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looking for info on Phoenix ..sm

Posted By: please see question on 2007-02-10
In Reply to:

I found a job posting for ortho in 2005 and they were paying 9 cpl at that time.  Now they offer 8 cpl???  Only in this job does pay go down each year LOL.  Anyone know what the pay ranges are now?  THANKS!!

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Any new info on Phoenix MedCom

I have looked into the archieves but found nothing recent.  They have a post on this board.  Wondering whether it is worth testing with.  Thanks

Any further info on Phoenix rates, etc.?
Any info would be appreciated!
Info about Phoenix Medcom

Does anyone have info on Phoenix Medcom?

Any info on Phoenix Medical Transcrioption out of NY? nm

Just started with Phoenix Medcom...any info?
I just got back into being an MT and start with Phoenix Medcom on Monday.  Everything seems to be great so far.  Any info would be appreciated!  TIA!!
Phoenix MedCom (looking for up-to-date info)
Does anyone have any up-to-date information on Phoenix MedCom.  I checked archives but everything is very old.  Would current transcriptionists there please share how they like it and if they have enough work and make a good line count. I am trying to make up my mind and really need your input.  Thank you so much for your time.
Any recent info on Phoenix Medcom?
I looked in the archives but everything's a few years old... any feedback would be very much appreciated
Any info on Phoenix MedCom would be greatly appreciated :)
Such as platform, schedule flexibility, payrate, VR, etc. info? Thanks in advance! :)
Phoenix MedCom and Phoenix Transcription in CA are 2 different companies
Phoenix Med is in NY. The posts seem to confuse the two at times.
This is not Phoenix MedCom fromNY...it's Phoenix from California
Phoenix MedCom doesn't pay by gross line.
Do you mean a different Phoenix...Phoenix MedCom doesn't use IM
Maybe a different company?
A to Z in Phoenix? nm
Yes, A to Z in Phoenix
Any info would be helpful. Thanks again.
The company is horrible. They hired me at 8 cents per line. Management sucks. Do not even think about considering working for this company. You will be sorry in the long run............
Does any know about Phoenix? sm
Anybody ever have any experiences good or bad with Phoenix Medical Transcription in California; I think the contact person's name is Susie?  Ad says it pays by gross lines.  Any info would be appreciated!  Thanks in Advance
I had a bad experience with Phoenix Med-com out of New York. They were extremely pushy, made threats to lower our pay when a group of us could not understand a doctor who had a horrible foreign accent, and told us that we were unprofessional.
My experience was TERRIBLE!  They used intimidation, threats, and other hard-nosed tactics to coerce typists in to learning a really bad ESL.  When we all could not learn this doc, they threatened to lower our pay and told us we were unprofessional.  I would not recommend this company to ANYONE.

Phoenix Medcom uses Emdat - lots of work....visit website at www.phoenixmedcom.com.


Phoenix is a wonderful place to work for! They are really good at giving feedback and they do not get mad if ask questions. Work is almost always available. Pay is ALWAYS on time!!! I would recommend them to all who want to work for a good company!
I have been with Phoenix since they first started. I have worked on all programs that they have, being paid with and without spaces. Everything balances out. They are very proud of the work that is sent out to their clients which is a big plus for a company. They are getting new accounts all the time because of the fact that we produce quality work and this is more work for us. Cannot say enough about this company. You won't be disappointed.

How long does it take to do 600 lines without spaces and is the test indicative of the actual work? 

It can take anywhere between 3 to 5 hours, depending on if the system is slow that day, and how rapid you can be filling out the demos. There are some days I get so frustrated because I am a very fast and accurate transcriptionists - use shortcuts, word expanders, etc. but some days no matter how great I push myself I can only get about 167 to 180 lines an hour max. I get so discouraged. Their work is great, so very little ESLs. But I have nothing but good things to say about the company. They are incredibly good people to their associates.
Great company to work for.  Solid, steady work.  Good accounts and easy doctors.  Good pay and bonuses.  Send me a PM if you have questions.
Phoenix Med
Phoenix Medcom is a wonderful company to work for. They are very professional, extremely reasonable, have great work, and the people you will work with are committed to top quality. If you have a question, they always get back to you, but for the most part they leave you alone to do your work. Could not ask for more.
 Yes, Phoenix pays on the button.  I have no complaints about them.

I got Express Scribe to work for their testing and also their work by tweaking some of the settings.

I worked for Phoenix for a few months.  I had no complaints other than the fact I hated the Emdat platform, I just couldn't get my speed up. I did love doing all the OPs, and they leave you alone to do the work. The main reason I left was just because of not liking Emdat, but others don'd mind it.

phoenix office
Phoenix MedCom
I have been an MT for over 25 years and have worked with Phoenix MedCom since the day they started. I have worked with the owners and some of the staff for well over 10 years before they opened up this company. I worked for MQ for less than a month when MQ bought out the old company and would never again. At Phoenix the staff is the best, you can work 24/7, pay is great with bonuses, and there is plenty of work.
Phoenix MedCom
Came to Phoenix after working for 2 large nationals and wouldn't go back for anything! Pay is good, even w/o spaces (headers more than make up for it), accounts are great, staff are helpful. Best place I've found in years!
Phoenix Medcom
Is anyone out there currently working for Phoenix Medcom? Is your experience with the company good? I know they don't pay for spaces, but do the headers and footers REALLY make up for it not being paid for spaces? What type of platform do they use? Is it user friendly? Thanks so much!
Phoenix Medcom
Thanks SO much for the information! They sound great to me; you've helped me to make my decision.
phoenix medcom
I was told by a recruiter they pay by the 65-char line without spaces.
Phoenix MedCom, Inc.!!!
According to Phoenix MedCom's
own web site, Operative reports comprise approximately 80% of our volume. Do they now have clinic work??
Phoenix Medcom
What does anyone know about this company? Anyone working for them/has worked for them that could give me some info? I've been offered a position with them; they pay 10 to 11 cpl, but would like to know something about them from someones who's there or has been there. (Sorry, I can't seem to find any information in archives.) Thanks!
Phoenix Medcom
Nope, no shift differential. I told them I want M-Th or T-F, daytime hours, and they agreed.
phoenix medcom
Great company, I have been with them for over a year
Phoenix MedCom
I took the 2 years ago.  It was the worst test ever!!  I didn't think it would ever end; it was CRAZY long!  I did pass it; however, I ended up going with another company.
Phoenix MedCom or MDI?
Has anyone here worked for either of these companies? If so, did you like working for them?  Any advice would help.  Thanks! 
Phoenix MedCom.
I have been with the company since they started. No complaints at all. Lots of accounts.
Phoenix MedCom
They paid me $15.00 per hour for my training.
Phoenix MedCom
Does anyone work for Phoenix MedCom in NY? They just hired me and sent me tons of paperwork to download which took over a half ream of my paper and I haven't even started the work yet.  Does everybody get this much? Confused. amj
Phoenix comment
I was hired on with this company but decided not to take this job offer because the company I have already been working for has been giving me more work again. So I guess I am really glad not have taken this job with Phoenix after all. amj
Phoenix Medcom

I was wondering if any one has input on Phoenix Medcom.  I sent my resume and they sent me back information.  I am just looking for good/bad from anyone that has worked for them or still does.



Phoenix Medcom

I would recommend anyone to work for Phoenix MedCom.  They just recently had to let me go, but that was not their fault.  They had worked with me extensively to try to get/keep my line count up, and unfortunately for me, I have a psychological disorder that makes it hard for me to do this.  PHOENIX MEDCOM is a VERY good company to work for.  Yes, sometimes they have to be hard-nosed but that's for the good of all.  I don't know what ESL dictator the poster was talking about, but I found their dictators to be good ones! 

Answer their emails, take their tests, you'll be happy you did.---Karina S.

Phoenix Medcom
I worked for them twice with the last time being just a few months ago.  Yes, they don't pay for spaces, but it isn't difficult to get your lines.  They can be hard-nosed about some things, but that's their right as owners.  :)  If you do the job, they pretty much leave you to yourself.  I don't hesitate at all to recommend them.
Phoenix MedCom
Can anyone tell me about Phoenix MedCom?  Pros and cons?  Thanks a bunch!!
Phoenix MedCom
go to www.phoenixmedcom.com and check us out. Set your own schedule.
Phoenix MedCom

Hey out there!  Does anyone have any experience with Phoenix Medcom?  Thank you!

Phoenix MedCom - sm

I believe they do NOT pay for spaces.  Is this still true?  They say competitive line rates but 9-10 cents without being paid for spaces is NOT really good pay. 

Anyone know anything about them, recently?

Phoenix MedCom
Unfortunately, yes, they do not pay for spaces, and pay is 9 cents a 65-character line to start.

I have been working for them for the past 3 months. I had to carefully weigh my options. I choose to work for them for the 9 cents per line without spaces for the following reasons:

1. They are a great company to work for. The people are polite and helpful. No game playing. They respond promptly when you need them.
2. They leave you alone to work. They don't bother you at all.
3. Work is always available. Unlike other companies, you do not run out of work. It is a rare case if you do run out.
4.You work Monday through Friday on your own very flexible schedule. You do not have to work weekends, but you can if you want to, and provided you meet your agreed lines for the week, you get a higher rate for the weekends.
5.Their work is easy. Very few difficult doctors. You can use your ShortHand program, auto text, and template some work, which will bump up your lines.