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Any tips on how to survive working at Transcend?

Posted By: need help on 2009-10-03
In Reply to:

I just got sold to them and my friend has given me a lot of words of warning.  Anybody have any suggestions on survival? 

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We heard Transcend is buying Keystrokes next. I'm not working for Transcend. No Way !
Currently working for Transcend, luv it
Come on somebody, thinking about working for Transcend ?? nm
Frustration working at Transcend.

Anybody out there still employed with Transcend, who is frustrated right now????   Well, I am for sure.  Seems no matter how hard you try or how much effort you put into correcting the errors in report, they still complain about quality.  Maybe it is this way everywhere, I don't know.  I am just really frustrated, especially because their pay is pretty bad.  Only 4 cpl for editing jobs.  I spent all day doing editing jobs and I figure I made about $40 that day.  Wow, then I can plan on making about #200 a week or so.  I have tried so hard to stay the course and keep hoping things will get better, but so far they are not. 

Anybody out there want to add a comment.   

Frustration working at Transcend
It is a shame to see such a great place to work become so bad. It was fantastic 3 years ago but since VR has taken over the employees are dropping like flies. They are going to be left with very few employees - is anyone left there? Would the last person out please shut the door!
Frustration working at Transcend, same here
I am in the same boat as you. I have been working for them for almost 2 years and was promise a pie in the sky salary when I started. I haven't even been offered a raise yet. I get very discouraged because I work as hard as I can and even work extra on my days off. I wish they had a mentoring program to help others learn how to make the $900 per pay period that they require for you to be a full-time employee. From what I have read in the labor laws production workers are suppose to get paid the difference to make up for what they are not making, as far as minimum wage goes.
I have been working for Transcend for about 3 months.

They paid me an hourly rate for the training phone call, then straight production.  I was only allowed to do 5 reports a day.  I stayed on QA for about 2 weeks.   Some of the posters on this board claim that they did not have to wait that long. 

They do pay on time.  I do run out of work quite a bit during my shift, however, on weekends it picks up quite a bit. 

Very intelligent response. If she was not working for Transcend, she would
not be their recruiter.
Which did you like working for--Webmedx, Transcend or Softscript?
Any opinions? 
if you can do that and survive then sm
great for you. Some of us have to work and work these shifts to survive so don't knock those of us that do. also don't gripe when you aren't working at all.
I'd never survive on BIMONTHLY pay....
It's sometimes a struggle with biweekly pay when something unexpected comes up, but I'd never survive on bimonthly. Ouch.
No, actually I don't - I'm too busy trying to survive to worry about
You need a reality check, girl and you still haven't said what YOUR name is. Credibility, you know!
Trying so hard to survive here and need VR advice

I have recently started with a company and they do VR.  It's requiring a lot of retyping.  I think someone who is not conscientious might make a little money because they can rip through it and not fix things..................but I am fixing everything and being very careful.  I am about to quit...........but before I do.........I am wondering if I could just ask for more pay.  I do not hate the work.  I hate the money that I'm not making. 

What is the rate for VR that a company should be willing to pay to someone with excellent skills? 


Ability to survive - the BIG issue too is sm
the line rate, the line production requirement not JUST whether there is work at night, which shift etc. It is the LINE RATE OFFERED. Does not matter if you even have plenty of work on whatever shift if it pays pennies a line.

1000 lines a day, 125 lines an hour, say 4 cents that is $40 bucks a day,
5 cents a line $50 bucks a day ($6.25 an hour)
They are going to require much more, if not, get a letter, plus lose insurance.

They will want more like 2250 lines a day at 4 cents a line, at $90 a day x 5 days equal $450 a week ($900 per pay period)

I cannot image that on Beyond TXT platform (or any other). I'm WORTH much more.
Heck, NO!! I'd never survive on minimum wage. nm
Well, here we go...time for another survey. Anyone out there love their job and able to survive on .
what they make. I am totally burned out on broken promises, dreams and expectations when I have taken jobs. Recruiters hype their company up but then they never live up to it. All I am asking for is a job with regular work every day when I am assigned to work and decent benefits. Is this impossible to find? Have any of you found such a thing? If so, let me hear from you.
revolving door. can't survive. don't bother. nm
Well, it looks like we have about 5 years to survive in fhis industry if all goes as they expect it
will. Of course I remember 15 years ago IBM said everything would be speech recognition within a few years and here we are today getting into it. They will still need editors believe me. The mistakes are phenomenal that I see by speech recognition unless the doctors who keep making less and less will now take their time to read the reports. Yeh, all they do now is work all the time as insurance companies keep reducing pay and the government.
I have to. Hubby is unemployed and it's our only income right now...can't survive on unemploym
why should you feel bad? I am a firm believer in you gotta do what you can to survive
and I am also considering a job with them. I need the money and the benefits and they have offered me more than any place else, so far.
No the driving force if the MT in transcription. Without the MT the technology couldnt survive.

I have done enough ASR, etc. to tell you that there is no way that technology could survive on its own or any other technology that we have today as well.  The way these people dictate I guarantee you there will always be a need for MTs.  There arent enough doctors now to go around.  Do you really think they are going to sit there and type the reports or care how they look.  They are working twice as hard now for less money. 

It doesn't matter if you never get the same dictator again - utilize your word Expander by entering words, phrases, and text in chunks. You don't have to use it just for normals.

You should hardly type out any word or phrase fully - use that expander.

YES, it makes that kind of difference!

If you are a perfectionist, you need to decide on where your balance will be. What does your company call for in quality standards? Meet that standard, by all means, but make sure you are not going for overkill on the quality while you are only getting 3 reports a day typed. Proofread as you type, following 3 to 5 words behind.

Some are just faster at typing, period. Some are more knowledgeable so they have to research less.

It sounds like, from your post, that really increasing your Word Expander usage and maybe not being so obsessed over perfect reports will help you raise your production.

You can do it.
Thank you for the tips -sm-
I am sure the knowledge will come in handy for me sometime.
Now do you see why your tips

there are no more posts defending your tips for a resume.  You should be ashamed of yourself exposing applicants in such a way on this board.  This company you represent is definitely off my list.  What a scam.  You couldn't even post the link correctly, yet you are on here giving tips for resumes. 

These MTSOs are a dime a dozen...  I did read on your website that you always hire the best MTs, but I guess you fall short on recruiters, huh? 

Thank you for those tips, they will help.

What company is QT??? Q-Tips?

Speed tips on VR
MG - WOW!  can you tell me how you achieve such a great line count with VR?  That is incredible.  I have worked on eScription before and am now on Dolbey which is similar.  I am starting to get used to using the function keys and not the mouse but I wonder if you could share some speed building tips?  Thanks!
speed tips
I speed up the audio enough to still hear it but to be able to get through it faster. If i run into something I am not sure of, i just slow it down. I use ALL of the shortcut keys I can as well and run the spellcheck! :)
Yes, that is the platform but tips
not really, just very good, almost no errors at all on the reports and I had all VR all day today, love it. Use the mouse, just used to it.
I think they are taking tips from the Q then.

Either that or my QA person is moonlighting and working at #2 on the side.


work at home tips

I found that I had to be mean.  No, I cannot babysit, take you places, loan you money etc..... I am working....... I found family to be the worst.  The husbands and significant others think they are exempt from this.  Call a million times a day.  Honey do you want to go..... with me and it is always during working hours.  They have odd working schedule and do not understand we have to work set hours.  I got a lot more done when I started being firm with people.

We use dial up so of course the phone is always busy but they are not afraid to use the cell phone.  Be firm and stick to your guns.  I found the best thing was having set hours because otherwise the DH wanted me to go everywhere with him on his days off.  I wonder how they would feel if the situation was reversed. 

Good luck to you


Tips on the application process
Good morning! Never give any information not asked for. If they don't ask if you have books, don't tell them. There are so many ways of researching on-line until you get the books that you would have been fine. Never, never say what you won't do until you actually talk to the recruiter after testing and they see you are going to be a quality employee. Then when you're specifically asked about scheduling during your job offer, say you'd prefer not to work Sundays. During the application process, when they ask if you are willing to work weekends, I always put yes, but for me this means Saturday. During my job interview/offer, that's when I let them know I prefer Sundays off. Maybe this will help for next time, along with prayer. (Oh please Father, I want this job, please, please, please). lol

I've worked for 3 different companies in the last 12 years and have always received replies to a job opening. The next time you apply, send a followup email the next day on the status of your application. I did this the very next day with all three companies. That is not being pushy...it's just letting them know you seriously want this job and are excited to know your status. Good luck, Dreamer! :)
Editscript tips and shortcuts?
Does anyone have any tips and/or shortcuts for increasing productivity on escription's editscript software?  Any assistance appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
MTSO has some resume tips

(Not sure if this is best board for my message but here goes.)

Am just a small business MTSO owner who posted a couple IC work opportunities on the job board the other day.  No problems there.  Had absolutely tons of responses and appreciate every person that sent a resume.  We're evaluating some very good candidates as a result of the ads and appreciate the MTStars boards for this venue.

However, after seeing the quality of resumes we received I just feel the need to give out a bit of advice to those MTs who are pasting resumes into their email response in hopes of getting a call back from an employer with a job opening.

A lot of resumes we received were clearly written and easy to read at first glance (those are the ones we kept).  However, most were not.

Because of this Iíd like to offer a few resume tips to new and seasoned MTs when sending an email resume through the email pasting process.

Again, the purpose for my post is just my opinion and to alert some MTs that their resumes were so horrible to read, so completely convoluted and jumbled up that it would take days to decipher/separate the MT/transcription skills from the past employment, unrelated past jobs, and skills useless to transcription work, etc. 

Also, with the resumes we received over the past few days it was really hard to get through most of them to find out which sender had the best match with the skills we were looking for.  I've utimately had to just delete a lot of them because of not clearly seeing that from the paragraphs that went on and on, naming everything kind of work experience they ever had that is totally, completely, and useless when applying for this kind of work.

There are really good reference materials out there for doing a resume, but I have to say most of those setups are for job resumes that get printed and do need to have some relevant paragraphs relating to the job they're applying for.  These transcription positions are a completely different situation.

Therefore, I'd like to humbly offer my MTSO two-cents worth of advice to folks pasting resumes:

1) Resumes should never use the word I in any part of the resume.  It's not a letter, you should not refer to yourself in the first person.  Your resume is almost supposed to read like a 3rd party presentation.
2) Get rid of absolutely anything on that resume that is irrelevant to the type of transcription work for which you are applying. 
3) Get rid of old job listings.  No MTSO can possibly care that 10 years ago you worked at Burger King!
4)  Make LISTS of skills -- bullet, dash, arrow, anything to highlight your skills so the reader can quickly skim through that list.
5)  DO NOT write paragraphs as a mixture of employers, experience, and skills.  It's just too hard to read through those.
6) Please dont list E-V-E-R-Y course you ever took in your MT training program.  We don't care!  If you completed a training it's hoped you had those courses.  And, these course names don't take the place of experience.  Just don't do this. 

6) You don't have to list E-V-E-R-Y piece of computer equipment and reference marterial you own.  MTSOs assume you have the needed gear when you apply.  You might list a few to validate you have what the MTSO requires, but again make it a short list not a paragraph.  
7)  Applicants should send a resume that first of all is a match for what experience the job post says it's looking for.  Ortho is ortho, ENT is ENT, psychology is psychology (not psychiatry), and so on. 

8)  Past employers are extremely important; however, when applying for work via email I wouldn't list any of them at all at first.  If the employer is interested they will let you know that they would like your references. 
9) Best test for your resume:  Paste your resume into an email and send it to yourself.  You will see how you come across

CONCLUSION:  Most MTSOs just want the facts, Ma'am. 

In my opinion, a short and sweet resume is the best way to help an MTSO manager make a decision in determining if an applicant has the skills needed for the type of work they need help with, then to encourage that call back to the MT for the next step--work/test, whatever the MTSO hiring process is. 

I would like to encourage MTs to think about fixing up their resumes.  To that end, Iíve gone ahead and humbly posted a link to a sample bare-bones resume format that works very well when pasting into emails. 

Hope this is of some help to anyone who wants to improve their resume appearance and ensure a better response to their online email job applications.  Hope this is of some help out there.  Itís not all the answers and solutions, but again just my thoughts. 

Hereís the link to the document, it is just from my website.  Just click on the link below -- or paste into a browser address bar and press ENTER -- the file should automatically open in Word.


Iíd be happy to answer any emails regarding this.  Marcia - Data-Med Transcription, Inc.  (http://www.data-mt.com)

EditScript 8-speed tips?

I recently started VR editing in Editscript 8.  Im using the alt-k and alt-shift-k options...slowly.  LOL  What seems to slow me up is adding in commas and such, which those options don't seem to help with.  Anyhow, after three days I am at a blinding speed of something like 220 lines an hour.

Anybody have any tips to increase ease and speed, or does it just take time, or does it never happen! 

It's very slow. If you have any tips on speed,
Need tips for converting PRD for DOS to Shortcuts for Windows, please. sm

How can I best start "cleaning up" a copy of my beloved PRD for DOS  to make for a less-hassle conversion to Shortcut for Windows?  Many of the headers in my PRD have special DOS characters for bolding, and I don't think they will be useable.   For many of my glossary entries, I use slash marks (i.e., cad/ for coronary artery disease).  Are the slash marks a problem in Shortcut?  If so,  what's a good character to substitute (a "q" maybe??).  Thanks for any suggestions.  I'm trying to make this conversion in a month just a tiny bit sane.

Any tips on handling recruiters who may not be honest?
I am just getting a weird feeling from a recruiter.  The recruiter told me three different starting rates of pay and asked me to tell her what she quoted two days ago.  I asked what percentage of MTs stay with them for a year.  She avoided the question.  The recruiter also could not explain the pay scale. Are recruiters required to be honest?  I find it hard to believe that she was being dishonest.  Maybe I am paranoid.  Do they generally care about the company they work for, or their job is done once they hire the MT?
Just want to say thank you to those helpful MTs with tips for remember certain things!!! nm


Resume Tips & Tricks for Seasoned MTs!!!
We should all add these qualities to our resumes.  It's what they expect anymore anyway:


- An outstanding ability to take muddy, garbled jibber-jabber and severely fractured English in 155,000 dilects and turn it into unbelievably beautiful transcription, with no blanks!


- Oh, and don't worry, Mexican, Cuban, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Indian, or even rabid auctioneer doctors who speak so fast they could not understand them self on a play back . . .  no problemo!  It doesn't matter, because I am so good if it sounds remotely close with even one syllable barely audible or intelligible I will struggle until I get it.  I do this eagerly because I know you are selling me pride in my work, not a decent wage and because I dread your miserable QA autopsy of my work.


- Will work as hard as a slave for $3 an hour average with a college degree on the most gut-wrenching work you have, and all this without an occasional can of salve for the whip marks on my back.


- Will also fill in hundreds of entries for free on patient information, courtesy copies and researching things like how to spell Waccamaw even if I don't live in South Carolina.  Things  doctors could spell, or dictate clearly but won't because they are too lazy. 


- I will also run those dates of service through my magic crystal ball formula to know when the doctor says The patient was seen today, I should look back on the ADT screen and see when he dictated it to know what he means by when it was dictated.  I will do it because you will bonk me on the head and tell me, It's your job to do this for free!


While I am at it, I will run a medical quality assessment through my head to see if it sounds logical and reasonable for all medical sciences and diagnoses.  I will happily verify those medication dosages are correctly dictated because even if the doctor has been to medical school and I haven't . . . I should identify that 325 mg of Coreg will kill someone and correct it!  Again because, It's my job, to run around behind doctors and wipe their butt for free!!!  I'm happy to do that, even if I haven't had the benefit of medical school because . . . . yes, I'm that good baby!!


- And at the end of two or three years of struggling to make a wage above the poverty level learning all this garbage, if you find some foreigner will do my job cheaper to make you more money, don't sweat it!  Just fire me . . . in a conference call with 101 of my coworkers in mass humiliation.  No problem!

Thanks for the tips! Think I'll avoid them like the plague! :) nm
Applicant has Some Ad Posting Tips for Data-Med
Hey, I applied for a job with your company. Here are some tips for you:

1. My first reaction was disgust at having to cut and paste my resume into the MT Stars form. Why couldn't you let the applicants send an email to your address so all the wonderful bullets and neat formatting that you requested (that actually most of your applicants probably had in their resumes) would stay clean and easily readable? It always seems very lame to me when companies won't even supply an email address--and suspicious. I've been scammed into free work on this board before. No email address means to me a red flag. And I despise posting my resume into that form.

2. The link to your web site on the MT stars template is broken. I don't know if you're aware of that or not. But, again, it was another red flag for me. Either you didn't have much attention to detail or you were a scammer.

Just some helpful information.
great tips!! I'm going to check out CoolTimer... nm
Any tips/hints/advice, fellow MTs???

I am posting to ask my fellow MTs for some tips/hints/advice/suggestions.

I'm starting a new position tomorrow which uses the Meditech platform.

Yes, I know MediTech is rather antiquated, clunky, and a general pain.  It's the version where one cannot type into Word and paste into MediTech; everything has to be typed directly into MediTech.

It's been EONS since I've used MediTech and I'm going to be very rusty.  Does anyone have any quick tips, hints, or refreshers they can throw my way to make my transition back into time a bit less stressful? 

I appreciate anything you guys can offer


Cheryl Flanders' Tips '.N Techniques

Does anyone know if this is compatible with Word 2007?

Thank you (as always).


Tips for Handling Offensive Posts -- SM

If you find a post offensive:

Read a post that offends you?  Make sure you think about what is upsetting about it.  Is it personally upsetting or is it against posting guidelines? 

If it is just upsetting for you, my advice:  Ignore it.  Don't respond.  If you respond, you are feeding that opinion and it will more than likely incur another post, etc.

If it is against posting guidelines, report it using the REPORT THIS MESSAGE button.  Or, copy the URL and send to me in an email (cher@mtstars.com).

Remember, that just because you dislike a post does not warrant its removal.  You must be responsible for what you read and post for yourself.  If a certain poster gets under your skin, don't read his/her posts.  Just ignore those posts.  Don't allow yourself to be drawn into a tit-for-tat argument that ends up getting you into trouble along with others.  Be responsible for yourself. 



Anone out here with JLG willing to share tips on how to speed production (sm)
I'm new at JLG as part time, only a few weeks old.  What do you do to speed up production.  I'm learning two new things at once, JLG and Instant Text and feeling like I'm exceedingly slow.  I'm not a new MT, been doing it for over 10 years now.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  You can even email me if you want.  TIA 
Go on Spheris private board. Lots of tips
Isn't that the truth! Do these "resume tips" apply to oversees too? sm
Because they sure get our jobs..... 
Ditto.. Over 13 years experience working in hospitals doing all types of reports, currently working
for a national etc.. and Spheris told me I didnt have the qualifications. What cracked me up was the hospital I was working at at the time contracted some of our work out to them.. What a joke..I was good enough to work for a hospital and gave them work, yet not qualified enough for them. What is wrong with this picture.
MQ same situation. No pay for working holidays, no pay for working weekends nothing. Now noone works
much anymore and so they jerk the work out of the accounts to some place that throws it back with a lot of bad bad quality. This is the NE region. I dont know what the others are doing.