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what gives on 1099-MISC form?

Posted By: MDmt on 2009-02-05
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The MTSO I worked with last year as an IC says they just got their 1099-MISC forms and are in the "process" of mailing them out.  I checked on the web and it "seems" that the government has extended the time to mail them out to 02/15...anyone else know of this?  I can't do my taxes until I receive that blasted form.  GRRRRRR!!!!!

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I am an IC and received 2 1099-MISC from the companies I work for, but the amounts were off by $2000 each.  Has this ever happened to anyone else?
1099-MISC is what you issue to her (sm)
Also, you cannot download a copy of the form you need to file. You have to use the IRS form because 1099s are OCR'd into the system so the paper has to be the exact correct size. You'll likely have to call and order the forms unless you have an IRS office near you.
ZyloMed 1099 form

Ex-ZyloMed IC wondering if there are others out there that still have not received their 1099 form in the mail.  Wondering if mine got lost in the shuffle somewhere.

You only have to report earnings over $300 on a 1099 form.
Most people don't want to mess with it, so they don't report it. I don't think it's right. I know of people who are selling things on Ebay, parting out cars or doing construction for income, but they still collect unemployment, social security disability, foodstamps, utility payments, and welfare. It's not fair. Those of us who work hard and follow the law do with less while other people cheat the system and live high on the hog. Their kids have designer clothes, $50+ shoes and the latest electronics.

Yes, I've reported it for babysitters before.
Any company that sends you a Form 1099 has also
reported that income to the IRS, so it will have to be claimed by you.  BUT, they only HAVE to issue a 1099 if they paid you more than $600.  However, the first company you worked for might issue a 1099 anyway because they would want to deduct that 'labor' as an expense on their side.  If you don't receive one from them by the end of the first week of Feb, I would call or email to find out if they are going to send one.  Also, since this is your first experience as an IC, I would consult an accountant.  There are so many more 'business' deductions that you can take to help eliminate some of that income.  I am self-employed and my husband is self-employed and I am "in love" with my accountant.  He works wonders!
Wait until you get nailed on a 1099 form and uncle Sam
1099 form? I did IC work for an MT company a few months (smsg)

in 2007.  Shouldn't I be receiving a 1099 form from them for tax purposes?  I haven't yet and am wondering if I should contact them.  I paid my quarterlies.  I thought the law was they had until 1/31 to send it.

1099 ? Is the amount on the 1099 only the money paid to you in 2008. So if I did not receieve payme
than that $$ would be on my 1099 for 2009 not 2008??  I have to invoices that were due to be paid in 2008 but I never received the $$ until January of 2009.  Do I have to claim that money on my taxes this year or next???  Thanks in advance for your help.   
When transcribing "command" or "imperative" form, use verb form or "follow up"
For a long time I would become confused by "discharge instructions" type followup/follow up usage ...

Yes, the patient was to follow up with his doctor ... but was also to make a follow up appointment ...

In my experience, certainly your QA may vary and/or be inconsistent all-on-its-own ... but most of these truncated forms, fit into what I was taught was called "imperative case" and follow up is being used as a VERB ...

[[[ even though there is a reasonable argument to be made that "followup with primary care physician in 2 weeks" refers to an "appointment" which is a noun. ]]]

You can figure out the prevailing "rule of thumb" for your QA ...

Not having to think it through --- priceless.

It is not a plural form. It is a possessive form. SM
The man's name was Metzenbaum and he devised this particular instrument.  The correct spelling would be Metzenbaum's.  WITH THE APOSTROPHE.  AAMT BOS is full of crap.
Nickel and dime accounts/misc charges
I do not nickel and dime my accounts to death.  What I charge per line covers my time of delivery, printing, cutting apart chart notes, reruns when needed, etc.  If you hit them with this charge and that charge they very well could look elsewhere that just gives one price for everything, all included.  Simplicity.   Sure just like now I scanned a tape to do a STAT H&P for surgery but the doctor did it on the hospital line and did not write it down as he usually does, yes it took me 10 to 15 minutes but will I charge them NO.  WHY because yesterday I made $130 in less than two hours on their account and I received my checks one day after invoicing.  I invoice on the 25th, receive check today and it was due until the 1st.  And also they treat me like one of the team and appreciate what I do.  But you do what you need to do but if you keep it simple without all the extra charges, they will like you better.  You have to figure your nonbillable time into your rate.    Good luck.   Patti
1099 -- you can buy

You can buy them at Staples or Office Depot.  They might come with Turbo Tax also -- not 100% sure.  But I just bought them.  You need her social security number.



www.fileyourtaxes.com Key in information and you print out your copies, and they electronically file the forms to IRS/SS
need 1099
I have been trying to get in touch with someone that I worked for last year who still owes me a little bit of money and a 1099 form. I've emailed her 7 times, (none of which have been bounced back so she must be getting them), left 1 voice message, and sent 1 fax. She won't pick up the phone and she won't answer my email. By law I have to report this income, but what to do w/o the 1099? Thanks very much.
would that be a 1099
would that be a 1099?
Are you 100% 1099 tax forms are suppose to be postmarked by midnight 01/31st?  I did telephone Alltax tax service and was informed 1099 has until 02-15, although my "employer" stated to me prior to telephoning Alltax that the deadline is 02/28?  I looked on internet to find my answer to no avail.
I have a question, why would a company not want to send a person a 1099 form?  Is the company trying to hide something from the IRS, or what?
Yes, I realize it is simply a statement of my earnings, and in my case it is one I need in order to file my taxes to receive money back...no tax preparer is willing to file my taxes without it.
Not sure how you can get out of getting a 1099
or why you would even want to.... that is just a report of income from them to  you - for legal reasons they have to comply as do you - how will they report monies paid to you if you are incorporated?  Possibly you want to look at yourself really as a company - such as a painting company - and not look at what you receive as income at all - just money coming in on individual jobs?  Then I have no idea how this is done - obviously can be done but have no idea how.
Thanks for responses. Read a few posts up that if income was under such an amount they may/do not send one. I fit in that category. It wasn’t much and they kept half because I did not give a two week notice. I will ask my tax guy about it.
1099 does not apply to SE
Will show you my 1099's

I do make this much.  Even when married I always made more than my husband at a "real job" as he called it.  I did a little more myself this year to pay off those divorce legal bills but I did it.  On account I average 12,000 to 13,000 gross lines per month, another is 15,000 to 17,000 then I have two little accounts and one psych that I subcontract out which between them average another 8,000 lines.   The accounts that I personally type do take me about 22 to 24 hours per week and I put in 15 to 18 hours at a clinic doing EMR's as an employee.  I have a lot of write-off's and pay minimal taxes.l contributing about $700 - 850 a month to my retirement.  I have been doing these docs for 6 years.  Two are surgical oncologists and so I have a lot of consults/letters templates.   If a hernia patient came in I think I could do the consult just by looking at the chart.   I charge 11 cpl gross lines and have not raised my prices in two years but thinking about it.    I do put in 4 long days, 10 hours and then Friday is short  4 hours and Sunday is about 2.   But I have no problem showing my 1099's, it can be done you just have to find your niche.  And I know I am different than working for a national but 20 years ago I took the initiative to develop my own business, took a lot of blood, sweat and tears but the past 10 years I cannot complain.   My docs do treat me well as I have often stated.  But I just don't want anyone to think I have not paid my dues as I have and am truly honest in reporting my figures.  

1099 tax forms

Does anyone out there who is an IC know of the deadline date for the 1099 forms to be sent out via "employer"?  As a special input, I did some research on what deciphers an employer-employee versus employer-independent contractor.  In summay there were 20 points made and I fit all criteria of being an "employee" instead of classified as "independent contractor" per the IRS.  I am considering filing the "SS-8" form with the IRS, which is a form for the IRS to give their input on the employer-independent contractor issue to determine how I really should be classified.  The way I see it, my employer refers to me as an IC because it simply benefits her, and on the otherhand, it does nothing for me except harm.  I am making 9 cents a line, cut back from 10 cents a line a few couple months ago, and have am offered no benefits whatsoever.  This happens to be one main point that the IRS displays as I would really be classifed an employee as my employer has control of my pay.  Just thought this was an interesting fact to point out to all as it is something I was not aware of until today upon doing self investigation into it.

1099 clarification
The person who paid you, need to have the 1099 post marked no later than 01/31.  The person who paid you needs to supply copies of the 1099s to the IRS no later than 02/28.  Do no confuse these dates.  If you utilized (mind you not employed) ICs, then you too need to have their portion fo the 1099s post marked by 01/31 and the portion that is to be filed with the IRS by02/28. 
Duplicate 1099
It would be the same as if your hospital was owned by a larger corporation and it had the corporation's name on it.  However if they said that they are reissuing one then the second one should have "corrected" on it -- if they have sent it into the IRS already.  Keep copies of your invoices that you billed to the company if there is a question later on showing what you billed to what company.  Also when you receive you second 1099 see if the Federal ID number is the same.  Good luck. 
missing 1099 - what to do??
Ok, it's now near the end of February and I'm still missing a 1099! I've notified the company, but they just said it was sent out and weren't any help. The amount was over $10,000, so I obviously need to report it. How do I go about reporting it without a 1099? Do I need to report the company to the IRS? Anyone out there with their own service, what do you do when someone doesn't receive their 1099? Can you just send them a copy or do you have to completey re-do it? I remember reading something about the form having some barcode or something in it so the IRS can scan it, so does this mean you can't just send a copy?? Thanks for any help!
Report it yourself regardless of a 1099...
no 1099 from MTSO
you can see a small business tax man and he can file a complaint.. you must add all your invoices yourself and claim that amount.  That MTSO will get into a lot of trouble, and your tax man can notify the IRS.
At the end of the year did you get a 1099 or a W2

By law an employer has to send one out each year depending on your status.  If they did not the fault lies with them.  However if you got a 1099 where it clearly stated that you received "non employee compensation" you are considered self employed by the IRS.  If you received a W2 then you were an employee.  I am confused...how could not know what status you were based on that alone???? Did you work "Under the table" where they did not send either a W2 or a 1099 each year?

They might not be reporting it on a 1099

Do they have your SSN, they might not be reporting it on a 1099 to IRS and so you have a choice to report it or not, I guess.  How much was it?  I have a couple of small accounts that do not send me a 1099 but I do report the income through my business, just add it into the total.  A 1099 is not necessary to file your taxes if you are an IC.  Not all plumbers or electricians get 1099's when they do contract work. 

RE: You will not receive a 1099 if
you made less then $600, but the IRS will receive a copy of your earnings regardless. You have to claim all of your income no matter what the amount. Of course, if you made under $600, most likely the tax will be minimal if any.
Contact the IRS regarding the 1099

1099's info from IRS - dates etc.

I am doing a 1099 C to my ex-husband and I have received my four from my accounts and so here are the instructions regarding them from the IRS forms sitting in front of me -- Both as a recepient and as a reporter

DUE DATES:  Furnish Copy B of this form to the recipent by January 31, 2007.  File copy to the IRS by Februuary 28th.  I have to file my "Intent to File a 1099 by Februaru 15th".

On the back of my 1099 (Misc Income) received from my accounts it states "If your net income from self employmnt is $400 or more, you must file a return and compute you SE on Schedule SE (Form 1040) -- this is social security.  

It does not say from all 1099's but simply on the back of this one.  Now if someone files a 1099 with under 400 on it and others are filed with higher amounts, the IRS might wonder but I doubt that they would audit for 400 as that does not increase your tax and is only 60 SS.  Not worth their time.  But if you were to get several of these they might. 

Now some will not send you a 1099.  Plumbers, electricians, painters etc. that work on houses as sub-contracters do not get 1099's from their contractors.   I have several neighbors/friends who have small business and use manual labor and do not provide 1099's.   Then you have to decide whether or not it is worth including in case you get audited and how honest you wish to be. 

As for the employee vs IC or subcontractor - would you get anymore benefits as an employee - perhaps the 0.75 SS that they pay but they would take that out of your pay so you are not ahead.  As for having to set hours, when I was offered that before I decided stay and forge forward with my own accounts - I simply said "No thank you".  But I understand where they are coming from after having my own small 5 accounts.  I do give my gals some leeway but I do need the work back in a certain amount of hours and I prefer that they work when they are rested, not rushed, have no interruptions or squeezing me in between basketball or soccer as it certainly shows in their work.  It is hard keeping an even flow as I have no control of when docs are off or work is light or when suddenly someone decides  not to work. In the 18 years I have been doing this the hardest part is keeping a regular flow of work going to keep everyone happy.   As unemployement goes up, we go down.  But anyway just thought I would let you know what the 1099's say. 

1099's - just report your income
IRS cannot scan 1099's they have to be hand entered.  All you need to do is to report your income.  You do not attach a copy of the 1099 so it is not like a W2 form.  Just report it and file.  I have one psychiatrist that never gives me a 1099 for the past 10 years and all I do is report it and file and have never had a problem. 
Darn! What happens to co. if dont sent 1099
I never received 1099 forms when I
was an IC. I worked for a hospital for almost 10 years plus had other docs and an attorney. The attorney did give me one every year and it never conformed to my figures but I never had a problem.
Two 1099 for one company for 2008?
I just received a second 1099 from Lee Perfect Transcription from last year, who I quit for partial non-payment.  They are for two different amounts.  The second one is $50 over what I made for the year.  The second one was under what I made.  The two together obviously are WAY OFF.  I called and they gave me an email address to write to, which I have not heard back.  Did anyone else have this?  Thanks.
My tax person recommends sending/getting 1099 for all

regardless of amount.  Just because it was a small amount it is still part of the overall earnings.  A company has no idea how much the IC made from all sources.  If all you made for the year from every source was less than 500 then you don't need to claim it.  Just my understanding of the > $500 situation. 

I have question then...if the person/company paying the IC does not issue a 1099 how can they claim it as an expense?  I have been toying with the idea of looking for someone to help me with my docs and I would like info about this. 

What if MTSO doesn't send me 1099?
I don't think she will send one any time soon. Last year I had to send her all the invoices I did for her to tally them up for her to send me a 1099. I don't work for her anymore. It's her responsibility to maintain records on her MTs, so I'm not doing that this year.

Is there something I can do to at least account for the money but let IRS know I didn't get a 1099 from her?
What I am wondering is how were you able to file your taxes without a W2 or a 1099 if you took deduc
That be must included in your taxes.  The IRS will hold YOU accountable if you did not declare your income based on either W2 or 1099.  They will hold the company accountable if they did not provide that information.  I agree, you need to talk to a tax lawyer to help you out.
Check your records and report what she has paid you, you do not have to send in a copy a 1099 - nm

I got the form and started to fill it out. Where do I get another one? There was a phone number and web address on the information but I'm trying to search and can't find anything. Help hugs


The new tax form

so as IC/SE anD EMP..which form did you use..
I was SE for most of the year and employee for 2 different companies last 2 months of year..I also am now part-time emp. with a co. and trying to start up my own business which I started up in Dec. and want to take deductions for equipment purchased for that business. Oh my head is hurting.
Is this form something I can...
request to fill out on my own, or is it usually requested by the IRS?  Will the company I contract through know that I have requested this form?  I, too, am an IC who is treated like an employee.  I have worked a set schedule (days and hours), including nights and both weekend days, for a long time with little or no flexibility.  The pay is good, though.  TIA  
Form your own.
I love escription...won't work on anything else.
There has always been some form of
QA, don't know that there was ever an official start. Most employees in any business are evaluated on the quality of their work.
You don't need the form.
You don't really need the form. 
continuous form
It probably means to just type the dictation and make new paragraphs as needed, but to just keep going down and make no headings unless specified.
I think that any form of indiscretion with someone
else would be considered being unfaithful to your spouse. That includes talking on the phone or in person when your spouse is not aware of it, holding hands, kissing, or "going all the way." Anytime something is done with another person and we feel it necessary to keep it from our spouse, there's something going on that doesn't need to be. This, of course, is just my opinion, but I hope it helps.
Just tell yourself all of that is just food in a different form. lol sm
Seriously, though, just put in your contract you don't do toilets, the same as some don't do windows.  I bet there are people who would rather get other things done, and would be willing to do that themselves, especially if the price was just a tad bit lower.