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LOL ... well, that is the exception, not the norm. sm

Posted By: LTMT on 2007-04-13
In Reply to: 3000 each day? Wish I was young again-LOL - good for you! - TT snail

I wasn't trying to brag at all.  I'm older and simply cannot do that on a daily basis (wish I could!).  My only point was that if they were cheating me, it would not be possible.  I agree with the poster above -- if people think they are being cheated, then they should just move on.  This using several line counters and checking and double checking and so on and so forth seems a huge waste of time.

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I guess it is now the norm but it did not used to be the norm.

Maybe you are an exception
Still, editing does pay less than standard transcription lines. You know that. If you make that kind of money doing this, obviously you have a good account with good speakers. That is not the average fare. Hang on to that job, if you should ever fall into a cesspool of editing cruddy VR, you might be singing our song. Lines, however you make them, ultimately is what counts in the end. No newbie is going to jump on any ship making $24 an hour.
I think I must be an exception...
but I don't have any real complaints with Cornerstone and SR. I do think the change they just made where the lookup for authors and cc's comes in first name first instead of last name first, which is totally unproductive, was the stupidst think they could have done, but the system as a whole works pretty good for me.

The spell check on the fly would have been helpful if they had made it like HITS where you could right click and look for corrections. As it is, it is totally useless, so mine is turned off.

And this last change where you can turn off headers was really a good change. That has saved me a lot of hassle since all my headings are in IT.

I've never really suspected them of cheating us out of character/lines, but maybe I'm just too trusting and naive about those sorts of things.
You seem to be the exception, not the rule. nm
You are the exception rather than the rule. ....
Most companies pay nothing, or next to nothing. Then you have to consider that you have to deal with the very personal fact that AAMT loves its Indian MTs more than you, and you are just funding their growth...it's just not worth it. I've been on thier boards, I have been a CMT, and I'm more than happy to shred AAMT's pleas to have me maintain their lifestyle. NO SOUP FOR AAMT!

AAMT Nazi.
You are an exception rather than the rule....
I learned on the job too, but that was a LONG time ago. It has been my experience nowadays that you have to pass testing for most nationals to get hired. Those who can pass testing with no experience are few and far between and you are to be commended. This particular person already has acknowledged that she could not pass testing and does not have the knowledge required, and was asking how to gain that knowledge.
Then it must the the exception, not the rule. sm
According to everything I've heard and seen, the offshore work is garbage. That doesn't mean there may not be a service or two in other countries that hires educated MTs, who are proficient in English and conscientious at their jobs. I have worked with people from other countries that did as well as I do. But they are few and far between, and if every company let their offshore work stand on its own, or had it being QA'd offshore, most of the accounts would be back on shore in a short time. JMO
The exception to the rule.
With the exception of the Leads SM
Always seem to have plenty of work when work load is light/low.  Pretty unfair advantage, if you ask me. 
exception to the rule
I agree with you completely, but yesterday I had to delete an entire report and retype it. After I downloaded it, I noticed it was totally nonsensical. As I began listening to the audio, I found out why. There was a TV in the background that was actually louder than the dictator and VR was trying to pick up what the person on TV was saying. It made a total mess of it and of course had nothing at all to do with the patient's report, so this was a case of having no choice. Luckily these are few and far between. This morning I had a report with absolutely no corrections needed and it was wonderful! But then I thought, Whoa! If they all get this perfect, I'll be history! So I'll gladly make a few corrections!
Tell MTSO et al, 400-500 lph MT is the exception
CANNOT do that level of lines, just as most swimmers will never be a MIchael Phelps, no matter how hard they try.
Allstate is definitely an exception to that rule
I know who each of those persons were that posted. I also know that Allstate believes in their ICs working as a team and helping each other. There are no secrets -- in fact, just the opposite. Interactions amongst MTs and QAs is encouraged. Names, email addresses and phone numbers are openly shared (with permission) if it means making help more readily available to other MTs when they need it. Everyone on the company is provided a direct number to reach even the owner/CEO at any time. And by the way, yes all those MTs do work for Allstate, and no they are NOT the same person. I know all of them.
I love them with the exception of payroll
You, my friend, are the exception, not the rule.

There are very few people making that kind of money in transcription anymore.  Have you even read the ads posted recently?  Fewer and fewer MTSOs are even hiring employees and when they do advertise, their IC compensation is 7, 8, or 9 cpl.  Even those companies that are hiring employees are doing so at extremely low rates, at the same time overhiring to make sure that their *contract enticements* will be met on the backs of the MTs.  Have you noticed the postings from MTs of, not 1, not 2, not 3, but SEVERAL different companies stating that there is no work??  When an IC is working for 8 or 9 cpl or an employee for even less, and there is no work available, how is that person supposed to make $50-60K annually?

People like yourself will criticize others for their opinions and will brag about your own situation, but when push comes to shove do you state what company you work for that allows such a wonderful wage with your abundant work load?  What is your fear?  That others will jump on board and soon you will be facing the same situation??  Until you have experienced what the *majority* of MTs in this field have been facing, you really have no valid facts to make such a request that other MTs be fired because their situation forces their loss of employment (if they quit because of it), their loss of compensation (if they are docked), or the loss of quality (which will certainly occur) due to the punitive compensation policies in place. 

Not true; there's an exception written right into the handbook sm
You are expected to TRY to get 40 hours but in times of low / no work, you have the option of using PTO or UNPAID TIME.
You my dear are most certainly the exception to the rule because MQ does not pay that base rate to
start people and give them 11.5 cents after 16,000 lines.
some are the exception while some just don't care to take the time to research anything nor learn
i believe the not getting it is what the OP is referring to. you can teach and help only those willing to learn. some don't have the care to learn and will never look anything up, will not listen and learn from the mistakes you correct for them over and over day in and day out of the same old mistakes! those are the ones who need to find a new profession because with our profession, working from home, etc. you have to be willing to learn, take the time to look things up, and not guess at anything. it doesn't matter if they are given 200 reference books, some will never pick them up. you wouldn't believe some of the reports that come through and the errors on them just plain on not making sense and english/grammar mistakes. it is ridiculous. you may be one of the few who care and respect your quality of work, but not all do.
Yes! I have plenty of work 99% of the time with the exception of a very few days sm
when it was slow everywhere but nothing that has ever affected my check drastically. I have been there for 6 years.
how do you know i am not the norm?
Based upon just the posts on MTstars? did you do an independent survey? I gave her my experience, which is for several years with 2 different branches/mgmt of the company. p.s. MQ is the largest MT provider in the WORLD. Do you think the MAJORITY of these MTs are so unhappy? I don't. THAT is why is shared my experience. Sorry if you don't like it.
$1.35 seems the norm. nm

the norm if ..
you refuse better conditions.  Since there are companies out there who do pay more for your time and effort I would not say that 1.35 is the norm, I'd say that it is the norm you will settle for.  Keep that in mind when you do your collective thinking everyone.  Frankly, being paid by the page to do heavy MRI and scan work is a total insult to the MT who is transcribing the work. 
Yes, 8 cpl is the norm (nt)
This is not the norm.
It is less than honest to make people believe this is the norm only to find out once hired...it's not.  There are VERY few accounts or platforms at ANY company that would allow MTs to get that kind of count daily....unless working lots of OT.  
Did I ever say this was the norm? I think NOT
All I said was that is what I do on my particular ER account with lots of templates and easy docs. There are multiple different types of accounts at KS on multiple different platforms. Did I once come out and say that everyone should be able to get that kind of a line count? No. I did not. Someone asked what ER MTs at KS usually average for line counts, and I simply responded that I type between 2500-3000 a shift with no OT on my account. I did not speak for anyone other than myself. Good god. Get over it!
Actually, the norm for this was
explained to me this way: For every 1 minute of dictation it should take 2 minutes to type it. This is using the old fashion way of transcribing, meaning straight typing, no Expanders and so on. So, if you use expanders, of course, the typing time is cut down further. You also have to keep in mind whether or not the dictator is good or bad, whether it's an ESL dictator, if you are new to the account and so on. All of these things will increase the amount of time it takes to transcribe any report.
something else going on here then, not the norm.nm
I do too - in the 7 - 8 hrs of norm. NM
Yes, it's the norm here...
There are a lot of nasty attitudes here.  I admit, occasionally I have one, too.  I think it has something to do with this industry and the abuse so many MTs receive these days.  My suggestion would be, if you enjoy this site for the most part, just take a break and come back on a different day .
MQ not the norm...welllllllll
guess I'm not either?  No complaints on my end w/over 11 years
It seems to be the norm now. I am at $1.15 and make sm
over $50k a year, so it is not bad. If you are fast, know the terminology and have a good mix of types of radiology reports, it would be good.
3 years is the norm. nm
Well if this is becoming the NORM there's a problem s/m
There was a big news article today about skyrocketing late/no credit card payments due to the housing market burst and the upcoming recession.  Maybe a little 1984  here, but could this credit check be being done by companies as another reason why they can't find qualified workers in the US, thus villifying further offshoring of jobs??
98% here and I thought that was the norm. nm
Two weeks is the norm
Good luck!
It is becoming more of the norm so I adjusted to, not resisted the
Yes, very serious; however, 700 lph is not the norm every day. It just depends on the dictator. Th
Sometimes the reports are 98% accurate and sometimes, depending on the dictator, they are 90% accurate. As you know in this field, it depends on the day and dictator. The daily average, after all is said and done, is about 600 lph, 700 is on the very high end and not a consistent average every day.
This is the norm at the companies I have worked for. sm
Don't take it personally. A lot of us go through the same thing. It hurts when a punctation error is pointed out, yet no mention is made of what a great job you did on the medical terminology. Kind of wounds the pride. Take comfort in the fact that the rest of your report was without error. You should learn to follow the style your company wants you to follow. They each have their own rules.
Not ridiculous. It's clearly stated in their ad and the norm for
Hopefully the norm has better voice recognition than
MQ has given me. It honestly takes me longer to edit than it does to transcribe. I pray to God that's not typical of voice recognition.
Your one clinic does that. It's certainly not the norm by any means.
less staffing all around the hospitals is the norm...
i have siblings in nursing and radiology departments and it's cut, cut, cut = dangerous patient care.
I have found that high-speed is the norm and if SM
you can use satellite or dialup, they will specifically state so in the ad.
Credit check IS the norm. Employers want to how
I guarantee you, you are not the norm. Why lead someone that needs to make a living into a

situation that is getting worse all the time with lost accounts and over hiring and not knowing yet what the pay scale will be.

I've heard that no response from managment is getting to be the norm.. sm..
Why did you leave, if you don't mind my asking....
Paying for experience is NOT the norm out here. I'm finding newbies getting offered my same 8
The norm in the 80s was 4 cents per Gross Line, not 65 char with spaces. nm
As an ex-Keystroker, this behavior sounds like the norm. It is convenient to blame the person who