted By: Mrs. Peace

This is a peaceful message.

Post here only if you have something nice to say.

Ugly messages not allowed!

Several months ago a company called Charts in Time (CIT) hired some MTs off here. Just wondering how - Posted By: Just curious

it turned out for those MTs as I turned it down and wondered if I should have taken the job. Thanks.

Speech recognition, an oversell - Posted By: Lee

Speech recognition is an oversell!  The qualified Transcriptionist simply cannot be replaced by a machine that cannot understand the dictator. I heard the word presbyacusis clearly stated, and the Speech thingy typed: Please be a Q-tip  For Social Director a pocket rectum.  The best of my week was the when the dictator said the patient liked to play tennis for exercise.  The Speech thingy had its mind elsewhere and transcribed play penis for exercise.  My goodness, Lord help us all!  I really find it more efficient to do straight transcription than correct every 3 to 4 words in a document.  Am I alone out here? 

Has anyone worked for AAPT out of Arizona? Any information? nm - Posted By: Daisy


Where should tech support come from? - Posted By: -sm

Do you think IT support should come from the company you work for, or the account you are working on?

I had a problem over the weekend, could not sign in at all.  I contact tech support at the company, which is always what the lead says to do, and they emailed with with, XXX support desk, that was it!  No explaining why I needed to call them or anything, just those three words.

I have tried calling the account support directly before, its a total joke.  I just gave up and didn't even bother trying.

Personally, I believe the support should come from the company that you work for rather than the account you are working on since there may be more than one and I don't want to chase support people all over the planet.  It has been my experience also that when you contact the account you are treated like a complete idiot and a nuisance and for .0x cpl I really am not inclined to be treated that way!!!

Just wondering what everyones thoughts were on this.

Confused already - Posted By: JobHuntingAgainMT

If a posting says that the job requires Dictaphone or equivalent, is it a safe assumption that this is a C-phone? Dictaphone has its fingers in so many pies, I can't keep track of what all counts as dictaphone anymore. I have the C-phone, but gave up my land line a year ago, so I don't want to waste a brilliant cover letter for a position I can't get anyway.

Keystrokes Docuscribe Account - Posted By: Mary

Did anyone out there get hired a few weeks ago by KS for a new account that is on the Docuscribe platform (the same one that MQ uses)?  If so, how do you like that platform and how is the account?  I am very curious about this because it stated in the ad that they will be putting a lot of new accounts on that platform in the coming year.  Please share your experience thus far.  Thanks a bunch.

Clarification regarding OSi and Opti-Script - Posted By: Sandy Kovacs

Please note that the company OSi that is being referred to on these boards is Outsourcing Solutions, Inc., NOT Opti-Script, Inc. out of State College, PA. 

Thank you.

I searched about this and I am sure I saw - Posted By: sm

this, but forgot where.  Does anyone know if Execuscribe supplies their equipment to be used for work?  TIA

Anyone having trouble opening posts? - Posted By: Dense here


Focus freebies - Posted By: McFingers

Focus would not have to give freebies away if their testing was not so ridiculous.  I passed three other company tests but not theirs and I had worked for Focus three years ago. I failed their test.  Just their punctuation test was an absurd waste of time and I was an English major in college. 

Question To Those With New Jobs - Posted By: Love2bTyping

Where did you go to look for the jobs you have gotten?  I have looked at what I consider the obvious places, but wonder if I am missing a great place to look.  I only question this when I see some of the jobs folks have gotten with smaller, US based companies.  Is there a perfect clearinghouse to check on a regular basis for MT jobs?

Transcription Etc - Posted By: SloBrez

Anyone heard of Transcription, Etc?  I applied to a posting on MT Jobs for QA, got an email that I qualified, and explained the testing procedure.  However, they requested to sign a confidentiality letter because they ask you to transcribe 10 LIVE reports.  Have never been asked to transcribe live reports on testing, I guess if you have a lot of applicants that would be a quick way to get a lot of transcription done.  What do you think?

Occuational Health reports/Workmen's comp - Posted By: wondering

Do you think 8.5 cpl is good pay for these type reports.  I am accustomed to acute care work but was offered a job doing occupational health or workmen's comp reports, which are  2 to 3 line reports.  Do you think this is productive work or would it take all day to get 1200 lines.

How many employees does TransHealth have? Can - Posted By: an experienced MT do 225-250 LPH there? nm


No pay!!! - Posted By: Punkin

I have worked for a company about 3 weeks now.  I submitted my timesheet on 08/31.  To date, I have not received nothing!!!  My husband is telling me not to log on and work for them until my paycheck comes through, but if I do not work, I will not get paid.  Any ideas!!

Needing advice - Posted By: pward

I am a rather new MT.  I only have about 1 year of experience and I have gotten back into the business recently.  I have been getting job offers, but none of them really turn out to be very good.  Can someone tell me some of the better well-known companies that hire someone with such little experience.  Any advice would help greatly.

Can someone tell me about medgarde? - Posted By: mtinazn

I have an interview set up, but I saw in the archives that they don't pay for spaces.  Does anyone know if this is still true?? I also saw that the work is due by 8 am EST, but when is it downloaded?? Thanks to anyone who can help!

Meditech word-based? - Posted By: wanting to know

Anyone working for company that uses this?  From my understanding they count lines according to the amount of minutes you type.   Those of you experienced on this version of Meditech, please share some insight.  Thanks.

MQ - Keystrokes (sm) - Posted By: mt

Has anyone moved from MQ to Keystrokes?  Were you able to save your normals/expansions?  will be using Meditech....I sure hope I don't have to start all over with them - have years worth saved!  Thanks for the help!!

secureMTSource - Posted By: nc

Does anyone have any info secureMTsource in kentucky?  I tried to do a search and came up with nothing on them.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  I

Dial Up Companies? - Posted By: FLMT

Please give me some companies that I can do QA or edit for?  thanks, I don't have broadband right now. 

How can Phoenix MedCom offer 10 -11 cpl? Bad ESLs and dictators? - Posted By: Karen

Are Phoenix MedCom's ESLs and dictators bad because they are offering 10 to 11 cpl?  Or is it that they do not pay for spaces?  Also, I have dial up, will this work ok with the company?



Recruiter hasty about questions - Posted By: NM

I am being very cautious with any employment I accept because I have been burned several times in the past.  I spoke with a recruiter today who either will not answer my questions or cannot answer them.  Do recruiters know what accounts they are hiring for?  I asked the recruiter what accounts she was hiring for and she could only repeat for acute care.  I asked her several more times and she really got hasty and said acute care hospital.  I asked the percentage of ESLs and she got hasty and said every company has ESLs.  My goodness are my questions that hard?

Anyone know what company the ad - Posted By: CountryMT

from Alana Boser is with on the Job Seeker Board?