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Heard rumors that Transcend does...

Posted By: Unanimously Anonymous on 2009-05-15
In Reply to: Which companies pay at least 9cpl? - Are there any?

but can't confirm it. 7 cpl for over 10 years of experience is criminal.

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We heard Transcend is buying Keystrokes next. I'm not working for Transcend. No Way !
I heard it about Transcend
From a trainer
How many employees does Transcend have? I have heard
3000 and 5000 and now 300.  Does anyone know?
Nothing from Transcend, although I heard others got gift cards or at least a card. I've worked th
several years so if it was just a case of being forgotten that is still pretty pathetic. How do you forget your employees, especially when you get junk bulk mail from there regarding nothing that involves you..but at Christmas you were forgotten. Oh well, I have work and for that I am grateful so I'll be nice...
Unfortunately this is how rumors get started. SM
Someone posted that some company that uses ExText deducted 30% for headers/footers.  I have no idea which company does this but it is NOT TT.  They do not pay for headers/footers and will tell you this up front but there is no 30% deduction in your line count.  What you see is what you get.
Disregard any rumors and try for yourself, sm

They are a great match for me.  I am very happy with the account I am on, like the stability of having a primary with backups.  Pay is comparable with others.  They do pay for down-time that is their fault.  They do have incentive pay (and you can negotiate your line rate if you don't need benefits).

They are not for everyone though, not is any company out there.  Rumors on this board in the past have been very misleading and some were just not true.  Everyone I have come in contact with has been very nice, that's why I am still with them after 5+ years and not complaining.  Steady work, your left alone to do your job, and the platform is easy to learn and can be very productive since you are on a primary account.

If you like what you hear from the recruiter, get it in writing and give them a try.

No one is starting rumors
We are just trying to figure out the line count problem. Do you really think if we asked management they would tell us they are skimping on lines or how they go about doing it?

This is how rumors get started.
Management at TT came from another company, why would they turn around and sell? The reason they have low work is the overhiring for the new accounts, nothing other than that.
the rumors can be quelched by doing a search
about their wonderful benefits program, a post which blew up in their faces. I disagree with your statement that their benefits are better than most and I base it on that post and my experience with other MTSOs.

Yes, TH beats the pants off KS for its benefits package, its professionalism, organizational abilities, going above and beyond and more. I wholeheartedly agree with the other TH poster and can attest every word about TH was the truth.
Rumors don't hold water with me.

GIVE FACTS or keep quiet. You keep trying to down TT everytime someone posts a question. I have asked you time and time again for the FACTS which you have not provided.

You heard....i.e., you DON'T know. You  ASSUME. Why don't you go right to management and confront them and THEN AND ONLY THEN, come back to this board and post the TRUTH. Until then, stop trying to spread RUMORS!!!

This is how rumors get started. Most KS MTs are employee status and there
is a benefits plan, which I think is better than most.

Too many people take what is said on the internet as Gospel, which is sad when it is not true.

They are trying to go to employee status only unless you are incorporated with your own liability insurance.
They absolutely do not! Please don't spread unfounded rumors like that.
please don't try to start rumors. spheris BUYS your
nooooo, they are not merging.

Is this a SOM hospital? I am worried myself. Rumors flying. nm
Webmedx, not rumors, true story

Maybe you work on accounts that are not experiencing ASR yet.  All I can tell you is I have gone from around 1700 lines a day to now struggling to get 1000 and get those only because I consistently sit at my desk clicking new report to be taken to another job, and many times there are no jobs available.  I am not spreading rumors.  This is a true story of what has happened to an employee, one who has been called a most valuable employee, one who has worked diligently for 3 years for this company and has over 30 years experience.  And, yes, I have multiple accounts.  In fact, at the present time I have 20 accounts as I have called several times to request more work so my family does not suffer. 

I am not a complainer, not looking to cause ill-will.  I am a concerned employee of a company who has not been straight foward regarding what is happening to our employment.  Of course, this may not be happening across the board in all accounts, but it certainly is in mine and if you look at the posts on this board, I am not alone.


I am a good worker, reliable, accurate, with high QA, a producer and work on the most difficult accounts with lots of ESL.  Do not judge a situation which you do not know. 

Boy you must like starting rumors. How completely ridiculous.
I just do my work and when rumors crop up call and ask. Simple as that...
too much panic and speculation makes for an unproductive day.
Also easy to put an end to it if the company would simply communicate their denial of the rumors, as
I've heard only positive things about them. So, I applied, but haven't heard a word. Maybe fl
I've only heard of Intellitype. Never heard of Teletype.
Transcend bought MDI, so if Transcend sends work offshore, so does MDI. nm
If MDI-FL is owned by Transcend and Transcend admittingly offshores, sm
then doesn't that make MDI a company that offshores? That's like saying that one branch of a company offshores but another does not, so they are excluded from the offshore label. If MDI-FL is part of Transcend and Transcend offshores, that means that they do.
RE: If MDI-FL is owned by Transcend and Transcend admittingly offshores, sm
Your hypothesis is incorrect. MDI is a wholly independent subsidary of Transcend, therefore, they were not a part of the experiment to offshore to evaluate cost/benefit ratio that Transcend only tried for 90 days (I believe the evaluation process is not still ongoing).
It is not Transcend. Transcend has not had control of
the accounts long enough to make any changes to anything. Maybe your account just slowed down like a lot of others did over the last few weeks. Everything will run status quo for a few months before any major changes are implemented. And give Transcend a chance. It is a good place to work and you will finally have some benefits that you will enjoy.
I heard about it from my
supervisor. It is going to be adjusted according to what level you are, level 1, 2 or 3.
Me too. Never heard of them
They told me 6 to 6.5 cents per line. Yuck!
I heard.....
one of my doc's while dictating telling another she was leaving for Louisiana to help out. I'm sure it will pick up again soon.
What is this, never heard of it.
I heard that from an MT there, too, and...
...since I personally know the person who did the QA on on the account she referred to, I asked her and she said "no!"

Interestingly, the MT who claimed they outsourced a particular account did not even work in the same group.
I don't know. Never heard of them.
I have heard a lot about this
company not paying its MTs many, many times. 
Never heard of them. - nm
I heard about their QA and that
it is very difficult.  I heard they will fire you without warning for a low QA score.  That is just what I heard, not sure about it tho.
Never heard of one in GA
Where did you see info a a Sten-Tel in Georgia? I work for Sten-Tel in MA.
I have never heard of that and how does someone because a pet?

Honestly, how does this work? There is no way for them to preselect all of your work is there. I just do whatever comes up in my queue as I am sure everyone else does. I just happen to be on a very busy account and I am sure others feel the same way, work-wise. I do not understand the attitudes.

Where did you see their ad? Never heard of them before. nm
Heard about that
Yes, I just talked to someone I email who works for them and she said that also, about not getting down time pay if your QA is under 97%. I work limited part time so don't ever get down time.
I can't keep up with all the changes and inconsistencies. I don't like the new phone system either. Have to jump thru hoops to talk to someone and then you aren't really sure if you are talking to the right person. Yes, venting. That's okay. It is nice to have someone to talk to and see if others feel like you do. Do you think things will get better??
No, not heard anything.
Has anyone heard anything from
I am still owed money and haven't heard anything. Each time I call I get voicemail. Does anybody know if the company is still open?
from what i heard...
one of the hospitals on oahu outsourced to heartland (they released MTs of 30+ years), and i heard that the quality of the reports became real bad due to the people in heartland not having good english skills.
Me 2, heard nothing at all
must not need them too bad
Anyone heard of them?
Pay? ESL overload? Benefits? Enough work? Platform?
Has anyone heard of
this company, MedEDocs, or Bob's PCWerks? 
From what I have heard, they have sm
several new accounts starting soon. They are growing and that is reason behind the ads.  I work there, love it and have no problems.  I don't plan on leaving. 
Last I heard sm
It was Tues - Sat or Sun - Thurs schedules and 8 1/2 cents per line if you worked the 3rd shift. They wanted 40 hours per week full time, insurance kicked in after 90 days, and direct deposit. They send you a PC, I believe.
I heard
I have not had personal experience with them, but had a friend who worked for them in QA. She had to leave and find another job because not only was work very famine like, but what came in was real garbage from India. I hope this helps some.
i heard from them...
a few months ago after passing a test. the person i spoke with (forgot her name) was very nice and offered me a starting pay of 8 cpl. i dont remember much, but i decided not to take the job and emailed her to let her know i had accepted a position with a local company. it was nice that she made the time to respond back and wished me well. i remember some negative posts after that about a lot of ESL accounts. sorry, thats all i remember.
I heard sm
that it's different for different accounts, either 8 cpl 65 char or $1.10 a report, but don't know that for a fact.
Consider yourself heard!! You can do this....
nose to the grindstone... take a deep breath... loved your ending!
has anyone ever heard of
a company named Medical Transcription Plus, Inc., out of Georgia? Any info is greatly appreciated. TIA.
Anyone ever heard of JLG?
If so, what are your thoughts on the company?