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I am not holding out hope - already looking elsewhere

Posted By: lifer on 2009-06-24
In Reply to: also NSA this AM - WebmedxMT

The new accounts aren't coming, several current ones are leaving, and layoffs have started, even in QA.  They hired in anticipation of the new accounts, so now they have those MTs plus the MTs from the accounts leaving to redistribute into the already shrinking workload.  It does seem like this is a situation being experienced not just at the Web, but that doesn't help us pay our bills.  I think we need to find a company on the upswing.

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"hand holding"
No.....hand holding I don't need...nor do I need EXPERIENCE...I have been doing this for 20 years...so think about it!!...I am talking about little things that add up that they have NOT TRANSMITTED to you....a physician list for letters that were not given to and I had to look up every address......(oh we are working on getting a list)....pfffff....also had NO CLUE...where these physicians were and trying to find out where and why? Experience I have...just that I am not a yellow pages directory and they had very POOR COMMUNICATION...I was trying to be polite but since YOU ARE NOT.......I will lay it out....they are a TERRIBLE organization to work for....Also....try to put everything in microsoft word and then transmit, etc......lots of BS to put up with. And waiting for work...NOT KNOWING if you have work in your q....waiting for them to let you know if there is work......but yet you had to have it done @ THEIR convience even if it meant missing dinner with the family because I FORGOT to put it in your q....puuuhhhlllease!
The company is getting by on yanking peoples chains and empty promises.
How are the DRC/Acusis MTs holding up? Are you
Wow! How are your hands still holding out
typing that much for that many years! After 10 years, my hands are killing me after half a day. I used to be able to do that much, but it hurts too much now.
Really? Your STM should be holding these at least monthly
I would check with your STM to find out when he/she holds her team conference calls.
Anyone holding out on PC check at the A? nm
Heartlanders: A week later.. how are we holding up? sm
I don't know about everyone else, but the shock hasn't worn off yet and I'm still in disbelief. I've had the worst week of my life trying to figure out how I am going to survive, especially after seeing those COBRA rates - no favor to us!
What's holding you back is your address -
If you'd called them from Bangalore, you'd probably have gotten responses to every single application.
If there is a person holding each end of the pole, does that make them
Good advice! I was holding a grudge
I realized that while I was angry and at home all the time with a grudge, my friend was out dancing and going on with her life.  I was the one caught in a trap.  Be above all that, forgive, turn the page and go on.
Dear SM thank U for not holding your tongue any longer

You don't even know what you are talking about.  They had no choice but to be open about offshoring after the best QA manager EVER got fired for accidentally forwarding an email from India. 

If they had nothing to hide she should have never been fired in the first place. 

Trust me you are much better off not taking the OSi job. 

At least 20 or 25 of us left that place specifically because of what they did to her. 

That was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG   Never looked back

try holding cntr down and using mouse scroll.
No hand-holding here at all. Experienced! But truly the WORST ACCTS.
I can do that as I expect a lot of places are holding off hiring now because work does tend to get a
little slow at this time of the year.  I can manage with what I have until January. 
Why would anyone be so adamant about holding on to such a crud-ball, crap-paying, loser of a job lik
If this is what it takes to get us off our butts and get a respectable job that pays more than a 16-year-old makes babysitting, so be it. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise.

I for one am outta here. Good luck!
Here, here, I agree. At one time, I was even accussed of holding MY templates hostage. Templates
Hope this fan ain't
hope not
I certainly hope 20 hours per week requirement will not be part of the new rules.  I think a line count requirement should be sufficient.
hope not!
I hope not, I need to work 50+ hours for them to make ends meet, otherwise I will have to get another job.  Is it okay to work for two companies??
I would hope someone would
do the same for me if asked.
I hope I do not have a bad
experience with them.  That is why I am only going PT and if it does not work out, I will still have my old job to fall back on.
Let's hope so!


Well I hope..
The facilities start to catch this and crack down on the companies.  My part time company wants ALL reports looked over.  We don't penalize for sending blanks to me and I do a quick read over everything (except for a few MTs who do not require this).   I worked in Escription and what I saw on there was SCARY!!! 
I hope this is better.

I worked for an offshore owned company where it was all about quantity.  Company even kept a HORRIBLE MT just because she cranked out the lines.  Didn't matter her quality was crap and was considered a joke by middle managment.  India did most typing but with US edit.  Typists changed regularly so it wasn't like they learned to do better.  Quality would improve slightly and then would notice, after couple of months, that quality was crap again so we knew we were dealing with a new batch of typists. Even so, the push was always on to get the jobs off US edit and send Indian work straight to client.  Of course, the clients never knew they were not getting US editing anymore, as they got no price reduction when they no longer had that level of work being done on their jobs.  The problem is the facilities accept the crap work so why should the companies change.  It took a while but I finally found a US owned company where quality matters.  Now one of the first questions I would ask a prospective employer is if they are US owned.

We can hope so, anyway! nm
I am like that too, so I hope you are right! nm
I would hope
that a physician would read over their dictation. I mean aren't they liable for anything that is wrong in the medical record? Sheesh!

Ok, thanks to all of you who gave me information regarding decent online MT companies.  however, of all the recommendations, none of them appear to hire new grads.

be honest with me, am i pretty much doomed to working for a bad company for 2-5 years until I gain enough experience to be hired by a decent company?

..this does not seem promising :(

I hope not, but
I think some of the clients are going to dump them anyway(especially a big one who has been burned before by off-shoring) once they are no longer all U.S.-based. I think they probably expect this. It seems that many of DRC's MTs have been around a long time, many come from hospitals and also have MT management experience or former small MT company owners (or both). So we know multiple facets of the business. It occurred to me that if I were still in a hospital sending out the work that it would be a hard sell to keep a company that went from U.S.-based only to one that had previously been India-based only. I would probably dump them.

I'm not sure Acusis fully realizes the percentage of Americans who are highly offended and even disgusted by this off-shoring transcription craze. DCR previously appealed to those exact people.

I do think they will try to get us to sign something to agree not to work for the facilities that dump them, which may further cause an exodus to other companies who have similar accounts or will be getting those accounts.

I'm (still) waiting for the questions to be answered from the webcast.

I simply cannot quit right now. I have a backup plan but it's not workable yet. I wish it were. Things not only have to remain the same, but actually be better or I'm ending my long career as a MT, period. It's down to the last straw on the camel's back for me.

There is Hope
I am been an MT for two years now. When I finished school (a crappy course I might add), I started at 8 cpl. In three months I went up to 10 cpl. About one year later, I got sick of the cherrypickers and work stealers and quit. I found another account where they pay 16.25 cpl...no joke. I also got a second account (so I have two now). The second account pays $2.00 per report and you don't get reports over 2 minutes long. I know this is not the norm and want to acknowledge how fortunate I am. (I am an excellent MT, however. It is not strictly luck). I earn between $8,000-$10,000 per month now. As a single Mom and no other income, I couldn't be happier.
I hope you are right, but - sm

I turned them down for that position and a few months later asked what they had open and they offered me THE SAME one again.  Too weird for me, thanks.  And the people who hate Meditech far outweigh the ones who like it, I am afraid.

OSi MT's - there is hope!
Ask your friends.  Send your resumes.  Apply on line.  You WILL get offers.  You WILL get paid for working on holidays.  You WILL be appreciated.  I got out last year before this latest debacle.  I left because of pathetic management in general and numerous other reasons.  I have NEVER looked back.  My base pay at my new company started a little lower, but the incentives have me making more than I EVER did at OSi.  I was also one of the 100% supporters and eventually learned that basically every nasty thing said about OSi turned out to be true!  Get out now before you are stuck working the upcoming holidays for nothing.  Other companies are hiring!  Get out before all their positions are filled because OSi MT's are leaving in droves.  My good OSi friends and I went with OptiScript, Keystrokes, Diskriter and WEBMEDX.  Good Luck! 
There is hope at SPi!!
Guys, things have been bad at SPi, but there is HOPE!  My manager informed me today that Chris Lally is back in ops!  He's back as regional manager, so things should start looking up.  Hang in there...
Hope at SPi
I disagree with you.  the only way SPi could get better would be if someone on top of the hierarchy started listening to the account managers who really really have good ideas, and even some of the regional managers.  They need to get rid of this useless op manager who is sabotaging the company and unless they do something really quick there will be so many lawsuits filed and unfair labor practices that they will sink faster than the Titanic.
I hope so. sm
I sent my resume off day before yesterday.  I received a response that it looked great and they would call me in the morning, that was yesterday, still waiting.  That's okay, I would rather go with AX -- how long does it take to get a response from AXL after you submit resume?
I sure hope so!
I can't take this much longer! Not only financially, but mentally. I'm going crazy not being able to work. I'm used to putting in 10-12-hour days, 6-7 days a week because I usually have so much work on my accounts, and now nothing!
Just hope it gets better
5 reports a day is not much. They finally gave me the okay to 5 more45 minutes  before quitting time. 
I hope none of you....
...hold your breath. I was with them for years and for a time was immune to the cycles but I saw them come and go, and believe you me, it cycles good, kinda good, bad, really, really bad, BAD, people hired, people fired, people asked to come back...people let go...etc., etc. I know what I'm talking about.

I wish it were different but it's not, and I wouldn't wish this company on anyone, and if you're still there after all they've done, then you know what I mean, and you will soon see......same ol' same ol'. Just wait. Not being negative, just realistic and truthful.
I sure hope you are right...
nm (no message)
Wonder if it's who I think it is. Hope so
I sure hope so...

This will blow the minds of MTs who all along thought they were ICs when in fact they were really employees.  Nevermind TAT, it plays no role.  I work for a company that is truly IC.  No quotas, no set schedule.  I did, however, contract with them (MTSO = my client) that I would get the work done in 24 hours from the time of dictation.  They set nothing other than they would like the work back within 24 hours.  If I cannot work on any particular day of course if I can I give notice out of courtesy, but I do not have to report to work each day.  As far as I'm concerned each individual voice file is a job that I've agreed to transcribe. 

Any company demanding and/or requiring you transcribe a certain amount of lines each day is in fact employing you and not contracting with you.  If a company is having you hang on IM while they monitor you all day, that is employee not IC.  If a company assigns you work, that is an employee not an IC.  An IC chooses when they work and how much work they do.

P/S:  Most ICs have more than one client.  I have 3 and 1 of the 3 is an online MTSO.  They are my client not my employer.  I am self-employed and I make the rules, not the other way around.


I hope you are not on the

same account as me as this is the 5th day with no work.  Yesterday they sent out an email saying that all accounts were low so it does not sound like it is one platform. I work on two different ones.  I don't think the platform is the issue.  There just is no work. 

I think you would get more information from the person who says she has OT.  Get that account and you might be okay.

Good luck.

I hope so!
If she doesn't, I would tell her to call Superior Global and request the money from them since she was working on their accounts.  That will get TTD on the ball!!!  Or at least tell TTD that she is going to call Superior.  You don't mess with peoples pay! 
hope it's soon

I too am OOW  first time in a long time

I hope they do

I think I am on the same account. I love it and I just wish it did not run out on Saturday nights.   It would be  great  if TT gets more of their work.

I hope we all do too... and I hope that you sm
really mean that and not being sarcastic as it sounded.
Thank you. I have hope now...

It just took me so long to decide that I really do need to find a different job.  I did my research (tons of it!), got the backbone to do to apply, and wham, this email came in.  I was stunned...  Hopes dashed...  Glad to see it was sent to others, but more glad to see that people actually have received the job offers after it!  Thank you for your input!

I hope it was the one I had (sm)

on ChartMatrix.  I learned more from the manual.

I think UR right! We MTs should hope like
or we'll be the next ones to be crowding the ER's and leaving the state to pay our expenses.
So then there is no hope for you
MTs for the most part are a very intelligent group but there are some who can't see the handwriting on the wall if it is 10 feet tall!!  Those like you I can't work up much sympathy for.
hope ya got two of those hats...sm
cuz I agree with the other poster. I love working for MQ...sorry if this offends you!
hope it works out
but if you were offered chance to work on other accounts, what is the problem? You are going to have slow periods with ANY company, and at least your now-previous employer had enough accounts to offer you something else...in any event, hope you find bliss at new place.