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hmmm a business course...

Posted By: anonymous on 2008-12-16
In Reply to: anonymous - fatcat

great idea!

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Do you feel better now? !! Business is business, most of it should be confidential. Why post on a
Trying to build his business? He's been in business over 15 years!!!!!! sm
I also had a hard time, nearly impossible actually, getting paid. The owner does this on the side; he is very involved with other things.
If you don't know what is confidential, you have no business being in any business.
This is confidential information and should not be divulged. It is one of the biggest problems a co can have. If you have to ask...well I won't be able to explain it to you
I was looking at the backlog, as I am working on my private account (non-MDI) right now, but when I went in to pull up an actual job, it showed no jobs. I have never seen this happen before, so I am wondering if there is a glitch in the system preventing accessing the work. I have emailed my liaison to find out what is going on. Maybe that's the problem, not that there isn't work, but that you can't access it at the moment? Which would explain the mounting minutes.
Again, do you or anyone here actually represent this company's upper management group? How old are you -- 12??? How do you actually have enough time to give a crap about a forum and what's being said??? COME ON!!!

Laurie: Don't you have a JOB to do??? LOL

it seems to me that since this person/company had not paid his ICs or employees for such a long time and that he lied to them about the *check being in the mail*, that the cost to overnight it should be on his head. If he had paid on time, it wouldn't be necessary to overnight anything...and since when does it cost $25 to overnight something the size of a business envelope???!!! talk about a ripoff. and you're on HIS side?? geezzz. you wouldn't be so congenial if it was YOUR money he had not sent.
hmmm wonder who?
OPS is under a lot of heat about jobs out of Turn Around Time but the supervisors should definately not do that without offering overtime.
Hmmm....not right.
They were probably getting you to do live work for free. There is no way I would do that many jobs for a test.
Hmmm...not sure who to believe now sm
How much experience do you have to get that offer?  Also, is this for straight typing?   I'm not sure who to believe now.  I just know there is no way I would work for 7 or 8 cpl unless I was a brand new MT!  Thanks!
hmmm...I wonder if that would be --sm
80% conVICTS on parole and 20% professionals? I didn't get it either, but it has something to do with parole, so I was thinking prison. maybe the OP will explain.
I emailed with a few times today. Maybe your email got lost. I know they have a few different platforms and that's about it.
Guess that particular company realized that they just lost a dependable employee who dumped them instead of the other way around...you go girl...and good luck with your endeavors!

I hope that's not the case, because then I'm out almost $200.  They should have told me that.  Sneaky.

I apologize if I came off as being hateful. It was not my intention. I merely asked how long you had been a transcriptionist. Work can be overflowing all the time. Transtech has a lot of WONDERFUL accounts and like I said in my previous post it will only be a minute before it's back and you are able to get all the lines you want. Again, I apologize if my post sounded rude. That is not my intention and it's not like me to try to belittle or put someone down.
I wonder if they have a clue why they are always looking for help, Ya think.
No, I disagree with you again. Not everyone wants to be a part of the inner workings, they just want to know if they will have a job when all is said and done. I have been through a buyout. I have seen how the fact that hundreds of people are going to lose their jobs is kept secret. While I am not saying this is the case at Webmedx, I am saying that it happens EVERY DAY, so people need to look out for themselves and not be so naive. It isn't so much a matter of not agreeing with a process, it is a matter of being told you don't have a job anymore. Point blank.
Hmmm - sm
Sounds to me more like you quit if she offered you work and you refused. Think she's already printed off a copy of that post???
I would NEVER accept a position who offers less than 9 cpl to me, but even that is a slap in the face.  I am so done with this crap.  MT was so profitable in the 80s, now it is nothing comparable but to working at McDonald's. 

The OP stated she doesn't like to read negative posts.  So, you come and attack me?  Sounds like you need to look in the mirror.  Furthermore, you know more about temper tantrums than I've had experience with in my lifetime with your description.  Sounds like you may be talking about yourself. 

Kind of funny how you are against attacking, but you attack me.  NICE!  REAL NICE!

Are you the one that never got any attention because your post sure sounds like it?  LOL yourself... 

Hmmm, not sure (SM)
My husband has a part time job and FICA and Medicare are taken out. We do not report his earnings to Social Security but he still has taxes taken out, and that seems to be required according to the reference in my original post.

Interestingly, his SS check does increase a little bit each year based on the earnings he had in the previous year.

It seems like those 2 references are saying 2 different things, so I don't get it. ????
Maybe I misunderstood.  I thought benefits were 90 and PTO accrual started after 120??  BTW, I just accepted a position with them using BeyondTXT, a new acute care account.  Can you tell me what the line count capabilities are with this platform with VR? I certainly appreciate in info. 
Anyone who scores an 80-anything on an MT test is not qualified. I know a lot of MTs who have been out for decades and they can't pass these tests because of the BOS. I was not originally trained on the actual BOS, just on what the company I was going to be working for wanted. I thought all companies would be close to that but I learned very quickly that is far from true.

You aren't experienced. You have typed one physician according to what I read and subbed for a company who operates in a shady fashion on the down-low.

I have 9 years of experience. I have typed for over 50 physicians and I sub for many companies. NONE of those companies are shady or low-down they are the actual physician office where I return the work and the physician pulls out his wallet to pay me cash. I only work when the regular transcriptionists cannot keep up and the quarterly books have too much overhead from too many files that the Transcription was not completed. This isn't shady, this is a best business practice so that the bottom line looks good for the investors and insurance companies.

It didn't occur to you to use a BOOK until someone sent you one?

I knew there was a book, but as I stated before I thought that most companies used the same basic set of rules that my first company did. Until a recruiter sat down and told me exactly what the questions I was missing were (almost all were BOS style and formatting) I didn't know where I was going wrong. Now I have the book and I already passed the last 2 tests I took with 98 and am well on my way to interview status.

I am amazed at how much negative is on this board. I ask for some simple assistance as to where I might be going wrong and maybe some tips on how to find a job in one of the big corporations. Most people are legitimately helpful, but why you feel you have to rub someone's nose in crap is beyond me! If you really feel I am unqualified then tell your HR or recruiter not to hire me. Otherwise what do you really care since you are not QA or a recruiter!?!?!? I'm flabbergasted!!
sound a bit disgruntled. Do you still work there?

My offer was above 8 cpl, so I won't complain!

I wonder if the Indians will be getting a similar paycut and now be working for FREE, since we were constantly reminded how much cheaper and more efficient the indians were. 

I wouldn't send my worst enemy to work for this company.  While their little mission statement proclaims how they will be transparent and treat everyone like adults, they will tell you one thing and turn right around and do another, i.e. the pay cuts that we were assured numerous times were not going to happen.

RIH Acuspheris.

She probably brought them back with her from her recent trip to India. It's hard to find American hausfrau's for under $3/hour, so I'm sure Shuvinder, Rohit, and their 2-year-old son Nipun keep the grounds and manse sparkling all for less than one of those Sally Struther's kids.
Let's see...what about the soldiers in the freakin UNITED STATES ARMY who have to provide their own KEVLAR (among other things)?
Wonder if the Transcription PRN, LLC I inquired about below this thread is another one of their aliases?
I question whether she's lucky or just imaginative. In either case, there are a few sanctimonious that apparently don't realize that whatever situation they are in, they're just a step away from being among the rest of the poor, huddled masses, and while I really hate to wish ill on others, I would not be opposed to seeing something filter into their apparently charmed life just to remind them that there but for the grace of God goes she, and to provide an apparently much needed refresher course in humility, sympathy, and respect.
MQ big change? Hmmm maybe

Big changes a coming...

she's talking about that we will have to volunteer xxx amount of lines to the legal fund

put in for PTO 3 yrs in advance

 be required to have state of the art systems (say the ones for 2 grand)

 pay are own and 10 of our neighbors DSl bills (because MQ may have a stake in that company

commit to not only real chains to the chair but also go on ankle monitors, so that MQ management can tell when we stray farther than 2 ft from our puter's...say to go to the potty

have to go through our supe's, area managers, district higher up's then finally corporate to sign off for the shift or to notify them of our own deaths

not only be able to understand our loving ESL's but to also be able to transcribe in their native languages if they so desire

be ready, willing and able to put up during training all the offshores who so desire to come to the US to train...kinda like a foreign exchange transcriptionist

Last but not least, to have the common sense to duck when that sky falls

 i love those the end is near posts.....geez

Hmmm...never thought about that.
I bet you are right.
Hmmm, my experience is quite a bit more than what they

ask for on their listing.  Also, I have no trouble getting job offers from other companies.  Spheris has never even contacted me.  It just seems strange to me.  I was hoping to hear from them.  I saw their ad and really liked what they offer. 

The ad states that you need at least 1 year experience.  I have almost 5 years, have excellent production and accuracy, and am willing to work evening/weekends.  I guess those things aren't enough to get my foot in the door though. WEIRD!

Hmmm, as an experience MT who has taken
flying colors, I really resent your telling people to CHEAT.  The point of the verbal test is to see if people know the material.  If they don't, what business do they have doing transcription?  It's people like you who brings down the quality of transcription and LOWERS OUR WAGES.
Hmmm, are you suggesting
you never make mistakes?

And, are you really suggesting that someone submitting a resume after the deadline - thus not following directions will not be able to follow any directions?

Strongly suggest you re-read your posts and ask yourself if this is the kind of impression you want associated with your company...
Hmmm, see message
I have found the same thing when applying for jobs as the poster you are responding to. I clearly doubt she, I or any of the other applicants were put in the no box. Just disorganized, inept, and might I say, lazy recruiters who want to be paid for doing nothing. I guess you think that an applicant can wait 4-6 weeks for a response from your great company?

Welllll, guess what? There are some good recruiters out there who do take care of their job and that is who gets the good applicants.

I would pretty much imagine that you would totally turn off any applicant when they speak to you. Sorry, to be so harsh, but that is how I see it!!
Hmmm, do you know if they are hiring? nm
Hmmm, interesting! Thanks. nm
Hmmm. I would try calling them. nm
Hmmm, I pay 6% sales tax here and
am wondering whether I will come out better taking say at least 15% each paycheck or being their employee. Questions, questions. My goodness!
Hmmm, that is weird...
I wonder if he was really calling from MQ?
Hmmm something looks MQ'ish about this

Maybe it's just me but wasn't there someone on the Medquist page named Queenie constantly posting?  Of course Webmedx has a gained a SVP which was a prominent ex-MQ'r .... could this Queenie be her?

Oh . just one more question FOLKS... How long do you think it will take her to turn Wedmedx into a Medquist clone?

From what I've heard ever since the guy from Spheris took over, the company's entire mentality has changed for the worst.  So now the 2 big rotten apples (Spheris/Medquist) are at the reins of what used to be known as a nice place to work.

' Hmmm ' totally needs to get OVER herself.

Hmmm, I'm curious...
you keep saying a manager posted unprofessional posts. I must have missed them. I read a post where SOMEONE claiming to be a manager (using a made up nom DE plume) had issues with a confidential email and threatened, what I thought, was legitamite legal action. Please, anybody, explain the unprofessionalism in that or any subsequent posts? While you're at is, explain to me WHY you would actually BELIEVE it is management of ANY company? For the record, my real name is NOT nm, but there are SO MANY nm, me's, me2, etc. why one Earth would you believe ANYTHING posted on the internet. By the way, Oregon just got hit with a 7.8 earthquake- lots of damage and lots of injuries. I'm trying to get more details for y'all...
Reply to Hmmm
I don't get it. What do you expect? A company is a company to make money. They are not in it to stay a Mom & Pop company. If they are then they have some serious issues and no potential for growth whatsoever. Go ahead and get and stay with a Mom & Pop company. See how readily you're turned away when you get sick and have to go to the hospital and you have no insurance. See how you survive when you are retirement age and you have nthing coming in from a retirement plan. So many people live in the here and now and do not think about the future. Transtech is a wonderful company and if they need new blood in management positions then more power to them. Someone has to keep a handle on all these MTs who think they can just work when they want to and not have any valuable work ethics or integrity. I love working for them. They have been MORE than fair to me and I always have work. Why you ask??? Because I am a good MT and I don't mind working on more than just my primary account. I NEVER have a paycheck less than $1200 for a 2-week period and that is after taxes, insurance and my contributions I have chosen have been deducted. And I don't work more than 45 hours a week either. Adios!
Hmmm, would you be willing to elaborate?
I almost always see positive posts here about them. Silly of me to think it was all rosey!

Anything in particular I should be aware of?

hmmm just like they said would be done IMAGINE THAT !
Also, I bet your bank deposit is there tomorrow, AGAIN LIKE THEY SAID, AGAIN IMAGINE THAT. I only have one question for whoever you are that is too chicken to post your name, what is wrong with you? Have you ever worked anywhere else that you got paid in less than 7 days after close of pay period, then why did you leave. Most places I have ever worked, you would type 1st through the 15th and then get paid on the 1st of the next month for that work, so honey seven days is wonderful to me. Sure, I have had a few issues here, no place is perfect, but I can tell you when I let them know I was upset about whatever it was, never about not getting paid, they went out of way to make me happy and fix it, so again to you UNKNOWN MT, what is wrong with you. Please email me and see if I can help you. sheryl.cantrell@gmail.com I am just an MT for Cardioscribes but know how to talk to them and very happy.
for hmmm...... I agree
There are a lot of small companies like TTD INC out there. They are called subcontractors or affiliates.
I would rather prefer to work for a large company directly, skipping the subcontracting company.

The chain is like that:
MT, subcontractor MTSO, MTSO, Client.

And every link gets a piece of the pie.
hmmm. did you work for DRC before it became
Hmmm --- now that got me to thinking......
Maybe the answer is this:

With so many companies sending work so sporadically, maybe the answer is to be a full-time employee of 2 (or more) companies simultaneously, with the same shift.

With enough PC memory, having more than one platform running on it is likely no problem. (If it is, get a 2nd hard drive).

So then, you log on. When Job A's work pool fizzles, you toggle over to Job B. And so on and so forth. Maybe you can even get full bennies from both jobs. If Job A's insurance won't pay for a medical test or procedure, maybe job B's will. If you're lucky enough to have 2 jobs that match or augment what you contribute to your 401K, just think - now you've got 2 contributions coming in.

If they have a 'no compete' clause or have a problem with you having a 2nd job, that might be where you want to have one monitor and 2 hard drives, so they can't detect each other. An additional benefit to having 2 hard drives is if Job A's hard drive crashes, you can always still work Job B's until you get the other one fixed or replaced.

The answer to some problems in life is to translate the words 'no', or 'you're not allowed to..' into 'find a way around it.'
hmmm hit a nerve?
  looked again didn't ya?  it makes me laugh 
Hmmm...just depends
I would totally have to do a lot of research.  It depends on what the job is and where the bottom pay starts out at and how fast you can climb to that top salary.  Most things that seem too good be true really are!!!!!