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Ummm--read her post again, please--it don't say *keyboard* short cuts..it says *word* shortcuts

Posted By: anon on 2009-04-17
In Reply to: She's asking for *keyboard* shortcuts, not mouse shortcuts. nm - CheriL


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DQS short-cuts to Word 2003? HELP!

Does anyone know how to do this.  I have been searching and searching for info and cannot find anything.  Please help!   Thanks.

Try some of these...I just checked keyboard shortcuts in Word Help.
Keys for menus
Note To enlarge the Help window to fill the screen, press ALT+SPACEBAR, and then press X. To restore the window to its previous size and location, press ALT+SPACEBAR, and then press R. To print this topic, press CTRL+P.

Press To
SHIFT+F10 Show the shortcut menu
F10 Make the menu bar active
ALT+SPACEBAR Show the program icon menu (on the program title bar)
DOWN ARROW or UP ARROW (with the menu or submenu displayed) Select the next or previous command on the menu or submenu
LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW Select the menu to the left or right; or, with a submenu visible, switch between the main menu and the submenu
HOME or END Select the first or last command on the menu or submenu
ALT Close the visible menu and submenu at the same time
ESC Close the visible menu; or, with a submenu visible, close the submenu only
ALT+CTRL+= Add a toolbar button to a menu. When you type this shortcut key and then click a toolbar button, Microsoft Word adds the button to the appropriate menu. For example, click Bullets on the Formatting toolbar to add the Bullets command to the Format menu.
ALT+CTRL+- (dash key) Remove a command from a menu. When you type this shortcut key and then select a menu command, the command is removed. You can add the menu command back to the menu if you change your mind.
ALT+CTRL++ (plus key on numeric keypad) Customize the shortcut key for a menu command. When you type this shortcut key and then select a menu command, the Customize Keyboard dialog box opens so you can add, change, or remove the shortcut key.

Tip You can use the keyboard to select any menu command on the menu bar or on a visible toolbar. Press ALT to select the menu bar. (To then select a toolbar, press CTRL+TAB; repeat until the toolbar you want is selected.) Press the letter that is underlined in the menu name that contains the command you want. In the menu that appears, press the letter underlined in the command name that you want.

Function keys
Note To enlarge the Help window to fill the screen, press ALT+SPACEBAR and then press X. To restore the window to its previous size and location, press ALT+SPACEBAR and then press R. To print this topic, press CTRL+P.

Which function key combinations do you want to use?
Function key

SHIFT+Function key

CTRL+Function key

CTRL+SHIFT+Function key

ALT+Function key

ALT+SHIFT+Function key

CTRL+ALT+Function key

Function key
Press To
F1 Get online Help or the Office Assistant
F2 Move text or graphics
F3 Insert an AutoText entry (after Word displays the entry)
F4 Repeat the last action
F5 Choose the Go To command (Edit menu)
F6 Go to next pane or frame
F7 Choose the Spelling command (Tools menu)
F8 Extend a selection
F9 Update selected fields
F10 Activate the menu bar
F11 Go to the next field
F12 Choose the Save As command (File menu)

Return to top

SHIFT+Function key
Press To
SHIFT+F1 Start context-sensitive Help or reveal formatting
SHIFT+F2 Copy text
SHIFT+F3 Change the case of letters
SHIFT+F4 Repeat a Find or Go To action
SHIFT+F5 Move to a previous revision
SHIFT+F6 Go to the previous pane or frame
SHIFT+F7 Choose the Thesaurus command (Tools menu, Language submenu)
SHIFT+F8 Shrink a selection
SHIFT+F9 Switch between a field code and its result
SHIFT+F10 Display a shortcut menu
SHIFT+F11 Go to the previous field
SHIFT+F12 Choose the Save command (File menu)

Return to top

CTRL+Function key
Press To
CTRL+F2 Choose the Print Preview command (File menu)
CTRL+F3 Cut to the Spike
CTRL+F4 Close the window
CTRL+F5 Restore the document window size
CTRL+F6 Go to the next window
CTRL+F7 Choose the Move command (Control menu)
CTRL+F8 Choose the Size command (document Control menu)
CTRL+F9 Insert an empty field
CTRL+F10 Maximize the document window
CTRL+F11 Lock a field
CTRL+F12 Choose the Open command (File menu)

Return to top

CTRL+SHIFT+Function key
Press To
CTRL+SHIFT+F3 Insert the contents of the Spike
CTRL+SHIFT+F5 Edit a bookmark
CTRL+SHIFT+F6 Go to the previous window
CTRL+SHIFT+F7 Update linked information in a Word source document
CTRL+SHIFT+F8 Extend a selection or block (then press an arrow key)
CTRL+SHIFT+F9 Unlink a field
CTRL+SHIFT+F10 Activate the ruler
CTRL+SHIFT+F11 Unlock a field
CTRL+SHIFT+F12 Choose the Print command (File menu)

Return to top

ALT+Function key
Press To
ALT+F1 Go to the next field
ALT+F3 Create an AutoText entry
ALT+F4 Quit Word
ALT+F5 Restore the program window size
ALT+F7 Find the next misspelling or grammatical error. The Check spelling as you type check box must be selected (Tools menu, Options dialog box, Spelling & Grammar tab).
ALT+F8 Run a macro
ALT+F9 Switch between all field codes and their results
ALT+F10 Maximize the program window
ALT+F11 Display Microsoft Visual Basic code

Return to top

ALT+SHIFT+Function key
Press To
ALT+SHIFT+F1 Go to the previous field
ALT+SHIFT+F2 Choose the Save command
(File menu)
ALT+SHIFT+F9 Run GOTOBUTTON or MACROBUTTON from the field that displays the field results
ALT+SHIFT+F11 Display Microsoft Visual Studio code

Return to top

CTRL+ALT+Function key
To Press
CTRL+ALT+F1 Display Microsoft System Information
CTRL+ALT+F2 Open command
(File menu)

Return to top

She's asking for *keyboard* shortcuts, not mouse shortcuts. Huge difference. nm
Short cuts

Ctrl U - underline

Ctrl A - blocks all

Ctrl S - saves

Ctrl X - deletes

Ctrl C- copies

Ctrl V - pastes

. . . and my favorite Ctrl Z - brings back something you accidental delete.

I hardly ever use my mouse as it breaks my rhythm and slows me down.  If I think of anymore I will send them your way.  Did you know that if you hold down your Ctrl key and use the arrows you can move around a document that way?




I've lost my short-cuts...could I have hit a key on my keyboard?  Thanks!! 
We do use dx for diagnosis, and all the short cuts expanders
She's asking for *keyboard* shortcuts, not mouse shortcuts. nm
Keyboard shortcuts in IT

Just be aware that Alt/ puts Instant Text into full layout and when you are in full layout, Instant Text expands in the Editor window of the IT program, and not in the word-processor you may be using.

Another keyboard shortcut like Alt- minimizes Instant Text and you don't see the advisories anymore. However, you stay linked and IT would still expand.

Also, make sure you don't have another Expander running at the same time.

Keyboard shortcuts
Google MSWord keyboard shortcuts and there you go. Save it to your desktop. There are shortcuts for Word 2002 and 2003.
You can do that with any keyboard if you know the shortcuts.
I love my Logitech cordless, but it's the keyboard shortcuts that keep you from using the mouse, not the keyboard itself. Am I misunderstanding your question?
Keyboard shortcuts

I am new to MT and am lucky enough to have a job where I can learn as I go.  I wanted to see if someone can tell me some of the keyboard shortcuts, like ctrl + B for bold, or function key information so that I can use the keyboard more and my mouse less.  

Thanks for your help!

New MT in Ohio  

Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
The solution is to learn more keyboard shortcuts. :)
Learn the keyboard shortcuts for each of your programs.
ummm, the anonymous post below
gives her actual instructions. I tried them and they worked. Thanks!
Ummm, since MGMT's reply was so quick to try and nip this post in the bud, I'm not
exactly feeling real confident about asking them at this point. I had the feeling if it was something MGMT had wanted us to know, we would've received notification from them at the time it occurred, such as was done when other changes in mgmt happened. I had also thought that was one of the purposes for having an anonymous board such as this--to get straight answers without fear of reprisal.
I can't imagine trading keyboard shortcuts to grab for the mouse to do the same thing. :)
Microsoft Symbols short cut Keyboard Sheet
Hi. Does anyone have or know where I can find a Microsoft Symbols Keyboard short cut list for various symbols including degree, Greek letters, etc. I know how to do it the slow way but I know they make keyboard shortcut lists. Any help would be appreciated.
Word Shortcuts
I just recently started working in VR. I know have to move one word at a time using SHIFT + CONTROL + ARROW. I also know how to highlight the whole line. I am wondering if there is any way to highlight more than one word at a time without highlighting the whole line. Thanks!
Word Shortcuts
I just recently started working in VR. I know have to move one word at a time using SHIFT + CONTROL + ARROW. I also know how to highlight the whole line. I am wondering if there is any way to highlight more than one word at a time without highlighting the whole line. Thanks!
Does anyone use PRD or Shortcuts word expanders? .....nm
Word shortcuts to Shorthand -

I'm dreading if I need to start some 13 or 14,000 abbreviations all over again on another expander.  All you do is go in and out of a new Expander putting all your abbreviations in when you could be making money already. 

Know what I mean?

Yes. I also have shortcuts and it is word based.
This is my Expander I have used for years, and I did not need to have it imported into Bayscribe. It works along with Bayscribe. I do leave the Bayscribe spell check on along with it too and they both work fine together. Hope this helps.
Are you using just word shortcuts, or phrases? sm
You should be able to type entire sentences with just a few keystrokes.
Can you use any of the other Word shortcuts to jump around? Such as...
Ctrl+Right Arrow jumps to the next word on the right
Ctrl+Down Arrow jumps to the next paragraph (or paragraph mark)
Ctrl+Up Arrow jumps to the previous paragraph
Ctrl+Delete deletes one word to the right
Ctrl+Backspace deletes one word to the left

There are a bunch more shortcuts.

shortcuts for microsoft word 2003


Does anyone know how to create shortcuts or word expansions in microsoft word?  Thanks so much!!!


Yes, I read your post, and I just re-read it, and I've copied and pasted for you in case

you've forgotten your own words! Your post above is 100% different "flavor" to it, now all positive and cheery! Your first post was 100% doom and gloom every which way, including "raining on your parade", and "if you want to go forward"...God, sounds like she's talking about jumping into oncoming traffic! Here is your quote:

My first boss (the one who hired me as a new grad) gave me some words of wisdom that I haven't forgotten. She said that transcribing at home with small children NEVER works under any circumstance. Either the work will suffer or the parenting will suffer.


How can the word "NEVER" in caps be interpreted in any positive way? You took about 8 paragraphs to cover every aspect and completely dash this poor woman's dream.  I'm not blind, I'm not talking about day care at all, I'm talking about the total negativity of your original post! You know exactly what I'm talking about, cause you added some sugar to your second version! And that's much nicer than the first!

The other post said learn short cut keys
and I was wondering just why? Thanks again.
Should have proof read, stretching over one keyboard
to type on another.
New Ativa keyboard not being read by puter...anyone know why?

Or is a return trip to Office Depot in my near future...


In the future, please post word questions on the Word board.
I read word for word when I am done transcribing
If she was using a different keyboard to post
Most likely she would have had to disconnect the malfunctioning keybaord. If she disconnected it and reconnected it, that might solve the problem, dontcha think?

Maybe she is using 2 different computers entirely?
Please post word questions on the Word board.
Please post word questions on the Word board.
Post word questions on Word board.
Please post Word Help and s/l questions on Word Help Board.
Post word questions on the Word board.
Post word questions on the Word board only.
Uhhh, she obviously used a different keyboard to post here.
I used Short Keys, not Short hand for Bayscribe, it worked fine.
Did you read my post?

First of all there was tear gas canisters thrown by the guardsmen into the crowds and they were thrown back at the guardsmen.  That is documented in articles, (look on line) and by first hand eye witnesses that were there. 

Anyway, my post was not about what exactly went on at Kent State.  I was using that as an example of how your child could go to college and find themselves in a position of danger.  Serial killers, rapists, what have you.  It was in response to a post about how Natalee went to Aruba and found trouble but that probably wouldnt be likely at a college.  OKAY?????  I never said people didnt have the right to protest or that war was good OR that the gov was responsible or not. 

I am all for protesting and exercising our rights as private citizens of this free country.  But somewhere along the way from my original post, someone got off on a completely different subject.  this was about natalee.

Did you even READ my post?
It's been a great, lucrative career for me. I've loved it from the start and still do. I've mentored and encouraged many along the way. I'm a QA specialist, college instructor and a consultant. I'll exceed 50K this year and have a very flexible schedule. No weekends, no evenings, and take off when I want. Additionally, I've been at home with my kids all this time. I've worked my way to the top and I'm good at what I do. No gloom and doom here. The point I made (that you somehow missed) was that times have changed. It's much more difficult than it used to be and sometimes it's nearly impossible to get a break. I'll repeat myself--I work for a private college. We trained many great MTs. We were FORCED to drop our program because of job market for new graduates is so poor. It's not too difficult to place a graduate in an in-house position (I teach in a large metropolitan area), but few women enter this profession with working in-house as their goal. Tuition at a private college (students could earn a certificate or an associate's degree) is very, very expenstive. No, you don't HAVE to spend thousands and thousands, but many students do. Then when they graduate, many are faced with harsh reality. I'm not SPECULATING on this; I've seen it happen time and time again.

The daycare issue is a personal choice and has been argued into the ground. We all know it's difficult for an MT to be productive and accurate with a 2-year-old whining in our ear. Some of us make it work; others can't. Making an informed decision requires hearing stories from ALL sides.

Oh my!! I think we should all NOT read the new post at the top! Looks like another
flamer to me! Now its gonna spin into birth control issues and world over population!  I'm not mad at anyone! I am happy! Please be happy, too!!  I will try warm milk, but just in about 6 hours when I'm hitting the hay!
Are you the OP? Yes, I read your post.
I didn't even say anything about "correcting their wrong crap." (Nice structure, by the way.)

The question was "Why go to MT School." I answered it.
1. It gives you more flexibility/choices in employment.
2. You learn relevant aspects of medical terminology. I didn't learn "perineal" vs. "peroneal" in K-12, nor did I learn that 125 mg of Synthroid is an incorrect dose.
3. You get experience in hearing what was said and transcribing it accurately. Many MTs lacking an adequate MT education have difficulty separating "what they hear" from "what they said."

I read your post below, thank you and....

As for above I should say people do need "protein" in their diet, NOT meat, especially not like this.  I've also been trying to slowly get it out of my diet the past few years and after seeing the images, knowing and hearing those sounds I don't think I could physically eat it.  Its unbelievable to me.  We need people like you out there spreading the word, these animals have no voice so they need us.  Do you know if putting pressure on them by PETA has brought about any changes??

Do you have ADD? Did you read my post? sm

I have work now that pays me well and it's more than 10 cents a line (which is considered an "excellent line rate.")  I do not need to "start my own company."

However, if some companies can charge 18 to 20 cpl (which I have read on this board), why can't they pay quality MTs more than they pay newbies? 

This is a MUST READ post, the 20 yr exp...etc. nm
Of course I read your post.

I can comprehend that you are a WEE bit prone to exaggeration and apparently it is making your life miserable.  If you look through this website you will quickly see that many posts do not concern MQ. 

My take on this is that right now there are many more MQ posts because of the looming change in our jobs/status/benefits and it's got many of us worried.

If you want an edited MT forum to your liking I suggest you open your own site.  Otherwise live and let live, please.

when I read your post...
I get angry that as transcriptionists we have somehow found ourselves in a no-win situation. There should be no reason you are having to work yourself to death to learn a new job. Only in our profession does one NOT get paid to learn. Any other job you go to, you are paid while training for the job...no matter how much you know the work, places are different and everyone has to learn the routine. And in transcription, this can be VERY, VERY hard to learn a new company and all their account specifics, rules and guidelines and systems!  I feel for you. I understand your feelings about your son. I raised my son alone on my sole salary and worked from sun up to sundown ... but I did stop long enough in between to take care of him. I went to ballgames, I went to school functions, I helped with homework and projects, etc. and when he went to bed at night, I started working again.... well into the night. It was not easy, but I got to be with my son and participate in his school and curricular activities while he was growing up. I would not take ANYTHING for that time and wish I had more of it now. I did what I had to do. Thank goodness in your situation, you have a husband who can share some of this responsibility with you. It's a matter of prioritizing... and it's not easy. It means giving up certain things. I sacrificed a lot over the years .. I don't drive fancy cars, I don't live in a fancy house and I have a very functional wardrobe. I don't compare myself to others. I find that I am much happier than others I work around now who have all those things. My son is much more well adjusted than many of their children also.I am very blessed. We have our children for such a short time, it's not until we get older that we realize exactly how precious every single minute of it was!  I wish for you the best and hope you can make the right decision for you and your family.  May God Bless you.