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I love them with the exception of payroll

Posted By: larry, curley and moe work there on 2008-09-30
In Reply to: JLG - MT and QA


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Maybe you are an exception
Still, editing does pay less than standard transcription lines. You know that. If you make that kind of money doing this, obviously you have a good account with good speakers. That is not the average fare. Hang on to that job, if you should ever fall into a cesspool of editing cruddy VR, you might be singing our song. Lines, however you make them, ultimately is what counts in the end. No newbie is going to jump on any ship making $24 an hour.
I think I must be an exception...
but I don't have any real complaints with Cornerstone and SR. I do think the change they just made where the lookup for authors and cc's comes in first name first instead of last name first, which is totally unproductive, was the stupidst think they could have done, but the system as a whole works pretty good for me.

The spell check on the fly would have been helpful if they had made it like HITS where you could right click and look for corrections. As it is, it is totally useless, so mine is turned off.

And this last change where you can turn off headers was really a good change. That has saved me a lot of hassle since all my headings are in IT.

I've never really suspected them of cheating us out of character/lines, but maybe I'm just too trusting and naive about those sorts of things.
You seem to be the exception, not the rule. nm
You are the exception rather than the rule. ....
Most companies pay nothing, or next to nothing. Then you have to consider that you have to deal with the very personal fact that AAMT loves its Indian MTs more than you, and you are just funding their growth...it's just not worth it. I've been on thier boards, I have been a CMT, and I'm more than happy to shred AAMT's pleas to have me maintain their lifestyle. NO SOUP FOR AAMT!

AAMT Nazi.
You are an exception rather than the rule....
I learned on the job too, but that was a LONG time ago. It has been my experience nowadays that you have to pass testing for most nationals to get hired. Those who can pass testing with no experience are few and far between and you are to be commended. This particular person already has acknowledged that she could not pass testing and does not have the knowledge required, and was asking how to gain that knowledge.
LOL ... well, that is the exception, not the norm. sm
I wasn't trying to brag at all.  I'm older and simply cannot do that on a daily basis (wish I could!).  My only point was that if they were cheating me, it would not be possible.  I agree with the poster above -- if people think they are being cheated, then they should just move on.  This using several line counters and checking and double checking and so on and so forth seems a huge waste of time.
Then it must the the exception, not the rule. sm
According to everything I've heard and seen, the offshore work is garbage. That doesn't mean there may not be a service or two in other countries that hires educated MTs, who are proficient in English and conscientious at their jobs. I have worked with people from other countries that did as well as I do. But they are few and far between, and if every company let their offshore work stand on its own, or had it being QA'd offshore, most of the accounts would be back on shore in a short time. JMO
The exception to the rule.
With the exception of the Leads SM
Always seem to have plenty of work when work load is light/low.  Pretty unfair advantage, if you ask me. 
exception to the rule
I agree with you completely, but yesterday I had to delete an entire report and retype it. After I downloaded it, I noticed it was totally nonsensical. As I began listening to the audio, I found out why. There was a TV in the background that was actually louder than the dictator and VR was trying to pick up what the person on TV was saying. It made a total mess of it and of course had nothing at all to do with the patient's report, so this was a case of having no choice. Luckily these are few and far between. This morning I had a report with absolutely no corrections needed and it was wonderful! But then I thought, Whoa! If they all get this perfect, I'll be history! So I'll gladly make a few corrections!
Tell MTSO et al, 400-500 lph MT is the exception
CANNOT do that level of lines, just as most swimmers will never be a MIchael Phelps, no matter how hard they try.
Allstate is definitely an exception to that rule
I know who each of those persons were that posted. I also know that Allstate believes in their ICs working as a team and helping each other. There are no secrets -- in fact, just the opposite. Interactions amongst MTs and QAs is encouraged. Names, email addresses and phone numbers are openly shared (with permission) if it means making help more readily available to other MTs when they need it. Everyone on the company is provided a direct number to reach even the owner/CEO at any time. And by the way, yes all those MTs do work for Allstate, and no they are NOT the same person. I know all of them.
You, my friend, are the exception, not the rule.

There are very few people making that kind of money in transcription anymore.  Have you even read the ads posted recently?  Fewer and fewer MTSOs are even hiring employees and when they do advertise, their IC compensation is 7, 8, or 9 cpl.  Even those companies that are hiring employees are doing so at extremely low rates, at the same time overhiring to make sure that their *contract enticements* will be met on the backs of the MTs.  Have you noticed the postings from MTs of, not 1, not 2, not 3, but SEVERAL different companies stating that there is no work??  When an IC is working for 8 or 9 cpl or an employee for even less, and there is no work available, how is that person supposed to make $50-60K annually?

People like yourself will criticize others for their opinions and will brag about your own situation, but when push comes to shove do you state what company you work for that allows such a wonderful wage with your abundant work load?  What is your fear?  That others will jump on board and soon you will be facing the same situation??  Until you have experienced what the *majority* of MTs in this field have been facing, you really have no valid facts to make such a request that other MTs be fired because their situation forces their loss of employment (if they quit because of it), their loss of compensation (if they are docked), or the loss of quality (which will certainly occur) due to the punitive compensation policies in place. 

Not true; there's an exception written right into the handbook sm
You are expected to TRY to get 40 hours but in times of low / no work, you have the option of using PTO or UNPAID TIME.
You my dear are most certainly the exception to the rule because MQ does not pay that base rate to
start people and give them 11.5 cents after 16,000 lines.
some are the exception while some just don't care to take the time to research anything nor learn
i believe the not getting it is what the OP is referring to. you can teach and help only those willing to learn. some don't have the care to learn and will never look anything up, will not listen and learn from the mistakes you correct for them over and over day in and day out of the same old mistakes! those are the ones who need to find a new profession because with our profession, working from home, etc. you have to be willing to learn, take the time to look things up, and not guess at anything. it doesn't matter if they are given 200 reference books, some will never pick them up. you wouldn't believe some of the reports that come through and the errors on them just plain on not making sense and english/grammar mistakes. it is ridiculous. you may be one of the few who care and respect your quality of work, but not all do.
Yes! I have plenty of work 99% of the time with the exception of a very few days sm
when it was slow everywhere but nothing that has ever affected my check drastically. I have been there for 6 years.
Love, love, love TransTech! Not overhiring, just growing like crazy!
DQS payroll
full-time people fill out a timesheet online. statutory MTs don't.
not dure what cmpany - but if you had a contract and it states a pay date or pay time frame - you can take steps to get you money an dinterest - legally they are bound to stick to the scheudle they gave you - go to the department of labors web site and file a complaint - they will get the message.
It would depend on the account you are typing on. The account I was on was paid weekly by direct deposit; however, there were other accounts that were paid bi monthly.
SPI Payroll
I also got that e-mail and even though I appreciate the heads up, it is still an inconvenience for me. My checks are deposited in a credit union account which has limited hours and this will entail me taking time away from my work schedule, not to mention a 20+ minute drive each way, to get my check deposited and then of course having to wait for it to clear before the funds to be available. I am not going to get too excited yet, unless it becomes a recurrent problem.

They never told me I would get paid in 30 days. I do not need the money that bad since I have benefits/salary through my husband, but I can totally understand your situation if you totally depend on your paycheck once a week, twice a week, or semi-monthly. Getting paid in 30 days is very hard. You do not want to get behind on your bills and ruin your credit.

This company is Synthescribe. I think they have been going through lots of personnel changes and that's why they have changed their name. So far they have been very nice to me. I'm supposed to start training next week, so I shall see how it goes!

Many companies use payroll companies and they are just a number waiting for their work to be done.  You dont generally dictate to the payroll company that you have MTs who are just dying to file their taxes on January 15....which is what y'all are doing I guess.

If you have your last pay stub, most companies have YTD info on there.

If you're an IC and not an employee, getting 1099s instead of W2s, you should have records that support the 1099, and therefore already have those totals as well.

Or just relax.... you will get them :)

Please submit $29.99 with next payroll
We encourage AT&T, as you can get multiple lines for $29.99, but there are other companies that have come out with comparable prices. Then, fax the bill to Rochelle and submit it with the second payroll of the month. Thanks a lot, Liz
Medscript payroll??
Does Medscript out of Naples, Florida only pay direct deposit?? I got a call from them wanting me to work PT as an IC but can't get anyone to answer the phone when I call and I have sent emails.  I want to accept this position, but I prefer a paper check. Anybody know?? 
payroll checks

is there anyone here who is as tired as I am of bounced checks, late checks, etc.

I finally have someone who pasy but evry three weeks the checks come and it is getting ridculous.  They held the first one for four weeks then mailed it out, and now it just gets later and later- I have two others I work for I sent myinvoice and got a check within three days.  is there a logical reason for this over and over again?

TTS payroll issues
Same here for me. I thought it was just me.
Leslie is payroll
...but now since most of the managers are gone or lost their titles (and money) she is being used to run accounts.  That's the biggest problem over there, people with absolutely NO transcription experience making the rules. 
Outsourcing for HR and Payroll
How many transcription companies have partnered with ADP, a global conglomerate listed on the NYSE.  Transcription companies, et al,  are turning their Human Resource and Payroll functions over to ADP.  Now in my opnion, an mouse does not partner with an elephant.  Partnership????  Thousands of ADP accounts were already invaded by hackers this year.  What is going on?  Is there a gobble-up in the offing for some of the smaller, more independent transcription companies?  Is this why they are partnering?  Is this why were are being treated as disposable commodities?  Are they all going to sell out to foreign companies listed in the US as corporations, but actually foreign owned and controlled?  Any insight would be appreciated.  E-mails welcomed.
It's not just during the week of payroll. SM
Also, sending e-mails and expecting a reply is not as you put it bothering them. It's a normal part of business.
Proveros Payroll
Has anyone out there ever worked or is currently working for Proveros? They say one gets paid after 30 days. It has been six weeks and I am looking to get paid. I feel I've given them ample time to pay me. I wrote an email to the gal in payroll, and she has not replied yet. I would think she would apply right away.
Payroll Question
Out of curiosity, I am asking for input.  At Focus/Nuance MTs are ORDERED to show up for their shift or they are fired.  Many show up for work every day, no work is available.  The manager won't give them additional work/more lines so they sit for 4-8 hours with MAYBE 300 lines a day.  Is it legal to do that without paying some kind of hourly wage?  Other companies I know will pay $10 an hour as "compensation" for the time you wasted since there were no lines available.  Is it legal to ORDER someone to go to work and then not pay them?  If it is illegal, where can MTs go to report this?
What do you mean by cutting payroll?
Sometimes it is hard for payroll to get
things ready early with the same amount of work required in less time.
Have you tried their payroll dept???
payroll question with TT

I am newly hired, old company being outsourced to Spheris, and I forgot to ask if they offer direct deposit.  Any idea on this.. Thanks.. So glad to be with this company.  The comments about TT are almost too good to be true... and I can't wait for the computer to get here.

New payroll company
I didn't stay to actually get paid by the new company a year or so ago but I can say they were dumber than a box of rocks, sent me state tax forms for Arizona which is a mere 1500 miles or so from where I pay state taxes.  Another huge issue with them was the paperwork wanting permission to do a background and credit check.....after having been employed for 5 years!!!  In any event, seemed to me if anyone was going to be doing a background and credit check it should be the employee and don't blow smoke by telling me it is for security purposes.  That goes to the so-called Patriot Act which covers everything government and big business wants to do to squeeze us a little more. 
To Current-MDIer... as Liz says -- put the ULD on your next payroll....
Pretty easy to get things solved, huh? It's amazing what happens when you just ask....
More e-tranz NSF payroll checks

After waiting more than 12 days for my paycheck it finally came.  After being burned with an NSF paycheck last time, I called their bank to verify that the funds were available and, of course, they weren't. 

I hope that everyone will have the sense to stay away from that company and that the poor MTs who haven't left yet can get out as quickly as possible, so they don't take the hit, too. 

I can't believe that they are allowed to continue to operate and do this to their MTs on a regular basis.  Paying your people on time with valid checks should be your number one priority and is the most basic principle in running your so-called business!

Thanks so much - I had been told by payroll a month or so ago

that change of status could take place on Nov. 1. Guess that changed since I had talked with her.

Thanks again for your willingness to inform us who have not received any info as of yet.

S.O.S.D.D. I left during last payroll period!
state payroll taxes
My previous job was in the payroll department for a fairly large manufacturing company. We had employees in about 18 states other than NC. We had tax tables from any state that we had employees, and we were required to withhold based on those tables. We did have one that did not require us to withhold taxes but it wasn't Florida.
Ask them who they have doing payroll for such a big company. You'd be shocked. nm
Isn't Meridian a payroll company?
The first thing I would do is talk to Payroll and

With the payroll problems they've been having lately and
the fact they didn't offer any of the SR people typing jobs probably means they aren't doing so good financially. 
Does KS payroll deposits go out tomorrow? nm



work a week off payroll?? PLZ sm

Yas know what, there are probably a lot of  valid complaints here on the board but is really of no value unless the name of the company is shared.  What good does it really do, no one else can be alerted and informed to make future decisions. Change can perhaps be implented on the other side when as isolated MTs can learn the fact and not be taken in (because the info is shared from which decisions can be made.. 

I have taken to sending an email (at times with the resume but also without) and ask if they would mind sharing the highest to the lowest line rate offered for the position as --I mention (to them)  this would save valuable time on BOTH sides.

I have also taken to asking if this position is for VR. (cuz I'm not doin it) 

This gives a better playing field as I don't want to spend all that time on testing on 7 files, going through an interview to find some ridiculous offer I would have never considered had I known up front.

I think the JOB OFFER BOARD here should have all the facts listed up front.  

TO: NewerTT'r -- you obviously are a new TT'r, as you know nothing about that payroll change

The payroll company change DID NOT occur 2 years ago !!!!!  You were obviously NOT there when this change occurred.  You are talking about your new-hire paperwork when YOU were hired on with TT. 

The change occurred in April 2008 when we were required to send 2 different timesheets, due to 2 payroll companies covering that time period.  You think that was not a RUSH!

You were not employed with TT then, I can assure you.  You are too much in the dark about everything.

If you'll call Robert in payroll....sm

he'll explain it to you.  He's at extension 231.