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And you are required to work 3 holidays per year, but you get extra pay for that. nm

Posted By: R on 2005-09-15
In Reply to: The pay is stratified, based on years of experience and if you're a CMT. sm - R


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You aer required to work 3 holidays each year ... not sure about the quitting early thing. nm
My company only acknowledges 6 holidays per year, and Easter isn't one of them, so no extra pay.
Must work one year and then 5 days off - no holidays
are paid days off. If you chose to take the day off you don't get paid, if you work the holiday usually lines and a half for that day.
NO paid holidays for us all year round. If there is any work on the holiday, you get

lines and a half, but usually there is no work.  They usually clear out the work before the holiday so there is no 1-1/2 line pay remaining.  Transtech names 6 holidays each year, but the MT takes those holidays off WITHOUT pay.    I am sure the office staff and all other non-MT staff take off WITHOUT pay, too, aren't you????   LOL

Which MT companies DO pay an MT for holidays.  I don't consider a day a HOLIDAY unless it is PAID.  They can call it 6 holdays, but have to take off without pay . . . . just another day, i.e, get sick -- NO PAY.

That is not much when MT's required to use those days for sick, vacation, and holidays.

So don't plan a vacation, or get sick, or want off any holidays for to spend with family.  11 days are just not enough for a year's work for any company.  The office staff, I am sure, get to take a vacation, or sometimes sick, and are off holidays to be with their families. 

Why do at-home MT's get treated like this when we are paid on production and have to really PUSH to get a decent living, and then not be respected the same as an office employee.  We produce piece work !   

What I mean is, to be paid for holidays, even if you dont work. Major holidays.

Sorry.  What I mean is, to be paid for holidays, even if you dont work. Major holidays.

Also you get 3 of 6 holidays OFF every year
rotate Christmas and T'giving if they happen to fall on your day to work. You never have to work both in the same year.

You get paid extra to type on holidays even if you aren't scheduled to work.

I love Transtech, best company I have ever worked with.
always slow this time of year...doctors take extra days off, et cetera.
it will pick back up again soon...
3 holidays per year, your choice, except (sm)
Christmas and Thanksgiving which must be 1 of the 3, and you have to rotate those 2.  You are paid time and a half on a holiday, whether scheduled or not.
What they told me in the e-mail was 3 holidays per year
What they are looking for now are MTs who want to work either Sunday thru Thursday or Tuesday thru Saturday, and they only require 700 lines per day. That's what they told me in the e-mail they just sent me.
You only get 3 holidays OFF per year. PTO is paid at a very low rate. There is 401k...sm

But the company match is only up to 2%. Employees are required to work at least 1 weekend day every week.

All of the hospitals/clinics have a lot of ESLs, that's just the way it is. But a lot of them also use canned normals, which we love.

There's a lot more to consider than how much the medical plan costs.

Most larger companies do not close for holidays, this is a 24 houra day/365 day a year job. (nm)
Webmedx has 6 paid holidays a year, separate from PTO, for full time employees.
Yes but that means hiring a lot of extra people and paying out a lot of extra money when they can
have SE without all this. Their last report said they are making less money now than before and expect to make less in the next quarter so what does that say. We shall see. As part time employees you would still have to adhere to a schedule and I think people are SE for flexibility at least I am.
I'll love to know who you work for. I also work every weekend with no extra pay.
It'd be nice to get paid for all the nights and weekends I work.
Are you required to work major holdays at KS. I know nature of biz to work them. Thanks for info. nm
Maybe is it for a particular account. I work M-F. You are required to work one weekend an month.
Always work, usually all the extra you want too.

No special platform.   Some accounts you can work in WP5.1 or Word, some just Word.  Work is batched so no saving every report.   The only demographics you have to enter is patient's name, all other automated.  Daily QA feedback and QA is good overall.   Use BOS generally, but not strictly - client dictates.

Direct deposit and pay is ALWAYS on time, even early on holidays usually.  No charge for direct deposit.

If you are local can use C-phone, otherwise work is downloaded via FTP.  They provide foot pedal/software but not computer.

IC positions only - but don't know rate.  I've been with them since the beginning and am an employee.  They pay based on gross line though, use Sylcount for line counts and no screwing around with your lines.

They aren't perfect, but most employees have been there since the beginning, little turnover.  They leave you alone for the most part, no IM, no nasty e-mails, aren't calling every day for you to work extra, occasionally offer a bonus.   Schedules are Sunday-Thursday or Tues-Sat, not clocking in.



MDI is asking for MTs to do extra work
Honestly, I do not know where you are getting your info from. MDI is really busy, so that leads me to believe you do not work for us. If you want more work, please call me at the office (or you should have asked your TL). I sent out a mass e-mail Wednesday night asking for help, help and more help.

Hope you are making honest posts. If you are, then I really would like you to call me either at home or at the office. My home number is listed in TT (although most of my MT's have it already).

Extra Work!
Does anyone know of any MTSOs that use MTs p.r.n. or on our own time? 
extra work
I'd be happy to share, just E-mail me. Am not that familiar what I can or cannot put on reply message
But can you work extra
hours if you need them in order to reach your line requirement?
can you do extra if work is available - nm
Extra work at KS?
Do you have the opportunity to work extra at KS?  If you do, do you get paid OT for it?
Ask for extra work, they are probably willing to give it if it's there. nm
Suck it up and work the extra or move on!! sm
I am one of those MTs who had gotten sick. I hate to call of sick, but believe me, I could not work and then, once I was well, I stepped up and tried my best to work extra! Yes, it is the holidays and we all have a lot to do, but if the account gets behind and they get ticked, they can pull it and take their business elsewhere and where will any of us be? WITHOUT A JOB, that's where. If you don't want to do your part and step up to the plate for a company that is by FAR one of the best out there, well then you don't deserve to work for such an awesome company. Take it from someone who knows first hand, the grass is definitely NOT greener elsewhere. Look at all the MTs out there complaining that they don't have any work. I would much rather be in our situation than in theirs. I, personally, plan to work my tail off this week to help get things back in TAT! I wholeheartedly cannot imagine that QT is doing any kind of outsourcing! They have said all along that they do not support this! I hate coming on and reading things that are not backed up with FACTS. If you can't give solid evidence about the accusations you are making, then just zip it! Sorry for the long post, but it gets me fired up to see this company getting bashed when it does not deserve it!
You work extra or you lose the account!!!!
I for one know I do not want to lose the account, it sounds like you do not care, or maybe I just misread what you meant.
If you work it you get extra cpl. You CAN ask for it off if it is on your regular days also. sm
Personally I don't think it is a bad deal at all.  Better than nothing, which is what my other job paid for holidays.
Yes -- still at Keystrokes and still love it. :-) I am just looking for extra work. sm

I have worked 2 jobs for almost all of my life, so it is almost 2nd nature.  I think you will find Keystrokes a refreshing change from MQ.  They actually care about your well being and listen to you . They do not overhire.  The benefits are pretty good.  I do not have anything bad to say about them. 

Good luck! 

You will be required to work set hours.
You misunderstood. You are required to work
That is not a falsehood. It is true you have 24 hours to get the lines in but does that mean there will be lines there to get in during the day. E mails are constantly sent urging people, even using strong language for people to work Friday through Sunday and evenings, to skip soccer games and family activities to work because that is when the work is there. Please don't glaze things over by calling it a falsehood. They don't say they require anything but 1 weekend day and the rest of the time during the week BUT the contract also says they don't have to provide work to you at all at any time. It is stressed that as an MT you must s-t-r-e-t-c-h to make sure our jobs stay in this country. That means: in other words, they overhired, so get the lines in when you can and that better be nights and weekends,or whenever they e mail you to jump. Now call that a falsehood, and you will certainly be misinformed.
You are required to work your schedule, even

if you get your lines in.  OT is paid at the standard 1-1/2 times your rate, but you don't get OT for typing over 1200 lines a day, unless you do the lines outside your normal schedule.  If you are scheduled to work 9 to 5 whatever lines you do are at your line rate.  If you work before 9 or after 5 those lines will be paid at 1-1/2 times your rate, so if you make 10 cpl, then OT will be 15 cpl.  Also there is a shift differential.  I'm not sure the exact hours are per shift, but if you work anything other than first shift there is a differential. Third shift pays a higher differential than second.

They also pay for downtime, so if the servers are down or there is a lack of work (which we have been on OT for months), then you keep track of your time and they pay an hourly rate.  If you are a productive MT you would make more money typing, but at least it is something.  You aren't required to make up lines outside your shift either.

internet or extra phone line work? - nm
Just wondering if people are jumping in to work extra sm
since it is the last pay period before Christmas? Just a thought.
You obviously do not work there. They started paying the extra a while back for OT. sm
Required hours for IC work~~curious

I keep seeing ads where you are required to submit a schedule and work scheduled hours for IC positions.  Is this legal?  I thought that was an IRS requirement of independent contractors that you do your work on your own time.  Am I wrong?  It seems like the industry is headed in this direction.  Companies don't want to hire employees and don't want to pay taxes either..  I guess I can understand that, but I am not sure how they can get away with it.

Their website says wknd work is required. nm
How do you get your required lines if there was no work at DSG or Keystrokes. Is
that a problem with them if there is no work or what do you do.  Thanks!
Out of all of you that are complaining about no work, how many work extra

It all evens out.  I, for one, am happy when there's no work so I can slack off a little, and it has never lasted for very long.  Maybe the VPN is down at the hospital or something.

For those who work 2 or more jobs and they both want extra work? sm
Do you automatically give it to the one you do full time or the one that pays the most?  Feel like there is some loyalty to the one who gives me benefits.  How do you all do it?
to clarify, not a cmomplaint about being asked to work extra earlier in the
Put the extra work in to studying ESL accents, word expanders, become
more proficient as an MT and you will become more valuable and get better line count. Just IMO.
I saw postings that all our work was overflow/extra support for hospitals. (sm)

Whatever happened, it has been ongoing since around the Memorial Day holiday.  I too am getting worried.  Christmas coming up, winter utility bills, not to mention the every day expenses we have in order to survive. 

I am picking up a PT position.  May be a little tired working the 2, but for right now it covers my butt.


Full-time MTs, what LD company do you use for work (if LD is required, of course) ?
I agree they have WAY over hired, but I am required to work my schedule..you got it made then!

You're wrong. You are not required to work one weedend day a week.
You have to work 3 holidays for them, though. nm
Only 8.5 cpl but only work 4 holidays. Btw, just
As an IC, I do not work holidays.
I do not get holiday pay, so I do not work holidays. That is the reason I am an IC, because I want weekends and holidays off to be with my family.
Re. Holidays and Low/No Work

If you are EMPLOYEE status, this would most likely fall under engaged to work.  If you are required to work the holiday, you must get paid minimum wage each hour you are required to be either actively working or checking to see (ugh!!) if there is any work.  For that matter, holiday or not, if you are at your desk waiting for work & it's your regular shift, you are, in effect, HIRED for that particular shift whether there's work or not.  (Imagine working at a fast food or store or toll bridge - and they told you you'd only get paid if a customer came in & bought something or you were able to collect a toll/fare.  Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?? 

MTSOs have gotten away with such bull for too long.  Like in any other business - no work? TOUGH!!  THEY need to absorb the cost - not the employee.  Most are aware now that WE know what's going on ... and that we have labor law backing us.  Thus, many are being very coy about telling you that you need to work your hours/shift ... any questions are answered in very vague terms. 

What's also is a lot of crap is this business of, Keep checking in/out of your PC to check for work.  BS with capital letters!  I'm either hired to work my regular shift or holiday or I'm not.  What's also messed up with this in/out and check for work business, esp. on a holiday - they require you to work/be available for the holiday, but then turn around and say you don't have to stay at your PC if no work.  But what about my holiday?  Could have had Thanksgiving dinner with family or Xmas with friends - can't go anywhere, but, Oh... you don't have to stay at your computer all day (transl. so we don't have to pay you) - just keep checking in/out.  Yeah, right, enjoy your own holiday, suits! 


Very few MTSOs pay for holidays. Some give you 6 days you can use for holidays or regular PTO, but