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Considering position with Keystrokes....

Posted By: zzz on 2007-11-15
In Reply to:

I was offered a position on an account that uses word...I assume this means they do not have a platform.  Also, I will be using a C-phone which I have not used in years.

I have transcribed for a company or two that did not have a platform, and felt like I was not able to get up to full speed. 

Anyone out there working for Keystrokes typing in Word and using a C-phone, transcribing over 400 lines per hour?  I saw some posts below, but not sure if that is with a platform such as DocQScribe or Extext.

Thanks for any input.

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Keystrokes Rad position
The pay is $1.10 per report.
Keystrokes position....
I was just offered a position with Keystrokes.....WOOHOOOOOO ...I'm excited but scared too.  Anyone who works for them that can offer some advise I would be extremely grateful.  Have to get high speed internet before the weekend but that shouldn't be a problem and they are sending me a Lanier system to use.  Just have the new job jitters and could use some reassurance from others who work for them.  Thank you. 
Keystrokes position
I have decided that I am not going to take this position with Keystrokes. It has been 8 days since contacted, I have faxed back all my employee paperwork and was told that they are waiting on my ID from the hospital that I would be working for. That was 5 days ago and still I haven't heard anything. I got a response back from Becky B. but not from Annette L. who I take it would be my sup. Sorry but I can't raise a family on we are waiting to get your ID and then we will send your Lanier.
I accepted a position with another company making 11 cpl (more than KS) and no minimum requirements who said they could get me started on Monday. Sorry, but I need to make money and can't do that when a company can't even tell you when you can start. To bad too, I was really excited about KS. Oh well, win some, lose some.
.DCT files for Keystrokes position
I am trying to test for a position at Keystrokes and I cannot open up a .DCT file on my wave player.  Can any MT who works for Keystrokes help me with these types of files? Thanks!
I'm thinking about applying at Keystrokes for a radiology position.
Could anyone tell me if they pay per report, how much they start you with and if there are increases along the way. Have seen past post with different amounts and have seen a post in the archives stating 1.25 per report and 1.25 more for reports over 2 minutes long.
Not to be rude Shasta but didn't you just say you turned down a position from Keystrokes because
just curious...
The DQS is an IC position and the Dictaphone EXtext is an employee position....
both part time...both making 9.5 cents per line...which is better IC or employee?
Thanks :)
I'm hoping too as I accepted position a position also nm
Is the AC a salaried position or hourly? If the position is salaried, there is
no such thing as overtime, at least not at any places I've worked. I've been in salaried positions before and you work until the job is done or delegate it to someone you know will get it done. Only hourly employees are subject to OT pay.
Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying up companies sm
but I heard from another service owner that they sold out to Transcend. Anyone know if that happened?
keystrokes ad..can someone tell keystrokes their banner ad needs a hyphen...quality-minded
Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying sm

small companies but another service owner told me that she heard that Keystrokes sold to Transcend.  Is this true? 

I posted this down below but meant to post it as a new thread.  Before I apply with them, I would like to know as I left Transcend a few months ago and do NOT want to get back into that mess.

Not only that, but I would MUCH rather work for Keystrokes than Spheris as Keystrokes doesn't

Only Keystrokes. Worked at MQ until I came to Keystrokes. Started at sm
Keystrokes PT, liked what I saw and experienced, gave notice to MQ and went FT. Have not look back since. I had previously worked at 2 hospitals, for MDI, Transcend and MRC until bought by MQ. I plan on retiring here as long as they stay as they are.
No, Not with Keystrokes, visiting friend and using her pc, she got job with Keystrokes
I forgot to change the Name. I do not think Keystrokes is hiring anymore now. Would like some info about Diskriter though.
Ditto, Keystrokes is a wonderful company with wonderful people! I love working for Keystrokes!
I am just not making enough money.  They are a great company though, just ask for a back up account.
Is this for IC position?
I'm looking for an IC position
with a company that uses ExText as their platform.  Does anyone know of such a company?  Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
IC Position
Hi, can anyone give me the name of a "good" company that is currently hiring IC or statutory status MTs?  Any information you could provide would be most helpful.  Thanks for your time!
RE: IC Position
Yes there was a position...I was the one who
turned it down and she was hired a month later.

IC position ?
What is your opinions on IC position at $2.00 a page with 1 specialty? TIA
what I don't like about IC position

This is just my personal thought and i'm sure you would have VERY different thoughts on this from other MTs. 

When I worked as an IC with 20 hour TAT:

I found that I wasted way more time researching a blank (that I would never come to figure out anyhow), I found myself rechecking things all of the time and relistening to things constantly just because it was there. 

I have found out for myself that I could have been way, way, way more productive and making way more on a regular employee schedule.  I am done when my schedule is done...none of this all day every day thing...that's what it ended up turning into for me because the client was VERY picky (I'm talking obsessive picky about EVERYTHING) and I had to fine tooth comb everything to the point where it would take me 6-7 hours to get 400 lines in ...  haha, and the kicker is taxes still weren't taken out of that yet...so I bet you can tell what my pays looked like. 

I don't think I will ever go back to TAT work.  It works out for some people.. but not for me.  If I am going to have to be glued to my computer at some point in the day, I might as well do it on a schedule and get some kind of employee benefits out of it (holiday pay and PTO). 

When I figured what I was making doing IC work minus all of the taxes... I was making way less than I am now working 5 and a half hours a day 5 days a week employee status.

I always said I wanted IC work on a TAT..but, to me, there is no benefit to IC work unless you are a busy person and have a lot going on during the day or need really frequent breaks. 

Like I said..this isn't the case for everyone..just for me.  Just something for you to think about.

5-6 cpl for IC position
They have got to be kidding.  This would not even pay for the long distance service they require. Please, tell me someone in the U.S. will not take this position.
I'm looking for PT Ops-only position.
Anyone hiring for ops only.
Position for 12.50
The position is for pasting reports over from one platform to another. No transcription required. Their just hiring clerical people for these positions. This is why it's only $12.50.
IC position



I was just wondering if there are any good companies hiring ICs.  I work for a national but I need a backup for when there is no work. 





I think this is an IC position. nm
DSG - QA position
Can anyone tell me about working for DSG in QA?  Are they employee or IC?  Do they pay on time?  Starting pay? Steady work? Lots of ESLs? Is platform DocQScribe? Thanks for any and all information.
DSG - QA position
I also work at DSG only as an MT (only 2-1/2 months now) and I see where there is limited work on Sun/Mon but those are my scheduled days off. I think the QA girls/maybe 1 guy there are quick to proof your reports for future reference, precise, accurate, intelligent and actually, I'm the one who feels bad when learning new report types in that I have to leave many blanks at times, but never, ever, have I rec'd an email from anyone employed there complaining about my work. Actually, I rec'd one email QA sent to my supee after seeing the same mistake 3 times and wanted it brought to my attention, so I welcome all and any info that helps me become a better and more accurate MT. Pay always correct and on time. I just had a major issue with storms and had to take a scheduled day off to make phone calls and get repairs done, and not one person there emailed me to complain. So far, I also love working for this company and until someone gets nasty with me, I will continue to work for this company. Are you sure you are not just misunderstanding helpful advice versus maybe taking it as criticism instead of them trying to help you become better at your profession? The grass is not always greener on the other side either.
Did you take a position with them? nm
Sad that they have been put in the position to have
to deal with all this.   Just one more strike against management, with at least one more to come. 
I'm exactly in your position as well, but
There have been some recent new hires and I can tell some of my work types are being blocked off to give to the new hires, so I am having to go to a secondary account to get my lines. About a month ago, there was a bad time where a lot of people were not meeting their commitments, so I think they are bringing new people in to get coverage, but now we have too much coverage. I have been seeing this for 2-3 weeks now.


If TT asks the employee to jump in and help, then they should have to pay OT.  If it is because the MT did not make the line count, then that is on the MT. 

It is HORRIBLE that a company who hires employees asks them to work when they need help but will not pay OT.  They deserve to be turned in.

new position
I'm looking for a part-time position with a good company.  Any suggestions?
QC position
Has anyone else out there taken a QC job with Focus recently?  Wanna share your experience and/or nightmare?  I see they are still hiring, but from the outcome of the training group I was in it looks like they retain their new hires for anywhere from 1 day to 1 week.  Any thoughts?
I just took a position too. Hopefully this will be the
answer. Tired of bait and switch. Want to retire somewhere, hope this place is it.
If you took the position because you saw

dollar signs, I guess that makes you greeeeeedy as well, huh?

Sorry but when I took that position
I didn't agree to meet a courier.  She's lost 5 girls in the past 4+ months.  Two of them worked for her since starting the business.  She keeps switching my accounts to cover the people she has lost.  Now I see why they left.
There was a QA position just sm
posted on the Job Seeker's board.  Unfortunately, starts at 0.03 cpl and then goes to only $11.50 an hour.  I think it was for an orthopedic account. 
I'm looking for a position where I can do all
Ops, ESLs okay, but want good sound quality, and where I can download work and work offline.  It seems every time I take a job like this the company sells out, changes platform, etc.  I've found myself in that situation again and I'm really not liking it. 
That is not an IC position.
Every day I think about getting a new position but
Just tired of being broke. Too many carbs and mac and cheese. Nevermind. Affording Ramen noodles instead these days and tired of it.
Which position?
They are diverse in their accounts and I think each is different in regard to platform, pay, benefits, supervisors, etc., so you might want to specify which ad/account you are interested in.

I work for them as a hospital employee and I am 99.9% satisfied with just about everything. It's a really good fit for me, maybe not everyone, though.
You need to look for an IC position.
I am in the same position.
I work with one company that I make really good money at and things have been going good for the past year, so I have been debating about quitting my PT job for the past few months. Now I am glad I didn't quit. My first company overhired and now there is no work. I have had no work for the past 2 weeks. I am so glad I still have the second job as I have just been able to pick up more work from them while my first company is slow.
Not for an IC position.

Once you figure out the taxes you have to pay at this low of a rate, it's absolutely not worth it...easy or not.  If it was a starting rate that's another story.

I am looking for a PT IC position. Anyone have a suggestion?
I'd like to work around 20 hours a week on an IC job that pays decent, has easy platform etc.. Anyone help know of such a company that offers this?
If it is really a QA type position, it should SM
be paid at HOURLY ONLY and at least $15 an hour, preferably more.
Were you contacting him regarding a position?
What are they looking for now?  Do you know if they have a website?
Secure position
Honey, NOBODY in this day and age is in a secure position. You could very well be next----.