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Is there not anyone working at TT to answer these questions? - Posted By: no name

It makes the company look bad when you post ridiculous questions like that on here.  Is there a way to pull in a doctor's name?  Do we need a TT board? 

I want to change jobs soon and - Posted By: looking for greener pastures

don't want to quit my current job until I find out how the new one is working out. 

I want to keep the same shift as I think it will be easier to be hired (evenings).

I have worked for a large MTSO for about 6 months, having worked the same job 10 years before that. It went out of business so that was the reason for the change. It sure sounded good when the recruiter hooked me and reeled me in.  This place is horrible, and I would like to get out before I am so beaten down I can't get up, but don't want to exchange the frying pan for the fire. 

Thank you in advance for your ideas.

Does anyone know about this JG company that is advertising right now a lot. Any info would be - Posted By: MQ2

helpful. Have they lost a lot of people or did they get a lot of accounts.

Why did so many MQ employees jump ship? sm - Posted By: Curious

I have heard made mention on here numerous times about the exodus of transcriptionists from Medquist..  Am curious why it happened?  Medquist from what I remember from years ago used to be THE place to work.  What happened?  Did they start sending work overseas or something?

Does KS pay an evening differential? - Posted By: Donna

And if so, what time does it start?  Would those who work a split qualify for a differential? Or,  if you start early in the day then runs into the evening.

Current ScribeRight Info? - Posted By: medhead

Can anyone give me current info on ScribeRight? Employee or IC status? What type of Expander do they offer? What are the production incentives? You can e-mail me if you want. :)

SERVICE OWNER RATES POSTED - Posted By: InitiativeVolunteer

in post (below) that states that there is no money involved to be a part of this.  Please read in its entirety - it is a long post but very informative.

What are the benes like at Focus? - Posted By: SM

(Specifically, for QA/QC/auditors.)  How much PTO do you get, is health insurance expensive, etc.  Any info would be greatly appreciated!

India - Posted By: Ann

Lost two small accounts completely that were okay.  Now getting primary, but they are the worse dictators in the pool - not seeing any of the halfway decent dictators.  These are all ESL.  I'm lucky if I get 80 lines per hour because they are SO BAD.  As usual, can't get a response from PS or WFC. I looks like the same situation here that the decent doctors have been shipped to India. 

Transform Inc. - Posted By: Mattie

Anyone with current knowledge of Transform, Inc. located in Wisconsin?  If so, please either post or e-mail me regarding the pros and cons for this company.  I did do a search but there were several companies by this same name only located in other states.

Thank you.

What range of QA scores are MTSOs looking for when hirng MTs? sm - Posted By: curious

Just wondering whether or not to include this information in my resume/application.  Thanks for your help!!

MDI and MDI MD - Posted By: Curious

Does anyone know if there ae 2 MDIs? I have been reading posts about MDI and MDI of Maryland. Are these the same company or 2 different companies?


Medware - Posted By: MTKittyTN

Does anyone have any comments on working for Medware?  Thanks!

More Money? - Posted By: Sunny

I thought I posted this a couple of days ago, but now that I'm looking for it, I don't see it.  Anyway, I'd like opinions please.  I've been working for a small MTSO for almost a year.  I love the company and the work.  When I first started working for them, they told me up front that they will only pay so much per line because they are a smaller company.  I said that was fine.  It was not a bad starting rate.  Now that I've been with them for a little while, I feel like I would like to ask for an increased line rate.  Is that wrong of me to do since they told me up front they will only pay so much?

Any national companies out there that allow at-home radiology transcription? - Posted By: jmw

Does Transolutions provide puter? - Posted By: Paula


Diskriter - Working for the largest hospital system in FL. - Posted By: Anyone doing this?

The benefits look fabulous! Strict schedule? Good PTO?


Feeling clueless in regard to MT platforms such as Extext, etc. sm - Posted By: veteran MT

I have always worked with MS Word and WordPerfect. Had my own clients for many years, as well as working for MTSO as an IC. I have never worked on a transcription platform such Extext or any of the other common platforms. I am well versed in working digitally with FTP, TASP, etc. I currently work for a service and continue to work strictly in MS Word and FTP transfer. I worry about this lack of experience with these platforms What can I do to educate myself in the event I choose to go with a large national who uses a MT platform? Quite honestly, I have never even used a shortcut program other than auto correct in MS Word because I have very, very few repetitive dictations, as I type many different specialties and doctors, who each has their own style and format required (mainly teaching and research hospital) Thanks for any ideas.

Recommendations on company with flexible scheduling - Posted By: Melissa

I am looking for a company who is flexible in their scheduling.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated plus any other good/bad info.

This may sound crazy, but I'm looking for one day per week - SM - Posted By: curious

I already work almost a full time schedule M-F. I have been there and done that in regard to juggling two jobs and working 14+ hours per day. All I would like at this point is one extra evening per week. When I used to have my own clients years ago, I would loved to have found an experienced MT who would just help with overflow once per week. Does such a thing exist now? Any leads would be appreciated. Sorry, I really choose not to post my resume on the Job Bank, so my message here may be deleted.

Job offer from MDI-FL should I leave OSi for them? - Posted By: OSi MT

By the way it's a VR job, suffering from ulnar nerve entrapment and looking for options.

Current Webmedx people who came from MQ. Looking for comparisons. sm - Posted By: SM

Like how do their line counts compare to MQ?

How is their time keeping method compared to E-time?

How steady is the work compared to MQ? Interested in Acute work on this.

E-mail if you wish.  Thanks.

MXSecure pay periods - Posted By: me

Can anyone tell me how the pay periods run?

How does MDI pay for Rad, per report or by the line? nm - Posted By: Anon


Letter from Department of Labor - Posted By: Curious

Has anyone received a letter from the Department of Labor from the state where your employer is located, indicating they are investigating the company regarding various contract laws?  I work for a wonderful company and can't imagine why they would be investigated, unless this is another way to squeeze out medical transcription companies and send everything to India to reduce healthcare costs. 

Lee Perfect and EMDAT platform - Posted By: still typing

Considering this company.  Anybody with any recent personal experience with the company and the EMDAT platform.  I started the on-line training for EMDAT.  Not sure what to make of it.   Is it hard to make lines?  Any info would be great!  Thanks.

Words R Us out of Illinois ? Is this legit? - Posted By: - Can't find anything on them anywhere - NM

Silent Type - Posted By: Miss Willy

Does anyone work for Silent Type or know anything about this company?

Transtech losing large account - Posted By: bignews

Anyone know where it's going?

Expander. - Posted By: Heidi Wright

I came from a company that used word perfect and honestly I loved it because I was used to it.  Setting up and using macros was easy for me and came naturally after all that time.  I have tried some free demo Expanders and have a hard time getting used to the automatic additions but I'm getting there.  I have not been impressed with the demos and can't see spending the money on the ones I've tried.  I have since been using the word auto correct and auto text. 

I'm thinking about trying Instant Text from the reviews on here and other forums, but the price tag is a little put offish for me.  I don't mind putting the money into if it gives me the money in return, obviously.  Has anybody tried this and regretted the purchase?  Being Christmas time and having 3 kids and a large extended family to think about the coming month, I don't want to put this kind of money into myself, aah, y'all know what I mean. 

Shortly, is it totally worth it to buy for myself at this time of the year???

Anyone use ViOP(Skype/Vonage) for long distance for C-phone (sm) - Posted By: Soon-to-be MDI-MD-er

Just wondering if VoIP works okay with C-Phone.  I have satellite link-up.  Did a test with Skype (not with C-Phone) and sound quality seemed fine but haven't tried it with a C-phone yet. Skype is only $3 a month.

Anyone heard of J and J Transcription in Edmond, OK? - Posted By: Curious

Thoughts? Good place to work? Thanks!

Meridian Healthcare - Posted By: Lisa

Does anyone currently work for this company or have you worked for them recently?  How is the pay?  Is the work acute care only?  What type of platform do they use?  Is there a minimum line requirement?

Thanks for any info.

change to triton - Posted By: unhappy at amphion

anyone work for Amphion currently (or anyone else) who is really not looking forward to the transition to the new platform triton they are about to do?  I especially do not appreciate the fact that we now have to purchase a new foot pedal for it to work.  I think if companies change platforms they should supply the equipment for the MT to use it (just my opinion).  I also believe that like most all VR we are probably going to lose money.  If I wanted to be an Editor I would have applied for that in the first place.  any comments? 

Allegiant Transcription - Posted By: IndyMT

I am looking for a company that will let me make my own hours.  I just applied with Allegiant.  If anyone can give me any information about them I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks in advance and have a great holiday weekend 

i don't understand how VBC is fair - Posted By: jen

i just have to post this for opinions before I really think I'm going nuts. A report that is transcribed that is 5 pages long (yes, I know, a beauty) MS Word says it's 217 lines.

At 9.5 cents a line (what I used to make and we really went by MS Word count) I would have been paid $20.61.

At new job with VBC at 8 cents it's 138 lines and I will be paid $11.04. 

After QA at a bit higher rate $12.42.

Now, that is a far cry from roughly 30%.

I ask this, as my kids would say, Really?

seeking - Posted By: me

has anyone ever received a job offer from posting a resume on this site and receiving what they were asking for as far as pay?  I am asking for 12-14 cents.  Am I in a dream world?

a rose by any other name would smell as sweet - Posted By: steady eddie

And an MT is now a *clerk,* according to the posting on the job board.  I'd like to apply for Head Cluck when it becomes available.  Then you've got your Lead Cluck, and your Editor Cluck, QA Cluck, Cluck Manager, VP of Cluckdom, Supercluck, CEC and CFC (Chief Executive Cluck, and Chief Financial Cluck) and we all work for Clucks-R-Us. 

Any current information RE: StatIQ Solutions? Thanks! - Posted By: curious

Would appreciate feedback from TransHealth MTs. nm - Posted By: Feel free to e-mail if you'd rather. Thanks! nm


Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying sm - Posted By: Curious

small companies but another service owner told me that she heard that Keystrokes sold to Transcend.  Is this true? 

I posted this down below but meant to post it as a new thread.  Before I apply with them, I would like to know as I left Transcend a few months ago and do NOT want to get back into that mess.

If you work for New England Medical Transcription...sm - Posted By: kkk

would you mind e-mailing me? I have a few questions.

Thanks so much!  

Calling all (or any) Acusis employees! - Posted By: steady eddie

I'm shopping for a job and would like to know more about this company. 

Do they offshore and if so, are you doing the garbage work that is too difficult to ship out (like at MedQuist)?  How are the local accounts?  Are you micromanaged? Is there enough work? 

If anyone would be so kind as to provide some answers as to the work climate, Your input is much appreciated.  And you not only help me, but everyone else who is curious.  Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, danka schein (spelling is wrong, sorry), and thank you very much. 

This board is a true help to all of us, our only way of networking this information.   



anyone work for D&L Typing Service lately? - Posted By: LM

Looking for new info on this company.  They had recent adds

Toledo Blad - Posted By: OhioMT

Here is what i found on teh web site this morning.



Any information on program called Beyond Text by Transcend? Fast, slow, user friendly? - Posted By: Thanks

Can you make decent lines with it?  Is tech support good? 

DRC Fired Emails? - Posted By: out of a job?

Okay, so has anyone heard anything at all about their jobs at DRC (if you want to share)?  Yesterday was the day, I think.  Will it ever be the company it was before?

Transcend and MDI-FL? Same company? - Posted By: Help! Thanks!

Are Transcend and MDI-FL the same company?  How are these two related?  Thanks for the info!

accutran good or bad - Posted By: need in put!


proscript - Posted By: meow

is proscript a good or bad company to work for?