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I dont cherry pick, never did. I dont do that to my coworkers on my account.

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-08-21
In Reply to: Gripe when you have work, gripe when you don't... - MQ MT

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What is the new status. I dont understand what it means. I dont need their benefits nor do I want
I dont know what that means. I am an SE. I dont sit and wait for work I come back in when it is
there so I never had to deal with Amherst when there was no work because I just stopped working and did other things. My feeling is if this doesnt work there are other jobs out there.
I just dont want to hit that extra space if I dont get paid for it, ya know. No message.
If I cant make QA, dont give me work. Dont dock
I didnt get the packet, do we have to take their insurance if we dont need it. I dont want it. Wish
I would have gotten the stupid thing to read.
Well, I know that MTs from my office have quite MQ and they dont post on here but I dont know how
many. I think MTs with MQ may be getting second jobs and just working for 2 different places at the same time which is probably the smart thing to do anymore because MQ will continue with this short TAT and as it spreads throughout other  offices people will continually be running out of work especially after going on DQS.
You obviously have the wrong company. If they dont IM you, then you dont have it on..
I smell management. Nothing you said makes sense unless there is another Focus out there.
Sorry if I dont like gutter humor. Also dont like
Dont kid yourself that people dont know what is going on. Do you honestly think these office people
dont talk. Maybe you should make sure you know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.

to your heart's content, if that's your choice and you are fortunate enough to get the kind of Lead job where you have control of work flow & distribution, as they do in my company.  As bad as the Q may have been in some important areas, I always got my lines.  Work was allowed to self-distribute naturally ...THE NEXT FREE MT GOT THE NEXT AVAILABLE JOB.  We had 1 supervisor, not 2 dozen people we had to answer to, as today's top-heavys. 

But as long as the same person who assigns/distributes the work (Leads) also types on the accounts & has FIRST CHOICE of jobs -- well, where does leave the rest of us??  With 101% $---t, that's what!  That and being salaried, too!  I'd be a Lead for HALF of the little they're paying us now and I bet I'd get more done if the playing field between Leads and peon MTs were evened out a little.

If your question is can you cherry pick
Your queue is preset for your work types and they come in according to TAT. You can't pick and choose what you want to type. That is established beforehand.
So do they cherry pick at Transtech?
How the heck would you cherry pick at Amphion
As far as I know, the only way you could cherry pick is to sign off after you have brought the job u
Seems like I remember in training being told, If you bring the job up you are expected to type it. and that these things were monitored.

I feel like some days I just have the luck of the damned and other days are great. I don't feel they are cherry picked like I used to get at MQ.

If you really feel this is happening, contact your immediate supervisor and ask.

By the way, welcome aboard.

How do people cherry pick on accounts? You mean like supervisors assigning jobs?
I did not know you could do that, but is that what you mean? I need to know because I will not work for that.
Why do supervisors who insist they are not paid to transcribe cherry pick accounts to death?
They could really show some leadership ability if they took the bad dictators and left a few easy reports for those of us who would appreciate an easy report once in a while.
You dont have to tell me..

I see it quite clearly.  Some of that stuff is just plain crap, and it takes longer to change every other word or heading, etc. than to just type it yourself.  Trust me, I know the game they are running.  I am just trying to prevent others from going through the same thing a lot of us are going through right now.  All of this could have been avoided by just having a little more consideration towards their MTs.  There is ABSOLUTELY no reason why we should have had to work for 12 days and not know what we were making--NO REASON.  I think this really shows just how much they really DON'T care about us as MTs, and that makes me both sad  and angry .


I dont know why
WHY what did your lawyer think?
dont do it
there are jobs out there that are more dependable.  Dont go there.  Not right now.  Honestly, the system is new and there have been many new changes implemented.  They are still in the process of making changes and it is a mess.  The system has so many bugs in it that it is constantly going down and screwing up.  There are times that it is down for hours and hours.  You cannot depend on getting your line count in.  Also, there is lack of work on many, many accounts way too often.  They are going to editing and you will only get paid about 4 cpl.  It is a mess.  Please look somewhere else.
Dont do it. Dont take the job. You will

really regret it.  I was laid off from my hospital job and went to work for a national and it has been the absolute worst experience.  My income has gone down so much that I leave the answering machine on now because the bill collectors are calling me every day.  The security of knowing that you are paid by the hour no matter what makes all of the difference in the world.  When the national has platform problems, computer problems, no work (which happens frequently), etc. you are NOT PAID.  You just have to sit and wait until THEY fix it.  The benefits are nothing like you get working in house and they are so expensive.  I just really think you should consider all of these factors and understand that it is very different from working for a hospital.

At least it has been for me, they dont TELL you to sit and
and I dont if I dont want to. If I have otherthings to do, I do them. Places to go, I go. As FT though, I do make up the hours or use PTO (which I hate doing) and really more now since my company took any PTO over 40 hours we had not used as of 12/31.
I dont know but it

is a paid ad, so they have to still be in business. They can't be too hard to find on Google or they would damage their business dealings. Sorry, I just saw the banner and knew people were questioning their existence.


I just dont do it
I personally do not accept a job that pays low. I can understand if you need the job yesterday; but with forethought and planning, a seasoned Transcriptionist should NOT work for peanuts EVER! I try not to accept less than 10 cpl, period; 9 cpl is really easy account as a subcontractor of course.
DON'T DO IT...they ARE the same company as in the Phillipines operated by a very nasty CEO that will NOT pay you.  She has been sued so many times for non payment.  Not good people to work for.
YES they are the same company in Tennessee and the Phillipines.  I use to work in both offices...trust me...DONT DO IT...very nasty owner, short fuse and will NOT pay you!
Dont ask, dont tell. nm
please dont tell me ...sm
They use it on rad accounts. I hope it's Lanier.
I dont know about everyone else, but my PC
In the last coupla weeks, it's slowed down about 50%.
You dont have to have radar here
Agree with poster above who said that only you can change things for yourself.  Maybe shouldnt have used the terms babies.  Fine, okay, I'll admit that.  And I dont take anything on here personally.  All I am saying is that all anyone does anymore is complain.  It is tiresome and old. 
you work there dont you? You tell us
Dont you wish someone would have warned you?...
I have gotten a lot of grief for trying to warn people about what was happening to me and others and that it would soon be happening to a large majority of you.  I think it is a duty that we should all have.  Why would you let someone else go through something horrible if you could possibly stop it.  I loved the "old" Transcend and its management--not too happy with the "new" Transcend or its management.  However, that is my opinion.  I see there are many others with the same opinion, and these number will continue to grow if Transcend does not wake up.  I was a "Current Transcender" until now.  I just can't do it anymore.  I tried to fight the good fight and hold on to them (at least until I found something else better), but my children need to eat, and I have a mortgage and bills to pay.  I can no longer be a Transcend cheerleader.  I was a cheerleader in the past and referred other MTs to the company (all of whom left before I did), but it is just a really "bad" place to work as far as wages go.  I have to do what is best for me now.  I can't go bankrupt for Transcend.  Thank God I had the wisdom to find another job to supplement early on in this "transition" process.  If not, I would be homeless now.  I certainly do not wake up every day with my only purpose being to bash Transcend.  I had to be honest with myself and others or I couldn't sleep at night.  I wish all of you the best and hope you and Transcend figure it all out before it is too late for you.
Dont worry,
I never got a phone call, but got my packet today. 
One word......DONT'!

if that;s the stuff you want, DONT' GO THERE!
maybe there is another Transhealth we dont know about lol
i dont know if it would be the best, but i like cardiology
so dont be so quick to THINK you know
what happened. anyway, don't worry about what I will or will not do.
I dont think they are hiring right now. nm
SPI does but trust me, you dont want to go there.

Ugly. Dont even consider it.
They profess to be a good fine Christian organization but they are FAR from it.
Dont get me started
about the animals... I freak out all the time about humans' cruel treatment of animals!

dont mean to barge in here but

you two have the cutest posting names! 


Go a little further down the page.. According to them, they dont pay.
That woudl be enough for me.. to stay far, far away
OK I dont see it here so here's mine...
It's hardly the worst, but rather than repeat some of the worst, I say bad things out loud when the doc says, Two views, Transcriptionist, that's t-w-o.

Nah. Really? Cuz I thought it was TOO VIEWS...

On top of that, they can dictate the direction so fast it doesn't translate as a direction - and you have this blank that looks like this: T____ish thats___


Conversely, I 'don't' mind if they spell, for example, N-O, as it can be dropped in dictation and not caught, depending on content.

Dont know for sure but last i heard
it was $700. I guess the powers that be do not find this acceptable and are trying to get the cost down as soon as they can.
Dont think it would matter
It seems as if they feel they can get aware with it - and unfortunately they have for so long. Why - because they bounced checks in the past and no one ever said or did anything as long as they get there money eventually - I say bounce a check get fined, charged etc. Bounce a check at walmart and you can go to jail - what makes you less than walmart? Pay a bill late and get finance charges and fees - you are a business, charge them fess and late charges and maybe - just maybe - it wont happen again.
Hmmmm... I dont think so
Hmm. Did in Oct and it is Sept? I dont think thats too bad
Dont even work there

I worked there for few months and realized that its not a good place to work at all. Specially the Owners of the Company is the biggest problem to work there as he is not a professional at all. They are loosing clients recently and not good to go there