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As you are probably well aware, ink jet cartridge are not cheap these days...

Posted By: lots of things to consider on 2007-02-27
In Reply to: would you - Michele

I'd have to know more details, such as exactly how many pages per month would you be printing.  I hardly print anything at all and I find my cartridge drying up on a monthly basis....

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Transcend does not pay for anything. Cheap, cheap,
and nasty. This editing stuff is horrible and it might guarantee a job in the future, but you will be better off on welfare than trying to spend the time fixing the stuff that it spits out. The program does not work half the time and never has worked right but they will never fix it so it does work, so don't even bring the subject up. If you work there just keep your mouth shut or you will be in the dog house the rest of your career. You might make mistakes in typing or editing, but you cannot even see what you typed before you send it in, but you are responsible for it (you type in the blind). Of course you can pull up the AI sheet and print it and keep it at your desktop, but who needs to thumb through 56 pages of instructions to find how to do 1 simple thing.

This place is really the bottom of the barrel and QA is horrible. Training is even worse.

Transcend, do not even bother to respond to me. I am quitting anyway, but you really need to let everyone know that your rah, rah, rah team stuff is just talk and nothing is ever done to make the job easier.
That is what I just said. !0 days PTO, period. That includes vacation, sick days and personal days
They should have paid holidays so that you are paid if you take off. Also should inculde extra hours for sick days and personal days.

That annual raise of .002 is kind of a joke especially when at the same time they upped the minimum line requirement from 10,000 lines to 12,000 lines.

OSi just does not have the qualified people in management positions that I wish to work for.

I am glad that you are happy at OSi and all is working out for you. Their dishonesty and the way they treat people just does not work for me.

Of course they can get by cheaply by hiring unqualified people so that is very good for the owners.
It's about cheap now
Cheap to us, that is. The middle man profits and the competition from the Third World has made working for many MT companies sweatshops. They deny that, but it is exactly what they are. I've come to believe some of these companies are downright sociopathic.

My guess? Many of these companies are living nicely off our backs without a clue about everyday trials of transcription. The ones that aren't are having to compete with the sicko ones and the result is the same. I think it is going to backfire big-time someday, too, but I'm not sure what it will take or how long it will take. But I do know American MTs, American patients and even some American healthcare providers are becoming equally pissed and fed up with these slick-talking brokers.

I agree your best bet is get your own clients or go back to a hospital. If you go back to a hospital, become the MT manager and make it a policy not to off-shore, diligently audit and have a way to trace, then press charges if they do. Even better, contract out to individual MTs or let MT employees work from home. It's exactly what I plan to do and hope the trend continues.

I have been getting a lot of Indian work from various clients to re-do. I was hoping that perhaps if enough of them have to pay for it twice, at least once at American rates, they will see that they are getting about what they pay for sending it to other countries. One can dream...
too cheap
That is sad, but some will work for that. You are QA, hold your head up high girl. If you continue to work for that kind of money, you really hurt us all
Actually, that is cheap. Most places much more. nm
Yes they are very cheap & you can e-mail
64 bucks a DAY? Not very cheap! Especially
However, if you are willing to sell yourself cheap,
Axoltl very cheap
If I recall last year at this time it was about $100 per paycheck for family coverage. Left in the spring so not sure what is up now.
Medscribe horridable and cheap

No wonder they are constantly hiring.  Maybe they should try to keep what they have. 

cards are cheap... and so is the thought.
Offshore, cheap, bad management. nm

boss hires cheap MTs
This is the deal. The boss hires cheap labor and for whatever you get paid, you turn all these lousy typists into perfect products. They might get paid 6 cents a line, slave wages and whatever you get paid... she/he gets a crew of professionals out of nothing. Same happens to me but I think yours is hiring out of a school or promising to train them.
If Indian labor is so cheap, how come.......
there are getting to be so many Indian-based companies here and in India, owned by Indians?  Do you think maybe this is a lucrative field for owners of transcription companies? 
it's such a catch 22. Everybody wants cheap stuff yet
and get paid top dollar. You simply cannot have both. Not with the CEOs having million dollar salaries and all. because God forbid they make less than six figures. it's disgusting...
Won't help with the cheap labor issue though.
Horror stories about cheap transcription
FYI, there is always someone out there who is willing to do transcription and/or editing cheaper than someone else. There are those clients who only look at the bottom line cost. But they must employ sometimes at least three people in-house to make the corrections. I wonder if anyone at the client source ever looks at the overall costs to get that report on the chart and done correctly. I am amazed at how some transcriptions even stay in business. Just my $.02 worth.
One more time for the cheap seats in the back..sm
Upson vs. Sexton - I might as well just put it out there, since you won't let it drop. Same first name.

I never said the man was a criminal. Those words didn't come out of my mouth and NEVER would, nor would I even say the man in the original post is a criminal. Paying three months late and not having the workload promised doesn't constitute calling someone a criminal in my book. Shady business practices, maybe, but never would I go so far as to call someone a criminal, ever, based solely on a story someone posted on an online MB whom I have never met, especially not without hearing the other person's side of the story!!

YOU are the one who called the first guy a criminal and claimed he stole money. Someone mentioned theft of services, not that he stole money, just to be clear - and we don't know there was even a crime committed here, so perhaps you should worry a little more about what comes out of your own mouth. There's no proof a crime even took place here, only the word of others - one who said she was paid 3 mos late and one whose friend has not been paid in 4 mos. Yes, that is awful to not be paid, but unless they just flat out refuse to pay, I'm not sure anyone should go so far as to say it's a crime. (And just to play devil's advcoate, I wonder how many complaining about being paid late were ever late on any of their own bills? Just a thought.)

To those who do feel there has been a crime committed against them, get a lawyer, find out your rights, and file a suit against the person. You can bet those companies would do the same to any client who didn't pay them.

Thanks to the poster who stood up for me. It truly was just an honest error. My personal apologies to Brent Upson, who is NOT Brent Sexton. I do not owe anyone but him an apology.
That's what I was just going to say. They want to offer cheap transcription services. There goes
jobs..When you have people advertising they will do the work for cheap..no wonder providers use cheap transcription services rather than our companies. You'd be surprised at how many doctor/facilities would jump on cheap Personally, to me, it's offending. Why pay use decent wages when you can get cheaper..
Nope. Just CHEAP. And 'cheap' and 'good'
You bill 30 days behind, and they snail mail it so it's late - about 40 days from invoice
No way jose - they even messed up their direct deposit payments
I hate this kind of cheap shot post. What's the deal? nm
I've said this before, but I'm ready to go sit on the beach and sell cheap stuff sm

to tourists ... has to beat this.  I passed burnout a long time ago.  I am not sure what the next stage is supposed to be.  However, in the meantime, I have to make a living.  Maybe I could open a margarita stand and compete with the little kiddies and their lemonade stands .. hmmm ....LOL

SGS, cheap and would rather ship your job to india, where they have 100s of MTs taking our jobs!
Yes, on eScription...making about $5 and hour if lucky!  they quote you a pretty good line rate for typing, but half that for editing, and it's mostly editing.  then, with all the crap they throw at you, (this dr. wants this, be sure to fill in that, don't submit a report w/o this, and 30 pages of account specifics?) it's time consuming.  and the templates are a nightmare, the drs. are all over the place on them, not following them, so when editing them it takes forever.  @ 4cpl you can spend 15 minutes on one and make $1.00.  RUN! 
Maybe she/he works 14 hour days/7 days a week? nm
Yes, I am aware of it. sm
I struggled and struggled when I first discovered my company was offshoring, but then I realized that I have bills to pay and a family to feed; which comes first for me. I cannot afford to just give up 5 years with a company and start over with new docs, new accounts, etc. It was taken a little while, but in all honesty, the work that I edit from India is pretty good. There are a few things that still throw them for a loop, but for the most part, they are not as bad as you would think! I actually do way better doing editing/QA than I did transcribing, so this is where I stay.
(from above), as they must be aware of them by now.
I'm an IC with DSG - now aware they do this.
sorry - s/b noT aware they do this.
I was not aware FN had VR
do you mean Voice Recognition or were you doing QA???
I am aware of them
because I almost took a job with them, and I'm glad I didn't. What I hear is never good. If you Google I'm sure you will see discussions about them from this site.
no VR at all as far as I'm aware (nm)
Please be aware that...
they have more VR editing jobs than straight transcription, for which you will not earn enough to buy groceries...the pay for editing is very low no matter where you work.
Yes, I'm well aware of that...
If you took the time to read my post, I said that there are others who make more.  You are the one who has such a difficult time believing it, not me.
Yes, I am aware
That's why I was hoping to find someplace that kinda paid as you go. Someday when I've hit the lotto it might be an intriguing business concept- a true on-call perdiem type service. Until then, though, I guess I'll just have to learn to drink my coffee black and thrive on Cocoa Wheats and Ramen Noodles.
Are you not aware of the

unemployment numbers climbing as we speak?  Getting into a new field even if you have the right education is no piece of cake in this job market.  You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. 

The reason people try to stay with MT is because if you have years of experience and the education, the health care field is one that is relatively recession/depression proof.  To go out on a limb at this time and try to get into a new field/job is highly risky. Who is to say even if you do manage to get the right education that you would be able to get your foot in the door with no experience under your belt?  Then, how are you going to pay off your education debt?  That is what a lot of college grads are facing today.

A lot of the MTSOs are highly mismanaged these days.  The left arm does not know what the right arm is doing and in many instances very talented MTs with years of experience, dedication and devotion to this industry are finding it a sticky mess and are jumping ship early lest they get mired into madness.  That does not mean they are not looking elsewhere and darn well should.

So please let's not knock our fellow brethern when they complain about what they are going through making a living in this industry.  Let's all be empathetic and listen and try to empower rather than put down.  There is no job in America these days that is a anything to right home about.  If people say they love their jobs and are making gobs of money, you might ask them what planet they are living on.  We don't need to hear the tough love approach at this time.  This is a serious business and it is being seriously mismanaged and a lot of MTs are unduly suffering due to the callous and thoughtless approach of the powers that be.



Thank you. We do not pay for spaces, and we are aware of all the
very very good arguments about it. We feel our line is a true 65 char line, unlike some other services, we pay for headers, footers and everything on the page, and we have volume bonuses, we reimburse for flat rate phone plans, have bonus days off for volume, have given a raise, some small, some better, every year since we began 7+ years ago, and always have work. We try to fit people to the type of work they like, ops, discharges, internet, lanier, acute care, etc. We give high volume producers a few accounts daily so they don't run out of work, and lower producers just one, or perhaps two if they wish for insurance. We don't jerk you around acct to acct daily like I've read on this board of other services, we have a wonderful QA staff and support for all new people, growing every year so no one is cut short. We have almost all the original MTs who came with us when we started, and we hope that speaks volumes. SOmetimes it's not how much per line but how much can you make per hr, or per day, day in and day out with a service, and be treated with respect. We are not for everyone, but we hope we are not dismissed offhand because of the space issue without one really knowing us as a company.
And besides, they are already aware of the problem
I just wonder how they are going to resolve the issue.  I don't suppose they can unhire the recently hired MTs?  I wonder if they hired them at a lower rate than the oldtimers and just figure if the long time MDIers quit then they are paying less? 
Please be aware that Transcend is
accounts in the near future, so if you like VR that is for you.  But they are only paying half, so if you get 8 cpl for MT, you only get 4 CPL for VR.  Also, no incentives or shift differentials and they require you to work on weekends.  I don't know about the other one.
Are their clients aware?
If I were a client of theirs, I would look for someone else to do my transcription. If I were a patient of this client and if I found out that the client knowingly supports this sort of crap, I'd look for healthcare elsewhere. Heck, docs come a dime a dozen!!!

It all comes down to the customers--that's US!!! The American citizens who trust that our medical records are (1) kept confidential and (2) are done correctly IN THE USA!!!

There should be a way to inform the customers of HIS's clients. First and foremost, we, as customers, as Americans, need to boycott the physicians first--the ones who are sending American money overseas!!! There are PLENTY of other docs out there who support the USA and want to keep the work at home. They'll gladly take my money!

Persnonally, I don't want my medical record entrusted to overseas folks who, for the most part, hate us to begin with. They barely speak a word of English and they certainly do a pathetic job at trascribing. I've seen the damage these folks can do to medical records.

I think that we should boycott MDs who are paying HIS to transcribe for them.

If we don't stand up for ourselves now, what's next????

Just be aware that all accounts

on VR and they only pay you half your line rate - so if you are making 8 CPL, you would be paid only 4 CPL, and also no incentive for production, no shift differential, nothing extra, just 4 CPL.  Also it is very, very hard to double your production to make up for the half pay.  I felt I was mislead when I was hired about eventually having to go to VR (not given a choice) and what it entailed, low pay, etc. 



Thank you. I am aware of that. I am wanting
Thanks for your input.
Not that I am aware of. As it seems that most of the "nationals" are going there, maybe some d
You all may not be aware that there are two MediTasks
They are not the same company. The web address of the one which posted a job offer here is as mentioned above. There is another MediTask with the web address of www.meditask.net. I am only personally familiar with the meditask.net as that is the company I work for, a great one, by the way.
No bonuses that I'm aware of - s/m
Only been there a couple of months, though.  Schedule:  You pick either a Sun-Thu or Tue-Sat schedule.  You have a 24-hour window to make your daily line count.  Minimum required line count is 700 lpd.  Need a day off - just tell your supervisor.
I wasn't aware
I wasn't aware that there was a pay cut, although I've only been there a year. I know there are some accounts going to VR, which apparently by definition pays less per line (I've not done it yet). I know that every time they switch platforms, I seem to struggle to make my line count (about 920), which is coming as a bit of a shock to me, as I used to be able to push out 2500 lines a day, albeit actual counted lines instead of the calculated lines everyone does now. If I sit chained to my desk day and night, it only will get me at most 1400 lines. Apparently they do have levels of account, so perhaps people getting bumped to the easier, non-ESL, limited formatting accounts are being made to take the pay cut to the rate paid for the lower tiered accounts.
You are aware that when you are working sm
outside your hours and work is low, you are taking work away from the people who are actually scheduled to work those hours?
I am very aware of that, didn't ask for your
smartazz answer.  I just found it hard to believe that this was posted on a US board. 
Would that be 5 business days or 5 regular days?
So when are we going to be paid this time around since you're so knowledgable?

Sorry, but for some of us a day or 2 actually makes a difference.
Most want 20 hours over 5 days, but it could be more, or it could be spread over 4 days. nm