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good people who all go to Hawaii while making you work every weekend. nm

Posted By: x on 2005-10-01
In Reply to: Jealous? These are good people ... - Medware is A+++ (nm)


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I'm with them. Good work environment, easy accounts and I'm making really good money. nm

A 3-day weekend every weekend? Wouldn't that be nice. Good luck with that!..nm
The best co. ever! Good work, good people, good pay, good bennies.
Some good people used to work for MQ including
Good! Great people to work for!
Question for people at DSG. Are you having enough work and for those on DSG1, do you have good
sound on your accounts.  I think DSG2 is overflow from MQ.  Am I correct on that.  I had heard the sound is not as good.  Can anyone let me know anything about this.  I would appreciate it.
Good accounts, great people, plenty of work. sm

I'm past that "honeymoon" stage of the first few months that another poster mentioned.  I still find them to be the best for me.  Never run out of work, always there for questions, including timely responses, great people (QA and otherwise). 

I'd highly suggest contacting either your supervisor or Jane (as she offered) about lack of work.  As you should see on the daily reports, there is plenty of work out there. 

Good luck & I hope it works out for you. 

Decent company, good people, pay on time, work low sometimes. nm
RE: I've been with Transform for 2 months and so far, so good. Nice people to work with, (sm)
pay is on time, direct deposit, etc. 
Once again, you people are making my point...
Former SS Employee- I would think that if were smart enough to actually have worked for that fine company at one time, you would be able to 1) decipher a joke when you hear one, and Letterman made plenty of BTK jokes in his lifetime, and 2) you would even BELIEVE that poster was, in fact, an SS employee. Why? Is it because you WANT to? Ok, I work for Medquist. I think the BTK was brilliant for remaining uncaught for twenty years. There, as a result of that post, alll Medquist employees suck and are sick and deranged. Please- get a life!!!
It is like people who are not making money get mad at the ones who are....
doesn't make sense...I love working for Keystrokes...make good money, leads are fantastic and I have great accounts...
Are people just making this stuff up?
Why would you think only low counts can do VR and why would they even want to or do good with it? I have seen this said, said only newbies could do, people probably just running it on through without checking for mistakes and other idiotic things. It makes no sense at all. I was always fast, do
straight as well, type almost exclusively in shorthand, have templates and I do good with VR. Where do you people get these ideas from?? Makes no sense. My line count straight over 2000 per day always and I do not consider that low count.
These people making combined income of over $100,0000 crack me up! sm
They act like it is petty cash. Then again, maybe it is to them, but I sure would like a chance to have that kind of money.
I had a hard time making money. Nice people though! nm
As below, they do to full time people making 900 dollars per pay period. nm
Prima Donna? Are you serious?? Maybe you need a good weekend off..or Prozac! nm
This was Monday when they contacted me. I realize it's the weekend. Good Grief! nm
Very good company. Incentive pay for production plus shift and weekend differentials. sm

Their platform is stable (proprietary, I've been on it for about a year and a half now).  Pay is always on time.  Good support staff.  Their insurance changed this year.  Plenty of work.  They don't overhire on their accounts from what I can see.  If anything, there is always plenty of work, which I like because I can hop on outside of my regular shift and get some more lines.  Now that they pay extra for weekends, I like to pick up some extra hours then. 

Only those Good/Happy Friday emails to try to keep us from searching for jobs during the weekend

TT throws out a *line* on Friday emails, hoping that we will bite.  TT mgmt does not know what to do now !  I truly believe that !

I'm not sure that they will make it through this, if Dictaphone has taken away some of the Dictaphone accounts works and dividing it out among other Dictaphone customers.

I don't see a pretty picture at Transtech anymore.  Don't say that I am just a negative person; what is pretty about it?

When a new MTSO signs on with Dictaphone, they are going to give them work from somewhere, and I believe it is from TransTech. 

I am so disheartened by all this with TT. 

Promises for new work coming onboard is exactly what one poster said -- more Dictaphone overflow accounts!  Not enough work for ALL the MT's TransTech has hired within the past few months.  

I'm definitely making a good paycheck with them ! - sm
no complaints from me. Incentive pay and line differential !!! I'm definitely making a good paycheck with them!!
They actually think they're making themselves look GOOD to us!
Are you making good money there?

I'm part-time and don't have to work all weekend. I work Tues-Sat.
I've never heard that from Chronicle, of course I didn't see the ad.
I'll love to know who you work for. I also work every weekend with no extra pay.
It'd be nice to get paid for all the nights and weekends I work.
Maybe is it for a particular account. I work M-F. You are required to work one weekend an month.
can't live on 35k in Hawaii
$7/hour is pretty darn good, I was making
the MT inexperience, as the inexperienced is all they are able to hire. Seasoned MT's know better than to go there.
Glad you are happy. You making good money there? sm
as well?
If you aren't management & you're making good
money on VR, then why are you so desperate to attack those who don't want to do VR & try to shove it down their throats? A fellow MT wouldn't do that. They'd simply say they like it & how much they make rather than having a meltdown over other MTs not being thrilled about the switch....
no weekend work - sm
Sounds like Transcend!
There are MTs out there who are looking for weekend work...sm

I guess I don't understand your complaint with the company posting that ad.  They have a need they need to fill, and it might be the right fit for somebody. 

Weekend work...

Contact docQmed.  I am one of his clients and am always looking for weekend warriors.


weekend work.....
What position are you interested in?  If you do read the previous posts, just ignore them...of course they are all ex-employees who left on a bad note with the company.  If you would like you can contact me concerning a position with Shapin.
Do you still have to work every 4th weekend or is
weekend work

Are there any companies who will allow you to work both weekend days as part of a regular schedule.  I am looking for a reliable company, at leat 8.5 cpl, employee status and one where work flow is regular.  I realize there are always slow downs in this industry but searching for a company where you are not consistently running out of work. I prefer to work both Sat and Sun to allow me 2 days off during the week. I know this is unusual. I have an IC job.  Love the flexiblity but I need benefits.

weekend work
I picked a Sun-Thur schedule so I plan to work Sun after dinner, and get my weekend in first...
looking for weekend work
I would like to obtain weekend transcription. I do work a full time 40 hour weekday job and would like to pick up some weekend work. If anyone knows of any, please let me.
weekend work
I too hated the thought of working every single weekend, but I've been doing it for a year, and it has actually worked out okay. On the Sunday that I work, my husband gets to spend time with my kids, and I get an actual day to work interrupted. I don't have to work 8 hours on Sunday though, so I guess that helps. I just get up early and am done by noon. I am actually considering doing a Saturday too so that my husband can help that day also. It might not be as bad as you think. Good luck.
Weekend work
What do you find so difficult about working a weekend? I had 3 kids and worked 7 days a week.. (and still work 7 days a week!), you just adjust your schedule to what your kids are doing....most companies no longer require a set 8-4 or 9-5 type environment....Now I'm a grandmother and manage to do my job during the day and watch my granddaughter after 3 p.m....it really isn't that difficult. Look at it this way - if our normal work week was Tues to Sat, you'd be wondering how anyone could work Mon - Fri. Good luck with your juggling.
You HAVE to work a weekend day? No thanks!
I'll stick to companies who hire full-timers on M-F and part-timers for weekend work...
AAMT Convention in Hawaii
Did anyone at the convention go by the OSi booth that was staffed by the 2 older ladies and an older guy?  Were they the owners?  They didn't seem too excited about their company or have much information to offer.  Is this the reason the company is in trouble, the owners are clueless??? 
I am still making good money with a natl. Not giving up yet. Just need about 10 more years and I a
Good company, great people, good benefits.
Affordable insurance. Good luck!
Yes. You must work 1 weekend day every week. nm
If they didn't want weekend work,
I would have taken the job. But who wants weekends? That stinks.

I have plenty of work and am doing OT this weekend. Maybe you could ask
for a transfer to a different supervisor.
Weekend work / 2nd line
It depends on which client they assign you to.  Our hospital is currently dial-up to both Lanier and Meditech.  However, Meditech will soon be IP connection but you will require a phone line for our Lanier as ours is not internet based/digital.
There is an abundance of work on the weekend on
several accounts and the positions being advertised are for weekend coverage. 
So you "refuse" to work a weekend day? sm
No wonder our jobs are going offshore where people are grateful to have employment. Do you think hospitals don't need reports on weekends? Get over yourself.
You volunteer to work the weekend (sm)
after having 40 hours, and only get the extra lines you type. I have never been offered incentive, OT, etc. However, I've been with company who ran out of work all the time, so, having the extra lines over the weekend helps my bottom line a lot. No complaint here. (It would be nice to have incentives over 1200 lines per day required, maybe they'll do that sometime.) My experience has been wonderful with them!
Do you have to work every weekend with Keystrokes?