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I work in a doctor's office. SM

Posted By: MT on 2005-11-15
In Reply to: Question: Are there any companies left out there that send give X-mas - Magpie

I got a $600.00 bonus. 

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My kids' doctor's office also use laptop sm
They also use the laptops at my kids' doctor's office.  It is basically a program where they check/uncheck items on a list.  I have had the PE printed out for school sports physicals and it is pretty short (even for my son who has had a broken femur - no mention of that in the note).  I also recently lost an account with no warning to EMR.  The docs will be doing their own notes now and I am left to try to find another job so I can pay my bills and maybe buy a few Christmas presents.  Most of the MTSO's I have sent my resume to do not even bother to send an e-mail.  I know I will eventually have to look into another line of work but can't bring myself to do it until my kids are out of school.  Sad situation all around. 
Can an office/doctor replace you for time off?
I am an independent contractor. Later this year I am having a medical procedure that will put me out of commission for 4 weeks. The doctor has decided to replace me with an in-house transcriptionist.

The office manager there never liked that the doctor asked me to transcribe for him 5 years ago and I'm sure she saw this as an opportunity to get rid of me. Usually, he does everything she says but for some reason, he sought me out way back when to do this.

I was mad at first but now am just sad. It's a portion of my income but not all....what a loss though!

Or try working for a local doctor's office in your area as an employee
That's one of the reason I wouldn't/couldn't work for a National MTSO. I wanted a more flexible schedule as far as days off and vacations. I get six paid vacation days and 5 weeks paid vacation. I don't think I could ever find that with a National.
I don't work in the office and never claimed to. I am just saying that since the new office open
October with everyone of the admin staff in one place, these problems do not occur any more.
Isn't that job post from doctor recruiting work and not MTs? nm
Hey Guys. I need a replacement MT for a solo doctor that I work for. SM

You work at home through your own computer.  You actually sign into his computer to work.  He will set you up with this.  It is a very easy program that he uses.  Then you send everything to your computer to print out and mail out.  He reimburses for stamps.  He pays by the hour.  15 an hour to start and then 16 an hour.  I was up to 16 dollars an hour the first week.

He is very repetitive.  If you have any questions or are stumped on anything, just email him and he emails you right back.

Always on time with the checks.

He is very busy though.  He just opened a new practice.  The workload is 10-15 hours a week but will be increasing as his practice picks up.  He is a spine doctor.  He really needs someone who is good at learning new programs and can basically jump in there with not a whole lot of training. 

If you are interested, please check out the ad on the job seeker's board, listed under Private Doctor.

Thanks guys.

Can't get paid in the office if you don't work in the office.
JLG has MT's working at home, not in the office, not to mention working out of state.  The mail is the only way to get paid since they have temporarily suspended direct deposit.  The only ones getting paid on time are the ones that do work in the office, like the management and people answering the phone. 
Which office do you work out of.
not better if you work in the office. everyone is
related to everyone else and tension so bad you can cut it with a knife. Too much favoritism.
HOW in the world do you know what happens and what does not happen? I cannot believe this. If I were administration at KS, I would fire your patuty ASAP.

I hope you know that you are making this company look really, really bad. They don't need any help with this, trust me.
But would you want to work in an office again?? sm
Not me! While I agree that I'd rather have my records done in the US, I resent the implication that US-based MTs are unprofessional just because we work from home. It's as much of a REAL job for me working from home, as it was when I worked in an office setting (shudder)!
I work for the Chicago office

I have worked  part time as an SE for about 2 years or so out of the Chicago office.  Overall, I would recommend them.  Everyone in the office that I have dealt with is very nice.  They pretty much leave you alone to do your work, although do require you to submit a schedule.   Lately, we have had lots of work, even with a couple of bonuses offered lately, although sometimes in the mornings work will be scarce.  For about the first year I was there, running out of work was a daily occurrence and the only way to get any lines was to work at night and work multiple accounts.   

The only concern I would express is that there is a history of overstaffing of the accounts, and if you are counting on them for your only income, you might think about keeping a  backup job.  (I have another full time job, so MQ is just extra $ for me).     

Good Luck

How is the MQ St. Louis office to work for?
I think its the "Dallas" office but my work
is out of Mississippi.

I have NO idea if this is a new pay plan or not.

I do know that because I signed on as an SE, I don't have any benefits. Just pay.

Actually I work in an office and have for the last 20 years.

I work at home for six months and then go into the office for the other six months out of a year.  My point was that you are are judging everyone for saying negative things about different companies.  We express our opinions about different companies and try to help others out before they accept employment with them, or dish out a bunch of money for schooling. 

If you want positive things about companies, why wasn't your question "what is the best company you have every worked for" and "which school is the best to go to for medical transcription"? 

I happen to like my job, enjoy the people that I report to, and wouldn't change it for anything.

I work for that office, they are nice. nm
I work for the Nashville office...
I do acute care work. I had less than two years' experience when I was hired. I tested for clinic work but they asked me if I'd be willing to do acute care even though I had no experience with it. I have no idea if 0.825 cpl is a good hiring rate. I was coming from a company that only paid 0.065 cpl so it was better than what I was making.

I live in KY but work for a PA office
and haven't received it either.
You can work in the office or at home....
if you dislike the office, or find it tense, you should ask to work from home. There are only about 15 people that work in the office, most are not transcriptionists, and my experience is that they would rather transcriptionists work from home.

Life's too short, go ahead and make arrangements to work from home. Why would you want to work in the office, especially if you dislike it so much?

I don't work in a transcription office but I
certainly don't work in my living room or bedroom. I have a dedictated office in my home. You insult all home workes with such broad statements.
I do not work in the office but I love my job. I have never sm
had broken promises, have a lot of work (1500+ lines every day), get paid on time AND I have spoken to the owner, who has always been very nice to me. I do not talk to her often, only if she happens to answer the phone when I call, and I have never talked to her about an account. I would go through HR or my lead if I were to need more work, which is what you are supposed to do.

I have a friend who also worked at Keystrokes but it did not work out for her ONLY because she thought she was special, tried 4 or 5 different accounts, refused to deal with anyone except the owner who repeatedly told her to talk to HR, complained about everything. She finally went to another company when her lead expressed concern about her quality.

Guess what? You might not be surprised that she has been to 4 other companies since that happened a year ago and has the same supposed complaints about every company out there.

Maybe you thought you were special and went over everyone's heads. Why would you bother the owner of a company? It sounds like you were offered many accounts but didn't like any of them from your post. Perhaps the problem is with YOU. But of course not.
I work IN an office for a Dr. who refuses to use VR
Yes I work at TT, Wal-Mart & a vet's office
Three jobs. Wasn't too hard to get. I like TT and hope that work will pick up with the new accounts but in the meantime yes I have to feed my kids and me.
Me too. I work in a Drs office, they are switching to
Does anyone work for the Buffalo office of MQ and how do you like it. Do you get one main to mostly
work on or how are things managed there.
Anyone work for the Medquist Illinois office?
Just wondering how they are.
Which office are you in. I am in Amherst and always out of work along with everyone else. What good
do the incentive plans they bring out do if we have not work. Isnt that crazy. You get x amount of money for x amount of lines but no work and now they will give employees more leeway to get their lines in so we will all be fighting for lines at all hours.
Call the office and hopefully they will follow up with more work. nm
Do you have to be local to their office in order to work for them? nm
outsourcing means the work is sent outside the office
so if they do not have an inhouse transcriptionist, they outsource the work to a service or IC.  Off shoring is work done somewhere outside U.S.  However, most people do not make a distinction between the two. Outsourcing CAN BE offshoring and often is used interchangeably.
Working from home/office work

I feel I need to speak up. I understand that the industry is going backwards in pay and for all of the more experienced MT's this is really degrading from what I hear from some. I understand and I would probably feel the same way. This is a craft. Not everyone can do what we do. It is a very hard craft. We should be paid what we are worth. There is no doubt about that but I also know how it works in an office in this industry. Being in an office is awful! I did it for 15 years. I worked at 2 different companies and both took advantage of the hard worker I was. I had MULTIPLE jobs and was not compensated for it. When I hear MT's complain about how bad they have it I want to scream. Yes, the pay is an issue. Yes, the belittling emails from managers is ridiculous. I completely agree and all of those managers should be let go but you do not know how awful it is to be in an office setting dealing with those belittling managers.

Trust me everyone in the company you work for or wherever that is not a VP or CEO is going through hell on a daily basis and not getting paid for it. You are making a lot more money for the time you put in than the people working in the office mostly. The people in the office are probably working on salary. When you figure the hours they work and the amount they are paid that are probably making about $5.00 an hour or less. They also have to work nights/weekends etc. from home. They also are having to listen to all of the MT's daily when they have a problem, they call in giving a excuse as to why they cannot come to work and trying to scramble to get the shift filled when the MT is really not sick as she said, problems dealing with the clients and their complaints about the work or turn times, problems with MT's and editors fighting via IM or email, problems with the Sales guys telling potential clients...oh yeah, we can do that...when we CANNOT.

I could go on and on. Being in an office is a lot more work than you would think. I would be greatful for what you have. I am not bitter at what I have gone through in an office setting. It got me to where I am today. I just want to let you know it is not easy working in an office and it is a lot harder than being an MT when you can type and then stop for the day and not have to answer to others and deal with their issues. Being an MT is a craft and it is hard...just be thankful!

Have a HAPPY HOLIDAY! Be joyous! Feel Blessed!

The main office was in Bolingbrook but they built an office in Yorkville last fall. SM
I think that the owners live in Yorkville, so it was built close to their house. Nice office, just pretty far out.
Is this the same office as Amherst. Why do they constantly run you out of work at Buffalo with no
explanation. Well, a lot of offices that are closing are shifting to Buffalo so I will be very unhappy if I lose my accounts and I will be long gone. Are you losing a lot of MTs at Buffalo because of this.
Does anyone work for the Buffalo/Amherst office of MQ and do you get bounced around a lot on
accounts or do you have a main mostly. What can you tell me about these people.
Is everyone in the Amherst office being run out of work or how are they dealing with this situation
if you are out of work. Anyone with any experience with this at Amherst that can shed some light on what to expect at this office from what you have experienced. Thanks.
Can you tell me about the Amherst office as I just got transferred there and alrady seeing my work
disappear. Where does it go.
Well here we go running out of work at Amherst again. Does this go on all the time at this office as
I just started there. How many accounts do you need to have work there. This whole thing with MQ is ridiculous and they keep hiring. Must be getting ready for something.
"People are quitting" -- who? I work in the home office
and no one has quit in the last month.
I realize we work from home, but where in Ky is their base office?
I'd hate to work in an office with you people. Classic example of why I like ..sm
working at home by myself. Kids in school, hubby at work, and most of all no hen fights in the office. I don't peruse these boards often, but when I do it never ceases to amaze me that some have so much time on their hands to bicker here.
I'm sorry, I should have said I work as an employee for a local nephrology office
I tried working for a National, but it wasn't a good fit for me because I didn't like the fact that I had to work holidays and weekends. And yes, I know that sick people don't take vacation days and there's work 24/7, but it just wasn't the job for me. I love my 9-5 job. I guess that's probably the only way that MT's don't have to work weekends and holidays, by working for local doctors.
Aren't you a positive person? I suppose you work in the office at HIS. lol nm
Just curious, is the MQ Nashville office the old Lanier office? nm
I guess this explains part of the reason we keep running out of work. My office lost a lot of huge
accounts in the past year.
Closed FW office, Indianapolis office too. nm
Ok, thanks, also how do I look up a doctor
while already in a report on Meditech??

I know, I'm just starting today and am CLUELESS!

Is it possible to have the same doctor
20 times or more in a row?  I feel like I am purposely assigned reports and continue to get the same doctor.  This morning, I have typed 20 reports one after another on the same doctor. This cannot be an accident, right?  The company software is a nightmare and I only hope people on this board will not go to this company.  I will not mention the name, but the software starts with a D and it is very problematic, always break down, and flickers on your screen.   Thank goodness I had the good sense to accept two positions.  I will hold on until next week and bolt so fast, they will not even remember who I am.
Also doctor lists
They can be a nightmare
You are so right about going to the doctor direct!

You can do that and make great money, the only problem is, what to do when you need time off.  I've actually been the one to cover all these years (17 years experience) than be the one to ask for coverage.  Also, you must make yourself, I think, a little more available for phone calls, STAT requests, doctor getting a bug in his you know what!  Sometimes, it is easier to let a company do that for you.  No contact, means less headaches!  Like I said, I have done all of it, and I'm still providing for my children.  I would at home full-time now with a nice mix as an IC.  My husband is full-time, and the kids think it is great to have Mom at home.  Pros and cons with everything I guess.  It may be the region you live in as well.  There is a posting regarding gas prices, which is varying in all of the states, it seems.  Have a great day!

Maybe WL should see a doctor and have her records
I think it is nice to have your own doctor

That would work as an IC.  No set hours.  Pretty much know what you are dealing with.