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Any info good or bad on Transcripts USA

Posted By: Searching on 2006-07-05
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Can't find much through searches. Thank you!

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Chronicle Transcripts, any info? sm
I have 3 job offers right now, one of which is Chronicle. Can anyone offer any insight about working for them? What benefits do they offer? Are they easy to work with? What were your complaints? Was there steady work? Do they overwork you?

Transcripts USA - anyone with current info such as ...sm
pay on time, work load, platform, production potential, benefits.  Any and all info appreciated.  May email me if you wish.  Thanks!
Chronicle Transcripts - anyone have any info
about them.  I passed their prequalification test (a 2-year-old could have) and am now proceeding to  THE ONLINE TRANSCRIPTION TEST! Wish I knew what they paid.  Probably 3 cpl with a review in 3 years if I have a 105% accuracy. 
Any info on Chronicle Transcripts??
Chronicle Transcripts is a good company

Any new updates on Focus for QA? Good info/bad info? sm msg
I checked the archives and read all the messages.  Have things changed for the better here?  Is there steady, reliable work?  Able to make any decent money?  Thanks!
AllHealth in GA - Good company, good equipment, any info about this company? (sm)

What type of work do they have?  Any op reports?  Appreciate any info. 

Transcripts, USA
Does anyone have any information on Transcripts, USA out of Columbia, SC.  Any info would be appreciated - thanks !
Does anyone have any info on JLG good or bad?
Any info good or bad about OSi...
I did a search but nothing comes up. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you & Happy New Year! 
Any info on DSG - good or bad?

Any info on the company greatly appreciated.  Both Transcriptionist and QA.



Good to know, thanks for the info. - sm
I used C-phone and have been considering selling it since he is the only one I have used it for lately, still sitting here by my desk. I hate using it though, like having the voice file in front of me where I can stop and start at will if necessary.
Chronicle Transcripts
I've worked for Chronicle Trasncripts for over 5 years and love every aspect of my job. I find the platform easy to use and in fact it is being upgraded as we speak.

The support offered by Chronicle is excellent, in my opinion. You get feedback from their QC Dept and they have a mentoring program for additional support.

Plenty of work, good pay, good benefits.
Chronicle Transcripts!!

Chronicle gets my vote!

Fenton Transcripts
Anyone have any info on this company - good, bad, etc?
Chronicle Transcripts - sm
Would anyone who works for them be kind enough to e-mail me for some private questions I have.  Thanks so much :)
Chronicle Transcripts

Hello fellow MTs!  Anyone care to share any info on this company?



Chronicle Transcripts

They're certainly a nice group, but may be a little manipulative as well.  Not unlike a lot of companies, they seem to expect that the company's needs come first and your life comes second.  Don't be shocked when they call you at times when you are not scheduled.  The QA can be a little condescending, or at least seems that way in email.  The platform stinks (APEX); really difficult to get a decent line count, plus it had the habit of breaking down at least once daily, often in the middle of a report.  If you have nothing else to do with your time and you don't really need a lot of money, and you do transcription because you just really LOVE it and would rather transcribe than do just about anything else, including sleep, then they are very pleasant to work for; however, if you want to work your set schedule and not be bothered on off hours, this company may not be a good fit for you.


Rapid Transcripts?

Does anyone know anything about them?  I read old posts, but would like to see if anyone knows anything more recent.  

chronicle transcripts

I am scheduled for a telephone interview with Chronicle Transcripts next week.  Do they require you to have any special equipment outside of Windows XP, 512 mb, USB port footpedal, sound card to hear the audio files?  I know most companies do not require anything other as stated above, but I thought I may have read somewhere they required something in addition.


Just wanted to know if I have everything I needed, if they offer me a job.



Chronicle Transcripts in CA - Anyone

here tested with them recently?  Hard, ESL?  Any advise to share would be great. 

Thanks in advance.


Rapid Transcripts Inc
Rapid transcripts still have not paid me my salary. It has been almost a year since the last paycheck and now they are not answering my emails. DO NOT WORK for this company. They owe me $1662.50

I have been in contact last with Sonja Sacoleman and Winston from the accounting department but now they are ignoring my emails and even blocked my address.

Can anyone advice me on what to do so i can get my salary? Thank you

Chronicle Transcripts
Any new news on this company?  Anyone out of work consistently with this company?
Chronicle Transcripts in CA?

looking for current experience with them?  Training, pay, platform, QA?  Is there enough work? 

Chronicle Transcripts. Has anyone

I went through training and now I'm not sure I made the right decision.  Any comments from anyone who started recently?

Chroicle Transcripts
Does anyone have any information about this company, i.e., benefits, pay rates, work load, etc. --- any information at all would be helpful as their website says this information is being constructed.  Thanks!
Chronicle Transcripts
Thank you SO much for the information, I really appreciate it since their site as not helpful at all.  Have  wonderful evening!
It's not DTS. Chronicle Transcripts.
have listened. 
Precyse good or bad and info?
I am wanting to know about Precyse, good or bad as far as communication, supervisors, training, and platforms.  Information regarding radiology would be appreciated.  If their platform is anything like their test, I like it.
Lots of info on them, none good. nm
Any info on Palidan? Good or bad?
Saw a job on MTDaily and was curious if anybody worked for them.
Good question, and thanks for the info everyone else! nm
RIU Unlimited out of MN? Anyone here of them? Thanks for any info, bad or good
Lots of info on them, none of it good.
Very hard to make lines, can't make $$, pay scale isn't easy to figure out, mgmt problems. 
Any info or Smart Med, good or bad? nm
Keystrokes, need info. Good? Bad?
Any info would be appreciated.
Anyone have any info on InScribe, good or bad...thanks
Any good/positive info on...

TTS in NH?  I was recently offered a job with them and so far have seen only bad reports on here.  Does anyone have any good info to share?  I really would like to start work with them, but if they are all bad I may have to reevaluate my decision.  Thanks in advance...


TTS good/positive info?
Info on Aneri1Publications good or bad?
Does anyone have any info Aneri1Publications? Good or bad will be welcomed. Thanks. KP
Any info good or bad on Medscribe out of FL....
I found some older posts on them, mostly about pay rate, but wanted to know how their software was, is it easy to get lines, are you happy, etc.  Thanks. 
Does anyone have any info on Orion good or bad? Thanks.
Good or bad info on Transolutions
I am thinking of trying to get employment with the company Transolutoins out of Lake Bluff, Illinois.  Does anyone know anything good or bad about them?  Now it is saying they start out paying 11.18 to 12.36 cents per line for editing and supervisory positions.  It almost sounds too good to be true.  Does anyone work for them that could help me out?
Anybody have any info on Oracle (OTI) Good or bad?
Need info on Oak Transcription. Good/Bad?

If you have any info good or bad about this company I would appreciate it.  Feel free to email if you don't want to post.


Do a search for them. There is some good info.
Lousy insurance plans, bad platform, etc.
Thanks for info. I think TT is a good company
caught up in a bad situation. From day one I thought that Dictaphone system was crap, and I couldn't believe anyone was productive on it. I was just fortunate to have a good supervisor and found another MT to mentor me through the problems.

I have wished for a long time they would just ADDRESS what is going on, as this silence or the retarded excuses for no work were getting a little ridiculous. Your list explains a lot to me, and you seem to be in the know a little more than the average MT.

Any thoughts for those who stay? Will we be working for Focus or not working at all?
Chronicle Transcripts - Anyone Happy?

I've taken a position with CTI, but I'm kind of worried after reading all the negative posts about the horrible Apex platform.

Is there anyone who works for them who is satisfied?


Chronicle Transcripts and Transform, Inc

Most info I found on these two companies is rather old...Any new info?  The good, bad, and ugly please.  Trying to make an informed decision and find my home :)  TIA

Chronicle Transcripts (CA) and Precyse. Does

anyone have any information to share on either of these two companies?  They are both advertising for current openings.  I'm currently an IC and wondering if there really is a benefit to being employee status?  

Any information on platform, management, QA, etc. would be appreciated.  Easy/hard to meet production quotas?  Pay on time?  I don't need health benefits.

Any information is appreciated.