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Does Webmedx give raises and

Posted By: sm on 2007-10-03
In Reply to:

can you work a Mon-Fri schedule? Do you have any holidays off or do you have to use PTO? TIA

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Does FutureNet give annual raises or any type of raises? nm
Do they give raises?

Do they give raises?
MDI-FL does not give any raises.
Platforms stink. Bad accounts. Nasty people to deal with. Very disorganized, poor training, a regular witch in the HR/payroll department who takes pride in being condescending and mean. Flexible? Depends whether you are teacher's pet or not. If not, you get the worst accounts they have. Forget communication. There is none, but never ask a question because you will get a wrong answer and still be in the dog house. They really need some lessons on how to treat people like people, not like you are a robot and want to work 24/7.
Do they ever give raises? nm
Yes they give raises; for example,
I received a nice raise after 30 days, and the starting cpl was already 9 cpl. Very generous to work for and you are treated respectfully, even if QA gives you constructive criticism. They are never demeaning or reprimanding, and believe me I have worked where QA people could care less how they make you feel. No so with MDI. I am here for life!
They do NOT give raises..
Met many who work for them and they have NEVER gotten a raise...ever....
MDI doesn't give raises.
I was offered 8.5. What do they go by? Or do they give raises?
Does Transtech give raises?
Does any company give raises?
Do companies give raises?
Not in this economy. Just give thanks you have a job.
If MT companies do not give out raises, how do they sm
expect you to keep up with the cost of living?  I've been at my company for 2 years and was shot down for a raise.  I know others have been at their companies much long with no raises.  If I worked at a hospital or clinic, I would have gotten a raise by now.  Just something to show the appreciate me would be nice!  Are all companies this greedy? 
If MT companies do not give out raises, how do they sm
expect you to keep up with the cost of living?  I've been at my company for 2 years and was shot down for a raise.  I know others have been at their companies much long with no raises.  If I worked at a hospital or clinic, I would have gotten a raise by now.  Just something to show the appreciate me would be nice!  Are all companies this greedy? 
Be happy. Don't know that they ever give raises?! nm
Does Keystrokes give line raises. If so, when and how much.
Very interested
They paid 7 & 8 cpl before and didn't give raises. They were using
Webmedx and raises?

Has anyone gotten a raise at Webmedx?  My 1 year is coming up, and I am wondering if I should expect anything special or just be happy to have made it a year. 

Thanks to anyone who replies. 

Is it safe to ask a company after one year for a raise? Do companies give raises?
Wonder if those support in the office get any raises. We are paying their raises, huh?

you know they ARE getting raises!


Can anyone give some input about Webmedx?
Are they a good company to work for?
Can anyone give me an idea of WebMedX's insurance....sm

cost for family coverage.  I have left my email address if you want to send me a note. 

I am on a quest to find a company with much more affordable rates than I have now so it would sure save me a lot of time and effort if I could find this out beforehand.  Thanks in advance! 

Can anyone give me the pros and cons of Webmedx?
Tested for WebMedX, could anybody give me the good, bad and the ugly on them. NM
Thank you.
"warned" by someone who won't give facts or sign her name. Give me a break! nm
Nationals give at least a week to learn program. Give
They used to give out $25 Amex cheques -- give them time. :-) nm

best way to get a raise with MQ is to ask for it and keep asking. I don't know why they don't give "across the board" raises. The thing I have heard in the past is type more to make more. I say learn every work type you can and make yourself indispensable!
raises with MQ
would you mind telling which office that is? used to be in Houston and it closed down and now in Dallas. you had to ask for a yearly review. they didn't volunteer that info unless you asked. first time when i asked for a yearly review they got around to it 6 months later. gave me all kinds of BS why I didn't qualify for a raise. i asked for a yearly review this year and i was told that i sent over 20% to QA. all i have to say is that you were extremely lucky. are you SE or FT?
Who says ICs can get raises. You obviously
work at a small company to brag like you do. I just hate it when someone like you comes here and tells people that they can earn like you do only it takes a while. Well guess what I am not new to this. However, I don't have stable accounts. I did have but the company puts whomever they want on them and dole the work out. You can't get ahead. I was doing fine finally until they put another greedy MT on that account and now my good account and the one I depended upon for most of my earnings is now hardly anything. I resent this. Accounts are not yours. They belong to the company. Yet, you say you have stable accounts? My God. You are unreal.

Go peddle your lies to someone else.
I don't think any of us TT employees want to say what we make. Every account is different. It really is nobody else's business what each of us makes. TT is very fair and we do get rewarded for good work. Didn't you used to work for us at one point, Olive Oyl? If you did, then you should already know that we are the best in the industry.
You should probably ask Transtech this question directly, Olive Oyl. The reason the rest of us don't tell you what we make is because it is confidential to each of us. It really doesn't matter to me what anyone else makes, because I'm very happy here. Transtech is about SO much more than cpl. I don't think you're going to get the answers you want from any of us TT employees, which is why I suggest you make a list of all your questions and ask Transtech yourself. :)
COL raises
What companies have you or do you currently work for? Every company I talked to that does pay wages said there would be no raise in the future. If you want to email me . . . . . . I honestly don't want to fritter away my time and energy. I have worked very hard to get to where I am (as you know this is not an easy job to do) and am proud of the work I produce but I will not work for a few pennies. Perhaps I am wanting what will never happen.
How are they with giving raises, is there any set protocol, or like MQ whenever they felt like it (never)?
WHO gives raises?? ;)

I've never heard of an MT company giving raises. Please advise if I'm wrong.  Whenever I wanted a raise (at any company over the last 18 years) I worked more.  My arms and hands are now shot, so I have to make do with what I have, no matter how big the incoming bills are. 

LOL! Just had to comment.  It was a funny question to me.  :) 

I'm lucky enough to be an employee of a small local company and I get yearly raises. Good luck with yours.
Is a year too soon to ask for a raise or should the company offer one automatically?  I just do not want to ask but I am afraid if I don't, I will never get one.  Any thoughts? 
Ain't no raises in the MT biz..........
Yes there are raises...
I would say after 1 year, if you have a good track record, is fine to ask for one. 
Where R Our Raises?
While the town meeting was informative, where was the mention of raises? Cost of living? Anything?
What, are we getting raises?
wasn't up on the home page yet when I last checked and I had to work my other job when it was going on.
No raises, what to do?
You have the choice of 2 things, a) type faster and b) work more hours. If you asked for a raise just after 2 years, do you have any idea how long most have worked in this profession without having a raise at all?
No raises here.
I haven't had a raise since 1997 when I was raised to 10 cpl. Really. Yes, I still am an MT, 25 yrs. Crazy?
The last year or 2 has been the worst with the economy and my single policy health insurance premium going up to almost $500 a month.

It's all wrong, and something is not right in this industry for this to have happened. Like others, when I started in mid 80s, it was decent and then good money.

No raises/VR

Spheris never gives raises plus all accounts are eventually going to be VR. Plus they send a lot of work to India. The only good thing is PTO. I like my supe but now there is almost no communication.

TT raises
Does anybody give raises? I haven't had a raise in my line rate in over 10 years. My income has actually gone down, and I believe that is probably true no matter what company you work for in this business now.

I do get my lines at TT no problem, and as far as the VR, works out fine for me.
Reviews, raises???.....
What part of that was unclear. Anyone can check production - you won't get a review after 6, 10 or 20 years much less right after your probation. If you aren't producing to suit them - you are gone, unless of course you are a pet and then you can do whatever you want..
OSI holiday pay and raises
I predict that the holiday bonus will last through Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then disapear like the work does overseas. No way are they gonna pay that ALL year....no way are they gonna pay raises either, cause no one will stay long enough to earn one!
Anyone getting raises with this information

I see a lot of information posted about benefits, hours, 401 K, PTO, bonuses, etc., but I am wondering did anyone get a raise that was posted in their packet?

If so, are you happy with it?

yes, I did. raises have never made me
MTs don't get raises b/c you want to work for
If you want raises, go back to wage pay. But then, you'll gripe about it, too.

there are no raises in production, you
negotiate your rate on the way in and that is it. Need more money? do more work.

your way of thinking is hourly employee. That will hurt you. You are now a professional - big difference.