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I am a lead on two accounts and if someone starts, no matter what day, I am available and sm

Posted By: Amazing on 2008-01-28
In Reply to: OK look above. More questions SM - shaking head

they know it. They have my contact information. That person definitely has someone that he/she can go to. Not sure why he/she is posting here instead.

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Svl kinds of software for many accounts. Pay starts at 8-9 cpl. Want
They do require urine drug testing for sure, no matter what accounts you work on, theirs or a hospit
As a shift lead I made $15 an hour, but did QA plus lead duties...
I also worked terrible hours with no differential for them. I think it just matters on the company.
? for any lead at Keystrokes. What does a lead do?

Do they do QA, mentor, or ....? 

You can e-mail me privately if you like. 

Some of us choose neither to lead, nor be lead!
I guess I just don't have that 'pack mentality'.
okay, i think it starts...
at 1,100 lines per day, but I am not sure what the rate is. You can email them and I am sure they will get back with you. They were helpful when I was hired.
Not really. The pay is what they tell you but not everyone starts at the same sm
level. It is based on the account, the type of account, the platform, the hours, your experience. The communication is great but some people do not understand that it can take a few days to back to someone; there are a lot of things going on at the office. The workload everyone agrees on because they really work hard to make sure that you have enough work. Health insurance? No surprises there either. They have Unicare, which is OK but not the best and expensive but no more than most other companies. In fact, my husband's company and my sister's company (neither are transcription jobs) have much more expensive insurance. KS is working on it but they keep us up to date as they find out information.

Are they perfect? No. No company is but they have improved steadily without going backwards.

Yes there are other good companies, probably lots of them. Unfortunately, there are lots of bad ones too and most of us have either been burned or burnt out by other companies.

My fear is that the owners will sell KS. Once a company seems to be doing well with happy employees, one of the huge ones comes in and scoops them up; is this their way of eliminating their competition?

Probably starts with O?
Because I know that's the answer I was given when I questioned way back why my count never matched up to what I'd get when I counted characters extended in Word and divided by 65. Supposedly a certain percentage was taken off for headers/footers because we don't get paid for these, but even counting those and deducting, it's still taking off way more than the headers and footers would account for. I really don't know why I stay.
Everyone starts at 8 cpl now and can go up to
9.5 cpl after 90 days based on difficulty of account and quality of work. 
pay starts at 0.06 cpl....sm
No matter how much experience you have and they are now using eScription and that da**# VR and they pay 3 cpl for that.  You have to type like a certain number of lines to move up to the highest pay of 0.09 cpl. That is retarded!
So what happens if everyone starts doing
the same.  Seriously, do you think a transcription company has tons of work to go around and chooses not to spread it around?  Not likely.  Chances are, the MTSO had very little work on that account and instead of it going to first come, first serve, she demanded it be routed to her because if not she would quit.  I think I'm just going to start demanding things, too. 
Ins is BC/BS and starts on the 1st day of the next month after
They are IC only, starts at about 0.06/65-char; too low for me! nm
One of the new ones is definitely internet. I think it starts sm
October 15th or November 1st. The account is going to need 25-35 MTs to run smoothly, so it will be a nice one!
This is how misinformation starts
Do you know for a fact that this is happening at this company? Do you work there? Just because someone asks a question on this board that really should be asked of her superivisor doesn't mean that the company is doing something wrong. This is an example of how the negativity on this board spreads and perpetuates. Many people on this board are mighty quick to jump to conclusions, and it can be very misleading.
One Word - starts with Y
I bet company starts with a "T"...nm
The national that starts with an S.

I am wondering if the message regarding Spheris, stating that should they want an MT to go, sabotage of their work may take place, could be elaborated on.

It is important that I stay with this job.  I have BC and ins. is an issue and honestly, I love it.  But, it is very stressful for me to work under these conditions. 

If I thought that there was a possibility that the more hostile arm of my management team could retype my work to include an error that would place the patient in jeopardy, just so they could get rid of me, I would take action now. 

I would like to know if ex employees who left with heavy hearts would e-mail me confidentially and anonymously to let me know how they came to the conclusion that the sups were brutal and ruthless.  


no it starts with an L and most people sm
are gonna say I am crazy. I will say this, the platform is good, the account is good, but the communication IS AWFUL. I think a month is long enough. I went with this company because I hadn't found anything bad on them. But since this has happened I have gotten four e-mails from people who worked for them or were getting ready to go to work for them and decided not to because the communication was bad, bad BAD!!

These people say they are desperate and want people NOW and then they do this. They can't be too desperate although the account I had was back up til March. So you would think they would get their stuff together and be a little more organized. No way to run a company if you ask me.
Is this by any chance a company that starts with "M"??? nm
Starts you off much lower than her ad shows. nm
another with low counts on this system starts with "T"
out of Texas.
Please be more specific about pay when someone starts working for you and this will never be a
problem again!
Axolotl has insurance that starts the first day of the
month are you are hired, so if you were hired today, your insurance would start December 1.  Premiums reasonable.  The pre-existing situation usually isn't an issue if you have had continuous insurance.  Apply via website. 
Mine starts with an S too, but no big email.
VR - next month starts Sunday
VR is a reality beginning Sunday. It is no longer a rumor.
Just wondering if this company starts with a T nm
Gotta be a company that starts with an
Supposedly starts 10/06 and will continue
into the 3rd quarter of next year. I would hope they would let us know, at the very least, which accounts are going first and a time frame for the rest of this year.
A Prayer for all MTs-Hope this starts out a good day for all
Bless all MTs this day, Dear Lord, and grant us work to do. Guide us in need to jobs with those who are really fair and true. Give us strength mind, body and spirit to pursue work which helps the human race; a profession that though behind the scenes, supports the health care pace. And keep us from discouragement when days are not so fine; remind the docs we listen to that humans are on the end of their line. And bless our hands, ears, eyes and hearts; on them pour out your care. But most of all, Lord, bless this board where we gather just to share.
Yes, they're in Florida. This is hourly QA. The pay starts low, but looks like sm
it works up to average rate. I don't see anything on their website about actual transcription, so I wondered what they were editing.
I believe everyone starts off at 8 cpl and usually reviewed in 90 days for an increase.
There is also incentive pay if you go over 1200 lines a day or 6000 in a pay period I believe. That is about all I know.
Sounds like my company - starts with T, ends with D.
No work to be found.
Axolotl's insurance starts in 30 days

Cost for family is less than $300 for medical, dental and vision with good coverage.

Find out if there will be increases. I know that KS starts most at 8 cpl but after 90 days sm
gives an increase based on performance the 1st 90 days. I have been there several years and make 10 cpl but a friend of mine left MQ a year ago and started at 8 cpl and is now at 9 cpl.
Pay starts even lower than that. Agree that system
Pay is same for everyone on tier starting at 8.25/line and goes up with line counts. Tops at 9 I think but don't make that rate often. It's Extext but it's always lagging so you wait a lot. Hard to gain speed some days. As stated, lots of emails for help then work dries up or is all ESL. Pay on time and correct though, direct deposit. Not the absolute worst if you really need a job but not best.
PTO starts to accrue after 90 days and is posted sm
quarterly now. This is a good change for this year. During your first 3 years, you will earn 40 hours a year PTO, then 80 hours at the 3-year mark.

That means that after 90 days of employment, you will get 10 hours of PTO as long as you hit FT lines during that quarter.

I love the changes!
1 hosp starts 7/16, but the only people getting that acct....sm
Are the ones who lost their main hospital on 6/3. Good for them. Not great for the rest of us. :(
She clearly said several times that she starts her shift, gets work as it comes in, and then stays
on and types at night or whenever she feels like getting the work to meet her goal. I don't even work for Transcend NOW, but read her clearly post over and over how she meets these numbers. She works WHENEVER she can to meet her goal if the work is NOT there during her scheduled shift. What is so hard about understanding that?  Yes, some MTs are allowed to do that at Transcend, so she's not doing anything wrong. TO REPEAT:  She works her shift, typing what comes, making good use of her down time in the meanwhile - think she does chores or something. If there is no work on her set shift, she stays on at night and grabs the work she can to meet her GOALS. 
I know of someone with years of experience making 8-1/4 cpl doing mostly Op notes. Think pay starts
Keystrokes just got an account with DocQScribe that starts in a few weeks. sm
I am set to apply there as the company I work for lost it to them. My supervisor was upset because she really tried to fix it but her boss did not care. So I am going to try to follow the account to keystrokes.
Futurenet's big account says it starts the 28th of July. (sm)
Maybe they have people training on a not so great account until the big one comes live. Who knows, this account may be a terrific one. JMO
Yeah, the timer just starts ticking away while your trying to figure out how to do it quickly

without a foot pedals, and four reports at that. Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be.

Are you a lead or IC? Only getting 8 here!

you are a lead?
I can't believe that.
TO KS MT and KS LEAD - sm
I am not a basher, but I just wonder that EVERYTIME a thread about Keystrokes is started, one or both of you come on here and JUMP down the throat of ANY poster, calling them bashers. What do you call your attitudes and responses? Surely, if Keystrokes is the wonderful company you say it is, it shouldn't need to be defended the way you both do it (which sounds suspiciously like management talking), and would stand on their reputation? I have to say, I don't work there, never have, so don't accuse me of lying or not cutting it, but both your attitudes leave a bad taste about how things really are behind the scenes. You seem to be doing more harm than good for Keystrokes by the tone of your posts. Makes an outsider wonder what you both are protesting so much about?
I am a KS lead
I do not assign the work on my account. The facility routes the work to us. Cannot speak for other accounts that I do not work on. However, as has been said before, I find Keystrokes to be honest and pro-transcriptionists.
Then don't become lead
and you will continue to love it. Leads are the ones who are verbally abused by management at the whim of whatever account they are over.
I don't know but seems she was a lead in name only nm
Maybe it's your lead. sm
Email me, I will help. I have a great relationship with Becky and Karyn and sometimes they don't know if they leads don't tell them. I am a lead, and busy as can be on my accounts, so I could use you if no other accounts. I also know that there are always new accounts, three in my area alone in the last 2 weeks with 4 more going live in April. I will try to help.
KS Lead
Thank you for your response. Do you know anything about the ExText platform? Is it easy to use, fast in performing various functions, with few technical problems? I've seen pro and con on ExText and only know that it uses a different pedal. Do not know how it compares to other platforms.