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Any information on WNC Transcription on job seeker's board?

Posted By: OP on 2007-05-30
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Any info on Orion Transcription? They have a ad on the Job Seeker's board (sm)
I have to get a weekend job and on the Job Seeker's board Orion has an ad for weekend transcriptionists?  Anyone have any info on them...good and/or bad? 
It is on the job seeker's board...Hands-On Transcription for ortho MT
Check out the JAX Transcription place response on job seeker's board. sm

Maybe they ARE for real!!

Go to the Job Seeker's Board, but
SoftScript or you will regret it, I promise. Good luck.
See the job seeker's board. nm
See ad on Job Seeker Board for
Diskriter, looks like they have paid downtime. Don't know anything about them, but I was just on looking at ads and noticed that. Maybe someone will come on and tell you a little more about them.
Did you see this on Job Seeker's board?
Is this the same company?  Hoping to find out something, also, if it is. 
Go to the Job Seeker's Board

If you want to do the work yourself, you can just go to the Job Seeker's Board on this site.  Just about all of the companies who are looking to hire MTs give their minimum requirements.  You can also get the company names there.  Also, some companies have different standards depending on whether it is acute care or clinic, a certain specialty (such as cardiolory or radiology), etc.  That info will also be given in their ads.  So you should be able to get exactly the information you need without waiting for people to reply.  Hope this helps. 

Their ad is the first one on the Job Seeker's board if
They have an ad on the Job Seeker's Board right now.
Look at ads on job seeker's board. Most of them

state what they are looking for and frequently there are posting for all Ops.  You can also post your resume on on the various job boards.  There is usually a space for you to state objectives, you can say you want lots/all ops. 



I don't see them on the job seeker's board.
Several companies on the Job Seeker's Board pay that.
I see 3 right now. I can't say who they are, but they are there.
I think it was Teletrak - still on the Job Seeker's Board.

Job Seeker's Board? There when I look also. Weird! nm
Check the Job Seeker's Board..nm
What company is AL on Job Seeker's Board?
shouldn't this be on job seeker's board? (nm)
It's been deleted from the Job Seeker's board. nm
All the major ones do. Go to Job Seeker's board,
they tell you their benefits.
CMT trainer for MT course on job seeker's board?

Now they want us to give out trade secrets to our international labor partners, aka Asian MTs?  That's like training your successor before you know you are being fired.  The indignities of this profession are piling up....

Job seeker's board *Do not solicit- SM
Copied from job seeker's board: From administrator: MTs outside of the US are restricted from this site. Do not solicit

This is on the job seeker's board at the top.
There is an ad on the Job Seeker Board for MTs with Keystrokes. nm
Try the Job Seeker's Board as there are plenty of jobs there.
there are other jobs boards also, but the Job Seeker's board here holds lots of IC jobs for full time and part time and some have very good pay.
Good employee on the job seeker's board --

If you're interested in working weekends, I see Jessica Reeves from Amerimed has a job posted.  From my experience, she is very good to work for.


The ad on job seeker board is a joke. Do not go to this company if you
want recognition and want to be appreciated.  They do not know the meaning of the words.   Nastiest people I ever worked for, would never work for that pack of thieves again as long as I live.   The higher up the ladder you go, the nastier they are.   
New cardiology job post on job seeker's board....
anybody know what company this is?
Go to the Job Seeker's board and there's a spot to Add Your Resume. nm
Go to the Job Seeker's board and there's a spot to Add Your Resume. nm
See the Focus Infomatic ads on seeker board of 08/06?
4 of the SAME MT ads and 2 of the SAME Editor ads. Can you SEE the nagging emails? Can you HEAR the irritating IMs?

All those ads sent at one blinds me.
Indian company on job seeker's board

MT Work Needed - Happy Singh

I don't know how else to contact admins about this, so can someone look into this?



On the Job Seeker's board, there is a cardiology account

for a company TOS.  Does anyone know what TOS stands for and who they are?? Thanks

Plenty of jobs, just look at Job Seeker's board,
they just don't want to pay anything.
There is no report button on Job Seeker Board.
the add on job seeker's board had several words spelled incorrectly.nm
Search the Job Seeker board and post your resume. (SM)
Then evaluate the results for yourself.
No info about the company, but there is an ad on the second page of Job Seeker's board. nm
Anyone work for Aspen Chloe (job and on job seeker board)? nm
Can anyone tell me what company the recruiter, Carrie Crunk, from the Job Seeker Board is
hiring for?  I would like to know the name of the company before I submit my resume.
I read that post on job seeker's board, and it makes absolutely no sense...sm
Scary to think this is what medical reports might look like coming in from overseas MTs. Thank goodness I'm not an editor...that would irritate the living --- out of me. Quite an embarrassment to those of us in this profession who have worked hard over the years and are proud of what we do.
Anyone apply for the ortho job on Seeker's Board from Diane's Physican's Support Service?..
I was just curious if anyone sent their resume for this job and if you have heard anything?  Or any pros and cons about the company itself? 
If you do a search of this board there is a lot of information available.
The real information is on this board. It gets old

want to see them to see how bad some jobs really are as opposed to the rosy picture recruiters paint when you apply.  There isn't much positive posting here, which I find interesting, but it's probably from fear of attack from the nay-sayers.  There is good and bad about every company and this board gives me the option of seeing the worst from the disgruntled MTs.  I can stay where I am and be just as unhappy as some people are everywhere else.  In this economy, I'm thankful I have a job, thankful I don't have to get dressed up and waste gas going to an office somewhere.  You realize a lot of people think we have it made and would give anything for our jobs, no matter how bad we may think they are.  These attacks are silly but go right along with all the negativity at their jobs; some people are not happy nor satisfied even if they're hung with new ropes. 

are you serious? This board is for MTs to get information about companies from personal experience.
Anyone have any information about Transcription At Its Best?
No one seems to have any info on other boards I've tried???
Any information about RC Transcription nm
Does anyone have information on Paladin Transcription
in California?  Do they pay on time? 
Any information on USA Medical Transcription, Inc.
I would just like to know how they pay and if they are good to work for. Thanks.
Probity Transcription information please. SM ...
I couldnt' find anything on them in the archives.  The list a B and With 65 character line, what is that?  Do they outsource?  Do you have to do any editing from India?  Any information appreciated.  Thank you.
Any information on Hands-On Transcription? nm...
Any information about X-Press Transcription?
Wondering how they do their pay structure?  Do you have dedicated accounts?  Are they a good company?  Their website doesn't offer very much information regarding this.  They do specialize in radiology, so I would like to have more information if at all possible.  Thank you in advance.