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I didn't say DON'T, I said WHY. What is her motivation? And YOU aren't the boss of me!

Posted By: So there. Pbbbbt. on 2005-09-18
In Reply to:

Gawd, some people's children. Do YOU own this forum, missy? Well, Do Ya?

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Ask your STM's boss - we aren't allowed to post names on this board sm
or I would. Starts with L and last name starts with R.
I said I didn't know any blacksmiths, not that there aren't any
aren't you glad you didn't quit? NM
Not everyone likes their boss. You do not have to like your boss to like sm
your job.  You don't even always like your job but like the money.  It is about personal preference.
Do you think all the headers and footers aren't getting counted? Lots of places aren't giving
you too huh, my boss...
told us two months ago that the hospital was laying off and our department was one of the ones targeted. now, i found out that my boss knew two months before he told us. im sick of it already.
That's exactly what the boss says. I think they
in their claim that there aren't enough MTs in the U.S., so we have no choice but to outsource to India.

Whatta loada cr@p.
LOL! Do we have the same boss?
Why get mad at me? I'm not her boss and I'm not sm
one of those middlemen you are ranting about. I'm a FORMER MTSO small biz owner who got out because it was nearly impossible to MAKE A DECENT LIVING MYSELF. MT is not the goldmine you seem to think it is. Margins are very thin and it's hard to pay what this job DESERVES.

I agree that MTs should be making a lot more than they are, but I do not see a way to make that happen in this economy. Whether you believe it or not, the bottom line is what HOSPITALS are willing to pay.
I think your boss is more correct.
I type 5 min of dictation in 7.5 to 10 min. Might take 15 min tops if it is really difficult dictation/dictator.

Ever though it could be that American MTs don't want to put up with a boss like YOU!!!
American labor is the backbone of this country. You are part of a HUGE problem!!!!
I am so upset, but not sure whether should ask boss or not...
I am on a very, very hard ESL account that the company has a hard time getting people to work on.  I have the ability to see who is assigned work and have noticed that a certain MT when they help on this account gets all the easy doctors assigned to them, but us who are stuck on this account get all the hard, nasty reports.  I do not understand why they do this, other than maybe the person does not have much experience or such, but it just does not seem right to me.  I do not know whether to say something or just let it go.  I am making a horrible line count, but this person is probably doing very well as they have all the easy dictators on this account.    Any suggestions, as I do not want to be a trouble maker, but now I am so upset over this I don't even want to work today.  Thanks. 
Once in a non-MT job my boss told me to do something that

was totally unethical and I refused.  He asked me why and I said because I don't work here anymore and left as soon as I hung up the phone.   I was a regional assistant manager, but was acting manager of my office and as they had had a complete manpower turnover before I took over,  I was basically the only one who knew what was going on.   The ex-boss was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  I had 2 very, very big clients.  I called both my contacts and told them that I no longer worked there and that there was no one in the office capable of handling their business and told them who to call.   I was offered jobs with both companies, even offered more money than I was currently making for less work.   I took the one job and this is also where I met my DH of nearly 18 years.   I'd say I came out the winner.  

If there is any documentation as to what happened I'd copy it and send it to every account - to the medical records manager as well as the hospital/clinic administrator. 


Did you get your boss anything for MT Week>?nm

I agree 100%! Wonder if we had the same boss? LOL!!
I used to be best friends with my boss (sm)
and let me tell you, there is always some guilt that goes along with your friend asking you to give up your weekends, time off, whatever, to work.  I loved her dearly as a friend, but I don't seek out boss/employee friend relationships any more for this very reason. 
So tell your boss instead of getting upset. nm
Had a boss moonlighted there
She got in trouble after she mentioned it to a tech (had a router so her son could use another computer); tech made a big deal out of reporting her, but her supe said not to worry about it.  One thing I learned from that - when in doubt, ask in advance.
I was doing some web design for an old boss - sm
but that had pretty much dried up as he has switched web hosts and is using one of their templates now for his website. I also substitute bus drive, which is obviously not from home, but a few times a month I drive and bring in anywhere from an extra $60 to $500 a month driving; averaged about $200 a month doing it in 2007. I also do some freelance copy/type setting for a local printer but that is not very often. They did offer me a job in their shop, but it was a 30 minute drive for $8/hour for 4 hours a day, not worth it. I can make more doing MT in that time here at home, and not buy gas. Would have cost me $9 a day in gas alone.
Yep and the boss's daughter

I tell you, the incompetence of that company was truly amazing!  And before anyone starts in, yes, I am working and actually DO like the company I am working for. 

I forgot another thing:  When I started, they forced me to buy a footpedal for like $150 that they claimed was necessary because only this pedal would work with their software.  I believe the owner's husband had something to do with the company that sold this footpedal.  Guess what, a footpedal I had from a different company worked with SS software, as I later found out. 

I also at one point worked for Medquist and, believe me, SoftScript was WORSE, if that is at all possible. 

The perks of being the boss.
Sounds like she don't like her boss.

Can you think of any reason the boss

would want you to leave instead of putting you on another account?  Or is she just a hothead who could not admit that she dialed the wrong number?  I guess I'm asking if there is any reason the company would benefit from your being gone?

I work there now and I love everything about Meridian.  I have never talked to the boss though.  I guess I shall try to avoid it. 

You sound like a dream boss!
I'd be very interested in applying for employment with your company.  Please advise how I might do that. 
Your team lead/boss

In general, do your bosses respond to your e-mails with questions about your accounts, etc? My boss does not answer any e-mails. All of my e-mails have been our accounts and not just B.S.

What your boss charges clients isn't
your business. Your agreement is what you are paid for your services.
I e-mailed my boss...I'll let you know what she says.
boss hires cheap MTs
This is the deal. The boss hires cheap labor and for whatever you get paid, you turn all these lousy typists into perfect products. They might get paid 6 cents a line, slave wages and whatever you get paid... she/he gets a crew of professionals out of nothing. Same happens to me but I think yours is hiring out of a school or promising to train them.
I would call your old boss or a recruiter. nm
Yuck - you sound like my ex-boss (who was
Works same way as a plumber. You are your boss,
I have a boss like that and the account is going to hellinahandbasket nm
forward a copy to the big boss
multiple personalites of ex-boss?
There's no use being mean or arguing on this board about whether or not you can get unemployment. Call the unemployment office in your area and report back what you find out.

A friend recently received a letter from her MTSO stating your services are no longer needed. There was no discussion, no arguing. She was not eligible for unemployment in our state.
I would go to the boss before the HIM manager gets a chance to
and make sure you tell them that the work will be done in India.  Spread the word to everyone you know, patients included, that their private health information will be in a place like India.  You have to do what you have to do.  If I had had a clue when our jobs were outsourced, I would have raised a big ruckus.  I mean what would they have done, fire me? 
Who died and left you boss?

Who, the boss or the recruiter was rude?
Spoken like a true boss.

This is why the morale of the American worker is the way it is.  Not caring what their workers are suffering considered a perk...what a novel concept. 

in a perfect world, your boss ... (sm)

would contact the senior partner (or managing partner) for the practice and inform him or her as to the behavior of the in-office manager/supervisor  as well as the saboteur. The failure to deal with this problem is pretty much almost as-bad.

I cannot imagine the motives of the troublemaker to ONLY pick on you -- I was once tangentially aware of a supervisor I had who outright stole the best performer from a local tiny service that did overflow work for the company I worked for, and I have heard many stories of overflow services who did unethical things to attempt to steal the current holder of an account.

Bizarre. I fear that confidentiality and proprietary information agreements (and other) probably make it impossible for you to act on this as a concerned private citizen.  Nasty situation. Im sorry.

I asked my boss about EMR and this is the response
EMR (electronic medical record) is the wave of the future -- even more so than voice recognition. Obama is offering stimulus money and encouraging all medical facilities to convert to EMR. So, between EMR, voice rec, and offshoring, the future of small business transcription companies is definitely not bright.

This was after I had noted to her that my cardiologist is entering his own stuff, as well as my physical therapist, and the GPs walking around with laptops...Thanks again NOBAMA...Yet another huge industry will be lost...And for those of you that spend time at the docs (I have chronic pain probs so there a lot) do you notice the forms that we sign are changing..All part of the grand scheme to socialize medicine. My one doc wasn't worried about it because the insurance companies wouldn't allow it But now the insurance companies are all being bailed out by the gvt...
Got back a resounding "Absolutely" from my boss.
So, yes, they hire part-timers as well for regular ol' transcription.  Glad I could help. 
Rural Transcription is the pits! My boss has some

serious mental problems.  Wish I didn't have to work from home (have kids).  Otherwise I'd be long gone.


Who died and made you boss (or MTSO)-LOL

Well stated!! Looks like somebody has wannt-be-boss issues.nm

Truckdriver woman? I worked with her before, she was a great boss to me.
My boss waited a year or more a few times. Scary. -nm
fixed by January, I was told. I love my boss. Maybe you sm
were not a great employee! Ever thought of that?
That was a quirk - today is Monday and my boss shared that we have plenty
to do today. You understand that occasionally you are going to run out of work, no matter WHERE you are employed? I just don't like to hear oh don't apply here - there's no work when usually there IS plenty to do.
Easy platform, assigned accounts, always plenty of work. Great OM and boss. nm

I didn't say I didn't care, I just don't understand
why the sudden outrage over HL offshoring.  
You aren't the only one, believe me. NM