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Does anyone use PRD or Shortcuts word expanders? .....nm

Posted By: AzMT on 2005-10-04
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Word Shortcuts
I just recently started working in VR. I know have to move one word at a time using SHIFT + CONTROL + ARROW. I also know how to highlight the whole line. I am wondering if there is any way to highlight more than one word at a time without highlighting the whole line. Thanks!
Word Shortcuts
I just recently started working in VR. I know have to move one word at a time using SHIFT + CONTROL + ARROW. I also know how to highlight the whole line. I am wondering if there is any way to highlight more than one word at a time without highlighting the whole line. Thanks!
Word shortcuts to Shorthand -

I'm dreading if I need to start some 13 or 14,000 abbreviations all over again on another expander.  All you do is go in and out of a new Expander putting all your abbreviations in when you could be making money already. 

Know what I mean?

Yes. I also have shortcuts and it is word based.
This is my Expander I have used for years, and I did not need to have it imported into Bayscribe. It works along with Bayscribe. I do leave the Bayscribe spell check on along with it too and they both work fine together. Hope this helps.
Are you using just word shortcuts, or phrases? sm
You should be able to type entire sentences with just a few keystrokes.
Can you use any of the other Word shortcuts to jump around? Such as...
Ctrl+Right Arrow jumps to the next word on the right
Ctrl+Down Arrow jumps to the next paragraph (or paragraph mark)
Ctrl+Up Arrow jumps to the previous paragraph
Ctrl+Delete deletes one word to the right
Ctrl+Backspace deletes one word to the left

There are a bunch more shortcuts.

shortcuts for microsoft word 2003


Does anyone know how to create shortcuts or word expansions in microsoft word?  Thanks so much!!!


Try some of these...I just checked keyboard shortcuts in Word Help.
Keys for menus
Note To enlarge the Help window to fill the screen, press ALT+SPACEBAR, and then press X. To restore the window to its previous size and location, press ALT+SPACEBAR, and then press R. To print this topic, press CTRL+P.

Press To
SHIFT+F10 Show the shortcut menu
F10 Make the menu bar active
ALT+SPACEBAR Show the program icon menu (on the program title bar)
DOWN ARROW or UP ARROW (with the menu or submenu displayed) Select the next or previous command on the menu or submenu
LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW Select the menu to the left or right; or, with a submenu visible, switch between the main menu and the submenu
HOME or END Select the first or last command on the menu or submenu
ALT Close the visible menu and submenu at the same time
ESC Close the visible menu; or, with a submenu visible, close the submenu only
ALT+CTRL+= Add a toolbar button to a menu. When you type this shortcut key and then click a toolbar button, Microsoft Word adds the button to the appropriate menu. For example, click Bullets on the Formatting toolbar to add the Bullets command to the Format menu.
ALT+CTRL+- (dash key) Remove a command from a menu. When you type this shortcut key and then select a menu command, the command is removed. You can add the menu command back to the menu if you change your mind.
ALT+CTRL++ (plus key on numeric keypad) Customize the shortcut key for a menu command. When you type this shortcut key and then select a menu command, the Customize Keyboard dialog box opens so you can add, change, or remove the shortcut key.

Tip You can use the keyboard to select any menu command on the menu bar or on a visible toolbar. Press ALT to select the menu bar. (To then select a toolbar, press CTRL+TAB; repeat until the toolbar you want is selected.) Press the letter that is underlined in the menu name that contains the command you want. In the menu that appears, press the letter underlined in the command name that you want.

Function keys
Note To enlarge the Help window to fill the screen, press ALT+SPACEBAR and then press X. To restore the window to its previous size and location, press ALT+SPACEBAR and then press R. To print this topic, press CTRL+P.

Which function key combinations do you want to use?
Function key

SHIFT+Function key

CTRL+Function key

CTRL+SHIFT+Function key

ALT+Function key

ALT+SHIFT+Function key

CTRL+ALT+Function key

Function key
Press To
F1 Get online Help or the Office Assistant
F2 Move text or graphics
F3 Insert an AutoText entry (after Word displays the entry)
F4 Repeat the last action
F5 Choose the Go To command (Edit menu)
F6 Go to next pane or frame
F7 Choose the Spelling command (Tools menu)
F8 Extend a selection
F9 Update selected fields
F10 Activate the menu bar
F11 Go to the next field
F12 Choose the Save As command (File menu)

Return to top

SHIFT+Function key
Press To
SHIFT+F1 Start context-sensitive Help or reveal formatting
SHIFT+F2 Copy text
SHIFT+F3 Change the case of letters
SHIFT+F4 Repeat a Find or Go To action
SHIFT+F5 Move to a previous revision
SHIFT+F6 Go to the previous pane or frame
SHIFT+F7 Choose the Thesaurus command (Tools menu, Language submenu)
SHIFT+F8 Shrink a selection
SHIFT+F9 Switch between a field code and its result
SHIFT+F10 Display a shortcut menu
SHIFT+F11 Go to the previous field
SHIFT+F12 Choose the Save command (File menu)

Return to top

CTRL+Function key
Press To
CTRL+F2 Choose the Print Preview command (File menu)
CTRL+F3 Cut to the Spike
CTRL+F4 Close the window
CTRL+F5 Restore the document window size
CTRL+F6 Go to the next window
CTRL+F7 Choose the Move command (Control menu)
CTRL+F8 Choose the Size command (document Control menu)
CTRL+F9 Insert an empty field
CTRL+F10 Maximize the document window
CTRL+F11 Lock a field
CTRL+F12 Choose the Open command (File menu)

Return to top

CTRL+SHIFT+Function key
Press To
CTRL+SHIFT+F3 Insert the contents of the Spike
CTRL+SHIFT+F5 Edit a bookmark
CTRL+SHIFT+F6 Go to the previous window
CTRL+SHIFT+F7 Update linked information in a Word source document
CTRL+SHIFT+F8 Extend a selection or block (then press an arrow key)
CTRL+SHIFT+F9 Unlink a field
CTRL+SHIFT+F10 Activate the ruler
CTRL+SHIFT+F11 Unlock a field
CTRL+SHIFT+F12 Choose the Print command (File menu)

Return to top

ALT+Function key
Press To
ALT+F1 Go to the next field
ALT+F3 Create an AutoText entry
ALT+F4 Quit Word
ALT+F5 Restore the program window size
ALT+F7 Find the next misspelling or grammatical error. The Check spelling as you type check box must be selected (Tools menu, Options dialog box, Spelling & Grammar tab).
ALT+F8 Run a macro
ALT+F9 Switch between all field codes and their results
ALT+F10 Maximize the program window
ALT+F11 Display Microsoft Visual Basic code

Return to top

ALT+SHIFT+Function key
Press To
ALT+SHIFT+F1 Go to the previous field
ALT+SHIFT+F2 Choose the Save command
(File menu)
ALT+SHIFT+F9 Run GOTOBUTTON or MACROBUTTON from the field that displays the field results
ALT+SHIFT+F11 Display Microsoft Visual Studio code

Return to top

CTRL+ALT+Function key
To Press
CTRL+ALT+F1 Display Microsoft System Information
CTRL+ALT+F2 Open command
(File menu)

Return to top

What word expanders work best with MS word? Or..

.. is there another way?   Do many use the "autocorrect" to make your own word Expander without having to purchase anything?  Does that workout well or is it best to buy expander software? 

I'm setting things up to start again after a couple years out of hte business.  My Spellex spellchecker expired and I had to purchase a new spellchecker.  Also wanting to get my expander going.  GAH!  It's a bit spendy to get things going again... not fun.

Ummm--read her post again, please--it don't say *keyboard* short cuts..it says *word* shortcuts
Word expanders
Does anyone have recommendations on a good word expander.  Our office is transitioning to an web-based system which uses MS word.  We currently use Word Perfect and have extensive templates stored in "quick words" which is great.  Using macros in word would be a pain in the butt!  Have never used a word Expander so any suggestions would be appreciated.  Is there a limit to how much info can be stored - i.e. will it just expand to a sentence or can it be a whole page of type, and what is involved in using a Word Expander (is it just by Keystrokes or do you have to point and click).  Thanks for your help. 
Word Expanders
I have used Smartype by Dorland and Abbreviate and Shorthand. I like the Smartype best in word program as I have a bit of a problem remembering all of the abbreviations. Do a Google search for the Smartype word expansion program or Ask Jeeves. Many transcriptionists love the ShortHand program also.
Word expanders
I use Instant Text from Textware.com.  This has been the best that I have found.  You can customize it to each physician you transcribed for with a separate file.  I have used it for years and think it is well worth the money.  Do to their website and take a look. 
Word Expanders

Can anyone tell me the advantage of using word Expanders versus autocorrect/autotext in word?  I use autocorrect a LOT but am wondering if there is an advantage to switching over? 

Thanks so much for your help/advice!  - Karen

Word expanders, word expanders, word expanders
Word expanders
What are the best word expanders?
word expanders
Agree, Instant Text is the best I have ever used.  Been an MT a long time and used a lot of others, but this is the best.  I called the company when I got it and as far as I know, it would practically me impossible to max out its memory capacity.
word expanders
I use ShortHand for Radiology and I also use Smartype and I find that like you, my memory is really bad, worse as the day goes on, but I write down the entries, memorize them (not too many, mind you), then in a couple of weeks add a couple of more, and this method works for me.  I still type out many words as I forget them, but at least I have some entries in there to help my production.  Just my thoughts, but I know what you are going through, and thought I was the only one with this problem lol. 
word expanders

Has anyone used SmartType as a word expander? How do you find it?

Do you use word expanders?
If so, which ones are your most-used?  The only ones I use right now are 'tp' for 'the patient' and 'ttp' for 'The patient'. 
word expanders

I do not even know how many short cuts I have, but I know that I would never continue to do this job if someone told me I could not use them!  How would you ever make any money?  Some of my suggestions are for the word endings; for example, dem = demonstrate; dems=demonstrates; demd=demonstrated; and demj=demonstration; all I change is the last letter and I am consistent about how I make my shortcuts so I never have to really think about what I need to type.

Word expanders
Hello, I need help choosing a word Expander working with Meditech. I was told of one called shortcut for word and and I am going to do some research on that, does anyone else work on Meditech and use a word expander? Thanks for info.
Expanders from WP to Word

You might want to check out ShortCut.  I believe it is manufactured by Sylvan Software and it will convert all of your PRD entries with no problems.

Hope this helps

Word Expanders
Hi there,

First I would like to say thank you very much to all of you that helped me the last time I posted a message.

My questions today is, does anybody know of a free word Expander that's user friendly?
Word expanders??
I am wondering how you build your word Expanders and remember everything you put in it?  I have downloaded the ShortHand word expander, but I can't figure out how to even use it.  I've never used one before, but I really need to incorporate it in to my transcribing so I can make a decent living.
Word Expanders
Can anyone give me information on word Expander programs and which one would be the best to use.  Does it really make a difference in transcription productivity?
Word Expanders

I am looking for a word Expander to purchase and I was wondering if any of you have Instant Text Pro and how exactly does it work.  Are there entries already in there?  Also, what is the difference between Instant Text Pro and Shorthand.  Thanks so much.  Do you think Instant Text Pro is worth the money?


and I bet you can't use word expanders while editing can you?
If we aren't MTs as editors, then they probably won't let us be set up as one.  But want to ask you for sure since you know there.  Thanks.
Word Expanders Question
I use my WORD Auto Text and Macros as I don't have a word Expander type of software program just yet.  It seems to work great for now but should I get a Word Expander type of program and if so, which one because there are quite a few?  amj
Need help with Word-based expanders ....sm

I am starting with All-Type soon, and the handbook says that their platform works with any Word-based expander.  That's all fine and good, but I have never used one.  I'm a PRD+ girl from the old WP51 days, and currently work in Bayscribe, and the Expander in it is a lot like PRD.  Are any of the Word-based Expanders like that?  I tried Instant Text once and hated it.  I don't want popup windows and such.  I like it to be simple, like PRD ... enter copdd and get chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc.  Are any like that?

Thanks for your help!  

Forum for word expanders
If you visit www.productivitytalk.com - they can answer TONS of questions. I recently had to switch Expanders from Smartype to SH - and that website/moderators were my saving grace!!! Check it out.
Meditech word expanders

I know that ShortHand and Abbreviate both work with Meditech. There may be others as well. Hope this helps.

Jeff Smith

Word Expanders....need opinions on which is the best.....

.....and that doesn't cost $200.00.  I have seen many downloadable expanders, and wondered if anyone has downloaded one from the Internet?  I've been considering Fastfox by NCH or Swifttext by Bytescribe ($49.00).  Anyone use these with good results?

Thanks so much.


I use my own word expanders. Depends on
the platform as to whether or not an Expander program is built-in or if you need to provide your own. One company I work for uses DQS & has it built-in, another uses MS Word & I use my own ShortHand program.
Can you guys help me out on what is a good word Expander to use with Editscript - I have never used anything other than the expander in Word and would like to find something that has more potential.  Thanks!
Importing to word expanders

Okay.  I just got laid off.  I've been using Meditech server macros for years.  I doubt that they will let us copy the macros off their server, so I have three questions.

How long did it take you to get up to speed loading your Expander from scratch,


if you could take your macros with you, is there some way to import them into any expander brand available, and

is/are there brand/s that are more universal than others?

I know from experience that autocorrect is less than easy to export, at least in my personal experience.

Thanks for your help.

Instatext/word expanders
I am looking into word expanders.  I researched SpeedType or SmartType and it says you can make up a shortcut to expand to up to the size of a 9-page document, which is great.  Now, I have used InstaText in the past at another job, but we were never able to make an entry that was more than about a paragraph long.  Is this the limit to IT or is it capable of expanding to more?  If I cannot create a whole document, then I will shy away from IT.  Any input is appreciated.
I could have typed it faster and better using my word expanders.
This is the echo heard all over about ASR and companies have the nerve to want to cut salaries by 20% because ASR is supposed to increase production?!?!?
Word/text expanders for Meditech
I would apprecaiate knowing word/text Expanders work in Meditech?  Thank you.
Word expanders vs Auto text

What is the difference between Word Expanders and Auto text?  Are they the same thing? 


Word expanders vs Auto text
Thank you!
expanders vs MS Word Auto Correct

Hello everyone ....  I've been using MS Word's auto correct feature as my expander.  Is it 'just as good' as using an Expander ?   Of course my line count is lousy per hour - but I don't do the same account regularly, and I don't get many ops (standard formats).  

Please tell me if / why I should change to an expander - and which one works best.  Remember PRD for DOS - I loved it.  Is there a Windows version?

Thanks, Susie


She's asking for *keyboard* shortcuts, not mouse shortcuts. Huge difference. nm
For tips on MS Word, expanders, and a whole slew of other programs go to
Need help on setting up Word expanders and spell check

Hi All,

I will be starting a new job soon, and it looks like I will be typing in my own computer's Word program.  I managed to download my old Expander entries from my old job into Notepad, so I now have a list of my expansions.  I am wondering if anyone has any good tips on doing something  with the Notepad entries to get them into AutoCorrect in Word, or do I have to just go through the whole list manually and make new entries into Word AutoCorrect to use for my new expander?

I am also open to any and all suggestions to the Word spellchecker since it does not know LOTS of medical terms and drugs.  Just start entering them manually or buy a medical spellchecker that interphases with Word? I saw some listed when I Googled it, but they seem awful expensive.  100$ and more.  Any suggestions?


She's asking for *keyboard* shortcuts, not mouse shortcuts. nm
I use ShortCuts and like it.
I use shortcuts
shortcuts for windows.  much faster and costs less.  if you put a whole report in it, it will take a few seconds too spill out, but still faster than shorthand.
I use shortcuts to the max but what do you do if the doctor dictates in abbreviations? For example continually says CHF for congestive heart failure, etc. Do you type the abbrev? or spell it out?
I, too, don't know what shortcuts for Windows are. Can someone help me?
I am a longtime MT but have just converted to employee status (am so sick of the tax thing). Anyway I have never really used a lot of shortcuts (just the Autocorrect in Word) but now that I have to do more lines to make the same amt of money I need some tips on creating shortcuts so I can produce more lines an hour. Thanks ladies (and gents!)