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.DCT files for Keystrokes position

Posted By: NJ MT on 2007-07-28
In Reply to:

I am trying to test for a position at Keystrokes and I cannot open up a .DCT file on my wave player.  Can any MT who works for Keystrokes help me with these types of files? Thanks!

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Keystrokes Rad position
The pay is $1.10 per report.
Keystrokes position....
I was just offered a position with Keystrokes.....WOOHOOOOOO ...I'm excited but scared too.  Anyone who works for them that can offer some advise I would be extremely grateful.  Have to get high speed internet before the weekend but that shouldn't be a problem and they are sending me a Lanier system to use.  Just have the new job jitters and could use some reassurance from others who work for them.  Thank you. 
Keystrokes position
I have decided that I am not going to take this position with Keystrokes. It has been 8 days since contacted, I have faxed back all my employee paperwork and was told that they are waiting on my ID from the hospital that I would be working for. That was 5 days ago and still I haven't heard anything. I got a response back from Becky B. but not from Annette L. who I take it would be my sup. Sorry but I can't raise a family on we are waiting to get your ID and then we will send your Lanier.
I accepted a position with another company making 11 cpl (more than KS) and no minimum requirements who said they could get me started on Monday. Sorry, but I need to make money and can't do that when a company can't even tell you when you can start. To bad too, I was really excited about KS. Oh well, win some, lose some.
Considering position with Keystrokes....

I was offered a position on an account that uses word...I assume this means they do not have a platform.  Also, I will be using a C-phone which I have not used in years.

I have transcribed for a company or two that did not have a platform, and felt like I was not able to get up to full speed. 

Anyone out there working for Keystrokes typing in Word and using a C-phone, transcribing over 400 lines per hour?  I saw some posts below, but not sure if that is with a platform such as DocQScribe or Extext.

Thanks for any input.

I'm thinking about applying at Keystrokes for a radiology position.
Could anyone tell me if they pay per report, how much they start you with and if there are increases along the way. Have seen past post with different amounts and have seen a post in the archives stating 1.25 per report and 1.25 more for reports over 2 minutes long.
Not to be rude Shasta but didn't you just say you turned down a position from Keystrokes because
just curious...
The DQS is an IC position and the Dictaphone EXtext is an employee position....
both part time...both making 9.5 cents per line...which is better IC or employee?
Thanks :)
I'm hoping too as I accepted position a position also nm
Need help with DSS files ?

I am busily updating my resume while my new (NO) Rewards package from MQ sits next to the trash.  Looking over ads in the job board, several I am interested said "need software for DSS files."  I feel really stupid here and am not sure what is DSS files or the software needed.  I am ashamed to ask.  I am a good MT but after so long with MQ I have not had to look for a job in many, many years so feel out of the loop so to speak.

Please explain DSS files and what I would need to purchase.  Thanks so much.

DSS files

DSS = Digital Speech Standard.  Simply the format the voice file is in.  Some recorders use memory sticks, memory cards, flash cards, etc.  Just depends on what make of hand-held they are using as to what format the voice file is in.  As BayGirl said, most software plays them  without problem.  I use WavPlayer and have not had one I could not play yet, or could not get a free plug-in download to play them.  

i have about 50 or so left to do, plan on finishing up in the day or two. Did you finish yours?
DCT files
Write to them and tell them that, because I was able to open it, but it had just static no words at all.  I wrote to them and they are going to send me the file in a different way or format.  So you should write to them as well.
.DCT files
Thanks! Yes, I did e-mail them and technical is suppose to send them a different file. My wave player will not open up .DCT files and the Real Player or Windows Media Player will not play those types of files on my computer. I have tried every way to play it, but no luck. I guess I will just have to be patient.

Do you have a MQ computer or your own with the DocQScribe expander?
No files
Just to clear this up - no patient files were sent thru the IM, only the setup files, the account instructions, etc. I do think this would be a great company to work for, I just felt like the trainer and I were on different levels and had a little bit of conflict, partly because I don't think I was as computer savvy as she wanted me to be.
Wav files
Has anyone every received a wav file, but was unable to get it to play? I have a wav player, but when I was sent two files to test with I was unable to get the files to play.  Any suggestions?
Make sure the file type (.dss, .wma) is checked on whatever player you use. Sometimes I have gotten these too and for some reason when I went back in my player, the box was unchecked for that file type.
About WAV files.
Same here.  I just recently put in application with DTS Medical Transcription.  We they had Zip files.  Not sure if these are wav files or not.  But turned out my computer warned me not to upload them into my system.  They were corrupted.   Anyway, this is not the first time I have not been able to test for a company because they use wav files.  I don't know either what the answer is.  I just don't test when companies use these files for testing.   Maybe someone else here knows how to handle this.  
how many files?
Just curious: How many files do you have to transcribe? And how many minutes of dictation did the entire test end up to be?
What did they want you to do with the files?

Are you testing or is it actual work?   Please elaborate!!!


Where did you get the files?
I sent my resume this morning. I guess they get in touch with you via *rude* (lol) e-mail? I made sure to follow the directions!
compressed files
They are much smaller than regular voice files. DocShuttle's wav player will play them.
do they have a particular platform or FTP files?
Six different files is a lot... see message
In my personal opinion, if your resume is packed with experience, six files is a bit much.  I think a test should take approximately an hour at the most, not four hours!  I think that is totally unfair.  I also received an e-mail that was so condescending from a job offer on this board stating I guess there are MTs out there that don't know an easy dictator when they hear one, or something of that nature, along with like eight files to transcribe for testing and a format doc, etc. stating this is the easy doc.  Give me a break!  Are these people trying to make you do their work for a day?  That's awful.  JMO!  My current IC position tested me on like three files, and it was the actual dictators that I would be transcribing, one easy, too a little more difficult, but that was it!   
I think you can reject files or just log out and in of any
They have accounts who use wav files, so sm

if you are interested, do not let that scare you away.  The pay is way above average, direct deposit, on time, and as a statutory employee, they at least take out your Social Security tax and match it, so you do not have to pay self-employment tax.  You have a 24-hour window to do your line commitment as well, which makes it nice.

I have never worked for MDI-FL, so I cannot comment on them from experience, but if you can go from what I have read on the boards, MDI-MD is far superior and cares more about their employees.

Good luck.

I just transferred SH files there
I just started there this week and was able to transfer my old SH files from my last job into their SH, no problem.

If you work on the RadNet program and dial in with the VPN dialer, your email is disabled until you get off the VPN.  I have to call people with any questions instead of emailing them as long as I'm on that VPN.
Maybe your files just didn't look right on their
Still cannot open the files
The people at Type Right mentioned that they use Gear Player and that is what I use and I still cannot open up the files. I called technical support and they could not figure it out either. They said the files were corrupted. Sounds like something strange is going on if the rest of the people cannot open up the files either. I think I better pass on this company!
You should be able to right click on the files in

You could also double click the files.  Make sure express scribe is open even though it shoudl automatically open express scribe.

encrypted files
Is there a program out there that can be downloaded and used with any transcription program to encrypt files?
She said no patient files were sent IM
Transferring files
I have a professional tech who maintains my system and he just got on the phone with Greg (the MDI tech) and they did it in about two minutes. I have many friends who have done it on their own. My best advice is to make a phone appointment with Greg and he will walk you through it. It really did take my guy less than two minutes. He just happened to be here making some modifications some other things I was doing so I asked him to do it with Greg and he said there was nothing to it. MDI has great techs--they are all very kind, very personable and patient. I have been in MT since 1968 and have never seen a company I like more.
USA Transcription files
I downloaded their test files onto my desktop, and nothing works. This is so disappointing! I really wanted to test for this company. I could just tear my hair out. Anyone else have this problem with their test files and what did you do to correct it???
Not all accounts are on wave files yet.
I didn't think their voice files were of
good quality, lots of difficult dictators, and they are now offshoring.  MTSO said that files were surprisingly good.  I had to QA the entire report and basically retype most of it because reports were not surprisingly good.    MTSO was nice and up front about offshoring though. 
Yes, typed 3 voice files
The recruiter gave me three voice files and I had two hours to return them.  Not bad, one was kind of hard.  You only have to fill in the blanks, not transcribe the entire report.  Just like doing an edit.  From the time I applied on-line, got a call from the recruiter and tested and then offered a position was less than two days.  They sent me an equipment package and paperwork, I trained and now I am working my way through the three week full QA process.  Nice people so far, I am very happy with Medware.
TSSC...still only FT, IC, and using DSS files or has anything changed? Thx. nm
WMX uses Shorthand. If there is a way to convert your files (sm)
the trainers will know how.
it sounds like they use FTP to send files though
I did find out that much so I'll throw that one the window! 
In addition to that I wonder if test files
are not a way to get some transcription done.  Some of the testing is so long.  I've had where the company will send practically a whole day's worth of work for testing purposes.  
It used Word last year, whatever it was. You had to name your files
For sure that's done out here! Especially if testing involves 6,7, or 8 files.
Unless you have another way to play your voice files, use
When When I am asked to transcribe wav. files (sm)
I say sure -- as long as they are from the dictator/s who transcribe for the account they are considering hiring me for.
All files are stored on a server.....sm
Not on the internet; however, it is a web based browser and you must have a username and password to log into the server to have access to any files.

The server is not the internet. The internet IE browser is just a tool to use to access the server.

I hope this helps clarify things a little better.

I downloaded two test files from sm
CTS and they were they worst dictator! So fast and I couldn't get the speed right (too fast or too slow). I figured they must have sent the two worst files they had. I asked 2 or 3 questions and each time I would ask a question, the person would tell me they didn't know. Simple questions they should know and if they don't, I sure as heck dont. I decided not to even finish the files and send them back.....the poster about not getting paid was the clincher for me though!
Name of character from Rockford Files.
Testing with live files? WTC is that?
Um, so I sent in my resume to Transcription, Etc. and received a response that they'd like me to test with them.

Along with that response was a confidentiality agreement to sign and send back, since the testing would be done with LIVE FILES.

And not just two or three. Ten. Ten live files.

Ten times, say, 30 applicants (and that's a LOW estimate) is a LOT of work they get done for free.

It'd be ingenious if it wasn't downright wrong.

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I wanted to put the information out there for anyone who's thinking about testing with them. NO FREE WORK. We have it bad enough on this end as it is. Regardless of how much you think you need a job, you don't need one like this. It will hurt you more - and probably sooner rather than later.
The sound files are usually quite good, actually.

Of course, every once in a while you get a bad quality report.

I cannot answer your question, I did get the files to

test for them until I found out that they are only paying 7 cpl WITHOUT spaces and then I decided that that is just way too low, even if it is pay by the week, which was very appealing. 

Good luck!