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Tell MTSO et al, 400-500 lph MT is the exception

Posted By: that proves the rule, which is most MTs SM on 2009-09-28
In Reply to: I PREFER VR to straight. I really like it. The BAD angle...sm - lara

CANNOT do that level of lines, just as most swimmers will never be a MIchael Phelps, no matter how hard they try.

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Maybe you are an exception
Still, editing does pay less than standard transcription lines. You know that. If you make that kind of money doing this, obviously you have a good account with good speakers. That is not the average fare. Hang on to that job, if you should ever fall into a cesspool of editing cruddy VR, you might be singing our song. Lines, however you make them, ultimately is what counts in the end. No newbie is going to jump on any ship making $24 an hour.
I think I must be an exception...
but I don't have any real complaints with Cornerstone and SR. I do think the change they just made where the lookup for authors and cc's comes in first name first instead of last name first, which is totally unproductive, was the stupidst think they could have done, but the system as a whole works pretty good for me.

The spell check on the fly would have been helpful if they had made it like HITS where you could right click and look for corrections. As it is, it is totally useless, so mine is turned off.

And this last change where you can turn off headers was really a good change. That has saved me a lot of hassle since all my headings are in IT.

I've never really suspected them of cheating us out of character/lines, but maybe I'm just too trusting and naive about those sorts of things.
You seem to be the exception, not the rule. nm
You are the exception rather than the rule. ....
Most companies pay nothing, or next to nothing. Then you have to consider that you have to deal with the very personal fact that AAMT loves its Indian MTs more than you, and you are just funding their growth...it's just not worth it. I've been on thier boards, I have been a CMT, and I'm more than happy to shred AAMT's pleas to have me maintain their lifestyle. NO SOUP FOR AAMT!

AAMT Nazi.
You are an exception rather than the rule....
I learned on the job too, but that was a LONG time ago. It has been my experience nowadays that you have to pass testing for most nationals to get hired. Those who can pass testing with no experience are few and far between and you are to be commended. This particular person already has acknowledged that she could not pass testing and does not have the knowledge required, and was asking how to gain that knowledge.
LOL ... well, that is the exception, not the norm. sm
I wasn't trying to brag at all.  I'm older and simply cannot do that on a daily basis (wish I could!).  My only point was that if they were cheating me, it would not be possible.  I agree with the poster above -- if people think they are being cheated, then they should just move on.  This using several line counters and checking and double checking and so on and so forth seems a huge waste of time.
Then it must the the exception, not the rule. sm
According to everything I've heard and seen, the offshore work is garbage. That doesn't mean there may not be a service or two in other countries that hires educated MTs, who are proficient in English and conscientious at their jobs. I have worked with people from other countries that did as well as I do. But they are few and far between, and if every company let their offshore work stand on its own, or had it being QA'd offshore, most of the accounts would be back on shore in a short time. JMO
The exception to the rule.
With the exception of the Leads SM
Always seem to have plenty of work when work load is light/low.  Pretty unfair advantage, if you ask me. 
exception to the rule
I agree with you completely, but yesterday I had to delete an entire report and retype it. After I downloaded it, I noticed it was totally nonsensical. As I began listening to the audio, I found out why. There was a TV in the background that was actually louder than the dictator and VR was trying to pick up what the person on TV was saying. It made a total mess of it and of course had nothing at all to do with the patient's report, so this was a case of having no choice. Luckily these are few and far between. This morning I had a report with absolutely no corrections needed and it was wonderful! But then I thought, Whoa! If they all get this perfect, I'll be history! So I'll gladly make a few corrections!
Allstate is definitely an exception to that rule
I know who each of those persons were that posted. I also know that Allstate believes in their ICs working as a team and helping each other. There are no secrets -- in fact, just the opposite. Interactions amongst MTs and QAs is encouraged. Names, email addresses and phone numbers are openly shared (with permission) if it means making help more readily available to other MTs when they need it. Everyone on the company is provided a direct number to reach even the owner/CEO at any time. And by the way, yes all those MTs do work for Allstate, and no they are NOT the same person. I know all of them.
I love them with the exception of payroll
You, my friend, are the exception, not the rule.

There are very few people making that kind of money in transcription anymore.  Have you even read the ads posted recently?  Fewer and fewer MTSOs are even hiring employees and when they do advertise, their IC compensation is 7, 8, or 9 cpl.  Even those companies that are hiring employees are doing so at extremely low rates, at the same time overhiring to make sure that their *contract enticements* will be met on the backs of the MTs.  Have you noticed the postings from MTs of, not 1, not 2, not 3, but SEVERAL different companies stating that there is no work??  When an IC is working for 8 or 9 cpl or an employee for even less, and there is no work available, how is that person supposed to make $50-60K annually?

People like yourself will criticize others for their opinions and will brag about your own situation, but when push comes to shove do you state what company you work for that allows such a wonderful wage with your abundant work load?  What is your fear?  That others will jump on board and soon you will be facing the same situation??  Until you have experienced what the *majority* of MTs in this field have been facing, you really have no valid facts to make such a request that other MTs be fired because their situation forces their loss of employment (if they quit because of it), their loss of compensation (if they are docked), or the loss of quality (which will certainly occur) due to the punitive compensation policies in place. 

Not true; there's an exception written right into the handbook sm
You are expected to TRY to get 40 hours but in times of low / no work, you have the option of using PTO or UNPAID TIME.
You my dear are most certainly the exception to the rule because MQ does not pay that base rate to
start people and give them 11.5 cents after 16,000 lines.
some are the exception while some just don't care to take the time to research anything nor learn
i believe the not getting it is what the OP is referring to. you can teach and help only those willing to learn. some don't have the care to learn and will never look anything up, will not listen and learn from the mistakes you correct for them over and over day in and day out of the same old mistakes! those are the ones who need to find a new profession because with our profession, working from home, etc. you have to be willing to learn, take the time to look things up, and not guess at anything. it doesn't matter if they are given 200 reference books, some will never pick them up. you wouldn't believe some of the reports that come through and the errors on them just plain on not making sense and english/grammar mistakes. it is ridiculous. you may be one of the few who care and respect your quality of work, but not all do.
Yes! I have plenty of work 99% of the time with the exception of a very few days sm
when it was slow everywhere but nothing that has ever affected my check drastically. I have been there for 6 years.
when docs give mtso a check, then mtso pays you?
Isn't she an MTSO owner - which MTSO ? Just curious. n/mnn
New here.  What does MTSO stand for?  Thanks
Looking for an MTSO where I can do mostly ops.nm
Better MTSO
I would contribute myself. Sorry to sound conceited, but I'm really good at my job - and I want to work with other people who are good at it, too.
I think that the MTSO can
anonymously or pseudonymously respond with line rate range info to provide general info to the posters.
Another MTSO here

Feeling just like you.  Look at the ones who complain about working weekends - how many medical professionals do you know that don't have to work weekends?  Why are they in this field if they don't want to work weekends?  It's a pity trip.  How about working in retail or restaurants?? You want a 9-5 job, go get it, away from home of course.

Would like to talk privately but I don't spend much time on this board and don't really know how to do so.  Let me know if you do!

To MTSO - sm
I don't fish, so I don't know what you are smelling, but perhaps something from your personality? I have posted this before, and will continue to do so, as IT DID HAPPEN to me, IT IS THE TRUTH, and I have no reason whatsoever to lie. I want the original poster to know what can happen if she gets
hired by Keystrokes. I want others to benefit from my hiring experience so they don't have to go through what I went through. If my posts are so distasteful to you, do not read them. Your attitude in your posts leaves much to be desired as MTSO...wish I knew your company so that I never cross your path. Perhaps someone posted the truth about your company once too often?
Not all MTs are employees. There are ICs and there is a difference.
Many of the MTs who send that great looking resume' with what appears to be a solid work history...are totally bogus. They may have worked for company x, x, x, x, and x in the last five years, yet they condense and fudge to make it looks like they only worked for company x, and x in the last five years. Many MTSOs don't take the time to check. If the MT passes the test...the MTSO is usually so desperate to get somebody in to work, they hire them without checking.

Also, many claim that they job hop because a company runs out of work....guess what? This happens at almost every MTSO, so instead of quitting only to find yourself in the same situation a few months later, get a second part time IC job to fill in the gaps.
MDI, anybody know how big this MTSO
is and how many MTs they have?  Does any body know if it is IC or employee status?

Any info is greatly appreciated.  
Does your MTSO allow you to use your own

I'm torn on this issue.  My company has just strictly forbidden us to use normals unless they were created by the client, since apparently some MT's have left text in the document in error by not editing correctly.  I can see how this causes a serious QA issue, but I can also see that my pay just got cut seriously yet again by not being able to use them.

So, what' s the answer here?  How does your MTSO handle normals/standards, and what happens if you make an error with one?

At the risk of causing a stir, I am curious about your comment that no serious MTSO would hire a PCDI grad. I am the poster titled Another PCDI grad right below this post. Again, I state that I do not believe it is all about the school, I believe the person and the determination has a lot to do with how far you can go. I feel very comfortable with the 2 jobs I have. I also know that I am not the only PCDI grad with a job. I truly wish that more people would stop looking at just the school, and start looking at the person, because there are all types.
If I may ask, what does MTSO stand for? Thank you!
What is MTSO?
Well, that's why you are the MTSO and we are the

MTs!! Its your responsibility to divide up the work, and sorry, but most MTSOs I have dealt with have asked me to commit to XX amount of work. They know full well that is all I can handle due to MY other commitments, yet the MTSOs are more than happy to have me at my commitment of XX. That is OUR agreement. I am an IC and on my own. So it is not my problem if Sally has an earache or Dr. Jones has extra work. That is YOUR problem. MTSOs should ASK if we can handle more due to the above situation, but when MTs get dumped on with 2 or 3 times the amount of the agreement, it is WRONG, and very frustrating for the MTs. Thus why most quit and move on to a MTSO who will keep the agreement. Its only common sense, really. Which seems to be a lot to ask for in this day and age.

Top 5 MTSO
Cymed advertises as the 3rd largest for domestic MTs. Not sure how you would verify that though.
Of course....but where are you and are you an MTSO?
It is just hard to give up all my info all the time only to never find out who an MTSO is or if they are legitimate. All of my info, address, etc. is usually on a resume which we submit via e-mail, but if a supposed MTSO never e-mails back, how do we know who we just sent OUR info to?
You are not being 'bashed.' People are merely using a public forum to forewarn fellow MTs of poor experiences. If you are truly concerned about your reputation, you will re-examine your business practices and make some needed changes.

Bashing implies an 'unfair' attack - that's not what is going on here.
This is why when you are an MTSO

You should have a payroll account.  Any business person knows that you must have an account to pay out subcontractors.  My brother pays his subs (painting contractor) every week.  He doesn't see his payments for work done until sometimes 90 days, but why then should his subs wait? 

If you want to run a business, you must have a payroll account and not rely on what the client pays to you and when. 

If you do not have the capital, then quit using subcontractors thinking you are making a buck.  Do your own work! 

Just yet another view. 

Which MTSO's allow you to use your own
Seems to me an MTSO needs to see example of
Where in the heck do some of you people get this mess? We have more work because the hospitals are busy. Stop trying to invent things. Pretty cut and dry if you really want to know the truth. You people always get on here to plant negative ideas in people's heads. Why don't you pay attention to the job numbers and you can see or is it just easier to assume. SHEESH!
me too!! Must be MTSO above..nm
Which MTSO
was this?
Not only can your MTSO see....(sm)

your posts, management, supervisors, etc., etc., BUT anyone who Googles your name or anything associated with your post.  I have even gotten onto boards that are subscription only by Googling words and posts showed up on their boards.  True, I may not have been able to post on that board, but I sure could read whatever was associated with my search results. 

I have a second job as an IC. I let the MTSO
know when I can work and how many minutes I can transcribe. They will then assign me that many minutes and I have it in by their TAT time. If I can't work, I don't. If I request work and they have none, that is fine too. I have no set schedule and am not on call. I work when I want. They have requested I work 1 time when they had a backlog which I did, though I didn't have to, because at that particular time my FT was out of work. As an IC, you set your schedule, they don't tell you when to work.
You must be an MTSO?
Maybe it's time for you MTSOs to get together and lobby Washington to stop this off-shoring that is destroying the American dream.  Most MTs today are making less (including myself) than they were making in the 80s and I dare say the MTSO profit margin is probably also less. 
Because the MTSO will probably know who I am if I do this.
I am still working for both of these companies (no other choice right now). Both companies post job openings on this site, so I am sure that they also read some of these posts.

because this was my company being owed $10,000, which was at the time about 6 weeks' worth of work.  It was easy at that time to rack up that kind of money...that is also about the time I found out that a company has 30 days to pay another company each individual invoice.  I was billing, per contract, every 2 weeks.




This person is looking for an MTSO with subs or employees to do 5000 lines a day not one MT.


Being an MTSO is not for everybody (sm)
I wish you luck, but be prepared for sleepless nights, major stress, and hassles you can't even imagine now. You'd probably be surprised how many MTs have done this in the past and gave it up because it's just not worth it. Being an IC and letting somebody else do the legwork, the marketing, the collecting, etc., is waaaay less hassle, believe me. I wish you luck, but I'm just sayin.... be prepared. It's more stressful than you can even imagine.
If an MTSO does not need 8 to 5
coverage, then they do not have to let an IC work those hours. They only have to let people work when they need the coverage if you are an IC.