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Exactly...too much flipping back and forth through screens, schedules, faxes....

Posted By: Ditto on 2006-03-10
In Reply to: Didn't like it - Ex-Amphion2

and for what? A 10-line note about somebodies out of control diabetes or hypertension. It takes longer to fill in the DI screen than to type the note. I stayed for about 9 months because of the easy dictators, but found it was dulling my acute care skills so I left. I asked to change accounts, the answer was, no. I am MUCH happier where I am now.

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...mentioned - faxes and patient lists and rules to
VR rates at 1.5 cpl...Flipping Joke
I e-mail all companies offering 6-8 cpl and tell them that is not a living wage. I can make more as sales clerk. Same with the VR Editor jobs. 2-4 cents for editing is not a living wage. It takes more of my time to edit Indian transcription as to type at 100 wpm with expander. If we all flooded them with similar responses, maybe they would see how many good people they are not getting to apply.
Flipping the script on Employers!!

Since the majority of these companies are not upfront or truthful about their lack of work, and their recruiters are just little monkeys following orders, I have decided to accept as many jobs as I can, space the hiring dates 2 weeks apart, and try each job out before I make a serious commitment.  I have accepted 4 jobs to date, and I will not be left out in the cold another year because I believed in a company that did not measure up to their hype.  My kids will not go hungry again.   I have been burned so many times and I did not start out to accept AL 4, but my husband informed me that none of these companies will be loyal to me, so I need to do what I need to do.

She threw us under the flipping RICKSHAW, lol!!!
She can kiss my backside.

My SOUL is NOT part of her $16 million deal.

Jam it, D. I didn't need you before I found MDI-MD, and I sure don't need you NOW.

Demo screens
For starters, there is way too much information you have to put into the demographics field, which slows you down considerably.  Another thing is over 25 pages worth of account specifics that are you HAVE to memorize all while having to learn another account, which has over 16 pages of account specifics to memorize.  A lot of the things you have to put in the demo screen could be taken care of on the other side.  Such as having to put allegies in comment sections in the demo screen that is already put in the actual document.  Just a bunch of truly nitpicky things that will drive you mad! I hope this helped.
I have recently declined to accept VR rates as low as 1.5 cpl. What a flipping joke
At this point, I guess we're supposed to work for free. I mean do we not still leave in America where cost of living is sky rocketing and then they come with an offer of 6-7 cpl for straight typing and 1.5-3 cpl for editing. That worst is when the ad says must have at least 5+ years experience, excellent high quality standards, blah blah and then they offer you that.. Insulting..Good luck on surviving on that. I guess we should move to another country where the cost of living is comparable to the wages. Give me a break. We all just need to take a stand or this industry will not survive..
Platform I was on had to flip thru many screens for
I didn't try again, but once you got a few screens in, it asked for a $25 fee to your charge card
Platform bad, toggling between multiple screens, never got feedback
Current Amphion employee...I'm very happy. The part of Amphion I work with has no faxes, lists,s
minor demographic work..superb QA and feedback.  Fellow MTs on same account are more than willing to help and now they also have mentor program.  My pay is what they said.  They do have different pay for different levels. 
Had to toggle between many screens, no support or qa to speak ofl they dock $10 per document
They can't afford to bother you. You are too busy toggling between numerous screens in
I much prefer Bayscribe. No messing around with multiple screens, doc lookup right there, etc.
It's very convenient to use. ExText seemed much bulkier and much slower to me.
If it's Apex, steer clear. I was on it with another company. It eats reports. Too many screens. s
The spellchecker doesn't work and it was REALLY hard to get a decent line count with it. It's also not compatible with too many expanders.
You do have to say what hours you will work. That's called J O B

We're finally making strides to become PROFESSIONALS who have deadlines and hours and expectations and stuff! Can you just imagine?

Seriously, you have to pick the hours you will work. Then you have to work them. You don't have to pick 8-4. You can pick 8, 10, 11, 7, 2.

Of course, they can tell you they need other coverage, I suppose.
Yes, they are strict on the agreed upon schedule the transcriptionists obligate themselves to...they HAVE to be. TT is in business to provide their clients with quality reports in a time frame THEY have agreed upon. The reports cannot be delivered on time if the transcriptionists are cavalier in their work habits. I love working for TT. I can tell you another thing. Probably the only reason that Transcriptionist was written up was because she was consistently not working at her agreed upon time. TT have been wonderful to me. And yes, they HAVE been flexible, but I am on when I am supposed to be and provide a quality product for them.
I'm not sure what section of Focus you all work with.  With all the discussion about schedules, etc., I'm wondering what I've been missing.  I've been an employee for well over a year and have never been required to have a set schedule of any kind.  I work whenever I want, as long as I put in a minimum of 20 hours per week.
ICs and schedules
The whole idea of being an IC is to NOT have to stick to a schedule. There are companies out there. I have to do a minimum of 5000 lines per pay period (which is 1st to 15th of the month and 16th to end of month) but on no schedule, just whenever I work as long as come date of invoice I have a minimum of 5000 lines. I know there are other companies out there that do the same. That is the way it should be for an IC.
Set schedules.
No flexibility.
No set schedules because....
They don't pay overtime .
No, not boring - flipping burgers is boring!
Be grateful to be working!
Flexible schedules
Amphion Medical Solutions: You can say you will work 5 hours a day, or 20 hours a week, but that is about as vague as they can tolerate. Contact HR@amphionmedical.com
No...they are really flexible with schedules..nm
What do you mean by downloading schedules?

The ones here who want to make their own schedules
should just spend their time doing something else besides working. You really sound immature wanting to call the shots on when you work. Hospital work is 24/7. If you donít want to work on weekends or say you cannot work (UGH), stay home and take care of the kids. No princesses around here.
They do have some M-F schedules, but it depends on
what the needs of the client are and what time slots they have available when you apply.  The recruiter is the one that will offer you a position and she will tell you what time slots they have available.   You aren't supposed to change your schedule for 6 months.
I think there is 1 small rad but there is ER. Schedules....

You set your schedule but you are expected to be there when you say you are.  However, they are great to work around doctor's appointments or other things that may come up.  I have never had an issue not being able to get time off for anything. 

As far as QA, they expect you to type what is dictated unless of course it is a gross medical error and then you blank and send to QA.  You do not get dinged for sending work to QA.  You also do not get dinged for punctuation.  They do expect high quality.

That's because of the work schedules

Most of the MTs at MDI either work Sun-Thu or Tue-Sat.  Therefore, more MTs are working Tue, Wed, Thu. 

The problem is M-F schedules have
gone by the wayside for the most part. Seems like everyone is requiring at least 1 weekend day. I remember when I was at the Q (and this was years ago), we rotated weekends. This is unheard of now with most MTSOs.
No, but they have flexible schedules, so ask about
and if your schedules are flexible? nm
and if your schedules are flexible? nm
It looks like 2 different lists, 2 different schedules.

Schedule 3.13(a) hereto contains a complete and accurate list of all employees (including statutory employees) of the Company who for the year ending March 31, 2009 were paid annual aggregate compensation in excess of $35,000, showing the position, annual base salary and bonus potential for each such employee.

Purchaser shall continue the services of the employees of the Company following the Closing except for the individuals listed on Schedule 6.11 hereof who shall be terminated at or shortly following the Closing.

It appears that there are going to be some that are terminated at or following the closing.  Is that tomorrow or January 1, 2010?

Transcend Pay day schedules
The thing I am going to hate most is the Transcend pay day schedule, twice a month instead of every 2 weeks. Just when I get my creditors settled into dates I pay my bills, I will have to revert back to having to go to the payday loan for money. Twice a month is too long between paydays. I have also used BeyondText before and it is antique compared to Bayscribe.
How were the schedules set up? Shifts? Flexibility? Thanks! nm
Are they extremely strict with schedules? nm
Yes they offer flex schedules
You have a 12 hour window to get in your daily scheduled hours.
Thanks! One more question...are they flexible with regards to schedules?sm
 I mean do they have a strict Su-Th or Tu-Sa schedule?  Thanks again..
IC status - flexible schedules

Any companies that permit a flexible schedule for IC status.  Any info would be appreciated.

probity? how are they about working with schedules, etc.? nm
Do most of the hospitals have slow schedules
Slow schedules at hospitals
The hospital I worked for was slow around holiday time. Patients and doctors do not like to schedule in patient stays at holiday time. Usually picks up afterwards.
Question about work schedules?
The packet I received said they expect MTs to work 2 weekend days a month, but my recruiter made it sound like MTs are required to work 1 weekend day every weekend.

Does everyone work every weekend?
How flexible is Keystrokes as far as schedules...sm

I currently transcribe radiology for MQ full-time and after doing some research, I'm thinking about applying elsewhere full-time specifically Keystrokes because I hear they do a lot of radiology work.

How flexible is the work schedule there at Keystrokes.  Do you have to punch in and out like at MQ?  Really getting tired of punching in and out.

Recent info would be appreciated...looked at archives already.

in my interview, they told me set schedules.
When I interviewed with them a few weeks ago, there was no flexibility. If you did 2000 lines in 4 hours, then you still had to work your entire 8 hour shift.
Does any company allow M-F schedules anymore?
My Take and Experience on Shifts and Schedules
I have done my share of nights/weekends, even when I was not asked.  I did it for the extra $$.  I believe that company/employee should try to follow a shift agreed upon at hire.  Of course, you have to be flexible.  I would NEVER refuse to work over-time and help out when needed, unless of course I had to for life/death reasons.  I do have to say in my own experience, this is starting to be abused by the employers ever since all the increased offshoring started.  Last year I lost account after account with big MTSO.  I had 5 account managers in less than 2 years.  We were told to clock out when we ran out of work, which was most of the time, but we were still expected to make the minimum line count by working nights/weekends (sometimes that was not even possible).  I had to be available to work from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. - clocking in, clocking out, in, out, in, out.  It just got riduculous, being available 15-16 hours a day and only getting 1000 lines or so.  After FOUR MONTHS of this, I finally said I needed a new account, a new shift, regular work, or a new job.  The next account lasted about a year.  Then came the offshoring.  Same thing happened.  As the account of 135 doctors went to the Philippines, the work as less and less, moving from account to account, clocking in, out, in, out.  Ridiculous!  We of course were told to use paid time off if there was no work.  Am I not entitled to a vacation with that PTO just like everyone else?  Asking someone to constantly clock out when there is no work is like asking a store clerk to clock out if there are no customers in the store.  Asking them to be available during their shift and constantly otherwise can get abusive.   I finally had to say again - give me regular hours/shift and steady work or lay me off.  I could not put in the 12+ hours a day, making very little, and using up my PTO.  I was laid off.  Thank goodness.  Unemployment was more than I was making for the last couple of months.  While I do agree that everyone should be flexible and contribute when needed, the abuse by these companies is getting to be more and more and probably will not change.  Glad I got out of that situation.  Love working my shift and having the rest of the evening/weekend to enjoy life.  If you are being constantly abused and can not do this, it's time to issue an ultimatum--and be ready if it does not go your way.  Personally, I could not live like that any longer. 
Independent Contractors and Schedules
I am an independent contractor and agreed to a certain amount of lines per pay period and gave an approximate schedule but am I not correct that by law if I get my lines, they can't tell me when and when not to work.  I have only one time not gotten my lines and only because there was no work and that was about 9 months ago.

I can't stand the vile threats of being canned for not working a certain schedule when they hire independent contractors.  What recourse do I have if something like that happened?  Labor board, law suit, etc?
What companies offer FLEXIBLE schedules for
full time employees?  I am willing to work the hours required for full time status, but I am in college too and I have to have the flexibility - my schedule changes every semester.  Can anybody point me to ANY good companies who let you work whenever you want as long as you get your hours in?  And I am not interested in IC - only working as an employee.  Thanks!
WEBMEDX - how strict are they with their schedules and clocking in and out? TIA nm

12-hour window schedules are offered
by Spheris.