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Don't mind the poster above.

Posted By: could be poverty of the soul.... on 2008-12-15
In Reply to: yea whatever happened to treating - anonymous

If you were to obtain your own accounts, you may get around 14 cpl for clinic or more for hospital work.  If you plan to work for a national company, you'll be lucky to get around 8 or 9 cpl.  There are variables.  I highly doubt a business professional could tell you what you need to know like this poster above states. 

This is a message board, but forgive the typing police, spelling police, and grammar police.  They linger all day long just waiting for someone to mak arrers n thr psts so thay cun post butter then thowww reeeesponzes!!!! 

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Hello??!! I'm the original poster! I think I can respond to the poster who replied to my original
Nobody in their right mind
Would work for MQ ever again. I promise - even if they offer you 12 cpl - they adjust the line count and you DO NOT KNOW IT. It's a program they use. I know this for a fact!
do you mind me asking
how much did you make last year?
don't mind at all
Made 32K last year.  If things continue like they are now (if I don't break my arm or something) I will make at least 36K this year. 
Thanks - will keep in mind
If you don't mind my asking,
Is it one of those 3rd shift hourly jobs? I have been intrigued by that but haven't applied. I'm just wondering if it consists of all the crap dictation that wasn't done during the day. I have plenty of that where I am now.
If you don't mind, what is the pay
One more, if you don't mind? sm
As an IC, they don't offer direct deposit, but you can pay to have your check overnighted. Do you do that or just wait to get it via snail mail? If so, how long do you usually have to wait for it? I love direct deposit, but it's really hard to get EVERYTHING you want in a company and if that's the only thing I don't like, I hate to turn it down!
Keep in mind that not everyone

takes all comments on this board seriously (at least I don't).  I don't have any experience with your company in particular, but I did take a job several months ago with a company who is continually bashed on this board, about 90% of comments were negative ones over a period of about a year when I researched the archives.  I still accepted a position with them and it's the best job I have ever had.  I left an hourly inhouse position because I wanted to work on production.  I am making over twice as much, plus working from home.  After I started working for this company, I realized why most of the comments were negative, especially ones regarding my particular account.  My hospital account insists on excellence and is very particular about quality.  The company has had to weed out many MTs whose quality was not up to par.  My company has been bashed again on this board several times this past week with negative posters discouraging people to apply.  I have given up trying to defend the company. 

Hopefully visitors to this board who are job searching will take things that are said here with a grain of salt -- not that they shouldn't consider it, but certainly it should just be one out of many factors in their decision on whether to accept a job or not.   No company is perfect and some companies work better for some people and not to well for others -- everyone has different needs.  You just have to find what works for you.                 

Just never mind - sorry I said anything.
Never mind.
I see it in one of the posts below. 
CMT-me, let me ask you this. Hopefully you won't mind.
Do you feel that any person who has been an MT for 2 years regardless of her situation, would be ready to train as a QA/editor? I too understand people taking low pay to break into what they may want to do, BUT by doing this, she is below McDonald's or Burger King or Walmart wages no doubt.

From what I hear, everyone is getting the same offer letter of this ridiculous 1.5 cents a line.

As an MTSO (I think I read that you owned your own service--correct me if I am wrong), do you feel that putting someone in a spot that has only been doing this for 2 years is really fair to the client?

Another question, even if this person is exceptional as an MT, don't you think she should be paid more than 1.5 cents a line?

Another question, do you feel that employers that do this and offer 1.5 cents a line lower the standards for QA, which is the final finished product before going to the client? Many I know that QA including moi have been MTs for quite a long time and have proven their worth before going into the QA/mentoring end. Companies that offer this next-to-nothing wage, do you feel this is fair to the MTs who have worked long and hard hours be the best for companies to demean the profession by offering this low wage? Remember, this wage is their standard offer to anyone I have spoken with, experienced x many years or no experience.

Just curious on your thoughts from an MTSO perspective.
Wow - thanks! Do you mind if I ask ..

where you went to school that you have no problems finding a job????  I can't seem to catch a break!!

Thanks again!

Would you mind...
if I emailed you as well. They have been in touch with me quite a bit in the last week or 2, and I would like to hear what they're all about.....
But you have to keep in mind --
That this type of transcription (legal/interview/etc) is generally done with a Stentura-type stenography machine and not a computer keyboard. That lets you transcribe at roughly 160 words per minute because the keys are based on phonetic words and not s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g everything out. It's a hugely different process. Much, much faster. I do legal, and everything I type is in real-time. Any good court reporting school can hook you up with training. I do both legal and medical on my Stentura now - hardly ever touch the keyboard except for scoping
keep me in mind
when you do, I think I would like to work for an MT... at least you would know how it feels to be working your a ... of with little money and even less respect....
Mind if I ask? (sm)
Maybe I don't have as much experience as they are looking for. Do you mind my asking how long you have been an MT?
Do you mind my asking how you got to .11 cpl? No one seems
to know (that I've asked) how raises work at MDI, if they offer, you must inquire, they give them after a certain length of time, etc. Do you mind my asking how/when you got to .11 cpl? I'd really like to know when I could expect that. Thank you!!!
If you don't mind my asking, how would you get
1800 lines per day? I'm struggling to get 700 lines per day due to lack of work. If more work becomes available, I wouldn't mind doing more lines, but I've heard the norm is 1000-1200 for FT. I am in awe if you can do 1800 and I am seriously wondering how you would do that. Do you have kids or are you able to work nonstop for hours? Once work picks up again (hoping very soon!), I would like to get more lines in for financial reasons, and I am very interested in any tips/tricks of the trade people have for getting high line counts, especially on accounts that have a lot of long (15-30 minutes each) difficult time-consuming ESL dictations. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Don't mind it at all....
I am with the ones that say just give me the work and leave me be unless I am doing something wrong, which has happened. They do give you instructions for each client, just like every other place I have worked. As for communication problems others have commented on, I have never had an issue with communication. They have always replied to a question or concern immediately. Everybody likes things different, and we all have to find our niche. I hope you are content and happy now.
If you don't mind me asking...
what is the minimum? I've never had that before, so I was just curious.
do you mind me asking
what your daily production total is?  Is it consistent, meaning you average the same or nearly the same daily total every day? 
Yep! and she don't mind.
Would you mind
emailing me to give more info about the VR and how you are doing better with it.  Were you a high producer transcribing?  Did you use abbreviation software?  How many lines per hour are you able to do with VR?  Thank you.  I appreciate your input. 
What MT in their right mind would

quit a job before trying out the new job?  Do you know how many MTs have gotten suckered on this board?  No way would I quit my old job first.  Secondly, it's none of his business what she does in her off-time.  As long as she agrees to a schedule and works that schedule, it is no business of his what other jobs she has. 

Are you out of your mind?

Give them a break?  They are a company; they shouldn't be given any slack when it comes to pay day.  You really think we should be glad to get paid at all?  Cut me a break. 

This company is looking worse and worse in this thread, and it is not profession for this Tonya person to get on here and post either.  She's making her own company look bad.

Would you mind......
emailing that it me as well.  I would really appreciate it!    They are getting stricter at the Q, and I desperately need a place that is flexible in order to work around my 4 kids.  Thanks so much!!!
What do you do to get your mind off of this?
Do you just ignore the e mails like OP's husband says? Do you worry? Because I understand and I do worry, but then again, I believe I am a good MT and unless I don't do my lines they have no reason to let me go... Just wondering what you all do about it because I worry too...
I do almost all ESL. I don't mind it at all.
If they say something I am not sure of, because of language error or not understandable, I blank it. QA always lets me see what goes to client. 9 times out of 10, they did not get it either, and doc has to fill it in. On the 1 time, I remember for next time. Also, after the first few times you can make your own templates, because the docs tend to say the same thing over and over. I actually prefer accents over people who mumble or docs who think you can read your mind. These kind of docs come from all walks of life, and then I blank. No sense crying over garbage in, garbage out. Send it to the doc through QA, and he will correct it, or not.
I don't really mind
working Tuesday-Saturday. It's kind of nice to have a day off while the kids are gone at school.

Lately I feel like every single minute of my life is either spent sitting on this computer trying to catch work or cleaning, cooking and taking care of the kids. It's kind of nice to have some me time once in a while.
Never mind
I found the answer to my question.
Never mind, got it. (nm)
Who in their right mind...
Would sign up anywhere and take a 75% pay cut?  Gosh, if that were reality for me, I would leave this industry completely.
Just keep in mind that
10 cpl as an IC is about equivalent to 8 cpl as an employee with benes, so even though it sounds like so much more, it's really not. Now 10 cpl as an employee would be great...
never mind.......
Looked again and found 2 companies with same name - one in Utah and one in CA.
Do you mind
if I email you Fingers?
Do you mind if
I email you?


I did check the archives and decided to steer CLEAR of them......We may get paid pigeon poop for working as MTs, but it is better than nothing!

If you do not mind my asking, how and where--sm
did you locate the information that a lawsuit had actually been filed. I am just curious, as if possible, I would like to read this filing. Thanks for the info.
OP, just pay NO MIND. As you said, sm
and I agree, nobody knows your circumstances. Just dismiss any bashing. Some just to do it I guess. Pay no mind continue enjoying your good life even more.
Well, keep in mind that's as an IC with
no benes and having to pay half of your own SS, etc. It's equivalent to about $14 or $15 as an employee with benes, which is lower than the going rate for 'EXPERIENCED' QAs. Most MTs make more than that per hour.... It might be acceptable for a new QA though.
Mind to tell me if you are an IC or employee? I am
starting with them next week as an IC part-time...
Would you mind emailing me?
I'd like to reduce the hours I work and/or pick up another IC job.  Thank you.
would you mind telling me (sm)

this Cindy-person's last name. You can E/M me if you want, in fact, I'd prefer it that way. I worked for a Psycho Maniac named Cindy before, and wonder if they're the same person!


gapeachxx@yahoo.com...thanks a bunch!

To those who don't mind sharing....
Are there any companies that pay base 10 cpl with opportunity for production and/or QA incentives, employee status, good benefits, and great transcription platform.   If so, would you mind sharing the name of your company.  I am feeling very unappreciated where I am, and need a change.
I do not mind sharing. SM
However, this is not a large company.  This is a local company, and I have just been asked if I knew of anyone who needs the work.  If you would like to leave your e-mail, I will be more than happy to share more info. 
Would you mind elaborating on
what other companies you have worked for?
never mind, I found them on the sm
internet. They are in Abbeville SC. I have sent for information on their company. I am going to check it out. Thanks for the tip.
Never mind, I just read it
Changed my mind
would you mind emailing me.... TIA nm