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As a shift lead I made $15 an hour, but did QA plus lead duties...

Posted By: passing through on 2007-05-09
In Reply to: Question for Lead MTs out there: Are most of you paid - Liz

I also worked terrible hours with no differential for them. I think it just matters on the company.

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Shift lead

MTs were required to transcribe during our shift, and the shift lead part will now be handled by the team leader.  I have a good line rate and am happy to be typing, no problems here.  They are still a good company to work for.

At my co, I would make $5 per hour LESS to be a lead vs. production pay. nm
Not anymore. I was talking to my lead yesterday and she has made a decision to not come here. sm

I for one would not want to be an MTSO.  I know that they have to be thick-skinned, but it has to be horrible to be called out by name and have horrible things said about you.

I think that there are too many small companies out there with many more problems than Keystrokes has ever had except maybe in the beginning but as they are not known, you do not hear about them.

I know that she wants Keystrokes to be a personal service and her transcriptionists and clients appreciate this, but it is a fine line to walk.  In the 4 years that I have worked for the company, I have had a lot of personal contact with her because I call her.  We all have her phone number and she makes time if you need her.  When you talk to her, she makes time and does not rush you and really listens to suggestions.

I am afraid that with all the negative all the time, that Keystrokes will become like the other services, and that is not what I want to see.  Lee is a wonderful person to work for, and unless you have walked in her shoes, you should not criticize.  She is obviously doing something right with the growth and the happy employees but it is impossible to please everyone all of the time.

The biggest criticism that I can make about Keystrokes is that she hangs on to people too long, always listening to the sob story and feeling sorry for everyone that comes to her with a problem.  There are plenty of employees that stayed past their usefulness, including both of the last two HR managers and a few cherry-pickers on my account.

I, for one, would rather work for someone that is caring and involved, than be a number somewhere.  If there are growing pains and changes, I just ride them out.  As long as any company continues to grow, they will have changes, otherwise they would not grow and improve.  I really think the major bumps in the road are behind Keystrokes, and having talked to Lee in the past, I am in for the long haul.

? for any lead at Keystrokes. What does a lead do?

Do they do QA, mentor, or ....? 

You can e-mail me privately if you like. 

Some of us choose neither to lead, nor be lead!
I guess I just don't have that 'pack mentality'.
Are you a lead or IC? Only getting 8 here!

you are a lead?
I can't believe that.
TO KS MT and KS LEAD - sm
I am not a basher, but I just wonder that EVERYTIME a thread about Keystrokes is started, one or both of you come on here and JUMP down the throat of ANY poster, calling them bashers. What do you call your attitudes and responses? Surely, if Keystrokes is the wonderful company you say it is, it shouldn't need to be defended the way you both do it (which sounds suspiciously like management talking), and would stand on their reputation? I have to say, I don't work there, never have, so don't accuse me of lying or not cutting it, but both your attitudes leave a bad taste about how things really are behind the scenes. You seem to be doing more harm than good for Keystrokes by the tone of your posts. Makes an outsider wonder what you both are protesting so much about?
I am a KS lead
I do not assign the work on my account. The facility routes the work to us. Cannot speak for other accounts that I do not work on. However, as has been said before, I find Keystrokes to be honest and pro-transcriptionists.
Then don't become lead
and you will continue to love it. Leads are the ones who are verbally abused by management at the whim of whatever account they are over.
I don't know but seems she was a lead in name only nm
Maybe it's your lead. sm
Email me, I will help. I have a great relationship with Becky and Karyn and sometimes they don't know if they leads don't tell them. I am a lead, and busy as can be on my accounts, so I could use you if no other accounts. I also know that there are always new accounts, three in my area alone in the last 2 weeks with 4 more going live in April. I will try to help.
KS Lead
Thank you for your response. Do you know anything about the ExText platform? Is it easy to use, fast in performing various functions, with few technical problems? I've seen pro and con on ExText and only know that it uses a different pedal. Do not know how it compares to other platforms.
KS Lead
Sorry - just to clarify, did you mean ExText was compatible with Shorthand, or only the ones you mentioned for radiology?
To KS Lead...(sm)
I was just wondering why KS does not pay any bonuses - such as quarterly bonus, if you do more lines than required, or anything besides base pay for lines typed.  I know they don't pay overtime, but have they ever considered any incentives for doing more than required lines?  They seem like such a great company to work for, and the incentives really do work, was just curious. Appreciate your input.
Who is your Lead?

Lead MT elimination
I hope the lead MTs stuck together and told Medware where to put their offer of transcription and/or reviewing.  There are better companies out there who will pay more! And will treat you better. 
As a former OSi team lead.....
I will say that the main reason I left the company is because I knew it was not right to ask people to work extra when they could not report it on their time sheets.  And, yes, an account coordinator, has definitely recently asked people to work extra but not report it.  This has been going on a long time.  Time should be recorded as time actually working not what you put on a time sheet.  That is ridiculous.  The majority of my MT's did work extra but did they get paid overtime?  No!  This is SO not right!!!   ');>
she did it while a team lead too
Maybe talk to your lead and ask....
how it works? Don't you see the job numbers and what order they come in if it's in a pool? What kind of account is this for, acute or clinic? I would honestly ask and let her know you're not happy about with this.
Thanks, Jo...I am going to just ask my lead tomorrow (sm)
As I explained to anon2 above, I am on Meditech with a C-Phone so the ER accounts on that platform might be more limited...but I'm going to ask..Thanks again!
Conversation with my lead. sm
I had a long conversation with my lead a few days ago and then talked to her again this morning. She told me that Keystrokes is concentrating on employee relations above all else and that is why the benefits have been changing/improving, why there has been so much positive feedback, etc. I have never had a problem in the 2 years that I have been there, but she says that they are working to make things even better.

I know that they have a lot of new accounts coming on and a lot of people that will need to be hired. They are working on the health insurance changes and increasing some of the other benefits in order to get some of the MTs that are disgusted with other companies.

They want to be the best out there, and they have my vote!
I have never posted before! Must be another lead. nm
I'm totally with you, KS Lead
It is absolutely ridiculous and IGNORANT to call someone a moron or any other name just because they stated a fact that you don't like or don't want to believe. I have been with KS for several months, and it is the absolute truth that they have gotten SEVERAL new accounts recently, and more are coming in. A lot of the new accounts are coming from other companies that they are very unsatisfied with or do not want their work being outsourced outside of the US. I know this for a fact because I have one of the newer accounts as a backup, and I was given several new accounts to choose from as my backup! It sounds to me like some people are just plain jealous of people who are happy with their jobs/companies because they are miserable with theirs, so they resort to immature name-calling on this board for no reason at all, other than to show off their immaturity and ignorance. All I have to say is GET A LIFE! If you don't like or don't agree with something that someone posted, then simply ignore the post! This board was meant for people to come on to get information on companies, not calling each other names like we are in the 2nd or 3rd grade! This will be the last time I post on this board as well...ever.
Are you the KS Lead that goes to the higher ups?

If the higher ups are telling you they are getting 20 accounts, they are probably counting each dictator on one account!  Would that make sense!  I'm being sarcastic.  Is it working?  LOL  Think, people, think!!!  LOL  - laughing at this whole thread.  It is hysterical!  I LOVE THIS BOARD!!!   

If Keystrokes was so fantabulous, they wouldn't need to post on here to hire!!!!!!! 

Get real. KS LEAD
Get over myself? Sheese, you sound just like the quality-type folks I had to deal with at KS.

Perhaps you were a miserable recruiter, which is why you felt the people you were supposed to be luring to a position with your company were 'the most miserable group of people in the world.' Sweet attitude.

If one is considered 'difficult to work with' because they value their time and ability, then, yeah, I suppose I am 'difficult.' Better that than an unhappy doormat.

Not that it matters, but with my experience, I got seven job offers within 48 hours of sending out my resume. I'd heard such great stuff about KS on this board (and only this board oddly enough) that I took that position.

The so-called trainer they hooked me up with was a complete tool. The platform was a joke and the trainer had no idea how to answer my questions.

Simply enough, I moved on and found a company without the 'tude. (And without the cut in pay.)

Obviously you love KS. Obviously I don't.
Deal with it.
My lead at TTS is a manager at

a different company too. She hasn't been at TTS long but can never be found either.
Yes, these are definitely questions that you need to ask your lead
Not on here. That is why we have leads.
Sorry, there is no lead on this account yet,
otherwise, I would have asked.

Have you talked to your lead? sm
My accounts are busy. They were slow for 2 weeks but picked up, asking for extra help through this week!
My lead was nice...
What exactly is a Team Lead?
team lead
You have it all figured out. How can I even respond to such brilliance. Until you understand what my job entails and how much I'm paid, might be smarter just to stay quiet. You know about 1% of what I do for Cardioscribes.
Team Lead Help
So, if you don't mind me asking, to make sure I go the proper route, when you say team lead, are you referring to our STM? I have not been with the company very long and I am not familiar with the position of a team lead. I plan to take your advice. Please email me if you would rather communicate that way. Thank you.
okay management or lead or whatever...

I was a lead at KS 2 years ago...sm
and I put in my lines like everybody else on my team. Unless you are in a very large account you can't make a living without putting in lines yourself, and not all of their accounts are huge. Just my experience.
peronally, I'm trying to become a lead - sm
I hear they have all the luck of the draw! I'd work 24/7 for that kind of 'in.'
Response to team lead

You say that you contact everyone who is assigned to you - maybe the short circuiting is happening in HR. Someone is offered a job and then the HR person doesn't forward appropriat paperwork or email to the necessary people.

That's bull...sorry..but I'm team lead and
spread it elsewhere
Your team lead/boss

In general, do your bosses respond to your e-mails with questions about your accounts, etc? My boss does not answer any e-mails. All of my e-mails have been our accounts and not just B.S.

Attention lead person at KS
Listen up here! Instead of asking MTs on a board to give up someone's initials, why don't you just go through all the tests that have been taken and passed, and see what or when jobs were offered. Do your own internal inventory and grow up and become a professional.
I am a Keystrokes Lead MT and this person
obviously is not, even if just for the reason that we are not called Team Leads. My title is Lead Transcriptionist.
Is MDI-Fl the one that hires a lead person(sm)
on new accounts when they take over?  Local hospital employees just got 1 week notice - no severance from hospital and were offered positions with MDI, just wasn't sure which one.  Pretty sure it was the Fl. one though.  
Reply from Keystrokes Lead
I converted it to Keystrokes because that is how I have always mentally figured things. However, with your numbers the keystrokes does come out to 78,000 (for 65cpl). That is a high minimum when the average firm is 1000-1100 a day. Just my 2 cents -- My decision if I want to pursue a job with such a high minimum, but thanks for your input.
Question for Lead MTs out there: Are most of you paid
an extra cpl for being Lead or are you paid a flat rate in addition to what you type or are you paid nothing additional but the title?  TIA
I think I will ask my lead tomorrow...I sure hope so..(sm)
the only thing is, I think it depends on what platform you're on...I am on Meditech and use a C-Phone.  I think there might be more accounts with other platforms...maybe ExText has more accounts on them so they are able to give people on there more than one..I don't know how it works but I sure am going to ask.  I would love a backup ER account! 
Watch out - KS LEAD to the rescue!
Please be careful on here because anyone who says anything bad against Keystrokes will have Jo or KS LEAD or I guess there are a few others, stating things like Wrong!  If they are so busy with new accounts, why do they constantly come on here to defend poor Keystrokes that are Meditech lovers.  LOL - I just have to laugh.   
Then please feel free to go away, KS Lead.
I'm an OSi team lead but can't leave
but I can leave OSi and have received 2 job offers that I'm mulling over right now. I have to make a decision by tomorrow before the jobs are snapped up by someone else. They are running out of spots for new hires.
Can lead a horse to water....D&L

I can understand you're still working for D&L because I too have never been one to jump on the bandwagon.  It is my own mistake not to have abandoned ship on D&L back when all the signs were saying GET OUT NOW!!!  I remained loyal to this company and worked my butt off for them.

In the end, what did it get me and everyone who stuck around doing what they could?  Nothing except a string of financial crises, ignored calls & emails, empty promises as they dumped their financial dilemma on me and the rest of us.

D&L still owes me for work done from June-July.  They haven't yet paid their original set of MTs that worked the hospital account.  They lied to us for weeks and suddenly owned up to the situation with the Oh Well email filled with promises of making good on pay.

....We are told that the payment will be honored when represented our bank has delayed availability of those funds until Thursday 07/19/07. Once those funds are made available we will immediately issue checks to anyone effected by this situation. We apologize for this unfortunate event and will expedite payments once funds are made available......

Here it is September 9th already, still no check.

Sorry to say, but what makes you think they have any intention of making good on YOUR check(s)?

Seriously, it's in your own best interest to find other employment quickly and not waste another minute working for free or you too shall suffer a financial crisis that will take months to recover from.

Good luck in your job hunt.

To quote Donna directly......It is what it is


And it isn't a pay "delay" it is lead time (sm)
  It must be Monday!!