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Tested for WebMedX, could anybody give me the good, bad and the ugly on them. NM

Posted By: cc on 2008-06-26
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Thank you.

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Good, bad or ugly about Webmedx??? NM
Offered Job with Webmedx, Any Info? Good, the bad, the ugly??
The offer sounds really good.  I would like to hear from current Webmedx'rs and see how you like it.  Are the production incentives as good as they sound?  The benefits??? Thanks in advance for any information to help me with my decision. 
Would like to hear from recent WEBMEDX employees. Good/bad/ugly? (nm)
Here is the good, the bad and the ugly. sm
I left KS a few months ago after having a near nervous breakdown. I had too much going on in my life and thought that it would be better to go work in a hospital.

The Good: They are growing, have very stable accounts and keep all their customers. Pay is on time and there is direct deposit. The rules have become clear in what is expected of you. They are very personal.

The Bad: The insurance is terrible and expensive but I heard they are getting BC/BS in the fall for sure. The pay used to be late here and there for a few days. It is fixed now and has been for a very long time. The growth caused some changes that did not work and more changes were made to correct the problems caused, which seemed like chaos from the outside looking in.

The Ugly: They went through some terrible growing pains a few years ago and have been dodging bullets from former employees. There were late checks and no direct deposit. There was not a lot of work because they overhired.

The diagnosis: Once they got over the hump several months ago, things evened out and have been for a while. I want to go back but I'm afraid they won't take me.

How do I know all this? My best friend still works there and is very, very happy. I made a mistake leaving but now my life is on an even keel. I made a lot of money there.
DRC good, bad, ugly?
Any info i.e. are they good to work for or anything would be appreciated.
99% good, No Bad, No Ugly ... sm
Except for a short period of time when work ran low on one account only my experience has been 99% good. No place is perfect, but I have absolutely no complaints. The people treat me like a human being, I love the platform, the sound quality is great, they pay the long distance bill, the benefits are superior. Best move I ever made.

the good, bad, and ugly

I was wondering if anybody out there would be willing to give the good and bad about what company they work at, or used to work at.  I'm trying to figure out who it would be worthwhile to send resumes to and who I should just stay away from.  I'm interested in the management, scheduling, line requirements, pay rate, benefits, and provided equipment.  I'd greatly appreciate any info you have.  Thanks!



X-Press: The good, the bad and the ugly?
Any recent info appreciated.
Has anyone heard of LTS, Inc. - good, bad, ugly?
Has anyone heard or worked for LTS, Inc. - good, bad, ugly?
What's the good, bad and ugly on All-Type?

I applied with them awhile ago, but hadn't heard anything  - just got a phone call from them, but want to see if anyone has any input before going calling them back.  TIA.

good,bad,ugly DSG kentucky sm
AKA Dictation Services Group.  Any info appreciated
Keystrokes - good, bad, and ugly

Would anyone be so kind as to give me some insight into this company?    In the past everything I've read about it was pretty good, but I'm not really able to pull up anything recent.  Thanks a bunch. 

Transend, good, bad, ugly??
Considering employment.  Any experiences to share????
SoftScript? good, bad, ugly? nm

Diskriter? Anything on them? Good Bad Ugly? nm

Van Belkum good, bad, ugly? nm
ATSI... Good, bad, or ugly?
MTS of Texas..the good, the bad, and the ugly..sm
Good:  Pay on time, but the amount is almost always incorrect.  Bad & Ugly:  Pay by the minute.  Owners will tell you it equals out to be the same as being paid by the line.  NOT.  They use Meditech - a very antiquated version of it.  QA dept. is laughable (i.e., close enough, just leave it out).  Little to no IT support.  Owner recently sold the company to her son.   
Transcend...good bad and ugly

Would like any current info on them.....Got hired and would like to know if it is worthwhile to take the job or not.


Oracle? Good/bad/ugly? no msg
Thank you.
Transcend... any comments, good, bad or ugly? TIA...nm
MDI-FL..Good, bad, ugly, Realisitc, Honest ... ?
Any info you may wish to share would be appreciated.  How easy it is to get line count, feedback, on-time pay, benefits, etc. etc.  TIA
Fast Chart -GOOD,BAD,UGLY?

Can anyone give me some feedback?  I read good things on MT daily.

Rapid Transcription? Good, bad, ugly?
Went into archives but the posts are from last year.  Any information would be appreciated.  TIA
VanBelkum out of MI? Good, bad, ugly? opinions?
trying out everybody --- any opinions bout these folks?
Anybody know any good, bad or ugly about Lee Perfect Transcription?
Anybody currently working at Execuscribe have anything good, bad or ugly?


Anyone know the good, bad or ugly about Shapin Medical Transcription NM


The good, bad and the ugly on Digital Records Corp (DRC)?
Looking for the good, bad, and ugly for the editing side of Diskriter

I checked archives, but all i found was old and I know companies change often, and it was all the transcription side of things, so thought I would see if anyone had info on how it is to be an editor.  I have the info they pay hourly...how much per hour?



Seeking info on SmartDoc, Inc. Good bad and/or ugly.

 Pay, platform, people skills, QA, etc.  Thanks!

Does anyone know anything about Bureau of Office Services in Illinois? good, bad, ugly? nm
Any personal experiences with Northeast Transcription; good, bad or ugly?nm
I applied there, tested and had a good SM

experience during the whole thing.  I was told I did very well, discussed what I would like in a job, they made an offer and I ended up staying where I was, but the whole experience was very professional. 

Can anyone give some input about Webmedx?
Are they a good company to work for?
Does Webmedx give raises and
can you work a Mon-Fri schedule? Do you have any holidays off or do you have to use PTO? TIA
Can anyone give me an idea of WebMedX's insurance....sm

cost for family coverage.  I have left my email address if you want to send me a note. 

I am on a quest to find a company with much more affordable rates than I have now so it would sure save me a lot of time and effort if I could find this out beforehand.  Thanks in advance! 

Can anyone give me the pros and cons of Webmedx?
I tested and did not pass and tested again 6 months later and passed. I think that more and more s
companies are testing MTs for various reasons.

You say that you work for them and keep posting. Why do you stay if you are so unhappy? I love my account and lead but it seems that you do not like being at KS at all.

Different strokes for different folks. Why continuously post compaints without doing anything about it?

Webmedx hires some ICs. Good company. So sorry for your loss. Good luck!
My experience was UGLY. Very ugly.
Just keep your other job until you're sure....good luck.
I would give them a try, you hear good and bad, but mostly good. nm
Give me the good points on your MQ offices - sm

No flames!  Give me the good points on your MQ office that you work for i.e. leave you alone, great platform, no schedule necessary, nice people, easy to learn, nice work, etc.


Can anyone give info on Sten-Tel? Good or bad? Thanks.

Merry Christmas all!

Can you give specifics? Are the benefits at least any good? nm
No, she needs to give me a good e-mail address
Applied twice for the job but with email address that bounces.
Maybe their supervisors give them the good stuff on
complain to upper management or HR, you get ignored because the supervisor always covers herself with lies and/or using TAT as the excuse.  Sit on that TAT and rotate. 
The only good thing about OSI is when you give them your notice that you are leaving!

Umm, MDI doesn't know who she is by her post so she isn't obligated to give a good exp.
I'm sure MDI doesn't appreciate the lies and people posting like they know something when they don't but I doubt they mind someone posting in their defense re: pure crap posts.
Good luck to you and please report back after you're working with them to give us
Yes, pay on time. We give a 2-week schedule. Accounts pretty good