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Keystrokes - Posted By: my2cents

Best there is out there.

hypertype - Posted By: please sm


Some of the archives mention a $700 equipment fee? Other archives say they are great to work for.  Can anyone help clarify this?  Thank you

Anybody hiring part time ER? sm - Posted By: eScription #1 Fan

Does anybody know of any hospitals or transcription companies who are hiring for part-time ER work on eScription?  I have been doing eS for 5 years and have my Advanced certification in EditScript and am looking for an additional account.  It needs to be a flexible position because I have another commitment.  If anyone has any leads with decent pay, please feel free to send me a confidential email. Thanks!

COMPANIES ON MTJobs.com - Posted By: MTPRO

What is it with all of these companies that keep posting over and over on MTJobs.com???  Same companies, over and over and over and over.  My suspicion is because they absolutely can hold on to NO help.  Any other opinions on this and just how much stock does anyone else take in those companies?

anyone heard of Accustat - Posted By: danni


Webmedx radiology MTs?? How are they to work for and good pay? - Posted By: Sandra


To my fellow QTers: What if the outsourcing talk is true? Just what does this mean .. SM - Posted By: SadQT

to us, really?  I'm serious.  Will they take our jobs, or will they work alongside us?  I'm not trying to be funny or anything. I really don't understand what it will mean to us.  I did figure out the name of the outsourcing company from the post the other day, and I looked up the website.  I know the account work will be sent to India.  I just don't know if QT will take it away from us and we won't have any, or will they finally get other accounts and keep us and the Indan MTs too?  Has anybody written the Ny_____ company and asked if they are working with QT to confirm it - would they tell us?  Would QT tell us?  They said they wouldn't do this but now they apparently have.  I just can't get this off my mind.  :(

Pay for MTs sm - Posted By: IMHO

I noticed a post below about the low pay in this industry and I'd like to comment, but up a different alley.

My first MT job 11 yrs ago, I started at 5.5 cents, got to 6 in a couple of days and was then given 7 after a month because my work was good.  I had a couple of other jobs that weren't too hot, but my first big MT job was great. I got 9 cents for it.  I didn't make more than 125 lph, so while the rate was good, my hourly was terrible. 

I had a job paying by the byte line in WP5.1 and was paid 6.5 and got a raise to 7.  I got another raise about 2 yrs later and got 7.5.  I was there for 7 years in all.  I made good money, but you know bytes are not the same as characters.  By the time I quit, most companies had gone to Word and character lines.  I took a real hit with that.

It took 6 yrs from the first 9 cpl job to find another one close.  I took 8.5 to do OP notes for a surgical center.  I got a raise to 9 after a year and could not squeeze one more dime out of them.  I made good enough money.

Recently, the above job sort of dried up because of a supervisor and her issues so I had to find something better.  I settled for 8.5 cent a line.  I knew that there were incentives, but between my hiring on and starting, I lost track of this.  Turns out for the number of lines I generally transcribe, I can have 9.25 cents a line, a QA bonus and other incentives/bonuses.  On my last check, those bonuses were worth $150, not including my shift differentials. 

Pay still isn't stellar because we KNOW we should be making nearly double what we do and that isn't going to happen.  I do think that having incentives for lines, QA rates, working odd hours and weekends and something extra in your pay packet for going above and beyond the call of duty is important to our job satisfaction.  NOTHING has chapped my hiney more than finding out I am paid the same or less than someone with half my experience and less than a quarter of my knowledge, and that there is no appreciation for the fact that I can transcribe 4 times the number of lines of someone with half my experience and less knowledge. 

If we can't be paid more a line, being paid more for doing more, being paid for working to avoid jobs to QA (translate this to knowing your stuff so well you don't spend most of your day researching), and having acknowledgement for working when you are scheduled off goes some way in correcting the problem.  It means that those with experience and speed WILL make more money.  A lower base rate is fine, as long as there are ways to make more and we are in control of how we do that.

The problem is that these low paying companies have high expectations.  We end up being treated as slave labor, a simple typing robot with nothing to do, but sit and translate gunk into readable, ultra correct, legal copy.  There is NO acknowledgement of skill or care on our part, just DO THE WORK and if you want more money, work more. 

We need a union, or at least a professional organization whose first concern is making this industry a vigorous one, once again.  I know what you are thinking...the AAMT or whatever foul name they are using this week doesn't give a plug nickel about the American MT. 


Enough about Transcend. - Posted By: Move on people.

I know, let's pick on another company for S&G's!

Run away from e-tranZ (GA)..sm - Posted By: ex-etranzer

I posted this on the Main Board, but want to get as much exposure as possible.

I see e-tranZ has a job posting on this site.  Please do not consider sending your resume to them!  Their checks are consistently late, and when they do come, they bounce.  Trying to get a replacement check is like pulling teeth.  I know this from experience.  I left several months ago and I'm still trying to get the money I am owed.  The owner of this company won't answer emails, and if on the rare occasion she does, they are demeaning and rude in nature.  She makes you feel like it was your fault that HER checks bounced.

There are too many good companies out there that are hiring.  Stay away from this one, please!

If you start PT at WebmedX, can you ask for FT down the road? - Posted By: Wondering

I am considering employment with WebmedX as my current situation is beginning to fall apart. Not being paid on time, and some other serious issues that suggest the company is floundering. I don't want to just quit however, as I cannot afford to take a major salary cut. I want to be sure that wherever I go I will be able to make enough money.

accuscribe - Posted By: lb

does anybody have an opinion about accuscribe?  they have offered me a job and i want to be careful, but how careful can you be when your bank account is screaming for money??

R there any decent companies - Posted By: hiring for Radiology - sm

I don't want to hear from anyone with Keystrokes. Any other companies? TIA

Best MTSO Poll - Posted By: USMT

Who thinks they work for the best MTSO?  Of all the companies, lets see who gets the most votes.  I vote for Transcend.

Anyone work for Focus Infomatics? - Posted By: AnotherOldTimerMT

Good afternoon all you hardworking finger flyers!

Does anyone have any information, good or bad, about Focus Infomatics?  With what's all going on in transcription and the flurry of mergers, etc., it's hard to know what anyone's name is anymore! 

Thanks for passing anything on you might be aware of, you know the usual, pay on time, SR, QA, upper management, etc.

SPI Richmond, VA - Posted By: LGBL

Does anyone have any current information on this company?  The advertise insurance in 30 days, any information on the insurance would be appreciated too!

Any info on Phoenix Medical Transcrioption out of NY? nm - Posted By: SPMT

Rider & Associates-- need info please - Posted By: sm

Can you tell me what platform they use and how they are to work for in general?


Thanks so much!

Digital Services Group, any info - Posted By: MT

Has anyone had experiences with this company, i.e. staff, software, accounts, good pay (and ontime), etc.


Focus Infomatics ? affiliates - Posted By: Confused

Can anyone tell me the other MT companies that are associated with Focus Infomatics? I found out Accustat-Carolinas is one. Anyone know of any others?

Online Externship needed - Posted By: Christina Heidebrecht

I am a transcription student looking for an online company that offers an externship. I have to complete an externship in order to graduate, but need to do so online, and am having trouble finding an online company that would be willing to take me in. I have looked at multiple sites for transcription companies but still feel like I am lost. Does any one know: Are there any companies offering online externships?

Any Info on Alphamed Solutions? - Posted By: AnotherOldTimerMT

Good afternoon,

I'm wondering if anyone has any information on an MTSO by the name of Alphamed Solutions, Inc. (Marwan)?  It sounds like an off-shore operation.  Would appreciate anything I can learn.

Thanks for your time and the wonderful jobs y'all do!

Unionizing - Posted By: JustMe

I am looking into this to gather some more information.  There is no current union group with which to affiliate with for medical transcriptionists.

I will post more when I come across more information.  Anyone else is welcome to research as well, so we can quit complaining and whining and actually do something useful.

I also found from the NLRB that one cannot join a union if one is an independent contractor and I think a lot of MTs are.  A lot aren't as well, but those that are wouldn't be able to join a union. 


That's all for now.. I just wanted to start this so people could post what they find and it might help us act instead of talk all the time.

I see that my post was removed - i didn't say anything bad - Posted By: tired of same job postings

but it was removed.  Glad I got the chance to vent and that 11 people got to read it.


How hard would you rate Terra Nova Testing? - Posted By: Rhoni

Some companies are a breeze to test with and others pick the hardest to type. Can anyone tell me how Terra Nova is? I also notice some companies like you to type up to 5 reports and multiple choice/fill-in the blank tests. I would like to know what to expect. Thanx.

I remember hearing the words "for the foreseeable future"... sm - Posted By: change comes later

when the company I worked for was bought by Transcend.  I also remember hearing how nothing would change.  Until they can figure out how to integrate the accounts to their platforms there is not much change.  Then they get them onto their platform.  If you are into quality more than quantity you will lose your benefits.  This is my opinion and what happened to me.  I suppose if you are a quick typist and don't double check things you might do better.  If you do a search on this board and type in BeyondTXT you will see more opinions on that platform.

Are there any companies out there that pay .09 cpl or more? - Posted By: Victoria

I for one get sick of TransTech bashing - Posted By: about no work

Of course they have work.  Everybody wants banker's hours.  Duh.  It's not the company's fault.

24-TAT - Posted By: MedCat

Are there still any companies out there offering 24-TAT?  Would appreciate any info. Need flexible schedule again.  Thank you.

the issue of good companies - Posted By: jen

I for one have been with MDI for 4 years, so as far as companies to work for, I have no clue - figured I'd be with them long term. Having said that, can you guys and gals out there who are up on companies because of recent searches tell us off the top of your heads who the BAD companies are, the scammers and no-payers. That would be a huge help.

How long does it take WebMedx to get back with a - Posted By: potential employee. SM

I passed the initial screening and test about a week ago, and the next day was sent an email interview that I sent in the next day.  Is it time to give up hope, and take the wait as a rejection. 

To those who don't mind sharing.... - Posted By: MT

Are there any companies that pay base 10 cpl with opportunity for production and/or QA incentives, employee status, good benefits, and great transcription platform.   If so, would you mind sharing the name of your company.  I am feeling very unappreciated where I am, and need a change.

Medical Transcription School - Posted By: Shellyy

Can someone recommend a good medical transcription school? I have a friend who is interested. I was trained at a local hospital. Thanks in advance!

Please - all posters on Company board read. - Posted By: Moderator

I just wanted to clarify something with everyone in hopes to ensure we all are on the same page.

I have deleted some posts that were correcting grammar/spelling, etc., as those are not allowed.  I usually will place a temporary ban on a poster in order to stop them and tell them in my action reason why I deleted/banned their post/privileges and ask that if they will abide I will remove the ban.  For 99% of posters, this works well as they were not aware that it was a problem or that we are serious about it, at least.  However, there are posters on occasion who resort to calling me names and who rant over the morality of some posts left on the board and try to enforce THEIR views or to allow them to pick/choose which posts should remain or even to excuse them from their unwillingness to abide by guidelines.  Not happening!

We do not moderate any of the boards for niceness, for ethics, for morals, for specific opinions.  We DO moderate for name-calling (troll, liar, or foul names), for posting privileged or private information, for spelling/grammar policing, etc.  All opinions are welcome here.  Stick to posting about topics, etc.

I just wanted you to know that MTStars does protect YOUR right to express your opinions here - regardless of what perspective it comes from - as long as posting guidelines are upheld.  This means that you may well find posts that are offensive to you - just skip them, leave them alone.  Stick to discussing or even debating topics but leave the personal attacks alone.

Thank goodness that we do not moderate by any one person's opinion of what is nice or not, right or not, appropriate or not, moral or not! 

Moderator Cher

Anyone currently working for DGS that can tell me how things are there. nm - Posted By: MDMT


Deventure Global Partners - Posted By: SSmythe

Is the company's full name.  Enough said.


MDI merge issue - Posted By: NorCalMT

Has anyone from MDI quit without giving any notice, since the merge announcement?  I'm not sure if I should give notice or just quit right away and start new job.  Thanks

Pet peeve - Posted By: badpenny

One of my pet peeves are the terms that are constantly used with apostrophes that are not supposed to be used with them.  For example, especially the maneuvers, like Spurling or Lachman.  Then you have the commonly used Baker cyst or Alzheimer disease.  None of these terms are used with apostrophes in either Stedman's or McDorland's.  I just had QA go through and add apostrophes to all of these terms.  Am I totally wrong in abiding by the 2 references that I use the most as the standards? 

IRS Question about IC - Posted By: LaWanda Brown

What are all the things I can file on my taxes if I am an IC?

Employee versus Independent Contractor - Posted By: Love Being an IC


I have read this article (you have to scroll down a little, but I have found it helpful in explaining some things regarding IC vs Employee.  Just wanted to share for anyone who is interested.      


Milner, Any work for them? - Posted By: pros & cons please

All I know is that they use the following platforms IntraScript and Dolbey Fusion Text and there are a whole bunch of ESLs.  Does anyone know anything else about Milner? 

Meridian Transcription - sm - Posted By: Lucy

Has anyone ever worked for this company? If so, how are they to work for? High percentage of ESLs?  I understand they use Medrite as their platform. Is it MT friendly? Any info would be appreciated.




Oracle - Posted By: Sallye

Anyone have any info on this company?

Can anyone from the Ohio MQ office give me a contact person and a phone number to call so I can talk - Posted By: MQ MT

to someone there without getting a lot of other people involved before I find out what kind of accounts they have to offer. I am interested in transferring from my current office but would like to speak with someone up there first. Even an email address of someone would help.

Can anyone working at MD-IT please tell me how much you pay for insurance per month? - Posted By: TIA! nm


Looking for CIT/Charts in Time website, can't find it. - Posted By: Any help? NM


Can anybody give me feedback on NetMed? Email if you would like to. nm - Posted By: Jess


transcend - Posted By: kdemars

i am about to start working for transcend... any comments?  What about OSi?

cardiology - Posted By: specialtier

Do you think the cardiology specialty offers more income and job stability than rad, ortho, or other specialties?

Any info/opinions on TransHealth? - Posted By: FBL