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MTStars.com initially began its journey through cyberspace on December 8, 2001, offering Medical Transcriptionists a place to network. MTStars has experienced amazing growth over the past 9 years to over 20,000 members and 3 million visits per month!

MTStars provides this site, free of charge, to all US MTs and those holding other related positions in the healthcare industry. We believe that an open forum with a minimum of deletion is paramount to successful networking across the globe, and we are confident that this is why MTStars is the success it is today!

MTStars offers a wealth of information for medical transcription industry in the form of many discussion forums (an archive of 1.5 million messages), Medical Transcription Jobs, Resume Bank and much more.

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Any1 having trouble getting into Emdat this morning? - Posted By: Looking


TT New Benefits - Posted By: Gloria Brown

Does anyone at TT feel that the new benefits package is to their advantage? 

New OSI policies - Posted By: NO WAY JOSE

Now in order to be paid for holidays you have to have at least 98% QA score for the previous 6 months.  I understand how quality counts but if you are counted off for any moronic thing which is usually the case because there is no consistency whatsoever with OSi QA dept. you will not be paid for holidays within 6 month period. You must also meet minimum line requirements and it doesn't matter if there is no work, low work or PTO.  I cannot believe that if there is no work prior to a holiday you won't be paid for the holiday.  Just another way to rip off the MTs who are the bread to the butter of this company. Fortunately I have never had a QA problem but I have run out of work on more than one account.  This is one more reason I have decided to give OSI a big kick in the behind, BYE BYE OSI.  GOOD GRIEF!

PDC Transcription (pls see message) - Posted By: just me

Hi everyone. Does anyone know about PDC Transcription? Any feedback will be appreciated. 


Opinion on Spheris - Posted By: Kristina

I was wondering if anyone has any opinions to share on Spheris?  We are considering outsourcing our hospital transcription to them and wondered if anyone had any good or bad experiences?

Anyone truly happy at Focus? sm - Posted By: mt

trying to make a decision

Precyse Solutions - Posted By: Kathy

What's the consensus?  Thanks in advance.

Career board dried up? - Posted By: CC

Have companies stopped posting on the Careers board?  I assume work hasn't dried up in the two months I haven't been on here?

Where did you go? - Posted By: mMedware

To all the Medware MTs who have recently left, where did you go to?

Transcend health ins. for family -how much is it? nm - Posted By: pondering


What is the going rate for... - Posted By: Rad MT

radiology per report these days?  Been getting paid by line and now have opportunity to switch to per report so just trying to weigh the options.


To the poster(s) below who is/are asking - Posted By: sm

about TransHealth, I am the one who answered your questions and got flamed for being honest.  This is exactly why I said before I will never put why I hated a company again.  I have no reason to lie, but just believe me when I say it is definitely in your best interest(s) to stay away from this company. They are the absolute worst out there and that is saying something!!

We know we work for the best company (sm) - Posted By: Proscript MTs

so let's get together and share info!  Email me if you want to be part of a mailing list.  Please indicate your account(s).

20% lines on weekends - Posted By: MT

I was interested in a company that I think advertised you just needed to get 20% of your lines done over the weekend.  Unfortunately I lost my favorites folder and cannot remember which company this was.  Maybe started by the people who originally started Medical Records Corporation??  Can anyone refresh my memory on which company this was?  Thanks much.


Anyone ever heard of MD 2 MD? nm - Posted By: MTchef


Today's jobs -- Editing - Required to - Posted By: Are they nuts?

assure 99% quality at 0.035 cpl?  Where do they dream up these jobs?

I'm afraid to ask, but how is the radiology account at - Posted By: don't slap me

Softscript?  I already know their acute care sucks.  TIA

pay - Posted By: gf

Anybody get paycheck from TT?

KEYNOTES ? (sm) - Posted By: MT

Hi!  I called and was asked to leave a message on phone of someone who will not be back until July 26th.  (I had already sent in on-line application).  Is there something else I can do or talk to or need to wait until 26th.  (I saw your other posts here and thought maybe you can give me some advise.)  Thank you- Very much!

Who pays by the gross line? Anyone? - Posted By: MTwannaknow


Meridian/Indiana - Posted By: Anon

Any recent info on this company, good and bad, would appreciate hearing.  Thanks

Advanced Transcription in Orgeon? - Posted By: MTinTX

I need current information on this company.  I have a phone interview tomorrow afternoon.


TIA!  :)

When I see a company getting a lot of praise and looking for a lot of - Posted By: Observing

people to hire, I get a little leary.  Past history has shown that those companies usually get sold within 6 months to a year.  The number of bodies on payroll are part of the assets for a company when they sell their slaves.  It used to be the Squid that bought them all, now it is Squid Jr - Transcend- so be careful. 

RE:Sure is and the gal out of Nashville that runs it is a rather dishonest person - to boot. nm TNMT - Posted By: WHAT GAL OUT OF NASHVILLE?

Re: The post asking if MTStars mods are MTSOs, Goldbird answered correctly. - Posted By: Continued inside...Administrator

I own the MTStars website and I have a team of 7 moderators and none of them are owners of transcription services, nor are they management of any transcription service.  We have never had moderators in any transription ownership or management position since we went live many years ago.  If anyone has any questions about this, you can email me directly at admin@mtstars.com.  I have removed any posts other than the post Goldbird made responding to the original poster below so everyone is clear. Thank you.

Company Search - Posted By: darlene

Anyone know of any MT company who does not send work to India?  

Anyone tested for Med-Tec Resources heard back from them yet? nm - Posted By: cmt


Anyone having problems with escription platform? - Posted By: Wanttoknow

I know this is not just a problem I am having but almost impossible to use, audio coming in jerking along and sometimes not even there- makes the words slowlllllllly appear on screen, really bad. TIA.

Something going on with CyMed? - Posted By: Curious

Two of the three Cymed account managers have recently and rather suddenly resigned.  Hmmm.  Has anyone heard of any new change coming up?  It doesn't seem like a very good sign.

Help - Fast Chart or First Choice??? - Posted By: anon

Does anyone have recent information on Fast Chart or First Choice?  I looked in the archives but most entries were a year or 2 old.  These older entries said starting line rate for IC was 6 or 7 cents.  That is pretty low for IC!  Otherwise, people sounded pretty happy there (Fast Chart).  Besides line rate, wondering about dictation quality, flexibility and consistent work?  Any current information?  Thanks !!

Why don't these companies realize that good sound quality is - Posted By: Darn

essential for transcribing.  If the big bosses had to listen to the scratches and static for hours on end, day after day, maybe this wouldn't happen, but most of them don't even know what a foot pedal and headset are.  I find that the sound quality from the internet files are far worse than anything I ever encountered on DVI, C-phone, or Lanier systems telephone systems. 

Only good thing I have heard lately is that a friend of mine, also an MT recently filed for disability based on hearing loss and/or inability to hear the files that she was required to do and won the case for total disability.  She does have some hearing loss, but when she took her computer to the hearing and dialed in and had the adjudicator listen, there was no question that she would never be able to continue in this line of work.  Maybe a few more workman comp cases would wake them up. 


Axolotl - Any opinions??? - Posted By: U WHO


RAD Keystrokers, as of today, is there enough work every day? - Posted By: Tired of looking

Independent contractor versus employee? - Posted By: Laurie

Can someone please tell me the difference between independent contractor and employee status?  I was employed for a company about 6 years ago where I was an independent contractor and they didnt take out federal taxes.  I then went to a company as an employee status where they did take out federal taxes out of my check?  As an independent contractor, do they all not take out federal taxes and can you request that they do if that is the case?  I have almost 10 years experience and have been applying for jobs left and right with no response and have only been answering ads for employee based work because of the federal taxes?  I can not understand why I am not getting any responses.  What am I doing wrong?

I don't work for KS but was wondering (sm) - Posted By: mt

in the post below, why did no one tell the MT in the hiring process that they could not use ATT but had to have a digital phone service?  Not trying to bash them, but have heard so many wonderful things, was just curious - has this happened before, or did this MT just fall through the cracks....Thank you.


PMSI - Posted By: wondering

Does anyone know anything about this co?  Thanks

Aero Transcription...any information? - Posted By: tia


Any info on SoftScript or Medware? - Posted By: sm

Does anyone know anything about either one of them?

USA Medical Transcription Inc - Posted By: Pro & Cons please

Any info on this company would be great.  Thanks

I see the post below about Teletrak.... - Posted By: Rad MT looking for work

but does anyone know anything else about the company?  Their website shows they have a base in CA and TX.  Any information would be great!  Thanks

R there any decent companies - Posted By: hiring for Radiology - sm

I don't want to hear from anyone with Keystrokes. Any other companies? TIA

MDI-MD have health insurance for MTs? - Posted By: g

I'm in their site and I can't find mention of benefits anywhere?

New England Medical Transcription - Posted By: Just curious


Considering employment with New England Medical Transcription and was just wondering if someone could give me information, pros and cons of this company, etc.

Thanks in advance


pmt-inc in WA or LTS??? - Posted By: deciding

I'm trying to find out which one people like better.  I'm interested in both but can't find any newer info on these companies.  Any info would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!

WMX short term disability question (sm) - Posted By: nn

Sent a question to HR about this, but still haven't heard.  Don't have much PTO and will be needing a surgery in the not too distant future.   Does anyone know if our short term disability will help with this?

PRN work - Posted By: Cathy

My current company has been extremely low on work for the last two months. Does anyone know of a company that will allow an MT to do PRN work. I just need 500 or 1000 lines every week to help fill in what I am missing, but I don't want to commit to a schedule or a certain amount of lines per day. I know the company I currently work offers this (maybe why I don't have any work!), so I am hoping that there are other companies who will allow this.

JLG and Spheris, Any info on these two? - Posted By: lucy

Which of these companies would be good to work for??? Thanks in advance.

Anyone with any info on Aero Transcription out of Maryland? - Posted By: Seeking info good or bad

Medware employees, please check your Social Security statement - Posted By: Ex-MW

I worked for MW in 2005 and just got my annual Social Security statement.  It has a big fat zero for my 2005 earnings.  They also withheld 10% of my salary (at my request) for 401(k) account, but that account also had a zero balance.  I reported that to Dept. of Labor and have now notified SS.  Please be aware and check, take care of yourselves because they sure will not do it for you.

APPLICATION SCAM? - Posted By: Lillybelle

This is the scenario--Company advertises what sounds like a really nice position.  Resume is submitted.  Information and test is received with message to urgently return it, for the first one who passes the test will be hired.  Some time passes, so applicant decides to not continue with test, as someone probably already passed and was hired.  Recruiter is notified that applicant will not continue.  Then, recruiter contacts applicant to encourage her to complete the test anyway, because no real decisions will be made for a couple of days!! 

Question:  Does this sound like one of those recruitment situations where the recruiter is using applicants as workers, to get some reports done?