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I work for a small hospital...

Posted By: tia on 2006-07-20
In Reply to: Should I or Shouldn't I? - cmt

which is going through some changes (selling out to another organization).  My question to you is what area are you in.  I have been trying to get an hourly rate for my area for a while now and can not get an answer.  I also get paid per minute, not production per se,  just a certain amount for every minute of dictation I do.  I do the basic four which also includes radiology and psychiatry.  A little over a third of my work is radiology.  Please e-mail me.

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For a small rural hospital
I get paid $1.25 a minute of dictation for all transcription including radiology.
Then a small co or a local hospital SM
would be better.  You are not going to find an MT service of any size that doesn't have a bunch of ESL dictators.  That's just the way it is.
Gosh yes! Unless it's a small hospital

there should be plenty of ER work.  I used to contract with a hospital and did only the outpatient ERs (the hospital did the ones where the patient was admitted, I did the ones where the patient was sent home).  It kept me and a subcontractor busy full time, and sometimes I had more than 2 of us on the account.

ERs are short dictations - a lot of times just 1 minute long, but a lot of lines for that 1 minute.

I lost my ER account because they went to T chart, where they just click the screen and put in the information from the visit and it generates a report for them.    I miss it so much.  If I had a chance to get another ER account I would jump on it!!!

This happened to me in a small hospital I worked at SM
several years ago.They actually saved the ESLs for me! With that on top of DS which I can't make money with (I love OPs), I found another job.
Know nothing about SOM hospitals, this is a small hospital outside Kansas City. nm
First for hospital, then outsourced still on same hospital work
and believe it or not, the hospital was so much easier. Had worked at the hospital for 11 years before they outsourced and then worked another 3+ years for the company they outsourced to. What a difference! The company had so many rules and regulations you could hardly keep up with them all, thousands of them, on the same account, mind you. The higher ups would not leave you alone, constant IMs about any and all. I have gotten to the age where I do not need all that and walked the other week. Have scheduled testing with another hospital for this month. Hope I make the cut, love the hospital work 1000 times more than a company.
Absolutely not! I work for the best MTSO. I am have been so blessed to work for the small company I

I will share this about the MTSO I work for.  I called her late last Wednesday night after Church and told her I was compelled to help out with Hurricaine Katrina in some way and an opportunity arose for a small group from my Church to go to Louisianna this coming week.  Would she be able to cover my work.  She told me no problem without any hesitation and even donated money for the trip. 

And I am sure there are plenty of good companies out there to work for.  To compare us to migrant workers is just not right.

I work for a small national. I have steady work, usually

extra if I want it.  I make 10 cpl as an employee, get vacation, 401K matching, PTO, wonderful QA, lots of ESL dictators but mostly decent ones, direct deposit, no IM, no nasty e-mails, no phone calls asking me to work extra day after day.   Saying that MTs are surprised at how much money they make because they have steady work even though the line rate is low sounds like a line a used car salesman would use.  A low line rate is a low line and an insult, especially since without the MTs you wouldn't be able to pay your bills.

Just because everyone else sees to be going to India is like the saying you parents would say if everyone else jumped off the bridge ....  Many companies sell out, but you don't HAVE to sell out.  You choose to get more bang from your buck but I've seen the work that comes back from overseas and I would never put my name to it.

You might can fool some of the people some of the time, but it won't fly with me. 


Where I work is for a small
locally owned company that is not large enough to attract the interest of the poachers from offshore. Neither is it large enough to accommodate additional people at this time. Just a few local people doing our work quietly. The point is, I found it, and you can find places like this, too. Hint: Don't look to the big companies. They have no loyalty to their workers. In my book, smaller is better! Doing research is part of being a good MT. And although I make a penny less than the vaunted 11 cpl from MDI, I actually earn more per hour, as I do not have to deal with a constant flurry of ESLs and equipment that is so old and unreliable that it is a headache just to log on each morning.
Anyone work for a small MTSO?
Compared to larger companies?
I work as an IC for a small company and
I have worked for nationals and always hated having hundreds of different doctors and all the different account specifics, and above all searching for the demographics that I didn't get paid for.  Now I download from a FTP site, transcribe in Word and send it back within 24 to 48 hours (depending on the account).  I currently have 3 different doctors that I am very comfortable with and can breeze through.  I have no regrets about leaving the big nationals.
I also work as an IC for a small company
(without a contract too, so you are not alone, but working for me also). I just let my company know when I will be gone with plenty of notice (at least one month ahead of time), especially if I will be gone for an extended period such as a week or longer. Have never had any problems.
I work for a small company and
some of the clients have actually threatened to go with the larger companies that offshore to get cheaper rates. I've had to take a pay cut in order to keep the account from going to India. The clients will go where they get the better deal. Many of us will take a pay cut because of the competition regardless of how big the company is. I don't think anywhere is safe. You have to work harder to make up for the cpl loss.
I work for a small company in Iowa

The woman that owns the company is crazy.  She treats physical therapy like it's acute care.  They are office visit notes and she acts like they are Op notes and the doctor is breathing down her back waiting for them to be typed.  The physical therapist could care less ------- it's an exercise class lady - get over it.  At 6 cpl she wants a miracle. 

Yes, there is such an animal. I work for a small co and have as much work as I want. Have
I work for a small national and use FTP, also work for
a small local and use a website.  If you check the job boards you'll see lots of companies use FTP. 
I inquired and it's just a gal running a small business looking for IC work. nm
I work for JLG and they are just fine. They treat you well with small little perks.
So they pay by 65 characters. So does most everyone else. They pay on time and are reliable which is better than I can say for some others around here.
Any small companies in Michigan that are nice to work for. nm
Small but growing company, great to work for
Really sharp owner, great QA.
Like I said - it depends who you work for. I work for a hospital at home - not a company. nm
Anyone pay less than $800 a month for family insurance?? I work for a small MTSO
and it's not like I make a ton anyway, but the insurance is so high for my family. I feel like I'm just working for the insurance. My husband is self-employed so he obviously doesnt have insurance through his job to provide this so it is up to me and I'm dying here. Any suggestions? We have tried individual plans but it is a fortune for high deductible and yucky coverage. I need to maybe find a larger company to work for where the benefits are a little better.
Need good small company to work for with flexible schedule - e-mail me.nm
but mgmt told me they outsourced some work to a small company at times.

There is no reason for me to lie about this.

I am NOT talking about offshoring, but the company whom they outsource to may offshore . . . I have no idea about that.  But straight from the horse's mouth, they have outsourced to a small MTSO before. 

You can notice how the work dries up all of a sudden when they turn it over to the service and we have no work.

TT mgmt may not tell that they outsource today, but they definitely told me about 9 months ago when I asked when the work was low.  From the way the jobs disappear occasionally, I think it happens quite often.

WEBMEDX???? It's a small national, right? Benefits, running out of work, what kind of accounts,

flexible schedule (as in working EVERY weekend mandatory? 

Any opinions on the company would be appreciated.  Found some in the archives but all mostly from 2004 and 1 recent post but not much info.  Thanks.

Awesome small company! Paid on time every 2 weeks. Plenty of work!
Owner is great. I would recommend this company to anyone who wanted to be paid what they are worth and paid on time!
2 small MTSOs, IC, work 8-10 q.d. ~6 days a week, ave 2000-2300 biweekly, 10 yrs exp. 0.06gross and
As ICs at the hospital I used to work at ...
you got a contract for 2500 minutes monthly at $1.50 a minute. All minutes past 2500 in the month were $1.75.

Same here, no hospital work.....:(
Bills to pay and no work....
Hospital work
I do think spring breaks are playing a part in this. I work a few independent accounts and half of my docs are out this week. I also think the situation is made worse because of the services overhiring due to ridiculously promised turn around times. In the case of the account I work on for a service, the client expects and contracted for H&Ps guaranteed back in 2 hours, but on the other hand, no guarantee from them regarding the volume of business. A win-win situation for all but the MT.

hospital work
I was working for a group of hospitals managed by one company. Therefore, I had about 300 different doctors to transcribe for. Other than radiology, you never knew who would be coming up next. It really is just a matter of what you get used to.
Hospital work
I'm in Georgia - don't know if this is the Tri-State you are talking about, but would like to apply. Would you mind emailing me with info?

Hospital work - sm
Come on people - do your foot work and search. These positions are out there, you just need to search.

Cooper Hospital in NJ was looking for at home MTs for Radiology - don't know if that was filled.

Baptist Health in Texas hires @home MTs.

The one in GA has been filled.

The hospital I work for

I am not sure what it means for us yet.  I did work for an MTSO part-time for 6 months.  The hospital had better pay and a much better benefit package.  Another benefit is that I am familiar with the territory.  I don't have to google every nursing home, hospital, doctor's clinics, doctors name in the area as I am familair with them and their specialities.  I hope that makes sense. 

Hospitals can be unsteady.  I have worked for 2 different ones.  The first one was going to shut down but that didn't happen, then it was going to merge with another hospital, that did not happen but it gave us a great scare a few times.   The same thing with the one I am working at now.  It was going to merge with another hospital.  They opened a surgery center and that took away some of our work.   Now they wre saying they are going to go to VR.  It is not here yet but they are seriously talking about it. 

KS - Does anybody work of the hospital (sm)

that we have not been able to work in for several hours now due to their internet problem?  I'm new - how often does this happen?  Is this rare?  I sure hope so!


I work for the hospital... sm
And we have vendors. Because we are paid hourly, it's only fair that we are kept busy.

Hospital Account Work
Go to mtdaily.com and check on their jobs page. There are numerous. Diskriter has issues; be careful. Of course, all places of employment have those, but some you have to be very careful with. It is great to work at home, and there are some great employers. If you don't need benefits, I'd suggest working as an independent contractor as you can set your own hours. However, if you need more discipline and the benefits, working for a national company might be great for you. Good luck.
regarding hospital employee work - sm
again, as posted previously, it really depends on what state you live in. What state do you live in??? There are quite a few hospitals that although they do not advertise, they do hire transcriptionists from around the state.

As for Diskriter, and any company for that matter, please do not believe everything you read on this board. It reads like the National Enquirer for Transcription. For every good thing a poster might say about a company, there will be five people (or who knows, maybe it's the same poster over and over again), saying bad things.

Just because one company is not a good fit for a few transcriptionists, does not mean that every Transcriptionist should run. Sometimes these are really bad transcriptionists that were let go, or maybe they are great transcriptionists that were dealt a lousy deal by the transcription service.
I work at home as IC for hospital...
Stay put.  After 10 years of working at home for this hospital with no raise, I decided to venture out and try other MTSOs.  Good thing I kept my hospital job.   I usually do 200-250 lines an hour with the hospital but other MTSOs I was down to 120-150.  Mostly it is the different dictators and I can't stand leaving blanks so I would listen over and over to try to get them.  Then the styles of what this one wants and what that one wants also differs tremendously.  Stay where you are and maybe talk to the hospital about possibly doing at least some days at home. 
I work for a hospital and it happened to me.
after I had my baby.  I finally made my way back home.   They also tried to do it  to another pregnant woman and she quit. 
Yes they do on everyone, just hired, work for them, not hospital.(nm)
JLG did work for our local hospital when I was there.
They charged us $3.50 a line. I saw the contract. I was shocked. We paid ICs $1.50 a line. And the work was horrible. Everytime they uploaded reports, 2 of us spent most of the day correcting them. After about 6 months, we fired them.

I work for a hospital at home also. sm
Fortunately, our hospital has the team approach. I am an IC for the hospital and my workload is the same as if I was an in-house employee. I see the entire work queue just as they do and we work first in-first out and abide by TAT. Not all facilities treat you like a second-rate citizen. There are wonderful people and well run hospitals out there to work for at home. You just need to seek them out.

I work for a hospital out of Texas also and....
My work has been slow to non-existent since Thursday before the hurricane. I did about 6 jobs yesterday. I heard one of my dictators tell his nurse to cancel the rest of his patient's visit as his mind is not on seeing patients, as he had to find a well pump. I don't know how much longer I can be without work. I am hoping I get paid, as my transcription company is based in Texas too.
We get a differential at the hospital I work for
If half your hours or more are worked after 3 p.m., you get $1.50/h extra (we get paid hourly).  I work 10:30-7 (with half hour lunch) in order to get the differential.
That's your experience. The hospital I work for
has staff available 24/7. We have several major hospitals in the area that run 24/7 in most departments. Each area of the country is different. I have NEVER run out of work on the weekends and I transcribe everything from radiology, ops, to simple ER reports.
Outsourcing is a hospital sending work out to SM
be done by a service (for our purposes, this is a good definition), while OFFSHORING is when a hospital or service sends the work outside the U.S. (like to India, Pakistan, Phillippines, etc.) to be done.
To Shelley: What hospital in Birmingham do you work?
I'm a Bham MT also.
RE: To Shelley: What hospital in Birmingham do you work?
I am not in Birmingham; Memphis, TN; work at SJCRH.
don't complain about how your hospital has too much work - it will bite you in
the hiney!!!

You may end up losing your job to an outsource service and end up making less money with horrible benefits!! Count your blessings.
I work at a hospital and we have a quota of 15 per hour which is 120 per day. nm