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Would you capitalize the name of a form the doc's use?

Posted By: Grammar question on 2008-03-10
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When transcribing "command" or "imperative" form, use verb form or "follow up"
For a long time I would become confused by "discharge instructions" type followup/follow up usage ...

Yes, the patient was to follow up with his doctor ... but was also to make a follow up appointment ...

In my experience, certainly your QA may vary and/or be inconsistent all-on-its-own ... but most of these truncated forms, fit into what I was taught was called "imperative case" and follow up is being used as a VERB ...

[[[ even though there is a reasonable argument to be made that "followup with primary care physician in 2 weeks" refers to an "appointment" which is a noun. ]]]

You can figure out the prevailing "rule of thumb" for your QA ...

Not having to think it through --- priceless.

It is not a plural form. It is a possessive form. SM
The man's name was Metzenbaum and he devised this particular instrument.  The correct spelling would be Metzenbaum's.  WITH THE APOSTROPHE.  AAMT BOS is full of crap.
The only ones I capitalize are --sm
the ones with person's names, like McMurray test, etc. I have never been asked to change that or had any problems with it. To me, it would take way too much time to capitalize every single test name, unless put into an expander. this is just my opinion.
Is there a way to set Shorthand to capitalize
the first letter of each sentence? TIA.
Capitalize Power or Attorney or not?

I don't capitalize orthopedic tests themselves, but if there's

How do I get Word to capitalize a new sentence when it is after a number? TIA. nm
PSYCH capitalize class names?
should i capitalize the names of school classes?  English, science, math?
Do you capitalize orthopedic test names?

Is it correct to capitalize every orthopedic test, such as, Anterior Drawers Test, Alar Ligament Test, etc. 

Thank you


Would definitely capitalize "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" However,
happy holiday season is nondescript and would put in small case. 
Cardiac Clinic - no do not capitalize; Cardiology - yes as it is referred to as an entity. nm
Unless a facility name accompanies the phrases you hear/type, you should not capitalize.
ExtText by Dictaphone -- Word 2000 - won't capitalize when making a new paragraph or after lists?
Hi. I am new at a job. The Word 2000 running in ExtText (Dictaphone) will not capitalize at the beginning of a new paragraph (never had that happen before), nor after numbers in an automatic list, and sometimes even just after plain periods, not just periods used in numbers (like hemoglobin 7.5).

What is going on? It works fine in the Word version on my computer, but when it ties with ExtText, it "forgets" to capitalize. It is especially annoying with lists, and also at the first of paragraphs, I never had to babysit that before.

Any help? TX

I got the form and started to fill it out. Where do I get another one? There was a phone number and web address on the information but I'm trying to search and can't find anything. Help hugs


The new tax form

so as IC/SE anD EMP..which form did you use..
I was SE for most of the year and employee for 2 different companies last 2 months of year..I also am now part-time emp. with a co. and trying to start up my own business which I started up in Dec. and want to take deductions for equipment purchased for that business. Oh my head is hurting.
Is this form something I can...
request to fill out on my own, or is it usually requested by the IRS?  Will the company I contract through know that I have requested this form?  I, too, am an IC who is treated like an employee.  I have worked a set schedule (days and hours), including nights and both weekend days, for a long time with little or no flexibility.  The pay is good, though.  TIA  
Form your own.
I love escription...won't work on anything else.
There has always been some form of
QA, don't know that there was ever an official start. Most employees in any business are evaluated on the quality of their work.
You don't need the form.
You don't really need the form. 
continuous form
It probably means to just type the dictation and make new paragraphs as needed, but to just keep going down and make no headings unless specified.
I think that any form of indiscretion with someone
else would be considered being unfaithful to your spouse. That includes talking on the phone or in person when your spouse is not aware of it, holding hands, kissing, or "going all the way." Anytime something is done with another person and we feel it necessary to keep it from our spouse, there's something going on that doesn't need to be. This, of course, is just my opinion, but I hope it helps.
Just tell yourself all of that is just food in a different form. lol sm
Seriously, though, just put in your contract you don't do toilets, the same as some don't do windows.  I bet there are people who would rather get other things done, and would be willing to do that themselves, especially if the price was just a tad bit lower.
form 8829
You said you use your den "almost" exclusively for business.  Almost doesn't count.  The room has to be used EXCLUSIVELY for business in order to be able to take business use of home.
would you say its the same as "paragraph form"?
why form "friendships" - probably so that the gov...
can dump more money into the pockets of the Indians! Did you know that the government will give out $60,000 loans or aid to help Indians/Pakistanians help open up a business in this country!! I couldn't get a business loan for $25,000 and I'm from this country!! Born and raised!! There was a grocery store in our town that was for sale and no one in town could afford to buy or get a loan for it, then out of nowhere, this Indian family moves to town (lily white community, by the way) and bought the store. They told the store patrons that the government gave them the money to open up a business. Can you believe that???!!!
Pleural form........
No form needed.....
Just put your complaint in writing and send by fax, mail or hand deliver to the Patient Care Representative at the hospital.

The PC rep at the hospital I work for investigates all complaints from beginning to end and will make a follow-up call back to the patient or patient family regarding the issue if further comment is wanted.

I've typed these reports for admin and can be very interesting to say the least.

it is a form of media ...
for healthcare professionals.  It has a circulation.  It is readily available in schools.  All media matters because what is in the media influences the way people think.  I think it gives a negative view of us to those who call the shots over us who read it.  That's why I think it matters.
20s and 30s is the correct form. SM

BOS says:

"Add s without an apostrophe to form the plural of multiple digit numbers, including years."

However, the BOS also says to spell out nonspecific numeric expressions, i.e.

"She described hundreds of symptoms. (Not 100s)"

So I don't know what to tell you to do.  You decide and go with God.

Well on the form in the book from DMV
Well on the form in the book from the DMV it is listed and the doctor is required to check. By the way my daugther has a lady doctor, not a man.
We all need to JUST SAY NO to VR in any way, shape, or form
Having to edit some of this garbage is more time consuming than typing the whole report not to mention the looking stuff up and verification of names, etc.  It's all a big RIP-OFF. 
They won't take out taxes. Did you submit a tax form? nt
Can someone tell me how to sort by long form in DQS? My
Continuous note form
I have a test for a position and it says to do it in continuous note form, does that mean that they should be all in one document in Word or am I completely wrong on that?  Someone please help soon!  Thanks!
continuous note form
Are you testing for MT group? I took the test and just typed the patients one after another. I kept spaces between the patients with the patient's name.

Need a HIPPA form for transcriptionist
An account has asked me to prepare and sign a HIPPA compliance form. Please refer me to such a form.
All religion is a cult of one form or another - nm
Maybe we should form a support group

"Rad MTs Anonymous" - LOL

But hey, anyone who has participated in this thread who had a similar experience to mine is welcome to email me. I would be happy to swap stories, offer support, and just generally help you (and me) feel that we are not alone in this.

Thanks to everyone who responded positively. Your support is greatly appreciated.

In letter form for clinic?

If the clinic is consults in letter form, that slows me down, looking up all the docs and addresses.  Not all clinic is like that.  But that part may make a difference.  I just quit a company cause of that and went back to acute care.  I have also worked clinic that we didn't have it in letter form, and it was fine.  Just depends on the account. 

I would think it be depend on the type of form.
ZyloMed 1099 form

Ex-ZyloMed IC wondering if there are others out there that still have not received their 1099 form in the mail.  Wondering if mine got lost in the shuffle somewhere.

Homeland Security has an I9 form for all
There are several documents accepted but if the employer wants the SS card and/or DL as those documents, they can ask specifically for those.

what gives on 1099-MISC form?
The MTSO I worked with last year as an IC says they just got their 1099-MISC forms and are in the "process" of mailing them out.  I checked on the web and it "seems" that the government has extended the time to mail them out to 02/15...anyone else know of this?  I can't do my taxes until I receive that blasted form.  GRRRRRR!!!!!
yes you can....dont' really need that form to do your taxes. nm
"Thecal" is the adjectival form of "theca"
Maybe you can figure it out from there. Or, you could just look it up in your medical dictionary. I did, and it's all right there.
mix any essential oil with salt to crumbly form sm
it makes a scrub, really good for arthritis. scrub it into your hands over the sink. rinse off. leaves hands soft, silky, and painfree for a while. i used peppermint oil last time i mixed some and it left that cooling feeling in my hands for a while and i loved it! takes my pain away and i do this every morning before i start typing as i wake up with my hands/wrists aching.
You only have to report earnings over $300 on a 1099 form.
Most people don't want to mess with it, so they don't report it. I don't think it's right. I know of people who are selling things on Ebay, parting out cars or doing construction for income, but they still collect unemployment, social security disability, foodstamps, utility payments, and welfare. It's not fair. Those of us who work hard and follow the law do with less while other people cheat the system and live high on the hog. Their kids have designer clothes, $50+ shoes and the latest electronics.

Yes, I've reported it for babysitters before.
Any company that sends you a Form 1099 has also
reported that income to the IRS, so it will have to be claimed by you.  BUT, they only HAVE to issue a 1099 if they paid you more than $600.  However, the first company you worked for might issue a 1099 anyway because they would want to deduct that 'labor' as an expense on their side.  If you don't receive one from them by the end of the first week of Feb, I would call or email to find out if they are going to send one.  Also, since this is your first experience as an IC, I would consult an accountant.  There are so many more 'business' deductions that you can take to help eliminate some of that income.  I am self-employed and my husband is self-employed and I am "in love" with my accountant.  He works wonders!
You need a different form for HIPAA depending on if an employee

STATE LAW may take precedence.  Some state laws are stricter than the federal law.  I'd consult an attorney to have one drawn up.

Merengue is form of dance, like salsa
or cha cha. You'd be just as likely to dance to *rancheras* and *corridos* since, technically, merengue is a little more South American (namely Dominican Republic) as Tex-Mex. Nonetheless, it is all great spirited fun and I hope you have a good time. It is a wonderful tradition.